no but why are there bright pink cats

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Hey! Are you able to do some fluff head cannons for Tobirama? Just general stuff! <3

Rubs my gay little hands together. You got it, dude!

  • Tobirama may act like he’s hot shit and the coolest but he’s so shy. Like can’t even look his crush in the eye kinda shy.
  • He’s really quiet and enjoys reading but don’t tell anyone his favorite pastime is caring for koi. Hashirama has his bonsai, Tobirama has his fish. Each of them have their own names and he knows which are which.
  • He actually gets really flustered easily it’s too cute. Say something remotely dirty to him and he gets bright red. Say something nice about him and he pouts and has to look away, but everyone can see the pink in his cheeks.
  • He isn’t fond of cats, but he really loves dogs! He could honestly spend all day looking after stray dogs in the village if he could!
  • Gets cold easily, that’s why he’s got the fur around his shoulders. 

-Mod Jack

Chapter 3 of Fanboy is posted!

Ao3 Link

The whole chapter below the cut

This is also an animation I did from one of the scenes in this chapter :)

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Could you do 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’" from the 101 Fluffy prompts with Bucky please?

Why of course I can!!! And I am so fucking sorry this took a century and a half to post. I’m a horrible person. xxx

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Home Sweet Nerf Gun

Bucky came home to see an offensively bright, neon pink and orange nerf gun on the front porch. Just laying there all innocently on the doormat (the doormat says ‘Welcome! Beware of husband, cat is shady, wife is cool though’). With a curious grin he climbs the three porch steps and halts before the gun that has a small torn piece of scratch paper perched on top of it. It reads in your familiar script: Here is your weapon, I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good fucking luck xo.

Bucky right out cackles when he sees your P.S - ‘p.s you should not have taught me how to snipe baby’

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Samantha Goes to Elefante

My late grandmother was a big fan of dinner theater. In fact, she died during the third act of a production of Madame Butterfly at a Japanese restaurant in the Valley. I, on the other hand, am not a fan of dramatics with my dining, which is why I am giving my lowest rating EVER to Elefante, the restaurant owned by mildly successful 90s sitcom actor BoJack Horseman. 

The food was…well, somewhat fantastic, but at one point during the experience I witnessed Mr. Horseman himself fighting loudly with a pink cat who I believe was his agent (or maybe his ex-agent after that little spat?). I also witnessed a member of the kitchen staff racing through the dining room WHILE IN FLAMES. Might I add that I also waited over 2 hours for my food? It was most frustrating.

One bright spot in the meal: The air freshener in the bathroom was cloying and reminded me my grandmother, the one who died at that Japanese restaurant in the Valley.  

STAR RATING: 412 out of 1,000,000,000

Part 2 of The Potential of Pairs

As I mentioned before, this was supposed to be a short story, which it is… sort of. Anyhoo, @mizjoely hope you enjoy it, your prompt is to blame ; ) Once again, thanks to @darnedchild for betaing and Potter-picking. Still rated T and always will be. Enjoy ~Lil~

Part 2 - The Acquisition of Pluck

At first, Sherlock was, just as Molly had anticipated: rude, pushy and overbearing. Never satisfied with her calculations or the way she stirred a potion or prepared ingredients; he seemed to have a biting remark ready for her every move. She wasn’t surprised, they’d been in school together for six years and he had been disparaging towards her several times in the past. He was making her a nervous wreck!

Thankfully, he hadn’t yet made any scathing comments about her looks or personality, which was his usual MO when it came to Molly. For some reason with her, it was always personal.

She’d seen him cut other students down, usually referring to them as inferior or idiotic, preferring to attack their intellect rather than their appearance. She had even seen him embarrass Kitty once when she’d made a pass at him during a Quidditch match, basically telling the witch that he’d rather shag a Quintaped than spend one full minute alone with her.

Molly was relieved, to some extent, but she was always waiting for the other shoe to fall. She simply couldn’t erase his merciless verbal flagellation of her at the Yule Ball their sixth year…

She needed this, this night of friends, frivolity and festive foods. Letting Meena talk her into an uncharacteristically tight black dress and heels, she actually took the time to apply a little makeup  (something she rarely did) and charmed her hair into soft curls that cascaded down her back. She didn’t feel like herself, but that didn’t seem like a bad idea, for once. Besides, if it happened to attract the attention of a certain dark-haired Slytherin, that would make the night all the more interesting.

Not that it would, but…

It had been a tough year for the witch. Her mother had passed three just months prior and her boyfriend, Tom, had moved away literally the week before. She didn’t love the Hufflepuff, by any means, but he had been sweet and attentive and had made Molly feel so much more confident in herself for the first time in a very long time.

Never one to dwell on the negative, she did her best to put on a brave face and focus on enjoying the party. And it was working, going quite well actually, until she crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes.

Near the end of the night, as she was looking for Meena, she stumbled, bumping into Greg Lestrade. Unfortunately, the wizard was talking with Sherlock and John near the refreshment table. The heels were a bit too high, it seemed.

“Oh, sorry, Greg,” she said as he helped get her balance.

“‘S’alright, Molly.” He looked her up and back down again. “Wow. Don’t you look nice!”

“Um, thanks.” She blushed, though it wasn’t the first compliment she’d received.

“Yeah,” John chimed in, staring at her chest unapologetically. “I didn’t know you had… ah…”

“It’s a charm,” Sherlock said as he took a drink of punch.

“I’m sorry?” Molly asked.

He turned to her, a bored look on his face. “Well, you didn’t suddenly hit puberty overnight, Hooper.” Studying her for a moment, he said, “You’ve also done something to your face, though…” He narrowed his eyes. “Ahh…your lips, obviously. Careful with Engorgement Charms, they can go horribly wrong. Keep practicing though, your lips are too thin without them.”

“Sherlock…” John started.

