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Containment 1x08

You guys thought the fake outs for Karamel kisses were bad.

Try shipping two people that can’t even touch. There are all these emotional scenes and cute moments where traditionally there would be a simple hand hold or an epic kiss but they can’t do that for fear of possibly killing each other if they do.

I won’t lie, the make out scene through the shower curtain was definitely emotional, intense, and hot enough, to make me cry, but good lord this is absolute TORTURE!

Based off of this

“Hey Davey,” Finch called. “Where’s Jack?”

Davey shot a look at Crutchie, who shrugged in return. After the strike, Crutchie’s wounds prevented him from being able to climb up the ladder to the rooftop, and Jack had refused to come down. When morning bell rang, Jack was already gone, and hadn’t shown his face since.

“Sorry kid, no sign of him,” Medda said. “Looks like you’re doing a solo.”

“Medda I can’t,” Davey protested. “Crutchie help me out here.”

“You’re the brains here,” Crutchie reminded. “You got this.”

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do you have any math studying tips i have a math exam tmrow and i failed last time and thankfully he drops the lowest score and im literally just trying to pass the class with whatever ever grade, but aiming for a C. But i feel like i dont understand anything and im going to fail ahhh i hate college math fuck this

ok sis after this test tomorrow pls locate your campus tutoring center and sign up for it. if there’s like peer tutoring that’s super helpful and you’ll be able to clear up your confusion well before the next test.

for the night before I would rec going through khan academy or finding youtube videos where they solve similar questions so that you can follow along. there isn’t much else you can do the night before just do as many practice problems as you can. good luck bby I hope this exam goes better than the last ❣ but please go look into tutoring bc it’s rly helpful!!

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Hey! I have a question about the houses. Do I really count my house as the next house if it's within 3-5 degrees from the next one?

The planet is moved into the next one by your own choice if it’s within one degree on the house (or sign, in some people’s case) cusp, but again it’s completely up to you where you interpret it, and I think you’ve got to understand your own chart and eradicate your own bias before making that decision

Election 2016

     What devastates me most about this election has nothing to do with my candidate not pulling through, I don’t care about that. It has nothing to do with voting Democrat and losing to a Republican; and nothing to do with leaning one way or the other party-wise. I’m not mad at the process. This has literally nothing to do with fiscal issues et al. While those are very important, and impact me as much as everyone else, that is not the issue that is causing me pain today.

     So the majority got what they wanted, and that technically sounds good. We live in a country where the masses get to decide where our country moves. That’s democracy, and I’m proud of it, but that’s not my issue. This time around, the majority signed up for, socially speaking, a platform built upon hate, sexism, exclusionary tactics, xenophobia and a myriad of other bigoted and prejudicial beliefs. That bothers me to my utmost core. I was raised to include everyone, to not judge people based on their skin color, their belief systems, or sexual orientation.

     Raised as a Jewish person, and knowing my history, it scares me that we elected a president that wants to register a religious group akin to Adolf Hitler registering Jews between 1933-1939. I fear for the Muslim people, who deserve nothing less than the freedom to live their lives, unhindered, as Americans. Treating them like scapegoats and criminals is incredibly reminiscent of an abhorrent historical landmark we should be learning from, not repeating.

     For all people of color, of non-heterosexual orientation and women: This must feel like another major disappointment in a long line of major disappointments that you’ve had to endure again and again. I can’t really begin to truly know how you all feel individually or as a whole, but to me this feels like a death. I feel like something I believed in, loved, cared about, and trusted has died overnight. And maybe that’s the necessary wake-up call many of us have always needed: people like me, white, heterosexual men who believe in true progression, but have never really known the full scope of the consistently disenfranchised, get woken up.

        Listen, I get it, eight years of a Democratic president normally gives way to Republican reign; that doesn’t bother me. But that isn’t the whole story in my eyes; This also has to do with a frightening majority reacting negatively to having eight years of an African-American president, who could not abide by a woman taking office, and longed for “the good ol’ times” when a white, heterosexual, “Red blooded American” male was sitting on the throne. It feels like we took 1 step forward, and then discovered a fun looking time machine, which we used to travel back in time 50-60 years to live in a time most of us never really experienced. And why the hell should we? Shouldn’t we be moving forward in time? Shouldn’t we be championing for more basic human liberties rather than repealing them?

