no but seriously i love this meme bc i get to see all my friend's faces

Monsta X: boyfriend Hyungwon

•   So tbh I could only imagine him falling in love with a close friend of his

•   Like slowly getting to realize his feelings for them, bc he’s not gonna want to rush anything bc he’s like !!!! Wow I love y/n but I can’t be an idiot and ruin our friendship if I actually confess

•   He’d fist notice how close you two were getting one night when you were working together hella late

•   And that you were just ALWAYS there for him

•   That just makes him inch closer and closer to you day by day, in hopes of you noticing and making a move first

•   (save him ahshskdlf what an awkward bean)

•   But eventually it would work and he’s like “?? Wow okay so I guess my flirting was obvious bc I cant stand the sight of another human being than you……….didn’t think that through :’)”

•   Listen he’s a tol man so you gotta expect short jokes to come flying outta his mouth whenever he sees you reaching for something

•   Ik I’ve said this before but lmao listen

•   Just imagine him strutting over to you w/ his long ass legs, just to barely reach up and grab the box of cookies you’ve been wanting

•   “Need some help, y/n?” *wink wonk"

•   “Oh myfkingodbitch gimme the cookies hyungwon”

•   He really would be the least annoying boyfriend ever

•   He’d never force you to tell him why you’re upset, bc his shoulder is always there for you to cry on until you’re ready to spill it all out

•   And tbh he’s the same w/ you

•   He’ll always come to you when he feels ready, even if you’ve been noticing his weird and sad moods lately

•   So ofc there’s lots of makeouts and kissing involved bc he lives for those

•   Also he’s just really chill about it like he never has to ask if he could kiss you, he knows you’re always down for a couple hours of your lips pressed against his

•   Lots of cuddles bc he’s the perfect cuddle buddy w/ those long ass legs lmao I’m never getting over how tall he is

•   Lets you borrow his fashionable coats in the winter

•   And always laughs when he opens the door and sees you wobbling inside, basically being swallowed up by the coat

•   And he kinda just wraps his arms around you as you’re cuddled into it and kisses the top of your head

•   “You’re so cute, y/n :((((”

•   *cue the other members vomiting*

•   “Yall get a fkin room!!!!!!!”

•  "It’s literally my house, stop raiding my fridge and get out"

•   Low key getting disturbed by horror movies like you do but never admitting it

•   But he’ll hold you in his arms and conveniently bury his face in your neck while you hide your own face in his chest

•   Lmao he ain’t slick

•   But hey lots of comfort food and cuddles later so win win 

•   Watching Game of Thrones together and crying when your favorite characters get killed

•   Esp if you warn him not to stan a particular character bc they’re gonna die, he won’t believe you and is emo for the whole week when they die

•   “But I loved joffrey”

•   No one really believing yall are dating bc you always messed around w/ each other in a best friend manner

•   So then he’ll just grab your face and kiss you yolo

•   Ok so yall would always joke around getting each other’s names tattooed on you, so one day he-

•   Omfg he cried bc he thought you got a really tattoo of his name on your arm when you showed him the fake sticker

•   “I can’t believe u love me this much, wtf, y/n we have to go get a tattoo of ur name on me, grab ur coat,”

•   Having hella movie marathons

•   For some reason he’s always buying you perfumes as a present bc he’s scared that you might not like anything else

•   But then you’re like ummmm you’ve known me for how many years now???

•   He seriously doesn’t get that you’d love anything that he got you

•   Winter dates are his favorite bc he could snuggle up to you in public and actually having a reason for it “I’m cold, hold onto my arm and make me warm ;(”

•   Having to get the other members off your back bc they’re always wanting to know what you two are up to

•   Bc yall keep your relationship mostly secret even to them lmao

•   Him tracing his finger over your lips before kissing you idk like it’s just a habit now and yes it probably kills you inside

•   Also when he grabs the back of your neck and kinda massages it when he’s giving you one of those passionate kisses oml

•   Your causal dates consisting of coffee and people watching as you cuddle together on a bench or a cafe loveseat

•   Ughhh those quiet moments w/ him are the best bc you just feel so at peace

•   Bc it’s always so chill when you’re together 

•   And ofc, being giant memes together 💚

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boyfriend; ong sungwoo

a/n: requested by anons // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + stan this living meme 2k17


