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do you ever have a ship that you obsess over for a couple of weeks/ months /whatever and then slowly a new ship takes over and soon it becomes a year or 2 and many ships have come and gone, where each time you just enter a stage of intense dedication and obsession until one day, some new fandom material comes out from one of your old ships and you find yourself nostalgic so you just sweep Ao3 for a few fics and next minute you are in so deep through the ship’s Tumblr tag that you realise you are exactly where you were, 2 years ago, obsessing over the same ship, looking through the same tag, scrolling through the new fics and you think


some things never change

Happy 19th Captain Swan Day!

Hello my Friends!

today i wanted to thank everyone who reblogged cs art in last two weeks, everyone who stayed with me during this 

thank you!

i love our brilliant artists! thanks to them our dashes look so beautiful !

i still, after all this time, discover art i never saw before - our fandom is so fortunate to have all this talented shipmates

i hope you know, my talented friends, how much we love you all, admire you and are grateful that you are here with us

to celebrate this CS Sunday i’ll make little cs gif spam!

(because true love looks perfect on our dashes and because i’m so tired i’m falling asleep while writing this :D)

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I love so much Killian in this scene. No saucy comment, no “it seem you like me on my back”. His first thought was reassure Emma, his Swan, he didn’t leave her; he was showing his selflessnesss about worrying and putting Henry wellbeing first before anyone else. And to make this scene even more perfect, he gave her a perfect smile

Favourites moments summer project, you can send your request!

CSBB: I Thee Wed (10/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

M (Mild smut)

Content Warning: Smut in various chapters.

Other Pairings: Snowing

Author’s Note:
As promised, here’s my next chapter! I’m loving all of these strong feelings about my contribution to the @captainswanbigbang This story wouldn’t be half as readable without the lovely beta work of @wexyuk . Special shoutout to my artists who also served as secondary readers, @piratesrumforswan , and @just-be-magnificent .

[Ch. 1][Ch. 2][Ch. 3][Ch. 4][Ch. 5][Ch. 6][Ch. 7][Ch. 8][Ch.9]

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Chapter 10

For as long as Leo could remember, there have been balls, over-the-top events that his family either hosted or to which they were invited. In his younger years, he never attended, and was watched by his governess while Mother and Father dressed in fancy clothing and danced the night away. He’d been jealous of Emma when she was finally of age to go, and begged her to stay or sneak him in. She refused. Oh, the cruelty of older siblings! Later, Leo decided that Emma had only been sparing him, because balls were boring and even worse, they were work.

Sit through this planning meeting. Decide on that color scheme. Entertain this dignitary from one faraway land. Dance with that dignitary from another faraway land. 

Sometimes he would play a game with it. He and Emma would whisper about the attractiveness of the various princes and dukes and knights and sailors that would attend these fetes. It was only now that he realized she had never explicitly pointed Killian out to him. He wondered if that was on purpose. Maybe she already had her plan set in mind at that first ball.

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Toxic Relationships And Captain Swan

Look, I love OUAT as much as the next wand-waving, Potterhead, Love, Robot fan, adult fairytale lover does. But even if I didn’t ship SwanQueen I wouldn’t be okay with CaptainSwan. For all of the CSers who claim that their ship isn’t toxic, I have news for them, it is, it f*cking is. The way most CSers act like spoiled children aside, I would being willing to bet that they’ll say that my opinion is bulls*it, but I am almost certain that none of them have ever lived through a toxic relationship. I was in a toxic relationship with a woman a few years back, and while I won’t get into details, I can say without a doubt that I became the way Emma has. My eyes gained dark circles that a twenty-something shouldn’t have, and their look grew defeated. My moods were on the downswing, and I was locking myself in the bathroom to communicate with the person I was involved with. I had even contemplated suicide, but with enough support from my family, and friends I was able to break it off, although I had to push back a desire to go back. I was near-dependant on this person I was with, and it was beyond simply unhealthy, it was toxic. And even a few years later I still remember it clearly, and it may never entirely fade. My case in point is simply that ignoring the warning signs of a toxic relationship is not okay, and with having experienced it first-hand, I can’t condone it, even in a fictional context. CSers want to believe that nothing is wrong with their ship, but they either can’t see how bad it is for Emma - Hook’s a womanizer, and abusive, let’s face it - or they choose to ignore it, which is worse in my opinon. Emma, and Regina never had this kind of toxicity, yes, they fought incanssesantly, but they became friends, and I honestly believe that if A&E had been a little more ballsy with them that the ratings would have skyrocketed. Quick theory: A&E aren’t the Dark Ones, they’re the Authors, and they’re recording all of this while changing parts of the stories like Isaac did. Either way, this is my two-cents, take it or leave it.

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Sorry I am publishing this so late.

bellsclxrke  asked:

When you and Emma go sailing do you call her Captain Swan sometimes?

Certainly not! 

Emma may be ranking officer at the station, but aboard the Jolly?

The Jolly Roger has only one captain this side of the underworld,  and @ask-emma-the-swan certainly doesn’t seem to mind granting me the title while we are at sea.