no but seriously reblog or ur not my friend

* AAAAAAA– I feel more greats after being honest to mah friends on da art blog! By that, my main rp blog finally gained 3 followers and got hits 100 just like avdol’s blog!! Thank you so much for following me until now!!! i had been waited for dis moments actually

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((Hello, everyone! I wanted to give a big Thank You to all of your for support and follows, likes, and reblogs! I’ve hit a huge milestone recently that I never thought I’d see!

6000+ followers! All of you are amazing and I’m so grateful that so many people love Ask-Iran! And a very special thank you to my Iranian friends who have taught me so, so much. I hope to continue doing the best I can with this blog, thank you <3 :) ))

anonymous asked:

Ugh can I just like reblog ur entire blog? Ahhhhhhhh

-looks at the 2000+ posts-

good luck with that friend.

but seriously omg, that’s so kind! i’m glad you enjoy it. i always hope that people enjoy the rest of my blog when i don’t make gifs, because i’m not exactly the most consistent person out here LOL.

shiberosing  asked:

im hitting u up with that Hey

1. First impression:
Wow this person is so cute also they have long spams reblogging everything from my blog how cool

2. Truth is:
Ur such a memey fuck and ur not as pure as I thought but ur one of my best friends and I love you A Lot

3. How old do you look:
U look older than u are???? Like 14 at least,,,

4. Have you ever made me laugh:
A lot of times

5. Have you ever made me mad:
A lot of times hffgg but never seriously

6. Best feature:
I LOVE ur hair and also when u put glitter on ya face (aka always) u look 11/10

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

8. You’re my:
Weird Finnish pal whom I love

9. Name in my phone:

10. Should you post this too?
Yeah dude

Mutuals send me a ‘hey’


larry cleared my skin™ yesterday and i was tagged by the lovely @urfookinjob to do the 6 selfie challenge so!! here u go bros love u all anyway im gonna tag @zouisandchill @hoedidas @yslboner @mommyzayndaya @newmanagement @runninwatah @brianamontana @viplourry @wattpadfic @knightchanges @stubbornloved @leedsfanfic @adidaself and of course @zourpatchkids ! i tried to tag as many ppl and if u really want to do this pls just say i tagged u!!!!!!!!! no seriously i don’t care if u do that legit tag me if u wanna do it okay bye everyone

neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it

IT’S HERE!!!! since i’ve reached 23 k lovely little peachy bee friends on here, i thought i’d make an updated faves page to thank u all!! So here’s everything you’ve gotta do to have a chance to be featured on my faves page!!

        🍯 RULES 🍯

  • Must be following me (since it’s for my lil peach friends)
  • Reblog this post at least once
  • Likes don’t count
  • Bee nice!!!
  • Have a cutie blog similar to mine! (like seriously have a similar style to mine, please <33)

       🍑 EXTRA 🍑

       🐶 INFO 🐶

  • I’ll choose when I feel like the post has a decent amount of reblogs

i was tagged for the 6 or 8 or 9 top selfies of 2016 by @softheat, @pseyche, @ninazenyik, @nehmesis, @gessekaii@nickyhemmickk and @everythingthatmatters (i hope that was everyone) thank u my dear gorgeous friends <3

im tagging @asteriea, @hecvbe, @neils-josten, @annasoliphant, @danwilds, @wlw, @evenaeshim, @fahey, @softplum, @winonaryder, @gansaey, @lothiriel, @oydssey@lukswaldenbeck, @philipssheas, @eldunari, @sky-ppl (and the rest of the kardemommefam that i dont have the urls of for some reason) and basically anyone who sees this cause i wanna see all your beautiful faces <3