  • he’s a pretty crazy / wild person 
  • but when it comes to his crushes
  • ong is really really romantic
  • so, i think he’d bring you to some aquarium
  • but first he’d ask you in a smooth way while you’re around
  • “hey ___ ! what do you think about going to the aquarium that just opened.”
  • “i would love to go.”
  • “then we’re going tomorrow. get ready by 8.”
  • the next day, he’d be pretty nervous
  • so he’d begin searching online about how to treat a person on a first date and etc.
  • “this is so hard? what, i should just be myself.”
  • “yeah! sungwoo you should be yourself.”
  • “yeah, i know. wish me luck, sungwoon.”
  • “good luck.”
  • our ong was literally waiting there in front as he was making sure
  • you were safe on the way
  • i can already see him texting you for like the whole hour straight and when you arrived
  • he’d have a huge smile on his face 
  • “____ ! you’re here, finally.”
  • “hey ong.”
  • the two of you would have a wonderful time together but when night comes
  • you have to leave and that’s when he was going to confess
  • before you left, ong literally took your hand in his 
  • and it seemed like a scene from a k-drama !!
  • “hey ong? why are you holding my hand?”
  • “i need to tell you something, ____”
  • “what is it?”
  • “i like you.”
  • of course you accepted him to be yours and this guy was super super happy
  • i bet ong wouldn’t even sleep bc he’s so happy he’s able to call you, his


  • like the one in confession 
  • he’d take you to a lot of dates
  • so going on dates would be a normal thing for the two of you to do
  • you and sungwoo would go to places like a zoo, an aquarium, etc
  • i can even see the two of you renting bikes and then going on a bike date
  • “babe ! look at that view. han river is really beautiful.”
  • “i know, we should stop here to take a picture.”
  • “sure, babe.”
  • you and ong would take lots and lots of pictures throughout the date
  • and it’d be so cute
  • sometimes when you guys ask a stranger to take a picture
  • they would tell you guys that you two are a ‘very lovely couple’ & 'a perfect couple’
  • and that the two of you should get married
  • ong would even whisper something to that stranger like
  • “i will in a few years. they don’t know yet but i already have a ring.”
  • you would be confused and pull him by the arm to get back
  • “what did you say to that person?”
  • “nothing, you’ll see.”
  • you’d just shrug it off bc you love your boyfriend and you trust him
  • but when the two of you are at the zoo
  • i bet it’d be so funny
  • since ong would be wearing an headband that jaehwan gave him
  • and there are like monkey ears on it
  • i can also see ong trying to imitate some monkeys
  • and the people around him would laugh him out bc he really looks like one
  • “babe? what are you doing?”
  • “i’m a monkey, ___ !!”
  • “i don’t know you like at all.”
  • he’d keep following you around like some weird dude wearing a monkey headband
  • “baby, why are you ignoring your own boyfriend??”
  • “i’m not ignoring you. i just don’t know you.”
  • in the end of the day you and ong will be a lovely couple again 


  • uhm i just got butterflies just by thinking about kissing him oops
  • to be honest his kisses would be like long and really romantic
  • and when our ong is in the mood, he’d push you against the wall and oui je suis dead
  • “sungwoo and ____ at it again? make sure to lock the doors!!”
  • “yeah i will!”
  • when he’s just the normal boi we know
  • ong is literally gonna kiss you when it’s at places where it’s safe and less people
  • “baby, should i kiss here?”
  • “yeah, look around no one’s here.”
  • the two of you would cutely kiss each other
  • he’d say something like 'i love you’ and then kiss you again
  • sungwoo would keep saying 'i love you’ and kiss you until someone sends you two away
  • “kids, go away from here and kiss somewhere else.”
  • “yes, sorry sir.”
  • “sorry sir.”
  • i bet even the members would be used to the two of you kissing the whole time
  • and when the youngest are around ofc they’re amazed
  • bc you two kiss so much
  • “no seriously, why do you two keep kissing?”
  • “guanlin, it’s because we’re super in love.”
  • “i thought you were in love with daniel.”
  • “i did.”
  • okay so now we know our ong loves kissing and you’d too


  • his hugs !! omg 
  • y'all i bet our sungwoo is the perfect person to hug
  • even though he only hugs one side of you, he’s still so cuddly and warm
  • “____, let’s stay like this forever.”
  • “yes! good idea, babe!”
  • you’d tell all your friends and family about how perfect your boyfriend is 
  • especially when it comes to hugging
  • he is a real pro
  • “hey did you know my boyfriend is the best in hugging.”
  • “can i try?”
  • “no. only i can.”
  • like every other boyfriend
  • i think he’d love hugging you bc you’re his and he wants to show off
  • especially when the two of you are around the other members
  • “daniel, could you get me some water.”
  • “you can do it yourself, no?”
  • “i’m hugging ____ can’t you see?”
  • “okay okay”
  • or when you’re around at practice
  • “sungwoo get back here.”
  • “but i don’t want too!”
  • “you need too.”
  • our sungwoo would hug you whenever he can 
  • because he loves you a lot and he really loves your scent !!

