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I’m Not Jealous

Warnings: None

Requests: First was literally the most adorable Jeff Atkins Imagine I’ve read. Maybe the first time Jeff gets jealous because other jocks are flirting with you resulting in the first time you make out in front of the student body.

Hi could you do an first when it’s the first time Jeff really got jealous about you pls x x

Requested by: @l-tay and @studyinghelpsheal

A/N: Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it :) feel free to send in more!

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“Alright everyone, take your seats.”

                          You follow Hannah up to the fourth row, sitting on the end next to the stairs. The bleachers squeak under you and you wonder how much longer until these things fall apart for good. “Seriously? Another assembly,” Hannah says suddenly, pulling you from your thoughts. “What do you think it’s about this time?”

You shrug. “Who knows. But hey, no fifth period!”

    “True,” she nods. “I like that. I’m surprised you didn’t sit with your lover boy over there.” she looks straight ahead to where your boyfriend sat with Clay on the other side of the gym. 

You scoff. “I’ll sit with mine if you sit with yours.”

    Your best friend shoots you a glare. You loved teasing her about her crush on Clay and vice versa. Actually, Jeff did too. It was like a hobby for the two of you.

“Shut up,” she mumbles and you laugh. “Great,” she huffs. “Look who’s coming up here.”

                               You follow her gaze. It lands on Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, and Bryce Walker and they’re heading straight towards you. You wouldn’t mind if it was just Justin and Zach, they were actually good friends of Alex’s. You didn’t like Bryce though, he made you uncomfortable with all of his sexual advances and crude humor.

                “Hey _________,” Zach says once they reach you. You know that he’s a sweet guy, even though he acts tough in front of his jock friends. “How have you been?”

“Oh, hey Zach,” you give him a small smile. “I’ve been good. What about-”

    “Hey,” the voice belongs to Justin Foley. “Don’t hog her, I want to say hi too!” He shoots you his sweet smile. “Hi ________, Hannah.”

You laugh. “Hey Justin.”

Hannah just nods.

   “She doesn’t care about the two of you,” Bryce. “I’m her favorite,” he takes a seat next to you and throws his arm over your shoulder. “Right?”


       Meanwhile, your boyfriend watches you from the other side of the gym. His eyes narrow as he watches the other jocks flirt with you. He fights the urge to to break Bryce’s arm for touching you. 

“Jealous much?” Clay says, leaning over and nodding to where you sat.

“I’m not jealous,” Jeff replies. “I could care less.”

“Right,” Clay calls his bluff. “You look like you care plenty.”

        Jeff looks over at the pale boy. “What about Hannah, hm? Looks like she’s getting pretty cozy with Foley over there.”

Clay’s eyes widen. “That’s what I thought,” Jeff chuckles.

His eyes move back to you. He watches as Zach sits in the spot directly in front of you, leaning back on your legs. That’s it, he thinks springing up from his seat.

“Whoa, wait,” Clay reaches for him. “What the hell are you doing?”

  Jeff ignores him. His eyes stay trained on you as he makes his way across the gym. Clay is right on his heels.

You smile widely when you see him. “Hey!”

       He grabs your hand and pulls you up, causing Zach to fall back a little. You follow your boyfriend down the stairs, confused. You look back at an equally confused Hannah and Clay.

“Babe,” you say once you’re standing in the middle of the room. “What are you doing?”

                       “This,” he breathes, bending down and covering your mouth with his. You don’t have much time to react before his tongue slips between your lips, tasting your own. The kiss isn’t like the one you share this morning, innocent and sweet. No, this kiss was wild, and demanding. The way his tongue moved against yours had you weak in the knees. You groan against his lips, hands clutching his shirt for dear life, because god, this kiss was something else and you felt like if you didn’t hold on you would pass out. His hands cup your face, tilting your head back to deepen the kiss.

“Okay,” comes the teachers voice. “Break it up you two. Now.”     

Jeff bites down on your bottom lip, teeth tugging at it as he pulls away. You’re a panting mess, and so is Jeff. His lips are swollen and you’re sure that yours look the same. 

     Your face heats up when you realize what just happened. You just made out with Jeff in front of what was almost the whole school. You look up at Hannah and Clay, both wide eyed and mouths hanging open. 

“Back to your seats.”

Your boyfriend laces his fingers with yours and walks back to the bleachers. He pulls you onto his lap and meets Bryce’s eyes. A satisfied smirk stretches his face.

“Yep,” he says. “I’m not jealous.”

When you think you’re getting the third piece of a snake and you get an album name, release date, a single, a lyric video, and a sneak peak for the official video

50 Things I'm Convinced Tay & Joe Do

Guys, this little idea has been on my mind since a while now. Of course, this is fiction. Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy ;) 


1. Joe picking up on Taylor’s 13- related habit by requesting exactly thirteen kisses before going to sleep each night.

2. Taylor having Joe’s contact in her phone under “Bubba” 

3. Joe always talking in a thick southern accent while ordering take out for the two, of course just to annoy her.

4. Taylor responding to him “You are so disrespectful, oh my god.” while secretly thinking that it is, in fact, pretty funny when he talks that way & receiving an “I’m just embracing your roots, love.” as a cocky answer from her boyfriend.

5. Taylor requesting 2am tea sessions whenever one of them can’t sleep. “Who’s the Brit here now, huh?” he’d say with a proud smile while competitively adding a spoon of milk to his tea before sitting down next to her on the sofa and being surrounded by the smell of her favorite sandalwood candle.

6. Joe showing her his favorite London Café on a rainy and cold Thursday morning in November, that is just quiet enough for the two to catch a quick coffee at 7 in the morning before having breakfast back at home. “I love it here, so cute” she’d smile and look around the place while holding onto his hand and waiting for their order to be ready. “Yeah, love it too.” he’d answer, “Except for the enormous amount of American tourists. s’ a bit annoying.” he’d tease and make her roll her eyes while trying to hide a laugh.

7. Taylor grabbing his hand nervously each time before leaving the car with him while wearing enormously big hoodies and whispering “m’ so sorry“ in advance while receiving a gentle smile with a low “stop apologizing“ from him.

8. Joe playing with the ends of her hair while sitting next to her on the plane and listening to her talk.

9. Joe’s lips always trying to find their way onto her forehead underneath her bangs to give her a short forehead kiss before resting his chin on her head while Taylor tries to take a power nap in the car.

10. Joe asking Tay to pronounce “Worcestershire“ over and over again because she says it in such a weird way and it makes him smile.

11. They both read in bed before falling asleep and sometimes, Joe would sink his book a bit, turn his head to Taylor and read a passage aloud while showing off his acting skills, which always makes her listen and looking at him absolutely mesmerized.

12. Joe watching a documentary about Roger Moore with Taylor’s family on Thanksgiving and murmuring a casual “Me too apparently“ out loud when the narrator says that Roger Moore had a thing for older women.

13. Her entre family would laugh at his remark while Taylor just punches him with a grin on her face.

14. Taylor journals every night.

15. Taylor hearing Joe practice for some of his auditions in the living room when every now and then he aggressively yells “Jesus Christ Fuck Me.“ through the entire house after messing up a line which always makes her giggle wherever she is.

16. Joe always admiring how professional Taylor is when it comes to answering important phone calls that are work- related while baking cookies in a cat onesie and looking like the princess of kittytown herself.

17. Tay always telling Joe that dark hot chocolate is her favorite, but admitting a few months later that she was just trying to make herself believe so, to finally develop healthier habits.

18. Taylor calling him “Joseph Matthew“ whenever she’s mad. 

19. Joe playing with the J necklace he gave her while launching on the sofa with her and listening to her talk about her week.

20. Taylor having a photo of Joe and Olivia as a lock screen on her iPhone.

21. Joe standing in the kitchen each morning, leaning against the counter while waiting for coffee to be ready, being absolutely grumpy because “s’ just too early.“ and scrolling through his phone until Tay comes downstairs and kisses his puffy and sleepy eyes one time before making breakfast.

22. Joe whispering “get back here“ and pulling her close to him, after feeling Tay change her sleep position in the middle of the night.

23. Joe laying on the side and cupping her bare boob with one hand while falling asleep and responding a sleepy “for safety reasons“ which makes her giggle once more before falling asleep.

24. Tay plucking his eyebrows every three months and being annoyed even before she starts because he’s been whining about how much he hates the whole procedure for the entire week.

25. Taylor annoyingly mumbling a “you can do it, buddy.“ while taking a quick break from plucking his eyebrows and watching Joe covers his eyes and groan in pain like a baby.

26. Joe kissing her temple, whispering “I love you so much“ in her ear before kissing her neck right underneath her ear each time they say goodbye.

35. Joe having the hardest time with Austin at first because he’s just so protective of his sister after everything she went through in her last relationships.

28. Joe wandering around her kitchen in his boxers while Tay is on her laptop and glancing at her for a second before seeing that she’s about to read the headline of some negative news story involving them. He’d then walk up to her, place his big hands on her shoulders and kiss her cheek slowly. She’d immediately smile as he whispers “don’t read it“ before distracting her with a kiss on her neck once more.

29. Joe mumbling a gentle “Oh baby..“ after feeling Tay press her cold feet between his warm legs in bed.

30. Joe kissing her naked tummy at least ten times after hearing Tay complain that she has gained weight.

31. Joe waking Taylor up after she has had a horrible nightmare and pulling her closer to him immediately while mumbling “s’ just a dream. I’m here, baby. I’m here.“

32. Taylor sometimes being super lost in her own thoughts and doubting everything about her life. “Do you sometimes feel weird about dating me?“ she’d ask after being quiet for a while and removing her eye make up in front of the mirror. Joe would walk up behind her and answer “Yeah, especially when you have more nicknames for your cats than for me.“

33. Taylor laughing at his remark and Joe getting more serious. He’d step up to her, pull her closer and smile at her make up free face in the bathroom mirror “Stop these silly thoughts. I love you. And I’m happy. And as long as you are happy with me too, I’ll stick around ’til you get sick and tired of me, baby.“

34. “Such an incredibly good guy, Taylor“ is what Scott says to his daughter in the car after meeting Joe for the first time.

35. Austin adding Joe into the family group on iMessage and Taylor telling him that this move has been an official declaration of love by her brother.

36. Taylor standing half naked in the doorframe and holding up two outfits before visiting his parents for dinner „Which one does not say ‘Hi-I’m-Taylor-I-Have-Grammys-At-Home‘?“

37. Joe telling her all about his first girlfriend while sitting outside her Rhode Island home in thick sweaters, blankets and with two glasses of wine in their hands. It’s the middle of the night in December and while talking about all the reasons why it never worked out with his Ex, he tells her in a very serious tone that this, right here, with her, is everything he’ll ever want and need.

38. Taylor and Joe constantly fighting about him leaving the milk outside the fridge and her picking a fight whenever she can’t find the milk in the fridge.

39. Joe watching Taylor paint her nails with a fascinated look on his face while sitting in bed next to her and watching TV. 

40. Joe having to tell Taylor the story of how his parents fell in love over and over again when she can’t sleep because of jet lag.

41. Andrea calling Joe “Honey“ whenever they’re saying hello with a warm hug.

42. Joe crawling into bed to Tay whenever he just came home from a few days of work and laying on top of her while bombarding her with kisses on the cheek. “What are you doing?“ she’d laugh, not able to move anymore and Joe just mumbling “so kissable, these cheeks“ in between his kisses.

43. Tay and Joe deciding to take random road trips whenever they have a free weekend in London. Joe driving her to the most boring and rural areas of the country to distract her from everything, while always having a car of security people right behind them.

44. Joe turning up the radio as soon as IDWLF is played on the radio singing ridiculously loud while Taylor almost dies from laughing because his high- pitched version of “baby baby, I feel crazy“ is beyond what her ears can take.

45. Taylor writing him poetry and giving it to him as a handwritten letter for his birthday.

46. Joe pulling her into a super long hug after having a bad day “Thanks for keeping up with my shit. And for loving me.“ he’d whisper even though the pleasure is all hers.

47. Joe rubbing circles on her tummy when she’s on her period and whispering a low “Just think of all the cute babies I’ll put in you someday“ to make her feel better about her cramps and getting a tired smile followed by a little kiss from her in return.

48. Tay running her hands through his blonde hair for more than five minutes while laying in bed, still being a bit tipsy from a night out with her friends “You’re so pretty. Do you know that? So handsome. Gosh.“ she’d squeak before falling asleep.

49. Joe walking up to her and saying a super serious “God. You’re so gorgeous, baby.“ that is absolutely out of context before kissing her when he knows she’s had a bad day and wears nothing but PJ’s and glasses and complains about the red pimple on her chin.

50. Joe inspiring Taylor for a song after responding to her with „It’s okay to want some alone time. We’ll be together anyway. So take your time, baby. I’m always here. No need to be worried about me leaving or anythin“ after having a serious talk about Taylor’s fear of entering a new relationship and getting emotionally involved which, up until now, always included a ton of pain at the very end.   But this time …I know I’m gonna be with you, so I take my time.

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Oh my god I love you're work! Can you do a scenario where Qrow is dating a faunus but s/o is a little scared to show anything in public because they're in a faunus/human relationship. I love your Qrow work, it's so good! ❤❤

“Qrow! You ready to go?” You call to your boyfriend, twirling your car keys on your finger.

You see him come out of your bedroom, adjusting the collar of his shirt “I’m comin’, date night waits for no one, huh.”

“Exactly, hurry up or I’ll leave your sorry butt behind and take myself out.” You lead the way out the door and to the car, a soft beep sounds as you unlock the doors.

“Yeah, I don’t doubt you would.” He gives the tail swishing behind you a playful tug as he passes you.

You roll your eyes. Qrow sure can be a snarky bastard, but that didn’t change the fact you loved him more than anyone. As you sit down you see Qrow smile at you from the passenger seat. You return the expression. The two of you gaze at each other for a moment in a loving silence, until your tail twitches and a spark of nervousness ignites in your mind.

You certainly weren’t ashamed to be a faunus, but being proud didn’t stop you from being afraid sometimes. The atmosphere between humans and faunus… wasn’t the best. Especially now with the actions of the white fang. It’d been a while since you’d encountered anyone who acted on their distaste and was aggressive directly to you, but there was still the looks. Out of the corner of your eye, seeing people narrow their eyes at you in suspicion, whispers behind your back. It was almost worse when you were in a relationship with a human like Qrow. He never cared that you were faunus, he fell in love with who you are. A silly tail didn’t matter. Some people, though, seem to look down on your relationship because of that silly tail. You hated that they could make you nervous to go out for a night on the town with the man you love.

Qrow, sensing something wrong, takes your hand. “You okay?”

You nod “Yeah, yeah sorry. Guess I got lost in thought for a second.” Ignoring the look he gives you, you start the car and drive.


“I told you, it’s too early for a bar.” You shake your head at the man walking next to you.

“Ah, is it ever too early for the bar, really?”

“Yes, Qrow, I consider five thirty too early for the bar.”

You were both walking through downtown Vale, on route to a restaurant you’d chosen for the night. The sun was only just starting to set, so the crowds coming to enjoy the cities night life hadn’t arrived yet. Give it another hour and the streets would fill with teenagers running around, groups doing bar crawls, lovers such as you and Qrow looking for a romantic night, lonely people looking on in envy, and other night owls. Qrow thought it would be fun to check out one of the bars before they started filling up. He didn’t seem to realize that once the two of you started drinking you’d probably end up wasting the whole night. After being gone on a mission for so long, you just wanted at least a few hours of a relaxing, normal date night. The bar could wait.

Qrow runs a hand through his hair “Okay, okay. After dinner?”

“Sure. Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather wait till dark to get plastered.”

“Ha, don’t worry, I’ll love you even if you act like a grandma” He puts a hand on the side of your head and pulls you in to press a quick kiss to your temple before grabbing your hand.

You smile and chuckle, but your joy fades when you hear someone scoff nearby.

On a bench just behind you, a man sits. You see him glare at you, lip curled downward in disgust before turning away. You stiffen. This was exactly the kind of person you hated running in to.

Qrow notices your discomfort and looks over his shoulder, eyes landing on the man now looking at his scroll. “Wha-“

You tighten your grip on his hand and pull him along “It’s nothing, come on.”

His eyes lock on to yours “Did he look at you weird or something?” He looks concerned, but there’s also a bit of anger in his voice. He’d probably willingly go and pick a fight if you gave the word.

You shake your head “I- well yes, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s keep walking.”

He gives you another wary look, but then he nods, squeezes your hand, and keeps walking.

You take a breath to steady yourself. Glancing at your joined hands, you push down that knee jerk reaction to let go that came with seeing that man’s contempt.


Qrow laughs in the middle of his story “It was the oldest prank in the book, I still can’t believe Tai fell for it.”

You try and stifle your own laughter, not wanting to be too loud in the restaurant. “Ice water? Seriously? What did he even do to you?”

“Called me ‘bird brain’ one to many times, babe.” He scoops up the last of his meal with his fork as he talks.

You chuckle, playing with your drink’s straw. The nights been going well, just a few hours of hanging out and talking to your boyfriend. You couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was going to happen, though. Ever since your run in with that man. You tried to ignore it as left over nerves.

“Here you go, sirs, madam. I’ll bring you your menus in just a moment.” The waiter must have just sat some group at the table next to yours. You hoped they weren’t loud; it’s so annoying to sit next to loud groups of gossiping people. Then again, you supposed you should be getting your check soon, you’d been here a while.

You look at Qrow “Ready to go?”

He nods, pushing his plate away. You raise a hand to catch the waiter’s attention and they leave to get your check.

That done, you lean back in your chair and glance around the room. The restaurant is a pretty nice looking place, good food, too. There was quite a few people, but it wasn’t crowded. All it caused was a mildly loud chatter as a soundtrack for your meal. Not a very fancy place but better than a lot of other places you’ve eaten at. Carpeted floors, a few painting on the walls, it looked like someone had broken and glued the head back on to the bust near the door a bit poorly, though. Your eyes wander and drift to the table next to yours, you wonder who’s-

You freeze. There he was, the same man who had looked at you and Qrow so disgusted earlier. Why, why did he of all people have to be here? You’re so focused on him you barely register Qrow paying the waiter across from you.

Feeling a pair of eyes on him, the man glances to the side, for the first time noticing you. He gets that same look on his face, eyes flicking to the tail hanging behind you, then back to your face. Qrow notices him for the first time as well.

His eyes narrow “Isn’t that…”

The man turns back to his friends and says, loud enough for you to hear. “You know what I can’t stand, those faunus scoundrels waltzing around asking to be seen on the same level as a human, and then they turn around, put on those fang masks, and wreck our shops. It’s ridiculous.”

The woman nods “Ugh, agreed. I’m sure they’re not all bad, though still, it’s hard to know for certain.”

“Right, and I can’t understand why anybody would want to get too close to one, much less date one. Interspecies relationships are just so… unnerving.”

The other man chimes in “How weird it must be to date someone with four ears. Or worse, they have fangs and end up tearing your throat out when they’re supposed to be kissing your neck. Unnerving is right.”

“What’s really unnerving is how many people have the capacity to be such ignorant pricks and spout nonsense all day.” Qrow focuses his gaze on the original speaker.

“Qrow.” You whisper. You didn’t need him starting a fight for you. He knew you could handle yourself, but it seems this douche has caused you to feel uncomfortable one to many times for him to sit quiet.

“Excuse me?” The man says, all three of them turning to look at you. The woman notices your tail and her cheeks redden. The other man seems to wince and puts a hand on his friend’s arm, a gesture to stay down.

“You heard me.” Qrow says. Oh he is not starting something here.

“Qrow.” You say again, more forceful. Finally, he looks at you. You stare at each other, silently arguing about whether or not it was worth it to start a bar fight in the restaurant. Finally you win, and he sighs and downs the rest of his drink. He stands, pushing in his chair and scowling at the other table.

You stand as well, moving to be by Qrow. You’re still too frazzled to take his hand, your own hands curling in to fists in frustration.

The man looks angry, only staying sitting because of the man with his hand on his arm. His friends give him pointed glares and he eventually slumps down in his chair. You start to turn away when he whispers “Freaks.”

Now you stare him down, fed up with this nonsense. “The only ‘freak’ here is you sir. The freaks are the sad, lonely bastards such as you who have nothing better to do than spit hate at people for baseless reasons. Lucky for you, I’m tired from fighting grimm and actually protecting people, and would rather save my energy on something better than scum. Good night.” You take Qrows hand and march out of the restaurant, not bothering to check the man’s reaction.

You walk silently with Qrow for a few minutes before he speaks up. “Well, that was some speech.”

You sigh and stop moving, rubbing your face with one hand. “I got a bit heated, I wanted to just leave without confrontation, but it’s just so tiring. I hate people like him. I hate being afraid to show affection to you in public.”

“You don’t have to be afraid; nothing is ever coming between us, you know that. I love you, (y/n).”

You shake your head and smile dryly. “I’ve dealt with those people long enough that the fear and hesitation isn’t something I can shake off so easy, but,” You take Qrow’s other hand and look into his eyes, smile softening “but you’re right. Nothing will come between us. I won’t let a few pricks stop me from loving you. Because… I really do love you, Qrow.”

You move forward and let the crisp night air and the sounds of laughing revelers flow past you as you kiss each other, hands clasped and fingers intertwined.

First things first, these are just observations and could potentially mean nothing. 

This Is What You Came For came out as a single on April 29th but the music video didn’t come out until June 16th of 2016. Both Calvin and Taylor confirmed their breakup on June 2nd. Because we don’t know when exactly they broke up and considering how long it must’ve taken to edit this video, it’s unlikely that he had the time to add in specific Taylor targeted visuals. Nonetheless, here are some that I found. 

To start with, the box is seen in a classic desert with some mountains in the background. It’s a bit similar to Taylor’s rave set in I Knew You Were Trouble (but a desert is a desert). But here we see her in a desert again for the Out of the Woods video that came out in December of 2015. 

The box is also seen in a warehouse looking set. 

The structure of the building and general feel for squares looks familiar though.

This scene of the video reminded me of the rave in I Knew You Were Trouble as well.

Here we have a woman standing on a horse on the screen in the background.

Remember where we last saw our girl STANDING ON A HORSE? Blank Space baby and this video came out back in November of 2014. 

THEN we see a woman with dark hair in a desert in a long dress that flows behind her.

Wildest Dreams video that came out in August of 2015. 

Here is a general scene of a forest that I couldn’t help but link to Out of The Woods again.

Moving on, the My Way video by Calvin Harris seemed to have more similarities with Taylor’s older videos. This video came out in October of 2016.

First off, the landscape literally mirrors the Out of The Woods video perfectly. The ice capped mountains, the desert, and the woods. 

Hm her dress looks REALLY familiar doesn’t it?

Taylor’s I Knew You Were Trouble Red Tour outfit.

This scene also looks like one we’ve seen before.

How about Bad Blood from May 2015

“When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst” amirite ladies. Clean was never a single but lyrics count too.

The polka dot colors are reversed but I’ve seen other people compare this scene to his too so I threw this in.

A woman wandering the forest alone in the dark in a blue dress?

Out of the Woods.

Calvin’s cabin/house looks a bit different from Taylor’s in Tim McGraw but it was the first thing I thought of when I watched this video.

Taylor’s love interest’s house in Tim McGraw

However, the Mine video house looks similar to Calvin’s in My Way.

That is all I could piece together. 

Remember, these are just observations and aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Their relationship was a while ago and I’m not trying to be *that* person bringing it up. I honestly just think that their mirroring of one another’s videos is really artistically fascinating and genius even if they didn’t even plan it. 

But everything in Look What You Made Me Do was calculated and detailed so I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason she used the square in the warehouse was as a nod to his TIWYCF video. 

@theultimategernerd wanted to see Qrow in F4 (and so did I)

An anon asked for Tai in F4, too, so have matching STRQ brother’s! 

Tai-quan-Qrow (I don’t ship them in the SLIGHTEST! Like, EW, no thank you…but how is that not their ship name?) 

Have matching Qrow and Tai because I feel like Summer and Raven would pull shit like this on those two all the time.

