no church in the wild instrumental

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Band challenge: Look up "days n daze" on google images. Just from the first 10 or so pictures, what genre of music do you think this shit show of a band plays?

so, like, I’m getting the feeling they all grew up raising horses or the like, and had parents who always talked about the Fear of God™ without ever actually entering a church, but one day during their rebellious years a series of wild events ended up with them accidentally crashing a meeting of Satanists, and they all collectively went “oh my God. It’s over for us. We can’t turn back now. We’re going to hell.” and decided a way to attempt to save their souls was to start a punk-y metal-y band (teenage logic) except they don’t fully understand the aesthetic and no one in town ever told them that instruments other than banjo’s and harmonicas exist. Found a fan-base through the sheer power of irony. 

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anime: Trigun

music: Jay z & Kanye West - No Church in the Wild feat. Frank Ocean

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can you rec me some music that you've just recently been listening to? we seem like we have the same taste so thank you! (Also hey btw)

hey! thank you so much for the ask i love talking about music so!! this was fun for me! 

cyber stockholm syndrome - rina sawayama 

electric feel - CRW (its a remix but i like it better than the original)

iii. telegraph ave. - childish gambino 

frank’s track - kanye west (but rlly its frank)

no church in the wild - a surgeon, jay-z, frank ocean

come down to us - burial (one of my FAVES because its so different)

rose golden - willow, kid cudi

fones - mssingno

yoshimi battles the pink robots part i - the flaming lips

tiny cities - flume ft. beck

as you can probably tell i fucking LOVE instrumental/almost instrumental music so if thats not your thing sorry !! thanks again for the ask x

✰live fast, die young.✰ {LISTEN}

a mix for teenage superheroes saving your ass.
based off of this amazing AU.

// brooklyn we go hard | jay z // we come running | youngblood hawke //
radioactive | imagine dragons // bad girls | m.i.a // titanium | sia //
biting down | lorde // who we are | imagine dragons // the phoenix |
fall out boy // no church in the wild | jay z and kayne west //sail | awolnation //
do i wanna know (instrumental) | arctic monkeys //
save rock and roll | fall out boy //

Pure at heart, an Isabelle Lightwood fanmix

01. Kill of the night - Gin Wigmore / 02. Beast (accoustic) - Nico Vega / 03. No church in the wild - Melody Thornton / 04. Black - Kari Kimmel / 05. Bottom of the river - Delta Rae / 06. Nothing but the water (I) - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals / 07. Raise hell - Brandi Carlile / 08. Maneater - Blue Eyed Blondes / 09. Blood on my name - The Brothers Bright / 10. Lose your soul - Dead Man’s Bones / 11. Beat the devil’s tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / 12. Ain’t no grave - Crooked Still / 13. Barton hollow - The Civil Wars / 14. Bartholomew - The Silent Comedy / 15. Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore