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Triplicity (M)

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=> Yoonseok x Reader Poly!AU

Summary: Distance is a cruel thing, and when you find yourself going astray, they are there to help remind you of just where exactly you belong.

Warnings: Explicit smut. Includes M/M smut as well. Slight angst. D/s themes.

Words: 11,191

a/n: 11k of smut. This is a new low.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Voice thick with irritation, spitefulness leaking from plush lips that supported the thin cigarette hung loosely from his teeth, a threatening gaze sized you up and left you feeling defenseless and weak under the scrutiny of coffee eyes, depths uncertain and unknown.

You weren’t exactly sure how you managed to find yourself in this predicament, hands held at the small of your back, wrists overlapping each other as a much stronger hold pinned you in place. You could feel the drumming of Hoseok’s heartbeat against your shoulder, grip tightening around your skin as you poorly attempted to gain back any control you once had, which hadn’t been very much to begin with.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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The Applebee's $100 marinara shower

Reposting this post of mine here by someone’s suggestions

Once a few years ago, at an applebees, my waitress was bussing a huge tower of dishes (not wanting to make two trips I guess?) which just visually was precarious at best. As she was walking towards me I thought to myself, there is no was she is gonna make it to the kitchen.

Sure enough, once I am in splashing range the tower goes down. Half full glasses of soda hit the floor and send splashes over my sandaled feet, and a full cup of marinara sauce hits the edge of our table and showers me with about a quarter of a cup of marinara sauce in a billion droplets from my hair to my chest. We hadn’t even been served drinks ourselves yet, this was just the start of our meal. So I’m sitting there with sauce literally dripping from my nose, hair, etc.

Waitress makes eye contact with me and sees what she has done, eyerolls and groans “fucking son of a bitch!” I am sitting there frozen like, uh someone help? Husband is saying loudly, can we get some help here? Waitress Walks less than three feet away, snatches up a rag and begins wiping her OWN hands! Deliberately TURNS HER BACK TO ME, another waiter sees this and come over now and is dabbing at my shoulder with a wad of paper napkins. I hear the waitress who dropped all the crap say, “why is this bitch looking at me, now I bet this bitch is gonna give me a problem. I’m not dealing with this shit.” And turns and walks into the back.

At this point I say to the waiter who is trying to dab away this sauce, she isn’t even going to say SORRY? He shrugs and is like, sorry ma'am. I said yeah, thanks, an apology should come from her though and I heard her refer to me as a bitch? I’m sitting here minding my own business and get pelted with sauce and soda head to toe, and I’m a bitch? At this point the anger rightfully built in me, and asked to see the manager.

Manager comes over. By now the spilling waitress has heard I am complaining. She comes over, and stands behind the manager as she and I talk. I explain what happened, and that accidents happens and I’m not even mad over the spill, but I’m mad over being treated like crap after it and being referred to as a bitch. Manager is gushing apologies, our dinner .. a two for twenty we were grabbing.. will be free. Okay, great. Still, I said, this is an area for retraining or something. There needs to be something said to the server, that is not how you treat people. She turns around and sees spilling waitress, and says I’m sure she was coming to apologize right now.

Waitress EYE ROLLS and says nastily, it was just an accident. No apology. Manager is now like oh crap, on her face. I said to waitress, and referring to me as THAT BITCH is an accident too? She says nothing, gives a smirk and crosses her arms. I looked between her and the manager, who is now silent and doesn’t know what to do with this. It ends in a stand off, of the waitress refusing to simply apologize and me seething.

So I think a moment, and said to the manager, so you said our ENTIRE meal tonight will be free? We want to change our order. And we want to keep our same server. No hard feelings, afterall, right? So we changed our two for twenty to the most expensive entrees we could find, with three appetizers and salads and soup first. Dessert after. Tab was well over a hundred bucks. We lingered for as long as we could stand. Needless to say, we stiffed that bitch, and I wrote no hard feelings on a napkin covered in marinara sauce at the table.

Only time I ever stiffed a server, and it was grand.

Little Family

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Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: Hello 😊 can I ask for a Sebastian imagine where you’re married and have a few month old baby boy who’s totally in love with his dad. One time Seb comes home he finds you asleep and decides to cook for you and take care of the baby (who’s in love with sebs long hair). At the end of the day you lay on the couch together and cuddle and enjoy being with each other ? ❤️ I hope it’s ok to request a Sebastian Stan imagine

Word Count: 697

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Smart Cookies - Part 1 (Jughead x reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Characters: Jughead x reader



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Y/n and Jughead lay together, her head on his chest, he played with her y/h/c hair as they binged yet another series. This had become their Sunday routine, Jughead would appear at y/n’s window bang on 1pm and she’d be ready with snacks and Netflix. Y/n felt safest with Jughead, in their little bubble. After a couple of hours, the screen was neglected in favour of conversation. They would talk about everything, from their futures, the case to what had happened at school that week. As Jughead spoke of his dreams to publish his novel, y/n laced her fingers into his. He squeezed lightly, it was Jughead’s way of saying he approved. Y/n told him how she was confused about college, every word came out in a melancholic tone.

‘Hey y/n, it’s going to be okay. The future is a million miles away. I don’t want you jetting off just yet. Stay in the now with me.’ Jughead always knew what to say to cheer her up.

‘What would I do without you?’ Y/n chirped. She put her lips to his and lingered in a gentle kiss.

‘Well not this.’ Jughead grabbed y/n by the waist and flipped her over so she was underneath him. He started to litter her neck with small pecks and then planted a big sloppy one on her lips.

‘Get off!’ She giggled.

‘What? Do you not like that?’ Jughead smirked back. They smiled at each other, glint in both their eyes. Jughead’s smile softened, changing to a slight frown.

‘I wish we could –‘

‘Mommy, mommy! Y/n has a boy in her room.’ Y/n’s delightful little sister interrupted. Jughead’s cheeks flushed and he immediately scrambled off Y/n. Unfortunately this was not the first time this had happened.

‘Get out you little brat!’ y/n shouted throwing a pillow in her direction, narrowly missing. Y/n’s sister stuck her tongue out at the couple, Jughead responded back the same, equally as childish, before she ran off.

‘And that’s why we can never go further’ Jughead sighed. Y/n hated seeing him so frustrated. With her parents working at home and an annoying little sister to deal with, there was zero privacy at her house.

‘I’m sorry Jug, you know I hate this as much as you’ she reached out and placed her hand on his. He looked up and gave a slight smile.

‘It’s not your fault. At least we hadn’t gotten any further like the time Archie walked in on us.’ He chuckled. She gave him a quick death stare as her cheeks turned a shade pinker. Archie couldn’t look her in the eyes for a week after seeing her in just her underwear.

‘Not funny.’ She piped up.

‘I’m sorry but it was a little.’ Jughead replied. Still sat on the bed, he turned to face Y/n and took her hands.

‘I really like you y/n. You know I take this stuff seriously. I just really wish we could have some privacy, so I could make it special. I want to show you how much I’m falling for you.’ He laid a single kiss on y/n’s forehead. She melted at his touch, the hairs of her neck stood up. She could tell every word was sincere.

‘Look, we’re smart cookies Jughead. We can put our heads together and work it out. Plan?’ Y/n was determined to get them out of this funk.

‘Okay, plan.’ Jughead grinned. She leaned in and placed a purposeful kiss on his lips.

‘Now did you mention cookies?’ Y/n laughed at her boyfriend.

‘Oh Jughead, how did I get so lucky?’ 

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Could one of you please write a Jamie POV about Claire's hair? Time period, situation, and level of sexiness completely up to you :D

This is set when Claire is mostly recovered from her illness in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. 

- Mod Lenny

The dawning light coming in through the window would strike Claire’s hair each morning and for a few minutes Jamie would simply lie there and look at it, watch that light play with it. She had wondered jokingly once or twice if it would grow back straighter than before and she’d laughed at his disappointed faces such a thought inspired. It hadn’t been a full two inches long before the curls started making their presence known so that Claire had cursed the way that two inches seemed like only one and then that four seemed like two and a half.

“It feels like it’s taking twice as long,” she complained, pulling a curl straight and seeing the way it almost reached her shoulder before letting it go and watching it spring back tight to her head.

