no cares

Headcanon that Shadow tends to gift jewerly and gems to Rouge often to show that he appreciates her being a nice supportive friend that always stands by him no matter what~

Can we please normalize African American females and Caucasian males as love interests in tv shows/movies??? Like, I’m tired of my sisters or even the males that play their interest, getting played dust or getting swept under the rug. Like, ugh. Every time I see this kind of interracial love on a show or movie, they ALWAYS fuck it up. Like??? The only movie I know where it worked out is Something New with Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker (who is mighty fine omg), and Joyful Noise with Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan. Speaking as a sister who is attracted to males of different ethnic backgrounds (yes, I love me some caucasian/latinx males, sue me). CAN WE PLEASE NORMALIZE THIS SHIT??? Fuck.

NCIS: New Orleans got me feeling some type of way. Like please don’t hint at this interracial love and let it flop. My heart can’t take it no more.

I hope you all are doing fine!! I’m in the middle of exams rn so I’m not active ;w; I think I’ll reblog a prompt list so can you send me pairings and a number? I need to get back to writing lol

(Also I feel like I screwed up every paper I’ve given so far, why do people discuss answers I’m just gonna not meet them after the exam because wow I did everything fucking wrong ;w; )

I also watched Kimi no na wa and let me tell you;;; it was so so so wonderful I was laughing and smiling and crying and I just!!! Love it so much!!!!