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Babysitter || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Fluff

Y/B/F - your best friend

The sound of your phone ringing was the first thing that you heard. Taehyung groaned beside you and rolled back over onto his stomach, burying his face in the pillow. The sound of your ringtone going off that early made his ear drums ache.

In your sleepy haze, you managed to grab the phone, answering it and muttering a lazy hello into the microphone.

“Y/n!” Your best friends voice flooded over the line. There was a sense of panic in her voice that caused you to sit up straight in bed. Taehyung groaned even louder beside you, not wanting to be up this early but you had never heard y/b/f sound like this before.

She sounded incredibly worried and scared, and you thought that maybe something had happened. You weren’t sure exactly what, but it had to be important.

“My babysitter quit on me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t leave Bora at home, but I can’t bring her to work with me. And I can’t call in sick because then my boss will be angry at me.” Your friend continued to ramble on and on.

You knew how hard it had become for y/b/f ever since she had Bora. Bora’s father had disappeared one day and never returned, making y/b/f’s life more difficult then ever. It didn’t help that she didn’t make as much money as she needed to pay for everything they needed.

You had watched Bora a few times for her, taking the four year old for the day and treating her in ways that her mother couldn’t.

For a four year old, Bora understood that it was tough for her mom. She was possibly one of the smartest kids you had ever met, and it amazed how much she gave up to make her mom happy. She didn’t care about not being able to attend her first year of school, she didn’t care about having the newest toys and such.

It amazed you how mature she was. And you knew that y/b/f really was blessed to have a daughter like Bora.

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                           Finding Marley: The Story So Far… 

As a lot of you will already know Finding Marley was the first story I ever published on Tumblr. It was how I got my blog started and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today 🙂 I used to update the story every day or so, however over the past few weeks I’ve been lacking inspiration to write and to post 😞 But!! Over the last few days I’ve begun queuing up the next posts and hopefully the updates will stay regular until the story inevitably ends 😞

Because my posts have been so irregular lately I’ve realised that some people may have forgotten some details of what has already happened 🙂 aaaaand of course I don’t expect you to reread it all again!! (unless you want to of course!) So, I’ve put together a post basically recapping the entire story so far from:

  • Prologue
  • Act 1
  • Act 2

So if you’re needing a refresher, keep reading! The recap also outlines links I intended their to be in the story. Or if you’d like you can read from the beginning, here!

Note: If you’re new to the story and have never read it before you can totally read this to catch up if you’d like, but I would strongly suggest reading the story from the beginning properly if you have the time; I believe it only takes about 30-45 minutes, if that!! 🙂 the mixture of the music, the screenshots, and the dialogue is what makes Finding Marley, Finding Marley 🙂 (can you tell that it’s my baby?? lmao xD)

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Request by Anonymous: “Can I request a Bucky x reader where the reader is an avenger and has a wicked temper and gets mad at team members over silly stuff except anytime Bucky is around and tells her it’s alright she instantly calms down. So anytime a team member pisses her off they go get Bucky, thank you !!”

A/N: Thank you for the request lovely anon!  I hope you enjoy the fic!

Bucky x reader

Word count: 973

Summary: (Y/N) has the shortest temper known to man, anything could set her off.  But there is only one thing that can keep her calm.

Warnings: anger issues

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High School Reunion

Pairing: Y/N/Exhusband!Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 11.600+

Summary:  Y/N tries to collect herself together at an old the high school reunion with friends from her teenage days. But she literally can’t enjoy herself in fear of meeting her ex husband and old high school sweet heart Michael

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The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Some A shit ton of highlights of the last EDA I’ve read (The Year of Intelligent Tigers). Probably my longest post so far.

I took these screens while reading, along with my reactions. As usual, this is full of spoilers.

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New hair

Request: Could you write an imagine where Bucky gets a haircut and he looks like 40’s Bucky but you have a 4 year old daughter and when he walks into the house your daughter is frightened because she doesn’t recognize him so she tries to get away from Bucky. 

Word Count: 1397

Warnings: none

Your four-year old daughter Sarah sat idly in your lap as you plaited her hair, she had seen a girl on the television with hair like that and immediately ran to you asking if you could do her in the same style. You said yes of course because your daughter had some of the best hair you’d ever seen just like her father. Bucky was out with Steve, he didn’t say what he was doing because apparently it was a ‘surprise’ not that you cared much because you were happy sitting at home watching Frozen with your daughter and braiding her hair that reminded you so much of Bucky’s.

“Mummy are you nearly done?” Your daughter asked, just like any other four-year old she was incredibly impatient and asked a hell of a lot of questions that always left you on edge. The last time she asked you, “How are babies made?” And answering that question was the hardest thing you’ve ever done (except give birth because that hurt like hell.)

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CEO!Luke: Chapter 29

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After a VERY long wait, here is Chapter 29 of my CEO!Luke Series. I’m very sorry for keeping you all waiting this long. I’ve struggled with the decision of ending this story but the love it has is unconditional so I’m not ending this anytime soon. More ideas have came to me and I’m excited to write again. I guess you can call this the START of Part 2 :)

Warning: Mature Themes (Smut)

Luke’s POV:

“Daddy look! Daddy look!” I hear my sweet little girl shout at me. Layla was dancing around in her favorite Cinderella costume around the living room. “I see you, Princess! You’re dancing is so beautiful” I smile admiring my little Princess. 

