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Lei è semplice nelle sue necessità affettive primarie, ma molto articolato è il modo in cui vorrebbe colmarle. Vorrebbe salvare, ma anche essere salvata; vorrebbe proteggere ed essere protetta; vorrebbe essere donna e bambina allo stesso tempo.
—  Mattia Briga, Novocaina.

Present Mic: Let me hear ya scream!
Dark shadow: ŗ̛҉̹͔̤̹̫̼͓͈̳̬͠ͅa̜̺̳̤͘̕͘͜ą̛̰̺͕͎̳̯̬̞̮̫̰̞̠̟̼̀a̘̯̰͖̤̱͇͡ͅa̤͓̜̯͞͡ͅa̸̸͎̰̰̯͇̬̱̲̲̤̟͉͠ͅĄ̶̛̖̠͚͖͎͔̗̯͉̹̗͇͖̦̙̯͈̝̕͜ͅÀ̸̙̘̱̱̪͉͉͍̟͙́̕͢A̡͎͔̞̩̯͔̫͘͟͡A҉̨̮̰̘̮͓̣͝A̷̲͔̹̩̘͚̘̺̭͇͓̰͈͚̩̞̲̤ͅA̶̡̟̳̝̻̤͙̗͓̜̖̣͞A͘҉̛̰̜̭̣̼̭͓̦͇̖͈̫̬̮̭̠A̸͕͈͎̯͙̹̮̠͇̮̗̹̜̞̜̫̻̕͠͠ͅÀ͎̹̮͈A҉̺̠̠̰̮̝̲͎̤̝̟̭̀͘͟A̶̴̪͓̲̮̤͕̘̲̪̭̲̤͓̫̻̗͟ͅA̸̢̱̰̯̼Á̵̤̜̘̻̭̬͙̪̣̰̪̙ͅͅÁ̶̛̱̙̮̯͍̘̫À̢͕̮̝̣̱̺͔̳̯͇͍̮̱̥͇̩̫͈̝À̫͙̺̬̝͖͍̮̺͡ͅA̸̧͖͕̩̬̬̮͍̮̘̕͜A͟҉͖̟̰̹̖̣̙̥̱̜̜̺̹̱̗̳̲ͅ

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It’s hard not to notice the way Floyd Talbert watches you closely. His concern may not be verbally expressed but it’s clear in his body language. It’s no secret what his feelings for you really are, the whole company can see it. The only one who doesn’t notice seems to be you. 

On dark, cold nights when they have nothing better to do, the company wonders why he hasn’t said anything to you about it. They can see the way that he looks at you, but they can’t see his inner conflict. 

Talbert is well aware of his past. He considers you one of the least judgemental people he knows, but he would hate for you to judge him for his past choices. The continuing jokes about his reputation as a ‘ladies man’ are good-natured enough.  He knows this, but he can’t help the way the back of his throat burns as he hears them, risking a quick glance at you to see how you react.

He often sees you in the company of Shifty. He knows that his friend is a good and kind man. Someone who would undoubtedly treat you right and though Shifty swears up and down that your relationship isn’t like that and you’re just friends, he can’t help the sudden bitterness he feels when he sees you two together. 

Floyd hates himself for feeling like that.

The thing is though, you’re not half as oblivious as the company seems to think you are. How could you not notice, when the emotions are so clearly evident in Floyd’s eyes? And even if that wasn’t enough to clue you in, Easy Company are a bunch of terrible gossips. It was only a matter of time before you overheard.

And in all honesty, as much you love Easy Company, you wonder how they can possibly be so oblivious at times, because haven’t they seen the way you look back at him?

“Floyd?” you call out as you see him standing alone and are suddenly filled with a determination to solve this for once and for all.

He pretty much lights up upon seeing you, that dashing grin on his face and it’s almost enough to turn a girl’s head knowing that he’s reacting like that to you.

“Aria. You okay?” he asks. There is a composure to him and you could almost be fooled that he was completely fine with the way things were between you, that he didn’t want more. Except you had come to know him far too well for that.

“I see the way you look at me” you blurt out and almost immediately colour, because that was definitely not the way you had intended to say things. Except those words are now hanging in the air and you figure you might as well plough on.

A strange expression has overtaken Talbert’s face, there’s a touch of vulnerability to him. He knows that he’s been rumbled, knows that he doesn’t want to lie to you. 

“Look, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I understand if you want to report me to Winters. My behaviour was inapp….” he begins, already apologising and his words only falter because he feels you take his hand.

“Floyd, I’m not here to complain” you tell him, your words accompanied by a small nervous chuckle. The butterflies are stirring in your stomach and they’re not the good kind.

“I’m here because practically since the moment I met you… I fell for you” you say, only hesitating for a moment in your confession. You feel encouraged by the look in his eyes, a burning ray of hope shining in their depths, not to mention the way he steps forward.

His palm presses against yours from where you had reached for him earlier and his fingers intertwine with yours. You marvel at his gentleness, well aware of how strong he can be.

“So I’m guessing I’m not wrong in my judgement?” you ask despite the way he’s reacting to you, because you can’t help that niggling bit of self doubt.

“Not wrong in the slightest” he replied, cupping your face with his other hand. He seems to know just what you’re asking and most importantly why you’re asking, he just understands you so well.

“I didn’t see it at first, but you had a way of getting under my defences. By the time I realised, I already held you so close and I didn’t want to let you go” he tells you, his sweet words soothing you as he rubs his thumb over your cheek.

“You didn’t say anything though” you reply. At this Talbert scoffs.

“Knew you deserved better” he responds, attempting to sound off-hand with his comment, but not quite pulling it off.

You scrunch your face up in confusion at his comment, not quite able to understand his reasoning. You’re tempted to ask him what the hell he’s been taking, but have enough judgement to know that won’t help.

“I want you,” you reply firmly, unsure if you have ever sounded so determined before. “And I happen to think you’re amazing and worthwhile. If anything I don’t deserve you. I'm…”.

You don’t get to finish your sentence. Talbert doesn’t want to hear you list all the things you think are wrong about you and in a typical Talbert fashion, his way of silencing you is to lower his lips to yours.

He kisses you smoothly, which should be an odd objective, yet it fits with him. His lips are chapped from the elements, but there’s still no denying the sweetness of his kiss, the growing passion.

“You are wonderful.  You’re beautiful and sweet and talented” he tells you as you pull away, determined that you should know these things. He watches as the blush slowly cross your face and he leans in again to brush a quick kiss to your cheek, able to feel the heat lingering under his lips.

You walk back to camp together, well aware of professional boundaries, but you two can’t help but be close together, the backs of your hands brushing together as you walk shoulder to shoulder (or you would be if he wasn’t so much taller than you).

As you return to the company, you can hear Jax gleefully chuckling nearby. “That’s it, Luz! Pay up! I told you it would happen”.

“They’re not even doing anything” Luz weakly protests, but Jax doesn’t seem to having any of it.

“I know these things, George. Don’t argue with me”.


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