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lil psychosis things:

- *something moves in the corner of ur eye* *turn to look @ moving thing* *thing is now regular thing but you knOW ITS ONLY PRETENDING*
- bugs?? everywhere?? why are they in my skin and my hair why 
- is that a gif
- hey look these two delusions totally contradict each other but they are also somehow both true
- seriously is that a slow moving gif or a photo or
- thinkin ur friends arent real
- thinkin ur friends hate u 
- everyone is In On It. u arent sure what It is but they are In On It. 
- really slow moving hallucinations. u know the ones. like the floor is moving ever so slightly under ur feet or the ceiling shifts a lil and ur like god damn go big or go home son this is hurting my eyes 
- those voices that essentially just shitpost constantly
- tfw suddenly everything phases in and out of existence and ur like woah
- impulse control?? what is that?? 
- seriously i smashed a glass and then squeezed the shards??
- why did i do that
- who knows
- rage

((Hello, everyone! I wanted to give a big Thank You to all of your for support and follows, likes, and reblogs! I’ve hit a huge milestone recently that I never thought I’d see!

6000+ followers! All of you are amazing and I’m so grateful that so many people love Ask-Iran! And a very special thank you to my Iranian friends who have taught me so, so much. I hope to continue doing the best I can with this blog, thank you <3 :) ))

can i just put this out here, as it’s been on my mind for a bit? if you’re someone on tumblr who thinks that having a mental disorder is “hip, cool” or any of the following. (especially if you don’t have one)

you need to stop.

aside from the “cool allure” that you might think it has, mental disorders seriously have a heavy toll on peoples lives. they affect their abilities to make friends, abilities to interact, ect.

 hell they might even not even be able to get a job.

you may think its fun, you may think it makes you look cool, but it really doesn’t. so please stop.