Return of the man bun for these two and Qrow appears with some glasses! I can’t imagine his vision ever going, but I needed this. Seriously, those two bird twins have to have 15/20 vision. 

Tai: -leans against Qrow- Hey, Qroooooow? How do you beat level 30? This boss is nuts!

Qrow: Wh-what?! Stop leaning on me, Tai! You’re supposed to be helping Short-Stack and I move!

Tai: Ah, come on you big, grumpy, bird-nerd! First off, you make an excellent object to lean on. Secondly, the girls are getting take out, and we’ve been working all day! Lets chill for a bit!

Qrow: Do what you want. I’m going to keep working. We have a mission in a week and I need this place in order before we leave.

Tai: Don’t you mean Summer needs it in place?

Qrow: To that I ask you, who do YOU think is going to hear about it if it’s not neat and in order?

Tai: Pleeeeeeease? I’ve died fifteen times already!

Qrow: Bird-nerd says ‘NO’! Now, if you’d be so kind as to GET OFF OF ME!

Tai and Raven help Summer and Qrow move into their Vale Kingdom apartment about a month after graduation and returning from a mission in Atlas.

Tai is very done with moving boxes. He’d rather play video games on his Scroll and lean on Qrow as if the blondie was a Great Dane.

Qrow isn’t amused.

weathergirl1  asked:

Heh ur the best 😄 oh I was thinking a rosebird one eh still a lil embarrassed 😅

Its okay. *yetihug*

Summer: Raven! You have to stop going off on your own when we are on mission!

Raven: Tsk. Whatever. I got the job done didn’t?

Summer: At the cost of Tai and Qrow getting seriously hurt! If you were to have stayed that wouldn’t have gotten hurt!

Raven: Oh please. It was their faults for being careless.


Raven: So what are you going to do about little Girl. *Raven Taunted as she got in Summer’s face, Summer glaring up at her for a minute before Raven smirked and walked over to the wind to look outside at the sunset.* That’s what I thought. If you want to go blame someone blame yourself for being a bad leader.

Summer: EXCUSE ME!?

Raven: *Raven smirked as her continued to look out the window, unaware of Summer coming closer with a raised hand.* You hear me. Now go bug some one else I’m-huh?*SMACK* EEK! *Raven yipped before slowly looking back at Summer who held up her skirk with a surprised and pissed look.* Did… Did you just spank me?

Summer: *Summer only reply was to raise her hand again.*

Raven: Don’t you fucking d-*SLAP SLAP* OW! SUMMER! WHAT DO YOU-*SLAP SLAP SLAP* NNRRRRRGH! *Raven growl as Summer continued to spank her ass.*

Summer: I *SLAP* AM *SLAP* YOUR *SLAP* LEADER *SLAP* AND *SLAP* YOU *SLAP* WILL*SLAP* LISTEN *SLAP* TO *SLAP* ME! *Summer load between each slaps of Raven’s ass, Her cheeks blushing as red as Raven’s butt cheek out of embarrassment for actually enjoying it when suddenly her blush grow upon a sharking legs Raven response to the last slap.*

Raven: OW! *SLAP* OKAY! *SLAP* ALRIGHT! *SLAP* I’LL LISTEN JUST *SLAP* ~MMMMMMM!~<3 *Raven moaned biting her lip nd gripping the windowsill causing both girls to freeze in place. Then with a new found blush Raven slowly looked back, panting slightly think.* Please tell Summer didn’t realize what I just did. *Unfortunately for Raven, see Summer looking between her face and her now damp panties she knew Summer knew what happened.*

Summer: Raven… Did you… From me spanking… woooow. *Summer blushed even more as Raven groaned loudly, hiding her face. The two stood there for a moment in silence until Summer asked a question that throw Raven way off.* D-Do you, uh, want me to continue?

Raven: *Raven at this point could only stand more slightly looking back at Summer, eyes wide and jaw slightly ajarred.* … *Then to her own surprise Raven found herself merely leaning over the windowsill again raising her butt and nodding and whisper.* Y-…Yes ma’am… Just don’t tell the other.

Summer: *Summer gulped, lifting Raven’s skirt again and with some hesitation and Raven’s approval pulling down her pants, before raising her hand.* A-as long as you promise to listen to me on missions for now on.

Raven: *Raven nodded and began to moan happily as Summer Began her “punishment” and couldn’t help but think.* Fuck, I’m in love.

~next day~

Port: Miss Branwen? Why aren’t you sitting?

Raven: I can’t see the board.

Port: But you’re in the front row?

Raven: I can’t see it so I am standing.

Notes on being grounded

As an energy worker, being grounded is incredibly important. As an intuitive, it’s nearly essential. As a soul in a physical body, it keeps me from crashing into walls. (Seriously, I do it all the time when I’m incredibly disconnected.)

It will get long winded, so here’s some notes I give to my students about being grounded and some ways to get grounded.

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Okay so let's pretend for a sec that Daisuke actually gets a date with Hikari and Taichi wants to give some advice
  • Taichi: Say you have a dinner date at seven. What time do you arrive?
  • Daisuke: Seven. AM. Case the restaurant, run background checks on the staff. Can the cook be trusted? If not, gotta kill him, dispose of the body, replace him with my own guy, no later than four-thirty.
  • Taichi: You’re ready!
  • Daisuke: Really?
  • Taichi: No. Everything you just said was insane.

anonymous asked:

I think you're so cute thinking that Taylor is trying to tell everyone she's gay by peaking through closer blinds in a commercial! *pats you on the head* It's like you aren't aware that she wants to be 35 years old with the residency in Vegas. Guess who has a stint in Vegas and is closeted but hides it? I'll give you a hint, her name is fucking CELINE DION

Anon, no offense really, but i’ve known about Céline being *allegedly* closeted since 1999, so….

Whatever Tay’s plans are for the future, regarding her career, this new era couldn’t be further away from what Céline’s been doing regarding her personal life, for almost 25 years now….If you seriously believe Tay will go all the way into a lavender mariage, it’s your choice….

But Céline has NEVER ever hinted about anything potentially gay/bi about her, in her music, music videos or anything career related, whether it’s in English or French: NEVER.

The only close thing was when she cut her hair very short and bleeched it in 2003, for a French album she released with Jean-Jacques Goldman & their friends (”1 Fille & 4 types”) but that’s all…

Céline is almost 50 now, when Titanic happened, she was 28, and to be fair, Tay’s career and global success are not at the same level (yet) as Céline’s, back then….

So please stop comparing situations/careers that are incomparable….

Awkward (T.C)

|based on the request: hey!! can you do an imagine where you’re friends with Taylor and he starts to get nervous around you and you think you did something wrong but really it’s just because he likes you? (is this weird idk)|

|•1.4k words, I never edit these so I’m rlly sorry if things are spelt wrong ha, THANKS FOR 800 FOLLOWERS IT MEANS SO FUCKING MUCH, masterlist is in my description or just search the tag ‘wilkinsdream’ and it will be there along with my imagines ily all you fab people x x x•|

“Hey guys!” I grin as I walk into my friend Taylor’s house, carefully shutting the door behind me. The conversation from the lounge was cut off as soon as the door shut. I furrow my eyebrows at the sudden quietness and toss my keys on the table.

“Hey Y/N.” I hear Dillon say. I smile to myself and walk into the lounge and stand behind the couch. “What’s up?”

I take a step over so I’m standing right behind Taylor. “Nothin’ much, I just got back from my grandparents in Arkansas.”

“Oh so that’s where you were, how was it?”

“It was good to see my family, the weather wasn’t great but it was fine.”

I got to see my family from my moms side, we only ever see them every other Christmas because my dads family is from Indiana. It’s my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary so we went on a little road trip to Arkansas for a week.

“So you just got back then?” I nod. “You decided to come and see your lover boy as soon as you got back in the state?”

“Of course I did,” I grin, wrapping my arms around Taylor’s neck from behind. “I missed my little lover boy.” I kiss Taylor’s cheek quickly and rest my chin on his head. “What’s up with you, Tay? You haven’t said a word to me yet.”

“I uh, hi, um, yeah.”

I look over at Dillon who’s watching Taylor with a smirk on his face, but as soon as he catches eyes with me, his smirk drops and he just shrugs at me.