“Josie dance with me!” Layla asks her best friend. Josephine was born a few weeks after Layla. Clara and Michael’s world was changed that day as they welcomed their angel into the world.

Now, both 4 years old, Layla and Josephine are the best of friends. They remind me of Y/N and Clara. “I swear they are miniature clones of Clara and Y/N” Michael chuckles next to me as he was thinking the same thing. 

We were on babysit duty as our girls were out shopping. “Josie please be careful, Sweetheart” Michael asks his daughter who was spinning Layla around a little fast. I chuckle at our crazy goofballs. 

“Raise your hand if you want a grilled cheese for lunch!” I shout as they raised their tiny hands in the air even Michael raised his. I laugh as I saunter over to the kitchen and begin preparing lunch.

“Eh, Luke!? Mike calls out to me. “What’s up?” I reply while buttering the pan. “Did you take care of that business call earlier?” he asks. “Yes I did, Mike. You don’t have to worry about it. I took care of it” I tell him.

 Work was being a bitch lately but I am working from home at the moment since I want to be here for my girls. I know Y/N needs the help around the house and I wanted to help my wife out since she works so hard. My beautiful wife.

Working from home was so much better than having to go in the office everyday. I enjoyed being in the comfort of my own home. I could get things done more but once in awhile I went back to my building for meetings.

 Not having to wear a suit all the time was really quite awesome. I would walk around naked if it was just Y/N and I but Layla was in our world now and I know she wouldn’t wanna see her Daddy like that.

“Alright kiddos! Grab one while it’s hot!” I shout as the girls ran over to the table. “Thanks, Daddy!” Layla thanked me as she rips her sandwich in half admiring the cheese that flowed out. “You’re very welcome, Princess” I mumble kissing her cheek three times. “Yeah thanks Daddy!” Michael mimics Layla before biting in his. “Weirdo” I roll my eyes as I take a sip of coffee from my mug which Layla pained for me in art class.

“Uncle Luke?” Josie asks me. Josie had curly red hair just like Clara and had stunning green eyes like Michael. She was the perfect mix of them. “Yes dear?” I ask. “Can we watch The Wittle Mermaid” she asked me.

 We practically own all the Princess movies. “Of course we can! What do you think, Daddy?” I mimic Josie asking Michael. He gives me a glare as I know he has seen that movie more than a thousand times. “Anything for my girl” he smiles looking at her. “Yay! Yay!” she shouts.

“Mike set up the movie while I make these two some chocolate milk will ya?” I ask. “Yup” Michael groans and gets up from his chair. “Y/N really has all these movies color coordinated?” he asks inspecting the pile of movies. “Yeah she does that. You know how much of a perfectionist she is” I grin spinning the spoon into two pink cups. “Here you guys go” I say placing the cups down.

“Last one to the couch is a rotten egg!” Layla shouts as she blasts towards the couch. I prayed that none of the milk spilled onto the couch as they plopped down like tiny bombs onto it. 

Y/N’s POV:

“Which one? Red or dark green?” Clara asks me as she holds up two different dresses against her body. “Dark green is your color, Clara. I think we know that by know” I chuckle at her. “You never know! Another color could swoop around and look great on me!” she replies putting the red dress back on the rack.

Clara and I had the day to ourselves since Michael and Luke forced us out of the house. They claimed we work too hard and it was their turn to babysit. The offer was greatly appreciated and Clara and I both ran out of the house leaving our little ones with our husbands.

We got massages and our nails done. It has been awhile since I had either of those. We had been shopping and roaming about all day and I am pretty pooped out. I just want to relax on my couch with a nice glass of wine.


I closed the car door shut with my foot since my hands were filled with bags. I bought Layla more clothes than I bought myself. Clara was struggling with her door and all I did was laugh at her. “Don’t be a bitch” she growls at me which only fuels more laughter. She rolls her eyes at me as we make our way towards my front door.

Kicking the door open with her foot, Clara sings “We’re baaccckkk!” only to be shushed by all four of them sitting on the couch. Little Josie’s head turned around as she sweetly looks at her mom.

 “Mommy you gotta be quiet! Dis is da part where Ariel saves Ewic from da fiwe” she tries to explain. “Okay baby, I’m sorry. Keep on watching” Clara whispers kissing the top of her head.

I shut the door softly and place all my bags on the kitchen counter. I stop as my gaze fixates on the cute sight in front of me. My little Layla laying on Luke’s stomach wrapped in a fuzzy blanket as he holds her. It was the cutest thing ever seeing them cuddle like that. I know that Luke loves his time with Layla and I admire him so much. He shows her unconditional love and affection and I am so grateful he is like that.

Having him work from home is a huge help for me. Taking care of a four year old is tough but I am very pleased that we are passed the stage of the terrible two’s. Thinking back just gives me a headache. Layla would complain about everything and wouldn’t do anything Luke and I kindly asked her.

She would throw a tantrum while I tried to feed her and whenever it was time for bed she just exploded in tears. Now, she sleeps like an angel. I mean she is one. I believe that it was Luke’s decision to work from home that made her calm down. She always missed and asked when he was coming home on late nights. I would always tell her “Daddy will be home soon” but he always got back early the next morning.

