no cheater

“I love you, but you just make me so sad.” She whispered quietly enough to not wake him.

“And I so badly want to go back to the way things were, but every time I look at you now I feel little edges of my heart cracking apart.”

She kisses his chest with the next words, “I love you, but I have to love myself now.”

we’re all sorry when it’s too late.
we’re all so fucking sorry.
but sorry doesn’t fix anything,
because words have already been said and things have already been done, and sorry is just another lame excuse for ourselves to feel better.
—  e.s. // ‘sorry’.
Whom the signs should marry:
  • ARIES: Capricorn
  • TAURUS: Capricorn
  • GEMINI:  Capricorn
  • CANCER:  Capricorn
  • LEO:  Capricorn
  • VIRGO:  Capricorn
  • LIBRA:  Capricorn
  • SCORPIO:  Capricorn
  • SAGITTARIUS: Capricorn
  • CAPRICORN:  Capricorn
  • AQUARIUS:  Capricorn
  • PISCES:  Capricorn


Does your little brother ask about me?
Or is he use to girls coming and going?
Has he lost count of the number of girls that have passed through your bedroom?
Some nights I still can’t breathe but you’ve replaced me with about 4 different girls by now,
I tried to become you,
Tried to become the fallen angel,
But it only left me empty, devoid of anything that means anything,
I hope that’s how you feel,
Completely drained,
But your probably filled to the brim with everything you’ve stolen from paper doll girls just like me.