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Owned - pt 9

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The doctor wanted to see you both today, as soon as possible. Both of you, confused and silent on the way there.

You almost fell asleep once again in his arms until the driver announced that you were five minutes away.

“Good morning Doctor Lu, is everything okay?” Namjoon asked her.

“We hope so. I just got the test results back.” She flipped through some papers and circled a few words. “You’re not pregnant Mrs. Kim but these tests show signs of a serious issue.”

“How serious?” Namjoon questioned.

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#197 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one where Van meets a girl and at first they’re just friends and she always goes away when he smokes because she hates it and then Van finds out she has asthma and sees how she struggles breathing and quits smoking because of her?” and “i had a dream last month where a young van who was just starting catfish and was around 18 stayed at a student hotel i worked at, and i thought it would maybe make a good fic prompt?”

People always said you should find a job where your skills and traits were a benefit. Your innate self needed to be useful, rather than something to be hidden. They also cited the cliché of finding something that makes you want to get out of bed. You’d just invested in a thick, fluffy mattress topper though. There was not a lot that would make you want to get out of bed, but you knew what they meant. Surprisingly, you found the perfect job early on in life. You did work experience at sixteen at a hostel in town. You spent the two weeks washing clothes and wiping down tables, but you loved it. When you turned eighteen, you went back and asked for a job. A year later, you were still in love with it.

The hostel’s proximity to a bunch of music venues meant that a lot of the people that came through were young musicians. Messy by nature, but amazingly cool and kind, you liked making them tea and listening to their stories. You were organised enough to be able to run the front desk, but you liked having a few minutes to yourself too, so you never caused a fuss when asked to go do the washing. Some of your best friends were made there, and it would also provide the setting for meeting the absolute love of your life.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were playing across the road on a Friday and Saturday night. They’d open for Friday’s band, and had enough faith in themselves that people would come see them headline if they booked the next night too. Taylor, your manager, said it was a cocky move, but as you both sat at the desk reading about them, you came to the conclusion that they probably weren’t wrong.

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You’re not real

(A/N): Happy birthday dear anon!

Request: Okay, for the Nat x female reader imagine birthday request where the reader comes from a universe(Our universe) where superheros are fiction and she somehow ends up in the Marvel Universe while gaining an ability to control blue fire and she and Nat falls in love with each other over time, so the reader decides to stay in the Marvel Universe and become an Avenger?            

Warnings: maybe some angst? probably some swearing

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   “Nat,” Clint yelled as he rounded a corner, nearly smacking into Nat as she came running out of her room, looking around the floor worriedly. “Nat, we’ve got a situation,”

   “A situation?”

   “Yeah, a situation,”

   “What kind of a situation?”

   “I think it’s easier if you see it before you hear about it,” Nat’s brows furrow but she follows along anyway, traveling along the corridors with Clint until they reached one of Tony’s labs, the one they used to research subjects, like Wanda and Bruce, sometimes even Steve and Bucky when needed.

   Honestly, Nat didn’t know what to expect when she stepped inside the small observation room but it sure as hell wasn’t some sobbing kid strapped to some table like a science experiment. Tears rolled down their cheeks as they screamed, screamed to be let go. It was heartbreaking but Nat couldn’t let it get to her.

   Her gaze traveled up and down the patients body, inspecting for any wounds but alas she found none, that was until her eyes landed upon their palms. They were burnt to a crisp, literally but that wasn’t what concerned her. What concerned her was the little blue wisps of color amidst the burnt crisps of skin, glowing and almost shifting between the skin. It almost looked like molten lava, blue molten lava and it looked painful.

   “What the hell is this Barton?”

   “They fell from the sky a couple of hours ago but luckily Tony had been there to catch them just before they fell. As soon as he touched ground (Y/N) broke out of his grasp, panting and in near hysterics. A little time went by and suddenly (Y/N)’s hands have erupted in fire.”


   “Yeah, literal fire. Like this weird, really flowy, artsy blue-ish kind of fire.”

   “Why are they chained up?”

   “Tony deemed them dangerous after they nearly melted his arc reactor, guess their fire is a little powerful too,”

   “How long have they been strapped down?”

   “And hour or so,”

   “They’ve been strapped down a fucking hour and you didn’t think this was important to tell me? Do you realize how fucking scared they must be?” Nat growls as she turns on her heel, her hand reaching out for the knob that led to the room. However, Clint’s hand grabbed hers, stopping her from going any further.

   “Nat, you know this is dangerous-”

   “Fuck you Barton, this person must be scared out of their fucking mind and I’m going to help,” And with that Nat stormed into the room, slamming the door shut behind her. Immediately (Y/N) tensed up, their entire body going rigid at the sound.

   “Oh god, please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,”

   “Shh,” Nat consoled as she reached out for (Y/N), her hand lightly cupping their cheek. “Shh, it’s okay, no one’s gonna hurt you (Y/N),” (Y/N) looks up at Nat with these wide, puffy eyes and goddammit- that hurt Nat much more than it should have.

   “Please help me,” They whisper, so softly and so brokenly it made Nat want to cry. “Please help me, it hurts so much,”

   “What hurts?”

   “The straps, my hands-” Nat wastes no time ripping their bindings from their body, gasping in shock when she realized that (Y/N) had been struggling so much that the bindings actually ended up cutting into their flesh. Blood dribbled down their arms and legs, thankfully their chest had been covered and so there wasn’t much damage there but there was plenty enough on their arms and legs.

   Immediately (Y/N) sits up, still sobbing as they curled in on themself, no doubt only exasperating their injuries.

   “Here,” Nat reaches for some nearby medical supplies, just some alcohol and cotton pads. “Let me help clean you up,” Nat slowly takes (Y/N)’s arms, pulling them away from their body to clean them.

   Nat was gentle, she stopped when (Y/N) would cry out, she’d dab at the blood softly, she was half tempted to kiss the cuts better but decided against it. So instead she steadily worked on (Y/N)’s wounds, finally finishing up when she had dressed them with a few bandages.

   “Feel better?”

   “Slightly,” (Y/N) mumbles, voice hoarse and soft from screaming.

   “And your hands, you said they hurt?” (Y/N) nods, hiding their burnt hands beneath their legs. “C’mon, I’m not gonna judge, I think they’re really pretty,”

   “They don’t usually look like this…”

   “Well, what do they usually look like then?”

   “Like yours…” (Y/N) sniffles softly, the tears slowly starting to come back. “This day has been so fucking weird and so fucking awful, I just want to die-”

   “Hey, no,” Nat reaches out, cupping (Y/N)’s wet cheeks in her hands. “It’s gonna be okay, I promise you will-”

   “What the fuck do you know?” (Y/N) suddenly snaps, jerking away from Nat angrily. “You’re just some stupid character from some stupid book,” Nat’s brows furrow and she unconsciously looks back at the observation mirror, as though silently asking the people on the other side for an explanation.

   “I want to go home,” (Y/N) sobs, burying their face in their hands once again. “I don’t want to be here, I want to go home,”

    “What do you mean home (Y/N)?”

   “Home, where you all exist inside the pages of a book and I’m not some fire wielding freak that falls from the sky!’

   “That was the other thing,” Nat’s com bursts to life in her ear. “They kept on saying that we’re fake, we don’t exist, this is some fictional universe. Tony thinks that two universes collided at once and (Y/N) just happened to get mixed up in at all and unfortunately they landed here.” Nat looks at (Y/N) sadly, her hearting breaking for the poor, lost soul.

   “I know you must be really scared right now,” Nat whispers, completely ignoring Clint as she reaches for (Y/N)’s hands. “But everything’s going to be okay. We’re gonna find a way to get you home, but until then I’m going to make damn well sure that everyone here treats you with the respect and kindness you deserve, yeah?” (Y/N) looks at their hands, at Nat’s too, both of them intertwined. “I promise,” Nat whispers, her hands giving theirs a gentle squeeze. “I promise.”

   And promise she did. For a full year she tried to find a way home for (Y/N) but there seemed to be nothing but she wouldn’t give up, she had promised them, and she was bound and determined to keep that promise.

   “Nat,” (Y/N) whispered one night as they meandered into Nat’s lab, the one she had claimed as her own, the one solely dedicated to finding a way home for (Y/N). “You’ve been up all night, you need sleep-”

   “No, I need to find a way back home, for you. I promised you, I promised-”

   “Well…” (Y/N) takes a hesitant step towards Nat, their own hands finding solace in Nat’s. Ever since the day in the lab they had to hold Nat’s hand, it was just an unspoken rule between the two. It made them both feel safe, loved, it made them forget that one of these days they were going to have to part and go their separate ways. “I was actually thinking about that…I don’t think I want to go home anymore,” (Y/N) whispers softly, as though afraid of Nat’s reaction. Nat looks at them, eyes slightly squinted and lips pressed into a thin line. Were they serious? Did they really want to stay? “I mean…if you don’t want me to stay then I’ll leave the tower…start somewhere else-”

   “Oh my god, you’re being serious? You seriously want to stay here?”

   “Yeah,” (Y/N) looks at Nat curiously, as though she had just grown an extra head. “I thought I had said that i wanted to stay-” But their sentence is cut off when Nat wraps her arms around them tightly, squeezing them in the best hug they had ever received. 

   “Oh my god (Y/N),” Nat sighs shakily as she clings to (Y/N) like her lifeline. “Oh my god yes,” (Y/N) smiles as they hug back, letting Nat hold them and squeeze them as much as she needed to (which was an awful lot).

   “And um…maybe- maybe I could finally move into a more permanent room…maybe yours?” It was lightly suggestive, the only suggestiveness (Y/N) could manage but it still made Nat’s heart flutter and her cheeks light up.

   “Are you- Are you serious?”

   “If it’s not to much trouble or anything-”

   “Yes,” Nat looks at them seriously, her cheeks all flushed and her lips parted slightly. “Yes, I’d love to have you come stay with me,” (Y/N) smiles and blushes, nuzzling their forehead against Nat’s shyly and rather cutely too.

   “Well…how about we start moving your stuff then? Maybe break in your mattress a little more?” To this (Y/N) giggled and blushed a bright red, their lips curling in the sweetest smile Nat had ever seen.

