no but srsly such a god complex

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rip memes. :(( but then see i think I don't really see Yoongi as majority of ppl see Yoongi? idk we obviously don't know him but the whole 'sarcastic uncaring asshole' idea of him reallyyy annoys me. like in fics and stuff. but he's so caring. a lil distant maybe but still a fluff. witty too. ahh i have so many feelings towards that man srsly (and nah it's completely unrelated to how you see yourself i just really had to rant cause god yoongi. my love)

tbh i think the only people who think about yoongi as ‘sarcastic uncaring asshole’ are only new fans or the fans who read fanfics too much, i haven’t met a person who actually thought he’s all that lmao so i don’t know why you feel like you’re one of the few who sees yoongi as a caring, witty, distant-but-fluffy guy. ………… people are not simple, people are complex and their behavior and personality changes over time and also depending on who they talk to or on their mood or situation they’re in so people assuming i am similar to yoongi and people assuming i’m not like yoongi are both correct, technically, cause in really a lot of cases i’m very similar to him but there are things or situations that i would probably react a lot different than him. in my personal opinion, from what i’ve seen and noticed about yoongi and from what i know and notice about myself i can tell i feel like there are a lot, LOT of similarities and honestly i don’t give a shit if someone thinks i’m /yoongi/ or /not yoongi/ cause no one knows me like i know myself and honestly there are some days or situations that i’m acting more like one of the other members or other people or characters from movies or books that i’m familiar with. i don’t think it’s bad noticing similarities about yourself and someone else. i think it’s healthy and it’s quite good for your observation and interpretation skills but pfff what do i know. 
in general i think people overthink this shit

… so anyways.

Common attitude to female having any life troubles = “Oh, this is a serious sociopolitical implication that automatically absolutely must be taken seriously. Srsly reblog, signal boost, god bless this post. Girl OP is such a brave soul! My inspiration <3”

Common attitude to guys having exactly the same life troubles =  "Your victim complex is pathetic.“


Seriously, tumblr, are we going to completely forget, that not ALL problems woman face are automatically sociopolitical implications, and that sometimes they are victim complexes as well?

People seem afraid to bring this issue up, of fear of being ‘patriarchy-sympathizers’ or whatever. But honestly, I’ve seen woman victim complexes being just as rampant as male victim complexes. If not, even more sometimes, because a lot of females know that they can just use the terms 'patriarchy’ or 'misogyny’ as buzzwords to make their victim complexes somehow more legitimate just because they have a vagina, even if the problem they face is exactly the same as the one’s male has.

A guy not calling you back, or that job you didn’t get because you didn’t meet the job criteria PALES IN COMPARISON to woman all around the world that actually do face actual LEGITIMATE oppression from the patriarchy, when they are solved as sex slaves and/or beaten daily.

Admittedly yes, the 'patriarchy’ is the cause of alot of shit for woman, I’m not denying that. However, you shouldn’t use it as a scapegoat for absolutely everything that never goes exactly your way, ever.

Firstly, there’s a very prominent 'cry wolf’ scenario arising from overusing this. You get taken far less seriously than you should, when it actually applies, because of all the times you grossly misused it constantly before. So really, it doesn’t actually help any progression at all, to even do this.

Secondly, this behavior and practice is extremely harmful. It trains woman to believe that they are entitled, it trains them to believe that they are infallible, and that anything they do wrong is never their fault, that they never have to self reflect or improve, because it’s always everyone else’s fault. Which is technically the same sense of entitlement and infallibility that feminism criticizes the patriarchy FOR, and makes guys introspect and self reflect upon themselves.

Not only is this extremely hypocritical, but you rule out the concept of a woman ever deciding for herself that sometimes, maybe, a situation might have been her fault, and she has the power to be grown up and adult, accept fault, learn from any mistakes she made, and carry on just that little bit wiser, rather than acting like a child and blaming the person next to them because she doesn’t want to admit she did wrong. Plenty of relationships have failed because the WOMAN has been in the wrong. She was the one who cheated, she was the passive aggressive perpetrator of a domestic violence situation, she was the one who scared off people because of HER lousy attitude she refuses to address. And teaching woman to be entitled does not help them, it just further harms their progress, because it just reinforces the vicious cycle.

TL;DR, but basically. Stop shouting 'patriarchy’ all the goddamn time, for things where it doesn’t actually apply. Well done, you’ve learnt a sociology term, good for you. But get this, your first world problems are often just as pathetic as any male victim complex. If we’re to teach men that they are self accountable and shouldn’t be entitled, we should teach woman the same thing. Otherwise you might as well change the legal system, to make woman void of any criminal accusation (like murder) in the eye of the law, because "IT IZ PATRIARCHY 2 JUDGE WOMAN FOR ANYFINK U MISOGYNIST LOL. GUY PROBABLY DESERVED 2 B KILLED 4 BREATHING IN HER AIR WITOUT CONSENT LOL PATRIARCHY”. That’s the route feminism is going.

Woman are not infallible, and should be accountable for their lousy behavior and actions.

Woman are not infallible, and should be accountable for their lousy behaviour and actions.

Woman are not infallible, and should be accountable for their lousy behavior and actions.

(p.s. imagine a scenario where the patriarchy is completely crushed and dismantled, what will you blame for your failings then?)