no callas

  1. Helleborus Winter Jewel // Onyx Oddyssey
  2. Helleborus X Hybridus Winter Thrillers // Grape Galaxy
  3. Chocolate Cosmos
  4. Black Calla Lily
  5. Asiatic Lily
  6. Black Velvet Petunia
  7. Karma Choc Dahlia 

Just a few flowers I’d put in the “goth section” of my dream garden, alongside gargoyles. I’d probably throw in some Persian shield for foliage, maybe some other dark coleus. 

things i wanna see in the TRC show

•people. of. color.
•pynch. lots and lots of pynch
•a sarchengsey brotp (i can’t even lie i don’t like them as an OT3, but brotp? absolutely)
•Jimi. Orla. Calla. Persephone. Maura. OPAL
•accurate representation of what a raging feminist Blue is
•gansey as everyone’s mom
•accurate portrayal of my poor sweet bby Noah
•accurate representation of Blue’s vintage/thrifty/insane sense of style (honestly if i catch her in anything name brand i’ll scream)
•gansey’s terrible boat shoes and polos
•THE PIG (and all of it’s breakdowns)
•the murder squash song because WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE?
•Cheng’s amazing hair & ronan’s tattoo

  • [reimagining the psychic meme, 300 Fox Way style. first up, Ronan Lynch]
  • psychic: reads Ronan’s mind
  • ronan: oh my god Adam Parrish is so hot he is such a gift we do not deserve this boy he is too pure for this world istg he is the pinnacle of human existence and his hands!!! fuxsetbkorwdhj i can't even oh god when are we going to get married and start a farm house commune...
  • psychic: what the fuck

TRC AESTHETIC: Maura Sargent

“It was remarkably easy to disobey Maura. Maura Sargent had very little experience disciplining children, and Blue had very little experience being disciplined.”


TRC AESTHETIC: Persephone Poldma

Persephone leaned forward, but she still didn’t sit. “You have to stop giving things away. You didn’t sacrifice your mind. Start choosing to keep your thoughts your own. And remember your sacrifice, too. You need to mean it.”