     Thanks for reading, if you read the whole thing. I will not be responding on social media to this or anywhere else for that matter. I have nothing defend and no want/need to fight. I also don’t care if my grammar/punctuation isn’t exactly on point. You can get fully bent if that’s the issue you hang upon. Congratulations to those that feel victorious and I’m sorry to those that feel beyond deflated, I empathize. I will now take a cue from Stephen King and get the fuck off Twitter, and the like, for a sabbatical to collect my thoughts. Take care, everyone.

alright listen you lil shits!!

Aries: 8/10 y'all are chill af but got a demonic side to y'all and it’s like ummmm …. pls calm down thank u

Taurus: 8/10 y'all be chillin too but sometimes y'all just pop off out of know where and you’re like ???? damn do you need to step outside or??

Cancer: 4/10 …. honestly like idk wtf y'all be on but pls go take a nap and don’t bother anyone but your own sign and your sign only thank u

Gemini: 6/10 most of the time YALL are great and I try to give y'all the benefit of the doubt but then y'all feel like y'all got too much freedom and just burn down buildings for fun I can’t keep up pls stop

Leo: 5/10 … y'all get an extra 3 points because y'all are a fire sign but honestly … calm down???? why are you so dramatic??? omfg like homie listen it’s not that big of a deal

Virgo: 9/10 honestly YALL are really nice but y'all really be so high on a horse like …. come down …. stop …. you’re not god ….

Libra: 7.5/10 y'all got this cute charm thing going on for y'all but y'all are indecisive, ugreatful, manipulative, impossible, cry baby assholes like fuck stfu

Scorpio: 7/10 y'all make great friends but y'all get pissy over the stupidest shit, can’t control ya emotions, act like the world owes you something, y'all have this fucking god-complex that everyone says aquarians have like holy fuck listen buddy, life is not black & white, everyone likes typical shit like the color pink but also likes to watch gory movies you are not “different”

Sagittarius: 9/10 we’re fucking awesome but shit we be too much sometimes and we never fucking deal w our emotions and we run away from shit when it gets too hard but judge tf outta others when they do it

Capricorn: 9.5/10 almost perfect but not there because you’re constantly over worrying shit, judge people, act like y'all are better than everyone, pretend your life isn’t a constant mess because you’ve painted a perfect picture for everyone and your closet is a fucking mess

Aquarius: 7/10 y'all chill too but you never answer your fucking phone, you barely go around your family or friends, you pop up out of the blue, your sc is always lit but tu never invite anyone, you never sleep, always forget to eat and only exist when you feel like it

Pisces: 6/10 do you even exist???? where tf you be at???? why y'all so salty and bratty??? why do y'all act like we gotta be nice to you cause your feelings are so sensitive like damn bitch ain’t no one care drink some damn orange juice

When you compliment the Zodiac Signs

Aries: “Shut up. *aggressive blushing*”
Taurus: “Oh. *internal debate over responding     with ‘I know’ or ‘thank you.’*”
Gemini: “Thank you. Where is that coming from?     What brought that to mind? *curious Gemini is curious*”
Cancer: “No, you [returns compliment]! *giggle     galore*”
Leo: “Hahahaha no. *rejects compliment, but     is secretly super flattered*”
Virgo: “Alright. *moves on with life*”
Libra: “Aww, ya really think so?” *secretly     hopes for more compliments*
Scorpio: “Oh, is that so?” *violently blushes,     while suspicious as to what other person is trying to do*
Sagittarius: “Do you really mean it?” *happy 5evar*
Capricorn: “Thanks.” *isn’t surprised*
Aquarius: “Well, I may or may not agree with you,     but I appreciate the sentiment regardless!” *tries to decide if they agree     or disagree*
Pisces: “Oh! You are too sweet! Thank you so     much!” *gently blushes and hides face in hands*


About half a year ago, I reflected on my life and decided that I spent a lot of time alone, behind my computer. It’s where I feel safest and get the most work done. I felt like it was time for something new - to go out into the world, meet people, and share knowledge in a new way. So I attended Abunaicon here in the Netherlands. It was my first time showing up at an event of that size as “Loish”, to do a live demonstration of my drawing process and to sign books. I was so terrified! I was literally shaking as I walked in. Although I knew it would be ok, deep down inside I was scared that everyone would be disappointed.