He reached out now to touch one of the curling tendrils that he felt he could see growing and crawling its way across Claire’s pillow. He was convinced her hair was softer than before as he wrapped the silky strands twice around his finger and stroked it with his thumb. It seemed to be lighter too, the highlights brighter, the white strands no longer standing alone but gathering new friends around them and broadening their streaks.

Claire shifted but his finger was caught in the tight curl of her hair, pulling enough for her to reach up and find his hand. She turned back toward him, her hand still on his and one eye open a crack while the other remained squeezed shut.

He smiled at her as he disentangled himself and brushed more curls back from her forehead before leaning down to kiss the crease between her eyes.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

“Is it?” she asked doubtfully, easing the second eye open and blinking the sleep from her eyes.

Jamie bent to press a second kiss to her lips.

“Mmm,” Claire hummed. “I suppose I’ll take your word for it then.”

She pushed herself up so that she was sitting and yawned as she reached both hands up into her hair and brushed it quickly with her fingers. Jamie propped himself up a bit better and reached over to help massaging her scalp in the process.

“If ye can reach yer things on the table I’ll brush it for ye,” he offered.

“It’s not long enough for that,” Claire said with a light laugh but reached over and secured the brush for him anyway.

“Ye might want to fetch yer mirror as well then because ye’re wrong. It’s long enough now to tuck behind yer ear,” he pointed out, pulling a curl and tucking it into place in demonstration. “Did ye no say that was how long it must be to be called… what was it? A Robert?”

She laughed, leaning back and resting her head on his shoulder so she could look up at him. “A bob. And no, I think it needs to be a little longer before it can be a proper bob. Right now I think it’s closest to resembling a sheep’s fleece, though it traps rather than repels water. And still a long way from the flowing burn you used to think it.” There was a note of sadness underpinning the self-deprecation.

“No a burn just now, no,” he agreed, setting the brush aside and twining his fingers in her hair to see where it sprouted from between his fingers. “It’s… the bark of a tree after a storm. Dark where the water soaked deep; lighter where it’s had time to dry; wi’ little white threads fine and silvery as a spider’s web woven between the branches.”

Claire shook with quiet laughter. “It sounds like you’re saying I have cobwebs in my hair.”

“Aye,” Jamie chuckled. “Cobwebs… but no spiders.”

“Oh, well. So long as there are no spiders.”

He pulled her against him and lay back on the pillows, bringing her down with him. Her hair cushioned her head against his chest.

“Come. It’s early yet. We can rest a bit longer,” he told her.

She turned to curl around him, pressing her body along the length of his as his hand trailed up her back so he could play with her hair some more.

“Hmm… I’m all for staying in bed a bit longer… but since we’re already awake…” she teased, her fingers playing with the hair of his chest before drifting to explore a new trail leading lower, down under the sheets and causing his grip on her hair to tighten reflexively.

Ok @sgarrett49​, as hot as this gif is, imma have to go angsty with it. 

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist


You watched him play with the cuff of the shirt. 

God, he really did look good. 

The way the shirt hugged his body, showing off everything. The waistcoat, firm against his chest. 

His hair. Combed and slicked down, yet he looked so damn stunning. 

You sometimes wondered how you managed to land Jensen Ackles. 

Well…land was a bit far. You were fucking. Had been for over a year now. 

Hell, you’d been on dates. Had your anniversary. Everything. 

But there was one thing that you hated. 

He never defined the relationship. 

Each time you’d ask what you were, he’d avoid the conversation, opting to either fuck you or just switch the topoc. 

You hated it. Sometimes, he’d make you feel so loved. So happy. 

But then it’d all be over when he’d avoid talking to you. It made you feel like you were some sort of bootycall. 

And maybe you’d be ok with that role, if you hadn’t been ‘together’ for over a year. 

But a few nights ago, you realized this wasn’t going anywhere. 

Especially not when you saw the texts from her. His ex. 

They’d been together for a few years. Of course, you’d met her, being the costume designer on set. 

She was…nice? She wasn’t necessarily the type of person you’d ever get to know. But you could see he loved her. 

So when you saw her texting him, asking to get back together, you realized why he’d been so distant lately. 

He was preparing to break up with you. Leave you behind for her. 

Well, there was no way you’d be humiliated or thrown out like that. 

No. You weren’t the type to cry and beg. If he wanted to go back to her, that was fine. Let him be miserable. 

So you watched, Jensen looking sexy and getting ready for his scene. 

Bastard. Why did he make you fall in love with him, when he still loved her?

You were gonna go home tonight. Pack your bags. Move out while he was with Jared. 

Yea. You’d already handed in your notice, making sure it’d be kept quiet. 

No one knew you and Jensen were together anyway. He kept you a secret, most likely ashamed that he’d gone from a sort of celebrity, to you, the person who worked in wardrobe. 

Yea…you were gone after tonight. And you’d make sure he couldn’t find you. 

Jensen watched you, his heart racing as he caught your eye. 

You looked so stunning. God, he knew he’d been distant. He knew how messy he’d been. 

But after getting his heart broken, he wasn’t going to do that again. Especially not with you. 

So he took it slow, avoided anything he did in his previous relationship. 

But recently, his mind was made up. He was going to propose. 

He loved you. Hell, you were the reason he broke up with her. 

So he had the ring sitting in a drawer, waiting for the perfect moment. 

He knew he’d been distant, but he was getting everything ready with Jared, the only person who knew about you. But not for long, because he was ready for the world to know that you were the love of his life. 

He just didn’t know, when he got home tonight, you’d be out of his life. 

He just didn’t know, by keeping you at an arms length, in attempts to keep his own heart safe, he managed to destroy yours. 

He just didn’t know that by trying to avoid everything he did wrong with his ex, he managed to do everything wrong with you. 

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It’s Too Quiet (GastonxWife!Reader oneshot)

So this is a request from @hobbithorse19! Just a little reminder Requests!!! Are!!! Open!! It might take a few days for either Widow or I to finish them to our liking, but don’t be shy to ask us for something!! And without further adue, @hobbithorse19 ‘s request! 

Tagged:  @veronicawells @definitely-nota-fangirl @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli

Word Count: 826

The bird twittered outside, the early stretches of dawn peaking over the skyline and filtering in through the trees, the warmth of your husband keeping you lethargic, steady breathing on your neck functioning as a lullaby. The glimmer of the sunlight on your polished ring hit your eyes, reminding you that- unfortunately, this comfort could not last forever. You could already hear the hens stirring and your cows mooing as they impatiently awaited your attention.

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Dating Sehun would include...

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; you are his universe.

A/N: this is what fuels me to write for my hun. if some of the things i wrote down seems to be copied/same as other’s dating - would include, i’m sorry. i’ve read too many of them and got inspiration from them. enjoy!

boyfriend? sehun, kyungsoo, junmyeon, baekhyun, ?