“What?” the Slytherin said to his friend. “She’s obviously overcompensating since the only wizard who ever showed her the least bit of interest ran off to America.” Turning back to her, he smirked. “Whose attention were you trying to attract this evening, Molly?”

She felt her eyes filling with tears and even though her instinct was to turn and run, she simply couldn’t. She’d had enough! Her mother was dead, her boyfriend was gone and now Holmes, beautiful as he was, had just humiliated her in front of all his friends.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked, her voice nearly a whisper. “Why do you say such horrible things? You don’t know me. You only think you do because you seem to think you know everything.”

He leaned down. “Let’s see what I know about you, Molly Hooper…”

Sherlock!” John warned again.

But the Slytherin ignored his friend and went on, evidently, hell bent on inflicting her pain. “I know you are desperate for approval; always working towards getting the highest marks and trying to impress the faculty. I know that you have only one close friend. In six years, Molly, you’ve not grown close to anyone other than the Patil girl. Why is that? I’d say rampant insecurity if I had to wager a guess. I know that you’re afraid that you’ll end up a spinster, alone with a house full of cats. And do you know what else?” He paused, his blue-green eyes boring into hers. “That’s a valid fear.”

Molly drew back as if she’d been struck.

Suddenly, Sherlock’s hair turned bright pink and he coughed before vomiting up a giant slug. Molly looked around to see Mary Morstan and Sally Donovan, wands drawn, pointed at the wizard.

“Too far, Holmes,” Sally growled.

Sherlock hacked up another slug, then said, “Your boyfriends were just ogling her.” After another disgusting regurgitation, he tried to compose himself. “Are you sure it was too far?”

“That’s because she looks amazing,” Mary said as she handed him a small bin she’d Transfigured out of a punch glass. “They’re not blind, for Merlin’s sake. It’s about time you showed these idiots what you’ve got, Molly,” she added with a wink.

The commotion attracted the attention of several students as well as McGonagall and Snape.

“What’s going on here?” the Headmistress asked disapprovingly.

“If I may, Headmistress?” Snape asked. “I’m guessing that Mr. Holmes, once again, opened his overly large mouth and invoked the ire of any one, or all, of these young ladies.” He looked at them each in turn. “Am I right?”

They all nodded.

“Well, he’s in your House, Severus. You deal with it. But get him out of here before he makes someone sick,” the witch replied, making a disgusted face before hurrying away.

“Come, Madame Pomfrey awaits, Mr. Holmes.” And with that Snape led Sherlock out of the party.

“I’m sorry, Molly,” John said. “Sherlock is such an arse sometimes.”

“Don’t worry about it. If you see Meena, tell her I went to bed, will you?”

They had very little contact after the slug incident, which was frankly fine with Molly. It had done one thing, however, she found herself closer with the two Gryffindor witches who had come to her rescue. Silver lining, she supposed.

The confusion started three weeks into the term. Around the end of September, something changed. After an uncharacteristic outburst on her part, Holmes dialed it back, slightly. Even though it was hard to believe, Molly realised that she had actually earned his respect by standing up to him. Though it hadn’t worked at the Ball, somehow when she let him have it during Potions class, he change his tune rather quickly.

While working on Draught of Living Death, Sherlock called her incompetent and criticised her ‘crushing technique’ when she was preparing the Sopophorous bean.

She was nervous enough, worrying over her marks and didn’t need the genius wizard critiquing her every move. After warning him gently he ignored her, and reached for the silver dagger she was using, snatching it from her hand.

“If you’re not going to take my advice, I’ll just do it…”

It was the final straw for the usually mild-mannered witch. This time she did not whisper her admonishment. “I’m doing it right, you giant arsehole! And if you don’t give me back the damn knife I’ll crush your bollocks next!” she shouted, causing all heads to turn in her direction, including Professor Snape’s.

Steadying herself for points loss, Molly lowered her eyes and waited for the oncoming storm.

“Well done, Miss Hooper,” the Dark wizard said. When she raised her head, she saw an odd look in his eyes. Though he wasn’t smiling, it almost seemed like he wanted to. “You got there quicker than I thought you would. Five points to Ravenclaw. Holmes, you’re lucky that your scrotum is still intact. I’d be more careful if I were you. Back to work.”

She was convinced that Sherlock would make her life a living hell after her outburst and their professor’s rebuke, but quite the opposite happened. When she finally looked at him, one corner of his mouth was turned up.

He held out the dagger to her. “Those beans aren’t going to crush themselves, Hooper,” he said with a bit of humour in his voice.

Their potion turned out perfect that day.

From that point on Sherlock was simply put: different. Oh, he was still a pompous arse, but he seemed to school himself when speaking to her, at least to some extent. Not only that, but the Potions Professor had been right; Molly’s work was quickly improving.

She soon decided that perhaps she’d been wrong about the wizard. Maybe, just maybe, he was a bit misunderstood.

In preparation for her apprenticeship at St. Mungo’s, Molly had been slowly working her way through her father’s medical journals and textbooks. Every couple of weeks she would send him an Owl with the finished books and a request for more. One of the many sub-specialties that she found fascinating was Psychology and she decided to focus on learning as much as she possibly could as it wasn’t well known in the Wizarding World.

At any rate, the knowledge she was amassing was helping her deal with the genius and he was, in turn, helping to improve her marks. Suddenly, she didn’t dread Potions anymore.

More to come! Thanks for reading! ~Lil~

If Our Worlds Collide

Kara x Lena (supercorp) -inspired by this song

Lena gently pressed the button for the top floor of Catco Magazine. In addition to the numerous messages she had left on Kara’s cell–9 to be exact, Lena had been all over National City in search of her best (and only) friend. When the elevator dinged at the top and the doors slid open, she was taken aback to see none other than Cat Grant standing in front of her. Cat stepped one sharp-toed heel into elevator frame “My, my if it isn’t Lena Luthor. I was wondering when I’d finally run into you, young lady. Kara talks about you non-stop…It’s disgusting really. She’s all ‘Oh, Miss Grant, did you see the flowers Lena sent me, aren’t they beautiful?’ and ‘Sorry, Miss Grant, I can’t talk I have to meet Lena for brunch at this new vegan restaurant down the street.’ A vegan restaurant Lena.” Cat took a pause, “Although, as annoying as it may be to listen to her constant gushing, I’m happy to finally see Kara with someone who treats her as well as you do.”

