no but srsly who came up with

Three kinds of Eldarya fans:

The ones who write “Gardienne”: Usually have been around since the early days of the fandom, come from the french server, generally chill people, are up to date with every game update and know lots of small details about the story and characters.
The ones who write “Guardian”: The second wave of the fandom, the ones who came after the international servers came up. Confused by the first group’s theories and comments on characters/chapters they don’t know yet. Someone, save these poor souls from the spoiler storms. Use guides for everything.
The ones who write “Guardienne”: Chaotic evil. Shitposting machines. Don’t know what they’re doing nor what’s going on, but participate anyways. Thank you for the memes, you are the light of this fandom. Where did they come from? Nobody knows, but we love them.

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Tonight my coworker was counting out her drawer, with the drawer ON the counter next to the clip board and a person actually MOVED the drawer to the side, put his purchase down, and asked, "Are you open?" Because my register (we only have two) had a line he didn't want to stand in. Right after that, a woman came up, on her phone, and tried to push past the elderly lady in bad shape who had her purchases ON the counter in MID-TRANSACTION and said, "Are you in line? I'm in a hurry." Srsly, WTF?


Thanks to the folks who came by during my stream on Saturday (few hours ago).
After watching Jesse Cox’s playthrough of “Night In The Woods,” I fell in love with it. So here’s a bunch of doodles of our favorite main cast. Srsly I love all these characters.

Fun fact, when drawing Bea, I was reminded of how I drew Toffee. Drawing her wasn’t all that different. (& look, I drew Toffee again).
How messed up would it be if Toffee was really Bea’s dad, and had gone away from Possum Springs due to his inter-dimensional plans?

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I have another ask, if you don't mind! How would UT & UF Sans and the US! bros react if their S/O was an astronaut, who was going to be a part of the mission to Mars. How would the skeletons react when they leave? What if they died when they were away? What if they came back safely, how would the skeleton's react? You don't have to answer this if you don't feel up to it, I don't want to impose! The last ask you answered for me was phenomenal! ILYSFM! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are! <3

oh mai god no! i love the asks! send in as many as you like! this is reeeaaalllyyy long because i got into the angst, but that means its better! no srsly tho mabye grab some tissues and some alone time, youll need it…))

wait youre going where?!?! he is so jeleous for probably a whole minute after he finds out youre going to mars. but then he turns it around and starts joking about how his s/o will be his personal star to look at in space. He somehow manages to get access to all areas of the station, so he follows you around like a little kid at a space museum. he may even help the scientists figure out some of the calculations for your flight. He feels important, and he didnt even have to work too hard. it feels good. When it comes time to say goodbye, that’s when his anxiety kicks in. what if he messed up the numbers and you dont make it back? he gives you a long kiss, and gives you an itty bitty bone accessory he made himself with magic as a good luck charm.
Fast foward to a few months/years later when you come back. (this is going to be the good then the bad, goes for all skeles))
Here we go, you’re coming home. does he look okay? are you okay? as soon as you land safely he teleports to the door of the capsule and hugs you tight. he wont leave your side for a full hour and he’ll be grinning like an idiot because you came home safe. (bonus points if you made a necklace of his charm and you’re wearing it as you step off the ship))
Hes in the control center when he finds out. just doing his thing and hes having a good day because they just accepted him as an employee/scientist for the mission you were on. suddenly theres a red light. something is wrong. this isnt his field, so he stands by and lets the technicians handle it. hes worried sick, the whole time hes just begging for it not to be you. but it is. he cant do anything to help, and as they get the final pieces picked up they find out they were too late. you had been lost because your air tank had a leak, and you were nowhere near the shuttle…Sans freezes, goes numb. he…he lost you. his soulmate, the love of his life. and he wasnt there with you. He isnt the same afterwards. he doesn’t go to his new job and he gets discharged. he wont get out of bed or eat. not even papyrus can say something that will help. he wont do anything now, and he doesnt move on easily. after months of mourning, he sneaks out one night. he goes back to the space station and onto the open field with miles of open darkness. and he looks up. he sees the stars and he thinks of you, and he just crys. for hours, remembering you and how much you loved the stars. he misses you so much. in the morning the find him, asleep with a tear-stained smile.

