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“Do you know what it’s like to like someone so much you can’t stand it and know that they’ll never feel the same way?”
-Jenny Han, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, #1)

Crush!AU Moodboard_Chenle|첸러| of NCT for anon
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🔊 Let me tell you something about long term relationships; the stuff no one talks about

This shit hard work. You hurt each other, you say mean things to each other, you do things you completely regret. Then you have to look the love of your life in the face, watch them cry and explain yourself. Explain what was so important that their feelings took the back seat.

‼️We share our cute weekend pictures📸, our baecations✈️, and cute memes📱 that directly pertain to us! People repost our flipgrams and caption them “😍❤️Relationship goals💍🔐” without really knowing what happens behind the close doors🚪.

Here’s what the pictures don’t show. It’s crying at night because you can’t explain why you are sad. It’s having the same argument constantly hoping the results change. It’s saying I’m sorry even if you don’t feel you were wrong. It’s forgiving the person after completely shattering your trust. It’s rebuilding after all the mistakes that destroyed your happy home. It’s saying I love you even when it’s hard to like them. It’s holding each other engulfed with tears. It’s not giving up despite how much you just want to walk away.

Love is easy, but keeping your relationship when love doesn’t feel like enough, that takes work ‼️
It won’t always feel like love, but if you truly love them; you will put in the work ♥️

rip taemin’s purple hair and jongin’s pink hair, also rip the opportunity to see taekai both with pastel hair at the same time

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Thanks for the request @anime-trash-goddess its was fun to sdraw your oc’s  though sorry it took so long! :) feel free to drop me a message anytime people for rquest (simple) people doing them helps increase my skill so i can creat better art :) for everyone to enjoy :)

Osmtログ③ by 優雨 : #7

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This one shows how many coincidences are out there. Because it is very similar to the plot of one story I have been working on. Based in a doujin I bought and already have the rights for its novelization.

I can help it but feel a bit bad for Ichi. But if I have to choose between Choro or him to be Oso’s partner, then my vote is already decided and sustained by many posts in my blog.

Even more considering that in both the doujin and the fic, Oso and Choro are a cute and fluffy pair who are deeply in love with one another, while still being the (sometimes quarreling with a bit of angst) dorks we know and adore. Almost all angst belongs to Ichi and his unrequited feelings for his niisan.

So, I was going through social media and happened to find this picture someone reposted. It came with a caption that said “Have a friend visiting (Name) and she took this pic. This is what they’re selling out there. It’s called”,“Pretty Doll”. What ya think?“
Now, I’m not going to be ignorant because I know black babies can have naturally blonde CURLY hair. But come on, realistically, this was NOT what the company was trying to portray when making this baby doll. This is absolutely disgusting. White people have always been considered “superior” whose European features were represented as perfection and literally made POC feel like shit, especially black people, when they don’t look anything like them. And here we are still being whitewashed till this very day because as they try to steal our hair, skin, curves, lips and culture appropiating everything, we are still being damaged in self image where white people have to always get their hands in any way or thing to make a black image and representation look white. I’m talking about dolls, magazines,movies, etc. But then they are quick to pull the race card over as something as small as a post when we try to embrace and uplift our race after being told were ugly in this brainwashed world. If it wasn’t the blonde hair with a white girl on the side, it would’ve been white baby dolls and the “European features with extra light skin” for the black girls as an exception. Smh .


(video and caption from half a year ago, it feels valid today, hence the repost)

I always got a lot of emails and messages from girls my age and younger, ask me how do I cope with people staring and judging me, and how to be more confident in order to do what they truly like. So, I made this video, 15 second out of my everyday life.

As you can see, I wasn’t even doing anything “extra weird”. My outfit was just one of the daily one, and yet in such a short time i walked on the street, I got stare at, laugh at, and yell at. They literally screams at me “what the fuck are you wearing” lol

I was born and raised in Ha Noi, and then I lived in Singapore for 6 years, but since my graduation last year, I have been living in Ha Noi, Viet Nam again when I am not traveling for work. Sadly, This city that I love so much doesn’t have much mercy on “being different”

I am not the super-confident kind, probably even care too much. However, for me dressing myself up is a part of self-respect and self-awareness, and it is not optional. If you are afraid of being judged, ask yourself if you really want to look like the people who treat you bad just because you dress diferent.
Never be afraid to be yourself. You are the most important thing in your life, so do you right, dress right. People that matters won’t judge, and people who judge doesn’t matter. I more than anyone understands sometimes “home” makes you feel like you don’t belong the most, but don’t let where you happen to be born at stop you from going places. No one believe that I am and I speak Vietnamese because the idea of a Viet girl being around is much too strange to tolerant, but I am, it is a part of me as much as everything else. Just remember you can be not only whatever you want to be, but also everything you want to be. So wherever in the world you are, choose to be great

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“When I was younger, I only dreamed
That when I got older, you’d be proud of me.
When I was younger, I promised you both
That when I was older,
you’d be proud of me”

When We Were Younger - You Me At Six

My edit of Peter Pevensie, and atleast I’m proud of him - don’t remove caption

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You know, like tears can be very pretty. Like when someone’s crying and feeling horrible—watching that happen, or watching yourself do that, finding those little minute reasons and avenues that lock into why they feel like that, there’s something very cathartic and beautiful about it. I think once I sort of accepted parts of that in myself, I felt better about myself. Does that make sense?

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優しいおそチョロ by 横(ヨコ)

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I’m feeling better after that ‘post which did not get any notes’ incident. But I will try to move on and not bring more ‘Nintama’ fanart here ever.

Anyone asked for some OsoChoro for the soul?

I really love how Choro, in some works, can put aside his usual demeanor (Tsun-tsun) towards his niisan, becoming really dere-dere or sweet and loving to him. I like those scenarios the best when Oso also stops being the tease and shows that he cares and loves Choro more frequently.

Can you hear the silence?
Can you see the dark?
Can you fix the broken?
Can you feel my heart?

Can You Feel my Heart - Bring me the Horizon

A5 (on shitty cheap paper, which means it was a pain in the ass -_-) - HB, 2B, black pencils, grey felt pens, black and grey pens, white Posca.

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Nalu Week Prompt 4: Secrets

*squints eyes* i swear these two are already secretly canon with all those nalu moments we are getting in the manga

and i’m feeling like making something that can turn into wallpaper…so this is what happened aahahaha

I’ll probably post a phone wallpaper version. PROBABLY


HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY TYLER! (I’m not that great with edits and I can’t make gifs so here’s a quick drawing) if you look at it from afar maybe the mouth will look less distorted

Thank you for making videos and being able to make me happy and make me laugh when I’m feeling down. You inspire me to do my best and you’ve taught me a lot since I started watching you <3


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