masterlist // get to know me

  • him being so extra with you, but acts like a serious, manly, and protective boyfriend in public
  • literally always sticks by your side and holds onto your hand when you’re out, making sure no guy dares to lay their eyes on you
  • not really into pda/skinship in public, but when alone or at home, his hands and lips would basically be all over you
  • adorable assholehun surfacing everytime you hug someone that wasn’t him
  • sehun being so huggable all the time (even in public) that you’d bury your face in his chest
  • he has a small smile on his face when you do so and he makes sure you don’t see it, so you won’t tease him about it
  • being bestfriends with chanyeol to make sehun jealous that you and yeol hang out a lot
  • “she’s my girlfriend, hyung. go find yourself one!”
  • having to calm down kyungsoo everytime sehun ticks him off by doing or even saying something stupid
  • “soo, if you kill sehun, i won’t have a boyfriend anymore.”
  • spending more money on food than anything else
  • “bubble tea isn’t healthy, hun.”
  • sehun lowkey likes to say romantic things bluntly/randomly/casually just to see you blush and get embarrassed
  • spontaneous dates filled with sweets, laughter, wrong directions, and getting lost
  • most dates being at home cuddling cus that’s what you both do best
  • “babe, kiss me. you look so cute.”
  • “i knew it. you only love me for my looks.”
  • sehun kissing you on the cheek before he leaves early in the morning for work while you’re still asleep because he loves the way you’d instantly smile at the touch of his lips
  • talking about the future (a wedding, babies, a house) with each other and you laughing at the ideas while sehun’s taking mental and vital notes to use in the future
  • “but i want a daughter, jagiya!”
  • “you know i can’t control the gender of the baby.”
  • “then we’ll just have to keep on trying then do we, babe?”
  • legit always cuddling all the time even after sexy time
  • sehun loving it when you dominate over him in bed, it fuels him to be more rough with you, and he knows you’ve always liked it rough
  • never being able to walk the next morning cus you’re so sore from sehun last night
  • sehun teasing you on how you can’t walk or stand when you moaned so loud for him
  • you having to get his long arms and legs away from your body all night long as you both slept
  • waking up next to a sexy yet cute, bare chested, messy hair sehun and kissing him the moment you open your eyes because you can’t believe this angel is yours
  • sehun smirking when you do this cus he knows you love him the way he loves you
  • it ends up with you catching his lil smirk and teasing him about it
  • “you like knowing i love you, don’t you?”
  • “nope, i just like how so many people are so in love me.”
  • you being in awe whenever he dances cus he looks so handsome and manly for some reason
  • always getting the “why are you so obsessed with me” from sehun
  • with his 184cm height and sassy attitude, he’d forever tease you about your height and how you’re so “tiny” just because he’s taller than you
  • you always staring at his butt because damn, that ass is beautiful and yours too
  • never getting hurt (emotionally, mentally, physically) cus sehun would explode
  • sehun unable to resist tearing up when you cry even if he doesn’t know why you started crying
  • he’d listen to whatever you’d say and do his best to comfort you cus he doesn’t want to ever see you sad
  • sehun always on cute loving boyfriend mode
  • never having a day where you’d be in a bad mood cus you have his kisses, weird jokes, and him
  • never having to worry about leaving an empty space between you two in bed after a fight cus he’ll always swallow up his pride and hug you cus his love for you is greater than anything else
  • always knowing sehun loves you soooooooo much because he’ll never let a day go by he doesn’t say you’re his universe
  • and always replying by giving him the most meaningful kiss you could give that meant just the same as his words for you, but for him

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Murklins with Bucky, pretty please?

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Someone was screaming.

He could see nothing but darkness. 

Thrusting his arms out into it, trying to find some traction, he couldn’t even spy his own fingers a few inches away from his face. In such darkness brought fear and Bucky tried not to let the quickening thump of his heart give him away. 

He wished for a weapon, something to protect himself should a foe appear. 

The screaming continued. A burst of light appeared from nowhere, a crack in the darkness, and he could spy a bulky figure. 

He ran- he hoped- towards the figure, the crack seeming to fall away further and further the closer he appeared to get. Then suddenly before him, there was a body. Despite the darkness, the figure lay with a startling clarity.

Steve was paralysed beneath him. His chest was coated in a dark red of drying blood, a few bullet wounds making holes in his uniform. Bucky dropped down to his knees, desperate to find some life in him. The screams continued. 

Steve’s mouth was wrenched open, frozen in place, his eyes wide and terrified. They were unblinking. Trying to shake him, Bucky found nothing but a statue in its place. 

Then- footsteps. Coming closer, speaking in a language he hated to remember. In the shadow the light created, he could spy military grade boots, camouflage pants tucked inside of them, the barrel of a gun hanging from someone’s hip, a beret tipped on the head. 

They were coming for him. He screamed, only to realise the truth. 

He was the one screaming. 

Wrenching himself up from the bed, Bucky tried to calm his breathing. The quick, heavy need for oxygen- a panic attack. He knew them well. The duvet had been shoved onto the floor, pillows were thrown about the bed. 

Falling face first onto the mattress, he squeezed his eyes shut and clenched the sheet beneath it, forcing himself to count out breaths. Quickly at first, his mind smoking. Then- slower, calmer, until he could bring himself down from the smoke in his brain. 

He was drenched in a cold sweat, thick beads of moisture dripping down his naked chest. Bucky’s hair fell in front of his face, greasy and unkempt. Yet he didn’t look up, didn’t dare try to move. Not until he could be sure he was OK. 


Bucky’s eyes snapped up. Clutching her blanket, which was wrapped toga-style around her cuddle buddy of choice- a bear named Bobo- Angie’s big green eyes were poked around the door frame, unsure if she was allowed to enter. 

His heart tightened again. She had probably been woken by his screaming. 

’D'you want me to get Uncle Stevie?' 

Angie hadn’t always been his daughter. She’d been left on the steps of the compound, and something about the tiny baby had prompted him to offer to care for her. 

He was desperate to have something he could proud of, instead of a life that he hated and refused to remember. She lived in the compound with all of them and had the room next to his, adjoined by a single door. A door she’d learned to operate once she could stand. 

When he didn’t say anything, Angie appeared to make a decision. 

Closing the door behind her, she toddled up to the mattress and managed to scale her way up the mattress and onto the bed. When Bucky didn’t get up, she clambered over him and found his palm. Angie placed the bear by her side, before wrapping her tiny hands around Bucky’s wrist and gently pressing her thumbs against his pulse point. 

'In…two, three, four…out, two, three, four…’ she murmured softly, massaging the pulse point. It took him a moment to work out that she was trying to steady his breathing. 

Burying his face into the mattress again, he focused carefully on the tiny voice of his daughter, matching his breathing to her soft words. She didn’t get bored or irritated, as he would have expected. Instead, she waited until his breathing had steadied. 

After a little while, Bucky allowed himself to lift his head. His cheeks were wet with tears. When he sat up, Angie gently brushed away his tears with her thumbs again, a frown of worry in her little brow. 

'Better, Daddy?’

He nodded gently, still not yet prepared to say anything. Angie reached across to the bedside table and turned on the switch for the lamp, bringing soft light to the bedroom. It seemed to make everything cosier. When he tried to spot her again, she was reaching for a half glass of water. 

Holding it carefully in both hands, Angie held it out to him and he took it gratefully, gulping down the last of it quickly. She watched him carefully, waiting until he looked up before she stumbled across the mattress and stood in between his legs, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

It was a little tight, but he didn’t care. She smelled like bubble bath and talcum powder. It soothed him. Bucky pressed a soft kiss to her cheek, holding his baby close. 

'Thank you, baby. M'sorry.' 

Her little hand stroked his hair. 

'It’s OK. Uncle Stevie taught me what to do.' 

The knot in his chest loosened slightly. Gently, he let Angie go, tucking his hair behind his ears, hating that it was stuck in the way of his eyes. 

'I can do it. I been practising,’ she said matter-of-factly, standing up behind him.

Her hands were gentle and almost soothing as they pulled Bucky’s long hair into a small ponytail, the hair tie keeping it in place and her fingers tucking a few strands behind his ear. 

He picked up the duvet from the floor and carefully placed it back on the bed. 

'Will you and Bobo stay in Daddy’s bed tonight?’ Bucky asked quietly. Angie smiled happily at him, crawling over and making herself comfortable on his lap, pulling up the duvet around her. 

Reaching for his tablet, still keeping an eye on the rapid thumping of his heartbeat, he propped it up in front of her and opened up Netflix.

'Why don’t we watch something till we get sleepy, baby?’

Angie clutched the tablet in her hands, even more technologically advanced than her old man, settling on a Disney movie about a princess. She curled up against his chest, sucking her thumb and gently cradling Bobo in her other arm.

And Bucky simply held her, both arms tucked tightly around her small body. Even at his worst moments- he would always have her.

All I can give

• All I can give. •
 Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Rating: E
Warnings: Sexual content, minor amount of violence, touch of angst and strong language.