aw. hell. no. you are NOT going to outer space. he doesn’t want to take that risk. if you convince him that you aren’t backing down, he grumbles and accepts it. He follows every move of the process to get you up there. you will be coming down safe. When you hug him goodbye, he almost doesn’t let you go. he doesn’t want you to leave. he doesn’t want to be alone for X years/months. He gives you a kiss with a lot of tounge, without a care for whos watching. he wants to remember your taste, your feel, your heartbeat. he doesn’t want to regret letting you go…
Hes waiting for you already at the entrance. hes been waiting for almost two days now. when you finnaly step off the truck, you somehow trip, and you fall into his arms. hey doll. he missed you. heh, yeah he made you fall for him. he kisses you again, and he will growl at anyone who tries to take you from him for the rest of the week.
He was there again, waiting for you to land. the launch/landing pad was maybe a mile from where he was standing. he sees the capsule coming. he shouldn’t have been able to. his eyelights dissapear as he realizes that he can only see it because its on fire. its burning up. and then it explodes. right in front of him. he falls to his knees and tears roll down his face silently. he cant even feel anything. you were so close to him, and now youre gone. next thing he knows hes in a destroyed control center, and then he passes out. when he wakes up the docters tell him that he went on a blind rampage and tore appart the enire facility. he thinks it was a good thing. now no one will suffer like he did…

OH MY TORIEL SPACE?!?! YOURE GOING TO MARS?!?! OH MY STARS HOW DID HE GET SO LUCKY?! Hes encouraging in every way possible, and his adorableness gained him access anywhere you went. Like Sansy, he follows you, marveling at all of the cool science stuff. He gives you his bandana as a goodbye present, and he hugs you tight, covering your face with smooches. hes not naive. he knows you may not make it back. but he has hope…
YOURE COMING HOME!! After X months/years, you’re finally coming home! hes bouncing off the walls and waiting for you to come out of the double doors of the station. you come out, and are tackled by a smol bean thats showering you in all of the kisses you missed while you were gone. he is so happy, and even his bandana made it back! he will be attached to you for hours, just wanting to cuddle~
He doesn’t know about it for a while. he spent weeks even, without knowing, blissfully ignorant. And when the day comes for you to arrive home, you dont walk out of the doors. They call him inside instead and tell him the awful news. You had died of an illness of sorts, due to a rare gene in your body. You left hom his bandana, a rock from Mars, and a note thay simply said ‘I love you past the moon and back’. Poor Blueberry breaks down when he reads the note. His magic acts up in response, and a small tornado forms in the room. Once his brother calms him down, he just clutches the fabric to his chest and crys out your name over and over. He got home safe, and now the bandana is folded neatly in a box in his room with the rock. He sees it every day, and thinks of you with a sad smile before going to work.

oh an astronaut? cool. Mars? double cool. but, uh, how long will you be gone? He doesn’t seem to mind what you’re doing, he just doesn’t want to be alone for so long. he listens intently when you come home in the evening and tell him what you did. heck he wants to know all about it. When you leave, he manages to convince the guards to let him go up the elevator with you and all the way to the shuttle. he hugs you and kisses your forehead, your nose, and then your mouth. he whispers i love you and then youre gone, off to the stars for who knows how long…
Waiting with the reception party, he smiles as you step off the shuttle. As calmly as he can, he walks up to you, and wraps you in a tight hug. Never leave him alone for so long ever again..he buries his face in your neck as he crys, happy to have you home.
It was on the news. Blueberry was watching, and when he heard his bro cry out in surprise, he ran over to see your face on the screen. One of your crew members had gone insane and killed everyone else on the mission, then themselves. The tall skele falls to his knees in disbelief. No this couldnt be happening…there wasnt even anyone to bring your body home…He has a polaroid picture of you and him, at the fair that had come just before you left for mars. he crys every time he sees it, but he keeps it on his nightstand anyways. mabye the pain will fade someday this way…

again: ANGST!!! Hope you enjoyed this hun!~))

everybody. listen up. can we, for a sec, appreciate how Sehun being extra in celebrating Suho’s birthday? First, he was the one who initiated that vapp surprise for Suho. Second, he tried to call all members to join the surprise (although he stopped gathering the others after Chanyeol said yes, probably he was running out of time ;-;). Third, on the next day, he came late to the MV filming site bcs he went ALONE to buy Suho cake A G A I N. Srsly. This’ what called true love, the rest true loves in this world can delete.

ok so ppl have talked about andreil being role models for lgbtq kids but what about nicky