Lena looked down as a bright pink color brushed across her cheeks. After a few seconds, she looked back up at Cat, “I hate to burst your bubble Cat, but Kara and I aren’t together or anything. We’re just friends.“

Cat hummed to herself. “I think you and Kara might be the only two people in National City who believe that.” Cat watched Lena freeze at that. She stepped fully into the elevator, “Kara is out on the balcony. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but that is why you’ve come here at this late at night, right?” Lena nodded. Cat smirked and then gave Lena a little shove out into the office space. “It was good seeing you Lena, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again very soon,” she said with a wink as the elevator door slid shut.

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I used this screenshot as a reference for Ada’s office, and some things I noticed:

- Ada seems to collect little glass bottles, not just the ones on her desk, but the loads and loads of them arranged on the windowsills and in/on the wall cabinet behind her desk

- she has two telephones…why? does Hecate listen in on the extension when Ada is speaking to parents? (and why does she have a telephone at all if she can call other witches and wizards in her mirror?)

- there are little touches of bright pink everywhere: the lamp glass, the bottle on her desk, what appears to be a fake bird balanced on the wall sconce, the flowers (?) on the table just underneath it

- the finials on the posts of her chair back are owls

- she likes animal figurines (the white mouse standing on its hind legs and holding a flower; what looks like a white cat; another owl; a cat-shaped mask; and something I can’t quite make out on the table behind/to the right of Hecate)

- she has a container garden under the window

 fyi camp camp is a blessing

like,,, i have a list of my favorite parts of the show, getting longer and longer as i bingewatch every damn episode
if yall wanna understand the context watch the episodes because i’m judging them in order


- smol children cursing
- there’s a D&D character, a space-loving character, and an actor character
- the main character is a Spicy Boy

- “okay seriously tabii what the fuck
- “violence doesn’t solve anything!!!! :0!!!!!!″ “STAB HER, BITCH”
- one of the counselors has anxiety and she is so damn relatable
- nerris is a pure child and no one can tell me otherwise

- “people in sheets got me concerned, but nah, not a screamer”
- listen,,,,, max looks like a 5-year-old, but acts like a tired college student
- the platypus is adorable
- the episodes are short, but fucking incredible
- “wahk”
- fourth wall breaks
- max is done with everyone’s shit, nikki is excited, and neil is always 0.5 seconds away from screaming
- max: gives no shits about a torture room
- also max: screams in fear of a bright pink dildo
- wait is Jasper dead
- god every second of this show is perfection

- seeing gwen flip off david was fucking hilarious to me and i don’t know why
- it literally rains cats and dogs in one episode
- poor, poor chucky
- “ASK HIM ABOUT HIS ALBINO” “you mean his alibi?” “THAT TOO”
- why the fuck is there a kid named dolf, he’s basically hitler and i’m dead inside
- i’m going to die this show is too much
- “this is fine” “this is fine” “okay nothing is fine anymore”
- reigny day is a really big reference to ww2
- nikki can telepathically communicate with people and that’s unnerving

- romeo and juliet II, love resurrected
- the camp camp theme song will forever haunt me
- kiss scene????? give me a kiss scene please
- oh my god david has a tinder account
- “yo did someone say black magic”
- platypus is a better actor than max
- tabii is such a weirdo
- “he called us cunts the last time he saw us”
- “i’mma make the kissing scene so hot, it’ll be rated TV-Y7″
- robo romeo is such a sweetheart
- wait how did that girl get there and why does she have a “no gag reflex” shirt
- “what do boobies look like”
- camp scam
- why the hell is the camp leader a criminal
- david got a date and she’s pretty (the no gag reflex girl)
- “guess it’s time to drink my own pee!!!”

- apparently gwen likes butts quite a bit
- underwater basket weaving sounds fun??? bring me to camp camp right now
- “you’re still on fire, b-t-dubz” “thank you”
- max is evil but very very relatable
- i want max to be the cryptid of the camp
- max and neil know what hookers and blow is what the fuck
- [some kind of dramatic horn, again]
- “the great naked ankle incident of 1909″
- i think nikki got her period in episode 8, either that or got really really sick
- also nikki can draw anime really well
- “gay drunk”
- i think muffin tops is a stripper club but i’m not sure yet
- oh my god it was
- max is so gay in this episode it was great
- the gay cryptid
- biff and family manure???? i spot a back to the future reference and i’m livid
- [totally manly yell]
- neil got a job in a mechanical store this is great
- oh so nikki survives off of nature that’s,,,,, odd,,,,,,,,,,
- max why are you so mean
- “are you fucking serious”
- they literally think david’s gonna murder them for a whole hour
- god max why are you such an angry gay boy

- the next episode is “david gets hard” i’m worried
- nurf was written in red letters and i’m scared
- the first censor was in episode eight and it was just a piano noise
- fire
- “we’re gonna learn that little shit some MANNERS”
- max is definitely a secret sadist
- “today’s the day i get hard! (innuendo)”
- that’s literally what the subtitles said
- “I’m hard and I’m coming!!!! >:0″
- [BADASS KICK] “owie”
- “so does he wanna help nurf or fuck him”
- [sad, yet hilarious, crying and whimpering]
- [seething] “what”
- “now you’re just complimenting him”
- um is nurf okay
- nope nurf is not okay
- “everyone wants to fuck their own mom GET OVER IT”
- aggressive pacifism
- maybe a slap helped???? jesus christ that’s some deep psychology breaking for david
- he’s gonna be like that for a day i can just tell