She is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Just like I was with my father. They’re inseparable and their love to one another is magical. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I never like to interrupt their time with each other because I know Luke cherishes it. His baby girl is growing up and he wants to watch her every step and so do I.

Clara joined them on the couch and I took my bags upstairs careful to not make too much noise. I put the bags on Luke and I’s neatly made bed. I throw myself onto our bed and let out a big sigh. I’m exhausted just from shopping all day.

 Just thinking about answering emails later makes me cringe. I am now a sales representative for one of Luke’s good friend’s,  Noelle’s, skin care products. It’s amazing and we became very close the day we met. I use the product myself and my skin has never felt better.

I make very good money but from hard work of course. Noelle’s product is very successful and I was there when the sales blasted through the roof. I am glad to be apart of her company.

 Even though Luke was sad to see me leave, he knew it would be best for me. It makes me think back to when I would always file copies for him. Working for my husband changed my life but I am the happiest I have ever been now that he’s mine forever.

I sigh taking off my heels and my bra. I stare at my breasts in the mirror and notice that my nipples look puffier than usual. Probably getting my monthly gift soon I assume.

 After a few more seconds, I throw on a long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings. We haven’t turned on the heat in the house yet since fall started but Luke always says “we will all cuddle for warmth around the fire” which always makes me laugh. I throw on a pair of fuzzy socks and some slippers. I grab my glasses and slide them on.

I skip down the stairs and the gang was still all there watching Ursula take Ariel’s voice away. I always hated that part. I smile as I see my angel holding her hands out to me. “Mama” she whispers to me. “Hi, Pumpkin!” I smile sweetly as I take her in my arms giving her a big hug and a kiss. “Cuddle with Daddy and me” she says. “Okay” I respond and lean back against Luke’s chest. He swings his arm around me as Layla snuggles herself into my body.

“Hey, Baby” Luke whispers in my ear. I turn my chin towards him and I gently grab the back of his neck kissing him sweetly against my lips for a few moments. Luke groans lowly into my lips as I pull away giving him a soft “hi”. He smirks at me as we both return to watch the movie.


Luke’s POV:

“Hey. I think we’re going to head out. It’s passed this little one’s bedtime” Michael whispers to me as nod his heads towards a sleeping Josie on Clara’s shoulder. “Alright, Man. Thanks for hanging out” I whisper as I notice my angels sleeping as well. “Anytime. Goodnight!” he says and slowly opens the door as his tiny family exits.

I escaped from underneath my sleeping wife and daughter. I gently picked up Layla since it was her bedtime as well. I covered Y/N in a blanket so she wouldn’t freeze while I put Layla down. I gently walked up the stairs and placed Layla down in her bed. 

She has slept in her Cinderella costume before. All she needs is her pink ladybug blanket and she’s all set for the night. I made sure to turn on her white noise machine along with her nightlight before leaving.

I was expecting Y/N to be sleeping on the couch still but she was sitting at the counter typing away on her Macbook. She looks so sexy in her black glasses and I always tell her that but she just doesn’t believe me. “Sweetheart, I thought you were sleeping” I say to her as she concentrates on the screen. “I was but then I remember I need to answer some emails from a few customers” she replies as I watch her fingers move quickly.

“Darling you should be resting today. You work yourself too hard” I say leaning on my arms on the counter in front of my working wife. “I just want to get this done. I have about twenty more then I’m done” she replies. Twenty!?

 “No. You’re going to relax, have a glass of wine, and cuddle with me on the couch” I order shutting her Macbook in front of her. “Hey!” she argues. “Go to the couch. Now” I say pointing towards the furniture. Y/N looks back at it like a child. So innocent looking as it was making me hard.

I pour us two glasses of our favorite red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon. I knew my baby needs to relax and this will sure help. Y/N waits for me to walk over. “Here you go, Love” I say handing her over a glass. “Hm. Thank you” she moans taking a sip. I watch her slowly. “Come here” I say opening my arms for her. She snuggles her body against mine as she covers us with a blanket. Y/N sighs as she stares at the ceiling.

“How was your day?” I ask playing with her hair. “It was nice. Thank you for watching her” she says referring to our sleeping joy upstairs. “My pleasure as always” I respond kissing the top of her head. 

“I missed you” I tell her because I really did. She has been constantly working and I barely get to show her my affection. “I missed you too, Lukey” she whispers turning her head towards me. I smile at my nickname she has always given me.

After a few more sips, I place both of our glasses on the coffee table. I take her body into mine and just hold her. I run my hand hand through her silky hair and massage her scalp knowing she loves the feeling.

 Y/N closes her eyes as I continue to rub away any stress she may have. “Luke?” she asks looking up into my eyes. “Yeah, Baby?” I ask curiously. “Can you please kiss me? I miss your lips” she states looking at mine. I swear my heart ached.

“Aw, Sweetheart. Fuck, I miss you” I say connecting our lips that haven’t met in a while. The feeling was so good. Her lips are addicting to me. She in general was like a drug I couldn’t get enough of. She placed her hand on my cheek like she always does when kissing me. I lied her down on the couch as I hover above her body not once disconnecting our lips.

“You’re so beautiful you know that?” I ask kissing all over her face. “Luke” she giggles. “Don’t tickle me because I don’t wanna wake Layla up” she whispers still laughing. “She won’t wake up. She’s able to sleep now” I tell her as I trail my lips down her neck. “Let loose, Sweetheart. Let me help you relax” I mumble kissing her collarbones. Y/N leans her head back allowing me more access.

