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  • 🎥- Favorite movie?

I can’t narrow it down with the “real-world movies” so here’s my fave Pokémon movie. Very good, 10/10, feels, pokeys, ash dies oh wait whattt never happened


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I totally agree with you about the 'sugamama' thing. It annoys me for two reasons. When people talk about it in regards to daichi and sugas relationship, it's as if they're trying to make the relationship like a traditional heterosexual couple. And it also annoys me because people act like fathers can't display the sorts of traits he does.

YES!! this is srsly how i feel like… it always feels like shippers try to make gay couples more “straight” by applying gender roles? and calling our love.. sinful??? what?????? we….. don’t have those in our relationships…. thats not how it works lol not even in straight relationships? and suga isn’t a woman just because he has a nurturing disposition to younger people– he’s very much the teenage boy he is. hes a young man super into volleyball and super close to his teammates in a way that does seem pretty adult like but.. hes still essentially a kid.. i mean he literally has a canon crush on kiyoko and dreams of marrying her so like……….. i 300% view him as bisexual so can appreciate more sexualities instead of turning everything into some weird creepy vers in your heads


itty bitty angsty song sketches i did while listening to ‘Dear Happy’ by Dodie Clark, who’s my go-to artist for all things bittersweet :’) The whole idea of the song (as far as I understand it, at least,) is someone singing a duet with happiness itself. I made the mistake of listening to it while doing soumako doodles, and, well…. OTL

Ritsu is such a polite boy uwu… (from this @cutbu comic)


“we shall select the most beautiful of young men and teach them morality and how to enjoy the arts. we shall train them to be great men of Silla - Hwarang.”

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sour cherry scones: what’s your favorite comfort food?
magickal record: do you keep up with current events?
violin: play any musical instruments?
sword of mages: name an item or skill that you consider to be your weapon of choice.    
mage’s men: dream career? 
numpties: do you prefer being too hot or too cold?
vampires: would you choose to live forever?
dragon: do you prefer working in a team or working alone?
magic words: favorite book? 
elocution: what languages do you speak? 
pitch mansion: how big is your family?
covent garden: where is somewhere you’ve been that you never want to go back to?
football pitch: play any sports?
mummers house: have any roommates? 
the cloisters: name a woman who inspires you. 
weeping tower: what’s your favorite fictional world?
white chapel: do you want to get married?
catacombs: where do you usually go to be alone?
wavering wood: do you enjoy hiking/camping/just being out in nature?watford: what place in the world feels most like home?

Honestly I wanna just say, you don’t need to feel guilty about not knowing a kpop group as well as some other fans. It’s totally okay to just like a group because of their music, no one is forcing you to like them as people. I mean, they’re mainly in the music industry because they want people to hear their music. Of course, if you end up liking them as people, that’s just an extra bonus. Also fuck the fans who judge you for that, you don’t need to know every detail about your bias, it doesn’t mean you’re a fake fan

So I was thinking about some posts about Lance and his insecurities, and I was thinking about this moment in episode 11 of season 2 where the paladins are fighting against the ro-beast again. Lance swoops in to help Keith and Hunk in the yellow lion so they can head back to the castle and get Red, right?

But when he dodges an incoming attack, he temporarily forgets about his retreating friends in the background

The attack was a major one, leaving Yellow out-of-commission for a while and hurtling towards the Balmera (and ended up having to be rescued by the others). I was just thinking that this would add on to his overall insecurities about his usefulness and role in the team etc, especially when the others trusted that Lance would distract the ro-beast while they retreated safely to the castle.

Also, an interesting parallel I found to this was back in episode 2 of season 1 during the paladin’s training sessions where each team member had to focus on protecting the other members.

Lance dodges an attack without realizing that it would hit Keith who was behind him, which was the point of the exercise. It was just a practice session here, but in real battle (as we saw) this can result in dangerous situations.

I mean, yeah, this was way in the very beginning of the series, months before season 2 occurred and back when Keith and Lance’s rivalry was a lot more intense and they weren’t completely used to exercises like this, but still.

I feel like the paladins would’ve trained with this activity many times after this episode, to the point where Lance would’ve thought that he was confident in his ability to protect the others, so after his mess-up in season 2 he will start doubting himself a bit more (even though it was an honest mistake of course!)

there are days when i wake up asking myself: who, pray tell, was shiro to keith???? i say was bc i’m referring to pre-kerbs era

i mean

who was shiro to keith, that in this short moment of being alone together, keith allowed himself to look emotionally compromised? that he allowed himself these few seconds of vulnerability, of unguarded and unexpected nakedness, a plethora of varying emotions laid bare while unspoken words hinged on parted lips–

shock it’s you 

incredulity i can’t believe it’s really you 

relief i thought i lost you forever

worry where were you?

alarm what happened to you?

you were missing from me i was not okay for a long time i convinced myself i would be but the loneliness is loud and insidious and cruel and i tried to look for you i’m always looking for you i’ll always be drawn to you

who was shiro to keith that he could paint all that on keith’s face without lifting a finger


She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.