 Your mother was a shieldmaiden, loyal to the new queen on Kattegat’s throne. She was as fierce and courageous as any man you knew. Yet she was always your mother and even after your father passed during one of the early pillages of Wessex with king Ragnar; she was the best mother you could imagine. Yet you was nothing like her. You did not desire the adrenaline, the blood and the fierce spirits of the shieldmaidens. The mere thought of war and slaughter was something that made your pink lips turn down and your heart sink. You were quite unique amongst your people because of it and although you were sometimes mocked when younger you just smiled at them; knowing the Gods had other plans for you far from ships and battlefields. But your mother’s close friendship with the shieldmaiden, now queen, had given you the opportunity to grow up with some of the fiercest Vikings around; the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. You trained archery, but just for fun and you only used it for hunting. Ubbe had even taught you how to ride a horse good enough to shoot from its back. You played when younger whenever you were in Kattegat and when you finally moved there after the fall of Aslaug the fact that your mother was on the side of Lagertha didn’t seem to bother the brothers too much. Everyone was like a brother to you and you constantly spent time with each other and teaching each other all different kinds of things. All expect Ivar. When younger you had been slightly scared of the youngest of the princes and when you came back to Kattegat much older and your fear had vanished he made sure to keep distance. It was not until last spring you had realized that you yearned for his eyes to rest upon you. You even got a kick out of arguing with him; impressing his brothers when the two of you could try to slit each other’s throats with words sharp as any axe. You got a warmth inside you whenever you came close enough to calm his temper and you heart was a vial containing colorful butterflies whenever you arms brushed or he spoke your name. But he made sure to keep his distance and no matter how much you started to wish for him not to; you tried to go on. ___________________ You were looking down the dress on your body. Your chest covered in stones and seashells and the embroiders on the fall was so delicate you had lost your breath at first. “Oh (y/n), like the rising sun over the fjord.” Your mother had let go of her shieldmaiden spirit for today as you tried on the beautiful dress for your wedding to come. Another moons run and you would be wed to Fenris, an earl not too far from Kattegat, loyal to the queen; not too old and rather handsome. His fierce name doing him no justice. “I can’t thank you enough Lagertha, this is a gift as good as if from the Gods!” You sigh, happy to the point your eyes are brimmed with crystal tears when you turn to the queen. You had always thought Lagertha to be so beautiful and now you almost felt as beautiful as her. “Your mother is like my sister in so many ways; I wanted to give you a special gift.” She smiles calmly. Her hands are crossed over the fall of her dress but you ignore it when walking up to give her a tight hug. Many thought you odd sometimes; because of your loving and friendly nature. Never could you stay upset with someone for long and not to forgive was as unnatural to you as it would be for anyone else not to pick up their weapon in delight as soon someone shouted “raid!”. However the queen hugs you back and your mother starts to mess around with your hair. “Some braids here and ribbons along these and-” you laugh when you turn, grabbing her hands and you hold them to your chest. “It isn’t time yet, we don’t need to do my hair now.” You giggle and your mother huffs. “I hope I will only have to see you marry once; it is a big thing for me too (y/n).” Your mother doesn’t cry, even when happy but you can see that she has to fight it this time. “Anyway, I have been promising Ivar and Hvitserk to train so I will have to leave.” You inform them, turning to a servant girl helping you out of the gift from the queen. “I’m proud of you keeping up training still.” Your mother beams, not late with telling you every single day now that never stop your practice with the bow just because you’re going to be someone’s wife. “Perhaps some day you can join us, I hear you’ve gotten much good lately.” Lagertha laughs amused when you hurry from your wedding dress and back into your casual dress and fasten your cloak over your chest. “This is just for fun, you both know that. Besides I’m only good with the bow. Bye mother.” Quickly you peck your mothers cheek before scurrying out of the great hall; your feet knowing where to go even if you had your eyes closed. _____________________ When entering the clearing where you and the brothers use to train you’re surprised to see Ubbe and Ubbe only sitting at the stump Ivar usually uses as his little throne when sparring with his brothers. You had tried the sword with him once, ending up with five stitches on your lower arm. You could still see the scar if you lifted the sleeve of your dress. “Ubbe, where is the others?” You ask curiously, looking around to make sure they’re not hiding anywhere to jump out and scare you. “(Y/n)! I heard about the wedding with earl Fenris. I guess congratulations are in order.” He smiles at you softly and pulls you into a warm hug; one that has comforted you many times growing up. If you would ever have had a brother of your own you wish he’d been like Ubbe. “Thank you. I didn’t plan to tell you yet but I guess people talk beside their mouths.” You giggle, a small blush blooming on your cheeks when he keeps you a step away to look at you properly. “They do.” He mumbles when eyeing you and a bit nervous you frown. “What are you doing?” You shift under his gaze and he seem to figure out how it must look to you. “Oh! I was just thinking about the girl I was growing up with. It is like I have missed entirely that you have grown into a young and beautiful woman.” A charming smile is delivered your way and the pink roses on your cheeks deepens in color as you push him softly in his ribs. “Because you haven’t been able to look at someone else than your own wife.” You tease and he laughs. “Anyway; I didn’t originally come to give you good wishes for your wedding.” His smile vanishes quickly and your heart skips a beat. You know these young men well enough to know when something is wrong. “Ubbe, what has happened?” You chew your lip, looking around as if his slow answer would hide behind the trees around you. “Ivar is: he is not well he-” “Is he sick? Did he hurt himself?” Your heart drops like a cold stone inside and you don’t think when you grab Ubbe’s arms as if you would need to force the answer out of him. You don’t care he looks a bit puzzled. “No he- he’s perfectly fine wrecking his hut at the moment but (y/n), it is not like the other times. Hvitserk is even reluctant to enter. I know you have spoken him into place before.” Ubbe pleads with you and for a second you have to gather all his words and put them together. “If not even his brothers dare enter I’m not sure I will be of much help. He ignores me most of the time.” You feel sad you won’t be able to help him. It has been so many times you had only wanted to hold him and tell him that whatever caused his anger is not that bad and that he would never be alone with whatever made him so upset. You and the brothers had always been looking out for each other. But like you told his older brother; since you moved here he’s been very active keeping distance and it was hard for you to come close. “Ubbe?” You frown when he almost guiltily stare down the ground between you. “It is because of you.” He whispers, looking down on you from under thick lashes and your frown deepens and slowly you shake your head. “Me? What have I done now?” It was new for Ivar to throw such a tantrum because of you. With your kind and calm nature you would sometimes argue so the woods shook around you, but never had you stayed angry with each other, never had you managed to do anything that had actually hurt him or made him upset a longer period of time. Your never had the need to. “You’re getting married.” The sadness and guilt in his voice have you take a step back, letting go of his arms. “What?” You stare to your hands, trying to put the pieces together. Ivar is wrecking his own home, scaring his brothers to distance because you’re going to get married? Nothing made sense and no matter how you turned the matter in your head you couldn’t understand what was going on; so when Ubbe again pleaded for you to come talk to his youngest brother you followed deep in thoughts. All the way back to Kattegat and then the walk between the growing towns houses and huts you were buried in deep thoughts. Ubbe explained a little now and then; in what state his brother was in and that he didn’t want to put you in any form of danger.. but you were the only one he could think of. Even Björn had tried talking to the son of their mutual father but apparently Ivar had just grabbed whatever closest and threw it at anyone trying to enter. You spent little energy listening to Ubbe however, knowing very well what Ivar was capable of. You even think sometimes that the blood on his hands not from the battles was what partly caused his hideous tempers to stay and even grow worse. You had not shared your thoughts with anyone else however. “(Y/n), thank the Gods. The only thing left in there to throw around and break now is himself.” Hvitserk groans when he see you approaching with Ubbe. The sound of Ivar grunting and occasionally let out a angered scream mixes with the crashing sounds and thuds of things indeed being thrown around. ‘It is because of you.