She’s always puty in my hands once I’m in control. I love making her feel good. I sit up and take off my shirt in front of her. I shoot her a wink as I undo the strings of my sweatpants. Her eyes watch my fingers unloosen the knot. I love undressing myself in front of her and I love undressing her as well. 

I’m left in my boxers as I lean back down to kiss her once more. Kissing always led to sex with us or I guess with me. My wife is just too sexy and I always needed her.

Y/N takes off her shirt along with her leggings. “No bra?” I ask. “Luke, I don’t think I’ve worn a bra in two months” she smiled wrapping her arms around my neck. She was about to take off her glasses but I stopped her. 

“No. Keep them on. You look so studious and sexy in them” I growl biting her cheek gently. “You won’t ever stop saying that will you?” she smirks as my hands trail downwards to her perfect round bottom. “Nope” I say with a popping sound.

“Touch me” she begs as I am about to lose it. “I want you to ride my cock, Baby girl” I huff out. She nods and pushes me against the couch showing me the dominance she secretly has. I loved when she is a little rough with me. It’s sexy.

 “You gonna ride my cock good and fast, Princess?” I ask through gritted teeth holding her forehead to mine. “Yes, Daddy” Y/N whispers onto my mouth as straddles me. God, I love when she calls me that.

Even though that is what my sweet angel Layla calls me. My other Princess uses it for other reasons. “I love it when you call me that” I say spanking Y/N’s right cheek. “Now, now. Play nice, Lukey” she purrs.

 “You know how I get, Princess. With you looking so hot and sexy straddling me like this. My cock is so hard and ready for you” I growl kissing her. I’m never afraid of dirty talk with Y/N. I love it, she loves it, and it just makes everything more sexier.

It especially sounds sexy coming out of Y/N’s mouth. “My pussy is so wet for you, Lukey. Here, feel” she says slipping down onto my length. My eyes shutter at the feeling of her around me. Always a perfect, snug fit she is.

 “Bounce on my cock, Love. Show Daddy what he has been missing” I tell her. It’s true. Y/N and I haven’t been as intimate as we always have been. I’ve missed her and I know she missed me too by the way she moving on me right now proved that. 

“Fuck” I groan throwing my head back. I let Y/N do her thing as my hands stayed put on her flowing hips. “God, you ride my cock so fucking well. You’re perfect to me” I moan sliding my hands up and down her back.

 “Look at you. Bouncing on my hard cock like there is no tomorrow. You’re beautiful breasts in my face. You’re sexy hips moving around. God, I love you” I groan holding her against me as I begin to take control.

 I let Y/N rest her head on my shoulder as I begin to pound her. “Shit, Luke” she moans into my neck. “You close, Princess?” I ask as I feel it in my stomach. “Fuck yes fuck” she whispers grasping my hair. “Cum with me, Y/N. On three. 1..2..3!” I order as we both release. I hold my hand against Y/N’s mouth as she was too loud. “Shh, Baby. That’s it cum on cock” I whisper in her ear as we slow down our movements. 

After a few moments, I release my hand seeing her plump red lips. I kiss her gently as she smiles. “That was greatly needed” she whispers as I cover us with a blanket.

“Thank you for being such a great husband and father, Luke. You’re our hero” she whispers as my heart fills with warmth. “You and Layla are everything I have ever wanted” I reply kissing her again and again.

“You don’t think I woke her up do you?” she asks biting her forefinger. “Hope not” I chuckle. “Who said you could stop kissing me?” she frowns. “Damn, Baby” I laugh taking a sip from my wine.

 “Come back and kiss me you fool!” Y/N giggles as I lean down to her gorgeous lips. And so I kissed her. With everything I got and that eventually led to Round two…and three. 

BTS react to finding out you have a pre-started family after a few weeks of dating them

this just popped into my head, i will also be doing another version of this for another kpop group

JIN: you would have called him saying you were to sick to move and your doctor said someone need to take care of you, so when he got to your house and knock on the door he would ever have expected you four year old daughter to answer the door.
Jin: umm i might have the wrong house
your child: MUMMY! APPA IS HERE!
JIN: appa? 
your child: yeah mums really sick so you have to take care of her
in his head:….she is a lot like her mother

SUGA: i think suga would be pretty calm about it…on the outside but on the inside mixed emotions, sad because you didn’t tell him but also angry at the jerk who left you but finally happy because your kid takes after him, meaning a bunch of swag.
Suga: wow…..
you: please don’t be mad that i didn’t tell you
suga: How can i be mad at you jagi you made a something that is full of swag
your kid: *strikes a lazy swag pose with suga*

J-hope: shock, happy, sad, angry and cuteness would be filling your living room as your 5 year old son was play tag with j-hope after only five seconds of meeting each other.
your son: *is having a giggle fit* GET BACK HERE HORSEY AH MUM CATCH THE HORSEY!

Rap Monster: ….ummm i think your going to need a new house, cause once your child meets namjoon,all hell will break loose with the sides of really bad dancing and laughter.
*both of them stare at the broken vase*
your child: opsie….
rap monster: if your mum ask anything it was the cat
your child: we don’t own a cat
rap monster:…then it was V
your child: okay….whos V?

