no but you have to stop now


He held me hard against him then, without speaking, and I could feel the pulsebeat in his throat, hammering like my own. His hands went to my bare shoulders, and he held me slightly away, so that I was looking upward into his face. His hands were large and very warm, and I felt slightly dizzy.

“I want ye, Claire,” he said, sounding choked. He paused a moment, as though unsure what to say next. “I want ye so much— I can scarcely breathe. Will—” He swallowed, then cleared his throat. “Will ye have me?” 

By now I had found my voice. It squeaked and wobbled, but it worked.

Yes,” I said. “Yes, I’ll have you.”

“I think …” he began, then stopped. He fumbled loose the buckle of his kilt, but then looked up at me, bunching his hands at his sides. He spoke with difficulty, controlling something so powerful that his hands shook with the effort. “I’ll not … I can’t … Claire, I canna be gentle about it.” 

I had time only to nod once, in acknowledgment or permission, before he bore me back before him, his weight pinning me to the bed. 

He did not pause to undress further. I could smell the road dust in his shirt, and taste the sun and sweat of travel on his skin. He held me, arms outstretched, wrists pinioned. One hand brushed the wall, and I felt the tiny scrape of one wedding ring chiming against the stone. One ring for each hand, one silver, one gold. And the thin metal suddenly heavy as the bonds of matrimony, as though the rings were tiny shackles, fastening me spread-eagled to the bed, stretched forever between two poles, held in bondage like Prometheus on his lonely rock, divided love the vulture that tore at my heart.

1.09 The Reckoning

Imagine finally getting a really good parking spot close to the doors of your apartment building only to come home one evening and see another car there. Angered, you leave a note on the windshield. ‘Don’t park here, this spot is taken by 507.’ The next morning there’s a knock at your door and the person says they wanted to apologize for using your spot. You look through your peep hole to see the hottest guy ever but still use the chain when opening the door. 

“Hello. My apologies about your spot. I just moved in a few floors up and was told it was free.” You can’t help but stare at how stunning he is and are tongue-tied. He smiles. “Sorry to have caught you at a bad time. Your spot is now free, enjoy your day.” He turns to walk away then stops. “I’m Loki by the way. Will I see around?” 

“Uh, yes and thank you.” He winks before walking away and you close the door and lean against. “Oh, my. I think I just woke up in heaven.” What you didn’t know, was Loki heard you.

Westworld season 2 has its plot changed because Reddit already guessed a twist

Give a viewership of millions an internet connection with which to theorise with one another, and pretty soon they’re going to figure out what’s going on in your show.

This is the problem facing HBO’s Westworld, which is currently in the writing stage of its second season.

“Reddit has already figured out the third episode twist, so we’re changing that right now,” co-creator Jonathan Nolan said during a Westworld panel at the 24th annual Paleyfest in LA this week.

“It’s annoying sometimes when people guess the twists and then blog about it, but the engagement is gratifying, on one level, because if someone guesses your twist, it means you’ve done an adequate job [of structuring the series]. “You can’t complain when people are that engaged. It’s very gratifying—but stop doing it, please.”

It’s odd that a small portion of fans having guessed a twist should mean this twist is completely removed from the show’s narrative, but at least whatever Nolan is replacing it with he’s excited about.

“We’re writing right now — we’re terribly excited about what we’re writing,” Nolan added of the new scripts.

Teasing the new season’s events, executive producer Robert Patino chimed in: “There will be a story, and it will f*ck with the metaphysical at some point” (as if it hasn’t already).

Westworld is expected to return in 2018, when we might get to see the hinted at Samurai World.

Nolan wouldn’t discuss the potential new park, but Ed Harris insisted his character wouldn’t be found there.

“It’s ‘Man in Black’,” he joked, not ‘Man in a Samurai Suit’.”

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Yo, I have so many prompts just sitting in a file and if you want them, they are YOURS (Sorry things are tough right now...) Let's start with hella fluff: Bitty's window freezes open in the middle of winter, but luckily Jack's room is right across the hall and is nice and toasty~! (Will they share a bed? Yes. Yes they will.)

Uhg this is brilliant.  I’m only doing one tonight but like…send me any prompts you have, mate.  I’ll take them.


Bitty stared at the window, like maybe if he blinked hard enough, and stood there long enough, the problem would just…stop.  Maybe he could reverse time or…something.  Anything.  Because it was freezing and his ridiculously thin Southern blood was not cut out for this.

How the hell did a window freeze open?

His mistake was probably trying to pour water over it which only seemed to make the problem worse as it sort of slid halfway down for a second then froze right back up, and now it had no give like…at all.

He glanced out the window forlornly, at the snow blanketing the street, at the puddles of slush created by cars which were sure to freeze over any moment.

“Stupid winter,” he muttered.

He took a step back and realised the pathetic heater in the haus wasn’t going to combat this chill.  He backed up again, then again until he was leant against his open doorframe.  His head knocked against the wood and he groaned.  Across the hall, soft music played, and a toasty bit of air drifted from under Jack’s door.

Bitty sighed, then grabbed his blanket, his pillow, his bun, and settled in the hallway for the night.

Half an hour passed, and Bitty was actually nearly asleep—he’d been in worse places in the haus, really—when Jack’s door opened.  He let out a small, startled noise as he nearly stepped on the pile of blanket, and he stared.


Bitty looked up.  “Oh, hey Jack.  Midnight snack?”

Jack stared, like he was contemplating whether or not he should even ask.  Then he took a step back, opened his door, and gestured inside.

Bitty hesitated for a fraction of a second, it was absolutely not because he wanted to climb into Jack’s bed and smell him all over.  Not even a little bit.

It was about the warmth.  Yeah.  The warmth.  Not freezing to death and not sleeping on the hallway floor.

Jack returned a minute later with a glass of water.  He stared at Bitty for a minute, then shut the door, locked it, and climbed in next to Bitty.

“Bittle.  This isn’t going to work with you on top of my covers.”

Bitty blinked, then let Jack shift his duvet over them both.  Bitty clutched Bun to his chest, and tried to keep at least a foot of space between them, which wasn’t easy in the small bed.  He felt Jack’s knee knock into his, and let his breath out when he realised Jack wasn’t moving his own.

“My window froze open.”

Jack sighed, then reached behind him to flick off the light.  From the far off light from the streetlamp which glowed even softer during the snow, Bitty caught the gleam in Jack’s eyes.  “I won’t ask.”

Bitty snorted.  “Probably a good idea.”  Silence, then, “Thanks, Jack.  For um.  Letting me stay here.”

“Like I’d like you sleep on the floor, Bittle,” Jack said.  Their knees pressed harder together, and Bitty expected Jack to add something about how it would mess up his game, or…something.  But he didn’t.  He just made the statement like of course Jack wouldn’t let Bitty sleep on the floor.  Of course they could just share a bed like it was…nothing.

Like bros.


Bitty gulped and tried not to wonder what it all meant.  “Thanks, Jack,” he whispered.

A long pause.  Then, “Any time, Bittle.  Sleep well.”

“You too, Jack,” Bitty said.  And then he did.

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top 6 'remember when harry..." moments (good luck with this one)

Oh my God, you’re evil, ok… this is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, Jesus… ok, here we go:

1. Remember when Harry almost stopped Liam from having children? (He didn’t manage it, fortunately, cause now we have baby payno)

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2. Remember when Harry almost flashed us his ding a ling, thanks to Liam Payne? 

Originally posted by livelifefulspeed

3. Remember when Harry twerked on live television and made a fool of himself in fron of his besties?

4. Remember when he was a cheeky little shit and wasn’t up for answering any more questions about Zayn?

5. Remember when he was a cheeky little shit when asked who was Olivia?

6. Remember when he DID THIS:

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Darkest Desire 'Consequences’

Don’t forget to read previous chapters!

[Darkest Desire Masterlist]

Chapter 12

Summary: Finally it is revealed why Nick hates you so much. 

Word Count: 3,204

HUGE THANK YOU @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

Rick stood before the group in the Alexandria church, speaking about the deal Maggie had made with Gregory, the leader of a community called the Hilltop.

“Now, these Saviors. They almost killed Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham on the road. Now sooner or later, they would have found us. Just like those wolves did. Just like Jesus did. They would have killed someone or some of us. And then they would try to own us. And we would try to stop them. But by then, in that kind of fight, low on food, we could lose. This is the only way to be sure. As sure as we can get that we win. And we have to win. We do this for the Hilltop, it’s how we keep this place. It’s how we feed this place. This needs to be a group decision. If anybody objects, here’s your chance to say your peace.”

The room was silent for just a moment until you heard someone stand up in the back. Almost everyone turned to see it was Morgan.