“ Ubbe’s words echoes in your head as you look to a pained and worried Hvitserk, then to the wooden door. "You think he will listen?” You ask both of them, knowing how a little sprout of fear is growing in your chest when you can hear the storm inside the four wooden walls of the house. If he had been upset about something else than you, you wouldn’t have doubted walking straight in there. But this time you were indeed the reason for his obvious pain. “If he doesn’t listen to you only the Gods will be able to help.” Ubbe mutters beside you. “I’m not sure Ivar think he deserves their help.” You whisper when you pull your cloak tighter around you despite the warmth of late summer. Hvitserk seems a bit amused you’re implying Ivar thinks himself unworthy of anything and you send him an annoyed scowl. Sometimes you wonder if Ivar’s brothers understands him at all. “You want us to follow you?” Ubbe’s hand is resting reassuringly on your shoulder and to him you smile, shaking your head. “We always help out you know.” Hvitserk puts in and you take a deep breath. The door is given such a blow from inside the house you jump on the spot and Ubbe’s hand tightens around your shoulder. “I’ll call for you if need be. If things calms down please leave us.” You don’t wait for them to reply, knowing they will obey you in this. So you stand outside the door and knock timidly, chewing your bottom lip. You don’t know what to expect but when Ivar doesn’t yell for you to leave you simply open the door with one last look on the worried brothers behind you. The shock washed over you like a tidal wave when you stepped over the threshold into the dark house. Furs, cups, clothes and all that Ivar had managed to get his hands on was littered over the floor like corpses on a battlefield; he being the ruthless killer. A killer you find on the middle of the floor surrounded by his material carnage. His brown hair is like the feather coat of a raven in storm and his blizzard eyes is nailed to you where he breathes heavily. “Ivar.” You breathe, staring into his eyes brimmed with furious tears and although you don’t understand a thing of what is going on and although he have pushed you away for so long; seeing him like this is tearing your delicate heart apart to join the debris of his life on the wooden floor. “My brothers don’t dare to face me, so they send a woman?” He wheezes, the white row of teeth showing when he snarls like a agitated wolf. You swallow, his anger and his tactics of striking fear into people nothing new to you. You would never underestimate the killer prince, yet he had never even laid hand on you when as angry as can be. “Only because you would not listen to them.” You gulp, your hands fidgeting with your dress. You want to crawl up to him where he sits on the floor, his tunic torn open over his chest where he must’ve been throwing himself around to get his pain out on whatever closest to him. The smooth skin over his collarbones slick with sweat just as his creased forehead and the snarl disappears and he falls silent, his head falling down between his shoulders. “And they think I will listen to you? What can you tell me that they have not already told, hm?” He chuckles bitterly where he sways from side to side, his legs like useless sticks pointing out from his muscular upper body. You suck in a breath, chewing the inside of your cheeks when you tread carefully through the mess until you stand before him and sit down. “No. But Ubbe tells me your pain is because of me. And when I inflict pain upon someone I want to mend it.” You explain softly, as you would’ve if you talked to a child. In many ways Ivar was still like a young boy, seemingly so lost and afraid he knew no other way than to be mad at the world. His head snaps up when you hear someone closing the door behind you. His brothers must’ve thought it best to leave now as you had asked of them. “Who says it is pain I feel?” His eyes moves to yours and you know it annoys him to the bones when he can’t manage to scare you. You try a soft smile and you have to put effort in not letting your hands cup his devastated and twisted face. “You, Ivar. I know you better than you think. Just as you know me.” Your voice starts to tremble when a light switch takes place in his blue, cold eyes. Fear and pain is taking over the anger and angst. “What have I done to ever cause you this pain?” Now you’re brave enough to put your one hand on the low of his arm where they rest on his thighs. His eyes falls to your hand softly picking with the sleeve of his tunic and he begins to slowly shake his head. What he does next takes you by such a surprise you can’t hold back the loud gasp that escapes your careful lips. His cheeks is decorated by slow running tears and his brow is tightly knit together where his rich lips is transformed into a tightly pressed, shivering line. Without thinking your hands cups his face and when your thumb wipes away a stray tear you whine in pain as he leans into your touch and closes his eyes. “Ivar, please.” You beg, your hands shaking. Ubbe told you this was because of you, because of you marrying Fenris and your brain is slowly putting pieces together; yet the picture you’re given is something so out of this world to you, you doubt your capacity to think straight. “Why?” He whimpers. His voice so meekly and wounded you wouldn’t have recognized it if you hadn’t been sitting right in front of him. You know what he’s asking and your heart is growing small and hard like a stone in your chest. Why are you marrying Fenris? Why are you marrying a man when another for so long have held your heart in his violent grip? “I care for him and it is a good match.” You close your eyes in shame when your words causes him to jerk his head from your hands and they fall to your knees. “What would you have me do, Ivar?” You cry hushed as he crawls away from you, the sound of things being struck out of the way having your body wince. “Leave me before I make you.” He snarls from his bed, climbing up on it and burying himself in the furs still left. Ivar not taking a fight is odd, Ivar crying is odd. You breaking Ivar’s heart is impossible; yet it is what he’s now telling you with all his being. You stand up, your hands curling into fists where you bite your lower lip. “You have no right accusing me of walking out on you!” Your voice is louder and much more aggravated than you intentioned but it is indeed matching the hot and painful swelling inside. “You have pushed me away since I came here!” You wail, tears of your own running down your now pale cheeks like summer rain. “Shut up, woman!” He turns, laying on his side but keeping his head up to gain some dignity. “Leave or I will tear you apart like you did me. I know I’ve been a stupid game for you!” He screams, the sound hurting your ears. Angrily you pick up what is closest to you: a wooden cup and you throw it as hard as you can his way. Surprising yourself it strikes him straight on his face, a wail of pain from him as he covers his mouth with his hand. “Oh!” You cover your own gaping mouth with your own hand when you can see him tasting the blood from the small wound on his bottom lip, with the tip of his moist tongue. You rush forward, attempting to sit on the edge of his bed to tend the damaged you caused: but your are stopped by Ivar’s strong hands grabbing your hair, pulling your head back as you scream and the other one grabs your tender neck in a harsh grip. “I told you to leave!” He shouted to your face, his tears now as fierce as yours and you hit him, claw him: anything you can to get away from him. “I didn’t know.” You hiss, struggling to breathe through his hard grip and the corroding fear slowly taking over you. Whatever you thought before, he seems much capable to finally hurt you. With a hard push you fall backwards, your back landing in the soft furs by his legs and he just stares at you, almost calm. Your hand feel your neck as if to check if he broke it and you don’t really know what to feel when you look back at him. “You didn’t know?” He echoes and you shake your head. He nods in a manner that tells you he could hardly believe what you’re telling him. “How could you not know? You must’ve and when you saw I could not return from you, you decided to find yourself a man that is everything I’m not.” He explains, as if that was facts and not speculations. You whimper when he reveals a bit of what he feels about himself. These are things you knew but never heard him say himself. “No!” You bite your tongue, lowering your voice. “That is how you think of yourself. Ivar; I didn’t know.” You move closer and this time he does no move to hurt you. “But now you do.” He stares at you, his gaze eating its way through you to a place you never thought you’d feel him. So deep inside you know it will feel empty when he’s not there. “Does it make any difference?” The small hope in his eyes is the final dagger to your heart, the final confirmation you need and all that you have been longing for. You have imagined kissing Ivar more than once and you have imagined him doing so much more to you. Yet the feeling of his soft lips against yours when you lean in to kiss him is like an entirely different world. You can taste the metallic blood from his wound, the salt of his tears and soon the hunger of his soul as he grab your head to keep you in the kiss. Does it make any difference? He groans as you suck his wound but it only seem to fuel his fires. His fingers gets lost in your hair and you can’t keep the moan running from your mouth into his when his tongue explores the source of the words that has bewitched him for so long. His own hair is soft between your fingers and his body hard and warm like a rock in the sun when you press yourself against him. You have been with a man before yet your stomach hurts and your heart flutters as if this was the first time you’ve ever been close to someone. “Ivar.” You gasp to his lips when you feel his fingers trace down your throat, over your shoulder to finally shape around your one breast. The hot warmth in your stomach swirls like water down between your legs when his hand feels your breast, his teeth nibbling at your lips. You want him. You have wanted him many times but you had given up hope long ago. “(Y/n), does it make any difference?” He groans to your ear, his mouth devouring your sensitive earlobe and your eyes rolls back in their sockets. Your heart is a marching drum in your chest and your body aching for his like the earth is constantly aching for the skies. “Yes.” You cup his face in your hands, forcing him to look at you. It takes all your will to stop yourself. “It makes a difference.” Your fingertips runs over his sharp cheekbones, down along his