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So the Washington Monument has been my favorite monument since I was 10 years old (I did a project on it once, and it just kinda held on as my fave.) Today I went to D.C. for like the 5th time, and I FINALLY got to go visit the monument up close! And once they finish renovating the elevator, I am absolutely going to the top!

i may have finally convinced my dad to take me to the nuclear power plant sometime soon so i can go into the place where you learn about it and see if i can’t find anyone to ask questions to, but….im NERVOUS as all get out when faced with the actual possibility of getting to go ask about potential future jobs. i mean its an excited nervous, but it is absolutely a stomach-fluttering all-encompassing almost-shaking nervousness.

Lancelot Fluff Fanfic Rec List

I decided to make a list featuring a few of my fluffy favourites for Lotor x Lance. All fics are rated Teen or General unless marked otherwise. I tagged everyone’s tumblrs that I could find.

Single Chapter:

Spa Date with a Prince by @deecherrywolf
Lance is captured and held captive by the nefarious Prince Lotor.
Prince Lotor can’t help but notice how amazing his prisoner’s skin looks.

It’s So Hard to Be Beautiful by @stopmeplease
Lance and Lotor meet at a spa and find they have some things in common.

Of braiding hair and apology cards by @lotorn
(Explicit) Lance’s long fingers thread through the soft locks gently, his nails scratching on the scalp. Lotor purrs. (okay so, not exactly fluff, but it is for this ship tbh lol)

Small Series:

Little Blue by @shiirxtakashii
“Wait, are you flustered? Are you blushing?” Lance asked, leaning over to try and get a closer look at the other.
“Flustered? Blushing? What are those?” Lotor asked, his head turning back, the flush still there slightly.

T'is the Season by Quillaninc
(Christmas Fic) 'Why-“ Lotor drawled, sceptical ”-would you have a gift for me?“

nobody even says wooing anymore by silverliningsgirl
Lance gets hit on and Shiro goes into Dad mode that’s it that’s the story.


Moonflower by @noir-wing (yup, this one’s mine)
(WIP) “Don’t swear at me in Galra,” Lance glared.
The prince smirked, “Oh, it wasn’t an insult. If you were to translate it into your tongue… I suppose the word would be: darling.”

The Promised are Bound, Mr Gonzalez by Levis_turtles
Lance makes a promise to Lotor, not realising that the promises made between Galra (or, in this case, Galra and Human) are as inescapable as they are binding.

The Flirtation Situation by Levis_turtles
(WIP) Lance is in a battle against the Galra when he is approached by the commander of the galra empire, Prince Lotor.

Altean! Lance AU Drabble by @raphidae
Lotor and Allura are engaged in the name of an alliance, but neither want to wed one another. So what happens when Lotor meets her younger brother?
(I’m putting this in multichapter because it’s a really long drabble series so it’s basically a fic)

@preludeinz​ replied to your photo“i-is-a-freak: @navigatorsnorth is a geologist so she knows her shite …”

i am new in the rock acquisition business, why the salt

also which rocks particularly should i avoid

Okay so. Aura quartz. Ugh. I think I also have a Nonny or someone else in my inbox from a while ago… the last time I bitched to the internet about aura quartz? *goes digging*

There it is. Hey nonny nonny.

Disclaimer off the bat: I am not dissing on people who like aura quartz, I mean it’s shiny, it’s pastel, it’s got crystals. Like bunnies, I can see why people like it, even if I don’t get the appeal.

My main gripe is that it is sold as something natural, when it is not? Like, I don’t like when people lie about things and lying about rocks extra bothers me bc… I honestly don’t have a proper reason. It just does. Aura quartz offends me on a personal level and I can’t quite articulate why.

Basically, aura quartz is normal quartz which has been given a very thin coating of metal, which is what gives it the shininess and the colour. Which would be fine. If it was sold and advertised as such. But generally it is not.

Take for instance the picture that I sent to MC. The top right specimen is labelled as “Angel Aura (plated quartz)”. The other three are just noted as “Sunset Aura Quartz”, with no mention of plating. Which, by omission, implies that they are not. But they are. All aura quartz is plated and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Even worse, another stall I saw today had a piece that was labelled “RARE”. It literally is not. It is just normal quartz. Literally the most common mineral. You’ve just slapped some shiny on there and jacked up the price.

(I love quartz because of/in spite of the fact that it is the most common. It’s the best. But that is a whole other post on its own and I won’t go into it here.)

So uh, yeah. This has got really long and @i-is-a-freak​ is probably laughing at me because I have done exactly what she predicted.

I’m going to make the “which rocks particularly should I avoid” answer a separate post because this is already super long and that answer is probably going to be at least as long as this one.

Basically, the TL;DR version is this: Nav is perpetually salty about aura quartz because it is a charlatan’s stone and anybody who tries to tell you that it is natural is a liar who does not deserve your money.

