no but seriously that song gets me so bad

Can we talk about Yuri’s performance and how he keeps rambling to himself and nails all the jumps somehow and think “oh it went better than I thought” and keeps going. How at the end he says “I want to be stronger!” and then goes and do that freaking jump and he DOES IT. Adding the song, this is so emotional to me!
That’s what anxiety does! You think you can’t do it and don’t even want to try, the fear for failure paralyses you. But then you realise that… it’s not that bad. Maybe you can do it, maybe you can believe in yourself a little bit and be stronger, be a better version of yourself, because you don’t want to settle for less. You want to live, be proud of what you do and be happy.
Seriously, I never thought a sport anime could get me so emotional…


Characters: Jungkook X Reader X Jimin

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Word count: 3.5k

Requested by anon: Okay I’ve been listening to some music and I couldn’t stop listening to I Should Have Kissed You by Chris Brown. I was wondering if you could make a Drabble or just little scenario to this song with BTS please?

Omg i got too exited writing this for reaaalll. Forgive me for what you’ll feel. Have a nice day, take care. Seriously tho, no joke. i enjoyed writing this. Too much.


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“Since little we promised each other we’d get married. I still remember we running around my house while my parents were in the living room. You’d always throw your shoe at me because i’d win whenever we played a game. You always had a bad temper, always so stubborn. You always annoyed me, with all your guts. I hated you in reality, i hated you cause i never understood why i loved someone like you. You were mean to me, but i guess that’s what girls do when they like a boy? I know now, i know that you liked me back then. And for some reason i liked you too. i Just wish i knew about it earlier.” - Jeon Jung Kook

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The Only Ones
Nicole Reynolds

hey, i’m already one of the few who gets you
hey, i can already tell that you do get me too
and maybe we’re the only ones

hey, i know you can see through my bad moods, sad too
hey, you know i can make you so happy, gladly
maybe we’re the only ones

hey, there are so many things that we’ve yet to get to
so let’s move on and do some travelin’ we’re gamblin that
maybe we’re the only ones

hey, you know we’ll be together whatever the weather
so when the world is frozen let’s stay together
cause maybe we’re the only ones
i think we’re the only ones 

So let me get this. 

One day, we’re talking feminism, women doing what they want, making choices, having fun and kicking ass, and that nobody should tell them wtf they are allowed to do. 

And the next day, tumblr’s having a fit and screaming at Taylor Swift for dating Tom Hiddleston, because how dare she, and surely she’ll be bad for him, and omg, again, how dare she, and she’ll hurt that precious baby and write a mean song about it later?

What? Seriously? 


Thank you everyone for reblogging, tweeting, and tagging Taylor in my posts. You guys are seriously AMAZING I don’t know how to thank you. I sadly did not get LOFT 89. Right when the 1989 Tour Houston concert started my mom called me and told me her car got broken into at the closest Olive Garden. I was freaking out, crying, and trying to calm her down on the phone while listening to the beautiful and talented taylorswift they stole everything from our car, EVERYTHING. I was a little distracted and crying but that didn’t stop me from screaming at the top of my lungs, jumping, singing and dancing to every song played tonight. So we need the money really bad so my parents are making me sell my Arlington tickets. I am heartbroken because I do and always will want to meet my idol and friend but I don’t know if that will happen anytime soon. The only way I will be able to go is if we win the lottery, I win tickets, or Taylor wants to meet me. I don’t think any of those things are going to happen. I got to be in the presence of my favorite person in the world/ idol of 10 years and counting tonight. If you don’t know this already TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT IS MAGICAL. I love seeing how happy she is no one has gone through more shit than she has. It makes me happy seeing her smile and truly genuinely happy. She puts a smile on my face everyday and I love seeing one on hers. The concert was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! She is the cutest human being and can hit the high notes! I screamed GO TAY so many times. I love her more than she will ever know. I hope I will get to meet her one day. I know it will be magical and special when I do. The wait is worth it. I believe everything happens for a reason and if I’m meant to meet her I will. Thank you again so much for everything and thank you taylorswift for making my Wednesday night and making me the happiest girl on this planet. It would be a 10 year dream come true if YOU wanted to meet ME in Arlington. Can we PLEASE make it happen? I hope you see this but I doubt you will. I love you forever and always❤️