jawline and down towards his chest. Hungrily and desperate your eyes follow them; the torn tunic showing of his hard chest and your brows knit together. “Please, touch me.” You look at his face and a pained sigh escapes his mouth when you ask for all of him. Just once and you would be happy for the rest of your life. “(Y/n), I don’t-” you shush him with your fingers over his open mouth and your lick your lips as your trace the hot, pink skin; swollen and moist from your kissing. “I want to feel you in all ways I can. I want you to feel me too.” The black in his eyes seem to eat the blue and you wince from the pleasurable shiver running through you when he softly bites the tip of one of your fingers; the tip of his tongue searching it. “You’re not afraid?” He mumbles before closing his lips around your fingers. Your eyelids flutters close as you shake your head. “And you’re not afraid of my body?” He kiss the base of your palm, his hand strong around your wrist and you frown. “I don’t care what you’ve done and I don’t care about your legs. I don’t care about anything but what I know is in there.” Your hand press to his chest and he stares at it; like you’ve been reminding him of something he’d forgotten he possessed. “I’m not sure how to use that.” He admits, a small smile playing in the corner of his mouth and with a breath you lean your forehead against his. “Stupid prince. It is the only thing you use. But if it is broken you can have mine.” You nudge his nose with yours and a needy groan crashes to your mouth as he kisses your so hard the flesh of your lips hurt against your teeth. He turns you around, your back on the soft furs and he rolls on top of you, guiding your legs apart when he gathers the fall of your dress and moves it up your thighs. Your chest heaves with your attempt to breathe when you look at him eyeing you like a hungry man would eye a piece of bread. Your hands grab his tunic and he help you remove it: joining the mess on the floor. “How can you not see your own beauty?” You wonder breathlessly when you feel his broad shoulders, his biceps playing as he holds himself over you and the way his stomach contracts by the effort, having the wetness between your legs torment you. You need him to touch you, in any way; as long as he puts out the fire inside of you that he started. “My eyes have been occupied with another.” He mumbles as his one hand fidgets with the strings holding your dress together over your chest. Your heart skips a beat at his words and your fingers bump into his when you try to help him. You don’t try to restrain your moan when he opens your dress enough to expose your breasts and he wastes no time before diving down to take your hardening nipple into his hot mouth. “Ivar, please!” You gasp, your back arching when he makes sure to pay the same attention to your other breast. You claw his back when you can feel the tips of his fingers trace the inside of your one thigh and you constantly have to remind yourself how to breathe. “Keep still.” He mutters when your hips moves upward, eager to meet his touch and you turn your head, squeezing your eyes shut trying to keep still for him. “Or i won’t be able to keep still myself.” He snickers when he places open mouth kisses on your exposed neck. Your breath hitches in your throat and your eyes are wide open when you feel one of his fingers running along your moist slit, parting your folds just to find its way to the little nub of pleasure. “So wet, all for me?” He groans and you nod, not able to talk. Your toes curls and your legs are shaking as his finger paint circles on your clit before swiftly pushing itself deep inside of you. The addition is small yet so marvelous you cry out when he curls his finger inside of you. “More?” He bites down softly on your chin and desperately you push your womanhood to his hand, your lips devouring his as if your life depended on it. He made you so desperate in such a sweet way. If you could calm down it would surprise you; because you’ve heard how he’s been with other women. Yet now he seems much capable of pleasuring you: or perhaps whatever he would do, would please you? Perhaps it would be enough for him to just breathe on your skin to make you shiver like a leaf. “Please.” You whine, holding onto him for dear life as a second finger is added. You feel the amazing stretch of your walls around him when he moves them in and out, occasionally curling them to the point you’re not sure what is up and what is down anymore. Your hips rock to meet his fingers and you bite down on the soft skin of his shoulder each time his movements brings you closer and closer to just unwrap around him. “To see someone as sweet as you-” he breathes to your ear as he fingers you. “-enjoying the touch of hands that has killed-” he grinds himself down the furs between your legs as much he can and the thought of him hard is killing all of you. “-Is greater than any field sown with hundreds of men.” His wicked tongue pushes you over the edge: the thought of his deadly hand now having its fingers inside of you oddly arousing. He drinks the sound of you moaning his name like water and the hot wave consuming you is more than you had ever felt before. “I need you.” You whimper, your hands searching between your bodies for the strings of his breeches. The hard bulge under your fingers as you pull the strings pulsates by your touch and it takes all of you to keep your own hips down so you can reach. You almost think he might stop you when you grab the hem and try to push the garment down but Ivar willingly wriggle like a lazy snake trying to get out of the fabric as fast as possible. “This is truly what you want?” He breathes when he’s fully released and you can feel the strained and silky skin of his cock under your fingers. The stupid question puts a frown on your face and you run your soft fingers along his size, shocking you slightly and he moans your name ever so hushed. “If you don’t bed men now Ivar, I swear to the Gods I will take you by force.” You try to tease, causing a soft laugh to cascade over your face when he shuts you up with his eager mouth. One of his hands push away yours and you can feel how he situate himself between your legs: the wetness caused by his fingers having your head spin as he let the head of his twitching manhood slide against your hot folds. The teasingly slow movements make you wriggle underneath him and he traps your wrists over your head. You snake your legs around his when he dips down to devour your breasts, still keeping up the delicate torture of your sex with his. “Enough.” You plead, pressing yourself against him till the point he can’t hold himself anymore. He need not to guide himself, your slick womanhood drawing him in and you gape without sound to the feeling of him pressing inside, stretching your walls more than ever and the ravishing feeling when he tries to go as slow as he’s capable of is bringing tears to your eyes. You may have slept with another man before but this, this is a whole other thing. You can barely begin to compare. “(Y/n), can you take all-” you cut of his question by raising your hips, speeding up him entering your fully and when you feel him hit the very end of you and your own flesh desperately adjusting to him you bite his lip until you can taste the salty metal of his blood once more. His pain mixes with a hungry growl when he pulls out just so he can plunge back inside of you with greater force and your body bounce between his thrusting hips and the bed. Your entire body is answering to his every movement, every touch and the only time you can keep quiet is when his kisses shuts you up. But he enjoys your sounds and the way you clings to him by calling out his name. When you finally feel yourself closing in on the edge of bliss once more his movements gets lazy and sloppy, yet so much more fierce. It takes only seconds for him to follow you diving into the abyss of pure pleasure and you hold him so tight you physically can when you can feel his seed fill you. A promise he will be a part of you just a little longer even when his body leave yours. You don’t mind the crushing pressure when his body collides with yours, the way your skins are slippery against another’s of the sweat causing you to glimmer like the surface of a pond. For an unknown amount of time you just lay underneath him, your breathing synchronized and your fingers in trance when they comb through his hair, your fingernails softly scratching his scalp. When he finally rolls off of you it’s like your body flies away and you roll to your side, resting your head on his chest and you close your eyes when he pulls one of the furs over your most intimate parts. “So many times I imagined, yet i was never even close to this.” You whisper tiredly to his skin; his hearts thudding in its cage of bones and flesh so sedative you’re not sure you would ever wake up if you fell asleep now. “I wish I had more time.” He answers and with a frown you tilt your head, looking to his face where he stares up the ceiling. His hand comes looking for your head and he runs it over your messy hair over and over again. “What do you mean?” You place a lazy kiss just above his nipple and you trace the fine hairs raising around it with one finger. “I know you’re not coming back to me again. You’re still getting married.” If a heart can truly break you now hear it through his ribcage and you can feel the same ache in your own. All the bliss and the primitive need washes away as if he kicked the door to reality open with a bang. You had always thought of Fenris with fondness, knowing what a good husband he will be and what a good father he will be to your children. Truly you could never ask for someone better suited. Yet.. “I will never leave you, not truly. I will always be here.” You whisper, knowing your words not to hold what you truly wished them to. “Close enough to see but not to hold.” He groans frustrated and when you look to him again you can see how he use his anger to cover up who he truly is once more and you realize that the very second you get up from his bed and walk out that door; you will never meet this Ivar again. @whenimaunicorn @mizzvengenz6661 @creepycrystalwolf @ivartheboneme @ceridwenofwales @belle-scarre