missing each other:

  • ong would miss you a lot !!
  • he’d miss everything about you
  • especially when it comes to the sweet compliments and kisses you give him
  • “you can’t kiss me like ___ does.”
  • “i’m gonna kiss you sungwoo!”
  • “no, don’t!!”
  • “i want ____’s kisses not yours, daniel.”
  • “oh my god, this is why i miss ____.”
  • i can also see ong making a vlog every day
  • just to send to you, so that you can be happy and not worry about anything
  • “in this vlog, babe, i’ll be showing you that jihoon is not an angel.”
  • “what, i’m not an angel, i’m jeojang.”
  • “okay that’s actually the truth.”
  • his editing skills would be kind of bad, so it’d be more funny 
  • of course this boi would always make sure in the end of the video
  • there’s a part where he says 'i love you' 
  • “this is the end of today’s vlog, babe. bye bye, i love you.”
  • but sometimes when he’s feeling down, he wont show it
  • but you can see something is off and you’d normally call to let him know you’re there when there’s something
  • “babe, i’m sorry but i really miss you a lot.”
  • “i miss you too, honey. let’s cheer up, shall we? i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • his members were there as well and would cheer him up again
  • so i don’t think when he’s gone, you’d feel empty 
  • bc he’s always there for you whenever you need him


  • expect a lot of smiles
  • the moment our ong would wake up
  • he’d have a smile on face bc he knows you’re next to him 
  • and you’re literally the person he loves the most
  • “wow, i woke up next to the most beautiful prince/ss.”
  • he’d eventually kiss you, every where on your face
  • it wouldn’t matter to him if you have morning breath
  • he still loves you
  • “oh, babe. you’re already awake?”
  • “yeah, i’ve been awake for a while.”
  • “so, what are we gonna do today?”
  • “i had to tell you something.”
  • “oh, really? what is it?”
  • “i don’t know why but whenever i wake up next to you i feel as if i’m dreaming because you’re so beautiful, sweet, no you’re literally perfect.”
  • he’d always compliment you and there would be like no stop
  • only if you ask him
  • “you’re so pretty.”
  • “you look like an angel.”
  • i can also see sungwoo making lots of stupid dad jokes
  • just to make you laugh
  • “i can’t believe i’m dating you.”
  • “me either, baby.”
  • “why do you even use those jokes.”
  • “because i wanna see your beautiful smile.”
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WOW SO, I don’t even know where to start but I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long ass time and I figured right now would be as good a time as any because I JUST HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS. 10k WHAT. it’s so insane to me because when I first started writing on here I had no idea I was even gonna get passed 1k so it means so much that people have actually enjoyed my writing and continued to stay with me even when I have little moments where I’m literally doing nothing except for reblogging jikook pics and gifs (like right now its literally the only thing on my blog.) I know I haven’t said it in a while but I’m so happy that I decided to make this blog because its made me so much more confident in my writing & I’ve made such amazing friends along the way!!! ♡

under the cut will be a few little things about my closest friends on here, as well as a list of all my fav blogs that I’ve followed throughout the year that I’ve been on here. again, thank you everyone for sticking around with me ily :-)

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Horrible-fateful-story-of-fateful horrible-fate time


So way back when I first start playing gw2, I make my first character Ailex Decidua, a sylvari engie. as I’m going through the PS for the first time accompanied by my friend & mmo-mentor Bean I get to the part where you have to wield Caladbolg to kill that lich. Being a baby pistol engie and used to ranging everything, I did not take to caladbolg’s slow and cumbersome skills, and spent the whole story instance roasting it and calling it stupid names. When the instance was finally over I felt like, god, finally, I hope I NEVER have to see that freaking sword EVER again. To my relief caladbolg leaves me well enough alone, only coming up in conversation every once in a while to the tune of “heh, remember caladbolg? man that sword sucked. glad I only had to use it that once. lmao”

anyway. Later of course comes CLORE ISLAND and I meet trahearne (bean: ”you met trahearne already don’t you remember? earlier in your story” me: “no? Idon’t remember that? also his face is freaky looking?”) and I’m all set to begin roasting him as well, because bean warned me about his controversial position in the story. However at some point, some checkpoint bugs and the scenario stalls, and as I’m yakkety-saxing around looking for a solution I notice that trahearne has been repeating the same phrase to me, over and over

and that’s the moment I fell in love.

