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Hey so uh I don’t know wtf I’m doing but @mypoorfaves posted this prompt a while ago about sick Yuuri and I decided to run with it. This is the first time I’ve ever posted a fic on Tumblr (it’s more like a drabble I guess?) About 1k. Hope you enjoy! (Also I hope the read more button works???)


Victor never considered himself a particularly patient man. There were some things he was more willing to wait for than others: for Makkachin to give him the ball while playing fetch, for Yurio to stop yelling at him, for certain cute Japanese boys to flirt with him.

One thing Victor found, however, was that he had little to no patience for tardiness during practice.

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anonymous asked:

Fuoror reminds me of Fehlaaur from the Star Wars Legacy comic.

I had to go and look him up ‘cause I didn’t know who he is.

He’s a CUTIE and he has great hair (and cheekbones).  I love his little hair wisps.  Maybe he’s a descendant of Fuoror.  xD 

In all seriousness, his character sounds really cool and I love the list of accomplishments (he ends up the head of Imperial Intelligence???  Awesome!!)  And I love that he’s apparently always the calm and collected and aloof one among all the hotheaded ambitious human Moffs he’s surrounded by (how very Chiss, haha….poor guy, lol).

Is he very present in these comics?  Or more of a background character?  Should I bother reading these?  (Is it even possible to, anymore?)  Hmmm… regardless, I like him already (I’m not bias what do you mean).  Thanks for introducing me to another Chiss character!!  There aren’t enough of them.  :(

I’m an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting ‘til the war’s won,
I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back.

Something to help me practice expanding my style, so I sat down and drew a Kenny McCormick!

P.S. He’s transparent



|| yesterday i talked about quelavah having a tail as well since she’s a crossbreed; something i just changed about her appearance recently. she has also longer limbs than a deities, witches or humans have, scales in her face and on her neck to shoulders, clawlike hands, pointed ears and dragonlike eyes - and also fangs but i can’t draw teeth. her tail isn’t fluffy though, she can’t grow body hair but decorates it with jewelry. her clothes are typical robes of witches from izalith but she wears jewelry similar to that gwyndolin wears; plus a higher neckline to hide her scales. as i said yesterday as well is her tail is flexible like that of a cat and has similar behaviour, she can use it in close range combat and hit you hard!