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Hello! If it's not too much trouble, can I get Matsu reactions or a scenario to their s/o asking if they would like to take a relaxing bubble bath together after a long stressful day? I am in love with this blog. It's wonderful thank you so much!


Oh he would be hella stoked! Of course at first he’d use the opportunity to try to get fresh with you and be his usual frisky self, but after a couple of friendly slaps he’d eventually calm down and allow himself to just enjoy the bath. In spite of how handsy he was earlier he really does love having these nice, chill moments with you since he enjoys being this close to you, both physically and emotionally. You two take turns washing each other’s backs as you just chat about whatever random subject comes to mind. Sometimes you both get real in your talks and other times you two manage to get into the stupidest debates.


He would be completely enamored and petrified by the idea. He has imagined you two in similar scenarios before (albeit with a lot more dramatic lighting and blossoms in the wind) so it’s not as if he’s wholly unprepared for this, but at the same time he loses all cool and becomes a loves-truck fool when the actual situation occurs. He tries bringing in candles and roses to “help with the mood” but you quickly throw that idea out since the stuff you provided is more than enough. This is for you two to relax. All the same though, he’s still his usual sweet, doting self and would offer to wash your hair for you as you talk about your day.


The idea of sharing a bath with you sounds like the opposite of a relaxing time! Don’t get him wrong, he loves everything about that idea, but he wouldn’t even know what to do with himself or what you would expect from something like this. Once you get him in the tub and let him relax for a bit, he actually gets quite comfortable with the situation and even allows himself to vent about a few things that have been bothering him. He tries not to look directly at you since he blushes incredibly easy and doesn’t want to risk making things awkward but you feel that in due time this’ll change.


You know that old adage about cats and water? Well that’s basically what you have to deal with when it comes to dragging this boy into the tub with you. Of course it’s not the water he minds but being this close, this nude, this open with you. It’s almost too much for him. It takes an especially long time for him to settle down and stop being so antsy, but once he does he takes to just lying against your chest, in your arms. He may not be comfortable with you touching his chest or tummy (yet), but running your fingers through his hair seems to do the trick just fine.


He’s super excited about the idea because he loves baths and he loves you so the idea of putting these two things together sounds like the best! He’s so enthusiastic that he jumps right into the tub, giving you little to no warning and forcing you to wait a bit longer for it to get filled up again. While sharing a bath with Jyushimatsu is not exactly calm or soothing, it is a lot of fun and you two spend a good portion playfully splashing each other and trying to make weird shapes out of the bath bubbles. Granted it’s not everyone’s idea of a “relaxing” bath but laughing this much does help the stress of the day just fade away.


He tries to be sly about the whole ordeal and flirt with you about certain aspects of sharing a bath together, but this is all a means to mask how surprisingly nervous he is. Something like this can be a lot more intimate than he’s used to and he’s not sure if he’s ready to really “reveal” himself. These thoughts dissipate once you two are actually in the tub and are instead replaced with genuine affection for you. He lets you talk most of the time as he washes your hair but eventually he’ll feel comfortable enough to talk about his own thoughts and feelings. The bath is as relaxing for you as it is therapeutic for him.

My Little Friend

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean wants to have some fun after he gets out of the shower.

Word Count:  1289

Warnings:  Smut and Language.  There is zero plot here. 

This is for @kittenofdoomage challenge, “Kitten’s Classic Movie Challenge”. My prompt was the line “Say hello to my little friend” from Scarface.  

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom.

My Little Friend

Lying backward on the bed, your head hangs off the edge, hair tumbling down. Dean has been in the motel shower forever and you are bored as fuck. Sam’s off at the library. You and Dean have crossed the name of every suspect off the list today. If you have to do any more research, if you have to open one more book or hack one more database or make one more cold call, you’ll likely scream. Or stab someone. Or both.  

So that led to you hanging off the bed, staring at the bathroom door, waiting for Dean to finish his shower. Click- clack, click-clack. You click your tongue off the roof of your mouth, entertaining yourself. Absentmindedly you think of joining him in the shower. It’s been awhile since you’d done that. Opting for laziness, you roll over onto your stomach, scooching back and propping your chin up, elbows pressed into the mattress. For fuck’s sake, what is taking Dean so long? Bored and hungry. Not a good combination.

The bathroom door opens, steam wafting out as Dean’s frame fills the doorway. A cheap terry cloth motel towel is draped around his waist. Droplets of water bead across his chest, trailing down to his navel. His hair is tousled, not yet groomed. His bowed legs peek out under the towel.  He sees you on the bed and grins, strutting over to stand in front of your face.

Just short of the bed, he drops the towel to reveal his thick erection. He wiggles his hips suggestively and says cockily, “Say hello to my little friend!”

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Alec was happy, in fact he was happier than he’d been in a while. But to some degree, in amongst all the sadness, he had always been happy. He was happy knowing that deep down his parents loved him, maybe not in the same way they’d had previously but that had always been more like pride than love. His relationship with his parents had somewhat deteriorated over the years, almost like the space between them mirrored Alec’s age. His childhood wasn’t normal, but who’s to say what a normal childhood is let alone one for a shadowhunter. Alec knew that Maryse loved him, and Alec was happy with knowing that. Maybe she didn’t love Alec completely, but he had confidence in rebuilding some sort of relationship between them again. His father had never been hands on with Alec. Since he could remember, Robert was always a figure in the background; present, always present, but never fully involved. He watched his son become a strong leader, but Robert thought that was the most important thing. He’d never considered his son’s happiness, because that has Robert’s ultimate downfall. He was happy working with the charismatic Valentine, and now that would’ve been considered a crush. Valentine was this beautiful, powerful person who Robert envied and he yearned for the attention of the younger boy. Robert saw far too much of himself in Alec, and falling for the wrong person ruined his life. But, this was a sure sign of how much Robert payed attention to his eldest son, for if he looked close he’d see that the only thing they shared was their surname, as one was happy and the other was not.

Alec knew Izzy loved him and always would, as it had always been the both of them together. Izzy was strong and solid, and Alec was happy knowing that. Izzy had known from the start about Alec’s sexuality, and she for a long time was the only person he trusted with it. He and Izzy had been bought up the same, and this unique experience bonded them. Most siblings bickered and fought, but not these two. An argument in the wrong place at the wrong time, and any mistake would cost them their lives, and they knew that they wouldn’t be able to live without the other. Izzy was Alec’s security blanket growing up, and every thought he’d had he confided in her. Izzy had never been as open with her secrets, but Alec knew that if anything was serious he’d be the first person to tell. Izzy was never one for the small things; Alec had always made a big deal about his sexuality but to Izzy, that didn’t matter. What was important was Alec’s happiness, and if he was happy she was happy.

Alec had come to terms with how Jace loved him, now knowing he loved him as a brother and nothing more. From when he first met him, Alec was enamoured. Jace was a mystery, a puzzle of a boy with a scarred heart. Jace was a golden ray, shot into Alec’s life. Jace learning of Alec’s sexuality put some things into perspective for him. That odd conversation they’d had about Alec loving Jace was suddenly made clear. Jace wasn’t disgusted about how Alec felt for him, they were parabatai so Jace felt everything Alec did, but now Jace knew Alec didn’t love him like that, Alec just loved the idea of Jace loving him the way he wanted him too. Alec had also come to grips with how he actually loved Jace, and he was happy with Jace being his best friend.

Since meeting Magnus, Alec had quickly come to realise his feelings for Jace. These feelings still lingered around the edges, but when you completely devote your soul to one person for such a long time, they don’t disappear completely. Alec realised he loved the idea of being in love with Jace, he loved the idea that Jace might feel the same way. But Jace doesn’t, and despite that being the harsh reality of it, Alec found it enlightening. He now doesn’t have to fight for Jace’s attention, because he is his parabatai and thats enough. Jace hadn’t completely worked it out, but he knew that if Alec was happy, then he was happy. Alec was more than happy to be able to distinguish the brotherly love he felt for Jace, and the deep, romantic love he felt for a different man. Alec was happy to have his best friend as his best friend.