- why is neil so salty
- oh god is harrison satan
- he lost sleep over it
- i’m slowly realizing that max is scarily similar to Karkat Vantas and i need to stop
- how much coffee did neil drink
- my fankid heart can’t take the fact that neil and max share a tent
- salty men being salty
- harry potter references
- neil is on fire inside
- he’s the embodiment of the “this is fine” meme
- max is the embodiment of the “this is not fine” meme
- the bottom of neil’s cup says “ikeya”
- he broke his coffee mug this man is very angry
- nikki is a harry potter fan and i’m living
- i forgot that ered was called ered and that’s really cute to me
- “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
- episode 10: neil commits murder
- it’s scary how relaxed the counselors are
- [nikki dying]
- it’s scary how nikki made such a high-pitched noise
- this episode was a giant mind fuck
- harrison went “boop” that’s adorable

- “i’m a sheep i don’t ask questions”
- nikki is amazing and her lines never fail to make me giggle-snort
- “so do we get to eat breakfast or-”
- space kid was facing the wrong way
- “that’s what i like about you, neil. you get me”
- the gay subtext intensifies, part 183724
- “we’ll start with the beginner’s course” which is walking on a thin plank above poisonous boiling liquid and three swinging maces above the plank yeah SURE
- how was nikki the only one to make it
- stephen van petral made a reference to terminator
- what the fresh hell
- pfft the wood scouts got 69
- “he does not speak for all of us”
- [glory trumpets]
- [high-pitched-really-evil-laughter]
- “wait, wait,,,, no wait,,,,,,oh, okay, wait,,,,,,,,, wait,,,,,,,,,,,”
- “SON OF A  B I T C H-”
- we’re boned
- ew ew ew ew ew god the leader of wood scouts ew ew ew ew ew ew
-  create a stable batch of nitroglycerin??? how the fuck?????????
- illusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- tabii was having a panic attack
- kill
- god nikki is a savage
- also nerris is pure
- oh,,,, poor david,,,, oh no,,,, no wait,,,,,,,,, please no,,,,, stop breaking my heart,,,,,,
- i think the kid to the left of lil david is gwen and sweet lord that’s adorable
- [whispers] the sparrowwwwwww

- “david what the fuck are you doing”
- chief squatting bear
- and everyone leaves
- prizes!!! YO!!!!!!!!
- and max is still apathetic
- oh shit david is fucking screwed
- yep they are all screwed
- everyone is screwed
- we’re all dead
- and dolf is a nasty boy
- “the floors were covered in dirt” “IT’S A FOREST THAT’S THE POINT”
- neil you fucking furry
- it’s a bonfire
- a bonfire!!!!
- a bonfire.
- max is a sadist, confirmed
- one of us gets a stick???
- oh god david please no stop
- sToP hUrTiNg DaViD pLeAsE
- D A V I D C U R S E D W H A T T H E F R E S H H E L L
- oh fuck
- wow,,,,, oh my god?????? WHAT??????????????????????
- satan lives within my asshole and i am dying
- nikki don’t
- max secretly has a heart of gold under his angry face
- aw nevermind
- space kid gets wasted
- OH
- okay gwen can hit me with a car and i’d thank her


- david dreams about trees
- shit satan has arrived
- i never knew joseph christiansen was in camp camp
- god they’re twins
- (i almost put twinks but tbh it’s not too far from the truth)
- and they hired satan good fucking job
- (i came back from getting some juice boxes and pickles and i’m ready to fucking party)
- [ominous music]
- shit fuck everyone’s gonna die
- space kid is first
- daniel’s neck cracks and that’s scary
- fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck ascensioN?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!
- oh god i’m dying
- f u c k
- satan is here and fuck i’m dying
- [spooky violins]
-  f  u  c  k
- oh hey i didn’t know neil was jewish!!! that’s so cool!!!!!!!!! but son please watch out for dolf my man
-   F   U   C   K  
- N O
- okay there’s a song i’m feeling a little better
- [Spooky Kiddo Company]
- “TO SACRIFICE THEM-! oh wait”
- thank god we’re safe

- gifts!!! yay!!!!!
- i counted at least three references in one goddamn frame
- neil has a computers fetish
- also he is a very very salty boy
- “chris why did you leave me”
- “LOOK AT BOOBS!!! wait i mean play games”
- neil thought he had boobs for a second and oh god i really want an episode where harrison genderbends everyone now
- (imagine max though)
- neil commits murder: Part Two
- YES!!! Nerris likes bards!!!!!!!!! bards are kickass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- wow nikki is a savage
- They(See_Me)codin’
- They h8n’
- it’s scary how much neil actually sounds like a robot
- neil is so antisocial
- nikki ran up a tree what the fuck
- hey look it’s a reference to the squip
- oh god wait no
- real deal neil
- they don’t have internet you idiot
- “absolutely fucking not”
- “fuck that noise”
- chat neil killed itself what the fresh titty

- pixies and pythons!!!!!!!! yes give me an episode for my nerd child yes
- that’s what the captions said that is so fucking adorable
- “the good lady is listening”
- I love her lisp,,,,,, a good baby
- dammit it’s not just about nerris
- ah whatever i like it
- “DarK fOrCeS?!?!?!?”
- good magic babies
- max is such a bitch and i love him
- how the fuck did nikki float
- ear wiggle!!!!!!!!
- that’s a lotta squorls
- [Heroes: Screaming]
- “anyone else want a twenty sided ass-kicking??? >:0″
- does harrison have an accent? i think he does. what accent?????? :0
- here comes the squorl
- dead canaries that’s a good sign
- watch as everyone dies
- harrison did a thing!!!!
- i think the magic kids are gonna kiss
- [magical language]
- oh shit neil’s blind now
- “seriously, this could affect the rest of my life!! ;~;”
- “SHH >:T”
- so many cute emoji’s i’m living
- i called it it’s a magic duel
- neil is salty
- oh shit
- o h  s h i t
- O H  S H I T

- fuck nikki’s dead
- wait hwhat
- it was a roleplay???????
- aw damn

- that’s one damn intense start
- foiled again
- oh no max is gonna fuck it up
- angry babies
- oh god what the fucking hell shit
- poor jermy fartz

okay i’m gonna stop this is long enough

Remember Everything

Based on this post

It’s a bit short, but I hope you guys like it.

