linda kage’s heroine is named felicity as promised

so remember when this happened

back then linda kage said that she’s naming her next heroine after felicity smoak and admitted she’s a huge fan as you can see here (if you are too lazy to click the link)

 well guess what IT HAPPENED ! the book is named ‘worth it’ and it’s out and the female lead is indeed named felicity !! and i’m only three chapters in and to my pleasant surprise STEPHEN AMELL IS MENTIONED i intended to finish the entire book first before i blog about the fact that LINDA KAGE named one of her characters after felicity smoak , OUR felicity but the moment stephen’s name was dropped all reason flew out the window (with my chill) and i had to tell you all about it and guess what brought stephen’s name up ? yup you guessed it the book’s felicity is a huge fan … the girl named after felicity smoak …… of stephen amell

“though a life-sized poster of stephen amell would’ve looked so good right above my bed.”

( what a felicity smoak thing to say ;))

also the guy’s middle name is arrow ….. yeah i can’t believe it either , not only is stephen’s and felicity’s name mentioned in one of my favorite authors’ book but also the series , ‘worth it’ is part of , is one of the most popular new adult ones out there , this is the best form of free promo arrow and olicity can get , now back to work ‘worth it’ is a standalone (yes its part of a series as i mentioned earlier but can be read on its own and i definitely recommend reading it and the rest of the series you won’t be disappointed) 

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