Jimin: shyness overload, the two “kids” would be too shy to get close to each other, they would warm up to each other eventually but you just sat back and enjoyed the cute act that was happening.
your child:….*muffled hello as they hide in you arm while you three sit on the couch*
you: hey y/c/n why don’t you show jimin your big bang cd/dvd collection and that autograph you got from Taeyang
*both out of the room in five seconds*

V/Taehyung: okay…it obvious that your kid…or should i say kids (twins) and taetae are going to love each other instantly. they’ll probably be playing hide and seek when you get home (cause you asked tae to babysit)
You: I’M HOME! *looks at the empty house*
Tae: *giggling behind the curtain with the oldest twin* shhh mums home now so we have to be extra quite
your youngest:MUMMY I CAN’T FIND THEM!
you: hmmm *walks over to the curtain rips it open to be meet with screams of horror and laughter*

Kookie: children…children everywhere XD jk but like he would treat them as his own…siblings! 
jungkook: Yah i’m older than you so stop flinging your rice at me!
jungkook: yeah?
you: hes only two
jungkook:….oh right…why is he so cute?
you: *suppresses laughter* 

james and lily never died au headcanons
  • When harry writes home in second year about draco calling hermione a mudblood, lily sends an owl to mcgonagall to set up a time to have tea with hermione. Later that week she floos to hogwarts one afternoon and she and hermione have tea in mcgonagalls office. They talk about how hard it can be to be muggleborn. How unfair it is to be discriminated against. How difficult it is when your parents will never really understand. Lily shares her experiences: how she was teased too, how she let it motivate her to out perform all the purebloods, how she’s succeeded in her career and how she knows hermione will too because harry always talks about how smart she is. Lily ends the tea by telling hermione to send her an owl if she ever wants to talk and hermione is so grateful that from then on she idolizes lily potter and they talk like once a week 

  • Harry expected his first flying lesson to be boring. After all he’s been flying for years, taught by his dad and sirius. But then malfoy steals nevilles rememberall and harry isn’t just going to sit there and let it happen. The school’s broom is slower than what he’s used to but he still catches the remembrall and lands safely on the grass. When he sees mcgonagall crossing the lawn he knows he’s going to be in trouble and when she says she’s going to owl his parents he’s like oh shit. Then she introduces him to oliver wood and offers him the seeker position on the gryffindor quidditch team he’s confused but pretty excited. When james and lily arrive in mcgonagalls office later that evening, harry’s still worried he might get in trouble and as mcgonagall tells the story he can see his mom starting to get ready to lecture him about listening to teachers. But then james is just grinning like “you made that catch on a cleansweep four??? I have the coolest kid ever. Wait til i tell sirius.” And when mcgonagall asks if they’re alright with harry being gryffindor’s new seeker james is like a five year old on christmas. And harry finally realizes he’s not getting in trouble and gets really excited and lily’s grinning at the two of them and even mcgonagall is smiling

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anonymous asked:

"for goodness sake how more oblivious can you get, I've been trying to woo you since kindergarten and everyone else knows about my big fat crush except you??" author-nim if you've got the time please fill in this prompt pretty please c:

!!! this prompt is a+ gold!! i hope you like it anon, even though it might not be entirely what you were expecting? 

green tea latte
sugakookie; fluff; 2.5k 


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Today I just made up an incredibly long headcanon about ouat’s Maleficent.

Maleficent and Briar Rose were actually childood friends; Maleficent was the daughter of one of the princess’ ladies-in-waiting and the two of them grew up together, not bothered in the slightest by Mal’s innate talent for magic; Briar Rose was ecstatic about magic and often helped Mal find new books on the subject so she could learn more about it and improve her skills. Mal’s magic was useful and their friendship was strong.
As the years passed, though, Mal realized she was falling in love with Briar Rose. She knew all too well that it was an impossible love, both because nobody would let the princess marry an unimportant, weird, magical girl, and because it was obvious Briar Rose would never reciprocate her feelings.
The day Briar Rose told her she would never want a fairy godmother for her children because Mal would be the perfect magical godmother for them, Mal felt her heart swell both with pride and with pain, because she loved her and was doomed to watch her build a life with someone else. She wanted to be by her friend’s side, but she also knew she couldn’t go on like this, so she decided to go on a journey to learn new forms of magic in far away places. She wanted to become stronger both magically and emotionally, so she could spend her life at Briar Rose’s side without ever having her noticing her feelings. The two friends parted between tears and with the promise that they would see each other again.
After four years, Mal returned with a far wider magical knowledge and with the same strong feelings for her old “friend”. Briar Rose greeted her with enthusiasm and tears of joy, and soon introduced her to Prince Stephan, her betrothed. Unfortunately, Prince Stephan and his men weren’t quite fond of magic. They looked at Mal with a mixture of fear and distrust. Mal didn’t like it, but she was reunited with Briar Rose and couldn’t care less.
But something between them wasn’t right. Briar Rose was distant, always busy arranging the marriage, spending far more time with Stephan than with her old friend. Mal tried to tell herself that she shouldn’t mind, that it was normal, but her heart clenched in pain every time she used magic out of habit and Briar Rose looked ill at ease and asked her to avoid doing that, because Stephan didn’t like it.
Until one day, while Mal and Briar Rose were together, a hired assassin shot an arrow at the princess. Mal saw it in time and stopped it with a fireball, but the fire slightly burned Briar Rose in the process. Rage fueled Mal as she realized that man could have killed the woman she loved, and she lost control and turned into a dragon. It was an ability she’d learned during her years away, but she’d been too afraid of Briar Rose’s reaction to tell her. Fueled by rage, Dragon!Mal followed the hired assassin and stopped him, burning him alive while he pleaded for his life.
The whole court was shocked when she came back into human form. They called her a monster, a freak, a heartless murderer who’d hurt their princess. Even Briar Rose seemed afraid of her. Mal apologized for hurting her but not for killing the man. Under all their accusing glares, she left the castle, building her Forbidden Fortress nearby. 
She spent her days secluded there, filled with pain and rage and guilt. She wasn’t invited to the wedding, but she’d expected that. She waited and waited, while her sorrow drew her further into darkness and the only solace she could find was in her beloved magic and potions.
Until the day came in which she heard Briar Rose was pregnant. Months seemed to pass slower than ever, but a beautiful girl was finally born. When the naming ceremony was set and she wasn’t invited, her heart broke.
She went to the ceremony uninvited, hoping against hope that her old friend would be happy to see her.
But the first person that spoke to her was the Blue Fairy, that told her to leave because nobody would want a monster like her anywhere near their daughter. The Blue Fairy was little Aurora’s godmother.
Pain blinded Mal and she set her plan in motion; she used her sleeping curse on Briar Rose.
Stephan cradled the apparently lifeless body of his wife and kissed her; when True Love’s Kiss broke the curse, Mal disappeared.
Everyone in the court talked about how Mal had failed at getting her revenge, but only Mal knew the truth; she’d only wanted to know who Briar Rose’s True Love was.
That was the day she truly became evil.