   “Yeah,” (Y/N) smiles, a blue and black hand tracing up and down Nat’s arm. “Yeah, I’d like that,”

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Sorry to go back to this it just interested me but what's the Dom!Cole thing? Like Lili is a submissive??? They seem pretty even to me?

lol. No need to be sorry. @zumpie is probably better at explaining this than I am but I will do my best (but seriously - if anyone else has something to add - please do!)

Unfortunately, I feel that, due in large part to a poorly written, badly researched, sad excuse for an erotica novel that was published and sub-sequentially turned into films, there has been some misunderstanding what the term Dom means in this context. Also - think of this as a spectrum. There are really hard core people who exist in this lifestyle and then there are people who are in a fully equal relationship and will - on occasion let one partner lead more often than the other. Remember - the power always actually belongs to the Sub - but I digress.

As far as my opinions on Cole (and indeed on Juggie in general - but that likely bleeds from being played by Cole - I doubt it’s in the script) I feel there ought to be a fundamental lesson on what I mean. Like I said, it’s a spectrum.

It’s also important to point out that in a relationship like this - just because someone is more dominating does not mean in ANY WAY that the other person can’t be a strong, self-actualized, independent person (Something that Lili obviously is - she’s badassed and awesome) For example, I don’t think Cole has a ‘room’ in his house where he ties up his girlfriend to have his merry way with her and she’s not wearing a collar and kneeling on the floor when he’s sitting on a chair or anything. (Not to throw personal judgements in there - if they WERE that kind of couple it’s their business and theirs alone.) HOWEVER - to get back to the point in hand, you can be a more dominant person without all those things that you’ve read about or seen in terrible Dakota Johnson movies (and seriously - I allude to that particularly badly written book/film enough but you don’t even want to get me started on my opinions about the inherent abuse and poor grammar and bad research. ICK). 

When I say Cole is clearly more Dom - it’s shown in the way he moves his hands (we joke about Sprousehart shoulder touching - but seriously, the boy touches her all the time and has literally no respect for personal space at all) - it’s almost like a reassuring/possession thing. That sounds bad… the possession part - but the MINE that it screams doesn’t have to be predatory or anything - it’s more of a “mine to protect” evolutionary thing. Nevermind that I’m sure Lil could kick someone’s ass if they tried anything she wasn’t happy with. But yeah. It’s not even just a sexual thing - though if anyone is calling anyone Daddy in this relationship it’s Public=Lili!Daddy and Private=Cole!Daddy.

It’s also shown in the expressions on his face (when he sets his chin when he’s about to say something he wants very clearly understood), and little things - like he’s obvious the one who walked Lili around a museum in Mexico or in an abandoned hospital in BC to take pictures. (That’s not to say that he wasn’t absolutely whipped when Lili said she wanted to go to Antelope Valley… and then he made that happen - but the two are not mutually exclusive points).  

Another friend described Cole as such: “Dom but whipped as fuck! That’s our little intellectual. ” and I thought it was a freaking apt description.

He’s older (though not by too much) and has had more experience in the world. Wouldn’t YOU take the world traveller when he wants to show you parts of it that he’d know you would enjoy? Why take the rest of your friends when you could be alone together… with his arm at the base of your back? lol. (and that right there is an example of a dommy kind of behaviour that doesn’t include whips and chains. The hand on the base of the back - or on her freaking NECK when he kisses her (even when he’s just filming that - you can’t tell me the script said, “Jughead uses his thumb on her neck as he bites her shoulder” – that was ALL instinct, dude.)

And if we look at how through the course of Riverdale (but Zump actually pointed it out with a clip of 16 year old Cole as Cody too) - the character starts to take on some of those same qualities. The way he leads, corrects, takes charge etc. That may have hit the script for Z&C - but by Riverdale, no way. Regarding Jughead’s behaviour - (and quoting Zump again) “When the’re on Betty’s bed (in the morning, with her mom around, no less), he demands she “c’mere” and Betty immediately leans in to comply—-plus his hand is slipping up her thigh and immense, quiet but not concealed, irritation at Alice’s cockblocking” even though he is a teenager sitting on her daughter’s bed. That look returns in E13 with the knock to the trailer door.

Also - there was the BTS and the deleted scenes shots of Cole draping his legs all over her and her hands resting (very naturally) on his inner thigh. That final Bughead scene at Pop’s where her arms are wrapped around his leg (which is up in the booth) - that’s not accidental and while I believe that one was probably scripted - we know there are lots of mannerisms Jug has that are Cole’s ides (ie. the sitting in the booth like L etc.) “Even as early as episode 7, when Juggie’s sprung from jail, he nods his head for Betty to come over when he’s ready for her” (after talking to his dad) “and she hurries to his side to comfort and attend to him” - or even how she DOESN’T touch him in the hallway in E12 because he’s mad (not at HER so much as the situation - but she knows when to be more submissive… this was likely scripted - but it also speaks to the character). “So not always (because he remains an insecure boy with all sorts of issues), but frequently, someone’s actually been quietly leading things for awhile.” In another ask, we discussed at length how Jughead has control issues - and I believe Cole does too (simply based on the way he was raised and the life he lived) - so making sure everything is right in your world seems pretty important to him. There is a whole camera!duels discourse we could get on as well - but I’m going to leave that aspect for now.

What’s funny is - Cole is actually a HUGE goofball. His laugh is loud. His gestures gregarious. He’s very clearly the life of the party and not afraid to laugh at himself and make others laugh (without resorting to infantile tactics like some of the others) But quite clearly, when he walks into a room and he’s always the first one there - he kinda… absorbs the air? Yeah. That’s the best way I can describe it. Sucking all the air out of the room while still making the people in front and all around him feel like they are the most important people to him right this second.

Does that answer ANY of your question, Grayface? I mean - I’m not a Cole expert, but I observe and yeah. I hope this gives you a little clue into what I’m saying when I referr to Dom!Cole anyway. 

You’re pregnant

‘‘Mama are you okay?’‘

‘‘Yes dear I’m fine.’‘

The girl didn’t believe her mother , if the dark bags under her eyes and her abnormal exhaustion were anything to go by.

‘‘Can we go home now?’‘

The pink haired women looked towards the stack of paperwork on her desk before answering,thinking that if she stayed any longer her husband will come and get her,and his attempts never ended well for both of them,last time he did that they ended up with a broken desk and being caught in a rather awkward position by one of nurses.

‘‘Yeah come on.’‘

The Uchiha mother and daughter headed out of the hospital towards their home.

‘‘So what were you doing all day?’‘

Sakura said as she seemed to relax after meeting the night air.

‘‘I was just training’‘

‘‘Did you destroy a house or a field in the process?’‘


‘‘What? I gotta ask after you burned our house three years ago and just last week Naruto called me saying he has to talk to me about the training field you destroyed.’‘

‘‘Ok,first of all I didn’t know that the jutsu in that scroll was a fire jutsu ,and secondly,maybe I did pack a little more than necessary chakra into my punch last week.’‘

‘‘A little more!? you destroyed the whole field with one punch.’‘

‘‘Hn,don’t act like you’re not proud.’‘ she said while displaying a sheepish smile.

‘‘I am.’‘ she said.

After a moment of silence Sakura spoke again.

‘‘So Konohamaru told me that you’re getting closer to Mitsuki these days.’‘ she said as she waggled her eyebrows.

‘‘Mama no, me and him are like uncle Naruto and you.’‘

‘‘Hmm,but you do seem to get along much better  with Boruto than before?’‘

‘‘God no,there’s nothing between me and Boruto,he’s so annoying shanaroo!’‘

Sakura laughed as she pulled her daughter towards her by the shoulders,Sakura didn’t miss the redness of the girls face and ears but she decided to give the girl a break and change the subject.

‘‘You ready for tomorrow?’‘

‘‘Hell yeah,I’m gonna kick ass.’‘

‘‘Kakashi mailed me today,he said that he’s going to watch the chunin exams tournament tomorrow.’‘

‘‘Really? then I have to win!’‘

‘‘That’s the spirit Sasa-chan, you can do it Shanaroo!’‘

Both kunoichis raised their fists in the air which got them a few strange looks from the people on the street.

‘‘Hey isn’t that the Sakura Haruno?’‘

‘‘Yeah she is.’‘

‘‘Wow she’s so pretty.’‘

‘‘Come on I want to get her autograph.’‘

‘‘I can’t believe I’m going to meet the strongest kunoichi in the world.’‘

‘Seriously’ Sarada deadpanned as a swarm of people from different villages crowded her mother.




‘Wonder why she’s late? I hope she’s not working I’m not in the mood to go drag her away from her office.’ Sasuke though as he finished slicing the tomatoes.

‘Probably a group of foreigners crowded her,she’s too nice to shoo them away’ he though as he put the tomatoes in the salad,after setting aside a plate for Sarada without tomatoes.

If there’s one thing he will never get about his daughter is her hatred for tomatoes,they’re delicious.

‘‘Papa we’re home.’‘

Sasuke smiled upon hearing Sarada’s voice.

Both of his girls entered the kitchen,one of them a cheery and the other looking like she’s about to collapse.

‘‘Hello darling.’‘

‘‘hey,you should sit down.’‘

‘‘No I’m fine,I’m going to go get a shower, this smells delicious.’‘

Sakura has to admit that she’s a little jealous of her husband’s ability in the kitchen,he has one hand for Kami’s sake and he still cooks better than her.

‘‘Except for the tomato soup.’’

Sasuke shot a glare towards his daughter who smiled.

‘‘Sarada never insult tomatoes in front of you’re father,he’s quite sensitive about that subject.’‘ She said remembering  when she called him mister tomato face when they first started their relationship ,as in when she first started seeing him blush.

‘‘You’re food is going to get cold Sakura.’‘ he said as they made eye contact,she could see the question in his eyes,she nodded to isgnifie that she was fine.

‘‘Yeah just give me five minutes.’‘




‘‘So on what have you been training all day?’‘

‘‘Can’t tell you before the exams.’‘

‘‘Hn,not even a hint?’‘

‘‘You have to wait until tomorrow like everybody else’‘

‘‘Doesn’t the fact that I am your father get me special advantages?’‘

‘‘Yeah,those advantages only apply when my intentions aren’t to surprise you.’‘

‘‘You got me exited now.’‘

‘‘Good.’‘ she said as she moved to set the table.


Her father isn’t as cold as he seems,she came to find that he’s a warm person he just either doesn’t want to show it or has trouble showing it,and he was quite funny too,but his jokes normally came at the form of sarcastic comments at the expense of Sakura or Naruto and sometimes Boruto.

‘‘Hey papa is mama sick?’‘

‘‘No why do you ask?’‘

‘‘I don’t know she’s been acting a little weird lately.’‘

She’s been  a lot more moody than usual lately.

Sasuke was about to answer when Sakura came in.

‘‘Okay let’s dig in.’‘

She was wearing her favorite red shirt,which seemed tighter on her than it was last week.

‘‘Em,mama are you noticing that you’re weight increased?’‘

Sarada picked her words carefully, aware of her mothers moodiness lately.

Sakura shared a look with Sasuke.

‘‘We should tell her now.’‘ he said to his wife who nodded in response.

‘‘Sarada activate you’re sharingan and look at your mother.’‘

She did as she was told,not hesitating to do what her father told her to do.

‘‘Mama you’re chakra is coiling around your stomach as if guarding it and theirs a different chakra than yours around their too.’‘

The girl froze as she figured it out.

‘‘Yo-you’re pregnant?!’‘

Sakura smiled and nodded.

‘‘But how,when,HOW?’‘

A tinge of pink appeared on Sasuke’s face as Sakura face was comparable to Sasuke’s favorite fruit.

Sasuke looked at Sakura before talking.

‘‘I thought you had the talk with her.’‘

‘‘I did when Sai tried to explain sex to her when she was nine.’‘

‘‘Sai what?’‘ he said as a tinge of anger flashed in his eyes,it was safe to say that Sai wasn’t Sasuke’s favorite person in the world.

‘‘I know how but you’re my parents and you’re old!’‘


‘‘How far along are you?’‘

‘‘About six weeks.’‘


Sarada froze for a minute before continuing.

‘‘ A little brother.’‘

‘‘Or sister’‘ Sasuke said.

‘‘I have a feeling it’s a boy.’‘ the girl said still stunned by the revelation.

‘‘Are you unhappy Sasa-chan?’‘

‘‘What?no I’m just surprised that’s it.’‘

A moment passed before a smile found it’s way to Sarada’s face.

‘‘I’m going to be a big sister.’‘

Sakura smiled too, relieved that Sarada is happy.

‘‘Wait,you said you’re 6 weeks along ,six weeks ago was the attack at the chunin stadium,that means that-’‘

Sakura turned red from head to toe as Sasuke covered his face with his hand.

‘‘Eww eww,couldn’t you wait you-you perverts.’‘

‘‘I’m going to my room.’‘ she said as she ran upstairs,Sakura buried her head in her hands,she didn’t want to know what Sarada will do if she told her that the baby was probably conceived in her room since they used it to hide from Boruto who came barging in.

She raised her head when she heard a rare laugh from Sasuke.

‘‘What are you laughing about?’‘

‘‘Well the situation is quite amusing.’‘

Sakura couldn’t help but laugh,cause she has to admit that this situation is funny from an objective point of view,but too bad for her,she’s going to have trouble meeting Sarada’s eye tomorrow.

Split Lip Pt. 2

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A/N: Ok this ended up being significantly longer than part 1 but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Part 1

A week and a half later, you’re meandering home from an evening out with a visiting friend. You stumble down the deserted streets towards your flat and as you draw closer to your building, you notice a figure peel away from the wall by your door and walk purposely towards you.

“Y/N, where have you been?” You recognise Isaiah’s voice before the light reaches his face. You grin as he approaches.
“Isaiah! I thought you were all in London-” He stops in front of you and grabs you by the upper arm, cutting off your words and your loose smile. His firm, almost painful grip sobers you a little and it’s then that you notice the odd combination of concern and fury in his face.

“We got back a few hours ago,” he snaps impatiently. “Where the fuck have you been, Y/N? Jesus, we thought…” he trails off and his glare softens slightly, though his grip on your arm doesn’t loosen.

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Could you do 27 for soukoku please??

Mild angst. Suggested smexy times at the end. The usual with Soukoku. Chuuya is still sensitive about Dazai leaving. Could link to my other fic, or could work alone. But please enjoy all the same.

27. “I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore.”

They fight. Not often, but when they do, it’s ugly.

Chuuya and Dazai are permanently colliding forces. Two magnets that attract each other, but two planets that will destroy each other when contact is made. They cannot get away, but staying isn’t the best option either. So, the best thing they can do is orbit one another and hope for the best.

When Chuuya is angry, he is fire. His cheeks are flushed red, his hair rumpled and frizzing up around him. He loses his composure, his words turn to screams and his fists into weapons. He wants nothing more than to hit Dazai with a baseball bat until he leaves and never comes back.

Dazai, when he is truly, truly furious, is pure ice. His glares are rock hard, his lips sealed in a thin line. He has no patience for violence, and he’ll brick your fist while barely moving. He doesn’t want to go, he wants to win this fight. He’ll listen to every one of Chuuya’s words and twist them around until they decide he has won.

Tonight, they are in these phases. Chuuya is throwing clothes, books, jackets at Dazai, enraged, while Dazai calmly steps out of the trajectory. Chuuya screams, and Dazai censors the noise from his ears.

You think it’s okay to just stand there like that?” Chuuya shouts, his hands finding a sneaker and pelting it across the room. His blue eyes are stormy, a dark thunder cloud trapped within his mind. “Say something, damn it!”

Dazai catches the sneaker, and ducks the pillow flying his way. Behind him is an obstacle course of Chuuya’s rage, littered over every inch of open floor. “I have nothing important to say. I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore.”

Chuuya growls, and is marching across the room. Dazai stands still, the redhead coming closer and closer.

“Then just leave if you really don’t care!” Chuuya shouts, and his fists are flying. Dazai catches one, then the other, though with some difficulty. “Just leave like you did last time! That’s all you ever do!”

Chuuya is shaking as Dazai freezes. His hands are wobbly, his head downcast. Anger boils from every pore, licked by regret.

“Chuuya…” Dazai murmurs, pulling his fists in between his two hands, rubbing his thumb over the soft knuckles. “You know that I didn’t want to leave you, right?”

Chuuya shakes his head, and he looks up. He isn’t crying, but he isn’t as angry anymore. This fight has torn all of the rage out of him. “You still left.” He rested his forehead against his fists, not touching any of Dazai’s skin. “I don’t care if you didn’t want to leave, because you did.”

Dazai watches his face fall, watches his cheeks pale in a bitter note. “You left me without any clue. You just… weren’t there one day.” He pulled his hands from Dazai’s grasp, and pummeled one fist into his chest. “I waited for you!”

Another fist.

“Just like I waited tonight!”


“Why are you never there when I need you?”

Two fists, clenched against his chest, pushing the brunette away. Dazai gazes down at Chuuya with soft eyes, let’s fire melt the icy layers he had built up.

He wraps his arms around Chuuya.

“Chuuya…” He whispers affectionately, rubbing his fingertips against the top of the redhead’s cheeks, kneading circles into the pale skin, leaving invisible traces of himself on Chuuya, so that no one else can call him theirs. “I’m sorry I didn’t call. But you seriously didn’t think I left you, did you?” He chuckled, one hand petting the red locks that were tangled together.

Chuuya glared up at him. “What, is that somehow irrational?”

“Well, yeah.” Dazai grinned, rubbing a thumb under his eyes. “First of all, I’m a member of the Detective Agency now, so I can’t leave the Port Mafia again…”

Chuuya rolled his eyes. “That’s not the point I was making.”

Dazai flicked Chuuya on the head. “You dumb little chibi. If I was leaving you I would have told you. I have more honour than that.”

Chuuya pushed him away, though it was more mockingly than anything. “You know, some people would say something cheesy like, ‘I would never leave you.’”

“No, that’s what you would say.” Dazai grinned. “Seeing as how you’re such a romantic.”

Chuuya’s cheeks were flushed. “I am not-”

“No time for that!” Dazai interrupted, scooping up the redhead in his arms. “Let’s go make up that fight the way couples usually do!”

He carried them to their room, and made sure to lock the door.

(The next morning, Chuuya would stumble out in boxers and a baggy t-shirt of Dazai’s to find his entire living room covered in pillows and books and his favourite clothes. He proceeded to smother Dazai with a brown and blue pillow, only to be grabbed around the waist and held close.)

(He hates Dazai. But in the best way possible.)

Biggest Fear : Luke One Shot

This was supposed to be part of a Luke series that I had in mind but I clearly suck at those and couldn’t get this idea outta my head so here ya have it. (I imagine Jaiva as Cara Delevingne but you can of course picture her however you like). Hope you enjoy x

Luke knew it was a bad idea to give her this kind of personal information. Of course she wasn’t asking just for the sake of getting to know each other. Jaiva isn’t that simple. She’s a sneaky, coniving little shit, never even blinking without an underlying purpose, and Luke should’ve seen this coming. 

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Two is better than one. Agent North and South Dakota x Medic!Reader

So @submarinefleet got sent fanart of her and her sniper husband and figting wife (same tbh) so I was like HEY! This chick makes some BAMF fanfics, so imam make one for her cause it seems like she has a lot on her plate and she updates a lot, so she deserves it! So I hope you all and mushi like it very much!




Being a medic on the mother invention was a good job. You helped those in need, usually a freelancer or a maintenance worker who was NOT good at their job. Ipayed well, and you became close with people who were frequent in the infirmary, which is basically all of the freelancers.


You had come to know all of them personally, even maine. Whenever they were in you would chat with them as you stitched them up, they were your friends and you liked them all and they liked you.

Some more than others.


“ Y/nnnnn i’m  in paaaaiiiiiin!!!!” South whined as you tended to her brothers wounds.


“ Would you hold on?” You asked as you pressed a cloth into North’s side, causing him to

wince.“ Jeez, both of you idiots are so whiny, god knows how you became freelancers.”


“ Well we are rather skilled you know.” North added and South nodded.


“ Yeah, and i wouldn’t mind showing you.” She said with a wink, causing you rolled your eyes and hide the blush growing on your face.


“ Are you seriously flirting with me?Now? Of all times i see you?” You asked and she shrugged.

“ Time seemed right.”


North rolled his eyes at his twin sister.“ South, you can’t just randomly spew sexual things like that at y/n in an attempt to woo her, she’s a lady and deserves to be treated as such.” He scolded and you smiled.


“ Aww thanks north!” You cooed and kissed his cheek, causing him to grin and blush.


“ See?” He said proudly to his sister, who was currently giving him a death glare.“ That’s how you do it.”


“ Yeah, yeah, yeah.” South snapped and sent you a sad pout.“ Where’s my kiss y/n?”  


It was like this a lot. Agents North and South Dakota were in the infirmary more than any other agent, and were usually there for meniscal injuries or checkups. And while they were there they would always flirt with you, but never did anything they said they would.


As time went on you developed feelings for the twins.But didn’t know if they felt the same way, sure they flirted and you would give them little pecks here and there. But did they actually have feelings for you or were you just some little game?


“ Oh stop your complaining south.” You said as you kissed her cheek.“ Your injury is practically nothing, both of your injuries are.” You said and sent her brother an annoyed look, causing him to smirk and raise his hands in defense.


“ Hey, it’s only because you’re an amazing medic, best hands in the business.” He said and his sister chuckled.


“ Wonder what else you could do with those hands.” She purred and you stepped away as you blushed furiously, south’s words always did that to you.


“ Say what you want agent south, but i’m on duty right now.” You said and she rolled her eyes.


“ Party pooper.”


Your conversation with them stopped when somebody knew spoke up.


“ Hey y/n.” Agent texas spoke.“ Mind fixing up my stitches?They keep coming loose.” She asked and you nodded.


( in this tex is human, kay?) You nodded and motioned to one of the beds.“ Of course, please sit down agent texas.” You said and she smiled.


“ Don’t mind if i do.” She said in a tone that made shiver run up your spine. Of course the twins didn’t react the same as you.


“ Hello tex, ” North said in a sweet voice.“ It’s a little late for a visit to the infirmary, don’t you think?” He asked and she shrugged.


He was right, it was the middle of the night and she wasn’t even in her armor. Instead she wore a black tank top and sweatpants.


“ Well the same could be said for you two.” She said. “ You guys seem to always be i and out of this place.”


“ Well they certainly are accident prone.” You spoke as you began to redo her stitches.“ They always come in here with the strangest injuries.” You said and she chuckled.


Your eyes were focused on the stitches on her arms so you weren’t able to see the look she was giving you, but the twins were. And they didn’t like it one bit. Tex was looking at you a way the predator looked at her prey right before she jumps.This did not slide by the twins.


You were theirs. Your smile, your laugh, your blush, they loved it all and they loved the fact that they were the cause of it all. Not.Tex.

“ And done.” You said as you finished her stitching.“ Should hold in there pretty good. Just come back if it doesn’t.”


Tex twisted her arms and marvelled at your work.“ Wow, you did a really good job.” She said. “ Your hands are so soft.” She told you before smirking.“ I wonder what else those little hands of yours are capable of.” She purred into your ear before she felt a hand on her shoulder, and then another on her other shoulder.


She turned around to see both North and south standing over her with pissed off looks on their faces.


“ That’s my line.” South growled.“ And my girl, so back off tex.” She snapped and north nodded.


“ I think it’s best if you leave now tex and let us spend a little alone time with our girlfriend, alrighty?” He asked and tex chuckled.Wait a minute, did he just say girlfriend?


“ Alright, just don’t be so hard on the girl, she looks fragile.” She said before leaving the room.


As soon as the door shuts souts lips were on yours.At first it was rough, her lips smashed agsint yours, her arms wrapped aroud your waist as you hands tangled themselves in her hair. But eventually she softened her lips moved in sync with yours and her hands rubbed small circles on your hips. Everything began to feel fuzzy until her brother chuckled.


“ Alright, south, don’t hog her all to yourself.” He said and his sister pulled away.


“ I hate that woman so much.” South growled and held you against her,“ She thinks she’s sooooo special, ugh!” She said and looked you, her eyes softened and she laid her head in the crook of your neck. South was never this affectionate.


“ If she ever bothers you again, just tell me and i’ll kill her.” South said and your eyes went wide.

“ Now now, south.” You said nervously.“ I don’t really think that’s neccesar-”


“ I think it is.” North said as he sat down next to you and pressed his lips against your cheek.Causing your face to go even redder than it already was.“ It’d be a shame if somebody tried to take you away from us.We’ve been pining after you for quite some time, i suppose tex just sent us over the edge.” He said and smiled.“ Well cats outta the bag now.we love you.” He said with a child like smile, causing your eyes to go wide over how he could share such big information so casually.


You went silent for a moment as you tried to process all of the information you were just given.“ So wait..” You said slowly as you pointed to them  both.“ You guys, like-”


“ You, dumbass.” South grumbled as she lifted her head from your neck and sent you an annoyed look.“ Why do you think we visit so much?”


“ I dunno, i just thought i was some game.” You answered shyly and north shook his head, he looked offended that you would even think such a thing.


“ You Are waay too important to us to be some silly little game y/n.” He said and kissed you.“ I hope you know that.”


“ And i hope you know this means we’re dating now.” South said and sent you a serious look.“ So if that bitch ever comes back here -”


You cut her off with a giggle, causing her to look up at you like a confused puppy.“ I’ll make sure to tell you south.” You said and kissed her forehead. Watching big bad agent south melt into a grumbling, blushing puddle was certainly something you could get used to.


“ Hey, don’t leave me out.” North pouted childishly and you rolled your eyes.


“ Your such a dork.” You told him and kissed his lips.“ But i like it.”


“ You better y/n, ” He replied.“ Because we aren’t going anywhere.”


So google chrome is being a turd and it’s being all floopy with tumblr so I couldn’t write this on tumblr so I had to use…..INTERNET EXPLORER AHHHH!!!!!!! But anyways this was a ton of fun to write cause I love mushi and I love the twins and I love rvb very very verrrryyyy much!If you want to request something, no angsty though for my babs only happieness for my smol heart, i’d be happy too! I hope you guys have a great day! Love you babies boo bye!

Waiting Pt. 4 (Yoongi)

*Yoongi’s POV this time and I’m still writing this series y'all*

-Requests Closed-

Waiting | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6  | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9 | Pt. 10 | Pt. 11 | Pt. 12 | Pt. 13

Word Count: 1,692 words

Your beauty was ageless, you still looked the same. He didn’t notice your distress until you mindlessly bumped into him. He had to stop himself from holding you close; he wasn’t sure if he would let you go once you were in his arms.

“It’s been long, hasn’t it?” You stopped apologizing and froze, you looked up as if his voice was an epiphany and he looked back at you.

Your eyes had their refulgent glow, photos of you couldn’t do justice to their beauty. He reached out to touch your cheek, only for you push away his hand. He was in disbelief, he hadn’t thought that he would ever catch even a glimpse of you.

His imagination could only stretch so far as to what you looked like. Jin would describe you for him, shaping you like a sculptor in his mind but never quite finishing what you looked like. Until now.

“What are you doing here, Yoongi?” Your voice was understandably cold and distant, the sole cause of your emotional pain was standing right in front of you.

He must be crazy. Even in your curt attitude, it still felt warm to him. Maybe it was because you acknowledged him by saying his name, even with the pained look in your eyes.

“I wanted to see you. I-I missed you.”

“We can’t do this, Yoongi. I told you.” You tried to pass him but he grabbed your shoulders, your eyes looking at him bewilderingly.

“Why do you keep shutting me out? Why can’t we just work this out?”

“I lost everything, because of you. I had start over, learn to live without you and live for my kids. Now, you want to swoop in and take them away too? Haven’t you done enough, Yoongi?” Your voice became shaky, your hands pushed his off your shoulders.

You passed him this time, his eyes watching your retreating figure before Jin ran over to him.

“What happened?”

“She doesn’t need me anymore. I’m not what she wants.”


“I still need to thank you, hyung. I finally got to see her after 4 years.”

“You’re not giving up, are you?”

“How can I fight for her if I already lost in her eyes?”

“There’s still something there.”

“She doesn’t love me anymore, hyung!” He kept repeating it in his head over and over, hoping this would shock him out of pursuing you. But he couldn’t stop.


“I’m going to the studio.”

“Yoongi, we still need to-”

“There’s nothing left to say.” He got in his car, driving to the studio with clouded thoughts. It took him a while to be comfortable being in there. All he could hear was your voice and the sheer pain you felt.

He broke you.

He broke himself in the process, seeing you silently cry while packing your bags. He couldn’t bear to see that expression on your face. He was a hypocrite, promising to make you happy you when he was the one that brought you the most sadness.

“I’m such a bastard.”

It sounded worse out loud, coming to terms with what he’s become. Even though there was no way to get back to where you two were before, he still wanted to try.

He couldn’t stop himself from fighting for you.

He kept calling, you eventually blocked his number and he didn’t give up. He would write about you, all the sweet moments he shared with you before he ruined it. Before he ruined you.

He begged Jin to find out where you lived, any clue before he tore the city apart to find you. Luck was on his side when Jin found it. He wasted no time driving over to your place and sitting outside your door.

“Mommy, who’s that?”

“He looks scary.”

“Kids, go watch some tv, okay?” You opened the door for them and shut it before he could see inside.

“First, you find me at the mall and now, you’re sitting outside my home? Yoongi, what part of ‘leave me alone’ don’t you get?”

“All of it. I can’t do it, no matter how hard I try.”

“Try harder.”


“Don’t say my name, Yoongi.”

“We have to talk about this. We have to talk about us.”

“There is no ‘us’.”

“You, me and our kids. Us. Come on.” He picked you up, your hands on his chest and trying to push yourself away. He sat you down in the passenger seat and you were ready to make a run for it.

“My children are alone in the apartment, I can’t leave them by themselves”

“Jin’s up there with them, see?” He saw Jin and the kids waving at you from the window and you sighed, you didn’t have any other excuses to come up with.

“This is considered kidnapping.”

“We’re just going to dinner.”

“You took me from my house without any explanation and you’re forcing me to eat with you. I don’t even want to look at you.”

“You really do hate me, don’t you?”

“I don’t hate you. I resent you.”

“That sure does make me feel better.”

“What, did you expect me to jump into your arms with tears in my eyes?”

“What, no kiss too?”

“You’re infuriating.”

“At least we’re talking, that’s a step in the right direction.” You held your tongue, not muttering another word and he parked the car.

“Are you out of your mind?”


“You have to be crazy to bring me here.”

“Does being crazy for you count?”

“It doesn’t.” You stomped off inside and he caught up to you. Where else is better to talk than where you had your first date?

“Still together, I see?” You two knew the host well, him helping Yoongi out with your first date and anniversary.


“Yeah, she means everything to me.”

“Let me guide you to your table, then.” He led you to the table you always sat at and you avoided his eyes. You didn’t say anything, leaving him to stare at you and began to notice the subtle changes in your appearance.

Your hair is lighter than he remembers but your hair was still luscious. Your smile was fake, making him miss your sweeter smiles. You spoke more softly with others, your fiery personality only appeared when he spoke to you.

“What the hell are you staring at?”


“Then, quit. You’re giving me the creeps.”

“What happened to you?”

“Didn’t I tell you, you made me like this? That you made us like this?”

“Did you move on?”

“If you haven’t noticed, I don’t think about you. In fact, I almost forgot you existed. Even if every wall was covered in your face, I won’t recognize you.”


“Just like when you cheated on me? And the cherry on top was my pregnancy. But I guess I have to thank you. You gave me something to live for, someone actually needs me now.”

“I need you.”

“What, was it cause your girlfriend left you?”

“I dumped her.”


“It’s because she’s not you. She can never be you. My heart won’t beat for anyone but you.”

“When did you get so cheesy?”

“I changed a lot since you left me.” You swallowed your tongue, looking at him before glancing at the menu.

“Here’s your meals. One salad and one chicken alfredo.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you seriously just going to eat that?”


“Here.” He switched plates with you, taking a big bite of your salad so you couldn’t take it back. You stared at him for a moment before quietly eating the chicken alfredo.

“Do you want anything else?”



“Just take me home, Yoongi.” He sighed, getting the bill and paying it quickly. You two walked back to the car and you stayed quiet again. Why can’t you talk to him? He would even like if you snapped at him with your sharp tongue, anything is better than the sad look on your face.

“We still haven’t talked, Y/N.” He parked his car and turned to you.

“I told you that there’s nothing between us. I’ll keep taking care of my kids without you.”

“Goddamn it, Y/N, you can’t do it on your own.”

“It’s been four fucking years without you and I’m okay! Stop thinking I’m struggling without you.”

“You don’t look like you’re sunshine and rainbows, Y/N. You don’t even smile the way you used to, you talk less. I know you can’t stand me but you aren’t the same person I used to know-”

“Of course, I’m not. I had to learn how to get better without you and after 4 years, I have!”

“You think they will?”

“They’ll have to.”

“No, they don’t. I want to be in their lives, I want to be their dad. I still want to be by your side but they need me too. What will you do when they start asking? When the other kids talk about their dads and they don’t know what happened to theirs. What, you going to say I’m dead? On a long business trip? Tell me, Y/N.”

“How dare you use them against me, they’re all I have-” Maybe it was the anger, or maybe it was the fact you always looked incredibly sexy when you were angry but he cupped your cheeks before kissing you.

He didn’t force his tongue into your mouth, simply just kissing your lips. You hit his chest with your fists before you were gripping the fabric of his jacket, pulling him closer.

The feelings of anger washed away, just leaving the passion he had for you. He couldn’t tell how you felt but your lips kept working in sync with his.

You pulled away after a while, needing to regain your breath. You two looked at each other for a split second before you ran off. He followed you, stopping you right in front of your door and you gulped.

“At least, let me say goodbye.” He was crazy for leaning again but you turned your head when the door swung open. He planted a kiss on your cheek and your little boy gasped.


~Admin Blake

we're gonna rattle this ghost town

genre: fluff (high school au)

status: getting together

word count: “just a short drabble” aka 6.1k

warnings: loooots of alcohol, some swearing, they make out a bit idk

summary: the prompt was “i use morse code to talk to my friend during class but it turns out you know morse code too and now you know that i think you have a cute butt” au EXCEPT i went way overboard bcs lbr its me

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All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Three (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

Originally posted by yoonkooks

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All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Three

“I’ll be honest, I never thought you kids would actually come through.” The man spoke with a smirk in his tone, slight disbelief coating his words.

“As I’ve said before, BTS is no joke. We have the connections and the resources, so you can let your people know that we’re the people to come to if they need to get business taken care of.” Rap Monster spoke in that cold, calculating voice that seemed to send chills down the spines of whoever he was addressing.

“And what does your father think of your little play group, Namjoon?” The man drawled, teasing the pink haired boy and pushing to see if he would break.

“My father has no part in this. Now I insist that you take your drugs and leave with BTS’ name in your ear before I ask my lovely playmates Jungkook and Suga to make you leave.” The threat dripped with venom, and Rap Monster flashed his best smile.

A new voice invaded the spacious office, that wasn’t unfamiliar but one that Rap Monster and the others hadn’t heard in a very long time. “Yes, won’t you all please excuse myself and the leader of BTS so we can have a little chat?”

The members all instantly straightened from their lounging positions dispersed around Namjoon’s office.


“My dear friend, how have you been?” The tall blonde had a friendly demeanor as he approached the desk, but the members only stayed tense, waiting for Rap Monster’s reaction who was keeping an unreadable face as best he could.

“I didn’t realize you were back in town.” Rap Monster ignored the question, standing to his full height in order to be eye level with Jackson. But the careless boy just took a seat in the chair across from him, picking up one of the trinkets from his desk to play with and replacing it with his feet.

“Cypher has relocated back to its origin city as you’ve probably guessed, I’m sure you had already heard the rumors.” Jackson answered immediately.

“I would ask why but I doubt you even know.”

Jackson looked wounded at those words. “You underestimate me, Joonie, I’m not the little kid you used to know.” Rap Monster just rolled his eyes and snatched the trinket from his hold. Jackson pouted before continuing. “I actually do know why, but of course that’s all confidential information. My boss should be back in town by the end of this week so I came to properly warn you, because, despite what think, I do care for you still just the tiniest bit.”

“Warn us of what?” Jin asked from his seat in the corner. He had been watching the exchange with quiet fury.

“He wants you out of our territory and to end whatever activity you’ve been conducting. Basically move or BTS will be forced into extinction.”

“It’s not your territory anymore, Cypher forfeited all rights to it when they packed up and moved across the globe.” Suga replied lazily, bored with the entire thing and in desperate need of some rap music and sleep.

“Maybe, but you know as well as I do that Cypher has the ability to take back what was theirs. So far you’re the only ones who have opted to stand in our way and, quite frankly, boss man ain’t scared of seven adolescent boys who have distant ties to Whalien.” Jackson chuckled, standing and readjusting his jacket.

“Distant?” Jimin suddenly jumped up, snarling and pissed, “If you call Rap Monster being the son of the leader of Whalien distant then you’re even crazier than we thought!”

“Last time I checked, Joonie wasn’t on such great terms with Daddy dearest.” Jackson raised his eyebrows in question but Rap Monster was getting tired of listening to his bullshit.

“Your warning had been dully noted, you may leave now.” Rap Monster’s statement was laced with poison and had an undeniable tone of finality in it.

“I really hope you take it to heart, for your own sakes.” And then Jackson was traipsing out of the office but the tense atmosphere wouldn’t let up.

“What are we gonna do?” V bolted up, shifting nervously from one foot to the other, the lollipop that was once in his mouth now long forgotten.

“Not a damn thing.” Rap Monster’s eyes glinted in fury.

You continued on the same way for the rest of the week: arriving late, keeping an uncaring demeanor, and sleeping through every single class. It was the best way to keep numb and it always seemed to work, so there was no reason to change a single thing.

Except that fight on your second day stirred up more drama than you were in the mood for. People stared and whispered now, and did their best to stay as far away from you as possible, which you didn’t necessarily mind. But this also resulted in some of the Bangtan boys taking an almost unhealthy interest in you, much to your chagrin.

The day after your fight, you were woken from your morning nap to find several desks pulled up to surround yours as several boys laughed and obnoxiously horsed around. Judging by the deserted classroom, it was lunchtime now.

“Ah, Y/N! You’re awake!” J-Hope noticed your lucid form almost immediately, that goofy smile stretching across his face. Your mind was still too foggy to come up with any kind of response. “Y/N, you really are hard core, huh? First punching Suga and then fighting those girls?” J-Hope was still the only one speaking, an incredulous look on his face. You noticed Suga ignoring the entire ordeal and looking out the window absently, a sleepy look on his face.

“You’re seriously amazing! Where’d you learn to punch like that?” One of the guys asked, “Oh I’m Jimin, by the way.”

You just stared at him, long enough to make his enthusiastic expression melt away.

“She really is cold.” One of the others shivered slightly.

“Shut up, V! She just doesn’t like the attention can’t you tell?” Another one said.

“Oh little Jungkookie knows everything it seems.” V retorted, earning a playful slap from the one they called Jungkook. Suddenly, they were all playing around and laughing.

“Go away.” You said, standing from your seat and gathering up your things.

“Y/N, you’re so cold!” J-Hope whined.

Just then, the pink haired monster strolled through the door, forcefully pushing you down into your seat before pulling up his own chair and sitting on it backwards. “Sit, Y/N.”

You arched a perfect eyebrow at him, rolling your neck angrily. “I don’t like being told what to do.”

“Yeah me either, guess we have something in common.” He flashed a toothy smile. “You’ve been stirring up a lot of trouble, and unluckily for you, you’ve now fallen under our radar.”

You sighed in exasperation, words leaving your mouth before you could stop them. “You guys really think you’re some hot shit don’t you?”

Most of them looked at you with wide eyes besides V who was laughing silently, and from his seat in the corner where you dared to glance at him, Suga had the ghost of a small smile on his face.

“Why did you move here?” The leader asked you.

“None of your goddamn business.” You stood again, gathering up your things once more.

“I think it is. Sit the fuck down and answer the question before I get you to answer through force.” He stayed calm despite your fighting stance.

You didn’t know why this such a big deal, but you remained standing as you answered through your teeth. “I go wherever my parents send me. This time it was Seoul.”

“Have you lived here before?”

“Not since I was young.”

“Where did you live before this?”

You lied through your teeth. “London.”

He squinted his eyes at me like he didn’t believe me. “Really?”

“Really. Are we done now?”

For a second he gave you a steely gaze which was more emotion than you had ever seen him express before he curtly nodded his head and you were out the door faster than they had ever seen you move.

