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South Korea was in a great shock of the news of two famous idols dating. A South Korean media outlet, Dispatch, released a breaking news on April 1st about a dating scandal between EXO Kai and f(X) Krystal. What started as an alleged April Fool joke turned out to be real when the agency that houses the two groups, SM Entertainment, announced that Kai and Krystal were indeed dating. The fandom of EXO and f(X) were in a crisis since then. Especially the shipdoms, Kadi and Kaistal.

Kadi is the shipdom name for Kai and D.O. (another member of EXO), while Kaistal is the shipdom name for Kai and Krystal. These two shipdoms have no history of a good relationship. Therefore, when the news came out, these shipdoms exploded. One shipdom was cheering in joy, the other one was left in despair.

However, not long after the official confirmation, shippers of Kadi found some evidences that Kai and Krystal dating news was a cover for a more scandalous issue. A gay rumor has been floating around the K-Pop scene since around the year 2013 to 2015. However, at that period of time, the rumor was just a mere rumor. The citizen thought that this rumor was ridiculous and would vanish in no time. It did, until the same rumor with a more believable hint reappears in 2016, and one particular dating scandal catches the netizen’s attention for its sudden confirmation.

The Kadi shippers take actions immediately. Lots of them speculate that the dating scandal of Kai and Krystal is a cover for the gay rumor. However, what is the relation between the dating scandal and the gay rumor? It is assumed that the gay couple from the gay rumor is from EXO, which is the Kadi couple. Shippers of this pairing write that the only reason SM Entertainment confirmed the Kaistal couple so quickly (only a few hours after the breaking news) is because the agency knows that the gay couple rumored is the Kadi couple. They (SM) do not want Kai and D.O.’s career and the dinasty of SM Entertainment to break in pieces if citizen and netizen find out that the rumor is true.

Now that people don’t really talk about this matter anymore, netizen on tumblr take control of the situation. Hours of their time are spent on the sole purpose of finding the truth. It is no secret that there is nothing that is 100% true in the entertainment scene, and it is no secret that SM Entertainment is just as shady. Until the truth is revealed, the netizen will not stop digging. Eventhough the Kaistal shipdom do not make it easy, the Kadi shipdom will not fall and keep striving for the truest of the true.