Adrien yawned and stretched as he woke up from a cat nap before going out to patrol the city. Hey, how else was he supposed to be able to protect Paris and still get up for school the next day? Cat naps are a blessing. He decided to check over the Ladyblog one last time before heading out, seeing as how he lived near the Eiffel Tower anyway, he could afford to laze around a bit.

On the front page of the blog was a photo taken earlier that day, taken of Ladybug and Cat Noir. “This is thanks to our dedicated Ladyblog reader, LadyxCat! She was able to get a shot of a Ladynoir kiss from up close thanks to her amazing camera!” the caption read. Adrien chuckled at the photo, obviously it was photo shopped. If that really happened, he would have surely remembered it.

“Time to head out…” he said before transforming.

Ladybug sat beside the tower, looking at Cat, unamused, as he lowered himself from above to meet face to face with her. “What are you doing?” she asked “I saw something on the Ladyblog…why don’t we kiss for real?” Cat Noir said, leaning forward. Ladybug’s face turned bright pink “I-I thought you didn’t remember that!” she said “What?” he asked confused “the kiss! When I asked you about it afterwards you…you acted as if you didn’t know what I was talking about!” she said.

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Cats & Kisses pt. 1

Summary:  It wasn’t all that funny when she thinks about it, but there’s a blue cat polishing off the fanciest dinner she’s had in weeks and a man with pink hair here to claim him so maybe the situation calls for a little crazed laughter.

Rating: T

Pairing: Nalu

She has no idea how it managed to get into her apartment. Even Lucy has trouble getting inside sometimes, what with the ancient door handles and impossible locks. But the creature evidently had a talent for finding a way in. Maybe she’d call it Reverse Houdini. 

Okay, maybe not.

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Dahlia Is A Bad Fantroll 2015



Her hair isnt naturally red. Click here to read why her hair is dyed that way!

Her tail is fake and was given to her by her moirail. Click here to read the full thread that has almost 600 notes and includes 5 different chapters that are stuffed full of character development!

Why are her eyes bright pink? Find out more about it by clicking here!

And click here to find out why I decided to keep her mutation!

And heres my never ending cat tag for braymax cause no hard feelings yeah? Click here for cyats.

Remember when we were kids and we used to do research projects..

And they always told you to chose your sources according to their accuracy? They always made sure that the webpage you chose to take information from had a work cited page with reliable information.

Well here it is.

I would like to point out that not only is the fantrolls please stop explanation only 2 sentences long and the fantrolls please continue explanation is an entire paragraph…but if you would kindly refer to each link above you will see that while Dahlia at first glance looks like a nightmare she truly has enough information and explanations to back her up.

But I dont really need to defend myself do I? My reputation in this damn community is sparkling clean and frankly I dont give a damn rather you find her appalling or not.

In fact I made a whole tutorial on WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE A DAMN! GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE TO SEE IT (Honestly you should read this I compare fantroll making to porn and thats truly one of my best accomplishments of all time)


I just wanna remind everyone that I’m a real person with real feelings so heres my face can you believe it. Its almost like behind every computer is a person with feelings and things to do in their life and problems and wow REAL…HU..MAN..S???? WOW

So heres what I do give a damn about. When I went to Acen (The best anime convention ever) I cosplayed Dahlia. I met up with 2 of the most friendly homestucks I have ever met. They pulled me aside and began to ask me about fantrolls. One was already in fantrolls and told me they actually had to leave the fantroll community because of how much hate they got.

That made me sick. I understand fantrolls please stop isnt hating on the individuals themselves but they are fueling the fire because once you make those characters public you instantly put a target on whoever owns that character.

The second one began to ask me on how to get into the fantroll community but after overhearing me and the veteran fantroller talk I could tell she was second guessing herself and you know what

I COULDNT EVEN FUCKING BLAME HER?? You gotta have tough skin to be in this hell hole 

But the point of this post is I just wanna stand by what I said in that tutorial I listed above, what I told that person at Acen, and what I’ve told everyone whos ever come to me with the fear of getting hate;

Fuck em.


Theres an option on the fantrolls please stop blog to remove a post but…

Im gonna keep it there.

I want it to be there because (If i do say so myself) Dahlia Sawyer is a damn good fantroll that has enough pages of information and RPs to back that up and I want to prove to the fantroll community that you can receive hate and you can be shit on for your character design and still have a damn good mother fucking fantroll.

Because making a fantroll is a lot like making porn

Some people will be into it

Others wont

But as long as you yourself like it

Then who the fuck cares.

A Very Mari Catmas I had a COMPLETELY different fic planned for today…but a certain nonnie sent me an ask that had a Marichat picture and I just…


Okay, enjoy!



I’ll be at a meeting all day today. Chef made dinner for you and put it in the fridge. You’ll be alone in the house today, so make sure you behave yourself. Absolutely no guests over.

-Gabriel Agreste

Adrien stared down at the note on the dining table for half a second before crushing it into a ball and throwing it in the trashcan.

Of course he’d be alone on Christmas. His father was rarely ever around to begin with, it being a holiday was no exception. He had gotten so excited when Gabriel had cleared his schedule for today, he now realized that this was his father’s “gift”, giving Adrien a day off from modeling and whatever else he had planned for that day, while Gabriel himself  had his schedule filled with enough work to keep him busy the whole day.

