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PROMPT: 3 times Gavin’s wings were the prettiest things Ryan saw, and one time Ryan’s were the prettiest Gavin saw. (King AU)

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for your generosity and support <3 <3 <3


“So you’re the thief King Ramsey has so wisely decided to let into the castle.”

Ryan raises his eyebrows as Gavin jumps, whirling around from where he was perched on the edge of the castle’s tallest turret. His eyes widen, and Ryan fights a smirk. He knows he makes an imposing sight - the Royal Sorcerer, with his heavy black robes sewn with shimmering silver runes, his hood casting his face into shadow. Especially for an outsider, new to the kingdoms, who knows him only from rumour.

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What is your favorite Finnish's myth/folk lore story ?

It’s a bit sad the original Finnish mythologies and folklores aren’t written down anywhere except for the national epoch Kalevala. I have only small, general hint-like information of this deity or that spiritual creature in Finnish mythology. Add there the fact no one here believes in old spiritual creatures, we have no “don’t go there, there are spirits!”-places or “don’t do this, it upsets spirits”-thing here and here we go. Nothing is left from old traditions. Lehto ry does work for keeping the traditional Finnish religion alive. There are some pagans who follow traditional Finnish religion.

Here are some of my faves

Liekkiö (from liekki, flame) and Ihtiriekko were spirits of deceased children, often killed at birth. While Liekkiö was harmless, appearing often as a shape of flame, and mostly bothered traveling people with crying and whimpering, Ihtiriekko tried to point out their killer and get peace for their soul. Whether people believed in Liekkiö or Ihtiriekko, it depended of the area. 

Hiidenhirvi (Hiisi Moose) was a big moose, which bothered people and caused havoc. It was from Hiitola, which in some cases means the land of dead. In one story forest spirits Hiisis created Hiidenhirvi from natural materials. Hiisi was another annoying spirit, evil one, and you wanted to avoid it. If Hiisi caught you in the forest, it took you to its home Hiitola, where you served as Hiisi family’s slave till you died. Vesihiisi (Water Hiisi) was a special type of Hiisi living in lakes and bonds.

Vetehinen (roughly translated as Waterly) was evil male water spirit, kind of like a merman. Like all evil spirits, it was the best to avoid Vetehinen. It was possible, however, to bribe Vetehinen to help you. A story goes how Vetehinen tried to turn over fisherman’s small boat (because Vetehinen is a little shit) but the fisherman cut Vetehinen’s arm off with his sword and it fell in the boat. Defeated, Vetehinen asked to get his arm back but the fisherman said he’d return the arm only if Vetehinen helped him to get some fish. Muttering and utterly pissed off, Vetehinen had no other option than help the man. The man got a boat full of fish hunted down with the help of Vetehinen, and Vetehinen himself got his arm back.

Vetehinen’s female counterpart is Näkki. While Vetehinen lived in lakes and bonds, Näkki lived in all type of waters (for what I know). Kids were warned not to go near water because Näkki can take them and drown them. This phrase is still used here; even I got told as a kid not to go alone near water because Näkki can catch me. Nowadays it serves more as a thing to scare kids so that they don’t accidentally drown themselves than a real belief of Näkki. It’s same as the phrase we use for kids who are naughty, that “If you don’t behave, Mörökölli comes and kidnaps you”. Mörökölli is considered a furry, goblin like creature.

By the way, we call seashells as Näkinkenkä, Näkki’s shoes.

Ancient Greece had Cerberus guarding the pathway to land of death; we’ve got a giant snake with multiple heads. There runs a river between the living and death near the entrance of the land of death (Manala or Tuoni), called Tuonen virta (River of Death). In Tuonen virta swims gracefully a white Tuonen joutsen, a Swan of Death.

Ajattara was a beautiful female spirit who made men get lost in the forest and then killed them. We have got a band here in Finland named Ajattara and they write and sing their songs in ancient Finnish spell casting form. FInland was definitely the land of spell casting and the spells were always sung. 

We also have got a badass female deity, Louhi. Louhi ruled the land of Pohjola (Northland, as north was considered the direction of evil) and acts as the antagonist in our national epoch Kalevala. Louhi was an old witch with a great army and she basically ruled all the lands and the men there. She had multiple beautiful daughters and also a husband, who got killed later in her front yard. Louhi is capable of changing her appearance and summon forth men for a fight. She’s very powerful at spell casting. 