My favorite part about dean backing away from mary after telling them she has to leave is when he raises his eyebrows like “are you actually serious? You thought you could give me a hug after telling me how disappointed you are that sam and i aren’t our six month and four year old counterparts in heaven and leaving me like everyone else i have ever cared about has?” And by favorite part i mean just kill me it would be merciful.

anonymous asked:

I really dislike the ship of yuuko x yurio, like, she's a 25 y/o woman who is married and has three daughters, and Yurio is a 15 y/o. wouldn't that be cheating on her hubby if she ever did try dating yurio?? plus the 10 year gap??? I'm okay with two to four year gap but 10 years??? nu-uh

I don’t like it either, I mean she is a mother of three and has a loving husband, and I don’t think she would cheat on him for a 15 year old? Plus, I see their relationship almost as a mother to her kid? It looks like she cares about him in a friendly way, but also a familial way.

A Place to Call Home

Prompt 31: I would like to submit a prompt for Firefighter!Peeta, rescues Prim and K is grateful so she agrees to a date when he asks. [submitted by @alliswell21​] 

This is lightening striking in a bottle when I saw @alliswell21 Prompt…thank you for this.  Peeta in a uniform is always well….YUMMM….

 Rated G/K …warning un beta’d

A Place To Call Home Pt 1…by @mega-aulover 

“PRIM!” Katniss ran after Prim who chased after Buttercup down the street, thankfully it was Sunday Morning and the Bronx streets were empty. 

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There goes the neighborhood, Part 3
(Part 1, Part 2)


Funny how in the twenty years that Caroline had known Stefan he’d never avoided her–except for after the great bathroom disaster of that second year, but they just don’t talk about that one–but he’d definitely been doing it now. Not answering texts or returning calls and suddenly not in his own apartment either. She’d have freaked out with fear if she hadn’t seen Damon there instead, in all his smug glory, taunting her that Stefan was too afraid of her little claws to be around her until she cooled down.

She didn’t need to cool down, she needed answers, and the longer it took for her to get them the more determined she grew. Not enough to head back up to the annoying Hybrid’s door and demand them, but enough to try and plan how to sneak up on her best friend. Thankfully, she didn’t need to wait too long since it was the annual Mystic Falls reunion celebration–probably the reason Damon was even in town–and there was simply no way the younger Salvatore was going to miss it. Not with Elena guaranteed to be there and him still being half in love with her (as well as Damon being completely in love with her), but she was trying to find herself and that included being with neither brother.

Caroline gave it a decade, if that, before Elena broke down and came running back into one of their arms. Probably Damon since that was all her best friend ever asked about when the two talked on the phone anymore. Like she was supposed to know or care how the elder Salvatore was doing.

But sure enough, there was Stefan, sitting at their usual booth in the bar they always managed to head back to over the last four years Stefan and she had decided to call Chicago their home. Elena was beside him, regaling him with stories about whichever country she was currently enjoying, while Bonnie was heading back toward them, looking just that tiny bit older, though no where near as old as she could because of some spell or the other. Still, Care was sure she could see a wrinkle and she didn’t like that little telltale sign of her friend’s impending mortality.

“Blondie,” Damon drawled out, voice coming from behind her and she could smell the aftershave she’d come to loathe.

“Wannabe Satan,” she greeted, glancing over at him as he moved to stand beside her. There really was no love lost between the two but they tried to be civil for Elena and Stefan’s sake. Sometimes it worked, often it didn’t.

“Stop giving Stefan the death glare,” Damon continued, ignoring her little verbal jab. “I’m sure whatever he did isn’t that bad.”

