no but theres no other reason

“_______ can’t be lesbian/gay! they were in a relationship with the opposite sex!” you do realize people come out as lesbian/gay all the time even after being in heterosexual relationships for years, even after getting married and having kids.. it’s called living in a homophobic society where lgbtq+ people are under the threat of violence and murder for simply existing so yeah a character can be lesbian/gay even after a relationship with the opposite sex find another excuse to be homophobic lmao. 

A Summary of the Teachers at Liberty High
  • Hannah Baker: Here's a poem about feeling lost!
  • Teachers: I'm sure she's fine.
  • Hannah Baker: Here's a confession about being raped the other night!
  • Teachers: I'm sure it's nothing.
  • Hannah Baker: How about I cry while telling you how I want life to be over!
  • Teachers: That girl be playing.
  • Hannah Baker: kills herself

there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

theres no money in communism you ignorant fucking nerds. everyone will not be “paid the same” payment will no longer exist. fast food workers and doctors will not be “paid the same” capital will be eliminated.

people will simply be doing as they like to support each other in a peaceful manner. there is no payment post-scarcity. youre applying capitalism and its laws to a theory you do not understand and claiming it as proof of your reasons for denouncing that which you do not comprehend. It’s ridiculous

you people really cant imagine a world without money? simply absurd. We do not need pats on the back to do what were passionate about while all our needs our being met. The payment under communism is in no way related to a payment under capitalism, the payment is bettering the lives of others and yourself. that is the goal

you conflate goals of capitalism with goals of communism. The goal of capitalism is to come out as the single individual with the most at the top. the goal of communism is to bring everyone up as far as we can go with no gaps and disparities. These are very different goals and payment under these ideologies are clearly in no way comparable.

I try to not have too many problems with y/oi but honestly, responses like worrying about fictional ships and comparing them to real-life atrocities that cannot possibly exist in y/oi’s universe make me so irritated.

And it didn’t invent food, clothing, figure skating, sports, or whatever else the fandom has claimed. 

It was an okay show, and I enjoyed the ride, and I took away a few characters I really liked from it, but damn does its fandom need to just… stop inserting itself where it absolutely does not belong.

Also, despite the fact that I made gifs of Yurio’s exhibition skate, I find the shirt riding up so high you can see his entire torso to be extremely tasteless manservice on the part of the animators. It’s beautifully animated skating of my favorite character from this show, I’ll take what I can get. I hope the rest of the program is a bit more tasteful but still well-animated (unlike much of the skating through the original run of the series - I know the Blu-Rays have cleaned up some of the programs and I’m glad). 

But he’s a kid, and nothing in his previous characterization says that he sees himself as exuding overt sexuality the way Chris and Victor do. That sequence doesn’t serve any purpose other than to make fangirls scream about the fact that he’s basically shirtless. I like Yurio, please don’t fuck with his characterization just for manservice shots. (And yes, he’s underage and that makes this a whole other level of uncomfortable because I have zero interest in seeing an adolescent be presented primarily as a sexual object rather than a person, but the fact that I think it’s pointlessly out of character just so there can be fanservice is what primarily bothers me.)


NMB48 5th Anniversary Concert: Yuri Theatre

↳ SayaMomo moments

a new-ish hockey fan: makes a funny post about hockey, exaggerating for comedic effect.

a Real™ Hockey Fan: Wow. Wow. This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever laid  eyes on in all my years. I don’t even have time to explain how wrong you are. Did you learn all that from Check, Please? Can you name any player other than Snidney Crosbey? I’ll have you know I have been following Hockey from the Womb and I will not stand for a blight upon the the sanctity of this sport… [10,000 word essay about why bandwagon fans are Ruining hockey].

Could’ve been worse.

A concept

Otayuri but everytime their relationship grows stronger everyone is allowed to make their own assumptions concerning whether they interpret it as romantic or platonic without being bullied for it or start a cruciade to get their own point across


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco