no but seriously i was crying in both pictures


So there’s this thing i noticed watching older episodes. We all remember the times Cas and Dean almost killed each other, but then ended up not doing it, because something overcame them.

Do you see how Cas holds Dean’s arm in both pictures? It’s like a connection. Cas is telling Dean everything is going to be fine. And he doesn’t even use words. And Dean knows it. He knows they will be there for one another. And not even manipulative angels or the mark of cain could ever change that.

Food for thought

Does anyone seem to notice that literally every time a KxK scandal comes out, Kyungsoo looks so fucking depressed? And then more Chansoo and Sesoo moments happen? I seriously just picture him going to both of them for comfort, and crying thanks to the picture of him with tears in his eyes. And then it seems that each time more Kaisoo moments happen, more KxK rumors come up as if SM is trying to hide their little secret.

Rehoming my kitties

Hey, its me. Aiden. I feel like shit for asking this but i need help. My sister cant take care of my cats anymore and i have no idea what to do. Im not charging anything i just want them to go to good loving homes. This is stressing the both of us out and shes having a baby soon and i dont want her to stress over this. Ill add pictures to this when i can of them both or ill have my sister add on to this…. inbox her: lovenaytia if youre intrested or of you want more details… id really appreciate at it. Anyone in the dallas/fortworth area is welcome to ask.