Max was a mystery, being posted in Idris with his parents meant that neither brother saw each other often. Back in Idris, Alec knew that the Clave was still reeling in the fact that a man could love another man. That a shadowhunter could fall for a downworlder, a warlock. Alec knew that Max’s mind was still elastic, and that he was susceptible to all the hate that was being thrown around along with the Lightwood name. Alec knew that it was still possible for Max to hate him, but he hoped that Max remembered Alec as the cool older brother who bought him comics and listened to his stories. He hoped that Max would always love him, and if he did so, Alec and Max both would be happy.

Alec loved his job. Shadowhunting ran in his blood, and fueled his every being. Deep down Alec wanted to be a superhero like the ones in Max’s comics, and shadowhunting was the closest thing to. Abiding by the law was what Alec was good at, and keeping people safe (despite not being a fan of mundanes) was something that got him out of bed in the morning. The hunt, the chase and the kill exhilarated Alec, sending waves of euphoria though his racing body. He loved shadowhunting more than life itself, despite being born into and for this job. The world, his family and life itself could change but shadowhunting never would, and that was a constant Alec relied on. His bow and quiver were an extension of his soul, something that also would never change. He was happy being a shadowhunter.

But in this moment, Alec had never been quite this happy.

A man, the man, who Alec loved was resting on his chest, snoring lightly. Never in his wildest dreams had Alec thought that he would’ve found someone who accepted him, who respected him, like this man did. It was early morning in New York, a time to move and to get ready for the day, but Alec couldn’t move. his arms were locked around the sleeping form of his boyfriend, his boyfriend, and Alec’s nose was buried in the soft black strands of his lovers hair. Magnus shifted slightly in his sleep, rubbing his cheek against Alec’s heart, his ear resting above his heart which was jumping out of his chest. Their legs laid intertwined under the soft sheets, with Alec’s knee bent allowing his big toe to trace the line of Magnus’ calf. In return, Magnus’ long slender fingers were resting on Alec’s bare chest, softly combing through his chest hair. Alec couldn’t move, yet he couldn’t think of a single reason as to why. Moving would mean that they day was passing, but Alec would be happy to live in this moment forever. Alec hadn’t told Magnus yet, they’d only been together for 4 months despite nearly having sex a few weeks into their relationship, and Alec now didn’t want his relationship with Magnus to disappear down the drain. Magnus was notorious for his long list of ex-lovers, and Alec was prolonging admitting his love to Magnus, because he wanted Magnus to want him and to want to keep him around.
Magnus hummed, the sound penetrating the silence of the normally noisy apartment before turning into a soft sigh. “I love you Alexander.”

Alec had never been happier, and he couldn’t picture himself happier with anybody else.
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fluorescent lights dancing on pale skin

desc; businessman!dan frequents the masquerade strip club downtown and the new blue-masked boy happens to be just what he needs to relax (circa 1924)

beta; thank you to hazy( @muserdan​ ) for the amazing english teacher type betaing and like literally saving me because I really wasn’t going to upload this because i could not proofread for like a million reasons ^-^

a/n; idea of the club from panic!at the disco’s video

sorry if this isnt what you wanted anons!! i figured since u only asked for more bottom phil it would be alright to write something new instead.

Dan walked out of the bathroom, grabbing his coat from the rack and checking his hair in the mirror. His maid, Lucille, was bustling around the two room apartment, picking up clothes and washing dishes, sparing Dan a glance every so often.

“You’re going to get caught sometime, you know,” she quips, straightening Dan’s tie and smoothing his petticoat.

Dan just rolls his eyes and smiles. “That’s the fun part,“

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Contrary Durins

A/N: For @thealbersclan​ who requested this prompt from @imaginexhobbit​ ! Sorry it took me a while, I’ve been alternately busy and completely unwilling to write (*winces*). But here it is, at last! I hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to write once I got around to it.

Summary: Fili and Kili have been fighting over you since the journey began, and Thorin’s had just about enough of their nonsense.

Word count: 1,371

Warnings: Brief mentions of those giant spiders, spider bites

The argument had been going on for months now. Ever since you’d joined Thorin Oakenshield’s Company just outside of the Shire, his exuberant nephews had been sending taunts back and forth, each sure that the other was wrong.

“She couldn’t possibly like you better,” Kili called to his brother. “She prefers those with darker hair, such as my own.”

Fili snorted. “But she also prefers thicker facial hair, which you,” he poked his brother in the chest, “have yet to show any evidence of.”

“You go too far!” Kili shouted. “Just because my beard is a bit slow doesn’t mean it won’t be full and luscious when it does grow in!”

“I think you mean if,” Fili said calmly.


If,” Fili continued, staring blankly ahead, “your beard grows in.”

“Why you cotton-headed”—

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Tumblr Girls (G-EAZY)- Justin Bieber Imagine

Can you do a thing based off of tumblr girls by g-eazy


requests are always open :-)


btw ive never really heard the song so im just going off the lyrics :)

Originally posted by emmasopheah

Cause I’m in love with these Tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits
Pretty faces love status, she acts as if she’s the baddest

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her . The way she moved , the way she smiled , and the way she gave me that seductive look.

Man I swear she’s just like tons of girls, she expects the free drinks

I watched as she downed drink after drink , smiling at the old perv who looked like hed do anything for her right then and there.

We fuck off and on, off and on, only ever really fuck off and on

“Youre amazing” She purrs after were done , moving from on top of me.

“You too” I say , and it’s the same routine. Fuck , get dressed , leave.

Noticed I was close to the block she’s on, elevator to the floor her loft is on
Drinking whiskey, she likes vodka strong

“After all these weeks you still cant resist me” She’d say as she opened the door , before grabbing my shirt and pulling me inside.

No I can’t stay here and hold her, tomorrow act like I don’t know her

Hey” She says as im pulling my pants back on , and I look back at her , trying to ignore the way her hair is spilling down her chest , covering her breast , yet she still covers them with a blanket. The way she looks freshly fucked and beautiful .

“Why don’t you stay for a bit?” She says , hope shining in her eyes , and my stomach drops.

For your feelings there’s no place, but you knew that from the start

“I thought we said no strings attached” I state , ignoring the way the flare of hope in her eyes died.

“There are no strings” She says quickly , moving her eyes from mine and I bite my tongue .

This cant happen

“Which means I leave , like always” I remind her , before getting up and walking out the door , not turning back.

You and I were made of glass, we’d never last

“Just drop it Y/N!” I growled , tying the laces on my shoes .

“No Justin , I cant do this anymore. It was fun at first but I cant take it , I cant take not being able to “ She started but I sprung up , pinning her against the wall.

“Get to what huh? What aren’t you able to do?” I spit , my fists clenching.

Y/N looked at me , her eyes filled with that one emotion we were supposed to keep hidden away , locked inside.

She’s hot and cold, hot and cold, homie I don’t know she’s hot and cold

Truly the bullshit has gotten old, superficial with a rotten soul

I held my breath as she raised her hand , caressing my cheek .

“I hate that I cant touch you like this”She whispers , and I close my eyes .

“I hate that I only see you three times a week , and all we do is have sex” She continues , and I push away from her.

“I know we had an agreement , but fuck it . I love you Justin” She says and I freeze.

“We cant Y/N” I say , squeezing my eyes shut.

“This wont work out” I continue ,before walking out the door .


Cause she’s a bitch, I’m selfish, want every girl, can’t help it

“Isnt that Y/N?” I hear someone say next to me , and my eyes dart to where theyre staring . And there she is .

Grinding on some fucking guy . I clench my jaw , fighting the jealousy that was rising . She meant nothing to me . She was just a quick fuck here and there.

As I watched her lock lips with the stranger , I couldn’t help myself.

Right now I know you felt it, I touched her then she melted

“What the hell are you doing?” I seethe as I pull her away from the guy , gripping her wrist , but shes too far gone .

“Im partying Justin! You should try it sometime” She slurs , continuing to move her body .

“Youre pissed drunk Y/N , let me take you home” I say , leading her to the exit but she fights back , making me stop in my tracks .

“Why so you can fuck me some more? That seems to be all you want to do Justin” She trys to sound angry , but her voice quivers .

“Y/N , let me take you home”  I repeat , but she pulls her hand away from mine .

“No Justin! I wanna dance” She says , before slipping into the crowd SgDMgVl����


Part 2 maybe ?? 50 notes!