But it was amazing! The people I met were kind, supportive, and genuinely interested in how I work. So then I went to FACTS in Gent, to draw on a massive stage with a microphone attached to my head. It was so scary but so rewarding! Soon after, I did a live drawing session at KLIK animation festival. I realized that participating in events like this was not only a career move, but also to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. I just returned from CTNX, my fourth event, and I’m just so sad that it’s over. It was so incredible and I don’t think I’ve ever made so many new friends in such a short amount of time!

I’ve heard people say that the internet isolates people and keeps real friendships from growing. I’ve experienced the opposite. I’ve made so many friends online, and now I’m meeting these friends face-to-face. I have to say, the experience is just.. incredible. Thanks so much to everyone who came and said hi in these recent months, and who shared their story with me! I couldn’t be happier right now, or more grateful. And to those I haven’t met face-to-face yet, I look forward to someday meeting you - your support on the internet means so much to me! You guys are the best!!!

Victor’s Promises

I would like to kindly remind everyone that Victor is known to constantly forget promises (as he admitted in Episode 2 to Yuri).

Let’s recount this event from the beginning. Yuri approaches Victor and asks him to choreograph for his senior debut.

Victor responds with:

Now when this is brought up again, Victor in fact acts as if it was no big deal at all. He is almost uncaring (though he does complete this promise by choreographing his short program).

Now, let’s examine his promise to Yuuri. This is in fact the same year as when he made the promise to Yuri. Yuuri approaches him and says:

This is in fact a very similar situation. If this I win this then do something for me. We can see from Victor’s reaction, he regards this promise completely differently.

He is blushing. Is this a sign of love? Highly doubtful, but he is definitely interested. Now I think it necessary to bring up the day that Yuuri first met Victor. 

This is where we are greatly mistaken. We are made to assume by Yuuri that Victor only sees him as a fan. The ball actually occurred after this event. Therefore, Victor was made aware of who Yuuri was (Yuuri himself being too drunk to remember). However if we look at his face when Yuuri rejects him:

He is completely serious. He is in fact watching him leave. Could this be simply because a fan turned him down? Potentially, but I’m sure many of us want to believe that this is because he was disappointed that Yuuri turned away. 

However, let us now take into account Victor’s face when he sees Yuri performing his free skate program.

His face is once again, completely and utterly serious. At the time, I’m sure we were made to feel like Victor was shocked, perhaps even annoyed. This seriousness doesn’t imply anything good at all, which is later proven false as Victor goes to Japan to coach Yuri himself.

Now, I’m willing to bet that this was a promise that stuck in Victor’s mind. In fact, Yuuri fascinated him and as the series goes on we are shown that their love for each other grows stronger. 

I am willing to say that Victor and Yuuri have been completely enamored with one another from the get go. However, their relationship developed in a completely healthy and supportive fashion, regardless of their sexes or positions. Yuri on Ice has shown us a new way to view the world, not through the eyes of gender but complete love and trust in one another. 

Victor himself evolves as a person, learning to become a better coach and friend from being around Yuuri. Yuuri in turn is aided through his own anxieties by Victor himself. 

This show is so awe inspiring and we owe it to the creator’s for giving us something so beautiful. 

  • when i see fanart of a yaoi pairing where one of them is genderbent into a girl: nope nope nopE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOT TODAY N O P E
  • when i see fanart of a yaoi pairing where both of them are genderbent into girls: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine - 08 || Blame! The Ancient Terminal City

My character, Del, a wood elf rouge, was sent to a tavern to collect money for a drug dealer from a guy. All I know is his name, the fact that he practically lives at the tavern, and that he frequently uses the services of prostitutes.

Del: I’m looking for Bruno, do you know where he is?

Bartender: Nope, never heard of him.

Del (OOC): I guess I’ll just wait and watch for any sign of him.

I order a heavily diluted ale and nurse it for over an hour, waiting.

Two prostitutes come down the stairs. The bartender waves one of them over and whispers something to her. She then starts to head back up the stairs.

Del (OOC): Can I use a stealth check to follow her?

DM: You can on her, but the bartender is still watching you.

Del (OOC): Okay. I drop a copper piece on the floor, get down to pick it up, and crawl away.

DM: (laughing) Stealth check.

I roll well.

DM: You get half way to the stairs before you hear the bartender mutter.

Bartender: Wait, where’d he go?

DM: You make it to the stairs and look back to see the bartender duck and look under the table. He then checks his pockets to be sure all of his money is still there.