From that point on trahearne could do no wrong in my eyes. Every behavioral programming anomaly, every incorrectly looped idle animation, every melodramatic line delivered as dry as a saltine cracker, only served to deepen my admiration for this beautiful, brave, broken (most of the time, literally, broken) ugly tree man who probably smells. I’d given myself away completely to being a supporting character in his story, even if just so I could continue to hear as many of his endearing badly-timed/tonally-inappropriate combat interjections as possible. HOWEVER when he was bequeathed Caladbolg, my bane, I had to laugh at that like “haha you both are terrible and unhelpful, you deserve eachother. But seriously keep that thing away from me”

so fast forward again a few years, HoT is about to come out and I’m bouncing like hot damn I can’t wait to rescue trahearne in the jungle and then marry him and live in a knothole and raise jungle quaggans(?) and swing around on vines together forever while mordremoth eats everyone else on the planet. After LA is rebuilt I notice that some of the NPCs use the same voice actor as trahearne so I think wooOOHOO? that means trahearne will have speaking roles in HoT. Ailex’s Happily Ever After: Confirmed.

[HoT spoilers below the cut]

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SPIDERMAN AAAAHH i just saw the movie this brings me so much joy okay peter gets a cough or a cold or something not really that major and mr stark notices but doesn't say anything because he's like 'he'll tell me if he needs something' or whatever then when peter goes to get a drink or the bathroom idk FRIDAY is just like 'Mr Parker has a temperature of .... ' or 'needs urgent medical assistance' or smth

(This is a sweet ass prompt, anon. And I’m all for Tony trying to be a suave dad like “I must test him” and that fails horribly lmao bc Peter is a stubborn’s some more Spiderman! Also u might notice I’ve incorporated the tom holland meme discretely lol)

When Tony first discovered Peter through that YouTube video, he had seen him as a talent. A potential colleague in the future, a team mate and someone he could help along find their footing. But Tony had never anticipated what had come for him instead.

Instead what Tony found was a kid. A kid who was without a doubt, certainly a talent and special, but he was a kid. He was lost, he had issues, he was a misfit who desperately wanted to be like everyone else and didn’t exactly love himself. Peter had been exposed to the horrors of the world too soon; having lost his Uncle, who had been his father figure quite recently. He had daddy issues, and Tony was no stranger to those. In those eyes Tony saw himself years ago, a boy trying to pave his way through a misguided childhood, and trying to come out of it a man.

Tony had people who had helped him along the way, mentors, friends, the like. And for them, Tony would eternally be grateful. Tony could only hope he could be the same for Peter, because he deserved it. He really was a good kid.

A bond had grown between them, and Tony had grown caring and protective. This had not been his plan at all. He was unprepared, making it up as he went. Tony had no clue what it was like, what it took to become a father figure. Hell, how would he know something he never even had? Even so, he had made it a mission to make sure Peter could have something as close as possible. He knew he would come up short, but damn well Tony would try his hardest despite that.

Tony would try and push communication with Peter. What he recognised in Peter was the struggle to reach out to others, in fear of perhaps rejection or belittlement or the fear he would not be understood. When Peter did rarely reach out, he very much held back. Tony wanted Peter to be more open, so he could achieve this connection with others he longed to have.

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ddadds kids....

i like thinking about them as one big extended cul-de-sac family… [headcanons and stuff!]