Adrien sighed softly as he walked through the empty house, Plagg flying behind him. The little kwami glanced outside the window as Adrien walked by it “It’s snowing…” he said. Adrien peeked outside, surely enough, there were little white snowflakes swirling in the wind outside. “Wanna go for a walk?” Adrien asked.

“Planning on spending the day with Ladybug or something?” Plagg asked, smirking when he spotted Adrien freeze like a deer in headlights. “I don’t think we’ll find her…she’s probably doing her own thing…” Plagg said. “Can we try? Even if we can’t there’s someone else I could visit…” Adrien said.

Plagg gave Adrien look of confusion. 


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Strawberry Shortcake (( Morinozuka Takashi))

The door bell ring again. It is 5pm exactly. Every single day. He would always come at this timing and always sit in his usual place. We never really talk but he would always order the same thing. A cup of latte and strawberry shortcake most of the times. I remember the first time I see him was three weeks ago, when he first came in with his group of friends. I remembered that day clearly. He was with a blond hair man around who is rather flamboyant . The said name was tanaki, according to another of his companions who was a another short young man also known as Honey, one of our regular customers. “This place is really exquisite!Is this one of the better cafe commoner come?!"The blond man asked,looking around every inch of the cafe, "The cafe here is not bad as for commoner.I really like it here!"Honey continued. The tall handsome man just kept quiet and looked around. The man took a seat with them. He took a window seat and looked outside, uninterested as the other two flipped through the menu. "The strawberry shortcake is amazinggg. It is baked all by one of their best bakers! You should really try them!” Honey exclaimed. You slightly blushed upon his comments. All the cakes in the cafe was all baked by yourself every single morning, with help of a few workers. You took your notepad and went to their table. “How may I help you?” you put on your brightest smile as you serve them. “I will have latte macchiato and creme brulee my dear,” the blonde man said, smiling back.You were a bit tad uncomfortable. “Hot chocolate and your strawberry shortcake as usual!” Honey grinned back. You quickly took down and nodded. “What about you sir?” you asked, looking over to the…well…tallest man in the group. He grunted and casually flip through the menu. “A cup of latte is enough,” he said, closing the menu and not even looking up once. You bit your lips and nodded. As you were collecting the menu, he looked up at as he passed you the menu. You saw his eyes widened slightly, or probably was just your imagination. His stoic face returned and he continue to looked out of the window. You learnt that his name was Mori, as by the blond guy, Tamaki. He glanced at you once in every while. You can’t help but listened a bit of their conversation. “Come on Takashi, just try this cake once~” Honey whined, holding up a bit of cake. Takashi simply stared at the food infront of him. Yep, the calm face that you enjoy looking at. “Trust me! It is baked by (y/n)! She put in a lot of effort and it is really nice! Right? (y/n)?” Honey asked, turning to look at you with her usual cheshire grin. As if it was synchronized, the other two also turned at looked at you. You blushed slightly and nodded, trying to hide behind the menu you were holding. Mori eyes softened upon looking at you. The glare came back when Honey started rambling again. Throughout that day, they were talking about business and something like host club And that was how that day went by. The next day, he came back in, alone. He ordered a cup of latte and strawberry shortcake ever since then. You went up to his usual seat. “The usual?” you asked. He simply replied a ‘yeah’. Both of you never talk before. But it was always the same thing. After finishing his latte, he would move on to his cake. But the thing was, he only eat the top strawberry and leaves the rest of the cake. Then he pays for everything and never leave after 5:30pm. And that’s its. Continuously happening for three whole weeks. The thing is, you make the cake. And everyone loves it. Honeh loves it. Your workers loves it. Your regular customers and even Tamaki loves it after he took his first bites.But then this guy just leaves the whole thing again and again and again. It is like a slap to your face. Ever since the second week, you practised on how to asked him why he never eat finish the whole cake.Of course it was difficult with his intense glare sometimes and eerie aura.And then every time you approached him, he has this 'I-hate-everyone’ look on his face and you get scared. But today was the day you decide to be brave. But the chair was empty. Maybe, today just wasn’t your day to be brave to ask him. The bell rang. Maybe it is. He took his usual seat. Without any hesitation, you walked towards and rambled" I know you want a cup of latte and a piece of cake but I want you to tell me why you never eat the cake I make the cakes every single day every single morning without any complaint and everyone loves them and I worked hard I wake up at 6 AM every single day make the cake and also take care of the cats that live here and after that I took all the leftover at the end of the day and make my way to the orphanage and gave them to the orphans and my life is getting hectic and I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY IS MY EFFORT NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?“ And immediately you finished rambling, you regrets. You can slowly feel your face getting flushed, turning into a bright pink hue. Oh god, how you wished you never said and confronted him. "I just don’t like sweets” he simply said, looking into your eyes, making your hue even brighter. This was your first time taking a really good look at his face. His hair look soft with that undercut, his sharp intimidating grey eyes, his jaws and don’t even mentioned about those muscles. You quickly shook your head and told yourself this isn’t what you are here for. “I actually kind of despised. them. They make me feel sick with all those sugar and cream,” he continued. “Then why do you always order the cake?” you asked. “I just want an excuse to see you everyday,” he replied, At this rate, you were gonna get a really high temperature and faint. “So you bake the cake?” he asked, his eyes not leaving your face even once. “Yeah,” you replied softly. “Bring me the same,” “Yep, sorry for all that,” you apologize. “It’s okay,” he slightly grunted and looked away. You went back to the counter and told someone else to bring him the food cause you were to embarrassed. You can’t believed what just happened.And 30 minutes later, that chair was empty as always when you went back to bring in the plate. But there was something different. He finished the whole cake.

My first full piece of fanfiction!

Title: “Once upon a dream”

Chapter: 1/?

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Ship: Marichat (Marinette and Chat Noir)

Characters: Marinette, Chat Noir/Adrein Agreste and Plagg.

