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Houses preferred pets

Hufflepuff: Most hufflepuffs like animals such as rabbits, fish, or hamsters, though a few like to have animals that usually would hate each other, like having a dog and a cat, or a snake and a mouse. Really, hufflepuffs like pets that will love you and let you love them.

Gryffindor: Gryffindors are all over dogs. Small dogs, big dogs, easily frightened dogs, and fierce dogs. Obviously there are exceptions, (gryffindors are particularly fond of magical creatures) but overall, gryffindors like dogs.

Slytherin: Many slytherins find cats very relatable. An animal that wants affection and attention but is very aloof, prideful, and usually won’t show that want for love? Yes please.

Ravenclaw: Ravenclaws tend to have the ‘strange’ pets, the ones that people don’t have as often. Tropical birds are loved, bearded dragons are welcome, hedgehogs are (carefully) pet, and foxes are practically common. Not to mention the more mythical creatures…


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