Something is definitely going on.

Taylor Caniff is never quiet. For the 11 years that I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him be this quiet or sputtery. Especially at the same time. He’s always been so open and crazy around me, not once have we ever had a silence for longer than ten seconds.

“Tay, my mom told me to ask you if you wanted to come over for dinner tomorrow?”

“Sure, uh, okay.”

I furrow my eyebrows once again and walk around the couch and sit down on the coffee table in front of the two couches. I look between the two boys in question. Taylor refuses to look at me and Dillon looks like he’s going to piss himself with laughter.

“What did you guys do whilst I was gone then?” I ask, trying to ease up the tension and awkwardness in the room.

“Not much, played some video games, went with Taylor to a couple meetings about the tour, ate a whole lot of takeout, spent a whole lot of money.”

“Well, it sounds like you two had a fun week.”

“We also tried to do laundry, but it didn’t work. We broke the washing machine-”

“We? Aw hell naw, you put too much damn powder in!” Taylor finally speaks up, narrowing his eyes at his best friend with a cute little glare.

“What did you guys ruin?”

“That blue button up of Taylor’s-” I widen my eyes and gasp quietly, snapping my head to look right at Taylor. They can’t be talking about the shirt I’m thinking about, can they?

“Not my favourite shirt?” Dillon nods and looks at Taylor. “The pale, denim-like blue colour one with the black buttons?” Dillon nods once again and I instantly frown. “You know how much I love that shirt on you, Tay! You were going to wear it to my cousins wedding!”

My cousin is getting married in two months and I asked Taylor to come with me, along with the circumstance that he wears my favourite shirt of his, and he agreed. He looks so good in that shirt! I know that he looks damn good in tank tops, but he just looks so smart and pretty in formal shirts. And now it’s ruined?

My heart is going to break over a damn shirt.

“Hold up, Taylor’s going to your cousins wedding with you?”

I nod, “Yeah, of course he is, why are you asking?” Is there something bad about that?

“Is he your date to the wedding?”

“I guess so.” I never thought about it that way.

I guess Taylor is my date for my cousins wedding. He’s my friend, and he’s a male, so people just automatically assume that we’re dating because we’re the opposite genders and we’re so close.

“What do you have to say about being Y/N’s date, Taylor?”

As the attention is centred on Taylor, his face starts to pale and he begins stumbling and muttering every syllable he tries to speak. I need to know what the heck is going on because something is seriously not right with Taylor and it’s really worrying me.

“Right okay, what is going on?”

“I think it’s time for me to leave,” Dillon mutters as he quite literally launches himself off of the couch and sprints over to the front door without any kind of explanation as to why. “See you later!”

As soon as the door closes, I catch Taylor’s eye and widen mine to ask him what’s going on.

“Why are you being so odd, Tay? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, I uh, you didn’t do anything wrong, you never do.”

I raise an eyebrow before nodding, “Then what is it? You know you can talk to me.”

“I just, I, Y/N, I, I can’t.”

“Tay, are you okay?”

“No! I’m not fucking okay!” He bursts, throwing his hands in the air to emphasise his voice. “I swear, all you ever do is tease me and I’m sick of it!”

“What? Tease you? What are you talking about?” When have I ever teased him? I’ve never been mean to him?

“With all your flirty words and playing along with what Dillon was saying about us being lovers! He only said that because he knows that I want us to be like that!”

“Wait, slow down okay?” His fast, over reactive breathing instantly slows down as he looks at me, his eyes glistening brightly. “You want us to be what?”

“The way you were hugging me, I, it just got me thinking about what we could be, and Dillon! Dillon knows what I was thinking about, I told him every god damn thing about what I freakin love about you and he just keeps teasing me and you play along!”

Does Taylor like me? Is he trying to tell me that he has feelings for me?

“Are you saying you want us to be more than friends, Taylor?”

He looks down at his lap before answering me. “I guess, yeah…”

“How long have you been feeling like this?”

“Since the day you left for Arkansas.” He almost a whispers, looking back up at me. “Ever since we almost kissed when we were hugging, I, I started feeling things and I told Dillon and I’m quite rightly, uh, whipped.”

“That was definitely unexpected,” I puff, resting my hands on my hips. “I don’t really know what to say.”

Taylor just shrugs his shoulders and wraps his arms around himself. “It’s fine that you don’t like me back, I couldn’t even come to terms with it until this morning.”

I purse my lips to the side and look at Taylor. He smiles half heartedly at me and barely makes any eye contact with me, avoiding the awkwardness but raising the tension instead.

“I don’t want it to be awkward between us.” I finally blurt out, biting down on my dry, bottom lip

“It won’t… I uh, um, yeah.”

With a big, deep sigh, I close my eyes and bring up a sudden idea, one that could work really well for the both of us, or it could completely ruin everything. “We could always try to make something work?”

“What do you mean?”

“We could go on a date and see if we can get along as a couple?”

Taylor’s face perks up as soon as I say 'date’, and then even more as I say 'couple’.

“Do you really mean that? You want to actually go on a date with me? Me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” I smile and Taylor just shrugs. “You’re one of my closest friends and we’ve always gotten on really well, we might as well give it a try.”

People have always said that we act like we’re a couple, people like Dillon. He always teases us about it, hence why Taylor was so awkward when I first arrived, and I’m sure that he would be overjoyed if Taylor and I came out as a couple.

That means that he would become the third wheel instead of me.

“So,” All of Taylor’s awkwardness suddenly cowers away and he’s finally the bubbly, confident Taylor I know and love. “You busy tonight?”

Empty Movement

Do not allow your forms to be hollow. You must develop intention, a physically implied movement based on combat application. The beginnings of intention come from visualization of the technique. Visualization can only be developed through physical experience of the technique. Intention becomes the reenactment of how your body interacts when connecting with or striking an opponent. At this point visualization is not merely picturing the image of the opponent, but the feeling of interaction with the opponent.

This is smart shadowboxing, not empty movement. Your combinations will not be the same in application as they are in your form, to think so is naive. However, when you release the single movements from your forms in application, whether in an actual fight or sparring context, you will do so with the fullest potential.

So to know only forms is not enough, you need to know what it feels like to strike, kick, block, throw, then your forms practice will have substance. Still, forms training is only a piece of the larger picture, drilling, sparring, bag work and conditioning must also be practiced regularly and seriously to truly develop the self. When you practice with focused intention your movements will become more agile, stronger and more efficient when applied in any forum.

Of course, anon dear. Thank you for your request and I hope you enjoy the headcanons.

ARGAN: how many times a week do you exercise? 

While Hibari rarely ‘exercises’ in a traditional sense - he doesn’t jog or hit a gym - he does Tai Chi most mornings and he’s always searching for a fight, preferably with someone stronger than himself so as to help him improve his own physical skills and fighting prowress. 

CUCUMBER: what’s your favourite cheesy pick-up line? would you ever use it on someone?

Hibari doesn’t believe in pick-up lines. He thinks they’re stupid and he wouldn’t take anyone seriously if they used one on him. In fact, it would automatically guarantee that he would dislike them. Needless to say, he would never use a pick-up line, cheesy or otherwise, on a potential partner.

LEMON: do you have any annoying habits? what are they?

Hibari has more than his fair share of annoying habits, though he’s too proud to admit it. Honestly, he really doesn’t think of them as annoying. To him, they are simply a part of who he is. He’s anti-social, violent, never remembers birthdays, chews loudly, and a ton of other slightly annoying things. Is he going to stop being or doing any of these things? Of course not. He’s perfectly fine with who he is.

ROSE WATER: if you could see love, what would it look like? describe love in terms of aesthetic (butterflies,stars, rainbows, etc.) 

Late spring nights, when there’s just the barest hint of a chill, enough so that you have to wrap a blanket around your housecoat naked body before standing outside and cold enough so that the hot tea in your hands feels amazing, tastes amazing, more so than normal. The stars up in the sky are almost too bright, looking like something you might find in a movie, glittering madly above you in the silence of 3 a.m. Your lover is behind you, the sliding door to the bedroom slightly open, their breathing deep and gentle, barely audible in the stillness. Your body still feels heavy, satiated, and you can almost feel them still, the pleasure of the earlier love-making still tingling little static bursts under your skin and in your mind. Maybe in a couple minutes, when your tea is finished, you’ll slip back into bed beside them, run your fingers along their side and repeat the earlier pleasures. But for now, for now, everything about this moment just feels right, like this is what life is actually supposed to be like, like this is what all those feel-good movies are aiming for and never succeeding in. 

