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can i just. mention how delicate king dice is abt hopus pocus’s ears when pulling him up for the mini boss battle

also how he took off his gloves to do so

Stop forgetting/ignoring Gwen!!!

Gwen is a beautiful and great female character of color who deserves so much more than what the fandom is giving her and if you forget/ignore her (especially for a cultist) then you don’t deserve her.

Sincerely, someone who loves Gwen a whole lot.


@hazirart and I also did a collab together for @bookdancerfics Spideytorch Big Bang Fic The Long Road Home

Each one of us did one lineart and coloured the lineart of the other (hazir’s lineart is the one on top, mine’s bottom) 

As you can see, hazir is just FRIGGIN AMAZING at colouring! Seriously, just take a look at this, the colouring is just so awesome, isn’t it? It’s so vibrant (๑♡⌓♡๑) Also, look at how expressive the faces in hazir’s lineart are!

I’m really so happy I got the chance to do this collab \(^o^)/

a little hello to all you readers out there

Something terrible happened this week in our fandom, something to such an extend I NEVER would have wanted to witness here. This is supposed to be a safe place, at least I see it that way. And when I say safe place, I mean it in so may different ways. This is a place where we support LOVE, JUSTICE and stand behind people who teach us to treat people with KINDNESS and give back GOODNESS. 

Being here isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, I think we all know and have experienced that. It’s come to a point of people leaving, because it’s too much. And I 100% understand them. I’ve been one of them, but I’ve come back.. Because to me this is love, home, passion, compassion, learning things about myself, learning important things about life. I choose to be here and so do everyone of you also. You choose to be here, you choose to act the way you do. Take a step back for a moment, to understand that, to stand behind that person you are. 

I know, being a fic rec blog, that I do post things that aren’t suitable, in my opinion, for underage people. And I would like to take this moment to address everyone who is, if there should be one here scrolling through my blog. You deciding to come here, is your own decision and I can’t make you leave, BUT what I want is you to think and think hard, is this what you want.. When you come across a fic that has explicit content, DON’T open it. There’s a reason these warnings exist! At a certain age, you feel like you´re an adult and you want to experience things that maybe you’re body and/or mind isn’t really ready for, I know that. But maybe take a step back and try to be responsible for yourself. Be responsible. If you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious or anything in that direction, please stop reading, close the page and learn from your experience. You deciding to be here, means you’re responsible for yourself, no matter your age. I haven’t, the writer hasn’t, no one else but you have decided to make this decision. So, please take care of yourself. Rather be safe than sorry. 

To all the writers out there, I would like to remind you of the use of warnings there is in ao3. We all do want to be safe and it’s amazing and important that ao3 has that warning system, so let’s keep embracing it!

To get back to the happenings of this week.. Where is the love? Where is the respect? Where is the kindness? Things and accusations and name calling has been flying around, when the reason behind it all has been wrong. Hurt and anger might have made it happen but the topics that have been talked about and the things that have been accused of these people, are serious and should not under any circumstances be played around. If there was a case of any kind of abuse, it should be dealt with respect and not spread around this site like some gossip. 

Spreading lies about others is unacceptable! Believing in different truths is life. And we have a lot of bullying because of that, in our fandom. And it makes this place feel like hell sometimes. BUT when it comes personal, when the lies and bullying and name calling become things that are directed towards one or two or three people, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!! When the accusations are so severe, it it not something you can just brush off, YOU DON’T DO IT! (If you actually are in a position where you feel like you are being abused, you find an adult and preferably also a professional who can help you process the experiences and then after that you can contact the person who has abused you if it feels like something you can do.) 

I would like to ask everyone to have a moment to think, to reevaluate this situation. Not only to think about others actions but to think of your own. Do you believe in something because others told you to believe in it, or because the topics were so serious you just have to believe or because you listened to all the information and made a decision yourself? 

Remember love and kindness. Remember the reason you are here. Be an adult and know respect. 

Thank you for reading. 

ps. Hope this comes across okay with my english. 

anonymous asked:

ASH! I read a spoiler for 8x06.....if you dont wanna know what it is stop reading right now. okay so apparently rick goes to the trash heaps and wants to convince jadis to fight with him (thats why he was taking pictures of everything to provide proof). anyway he walks in on her painting wearing absolutely nothing but an apron. she then, in typical creepiness, forces him to remove his clothes and give them to her and she locks him up anyways. im.......a mess. pls help.

Thank you for putting a warning on this. But yeah, I read it a little while ago and I’ve been staring at my screen trying to convince myself not to be pissed. But honestly, why the fuck does Rick need to interact with this woman naked? And why does she have to take his clothes? As if these junkyard people aren’t trash enough in every sense of the word, let’s throw in some sexual assault for good measure? Which I’m sure will never be properly addressed. I’m already tired.  

when are people gonna stop treating bts as “those koreans with crazy fans” and nothing more, instead of a group of talented artists who happen to come from korea who’ve gotten here from hard work and dedication, that have meaningful lyrics, produce and write their own music, are partnered with unicef and have the whole love yourself campaign

((So I’ve been on those little online height difference websites, and decided to make this for a reference to see just how big Simon actually is in comparison to Apollo. And holy crap, Simon is a freaking behemoth. I knew he was taller but….. d a n g. Apollo must feel safe as heck wrapped around in those giant arms…

Their height difference is everything ;w; ♥♥))

Hey there

I get that you like other characters like Jeff, Clockwork, and Ben and stuff, but it would be great if you guys actually asked questions about Ticcimask cause I basically got nothing. Most of my questions are on other members of the house while the other half is mindless headcanons that I will never post cause it doesn’t relate to the blog. Seriously, please ask questions based on the ship cause that’s where my main focus is.


let’s all agree to protect her

“mode” concepts. idk, it’s just fun to think about really. again this isn’t like… part of what i actually wanna do. this would all quite obviously take place post-unlinking-with-max, and after a significant amount of time with steel being not linked with anyone. my art and stuff basically just takes place s1-s2, when max is in highschool and stuff. coz those are the best bits, duh. but this is fun to think about as a future possibility.

steel’s kneejerk reaction to artizel introducing herself as artizel ora and not mentioning him at all would be offense, before he realizes she’s expecting him to introduce himself. art: “i’m artizel ora.” *waits*..*waits some more* *sighs* “and this is steel - he’s super rude and never introduces himself” steel: “HEY!”

it would take a sec for steel to realize she doesn’t… have to hide her face lmao. nor does she need help with the whole look - she has her own equipment. it’s a little hard to tell where artizel’s wardrobe ends and steel’s contributions begin; but typically stuff like temperature control, onboard computing, shock absorption, chemical seal pressure, and targeting systems steel’s completely taken over. since that’s kinda the point. artizel still controls her own life support and oxygen - she loves and trusts steel, but she doesn’t trust the universe to keep them connected all the time.

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