You weren’t surprised that Jin was already lounging underneath the tree, an arm draped over his eyes to shield the sun. You tried your best to be silent so he wouldn’t notice your presence and you could sleep in peace, but he was much smarter than that.

“Never thought I’d see you here again.” He didn’t remove his arm or look at you, just remained still.

“You can blame your idiotic gang members for this one.” You grumbled, cozying up to the tree.

He chuckled, “Oh god what did they do?”

“You guys aren’t nearly as scary as you think, why do you want my information?”

Jin sat up then, a confused look on his face. “Rap Monster interrogated you?”

“More like asked a single question after threatening me.” You didn’t open your eyes.

“What did he ask you?

“Shouldn’t you know? Why don’t you go and ask him yourself.”

For once, Jin didn’t say anything else, too caught up in his own confusion and you were drifting off to sleep once again within minutes.

The rest of the week, the boys, as in Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook, returned to your desk at lunch time every day, surrounding you in laughter and horseplay. You tried your best to ignore it, listening quietly as you pretended to sleep. It was either this or the tree with the never ending stream of speech that was Kim Seokjin, so there was no winning either way. At least these four let you attempt to sleep as they engaged in their own ridiculous conversations and every once in a while you would peek over at Suga, who was doing the exact same thing as you all by himself in the corner.

On the way home one night, all you could think about were those stupid boys and their stupid gang. Whatever they were involved in, it took a toll on both Suga and Jin. That much was clear. You entered the long tunnel that spilled out into the city near your house and immediately noticed something was wrong. Cars were backed up and honking relentlessly. Squinting, you noticed that halfway down the tunnel, a large pickup truck was parked so that it blocked both lanes, stopping all traffic. There was hollering and excited yelps from every direction and you watched as the people in the cars got angrier and angrier. Your feet inched closer to the disruption and that’s when you saw them.

You noticed V first, crouched on the hood of a car with a spray paint can in his hand as he ‘X’ed out the windshield and laughed maniacally. BTS was in the road between cars, flying across the tops of them, and causing all sorts of mayhem. J-Hope spit his drink out at a window, while Jimin dumped his on the top of a car. They screamed and danced around, laughing and having so much fun. As much as you could tell that this was a huge disturbance, you were fascinated and watched in awe. They had each other’s backs—that much was clear. They all had a reason for what they were doing, like their youth was taking a toll on them and this was them fighting back. It made you dizzy with jealousy to see how much they loved each other, to see them creating memories right before your eyes.

You were broken from your reverie when J-Hope’s eyes spotted you, watching in silence.  “Y/N?!” He shouted, jogging over to you immediately. Most of the others didn’t notice except for V who jogged over to join you. “What are you doing here?”

“I was…I was walking home…” You didn’t really know how to react about this.

“Come on, we’re having fun!” V exclaimed, tossing you an extra spray paint can and yanking towards the nearest car which he proceeded to jump onto and dance around on. You looked at the can dumbly for a second before J-Hope came over and closed his hand over yours.

“Like this.” And then he applied pressure and you were vandalizing a car together as his steady hands traced out the letters ‘BTS’. It was exhilarating, and you could feel your cheeks flushing with excitement.

Then you spotted Suga. He seemed drunk on the rush of what he was doing, and it made him he even more attractive than before. He chucked his cup at the closest vehicle, and that’s when the first person started to get out of their car. Suga called out a warning and they all started running for the pick up truck.

“Come on!” J-Hope screeched, grabbing your wrist and forcing you to run along. Everyone was climbing into the back of the truck that blocked the traffic, all of them screaming and shouting from the truck bed. J-Hope hoisted you up without your consent and all but threw you in before climbing in himself. Within seconds, the car was speeding away and traffic was continuing to normal.

You were breathing heavily, trying to calm your heart which was racing from the high. You hated that you liked the feeling, almost like you had a taste of what it was like to be really alive. You hadn’t noticed the six pairs of eyes on you.

“Y/N?” Jungkook said between heavy pants, “When did you get here?”

All you could do was stare wide eyed, angry that the image you had worked to create may have just been foiled for a single moment of exhilaration.

“I was—“

“She was walking home and saw what we were doing and I saw her so I pulled her in to join!” J-Hope explained happily, his face scrunching up into that ridiculous grin, you couldn’t help but grin a little bit at his expression.

“Did Y/N just smile?!” V shouted in disbelief, pointing his finger right in your face. You went to bite it, and he pulled away just in time.

“The more the merrier.” Rap Monster just replied contentedly, placing his hands behind his head and closing his eyes while leaning back. At that moment the tunnel opened up and your hair was thrust up by the oncoming wind, but you loved it, you always loved this feeling. Some of them lifted their hands up to the wind, still shouting and laughing at the experience. Your eyes found their way to Suga who was curled up in a ball, eyes closed in rest peacefully and they didn’t leave him for the rest of the ride home.

You didn’t regret that day at all, but it did lead to a slightly sticky situation. The boys now thought you were willing to be friends which most certainly wasn’t the case. You continued to ignore them at lunch, but now even Jin was showing up and they would try to get you to engage.

On Friday, you were sleeping away like normal while V and Jimin horsed around and Jin and Rap Monster shared a hushed conversation when someone burst into the classroom.

“It’s good to be back in school!”

At the sound of the voice, your head unconsciously snapped up and found the source. Standing there in all of his arrogant glory was Jackson.

Rap Monster was on his feet instantly. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I had a sudden desire to finish my education.” Jackson then seemed to notice your presence. “Y/N? Is that you?” You squeezed your eyes shut, as if that was enough to will the boy away, but instead you were yanked forcefully out of your seat by your arm and forced to face him. “I’m speaking to you.” He said cheerfully.

The second he had grabbed you, chairs were falling back and the boys assumed positions to fight. “Get your hands off of her.” Jin seethed, surging forward. Unexpectedly, Rap Monster held him back.

“How do you know Y/N?” He probed, that calculating look back.

Jackson flashed that impressive smile as he looked back and forth between me in his grip and them. “Oh that? Y/N is my fiancée.”

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The Beard Competition

Note: Steve and Bucky devise a plan to get you to go on a date with Bucky… By trying to grow their beards out. Pietro can’t resist joining in too!

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“Is that the beginnings of a beard I see, Cap?” You asked as Steve walked into the living room on the Avengers base.

“Maybe,” he sang as he took a seat next to you on the sofa.

You grinned, sitting yourself up and closing the book you had been reading. Your hand traced over his cheek gently and you laughed as the stubble tickled against your skin.

“It looks good on you,” you mumbled as you kissed his cheek.

He smiled, “In that case, I’ll keep it.”

“Are you kidding me? He gets a kiss for having prickly cheeks?” Bucky came up from behind you and nestled himself in between you and Steve, “look at my beard!” He pointed to his face, and you laughed.

“Buck you’ve had that stubble– um, that beard for months. I mean it’s hardly revolutionary.”

He grumbled a response and sat with his arms crossed, pouting as he stared at the TV that Steve had turned on.

“Fine, there you go, you big baby,” you said as you planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

Steve laughed while Bucky flushed a light shade of red.

“What’s going on over here?” Another voice said from behind you.

You turned your head to face Pietro, who was resting his back against the wall. His eyebrow was raised as he looked at you, Bucky and Steve.

“When the hell did you get here?” Bucky asked as Pietro came to stand in front of the sofa.

“Language, Buck,” Steve warned while the rest of you stifled a laugh.

“So, is anyone going to answer me?” Pietro asked, staring expectantly at the three of you.

“Bucky here was just letting us know how jealous he is of Steve and his facial hair,” you grinned.

“Hey you can’t blame me! He doesn’t shave for a day and suddenly he’s getting all the love?”

Pietro, slightly amused, glanced over to Steve and slowly nodded with realisation, “Steve is growing a beard?”

“And he’s getting kisses from Y/N for it!” Bucky added.

You rolled your eyes, “Oh please Bucky, you’re acting like it’s such a big deal! Steve, my lips barely touched your cheek, right?”

Steve looked up at you, “Well…”

“Steve!” You exclaimed.

“Wait a second, Y/N’s giving kisses out just for having stubble?! What do I get for this?” Pietro joked, pointing to his own face.

Bucky scowled, hitting Pietro on the chest. Pietro in turn let out a string of curses at him.

“If you two won’t stop whining about how you have more facial hair than me, why don’t we have a little contest to see who can grow theirs the most?” Steve said, trying to ease the tension between Bucky and Pietro.

You scoffed, “Really, Cap?”

“This is a great idea! And the winner gets a kiss from Y/N… On the lips!” Bucky announced, winking at you.

You groaned, “Seriously Buck?”

He mouthed a ‘please’ and you gave in, “Ugh fine, whatever. But it’ll be a peck on the lips– Mouths closed and no tongue or I promise I will punch you in the face.”

The men nodded in agreement, though you saw Pietro sighing at your conditions.

“Okay then, we’ll check your progress weekly and the winner is whoever grows their facial hair the most in a month,” you declared, “Now all of you leave me alone, I want to read my book,” you waved your hand before opening the book again, not bothering to look as the men left the room.

Three weeks later

“So, I was thinking,” Bucky started, “Maybe we up the stakes a little.”

“Are you going to give me any context, Buck?” You asked.

“Oh, right,” he laughed, “For the, you know, the beard contest.”

You sighed, one more week of this madness and their silly little competition would be over, “What did you have in mind?”

“Winner gets the kiss, and he gets to take you out for dinner,” he was smiling widely.


“What? You agreed to it just like that?”

You shrugged, “I’m not going to pass up free food, Buck… But, with one condition.”

“Anything for you doll,” he winked.

“We’re adding one more month to this little contest,” you said. Who knew, maybe the men would come up with more prizes you could benefit from as well if you gave them more time.

One month later

You were right. In the month that passed, it was decided that the winner would get their kiss, take you out dinner and take you to the drive-in cinema… All in Tony’s new Bentley. How he had agreed to that, you had no clue. But you weren’t complaining.

It was Pietro’s idea about the Bentley, but the drive- in was the result of a conversation you had had with Bucky and Steve a few weeks ago, who both agreed that regular cinemas just weren’t as romantic.

The last two months had been great, besides Bucky and Pietro waiting on you hand and foot the entire time and Steve buying you new books, you knew that once their ridiculous contest was over, you would be getting a nice little treat out of it for yourself.