Word Count: 4336.

Rating: Safe for everyone.

Summary: Chat Noir pays a visit to Marinette shortly after the episode “The Evillustrator”. During this visit the duo sing together and discuss romance.

Shoutout: I want to thank @fullmetalpotterhead for editing my grammatical nightmare of fanfiction! You’re awesome.

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Dog Days | Chapter One: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish... Red Fish?

Chapter one of wordsofawitheringwriter‘s and my doggy daycare AU :) She’s writing the next one and it should be out next Friday!

Gray grumbles under his breath, lips pulled down in a frown as he rolls his eyes at his friend—enemy? Frienemy? Brother from another mother? What is Natsu to him?—as he crosses his arms. Natsu ignores this, which is strange, because usually he’d be picking a fight right now.

A pout pulls at his lips. Ever since Natsu started dating Lucy during their senior year, he hasn’t wanted to fight as much. And, while Gray fully enjoys not having his face be beaten in, he can’t help but miss riling up the other hot-blooded male. It was always fun to watch Natsu finally snap.

The not-so-fun part came directly after that. When Natsu gave him a black eye or a bloody nose.

“Natsu,” Gray says, exasperated—because he is not whining. Gray Michael Fullbuster does not whine—as he stares at his friend’s back, wondering for the twentieth time why he decided to go with Natsu to the damn pet store. Don’t Natsu and Lucy have enough pets already? They’re going to become animal hoarders some day, and then they’ll be thrown out of their house, and then they’ll have to live with Gray. And Gray does not do animals (meaning their actual pets, not Natsu). Not since he was in first grade and woke up to find that one of his goldfish had eaten the other and then subsequently died from overeating.

He couldn’t keep two fish alive, but Natsu and Lucy have, like, sixty pets and they’re all fine? How is that fair? Sure, Lucy is an awesome caregiver, but Natsu can barely take care of himself! Gray is eighty-percent sure that Natsu would be dead or homeless if it wasn’t for Lucy keeping him on top of things.

It’s not that Natsu is dumb, or a slacker. He’s just a free spirit who’s a little bit crazy. Lucy is the part of him that keeps him grounded—so he doesn’t just float away.

Gray supposes that it’s sweet, in some way, but he’d never admit it out loud.

“What?” Natsu responds, not looking at him, still crouched down in front of bags of—what is that? Cat food?

Gray sighs, shaking his head. “Why are we here?” Meaning, in the cat food aisle, not here as in the Wild Four Pet Store! God, he hates this place. The employees are always screaming and they wear these weird, spiky dog collars. You want to be kinky? Fine, just save it for at home!

His pink-haired friend looks at him like Gray’s stupid. “We’re buying dog food,” he says slowly, swiping his brightly colored bangs away from his face.  

Gray sometimes wonders how people can take Natsu seriously. He’s got bright pink hair, two piercings in his left ear, and dresses in ripped jeans and band tee’s. Frankly, he looks like some punk kid that walks around with a girly, floral-dress-wearing, tiny blonde girl that barely reaches up to his chin.

What a weird couple (adorable, but weird).

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Through the Ages

#MLWeek Day 4: Ladybug and Chat Noir through the ages.

Samurai or Ancient Japan timeline…because I am a friggin Weeaboo, might not be that good, as I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, but I hope you guys like it.

Once upon a time there lived a young couple. The man was a woodcutter and the woman was a housewife, the two longed for a child, but could never have one. One day the man went to the forest to get firewood, however, it became dark very quickly and he became lost. He looked for shelter to spend the night and found a cave. As he entered the cave he heard a voice coming from deep inside.

He wandered deeper into the cave, holding his axe up to defend himself. He discovered where the voice was coming from, a shrine carved into a wall, deep inside of a cave. In front of the shrine was a stone bowl, and inside was a baby wrapped in a cloth of red and black. Hovering over the baby was a woman dressed in red and black clothing. The woman glanced at the man and smiled.

“Take care of her…our hero, Ladybug”

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hcourageous  asked:

Also think about a stray kitten somehow getting into the Bunker and Oliver just adopts it without question. It lives in the bunker. It sleeps on his lap as he's monitoring the computers. It likes to play with arrows. Team Arrow is like ??? But Oliver never explains. KITTEN IN THE ARROW CAVE.

Originally posted by cats-are-the-cutest-things-ever

You don’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you.

When he found the little calico fur ball outside the back entrance of the Bunker, Oliver initially thought it was nothing, until its head popped up and those large, shining blue eyes stared up at him. The tiny, high-pitched meow almost instantly melted his heart and he couldn’t help himself. He bent down and picked up the dirty kitten off the cold asphalt, taking it inside with him. He gave it a warm, gentle bath, one he expected the cat would fight him on, but was surprised to find it simply sit under the faucet as he washed away the dirt and the grime.

Once wrapped in a towel, those big, blue eyes stared up at him again before another tiny meow escaped its mouth. When it began to purr, Oliver knew there was no way he’d take the kitten to the shelter. He was smitten. Those blue eyes reminded him of someone near and dear to his heart, and he felt this was as close to her as he’d get anytime soon.

An hour later, he took the kitten to the nearest veterinary clinic to make sure it wasn’t hurt or sick, and after a couple of tests and several shots, the kitten, a female to be exact, was given a clean bill of health and a name: Peanut. It was the only name he could think of on short notice considering how fast things were happening. Besides, it fit the tiny little bundle in his arms as he carried her back outside, slipping the kitten into his leather jacket so her head popped out beneath her chin as he drove off on his bike.

That was the thing about Peanut: she didn’t mind anything they did just so long as she was close to Oliver. He learned that the second he tried to leave the Bunker later that afternoon to get her a littler box, food, bowls, and a collar. Peanut meowed so loudly, he could hear her through the elevator shaft. Oliver was forced to take her with, something he realized he didn’t mind doing. 

