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Dr Who: The Tag Game

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Tag Game: Doctor Who Edition

Doctor you started with: I’ve started with the Ninth Doctor. Actually it were my friends who made me to sit down with them and watch the first episode. At first I was like “what, everything is so strange, I don’t understand a thing” but then, oh boy, I fell in love with this show. I watched New Who nonstop and then started Classic Who from Terror of Autons because I was attracted by Delgado.

Favourite Doctor: Twelve and Three are my №1, I think I would take a bullet for both of them. But Nine is very close to the top too.  

Favourite Companion: Jo Grant, my precious, carring, badass baby. It’s like impossible not to love her. I mean, just look: 

Jo: *is chased by giant stone robot who killed a person in front of her*

Robot: Execute! Execute! 

*five minutes later when robot turns out not to be evil*

Jo: Oh, Mr Robot, will you be alright if we leave you here for some time? I worry for you so much!

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Favourite Episode: 
Classic Who: “The Three Doctors”, I suppose? Idk, there are so many underappreciated episodes like “the Mind of Evil” or “The Mutants” or “the Time Monster” (the Atlantis Part). 

New Who: Every.goddamn. episode. with Twelfth Doctor. Especially from series 9 and 10. Peter Capaldi is the gift we do not deserve. 

Also I am very passionate about “The end of the world”. It is a masterpiece. Absolutely legendary. I laughed so hard while watching it because MUSIC THERE. OH GOD.THAT MUSIC. But then it suddenly became so damn sad, and I was like “oh yeah emotional rollercoaster I like that” *sobs*

DW OTP: I think it’s kinda obvious? Three x Jo is my favourite OTP for sure and you can engrave “spacegranted” right on the monument on my grave. 

I suppose it’s because both Third Doctor and Jo are types of people who can’t help but touch everybody around them so when they are together we get double amount of touching which cause a lot of adorableness and unnecessary feels. 

 Yes, Jo, you can randomly put your hand on Doctor’s body, why not.

Yes, Doctor, you can hold Jo’s hand all the time because you worry for your girlfriend companion

Favourite line/quote:  “Hello, Stormageddon. It’s The Doctor, here to help. Be quiet. Go to sleep. No, really. Stop crying. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, you know. A normal human life on Earth. Mortgage repayments, the 9 to 5, a persistent nagging sense of spiritual emptiness. Save the tears for later, boyo. Oh, that was crabby. No, that was old. But I am old, Stormy. I am so old. So near the end. But you, Alfie Owens. You are so young, aren’t you? And you know, right now, everything’s ahead of you. You could be anything. Yes, I know. You could walk among the stars. They don’t actually look like that, you know — they are rather more impressive [uses his sonic screwdriver to make a starry sky appear on the ceiling]. Yeah! You know, when I was little like you, I dreamt of the stars. I think it’s fair to say, in the language of your age, that I lived my dream. I owned the stage. Gave it a hundred and ten percent. I hope you have as much fun as I did, Alfie”  

Favourite Character that isn’t the Doctor or a companion: 

Good Guy: God bless Brigadier. His facial expressions are priceless

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 Bad Guy: Omega, definetely. He is very interesting character, powerful, well-mannered (well, when he isn’t having his tantrums), emotional, a bit sassy, and I actually sympathized him while watching the series. 

BrOTP: Tenth Doctor and Donna, I guess.  

Favourite DW fic (if you have one): First of all, big thanks to @cat94208 for inroducing me to the fanfic “Variation on a theme”. I really enjoyed it. But back to the question: I absolutely love all fics by Primsong about Three and Jo but my favourite one is “The Shining Furrow”. It’s just so…good? I reread it sometimes and every time it’s still such a pleasure.  

Favourite DW fanart/blog (if you have one): @thelonelygodzilla‘s art is the reason why I am alive and yet I die of feels every time I see it. 

Idk, The Doctor and Jo in his/her works look so good, so pure, so in love  

But why stop on fanart when we have official art?Let me tell you this…

*inhales deeply*

I LOVE THIRD DOCTOR TITAN COMICS SO MUCH! Like, how the hell it’s even real? How the hell it’s canon? After more than 40 years we suddenly get this story and oh God, what a time to be alive. 

If you could pick anyone to be the next Doctor, who would it be? (Why, if you feel like explaining): Can we just have a new circle of Peter Capaldi? Like Twelve regenerating into Twelve would be so nice. I would actually pay to see more of him on screen. I just hope Big Finish will catch PCap right after his leaving and do some (by that I mean as much as possible) audios with him and Bill and maybe other companions and Clara. pLeAsE. 

But if I really have to choose I pick Tilda Swinton because she has very unique appearance and it would be a fresh start for the show. 

If you could pick anyone to be the next companion who would it be? (Why?): I know that I am supposed to pick an actual actor but…guys, listen. 

Newt Scamander as companion of New Doctor. They would travel around the universe saving different creatures, visiting amazing places and do other good stuff.   

Favourite fan theory: Shame but I don’t know any theories about DW

Other fandoms: Legend of Aang/Korra, Harry Potter, Overwatch, Skyrim, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, MCU (is there a fandom for classical russian literature? Because I am totally in it).

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