  • don’t even try to tell me nicky doesn’t become an icon™ over his years at palmetto
  • he goes to pride every year (sometimes w erik sometimes with andreil sometimes on his own it doesn’t matter)
  • his official twitter is full of tweets congratulating ppl on coming out or offering support nd resources to those who need it
  • he talks a lot about being out and the importance of having a positive group of people to support him
  • he oks it with andrew and speaks a little about his experience with hate crimes too and how it affected him/his family
  • makes sure to cement his experiences in the context of being a gay man of color specifically
  • like srsly he has his own press nightmare moments bc he refuses to tolerate homophobia/cissexism/racism from reporters, coaches, players, fans, anyone and doesn’t hesitate to call them on their bullshit
  • as he came to terms with how things were gonna stay re: his parents he also started sharing what it was like growing up in a homophobic household with a few of the kids who write him letters
  • speaking of letters he gets SO MANY
  • some of them are addressed to him and erik thanking them for being so openly loving with each other
  • bc nicky talks about erik so much that even if he only makes it to a handful of games their relationship is still relatively established within the community
  • erik is just as cheesy as nicky don’t get me wrong btw
  • he brings cute signs to games and coordinates cheery outfits w dan’s sisters
  • leading up to graduating and afterward nicky starts offering his marketing skills to projects geared toward helping young lgbtq athletes
  • even after moving to germany he keeps it up and maybe shows up at a couple exy camps for kids every so often and starts vlogging and in general remains a pretty prominent figure and between that and knowing his family’s doing ok and his life with erik he couldn’t be happier

I’m proud of young artists, it makes me happy to see so many young teens dare to aim for what they love to do and be appreciated for it.

If you’re 25+ and get anxious seeing really young people make great art; please don’t. Just because they’re 13-16 doesn’t make you any less successful as an artist.

Today it’s so much easier to start taking commissions, find tutorials and references,lots of art youtube channels, paypal, free digital art software, cheaper drawing tablets, art livestreaming, online communities willing to give feedback on your work etc…

When I was 13 I didn’t even know how to browse the web - I wasn’t yet fluent in english. I didn’t know what “deviantart” was, nor did I not know about “tutorials” or “commissions”. Heck drawing tablets weren’t that common either for what I know, my first tablet had a battery-driven pen and it srsly sucked.

Like back in 2002-2003, buying things online wasn’t as obvious and easy as it is today. ESPECIALLY when it came to international purchases. And online art communities weren’t as big and developed like they are today. Especially for ppl who didn’t speak english as their native language.

 Like even if I wasn’t as skilled as many of my young mutual followers when I was their age, I was still considered “talented” for only having a pencil and paper as my tools.

Before I started using the internet I spent all my free time alone in my room drawing whatever I could come up with, from the very small amount of inspiration I got from whatever I could find. (I didn’t even have cable TV so there wasn’t much shows I found interesting either. No anime except pokémon and sailor moon.)

 I started to use photoshop when i was maybe 14??? And like I got my dA account when I was 15-16 I think. Like of course my first digital artworks weren’t masterpieces lol. No one makes great stuff on their first try.

We artists who are 20-25+ can’t really compare our artistic process to a 15 year old’s current creations. Young artists try their hardest and do their very very best to make the most out of what they can create, and we did that too when we were that age - it was just under different conditions. We did the best we could and that’s just as valid.

And that’s how it is, and I’m glad it’s easier for young peeps to improve their art because they’re like our future you know???

I for one really hope for a future where more people can learn to create great works of art no matter how young or old they are.

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Can I request a headcanon where the RFA + MC reacting that MC is actually studying to become a doctor of medicine when she was lured by Unknown to Rika's apt?

a/n: hi hey bb!! another ask! i’m happy~ of course you can request something like this. since you said Doctor of Med then I assume that she’s taking up General Medicine? i’ll take it from there, ok? uvu

RFA + an MC who’s studying Medicine


  • this cinnamon roll would be so amazed when he learns about it
  • since he wants to be a doctor himself (oops spoilers)
  • and he would be constantly asking you about what made you want to take up medicine in the first place
  • “Whoaaa!! Seriously?! You’re studying Medicine?! Whoa.. This is a new discovery! I felt as if.. I still have more things to know about you… And it surprises me more everyday of how you affect me this much…”
  • he’d be curious how you were able to balance RFA and your studies and he’d ask you tips too
  • he’d ask what are your views and aspirations and he would be so fascinated about this side of you who is so caring and generous towards other people
  • he’ll fall in love with you even more
  • you help each other studying because why not? you’re both into the medical field
  • you’re quite surprised at how synced you two are
  • you’re like his total type now and he’ll be even more supportive of you, helping you in every aspect of your career as you achieve it along the way
  • and of course you help him with his, too
  • the connection you two just made is phenomenal
  • just imagine a future where he’ll become a veterinary doctor and you’re a medical doctor and you two would be putting up a hospital and he’ll be able to help a lot of animals and you’ll be able to help a lot of people
  • he’d be so so so happy just by thinking about this, it makes him inspired to seriously get his ass going and graduate on his degree with flying colors, okay just to graduate is enough actually
  • Kim Yoo Sung, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and Kim (insert your name here), MD (Medical Doctor)
  • you two would be one hell of a power couple!!! uvu