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Spiders aren't nice things (Yongguk)

Hi there! This is for roudey who requested Daddy Bang! This was done extremely quickly but I couldn’t help but start writing when I imagined sleepy Yongguk with messy fluffy hair all over his face waking up to make his daughter stop crying. Especially when my wifi is such shit. So yeah, bless husband Bang and daddy Bang. Hope you enjoy it ♥ 
P.S: Why are you guys sending me ships requests, the ask box for these is closed OTL I will probably open it again next Friday, aka when I finish school, but then again I have my finals soon so I might as well study…

Daddy Yongguk, his goddess, his daughter and spiders.

“Yongguk…” Time stood still has the room fell silence if not for the horrible background sound. “Yongguk.” You repeated.

Yongguk groaned and twitched in his sleep. You rubbed your eyes, trying to accommodate them to the darkness of the bedroom. When you felt alive again, you straightened your stiff back and looked left for the time: 4:51 in the morning. You looked right at your husband hiding himself under the blankets that you lifted a bit to admire his sleeping body. His back was facing you but you knew he wasn’t really sleeping, just trying to come to his senses. You rested your hand on his bare shoulder and shook him up a bit.

“Yoonguk,” you whispered. “Hyeri is crying.”

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10 Years, love is to dance…

“You just have to let go, do your best, play your best and not really care. Just find the best way to play with each other no matter what the circumstances are. We’re loving it." - Emily 

"You know how people often talk about the best times in their life in hindsight? Well I know absolutely that I am living the best times of my life right now, isn’t that amazing? Here we are on a tour bus, and it feels like a luxury we cannot afford, but we have it nonetheless, and there is Theresa with her four year old son and the other girls, and it is the most fun I have ever had in my life. I am most conscious that in my entire life this is the best thing, and it is not just vacuous fun, it is significant, I feel as if I am really doing something I love and am appreciating it, every day." - Stella 

"I’m just happy to say that our band is really special to me, and I feel so lucky to be making music with these three girls who are truly my best friends. We all love each other so much! I’m proud that we have found and continue to find ways to compromise with each other and combine our visions for our art. It has been extremely challenging to learn to do this with grace, but none of us have backed away from the challenge. It is paying off for us in more ways than I could have imagined. I feel so accomplished just because of our respect and care for each other!” - Theresa 

“I see us as people who play music – we just so happen to be girls, and we love playing with each other. I believe if I were a dog and they were giraffes we would still be playing some kind of music with one another, or at least trying to.” - Jenny Lee

Happy birthday to this humble-talented-lovely-unique-soulful-beautiful union. I feel and love each part of it deeply, with all my heart ♡ 

A Tribute As To Why Niall Horan Has Ruined My Life

I was quite proud of how well my original Harry Tribute went that I’ve decided that I will most likely do one for each boy. So, this is from the “Phenome-Niall Horan” file.

So without further ado:



I hope you know that you literally have the flattest bum I’ve ever seen besides Liam and that this kills me and you’re an asshole. But I love you.


When I first saw this I literally gasped and threw my phone across the room and cried for ten minutes. WHO SAID YOU COULD GROW CHEST HAIR YOU DIDN’T ASK PERMISSION AND I’M NOT OKAY

And then:

Do you know how I identify this picture? I once went to Google looking for this picture and I typed in “Niall Horan wearing that sweater in that video diary.” AND. IT. SHOWED. UP. THIS IS WHEN YOU GIGGLE OBSESSIVELY AND ZAYN JUST STARES AT YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE SUCH A CUTE GIGGLE.


This entire fandom revolves around Harry’s long skinny legs and we never ever talk about yours and it’s a shame really BECAUSE LOOK AT YOUR STUPID OUTFIT. YOU COULD WEAR LEGGINGS AND A LONG TOP AND I WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. YOU’RE LITERALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PRINCE ON THE PLANET. Niall. I’m literally begging you to STOP. TOUCHING. YOUR. CROTCH.

I’m so mad:


I just:







I can’t even. Like, honestly. Why. When did you get biceps? How did you do this? Did you PURPOSEFULLY wear a white tank so that it would stick to your stupid body. Niall, you are gorgeously breathtaking and I hope you never ever change. And please never ever do this ever again.


You are One Direction’s biggest fan and it is agonizing. You make me want to punch a wall you’re so frustrating. This is the background on your phone. Can you please stop because I literally can’t take this. Please, just stop.


You shouldn’t have been given that lifetime golf thing you received in 2014 because YOU CANNOT WEAR GOLFING OUTFITS EVER OR MY HEART WILL IMPLODE AND I BET YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SUED FOR MY DEATH BECAUSE YOU WENT GOLFING.


I’m still so mad at you. I want to pinch your bum. I don’t even care. Like why. Did you really think this was okay? I’m so frustrated. Knock it off. I’m still crying about this. Like you have the cutest little bum in the world.

Like. Please:

Again, you are the biggest fangirl in the world and I can’t believe you did this to yourself. You should be considered a self-absorbed asshole and instead you’re just a fluffy little leprechaun who occasionally dances who loves his four best friends and it’s honestly getting on my nerves, Niall.

I don’t understand:

I’ve wanted to be a princess my whole entire life ever since I watched Cinderella as a four year old and 15 years later my dreams are destroyed because NIALL HORAN WEARS A TIARA BETTER THAN ANY GIRL I KNOW.