The kitten became his constant companion, a little furry ball of love that rubbed up against him and settled into his lap whenever he sat down, whether it be to monitor the computers for any criminal activity or to sharpen arrows at his worktable. He quickly learned that Peanut enjoyed playing with his gear, something he would have to rectify before it became a problem. Oliver fashioned her some toys out of spare string, arrow shafts, and fletching, and soon his new pet became enamored with it.

When the rest of the team arrived that evening, the sight of Oliver with the kitten sleeping on his lap instantly became the topic of conversation. Thea was the first to spot her, watching him stroke the kitten’s back as his eyes remained glued to the monitors in front of him.

“Uh, Ollie, is that what I think it is?” she asked, cautiously stepping closer to get a better look.

“Yes,” Oliver simply answered without taking his eyes off the screen.

“Care to explain?” Thea replied, placing her hands on her hips as she stared down at the fur ball in his lap.

“Nope,” he said just as the kitten woke up. She yawned, stretching her body out before using her paws to gently massage his upper thigh. When Peanut noticed the newcomer, her entire body instantly went on the defense, her hair standing up on end.

When Thea took another step closer, she hissed, and Oliver immediately placed a hand over the width of the kitten’s back. “Whoa, Peanut, calm down,” he whispered, quickly setting the cat at ease. 

“Peanut?” Thea repeated with a snort. “I never saw you as a cat person, Ollie.” She turned then and headed over to the training area to get ready for a night of sparring. 

Reactions to the rest of the team went about the same, although Laurel did get clawed when she tried to reach out and pet Peanut. Dig kept his distance, though, deciding it was not worth the claw marks he’d have to explain to Lyla when he got home later that night.

With the streets mostly quiet that evening, everyone headed home early, leaving Oliver and Peanut alone in the Bunker. That night, he slept on his cot, his new companion curled up either at his side, on his chest, or against his neck. She kept him calm when the nightmares hit, placing her paws on his chest and gently licking his nose.

From that day forward, Peanut stayed with him. While those first few weeks were tough leaving her alone for several hours at a time, she quickly grew used to it, curling up on his pillow until Oliver returned. There were quiet days and crazy days, days where he’d come back exhausted and days where he’d come back near death. Peanut always cuddled up next to him, and he found her presence something to cling to when things became overwhelming.

Then came the day Felicity returned to the Bunker, her bright pink heels clicking up the stairs to her chair in front of her monitors.

“Oliver!” he heard her shout his name from where he was washing his hands in the bathroom. He came out running, afraid someone had broken into their lair, but when he saw her staring down at her chair, he realized what was happening. “Why is there a cat in the Bunker?” she asked, her eyes immediately finding his.

“I can explain,” Oliver sheepishly replied as he bounded up the stairs and scooped the kitten into his arms before she could inflict any pain on the woman he’d tried so hard to reconnect with.

“Finally,” he heard Thea mumble from somewhere behind him.

“I found her outside,” he explained. “In the alley, by the door. She looked up at me and meowed, and I couldn’t just leave her out there in the cold, so I brought her inside and, well, I guess I adopted a cat.”

A smile crept onto Felicity’s face as she slowly stepped closer to them, her hand stretched out in a non-threatening gesture, allowing the kitten to sniff her. “What’s her name?” she asked softly, another calming gesture that allowed this to go far more smoothly than he expected.

“Peanut,” Oliver said just as the kitten sniffed Felicity’s fingers. Suddenly, she opened her mouth, but instead of biting Felicity, she licked her hand. Then she wiggled out of Oliver’s grasp, reaching out to the woman in front of him as if asking to be held by her. His jaw dropped as Peanut easily went from his arms into Felicity’s, and she gently scratched the kitten behind the ears and under the chin.

“She’s never done that before,” he heard Dig whisper to Thea.

“I think she likes you,” Oliver said, reaching over to stroke his hand over the cat’s head. “And, uh, she doesn’t really like anyone aside from me.” In his head, he knew the reason: Felicity’s scent was all over everything down here. Maybe that’s why Peanut took such a quick liking to her. Or maybe it was because Felicity was just a gentle person in general. Whatever the reason, Oliver was glad they had gotten along so quickly and so easily.

Maybe this would finally win Felicity over. Maybe seeing him take care of Peanut, love her just as much as he loved his former fiance, would finally allow her to see he was trying. Only time would tell.


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Title: Worst Couple Ever

Pairing: Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch

Fandom: The Raven Cycle

Words: 1.1K

based off of an au from this wonderful blog

Ronan was a God damn mastermind. He had pulled some pretty incredible pranks before but this topped the cake.

And what a fine cake topper it was.

All day he had been up in a tree sprinkling fake snow on people passing by. The reactions were especially hilarious due to the fact that it never snowed in Henrietta. Ever.

As of now he had received a “Fuck you Snake” from one (1) Blue Sargent, a “Damn, I got so excited” from one (1) Gansey and a rather melodramatic sigh from one (1) Noah Czerny. The latter of which he had felt a little bad about.

He was about to feel a lot worse.

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MLWeek Day 2: Family/Friends

What would happen if Alya remembered being Lady Wifi?

Alya sat in her bedroom, looking over the tape that had been sent in over and over again. “I can’t believe it…” she whispered to herself. “I…I became…I became an Akuma?” she whispered in horror. “I hurt Ladybug…and Cat Noir and…” Alya stared at the photo of herself and sighed, shaking her head. “No… this couldn’t be real, could it?” she whispered to herself.

Alya was out of it for the next few days. “Alya…are you okay?” Marinette asked, worried about her friend. “Ah… Y-Yes…I’m fine…sorry, I’ve gotta go…” Alya whispered, running off. “Nino, do you know what’s going on with her?” Marinette asked. Nino watched Alya’s retreating figure and shook his head sadly. “I’ll make sure to talk to her tomorrow…” he said.

“I’ll go too” Marinette said.

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