HONEY: describe one of the best days of your life.

Hibari doesn’t have a best day of his life. He hasn’t lived long enough to do that. However, even on his death bed, Hibari won’t be able to say what his best day was. He’s never completely satisfied with anything, always pushing for something better, always pushing for better period - from himself and from life. 

The Adventures of Kinley and Tay

Here is another idea that popped in my head. I hope you all enjoy!

Short stories of adventures Kinley and Tay encounter as they discover their love for each other.

Adventure 1: Lost in the Woods

Kinley and Tay had developed a close friendship. They were not in a relationship, but enjoyed a platonic friendship with each other. Outside of work, they would often go on adventures to explore common interests. After shooting season 2 and needing a cool down period, Kinley saw a commercial for a nature hike through the woods.   He knew Tay liked pets and animals, so he thought it would be a good little getaway to share with his friend. The ad advertised that participants would walk a nature trail exploring animals in their natural habitat and at night, they would camp out and return the next day.

 Tay had packed all of her camping gear, had her hiking boots on and decided she would stick to her athletic wear for comfort and flexibility. As she waited for Kinley to pick her up, she stood peeping out of the window glancing at her watch. His car appeared and he got out to help her load her camping gear.

After arriving at the site, both packed on their gear and joined the group to receive instructions on their route and the dos and don’ts. Kinley looked to Tay and asked, “Are you ready for this?” and she smiled saying, “More ready then I’ll ever be.”

As they walked the trail, they saw various animals. Tay was in awe and really enjoying the trail. She wanted to touch and hold all of the animals they encountered, but Kinley held her back. She was like a little kid at a petting zoo. She knew Kinley probably would not let her touch anything so she made sure to bring her small Canon to take photos along the way. At times Kinley would lift her so that she could get better angles for her photos. Nevertheless, as the group walked on, Tay and Kinley began to fall behind because they wanted to get more in-depth nature photos, eventually getting segregated from the group. When they realized they were no longer with the group, they became a little worried and it was beginning to get dark. Their attempts to call for help were unsuccessful because neither could get a phone signal in the woods.

Tay was starting to panic but Kinley quickly pacified her by letting her know that in the morning they would find their way back to the campsite. However, deep in his mind, he had no clue of how to get back, but his plan was to stay calm and for the night, they would just stay put and share a tent.

Kinley struck a small fire to give them a little light. Tay pulled out her little packs of tuna and crackers and they both fed on that while they devised a plan for the route they would take in the morning to get back. They noted everything they remembered on the trail up to the point where they were. Tay had her camera so she was going to use her pics to trail back to the familiar spots.

It was a warm night, so as Kinley pitched the tent, Tay assisted in anyway. Kinley was shirtless and the fire illuminated his muscles. Tay had seen his body on set on many occasions. She had even seen him totally nude, but being in this dark, serene setting gave her a new appreciation for his sensual curves. It made her feel sexual towards him. She had always managed to draw the line between her costar and their personal relationship, which was now quickly evaporating watching him in action. She started to fan herself.

Kinley noticed that Tay was looking at him differently, but he tried to shrug it off. His thought was we are good friends, we enjoy each other’s company; let’s not ruin that, so he continued building the tent.

Once the tent was completed, they both crawled in and Tay asked Kinley if he thought there were bears in the woods and if so, if he thought they might be attacked. Kinley responded, “I’m sure there are, we just need to be careful not to fall asleep too hard that we can’t escape them. Saying this caused Tay to slide to his side placing her arm around his waist, as he lay there shirtless in his shorts.

Tay pleaded that he promise her he would not let anything happen to them and he replied, he could not guarantee that, but he would surely try his best. She lifted her body and began to remove her boots and clothes so that she would be left in her tank and undies.

Kinley looked at her saying, “You know that I am a man, what are you doing?” Tay looked at him puzzled and sharply said, “What’s the problem? You’ve seen me on set so many times with less clothes than this. I know you know how to control yourself at the sight of a little booty.” Kinley laughed, but he reiterated, “seriously, you NEED to cover up!”

He exclaimed, “Tay, we are not on set, there are no cameras or others around to crush the mood. This is a more intimate and personal setting and you know I get aroused very quickly.” She glanced over to his manhood and confirmed he was not lying as evidenced by the large long bulge in his shorts. She chuckled at the sight.

Tay teasingly asked him if he got aroused by just any woman or was it particular women that had that effect on him. He responded, “I would not say ANY WOMAN, just those women that appeal to me.” She retorted, “in what way do I appeal to you to have that effect (seductively pointing to his manhood) on you?”

He looked down at himself and tried to cover it up with both hands turning slightly on his side and told her that he was not ashamed and to drop the subject. He stated, “we have a good hike ahead and we should get some rest, you don’t want any of this!”

She scooted her body close to his butt and rubbed her hand down his chest in a slow circular motion resting her chin on his muscled arm and seductively asked, “how would I know if you don’t give me a sample?” He looked at her and said Tay, “Stop! Trust me, you do not want to start this—you need to be careful. I’m not one of those lil dudes you have been dealing with, besides we are good friends—once you have the Mack you can’t go back.” “I’m not willing to jeopardize the friendship we have—go to sleep!”

Tay looked at Kinley and said, “I’m not quite sleepy. I am a little hungry right now and you are looking plenty appetizing” and she licked his lips from bottom to top while placing a firm grip on the large hump in his shorts then began caressing his hardened area with her hand.

Kinley whispered with a chuckled to her lips, “Tay, I’m warning you … . once you start this, I’m telling you, I won’t be able to stop—I’m warning you … … going once … going twice” and she continued to kiss him forcing her tongue deeper into his mouth. She broke the kiss to straddle him placing slow and small wet kisses on his chin and throat, as she moved down to his chest, abs, and stomach. Everywhere her hands touched on his body left a tingle on his skin.

He quickly flipped her over placing her on her back and harshly pulled up her tank top making her breast pop freeing them from their enclosure. He took turns placing soft kisses on each breast while he massaged the other. She let out long whining moans as his tongue danced across her hardened nipples. His sucking and massaging were giving her a pleasant sensation making her arch her back. As the heat climbed between them, his hand slid down her stomach and he ripped her undies completely off exposing her neatly trimmed hot pocket. He kissed and licked between her breast and navel area as she wrapped her legs around his waist locking him in position. She was rolling her exposed v against his hardened piece. Without anticipation, he snatched her up exiting the tent carrying her to the nearest tree.

He placed her back against the tree and savagely began to passionately kiss and caress her body with a strong grip. Looking her straight in the eyes, he said, “Tay, I dreamt about doing this to you for a long time.” He pulled his shorts down to his ankles, and stepped out of them. He was going so wild; she could not keep up with his pace. With her eyes locked on him, she said, “give it to me Ken, let me feel all you’ve got.” He turned her around to face the tree lifting and pinning both of her hands up with one of his hands as he whispered in her ear, “Your ass belongs to me, I’m the bear you should be concerned about—I’m about to ravage this ass.” The fierce way he said those words, made her moisten. With one quick rough push, he jammed into her. She was so wet, he glided straight in. He had absorbed her entire pocket and was pumping back and forth as she moaned, “Yes … .  Yessssssssss, give it to me Ken. You feel so gooooood, Ahhhhhhh … . . don’t stop.” They were proving that just because no one was in the woods to hear them, sounds could be made. One of his hands was holding her captive to the tree while the other had a firm grip on her warm wet center as he grinded savagely into her. “Ughhhhh, Ken” she moaned, “Faster.” He could hold on no longer and pulled out to release his cum.  As he pulled out, he still had his hand on her spot, so he stuck two fingers in her in a quick motion keeping her aroused. He could feel her middle pulsating around his fingers as her legs got weaker under his touch. Her juices began to flow heavier. Staring at her like he was in a trance, he licked and sucked his fingers as she  looked at him breathless coming down from her high. As she regained herself, she leaned against the tree. She looked at him slurping her wetness and it turned her on, she jump up on him and wrapped her legs around his waist placing his hard piece back in her vagina.  As they kissed, she pumped on him internally and externally driving him crazy. He was moaning and groaning, “that’s right . … ride me, Tay… . Ahhhhhhh.”  His talking and moaning was fueling her stamina to continue until he started to cave. She was bringing him to his knees. He grabbed the sides of her body and laid her down in the fire lit darkness on the ground in a bed of leaves and started a slow grind. His massive hands still held a tight grip on her body as they both stared into each other’s eyes. The grind was creating a buildup both were feeling and both were howling like two wolves, but right before both exploded, he leaned to her lips, kissed her passionately and they both let loose combining their juices. He rolled over staring into the stars as she did the same. Their chests rose up and down as they caught their breaths. Still staring at the stars, both exclaimed, “Wow” simultaneously.