This destroyed me:

Your guitar playing is literally the cutest thing in the world. Your outfit makes me really upset and your hair makes me want to pet you while we sip tea in bed on a snowy day while we watch Christmas movies.


You’re like the biggest dork on the planet and I shouldn’t even like you as much as I do and it’s unreal. You’re 83% Irish and 17% hair dye. Why did you do this? You’re so giggly and silly and like I want to throw myself off a cliff.


You poor baby. You’re so gullible you were tricked by your four best friends. I feel this spiritually. You poor gullible little angel fell for it. You are my spirit animal and the boys are all my friends.

I’m going to explode:



SOCCER NIALL NEEDS TO STOP. You have no chill. I want to kiss the skin between your socks and your shorts and I want to give you back massages and tickle your feet. I can’t stand you, you make my heart throw up.



Absolutely not:

This actually makes me want to exist in another universe because clearly you don’t exist in this one. This is unreal. YOUR BUM IS SO GODDAMN CUTE. You’re way too into this. You were so excited to do this, weren’t you. I actually can’t. You’re precious.



Bye, Niall I love you!

Loose Ends/Closed RP with detective-ryugazaki

Makoto and Rei had gotten into a pretty heated argument one day and they had broken up. They had never broken up before this. He wasn’t sure if Rei would want to get back together with him. They had both said some pretty hurtful things.

A month after they had broken up Makoto had found out that he was pregnant with their child. He had cried so hard because now he was having a child. He wasn’t even sure if Rei would want the child. They hadn’t really talked about kids. Makoto was rather depressed through his pregnancy and worked quite a bit to be able to take care of his child. The pregnancy had been a hard one but he was trying to be a good parent.  He ended up meeting a man named Akira who asked him out and was willing to accept him while he was pregnant. Akira said that he would take care of them and Makoto feeling like he had no one else accepted the mans offer. 

Akira was a tall man with blonde spiked hair and red eyes. Makoto had found the others features rather handsome though. He had fallen for the man that said he’d be there for him.  Makoto had a little boy who had Rei’s hair and his eyes. He had named the little boy Hideaki Tachibana. He wanted his son to have his last name just incase Akira decided to leave him.

The first few months with Akira had been wonderful until Hideaki was born and his attention was put on the baby. Akira had a very controlling personality about him even before Hideaki was born. Makoto had wanted to contact Rei but Akira had told him that Rei would never accept him and that the baby had him and didn’t need Rei. He said that Rei would never love the child or him as much as he did. Being in a very emotional stage Makoto believed him. Akira had stripped a lot of things from Makoto. He had made him feel worthless and like no one else would ever love him but Akira. He was reminded constantly of all his flaws, scars, and imperfections. He wasn’t allowed to call Rei or make contact with anyone or he would be hurt. Akira had hurt him quite a bit. He’d always apologize and bring him flowers and said it would never happen again but it always happened again.

Makoto had thought about leaving but he was so scared of Akira and what he could do. He was afraid that Akira was right and that no one would ever be able to love him and accept Hideaki like he had so he stayed. He endured the others emotional and physical abuse. Akira never hurt Hideaki because Makoto would let him take the punishments out on him. He had tried so hard to hide the abuse from his son but Hideaki had noticed it and could hear the screams when Akira would get mad.

Hideaki was now four years old and didn’t like Akira. Akira hurt his mommy and he really didn’t like that. He could tell that Akira didn’t really care for him which always hurt his feelings being so little.

One day had been particularly bad when Makoto had quickly hid Hideaki in the closet with the phone and told him not to leave the closet and call the police. He had also left him with a piece of paper to give to the police that had his real fathers name on it incase something happened to him. Akira had gotten a lot worse and Makoto knew that today might be the final straw. He kissed Akira’s forehead. “I love you so much baby boy don’t you ever forget that. Please be a good boy and stay in the closet. Dail 911 mommy is going to keep you safe.” He whispered before shutting the door and trying to deal with an angry boyfriend. Makoto had been right. Akira had finally had enough. He had gotten home from the bar a normal habit from him and he looked furious. 

Makoto had never seen so much hatred before. Akira had attacked him and had every intentions on killing the other saying slurts that no one would care that he was dead and that Hideaki was next. Makoto had fought hard but he felt his head get bashed against the floor and he blacked out. Hideaki had heard everything his little hands shaking as he called the police and said that a bad man was hurting his mommy. The police and the paramedics had arrived and arrested Akira. The paramedics rushing Makoto’s practically lifeless body to the hospital. 

An officer went to look for the little boy soon finding the crying four year old in the closet. He leaned down giving the little boy his hand. “You did a brave thing calling the police. That bad man has been arrested and he’ll never hurt you or your mother again. Your mommy is pretty hurt so he’s being taken to the hospital do you have someone you can stay with?” He asked being handed the piece of paper. He looked at the name and asked the department to find out where this man lived. He helped Hideaki out of the closet and packed him a bag. He felt bad for the little boy. A lot of cases like this the mother usually died. He hoped that Hideaki wouldn’t lose his mother.

A few hours later the officer arrived at Rei’s doorstep knocking on the door with the little boy hiding behind his legs. Hideaki had been told about Rei but he had never met him before.