no but this scene gives me chills in the good way

so just watched episode 1 of shadowhunters

i’m going to ignore the changes they made when i review this episode because it’s to be expected even if some seem really not necessary 

i think kat was good, better than she seemed in the promos so that’s a relief

dom was solid maybe a bit too serious 

izzy was great (esp with alec)

alec has no chill whatsoever and i love him already

valentine seems like a psycho and i loved the way he talked to jocelyn like she’s still his loving wife like yeah okay dude (and he looks less angry than movie valentine so that’s good)

still need more magnus scenes to review harry

best part is simon for me, the part with the meth was funny and not in a forced kind of way and his what the fuck look is perfect which is good since i think he’s gonna have that look 40% of the time

the dialogue left a lot to be desired honestly, i think the writing was average at best but i’m going to give them the benefit of this episode being a first and they had to introduce this whole new world in 40 minutes

which is another problem i think they spread just too much information and it was all over the place like so many new words (for those who haven’t read the books) 

the time jumps really killed the pacing so i hope they’ll deal with those better in future episodes

the cgi is really meh but okay i’m going to give them a break in that area, it’s just that the colors they picked for the portals are so childish and campy damn it why 

i’m going to rate this episode a 6.5 out of 10 but i see some potential and they can make it better, i just hope they did and it’s not some half-assed show (writing is so crucial to any show so it has to get a lot better)