She looked over to him and said, “I always wanted to have sex in the woods. Thanks for making that dream come true, my homie lover friend” letting out an exhausted laugh. He smirked at her and said, “after what we just did, do you think we can still be platonic friends?” She said, hold that thought, “I have to go pee” hopping up to run into the woods. He got up and tossed her a roll of tissue.

Kinley was in the tent with his shorts on, but still shirtless. She entered still half nude. He just eyed her body as she sat down to slide her pants on. She said, “thanks to you, my panties are shreds, now I have to cover up and sleep in my pants” and he responded, “that’s lucky for you, but you’re welcome to sleep in the nude, however, I can’t promise that you will be safe from the bear.”

She was actually glad he said what he said to her because she was ready for another round. She sexily smirked at him saying, “Before we go to sleep, can I get a little snack from my friend?”

anonymous asked:

Hi. I joined a martial arts club so I could learn self confidence/self defense. But yesterday I was taught by a guy who made me so uncomfortable, I don't want to go again. I cant believe the irony! I wanted to learn self defense against misogynists & ended up being taught by one who roughed me up & pretended it was a lesson. He kept saying "girls are so much worse than boys" (about school bullies, like at over 20 yrs old that's why I joined?) & when I disagreed he aggressively pulled me. Advice?

Get out of the class.

This guy obviously has nothing to teach that you’re interested in learning and in the words of the Karate Kid: “There are no bad students, just bad teachers.” You don’t have to go, you don’t have to stick it out, this is not a toughness test. You have the right to say “no” and go find an instructor who will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself as opposed to working out his personal issues on you.

This is not acceptable. It is not okay. Leave.

I cannot stress that enough.


If this guy is the one running the school, then find another school. If he’s not and is working under a leadership then (if you feel comfortable talking to them), you should let them know. If this is a position or attitude that they endorse, then, again, leave. Unfortunately, that may be all you can do. Safeguarding yourself is important. You are important. You are entitled to a safe, constructive learning environment with someone you trust and who believes in you. This guy is obviously not giving you that, therefore he is neither entitled to your time or your money.

Abusive environments in martial arts schools are not normal. However, they do happen. Assholes exist and, unfortunately, regardless of training, shitty people will continue to be shitty.

So, get out. You don’t want to go back? Great. Don’t. You don’t have to. This is not you giving up. This is not cowardice. This is not you failing. He has failed you. If you do to get a refund, bring a friend. Don’t go back without one, or two, or three. There’s safety in numbers. Whatever you need to feel safe.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t let this guy scare you off getting what you want. Okay? He’s not the norm and those goals you mentioned: building self-confidence and learning to defend yourself? That’s admirable. I’m proud of you for finding the courage to go after what you want. Tackling new experiences is very brave and I’m sorry this situation has been so horrible. All my hugs to you. Those things you want? You deserve them. Find a different school.

Martial arts schools are like any community, they’re all different. Think about the different cliques in your high school, even the people who seem very similar can be vastly different. What you need is to find an environment where you feel comfortable. Find someone you want to learn from.

Martial arts require trust and respect, it’s a shared path between teacher and student. You need to find a teacher you respect and one who respects you. A good teacher is one who believes in you. They believe in their students, they are invested in their development, they are with you ever step of the way, and they are a second family. They will not disregard your fears, they will listen to you, and together you will work toward achieving what you need. It’s a partnership. Because of that, it’s important to remember that not every teacher can provide what you’re looking for. This is why finding the right one is so important. Remember, what’s right for me or Starke may not be right for you. We all learn differently and thrive in different learning environments.

Most importantly: This is supposed to be fun.

I’m going to borrow a section from The Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi, an article by Dr. John Painter where he discusses selecting a school. This is going to be specifically about Tai Chi, but really, it’s good advice for any martial art.

to find a school to suit your needs, you should first decide just what you expect to gain from studying tai chi chuan. Do you simply want better health, or do you want to learn tai chi to defend yourself, or to enhance your internal power? Or all of the above? Getting in touch with your needs is a good idea before you start your quest.

Where to Look
In most large cities across the United States, there are usually several teachers available. Look in the yellow pages or ask around to compile a list of candidates. Checking with the local community college programs is another option. Anyone who wishes to study this art should identify as many teachers as possible in the area. Then go visit the training sites of each. Some may be in a commercial gymnasium, or a church hall, or a college gymnasium, while other classes are taught in parks. The authenticity of the art does not rely on the place in which it is practiced. However, for a beginner, it generally is best to have a quiet serene environment in which to train.
If the site matches your needs, call the instructor and ask to visit an actual class. It’s most helpful to observe both a beginner’s and advanced class to determine how you might progress as a student of that particular school. Avoid a teacher who will not allow visitors during class time. Legitimate teachers have nothing to hide and do not conduct “secret” classes. (pg XIV)

I also suggest checking Yelp and other sites to see if the school is listed. Not all experiences are going to be favorable, but this is an easy way to check the pulse before leaping right in.

This part is the one I feel is most important.

Once you have located a teacher to visit, do what the Chinese say: “Empty your cup.” Let go of any expectations about how a competent tai chi chuan teacher should look, act, or sound.

Good teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities and in both sexes (genders). A teacher does not have to be Chinese to have a command of the art. A good teacher has to communicate the basic principles in a clear and concise manner—this is essential.

The hallmark of excellence in teaching is not how the teacher performs, but how he or she gets you to perform. No matter how many awards are won or how perfectly the forms are executed for the class, if the person in question cannot explain in simple terms, or communicate in some way how you can do the technique, you are not looking at a good teacher! (pg XIV, bolded for emphasis)

Learning is about you, the student. The teacher’s job is to serve the needs of the student. If those needs are not being served, then the teacher has failed or is not a good one. When you look for your next school (leave this one), look for someone who makes you feel comfortable, whose class is comfortable and relaxed, who promotes an environment where you feel comfortable learning.

You are not being selfish. It’s okay to say no. If the school cannot provide what you need, then feel free to look elsewhere. This is why looking at multiple schools is important. Much like applying to college, you’re looking for a place where the learning environment is right for you.

Do you trust this person? Do you feel safe? Are there other women present in your classes? Are they present in the higher classes? Are there female instructors? When you observe a class, how does the instructor treat them? How do the students behave? Do they look comfortable and happy?

Again from The Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi:

Taking the Pulse of the Class

When visiting the school, talk to the students and find out what they like about the program. Watch the classes and see if the students are having fun learning. It is best to avoid teachers who run their classes like a military camp or who never smile. Discipline is important and should be part of the class, but remember that tai chi chuan is based on Taoism, and Taoists do not take things as seriously as many of their Zen-oriented brothers in budo. Look for laughter.

You want laughter. You want comfort and friendliness. People who smile, who are warm, friendly, and welcoming. Community is what keeps you going when things get tough.

This is what’s most important. Women are often taught to sacrifice themselves for the good of others, to put aside their own needs in order to make someone else more comfortable. Screw that. Trust your instincts. They are right. If you find yourself having to make a lot of justifications, if this school is somewhere you don’t want to be, if you don’t feel like you’re learning, if you don’t feel valued, and you don’t feel respected both by your instructor and the other students then it’s time to go somewhere else.