  • at first he’ll be like “What? Why haven’t you said so, babe! Then… you’re currently not able to attend any of your classes?! Geez! How are you? How’s school?! Did they kick you out?!” oh my god zen pls
  • he’d be so worried sick that he might have disrupted your career and he will overthink that it’s all his fault
  • he’ll be that type of boyfriend where he’ll stay up late during one of your reviews just to brew you a coffee or tea, he’d massage your temples and neck and back and will offer you supportive hugs whenever you start to feel tired, give you encouraging words, smile at you and might even actually help you out on small details??? he’d cook your favorite dishes for you to warm up your determination
  • he’d just generally stay up late just to make sure you’re okay while reviewing since he knows it’s hard to become a doctor
  • at some point you two would talk about how zen did consider to go to Law School but then he realized how much he loved music and instead focused on it so he’s generally very knowledgeable and smart
  • he’d always encourage you to go on but get some rest as well
  • whenever you wake up in the morning, breakfast is always served with some little side notes of how wonderful you are and you’re doing a good job and he will love you no matter what
  • and you sneak into the bedroom you both share and you kiss him since it seems he had truly been staying up late with you everyday the guy deserves some treats
  • he’d be by your side when you view your results and when he sees that you are extremely worried about it, he’d hold your hand so tight and tell you, “Look, you prepared for this, alright? You have spent countless nights to study for it! This is your dream, babe. I know you can make it. No… You will make it. Trust me, alright?” and he’d flash you the most charming smile he ever made and your heart melts a little
  • and when you break out to him that you passed and got your license to practice medicine and that you’re gonna take your oath soon he’d be so so happy he’s going to carry you and twirl you around
  • he’d be screaming to the world, “This is my girl!!! Woohoo! I’m so proud of you, MC!!”
  • isn’t he such a sweetheart


  • she’d be super amazed coz she had no idea you were that reliable, i mean to that extent
  • she’d be worried too that you have put your career on the line just to help the RFA out which will in return, she will think highly of you because of how generous and responsible you are
  • she’d ask how you were able to flex your time with gathering party guests and studying at the same time
  • she would constantly praise you and remind you to not exhaust yourself because she’d be worried because she knows how it feels too
  • when you are studying for your upcoming exams, she’d be by your side to help you study
  • she’d encourage you to never give up since she knows that one day you’ll be someone great
  • she highly believes in you and it touches your heart how someone can be this supportive
  • she’d try to correct you when she notices you do some mistakes, she’d read some medical books too so she can assist you whenever you need it
  • she’ll take care of you good, outline some important details for you so that you can study a lot better, she’d quiz you from time to time even at doing the small tasks so that your brain will remain highly active even before the examinations
  • she’ll learn how to cook for you so that you can eat well-balanced meals for proper brain activity
  • she’ll knit a charm for you for good luck in academic success because why not and when you finally pass the exams, you turn to her and you can see her tear up, “N-nothing… I’m just… I’ve never been this happy for someone before..”
  • you pull her into a tight hug and whisper, “This is all because you were by my side the entire time… Thank you.”
  • and jaehee feels that the world is a little bit brighter


  • “You managed to perfectly host the party… while you’re studying to be a doctor…” his grey irises would look at you as if you’re some kind of a fascinating being. “You never cease to amaze me. It seems that my heart have chosen someone who is entirely selfless…”
  • he would hire the best private instructor to aid your reviewals for your upcoming exams
  • he will make sure that you are entirely comfortable while studying and will provide you the top-most nutritional care; you need to have an extremely balanced meals so that your brain can absorb the proper nutrients to function well
  • he will check on you from time to time while he’s at work and this will always result to shameless flirting wth jumin im trying to study
  • he will stay up all night with you and would sometimes offer to help you while you’re studying and if he notices you’re tired he’d force you to take a rest because your well-being is the most important above everything else
  • he’d ask you what are your plans after graduating and would actually recommend to build a hospital you can manage so that you won’t work for anybody else he’sseriouslythinkingontherightpath
  • and it’s actually a pretty good investment for the company
  • he’d give you the best assistance you need in order to pass this exam and get your license to practice medicine
  • when the day comes that you are finally waiting for your results, he actually knew it before you
  • you are so surprised because he just came up to you and gave you the longest make-out session you were able to do with him
  • you were both out of breath when you finally asked, “Jumin, I am still trying to view my results…”
  • “You passed.” He said with the sweetest smile ever.
  • “What?”
  • “I said, MC… You pass–”
  • and you kiss him again, this time, you leading the contact ;)