Sami people up North in Lapland are better in this folklore stuff and they still have holy places which can’t be disturbed. From Sami folklore I love the belief that dead people can be summoned back to Earth in forms of bears and wolves. The latest incident, where a shaman was asked to deliver these “Lifted” (Nostettu) spirits, who caused damages in a form of wandering wolves, was held in Lapland in 1921. The shaman had been angry about it, saying that “Nowadays anyone can lift spirits, but then they have no idea how to send them back”.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot! Kola Samish people believe they are descendants of a Deerman, who was half-deer, half-man (deertaur basically). A human woman, who slept with the Deerman, gave birth to Kola Samish people from this union. The folklore tells that Deerman’s mother was a powerful witch, who could take a form of a deer. Kola Samish people have also folklores of raven and seal, who both marry a human woman. Where the Deerman taught the humanity how to hunt and thus represented forest, Raven was the symbol of air and Seal the symbol of water.  

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Request: For an angst request maybe a dean x reader where they were dating and had a fight right before Dean died in a hunt? No problem if you don’t end up using this one. I love your blog and your writing! You are one of my fave spn fic writers. Have a good day! by Anonymous

Words: 785

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Character Death, Angst

A/N: This was a pretty much last minute Angst Appreciation Day fic and thank you to that Anon for sending in this request!

When you first heard the news you couldn’t believe it. Yet it sounded so real, Sam couldn’t fake the hurt in his voice like that. But Dean… he was too good of a hunter to die like that. You just couldn’t believe it. At least not until you would see it with your own two eyes.

This all wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t fight with Dean last night. If you would’ve just kept your cool and didn’t make such a big fuss out of it. But how couldn’t you? He hurt you and it sure wasn’t for the first time. Someone had to mention it, right?

But what if all of this could have been avoided? Would Dean still be alive right now?

Tears were streaming down your face as you drove to the hospital with the memories of the previous night still in your head.

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You were the 3rd person I followed after I followed myself and smuttyassholes. I mean.. so like the 2nd person. And you're still my fave. - oxygen anon

Awwwh thank you 🖤

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what's your fav stucky fanfic of all time?

So I only started bookmarking/reading stucky fics in, hm, December-ish, and then super getting into them in the last month or so. I mainly started with a small handful of writers and read a bunch from them, so a lot of my faves are from certain writers because I haven’t read a ton yet. That said, let me give you an impromptu Fic Rec Friday!

( Ok I realized after making this that out of 32 bookmarked/read fics, I’m reccing 10 of them. I think my star rating system has evolved since I started it with TWolf fics, but the takeaway is that I thought these were really good??? )

- Six Stars (out of Five) -

NOT Just Married by relenafanel  | 7.6K | M 

“Don’t worry,” Steve says, clasping his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “I’ll take care of you.”

“I’ve heard that before, too,” Bucky points out in a sarcastic tone. “Look, just… don’t let me hook up. With anyone. No matter what I say. That seems like the safest bet.”

“See you on the other side,” Steve says, downing the first shot of many.

Bucky raises his own in a toast.

“You’re both being overly dramatic,” Falsworth tells them.

(Famous last words, Steve thinks.)


Also known as the feel-good fluffy ficlet relenafanel promised after the end-credit scene of new Bucky feels from hell… Because I have your back and know you need recovery comedic AUs about BFFs being dumb in Vegas.

- This is something that I 100% could see happening in a modern setting

A Myriad of Misdecisions by Darksknight  | 21.1K | M

c-is-for-circinate’s AU: “My parents thought I was working for an insurance company in New York when really I was joining the CIA so I just sort of never mentioned when I met you on an assassination-gone-wrong and now we’ve been married for five years and they still don’t know you exist, this has gotten wildly out of hand and you won’t stop laughing about it”

- The premise and execution of this is hilarious

4 Minute Window by Speranza  | 87.9K | Works: 10, ongoing | E

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

- I cannot stop thinking about this series, and I’m looking forward to whenever it updates again!

We Made Ourselves by notoska  | 153.2K | Works: 2, ongoing? | E

Then Bucky licks his lips, tip of his tongue just grazing the sensitive skin of Steve’s ear and Steve moans. Nothing close to the surge of lust behind his ribs, but a tiny, breathy sound all the same. Bucky doesn’t react—he must not have heard. Though a minute later he curls his fingers and extends them again, moving just slow enough for it to be a caress.

Just tip your head into his touch. He’ll take the lead and trace the folds of your ear with his tongue until you can’t keep quiet any more. Then he’ll smother your desperate little noises with his mouth, fingers twisting in your hair. Kissing deeply, tongues reaching to declare your filthy intentions. Find his knee with your hand and slide wolfishly up his thigh until you reach the bulge behind his fly. Palm him through his trousers until he’s panting in your mouth, until he’s pressing his forehead to yours, hips bucking, and you can see his dark eyes, glinting in the screen’s flickering light, pleading—

Steve jolts back to the present. The credits are rolling and Bucky is reading them as well. The screen blacks and two fluorescent lights buzz to life. Bucky loosens his hand from Steve’s head, welcoming the world back in.

- Like I said before: the slowest of slow burns. This could be the template that all slow burn fics look to… And then the second part delivers with 1000% intimacy and relationship porn (and porn)

- Five Stars -

The Way Out Is The Way Down by Speranza  | 17.6K | E

“We’re alive in defiance of the law, now,” Natasha said bitterly.

“Well,” Steve said, and pushed his plate away. “We’ll just have to break in and get them.”

“Right, let’s take it from the top,” Natasha said wearily. “The Raft is a fully submersible supermax prison—“

“We can do it,” Steve said.

- If you were left wanting after CA:CW, this is really satisfying

Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches by Sena  | 26.7K | M

Steve lives in Stark Tower and doesn’t have much to do when he’s not going after Hydra strongholds. He attends charity events to make Pepper happy. He goes hiking with Sam. He hangs out with Clint in Bed-Stuy and watches Dog Cops. Sometimes Tony gives him super alcohol in a sippy cup. Sometimes he sees Bucky out of the corner of his eye and wonders if it’s real or if he’s starting to lose his mind.

Alternately, the one with terrible jokes, a foot chase through the Lower East Side, and a tiny little robot named Shitcan.

- Steve’s characterization in this is aligned much more with how I imagine him to be, also Everyone is a Good Bro

Sweet & Simple Things by Allecto  | 42.5K | E

It’s 1870, and when Bucky Barnes arranged for passage from Russia to the United States for himself, his sister, and their good friend Natasha Romanoff, he didn’t know there were strings attached. Now Alexander Pierce has informed Bucky he’s to be married to a rancher struggling to raise two orphaned boys. Bucky’s job is to make the house a home for his new sons – and whatever else his husband asks of him. But when his husband turns out to be none other than his childhood best friend, Steve Rogers, Bucky discovers that maybe, just maybe, his new family has made a home for him, too.

- Here, have a Western/Historical AU with kiddo!Tony and Rhodey

Out of the Dead Land by emilyenrose  | 62.7K | E

Someone is building machines that look and act like people.

Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier tries to be Bucky Barnes.

- Kill your robot double! Also I think people forget that these people are spies for a living

Winter’s Children by Neery  | 66.8K | E | AO3 Accounts only

When their attempts to recreate the super soldier serum failed, Hydra started trying to breed Captain America clones from his genetic samples. Unfortunately, the serum’s effects aren’t passed down genetically, so instead of an army of tiny Captain Americas, they get a bunch of tow-headed, asthmatic, allergic, immuno-compromised little Steves.

And then the Winter Soldier stumbles across Hydra’s failed experiment…

- I just love this so much, so many Steves and Bucky has to deal with them all going fiGHT ME

THE Steve Rogers PROBLEM by relenafanel  | 83K | Works: 4 | E

Meet SSA Bucky Barnes: Hostage Rescue Team member extraordinaire. He loves his job, his body, and hooking up. He hates civilians and local enforcement officers trying to do his job and fucking everything to shit.

Meet Bucky Barnes: fan of the television show The Howling Commandos extraordinaire. He loves writing fanfic, creating fanart, and staring at Steve Rogers’ ass. He hates the long journey of doing the necessary physical therapy on his arm (and also that no one told him he knows Steve Rogers).

Meet Bucky Barnes: Steve Rogers’ boyfriend. He loves Steve. He hates the idea of that being his sole identity.

- Bucky is one of us, and understands us, and when he doesn’t he still has a Steve Rogers PROBLEM

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So, I had to look through your list to figure out which story of yours is my fave because I couldn't remember the name of it. Finding My Way Home is it. I know how much you labored over it and worried and stressed, and the end result was quite lovely. Your Advent project is a close second, but then again, I love all your stuff.

It took me an obscenely long time to answer this. Thank you, my friend, for sending it. You do know how stressed I was about that story because you were with me all the way. Thank you for that!

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I'm seeing hints on Twitter next season could be all stars you know what that might mean.....

We can only hope…. I would love to see some of my faves back again. As far as J… I think he would be asked, but would he do it? I thought k it might cause a serious rift in his relationship if her were to choose to do another season with S. And it’s a huge commitment. But I want it soooooo bad, lol.