no but they were my faves

i’ve noticed a pattern in some people where they seem all for a racebent character… until someone suggests their white fave could be black, latinx, asian or a character of color. stuff like “you can have a latinx catwoman but poison ivy MUST BE white” as if that person would suddenly stop liking their fave character if they were a different race. this applies to making characters lgbtq+ too. “you can have x, y, z character, just don’t put that shit on my fave.” it’s all very hmmmmm

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I love sharks too! What's your favorite shark?

sharks are so cool!!! they were always my fave animals as a kid, i would straight up go to the library and check out books about them to read lmao

I really like great white sharks (really basic but they’re sooo cool !!) and thresher sharks cause their method of hunting is essentially a bitch slap lmao


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Tsukista TRI! School Revolution!
Ever since Act 1 [of Tsukista], the first year we worked together, we’ve played the role of the best combination, the nenshou-gumi*! We’ve been praised by various people for our growth since the first time we’ve portrayed the nenshou-gumi. I think that because Tsubasa-kun was Iku-kun, the two of us were able to come this far. I’m grateful for Tsubasa-kun ✨


*a term for the “younger pair,” sometimes I’ll translate it if it sounds okay, but usually I leave it like that

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Since it's Shadowhunters, and death is a daily recurrence, if you were a writer and HAD to kill off either Alec, Magnus or Luke who would it be? I know they're your faves so I'm trying to torture you a bit. Lol

what kind of question is this? please delete this and never come back i’m not killing my babies??? WHAT

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😒 - Biggest pet peeve? 

non-politically id have to say people standing too close/not giving me personal space! unless were good friends.

😏 - What turns you on?

hhhh uhh big dick belly bulges cum bondage size difference teasing exhibitionism fangs piercings glasses to name a few #nsfw

🍴 - Favorite food(s) to eat? 

i really like curry and fried rice!! i call those my ‘birthday faves’ cause thats always what i have on my birthday!! i also love soda, iced mochas, shrimp tempura, and strawberries!!

🍭 - Favorite Candy? 

watermelon sour patch kids and anything chocolate!!


taekook in bs&t era 


So I lowkey used klapollo for my part in @jinglejongle‘s upcoming Valentines Day PMV MAP (im so weak for these two gdi) Watch the finished part here!