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Now I have the mental image of Lexa attempting to go down on Clarke while talking about the universe and "why /are/ we really here tho" and Clarkes just like "can you shut up for two minutes and finish what you're doing thanks"

Awww no it could be cute!

*trailing kisses down Clarke’s body* “Clarke?”
*peppering tiny butterfly kisses on her thighs*
“Do you ever stop to think about the vastness of the universe?”
“AH-uh…yes. Actually.”
“Planets…” *kiss* “solar systems” *kiss* “galaxies” *kiss* “local clusters…” *she dips in* “…super clusters…”

By this point Clarke is writhing in pleasure but still listening.

“And somehow, I was lucky enough to find you.”

Thinking about it now tho like what right did Click have calling RGB out for being “A monster on the loose” like??? You have guns for arms. Your jacket has teeth. You have an entire false head just to smile creepily and shoot fire. You make ominous clicking noises and turn into Slenderman when u don’t want to walk and you’re calling out the television in a baby blue suit jacket for being loose in the marketplace

a friendly reminder

that your failures don’t define you. procrastinated on a project or a task for too long? done something that you now regret? slipped up in a way that’s now tearing you apart? well, please don’t forget that that is one mistake. stop, take a breath, and don’t lose heart. you’ll have plenty of opportunities ahead to shine, and you definitely will. your achievements are not nonexistent, even if at the moment they’re invisible. even if it’s a streak of mistakes, or a period of failures, it’s only temporary. from what went wrong, you can learn. from what transpired, you now know your limits. 

you have something unique that only you can add to this world. no one else can. 

Success at the Nighthold!

(OOC Note: This article contains SPOILERS of the events in the raid, the Nighthold. If you have not completed the Nighthold and do not wish to know the end results stop reading now.)

By Risri Elthron

Victory for the forces in the Broken Isles!

One of the greatest evils to our world, the warlock Gul’dan, has been slain after months of fighting in Suramar.

Led by Archmage Khadgar, a group of heroes attacked within the walls of the Nighthold. Fighting through many of Grand Magistrix Elisande’s forces, the heroes made their way to the Nightwell itself.

There the confrontation with Gul’dan lasted hours as the brave warriors fought against everything the warlock threw at them. At the darkest moment, when it seemed Gul’dan could not be killed, the demon hunter Illidan entered the fight and wreaked his vengeance upon the evil warlock.

The warlock had been attempting to use the Nightwell as a power source to open a rift to allow more of the Burning Legion access to our world. Archmage Khadgar and the Rebellion forces were able to stop the ritual and the Shal’dorei have let the Nightwell burn out to prevent being used again.

All of Azeroth extends its gratitude to the Rebellion forces. The sacrifices made in Suramar and throughout the Broken Isles will not be forgotten. Thank you to all those who have served and fought in this campaign to bring us one step closer to safety for our homes and families.


We all grow, but some things never change.

(right- Oct 26 2016, left- Mar 1 2017)

15 Million

I haven’t been in this community for a year yet, but it has grown so much. And no matter how big that number gets, how many more people we welcome into this gigantic family, it never ceases to amaze me how kind and caring the community is as a whole. Being a part of this community was one of the best choices I’ve made, and I have all of you amazing people to thank for it.

Now I want to take the time to thank you, Sean, even though you always thank us. When I started watching your videos, I was in a very bad point in my life. I felt very alone and I thought that that was just what was meant for me. You helped me smile and laugh when there was no way I could by myself. That changed pretty quickly once I was active in the community, but you never stopped feeling like a friend to me. Any time I hit a rough patch or I just need to get away from it all, I can go back to your videos and I am so grateful for that. You inspire me every day to push myself to see what I can do, but you also help me realize that it is okay to not be at my best.

Thank you.


Akira: We have been clearly dating for at least two years and you decided to not tell me that you’re a magical giant purple cat warrior.

Yukari: *amused giggle*

Himari: Also possibly you could have said something at any point to let us know that Akira was a girl. If only to spare Ichika this gay awakening drama she’s choosing to have in the kitchen at this very second.

Yukari: *amused giggle*

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(For the prompt thing) For some reason, Anxiety and Princey have switched. Now Anxiety acts lol or Princey and Princey acts like Anxiety. It's up to Logic and Morality to figure it out

“Prince, stop playing with my hair!”

“Well get your hands off my waist!”

“No way, I’ve never had a waist line like this-dude, you’re surprisingly soft.”