Take care of yourself first.

I’m sorry this experience has been rough for you and your instructor is an asshole. Don’t give up. The sense of betrayal you’re feeling right now is natural. It’s not your fault. It’s his fault. You don’t have to go it alone. Most importantly, find a safe place.

Don’t go back.

(If you absolutely must, take a friend. If you are nervous about signing up at another school or even just visiting, again, bring a friend. Someone you trust, someone who will look out for you.)


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I'm confused about the post that was written on L Chat when RFI was released. What do you think about it?

it’s confusing bc it’s all big bullsh*t : These trolls still operating on TLC know zip and try everything they can to separate Tay & Kar, and “ship” them with any other woman than together…it’s ridiculous.

They’re trolls, they don’t do good sherlocking…There must be just 3 or 4 of them left now: they are former Kaylors who left last year bc of a big clash…So they’re bitter and abnoxious.

Do not take these ridiculous ideas for anything else than stupidity and ignorance.

Seriously….Trust us here, we know better, much better than these trolls :) 

Luke Hemmings - Stupid Mistakes

Okay so this is the first part to a little series that I’m doing. It’s my first planned series and I hope you like it!


It had been a very tiring day at work, so I decided to go to bed early. The only thing getting me through working the extra hours was the holiday that I was taking to go to America to see Luke. I got a hot water bottle and crawled under my covers. Work had really taken it out of me because I was nearly asleep within five minutes of snuggling under the covers.
I had nearly drifted off when my phone beeped to signal that I had received a text. Groaning I reached out and grabbed my phone. The brightness blinded me but frustration quickly transformed to panic. ‘Y/N, I think you should check Twitter…’ The text from Y/B/F/N had read. Quickly, I opened Twitter and began to scroll through my feed. I felt sick, as tears formed. Minutes later I got another text: ‘I’m so sorry Y/N, but maybe it’s not as bad as it looks..?’ She had suggested. I was too angry to reply, so I called her instead.
She didn’t even get chance to say hello before I started ranting.
‘What else could have happened? Luke was clearly kissing another girl. There’s multiple pictures of my boyfriend kissing another girl at a party. I’m flying out to see him tomorrow. Tomorrow! I don’t know what to do Y/B/F/N..’ I said as the first tear rolled down my cheek.
'Please don’t cry Y/N.’ She said, sensing through my tone that I had started crying. 'He is a fucking idiot for doing that. Are you still going to go?’ She asked.
'Oh hell yeah. I’m going. I need answers, whether I’ll get them from him or Mikey, Ash and Cal.’ I said as anger raised in my voice.
Y/B/F/N let me continue to rant to her for another hour, but eventually I ran out of steam and said goodnight.

I spent all day packing to try and take my mind off of the picture of Luke kissing that girl floating around in my memory. It didn’t really help, so I blasted ATL out of my earphones. The volume forcible stopped any upsetting thoughts circling through my mind.
The plane journey went painfully slow. All I wanted to do now was confront Luke, but I had no idea what to say to him. By the time the plane landed I still didn’t have a clue as to what I would say.
A taxi was waiting for me when I walked out of the airport, which is what we had previously decided would be best as we hadn’t gone public with our relationship. We had taken every effort to keep it secret so that the media or the fans didn’t find out, which is what hurt, because clearly he didn’t care about people finding out about him and this girl.
My breath hitched as the taxi rolled through the gates of the hotel. It was beautiful with a large water fountain stood proudly in front of the glass structure. The view quickly disappeared as the car pulled into the garage. The driver got out and helped me with my bags. I politely thanked him and tipped him for the ride. Taking a deep breath I pulled my suitcase to the reception desk where I told the perky woman my alias name. She handed me a card to the penthouse. Their rooms were definitely getting better I thought. I rolled my case to the lift and pressed the button to the top floor. The lift opened up to a double door. I swiped my card, which made a click sound to indicate that it had opened. I pushed down the handle.
They were all sat on the couches drinking coffees to wake up. I had no doubt that they had all just rolled out of bed. The boys’ heads turned towards me and smiles broke out on their faces.
'Y/N!’ Luke exclaimed and jumped up to walk over to me. He wrapped his arms wound my waist and leaned in to kiss me.
'Are you joking?’ I said, pushing him away, which caused confusion and hurt to flash across his features.
'What’s up? If it’s about me not being at the airport we already decided..’ He began but I cut him off.
'Yeah I know. That was perfectly fine. But I’m guessing that you haven’t been on Twitter recently?’ I said sarcastically, glaring at him as I crossed my arms across my chest. Everyone’s eyes where on us.
'No..why?’ His brow furrowed and he looked at his band members for a clue. They all looked just as confused apart from Michael who avoided his gaze.
'Why don’t I bring you into the loop Luke.’ I said, grabbing my phone out of my pocket and loaded up Twitter. 'Just scroll down a bit.’ I said passing him my phone and watched his face as it dropped with realisation when he saw the many photos and status of him and the girl. 'Do you have nothing to say for yourself?’ I asked him, crossing my arms over my chest.
'What happened?’ Ash asked.
'Apparently Luke couldn’t wait a few days to kiss his girlfriend so he decided to kiss someone else. Isn’t that right Luke?’ I said not taking my eyes off of Luke. The hurt had disappeared and instead all I could feel was anger. 'But I don’t even know if this just happened the once or if this is a regular occurrence.’
'Y/N…’ Luke said, looking at me for the first time after seeing the pictures. 'I’m sorry. It meant nothing. She just..’
'You know what I can’t hear this right now.’ I said turning around. 'Fuck you Luke.’ I said and walked towards the door.
'You fucking idiot.’ I heard Ashton say just before the door closed behind me.
Impatiently, I jabbed the lift button again for the fifth time as I sighed in frustration.
'Fuck of Luke.’ I said as I heard the door open behind me.
'It’s not Luke.’ Michael said as he stepped next to me. He wrapped me up in a big hug and I lost it. Tears streamed down my face, causing his top to become wet. 'Hey don’t cry now.’ He said as he wiped my tears with his thumb. 'Come on let’s go get a drink.’ He said as the lift dinged open. I nodded and followed him into the lift.
Michael must have already requested a car because there was a vehicle waiting for us at the entrance by the time we got to the garage.
'Morning Mr Rection.’ The guy said with a completely serious face.
'Are you joking?’ I laughed as we slid into the car. 'Please tell me your first name starts with an E?’ I pleaded.
He nodded. 'Mr E. Rection. I thought it was funny when I chose it.’ He shrugged.
'Oh Michael, I’ve missed you so much.’ I said sobering up from my laughter. Michael had been the one to introduce me to Luke and the rest of the band. We had met in a bar and having the same sense of humour we immediately knew that we were going to be friends. So we continued to hang out until they left town. Being a sucker for blue eyes, I had already fallen for Luke and the next time they had come to town he had asked me on a date.
'I’ve missed you too Y/N.’ he said, patting my head, which made me roll his eyes. 'Oh yeah this is yours.’ He said, digging in his pocket and pulled out my phone. I thanked him and then we spent the rest of the journey playing the newest game on his phone.
I sat down at a table by the window, cupping my mug of hot chocolate to warm up my freezing fingers.
'You need to talk to him.’ Michael sighed as he sat down opposite me and saw my phone light up for the twentieth time, showing yet another text from Luke.
'You’re right. I should.’ I sighed as I picked up my phone.
'Please can we just talk about this Y/N?’ Was Luke’s last message, so I replied to him saying that we could discuss it tomorrow because I was too drained to talk about it today.
'Done. We’re meeting tomorrow.’ I said to Michael as I dropped my phone into my pocket.
'Good. I know something that’ll cheer you up..’ He said with a cheeky grin.
'Oh god what is it Clifford.’ I said matching his smile with my own.
'Par-tay.’ He said raising his eyebrows and doing a little dance.
'I’m not in the mood Mikey.’ I groaned.
'Come on its perfect. You’ll have fun and forget about all this drama.’ I rolled me eyes. 'You do know that I’m not taking no for an answer right.’ He said seriously.
'Urgh fine I’ll go, but you owe me a drink.’
'Deal.’ He said with a big grin spread across his face.

Part 2