no but they were my faves


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i. The Blue Planet HANS ZIMMER
ii. Lemon to a Knife Fight THE WOMBATS
iii. Winter PVRIS
v. Like Gold VANCE JOY
vi. Hold Me Tight Or Don’t FALL OUT BOY  
viii. Pyramids FRANK OCEAN
ix. Limousine SECRET WEAPONS
ix. World Gone Mad by BASTILLE

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I’m in a really … odd mood tonight. I probably should go to sleep now but I don’t particularly feel the need to. I should be happy because I have another three days off but I feel weirdly … blank about it. Somehow I feel the heaviness of a Sunday night even though Monday is fairly far away right now.

On a somewhat better note, I mostly distracted myself this late evening by binge-reading the blog @wtfanimorphs but now I am SADLY CAUGHT UP, but I do very much look forward to the continuing adventures of a grown woman encountering this delightfully fucked-up children’s sci-fi book series from the 90s.


emma: this’ll be fun! i can’t believe you’re related to eden and sterling! they are the coolest kids in basically all of windenburg

santi: they were always cool, even when we were toddlers. 

eden: santiboo! let’s take a selfie. my simstagram needs a new pic with my fave cousin.

iamnotbeingsarcastic  asked:

Good evening! ✨ I'm here trying to help with your boredom haha so! I would like to know what your favorite Ziall moments are?

a+ question and thank you <3

I have MANY fave moments of ziall so i’m gonna list my top 5!!!

5. their hugs and kisses constantly as if they can’t be apart from each other

4. When Niall signed albums and sang Dusk Till Dawn saying how he really really REALLY like that song (x)

3. When Zayn picked a fight with paparazzi and went completely furious because they were all over them and ended up tripping Niall (with his bad knee) (x)

2. When Niall is going to describe Zayn and is so nervous he just goes ‘relaxed, chilled, relaxed’ (x)

1. When Niall wrote an entire album about Zayn

thatbloodyginger  asked:

Who's your favourite acpc character atm? I'm going to pretend marry Beau (he's so precious)

im fucking married to Apollo tbh

I’m sad bc by my best estimates static, chow and lobo were ALL left out of pocket camp and those three Are my long term faves :(((

Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble

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“support (dance)”

😂😂😂 based on this (I couldn’t help but imagine viktor doing the mini dance while yuuri was skating)