Morality stood in the background filming, while Logic silently died in the background.

(Thank you, sorry this was mostly dialogue but I couldn’t help myself)

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So are those of us just beginning to stalk Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan allowed to, mm, maybe write a short about that time he apparently impersonated the Emperor?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

All are welcome here in the happy land of Accidental Space Pirates! I suggest tagging some of the repeat offenders talented folks ( @forcearama, @jerseytigermoth, @lurkingcrow, @albaparthenicevelut, @jahaliel  @bodirooks @resistancepilot and I feel like I’m missing someone. WHO AM I MISSING???)  who have helped bring our favorite Pancake Arsonist into being when you’re finished so that we can all share the ABSOLUTE JOY of Obi-Wan impersonating the Emperor. I can almost see it now…

Obi-Wan: Are you sure there are enough wrinkles Ahsoka? I getting more of a Hondo vibe than an Emperor Palpatine vibe.

Ahsoka: Stop complaining about my work and work on your evil laugh.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! Best of luck on the fic!

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Hey! What do you think about the terrible situation going around concerning that EXO-L "fan"?

I don’t have words to describe what I think, this is the first time that I see something like this. What do you win making rumours of a group that you dislike? She just did that bc she was trying to EXO not to lose their popularity, they are a great group and BTS too, both of them are good groups with amazing songs and good friends but apparently that’s not enough to stop this.
I’m just tired of seeing people trying to “end” them just bc they’re in a small company and they are one of the biggest groups now.

Seeing Is Believing (Pt 11)

A/N: Sorry for the long wait! This weekend was awful for me writing-wise.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Language? *whispers* it’s angsty

Word Count: 1.6k

Seeing Is Believing MASTERLIST

Originally posted by supernatural-stuff-of-course

“Brother.” Castiel’s voice was low and threatening. You did what your instincts told you to do and you backed away slowly; not stopping until you were behind Cas. His free arm wrapped around the front of your body protectively.

You looked over at Castiel for a moment as you heard a prayer from him come in.

Go. Now.




I know you think that what we had was love. It was anything but. You were merely a distraction while I tried to clean up my father’s mess. What you have within you is not a child. It is simply an abomination. It is unholy and you should rid of it. The life of the being inside of you will never amount to anything. I will find you Lorraine. You will come back here eventually, and when you do, I will end both you and the nephilim.

                                                        -you know who

Lorraine folded the letter up and shoved it in her pocket. She pulled a few sheets of toilet paper off of the roll as she stood up, wading it up into a ball and drying her eyes. She stared at her reflection in the mirror as she tried gathering herself before she had to go. He had made it clear that he would no longer protect her.

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can you please do number five with tony dinozzo please ❤

“If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back” 

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back.” 

Tony stopped in his tracks when he heard those words. And by the sound of your voice and the last hour of arguing, he was willing to bet you were being serious. Right now, Tony was happy to walk out and never come back. He was angry and frustrated and tired.

But somehow, he was able to have just a little bit of forethought, which surprised him. Tony never usually thought ahead about stuff. And he knew in the morning, he’d regret walking away like this.

So he turned around to face you, head tilting to the side. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Drabbles are closed

so here i am again. obsessed with that hostage scene.

first, i would like to point out how nadine’s men followed rafe’s orders. their boss would have died if nathan hadn’t stopped sam. after the incident was over and they had the opportunity to shoot, nadine hadn’t given any order for them to not shoot. nadine WANTED them dead.

when rafe is laughing and having a good time about the whole situation like it was a joke. nadine is just staring at him with such a dirty look on her face… like “if you don’t hurry the fuck up i’m going to kill them and you”

knot is laughing along with rafe and only gets tight lipped as he sees his boss looking his way. orca smirks every now and then, but he’s mostly analysing the situation and staring at nadine.

nadine does have an all business nature about her work, but her mercenary business was crumbling to the ground and she wasn’t blind to that. when she’s beating on sam you can hear her telling sam how ‘this isn’t a game to her.’  i love how she develops throughout the game. her first interaction with the boys is very civil and professional: she’s not alone, she has several men with her to handle risks, she is very much in control of her men. later, she appears alone (when she yells at rafe for not allowing her men to be around, she goes in without them around, although this could be because most of them have died, still. she could have taken knot and orca, but they were with rafe, her right-hand was at rafe’s side...) because she went in alone, she ended up as a hostage, this humiliation would weigh heavy on her throughout the game.