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Minimalist + Animated Graphic Tutorial

Today I am doing a tutorial for my minimalist graphics, requested by poedameron and since its a multistep process, I have split it into 3 parts.

  • You should be familiar with Photoshop, or you may find it confusing.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate/Hard
  • I’m using Photoshop CS5 Extended
  • Plz like/reblog if you find it useful

I’ll be showing you how to make this graphic from this post:

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How many more innocent people have to die because Scott’s too afraid to get his hands dirty? What’s that saying about all evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing? Scott’s been doing a whole lot of nothing for a really long time. // Scott McCall is literally Jack Crawford from "Hannibal". Or Frederick Chilton. The only *abyssal* difference is that both Jack and Frederick were played by A~M~AZ~I~N~G actors who elevated the original script, while Scott is played by Tyler Posey.

If you’re going to write a character that is passive, one who is pushed around by the plot instead of one who pushes the plot, then you need to make them an amazing and interesting character, played by an amazing and interesting actor. 

Importantly though, neither Jack Crawford of Frederick Chilton is the main character. I think you have a better argument saying that Will is passive to begin with while events just keep snowballing, but it doesn’t take Will long at all to take control and start guiding events. It doesn’t exactly work out well for him, lol, but that’s the nature of his universe! Also, Will is a well written character. Scott is not. 

Scott’s arc has been unfocused. His motivation is patchy at best. His character is inconsistent and all over the place. Which isn’t actually unique in the Tween Wolf universe, and is the fault of the writers and the show runner. But also, Scott is supposed to me the main character, and if the writers don’t know who the main character is, then who the hell does? 

What’s forgivable in a secondary character is just messy in a main. 

And yes, Posey doesn’t have the acting ability to elevate such terrible writing. 

MA-EVENT -Wolf’s Month - submission 2 (Day 2)
Booooored~ omg, the boring and inefficient meetings they have in this country, today I complained to anyone who would listen~!

So tween Wolf because OMG he has spent most of his life as a tween!
He looked 10 when he was 16 (novel 4), and he looks 16 at age 82, which means that for the better part of his life he’s been a tween! (You poor baby)

Anyways, I also remember that in the early canons (drama 1 and shorts) he used to spend time being tutored to become a good ruler of Bielefeld even after Yuuri arrived… and so this is my Wolf ‘waiting for an adventure’.

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Hi Carrie! Lately I've been feeling kind of alone/friendless. Could you write a (or a small collection of) scott and stiles best friend scene? Like a being-there-for-eachother, supportive scene with lots of hugging and maybe tears?

Hi anon! I’m sorry you’re feeling alone, I put together a collection of fluffy best friend fic recs and some hurt/comfort supportive recs to cheer you up!

  • tween wolf by verity (Ratings vary from G to T, one E, 53k) The day before sixth grade starts, Scott gets bitten by a werewolf.
  • Like Kisses On the Necks of Best Friends by cardel (G, 527 words) Scott could never say the sharp turns he takes on his bike are not intentional. Well, the first one was unintentional but after that not so much. He is taking too many sharp turns to be anything but intentional. Stiles hasn’t said anything though so maybe he can pretend he’s still doing it by accident. 
  • more power than anything in the dark by lolafiest (G, 2k) When Scott jogs back inside, his mom stands against wall, watching Stiles, eyeing the tangle of bandages and dusty old clothes. “Get them off,” Stiles is saying, dazed and soft. “Get it off.”
  • You Still Have Me by wolfling (G, 22k) Stiles stared at his phone for a long moment after the message finished, though he already knew what he was going to do. Despite Scott’s attempt to hide it, Stiles clearly heard the tiny tremor in his voice that signalled he wasn’t doing nearly as well as he was trying to seem. There was no way that Stiles could hear that and not be there for Scott. No matter how messed up he himself was still feeling.
  • Sentry by Nokomis (G, 1k) Scott makes sure Stiles gets the sleep he needs. (post 3x18)
  • Ridiculous by WriterGirl128 (G, 3k) Stiles was a good friend. In fact, he was such a good friend that when Scott’s protective instincts suddenly turned up to ten, he pretended not to notice.
  • Pattern by curiosa (G, 2k) It’s a pattern, routine. Stiles and Scott. The two of them together.
  • A Broken Night by xproskeith (G, 1k) Scott calls Stiles the night that his dad leaves him and his mom. Stiles does his best to comfort his best friend.
  • with a whimper by see_addy_write (G, 732 words) Destroying the nogitsune has some unforeseen side effects for Stiles.
  • Two halves of one whole by curiosa (G, 2k) Scott’s not moved from his bed for what feels like hours, long enough for his thighs to start to cramp up, his ass to feel numb and his legs to feel like they’re solidly stuck to the carpet.
  • untitled by bistiles (G, 1k) Five years old Stiles has a plan.This plan involves an escape plan, but Stiles isn’t concerned. He can do it. He planned it. 
  • Batman and Superman by (G, 1k) Stiles always wanted a brother.
  • A Solemn Anniversary by xproskeith (T, 3k) Stiles has a particularly hard time with the anniversary of his mother’s death this year and reflects back on the day of her death and how Scott helped him. 
  • Memory by dutchydoescoke (T, 240 words) Scott’s very first memory of Stiles is preschool, Scott’s first day.
  • Riding in Cars by dancingelf88 (G, 707 words) Two times Sheriff Stilinski arrested Scott and Stiles and the one time he didn’t.

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i just imagined about tween wolf voiles and got emotional hold me

G O D tween wolf

11 year old stiles being possessed, both him and his dad thinking stiles is dying now the same way claudia did only two years ago. stiles going missing, tHOUSAND YEAR OLD FOX WALKING AROUND IN AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD BODY AND KILLING PEOPLE. maybe telling stiles they can be a family, they don’t need the sheriff, they don’t need scott or melissa. just the two of them.

12 year old allison dying. 11 year old scott becoming an alpha, 11 year old scott holding a man’s hand as the life leaves his body, 11 year old scott holding allison in his arms as she dies. lydia losing her best friend, kira learning she isn’t human, malia being turned back into a human only like two years after she killed her mom and sister.

19/20 year old derek losing his sister a year after he lost his family, killing his uncle, losing erica and boyd, sacrifices his alphahood, decides to protect and mentor a pack of children.