  • he is actually the one tUTORING YOU WTH LUCIEL
  • he already knew that you’re a medical university student who’s due to take your exams for your license to practice medicine
  • and when he found out he was a bit stunned because you were so busy with hosting the party and gathering guests but you never failed a single quiz be it pop, written or oral and you’ve seriously got good marks
  • he would try to cook for you since he couldn’t possibly offer someone who pulls all-nighters some chips and soda because that would be lame and would make you sick
  • he will always, i repeat, ALWAYS POP QUIZ YOU ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE
  • washing your face?
  • “What is the proper procedure for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation , MC?!”
  • brushing your teeth?
  • “To prevent a common, adverse effect of prolonged use of phenytoin sodium (Dilantin), patients taking the drug are instructed to do what, MC?!”
  • taking a shit?
  • “During an assessment of a patient who sustained a head injury 24 hours ago, the medical-surgical nurse notes the development of slurred speech and disorientation to time and place. The nurse’s initial action should be what, MC?!”
  • and when your results finally came to and you PASSED it
  • you rush into Seven’s and break to him the good news
  • and he’d be in tears because he is?? so?? happy?? he couldn’t contain it??
  • you plant a giant kiss on his lips and hug him so tight
  • “Thank you, Luciel.. I love you..”
  • and he tears up again because he’s much happier than you are right now srsly
Victor’s line in ep4

I knew that the creators of YoI were really good at dropping hints in advance that come into play later (example: hints regarding Makkachin’s bad habit in ep1), but srsly, they’re really really amazing.

In ep4 Victor literally said

“Yuri, do you know why I accepted [the offer] to become your coach?”


The keyword is “ACCEPTED” (「引き受けた」).

You need to be asked for something first to accept it. “Accept” is much more passive than “decided”, so this line wouldn’t really make sense if Victor were the active one who came up with the idea of coaching Yuri.

So with this scene, it was actually already hinted that someone had asked him to become Yuri’s coach before he came to Japan.

And this someone was none other than Yuri himself.

Originally posted by vvictor

It’s really amazing because everyone in the Japanese fandom noticed this after ep10 was aired and was like “Ahhhhh, NOW it makes sense!!!” and this proves how good of a story-teller the YoI creators are :D

gelasius replied to your post “so i saw u mention in a post that u live in chicago which means we are…”

srsly tho who moves dibs chairs

It’s a hot topic in Chicago! Every year someone in the press comes out against dibs chairs like it’s some kind of brave anti-establishment stance to take rather than “giving assholes justification to move dibs chairs.” 

fuckyeahseb replied to your post “so i saw u mention in a post that u live in chicago which means we are…”

I am sad that Indianapolis is objectively the worst city in the US and that people acknowledge this because moving to Indy was a serious step-up for me from the backwater farming town I came from. D: (What’s a dibs chair?)


Dibs chairs, aka Parking Chairs, occur only in the deepest of winter. The idea is that if you dig out your car from like, three feet of snow, you’ve put enough effort and sweat into clearing the parking space that as long as you’re only going to the supermarket or something, you deserve to get that space back again (dibsing a parking space for eight hours because you’re at work is an asshole move, I concede). So once you’ve pulled your car out of the parking space you put a couple of elderly chairs in it to mark “dibs” on it, and people know you’re coming back for that space and they shouldn’t park there.   

It’s a civilized weapon, for a more civilized age. 