Although, now you were seriously regretting that you had even agreed to judging the contest in the first place:

“Pietro, take that stupid thing off!” You scolded him and he chuckled as he removed the false beard he had stuck to his face.

“Worth a shot,” he mumbled as Steve shook his head at him.

“Is that… Real?” You asked when he had tossed the false beard aside.

“It most certainly is,” he beamed. You looked at him wide eyed as you took in the unkempt moustache on above his upper lip.

“Do moustaches even count? I mean I didn’t make the rules, but I thought I was judging you based on your beards, not other facial hair… variations,” you were amused at how absurd it all sounded.

“You’re right, Y/N, it’s a beard contest and nothing else,” Steve declared, “Looks like you’re out, pal,” he patted Pietro’s shoulder.

You gave him an apologetic look and a small smile, “I suppose Steve is right then, Pietro. I’m sorry,” you told him.

He nodded once, “Oh well, rules are rules I suppose.” It was then that you saw a sly smirk flash across Pietro’s face and before you could register what was happening, Pietro quickly planted a kiss on your cheek – a little too close to your mouth– before zooming out of the room. His laughter echoed behind him.

“Cheater!” Bucky shouted out to him, though you all knew he would be far gone by now.

“Moving on,” you cleared your throat, “Steve, it’s your tur– Oh.”

Steve looked apologetic as you glanced over his clean shaven face.

“Seriously? This was your idea!”

“I couldn’t deal with it any longer. My fave was just so, so… spikey. Honestly Buck, I really don’t get how you manage with all that hair on your face.

“Well, Bucky, that makes you the, um, winner. I suppose,” you said as you turned to face him. You looked at him wide- eyed. “Your facial hair seriously grew that much in two months?” You asked him dubiously.

“One of my many talents, doll,” he nodded proudly, “That’s why I never bother shaving it all off, it takes like two hours to grow back.”

“Okay, my work here is done,” Steve announced, rubbing his hands together, “Enjoy yourselves, and stay safe kids!” Steve said cheerfully as he left the room.

“What does he mean Buck?” You asked when it was just the two of you left. A thought popped into your head and your eyes narrowed, “You three planned this! Didn’t you?!”

Bucky gave you a sheepish grin, “Well, to be fair, it was just Steve and I who came up with it. Pietro just went along with it not knowing any different.”

“So you knew you were going to win from the start?”

“Yeah, we figured it was the least obvious way of getting you to go out with me.”

“What?” You let out a laugh, “Bucky why didn’t you just ask me?”

“Wha– You mean, you would’ve said yes?”

You shrugged, “Of course I would’ve said yes.”

Bucky chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist, “If only I knew it was going to be that easy, doll.”

You reached up to stroke his cheek, “Oh well, now you have a Santa Claus beard andowe me dinner and a movie in Stark’s new car… I would call this a win for both of us,” you winked.

Bucky nodded, still trying to take it all in. It never occurred to him that he should just ask you on a date– he would’ve done that months ago if he thought you would say yes!

“Give me 20 minutes to get ready, I’ll meet you in the garage?” You said, moving out of Bucky’s embrace.

He smirked, “Looking forward to it, Y/N.”

You smiled, lifting your head to press your lips to his, “See you soon,” you said before sauntering off.

“By the way, that kiss didn’t count because I wasn’t ready. You still owe me another one!” Bucky called out after you.

"Gladly,” you smirked as you called back.

Pretty Freaking Hot - Scott Halloween Party Imagine

Request; OOH HALLOWEEN!! Would you mind writing a smut with Scott please?! Maybe her costume is quite sexy and low cut and stuff or something please? And she keeps it secret from everyone but the girls and all the boys think she’s quite vanilla and she shows up with the girls looking like hot af and the boys are like damn and quite pleasantly surprised&scott is surprised but protective of her with the guys reactions and she teases him all night and teasing smut with him later please?

Warning; smut.

Wow, idk how to feel about this, this is literally 2174 words. Knock yourselves out (but not really, stay safe)

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms


“You guys better be going all out for the costumes,” Lydia told you all as you helped her decorate the house with the pack. You just placed a pumpkin onto the table before putting a bowl into it. This was such a great idea.

“Can I come dressed as a pumpkin?” you asked, joking. You and the girls had made most of the decorations and had taken some from sites like easy or pinterest and others, which was why the decorations were creative, wacky, but amazing, which the boys told you a number of times now.

“No! You’re coming dressed as something you love, which is supernatural. We’ve talked about this, it’s the theme the pack is doing,” Stiles told you, adamant at making you follow along with it.

“I know,” you chuckled.

“What are you coming dressed as?” Isaac asked.

“I don’t know. I have a witch costume,” you shrugged, knowing that he would be quite surprised once you turned up with the girls.

“Well then you do know,” Stiles pointed out.

“Shut up, smart-arse,” you chuckled, opening the LED ice cubes and putting them into as smaller bowl that was beside the other which was now filled with punch. The word ‘treat’ was carved into the pumpkin and as the LED lights would go into the punch they’d light up and illuminate the word. “Lydia, you’ve got the ice, right?” you asked as she nodded and got down from the ladder that she was hanging up paper bats from.

Your had brought your costume to Lydia’s, so while the boys left to go home and change to come back for the party, you and the girls went upstairs to change. As you walked into the room in your dress, all four of them looked up and let out small laughs.

“Where have you been hiding?” Lydia asked, walking to you and making you twirl around for them. You were wearing a tulle dress that reached a couple inches above your knees, the corset top totally black, while the skirt faded from black to purple and green. The top was lacy, and revealed quite a bit of your chest, but it was quite reserved, not one of those ‘sexy witch’ costumes. It was actually a goth prom dress, but with some modifications, you made it work, and it still looked quite sexy, which the girls told you a couple of times.

“Put the hat on, put the hat on,” Kira handed you the pointed hat which you put on and modelled it for them with a laugh.

“You look so good,” Allison grinned.

“I’m not sure Scott will keep his hands off you tonight,” Malia said with a small smile as you chuckled.

“That’s the aim,” you said mischievously.

After Lydia did your make up, you helped the others with theirs and their costumes before you were all done. You all walked down the stairs, yourself last since you had to slip your black heels on, but you got there in time for the party to be in full swing, looking around to find Scott standing with the other boys of the pack, laughing about something, holding a cup of drink. You took fast steps to him and bumped into him lightly with grin as he glanced down at you with a grin, the others doing the same before their jaws collectively dropped at the same time.

“Wow,” Isaac let it slip past his lips.

“You guys look good,” you smiled, seeing them in werewolf gear while Stiles dressed as a vampire, being the only thing you haven’t met yet. “Stiles, are you serious?” you let out a small giggle, linking your arm with Scott’s, the other pressing against his torso in a slightly protective but otherwise teasing way.

“Hey! I thought it’d be ironic,” he shrugged with a smile. “You look-“ he took a shallow breath and cleared his throat before pressing his lips together and nodding, “You look good,” he told you.

“Thanks. Of course you all look the part, but I don’t think I have to tell you that,” you said, looking at the boys before Allison walked to you with Kira and Malia.

“Are you guys serious? Werewolves? You couldn’t have gotten any less creative than that,” she told them all.

“Derek’s a mummy,” Stiles cut in, pointing to the guy who just walked in, bandages wrapped around his white v-neck shirt and his jeans and head. He did not look happy at all to be in that position. Once he spotted you, he walked over and narrowed his eyes as Isaac.


“Derek,” the beta smiled at him. “You look scary.”

“I was going for that,” he said in an even tone, making you chuckle.

“You do know what you’re doing to me, right?” Scott whispered in your ear as you just smirked lightly and look up at him.

“Full and well,” you nodded, tapping his stomach - which was quite hard - and then smiled to yourself as you went back to the others’ conversation.

“I hope you’re not planning on standing around all night,” Lydia arrived from handing drinks out.

“Come on, Y/n,” Scott gave Stiles his drink and pulled you to the dance floor as you just chuckled and followed, loosening up and dancing like never before. You had your hands holding onto the back of his neck as you moved, your eyes locking with his as his flashed red and stayed like it, smirking as you moved your hips before you turned and soon enough, your butt was rubbing against his crotch, his arms pulling you into him, crossed over your body, in almost like a hug.

“Could you try to not make this difficult for me?” he asked you.

“Nope!” you laughed before stepping away from him and allowing him to twirl you around.

After a bit more dancing, you were standing with the others again as Scott had an arm around your shoulders and you had one arm around his waist, a cup of punch in your other hand.

“Seriously, I thought you were totally vanilla!” Isaac told you for about the third time now. The boys only just expressed that they didn’t expect you to look so sexy tonight, which Scott only laughed off, knowing you were his and he was yours. Though he was too jealous and protective inside, he tried to hide it.

“Oh, she’s not,” Scott told him, looking down at you as he took the cup from you and took a long drink while you just smiled.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” you shrugged as Scott pulled you further into his side, holding the punch in his hand.

“You’re smoking,” Ethan told you as he stood with Danny.

“Thanks,” you smiled.

“If you don’t want to date McCall, do you want to date me?” Jackson asked as Lydia hit his chest, making everyone else laugh, but Scott let out a light growl as Derek chuckled at the two of you.

“I don’t think you should continue with that, last I checked the only alpha around is Scott,” he said, lifting his own drink, but his was fully alcoholic, and he was now rid of his ‘costume’.

“Yeah, I’m not sure if you’ve heard it but plenty of growls and snarls have left the guy,” Malia butted in as you just smiled and pulled him into your side as he pressed his lips to your head.

“Okay, we’re gonna go,” you told them as they groaned and let out small complaints. “Come on, give me a break!” you chuckled.

“One last dance!” Kira told you and grabbed your hand, dragging you to the dance floor. So the pack danced together before you were left with Scott, dancing like before, facing him.

“You want to leave?” you asked him.

“Hell yes,” he breathed before kissing you lightly, making you smirk.

“I knew it,” you said before dragging him upstairs where Lydia had told you that there was one guest bedroom where you’d be sleeping for the night, since your parents were out so you would have stayed there anyway.