But buy it if you like. I know kiddos go wild for it and it is kind of pretty, if you’re into that kind of thing. But don’t let anyone tell you that it is super rare or special. It’s literally just painted quartz.

20 Questions ;) haha and then what

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Tagged by: @my-spinach-husband This is actually my first time ever being tagged in one of these things and I feel pretty honoured ;w;

Name: Heather 

Nicknames: “you damn weeaboo” 

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′7″

Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: Australian

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E Pearson

Favorite flower: Stargazer lily

Favorite scent: Citrus

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite animal: Cats, but I also love lizards

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I honestly can’t choose because I love them all too much

Average sleep hours: anything from 1 to 15 hours tbh

Cat or dog person: Cats. I have 3 cats and a dog, and I love them all but I prefer cats because I find them more relaxing, and I admire their independence and individuality. Also, one of my cats is a massive idiot and he’s a constant source of entertainment, they all do wonders for my mental health

Favorite fictional character: I can’t choose just one but my all time favourites are Data from Star Trek (and Lore I love him too much), Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, 2D from Gorillaz, Skulduggery Pleasant from Skulduggery Pleasant, Hanayo from Love Live and Romano from Hetalia. To name a few.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 or 3 in winter, none in summer

Dream trip: I really want to go to Italy sometime, do all the cliche things like eat spaghetti and go on a gondola ride and stuff.

Blog created: I remember I first made this blog when ‘good shit *insert 64564564 emojis*’ was a big meme so like… late 2015 I think?

I tag: @amethyst-soong, @confusedandroid, @zeawesomepuppy, @stressed-otaku, @dreamsofthestars, @jokerteeth, @notyoureverydayrose, @another-idle-teen, @annoush66, @poopcop, @cutelupe, @cosmichyperthermiax, @thetardisismysoulanimal, @gorillaz-gal, @backstrokefordaysdude, @vibrantlinguistics, @silverstrike, @jamming-with-edward, @fanfix, @victuuripml

((aack I’m so sorry that I hardly know any of you guys ;o; none of you have to do this if you don’t feel like it))

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I bet there's this part of Kihyun that whenever he's tired or stressed, he would turn into the most affectionate and clingy hamster ever. He'd crawl up to Wonho and just hug his waist and nuzzle up against his neck. And Wonho would card his fingers through Kihyun's hair and say. "My baby tired?" and Kihyun would almost mewl at the petname before nodding and demanding for kisses that Wonho would of course shower him with before the start cuddling on the couch.


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HII how do you think JB will be like in a relationship? I constantly think that he wants control and yet lowkey wants to be destroyed lol.

Heeey! Well, anon, I think you’re quite right. lol 

I think he can be very controlling when in a relationship, yes. He has too much Capricorn in his chart not to be. Capricorn talks about fidelity but also being harsh, so he’d be perfect at meeting your needs but would expect the absolute same in return. Can have a hard time discussing the relationship, even when having as many feelings as he does. Will have a lot of trouble communicating properly but his actions would compensate it. He’s the kind that loves to know he’s the one deciding stuff but deep down would want the partner to decide and control other things too. He’s very demanding but would also work his hardest to be the perfect boyfriend. A very observant and caring guy, will take care of everything for his partner. Jaebum definitely needs someone that has a strong personality to deal with his, but someone that’s not as stubborn or else they’d just fight all the time. 

As much as he says he doesn’t like doing it, a lot of unexpected Aegyo would be involved. Especially if caught being inconsistant (like expecting a lot of his partner but being stubborn about his ways).

Originally posted by jaebumiie

(a charming little shit. the kind to start hugging you and saying he loves you when realizing he’s losing an argument)

He can get quite needy, this guy is really intense (Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio). Jealous, possessive. I don’t know how bad it can get ‘cause I don’t have his birth time, but I also think his ego is huge because of the amount of Capricorn ruling his life so he might get really jealous but will try not to show. And then be indirect and dramatic about it until the partner asked what the fuck was going on. lol Capricorn can have a real hard time opening up, but when in a relationship with someone he trusts it’s likely Jaebum will end up ranting a lot about his feelings. Or at least feel a lot more comfortable doing so than with his friends and family. Scorpio also stands for doing absolutely everything for who they love, so after deciding that he truly loves his partner (which can take some time ‘cause Capricorn is very choosy) he’d just constantly be eager to make the person happy, no matter what. In a sacrificing way, even. So he can exaggerate sometimes, which can lead to bad relationships if the person takes advantage of him. But when with someone that is emotionally healthy, Jaebum will honestly be a really good partner to have (the problem is him actually being able to choose wisely lol).

Another thing is that Jaebum is probably someone that goes for the long run - meaning that when he chooses a partner he’ll take it very seriously. Normally people with strong Capricorn placements mate for life. lol So. Definitely the kind to go big or go home, there’s no doubt about it.