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It seems you forget that Katz isn't the first to be displayed gruesomely. In fact if I remember right it was a white female (a former detective who like Katz got to close to Hannibal) that was displayed. Used in fact to taunt Jack. This isn't about race, or her being female. Katz is going to be displayed like this to prove how little Hannibal cares about those he works with. To remind those who sympathize with him the true monster he is because there are far to many who do do that.

anon you need to sit the fuck DOWN because you are so completely wrong that it’s just sad

first off, you’ve forgotten that miriam (that’s her name, omg you couldn’t even be bothered with her name) was NOT displayed. yes, we got a severed arm (edit: also see the SPOILERS in the tags of this reblog of my post if you want to know how goddamn wrong you are), but none of the women of the main cast has been sliced up and put on display. srsly, read not just the quote but the commentary, which if you came here from that post (and that seems to be the post most people are coming to my blog for)??? you should have done in the first place. i know it’s long, but i think you could seriously benefit from it.

secondly, you clearly don’t understand the phenomenon of fridging (second link), in which women are used as props to further men’s character development via the pain/angst of their death (and/or rape). you mentioned that miriam’s severed arm was used to taunt jack? that is literally the textbook definition of fridging. it’s lazy as fuck writing, it’s boring, it’s cheap, and it’s sexist as hell. the writers have all but admitted that bev literally got screen time ONLY because fuller was planning to kill her off from the beginning (“we can’t kill her yet because we haven’t done anything with her).

third, not only are they fridging her, they’re doing so in a way that is COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER. like yes, let’s take an extremely intelligent character and have her 1) tell hannibal that she’s been helping will investigate and that’s why she’s looking at the body again, 2) go to his house, at night, without calling anyone to 3) gather evidence that would be completely inadmissible in court??????? beverly is methodical and logical and the whole idea that she’d even do that? it’s fucking insulting.

fourth, do you know who’s actually alive in canon? abigail, for one. and who else? oh yeah, beverly.

fifth, people are not (just) upset that beverly died.

sixth, actually you know what? have some more links to meta that you should really check out.

seventh, representation matters so much more than you realize. i mean really, give me a list of shows in which an asian women is in the main cast besides elementary. go on, i’ll wait. oh while you’re on that, do you know how many asian actresses have won an oscar? none; there’s only been one nominated - 79 years ago - and she was white passing/hiding her race.

eighth, go take your unhelpful apologist bullshit elsewhere because you clearly don’t go here and i don’t ever want to see this kind of backwards ignorance near my blog again.


lms if u cried a bit


OHHHH MY GOD. I just had this one heck of a realization. LIKE OH WOW. Do you think Kishimoto changes Sakura’s hairstyles on purpose in order to symbolize how she feels in the manga?

I’ve come to think that Kishimoto likes using her hair to represent the important parts of her life or maybe it’s just me

Back then during her childhood, she used to do her hair with her bangs covering her forehead. Succumbing to her self pity and seclude herself from opening up to others, she hides her forehead and doesn’t bother looking good.

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can super junior fans tweet @ kconusa about how excited they are that sj is coming to kcon la just so that they’re aware? i mean, they’ll probably know the second the tickets go on sale because the ticket war is going to be intenseeee, but i am so sick of seeing people who stan groups that would probably kill for sj’s “flop career last year” tweeting them to bring their rookie faves to kcon instead, like there are five other artists, just wait for them to announce the line-up or tweet them asking to bring those artists here anyway without trying to drag sj’s popularity bc i guarantee they are more popular in the us - so many dormant american sj fans just came out of nowhere on twitter and tumblr to celebrate, srsly - who have been waiting for this. hell, we were ready for a supershow in la AND ny, come on.

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I honestly don't understand why anti-Bryke ppl don't like Korra in B4. She's more level-headed and actually thinks before going into a fight. She'd rather avoid fighting and prefers talking things through. Srsly these people are saying things like "you can't take the woman who got into a fight and went to prison on her first day to the city away from me" ????? She changed for the better and grew up into a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally and I don't get why people can't 1/2

2/2 see that. I’m not saying she deserved to suffer the way she did but it happened and she recovered and came back stronger than ever. Like Katara says: she found meaning in her suffering and eventually found peace.


korra is still the same headstrong, brash, bubbly girl, she’s just you know…more matured. she’s 21, she’s an adult. if you’re a force to be reckoned with when you were younger you’re still the same person when you grow up, it’s just that you mellow down a little

korra is the same person just that she’s not looking at solutions through tunnel vision. she stops to think now first, which is a good thing

but in no way is she “tamed”. did you see her threaten baatar jr? fight kuvira? when she was still her cute silly self and tried to take toph down when she wasn’t looking

people don’t like book 4 korra because she’s with asami, it’s funny bc before the finale ppl gushed about how mature korra had gotten and praised her characterization

but the minute she ended up w/ asami they made a 180