Pushing the door open, Scott already had his hands on you, pushing you against the closed door, locking it as his lips landed on yours, your mouth immediately opening to let him in and explore as he wished, his hands tracing your curves and bumps as you heard him breathe through his nose. You reached up to push his headband of wolf ears down and you took your hat off, throwing it on the ground before you kicked off your shoes, Scott having to dip his head to reach you.

“God you’re so perfect,” he whispered, lifting you up against the door as you wound your legs around him, your skirt not even in the way.

“I was about to say the same thing,” you whispered, both of your eyes closed as you whispered against his lips. He let out a breathy laugh before one of his hands pushed the skirt up and his hand settled at your hip, a finger reaching under the waistband of your underwear while his lips placed themselves on your again.

Your hands pushed themselves into his gelled hair as you pulled him firmer into you, your midsections pressing against each other, making him groan lightly as you let out a soft whimper, letting it roll into his system.

Somehow, you had reached your hands down between you and had opened his button and zipper before reaching into his pocket and feeling a condom wrapper.

“Came prepared?” you asked breathlessly as he just smirked, kissing you again and not replying, making you let out a moan as his hand trailed your inner thigh and you felt one claw lightly scratching your delicate skin. “Rip it,” you whispered before biting his lower lip and you felt him hesitate.


“Just do it, I have another one for tomorrow,” you told him leaning your head back and opening your eyes, seeing his eyes red, and feeling his member bulging from under his briefs. In a couple of seconds’ worth of hesitation, you felt his claws rip through your underwear before they fell to the ground and you smiled slightly, looking at him as he smirked and a finger had trailed up your slit, rubbing at your clit while you had dipped your hand into his briefs, pumping him a few times before rolling the condom onto him. His lips were at your neck, making your eyes flutter shut as the soft, tender pecks at your sweet spot combined with the pleasure his hands were granting you sent you barrelling towards the edge.

“Ready?” he asked, his hand leaving your core, the other holding you up.

“Yeah,” you nodded before he lightly nudged your head with his nose before he took a deep breath in and then started to suck a hickey on your neck. He pulled his lips away for just a second to suck his finger before he reached down to line himself up and then pushed in, making you gasp, arching your back against him, your head hitting the door as your eyes scrunched up while he started to move, his other hand cupping your cheek as he left featherlight kisses on your jaw and neck while you let out light moans and whimpers.

It didn’t take long for the warmth to pool in your stomach before you had become louder, saying his name which mixed with his grunts and groans. Pretty soon he was a moaning mess too, one of your hands reaching down to massage your clit, the other over his shoulder, gripping and clawing at his back. It sent the two of you further towards your high points before you let your head fall onto his shoulder and you let out a loud moan, practically screaming his name as you came. He followed your lead, huffing as he released into the condom before he pulled out and kissed your cheek softly.

“Thank you,” he whispered, rolling the condom off and throwing it into the bin before he adjusted himself and buttoned his jeans up, keeping you still pushed to the door.

“Holy fuck,” you whispered, exhausted, but giddy at the same time. “I love you,” you told him, your hand caressing his face as you pulled your head back. “I’m pretty sure they all know Im yours now,” you grinned at him through your exhaustion.

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

Of Conversation Starters Pt. 2

The second half of Of Conversation Starters Pt. 1 (as I am positive you have already guessed).

Warnings: Blood mention.

Word count: 3,154 (holy ffffishsticks)

Note: The end may or may not have been inspired by the last part of this particular piece of fanart.

The fire is burning strong. The crickets are singing, accented by an owl hoot or two every once in a while. If one inclines their head far enough, they can see the stars dotting the inky blackness of the patches of sky clear of any branches and leaves. It’s a perfect evening for a little strategic arrangement of the romantic variety.

Fili, Bilbo, Bofur, Ori, and I met as soon as we had scarfed down our meals, leaving the others to finish theirs, Y/N included; this plan needed to be put into action as soon as possible.

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anonymous asked:

The captains +Suga, Iwaizumi reacting to their s/o being drunk and constantly asking them for kisses after another bc "they can't remember" asking for one before.

This ended up being a little long because I love my captain squad! And I included Moniwa (bc he’s definitely part of the captain squad, don’t forget it) and Futakuchi bc he’s the love of my life. Enjoy some drunk kisses under the cut! - Admin Dad

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Keep Tossing Rocks at Your Window

Happy Valentines Day, @cupcakesandtv!

Summary: Clarke has only been living in her new apartment for one month and she’s already involved in a passive-aggressive note war with her neighbor.

One month after moving into her new apartment, Clarke knows the following things about the person in #3:

  1. They have not bothered putting a name plate up on their door or mailbox.
  2. They have a very active sex life.
  3. They’re at least pretty quiet about it, and their partner(s) tends to be too. No screaming orgasms or anything.
  4. Their bed has the creakiest springs Clarke has ever heard in her life. She thinks if she went onto the street when #3 was having sex, she’d still be able to hear those damn bed springs.
  5. The person in apartment #3 is not aware they are living in a glass house with regards to noisiness and is convinced Clarke is the loud, inconsiderate neighbor, just because she has a cat who is sometimes a little bit annoying when she’s hungry. 

All of which adds up to this: Clarke has been living in her new apartment for one month, and she’s already involved in a passive-aggressive note war with her neighbor.

The first one arrived after two weeks, and it was probably meant to be helpful.

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Zack’s First Broken Arm (Milo Murphy’s Law Fic)

When Zack breaks his arm due to Murphy’s Law, he quickly realizes there is a question he needs to answer: How much pain is his friendship with Milo worth?

A run away bulldozer, a short cliff and some spiky bushes at the bottom to catch his fall. In all honesty, Zack was lucky he only came away with a broken arm.

It had been the most painful experience of Zack’s life, and now he was stuck with this cast for six to eight weeks. In the back of his mind, Zack always knew this was coming. He had chosen to be Milo’s friend and he saw how often Milo got hurt. Zack just never fully believed it would happen to him, or that it would be so painful.

The door opened to his hospital room, and a spunky redhead walked inside.

“Melissa!” Zack greeted happily. It was nice to see someone other than nurses and doctors for a change. His parents had been there, but they left for a few hours and would be back soon with his Gameboy so he wouldn’t be completely bored.

“Hey, Zack. How are you feeling?”

“Like my arm is broken, so not great,” he answered honestly. He really wished the nurses would give him another dose of that pain medication.

Melissa frowned. “Yeah, that was a pretty bad fall. I’m glad it wasn’t worse.”

“Me too.”

“Milo will be here in a minute,” Melissa said. “He had some trouble with… well, you know how it is.”

Zack nodded. “Yeah, I get it. I’m just glad to have some visitors. I was getting pretty bored in here.”

To Zack’s surprise, Melissa pulled herself up to sit on his bed, her feet still hanging over the edge.

“Listen, Zack, I wanted to talk to you about something before Milo gets here.”

Zack decided he didn’t like her serious voice, it made him nervous. “Uhh, okay? What is it?”

“I’m just going to get straight to the point: Are you planning to stop hanging out with Milo and me?”

Zack stared. “What?”

Melissa sighed. “It’s not a hard question. You got a broken arm because you were hanging out with Milo. It’s possible that it will happen again, and maybe it will be worse next time. We won’t think less of you if you decided that you can’t hang out with us anymore.”

Zack raised a confused eyebrow at her. “Yes you will.”

She smirked. “Okay, maybe I will, but you know Milo wont. He understands more than anyone how hard it can be to deal with Murphy’s law. He’s… used to not having a lot of close friends. He won’t take it personally. Plus, you will still see us at school.”

Zack shook his head. “But that’s not what I want.”

“But you also don’t want another broken arm.”

Zack hesitated. “No, I don’t want that either.”

There was an awkward silence between them as Zack looked down at his cast.

“Do you really think this will happen again?” he asked fearfully. “How many times have you gotten hurt?”

Melissa shrugged. “Gotten hurt? Plenty of times. Gotten seriously injured? Three or four. Usually it’s only Milo that gets badly hurt, but anything that can go wrong…”

“Right,” Zack said, swallowing a lump in his throat. “I get it.”

“It’s okay, Zack. Milo will understand-”

“I’m not abandoning him,” Zack snapped angrily.

Melissa’s eyes widened at the harshness of his voice.

“And I don’t know why you think I will!” He glared at her. “Why are you trying to get rid of me? I thought we were friends too.”

“We are friends,” Melissa said sternly. “And that’s why I need to make sure you’re not just sticking around because of misguided loyalty or some stupid feelings of obligation. If you hang around Milo, it’s because you want to and because you think he’s worth the risks.”

“I do want to-”

Melissa leaned forward until she was right in his face, and Zack felt himself lean back into his pillows. “If this happens again, if you get hurt because of Murphy’s law, then you can’t blame Milo-”

“I don’t-”

“If you stick around, it’s your own choice,” Melissa interrupted before he could finish. “You can’t blame him, not even a tiny bit, because he will know. He will be able to tell if you’re starting to resent him. Then Milo will be unhappy, and you will be unhappy.” Melissa pointed her index finger directly at his face and he had to cross his eyes to look at it. “And I hate it when my friends are unhappy. That includes you, Zack.”

Melissa pulled away, giving him some space to breathe.

“I like you,” Melissa admitted. “I think you’re braver than you give yourself credit for and you keep us both grounded, but I don’t want you to hang out with us because you feel like you have to. That’s not what friendship is.”

Zack let out a breath. “Yeah, I think I get what you’re trying to say.”

“You’ve lasted longer with us than anyone else has,” Melissa continued. “And Milo thinks you’re going to stop hanging out with us now. Most people don’t stick around past the broken limb stage. So, if you want to leave, now is the best time, since he’s already expecting it.”

The door to the hospital room opened and the two kid’s heads snapped around to see a disheveled Milo enter the room. He was still breathing hard, obviously still recovering from the last thing Murphy’s law threw at him.

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anonymous asked:

ok but think about this... sub!nursey

okay let me preface this with saying I think about this so rarely that I thought you meant nursey, as a submarine,

but I have thought about this? I just feel mad strong about nursey as a dom. I generally read them as switches, but a lot of the language around domming translates into some language that, as a Colourdt™ person, is lowkey squicky.

that being said, i’m hella into @dexthecryptid‘s NEBB/cryptid!dex bullet fic and I talked with them abt the habits of BBs and they’re a tad… protective with their partners, so here’s smthn small (non-explicit nsfw under the cut, I guess):

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