  • imagine all the families spending the holidays together! i’m sure some celebrate things that the rest dont but theyd probs have one big generic get together during The Holiday Season
  • all of the kids are crammed together on one big “kid’s table” even tho like half of them are teenagers and there are more offspring than parents
  • someone always ends up starting a food fight,, usually ernest and lucien, or the twins [either pair. both pairs?? christie and christian vs hazel and briar??]
  • this was referenced in game once so amanda probs ends up babysitting a lot when she’s home from college for breaks+ during that short time shes still around before she leaves! she’d be  a cool fun babysitter, but tough enough to keep some of the more rambunctious kids in check ;p
  • [ernest voice] dad i dont NEED a babysitter!!!
    [hugo voice] son i want to know that i can be away for the weekend and come home to a house that isn’t on fire
  • ernest is probs really snarky to amanda when she babysits like “youre not the boss of me” and going out of his way to cause trouble, but amanda is Cool and probs gives him a run for his money with snark and idk shenanigans ensue and he probs secretly admires her and thinks she’s awesome but would rather die than let anyone ever find out
  • lucien looks like he might be fairly close to amanda’s age? they probs dont have all that much in common, but damien’s date revealed that lucien listens to mcr, and amanda made her dad listen to black parade, so I bet they could bond over some music tastes here and there
  • amanda: pleeeeeaaaaassseeeeeee ;D???
    lucien: no way. the goth lifestyle isnt for posers
    i think with enough pestering she’d get him to cave. he’d take great time and care while painting her nails to make sure he does it Right
  • amanda probs comments on how careful and skilled he does it like “wow you really take this stuff seriously” “uh obviously??”
  • once he finishes, amanda takes a pic, and then all the other neighbors see her and are bothering lucien to make them look cool too. he pretends to hate it but actually has a lot of fun and is secretly really happy that they think he’s good at what he does
  • amanda convinces lucien to do like, cool goth makeup videos and put them on youtube/instagram. she helps him with filming and doing photography of final looks and together they get a lot of followers. sometimes she’ll guest star in his videos if he needs a face model other than his own
  • amanda’s kinda freaked out by christie and christian at first but over time gets used to and sees past their “creepy twin shtick” and, much like her dad [in the joseph brownie date] learns to use it to mess with them and possibly other people
  • at first chris probably doesnt talk to amanda a lot and keeps to himself when she’s over, but maybe over time she’d adapt to him and learn a few things hes interested in and express gentle interest in those things to kind of help him open up to her more
  • chris gets quietly attached to her like shes an older sister
  • everyone in the cul de sac does. they love amanda
  • i want daisy to be involved with the carmensita and amanda girl band thing mentioned briefly during one of mat’s dates. that’d be adorable
  • you know what else would be adorable? allllll the cul de sac kids coming to briar and hazel’s softball games to support them. 
  • the kids going to each others’ anything to support them!! when theyre in clubs and activities that put on shows or performances or other sports games, as many of the neighbors that can make it are there
  • when they get older, they try to be more and more obnoxious to embarrass their neighbors in front of everyone, like making huge support signs and banners with glitter with a stupid yet supportive pun that one of their dads helped come up with, or printing their neighbor’s face on a tshirt or a giant cutout on a popsicle stick, shouting as loud as possible 
  • they def went to amanda’s actual graduation and PROBABLY ALL CRIED
  • a lot of this has amanda centric bc i Love Her, but also,,
  • maybe hugo and craig start going to wrestling matches together [+dadsona] so ernest sees a lot of the cahn kids. if amanda’s in town, she’s with them and in charge. if not, ernest is technically in charge, but secretly [not so secretly probably] the dads are counting on briar and hazel [briar, mostly] to keep things from falling to disaster for the few hours theyre out
  • they all like to take turns riding on the Giant Dog that ernest got in damien’s route [duchess something i think?] [a good component that should be canon in all universes]
  • “lets put river on him” “no she’ll fall off” “wheres the duct tape” “n o”
  • if enough disaster happens leaving these kids alone together, they probably get dropped off at another dad’s house to be looked after for a while. joseph volunteers to look after them but since he and mary are already looking after 4 and KEEP LOSING CRISH, they tend to try and ask literally anyone else
  • [not that theyre bad parents lmao but it’d be easier for all the other parents that just have One Kid]
  • i bet christian and christie love robert’s wild spooky stories. he probably makes up so much bullshit to fuck with any kid that’s listening
  • they’d carpool if they could fit enough kids in one car. it’s probably a 2-3 car carpool depending on who’s driving what size car and who needs to go where at what time
  • there are probably so many inside jokes[CUL DE SAC MEMES……] that are born at every cul de sac gathering. 
  • when amanda’s home from college, all the kids wanna be the first to tell her all about the SHENANIGANS she’s missed out on
  • river and crish are bffs once theyre old enough for human interaction. they Have To Be.
  • pranking each other in the school hallways plz, or just all around chaos. god help the teachers that somehow end up with 2+ of the cul de sac kids in the same class
  • ernest definitely sends his dog to poop on damien’s lawn outside lucien’s bedroom window / probably does the flaming bag of dog poop ding dong ditch when he knows lucien’s home alone and will be the one to answer the door
  • christie and chris like when briar and hazel pretend to be each other, so they get their hands on a pair of scissors and chris gives christie a terrible haircut. possibly briar and hazel try and help with the scheme and things just get Worse and joseph has to take his daughter to a Professional [or maybe one of the dads is really good with hair/has had their child do the same thing and is good with fixing a bad haircut ;p]
  • carmensita goes through a goth phase after she goes over to lucien’s to be babysat one day. mat does not know how to Deal bc this isnt the type of music hes used to playing but he loves and supports his daughter regardless and likes to hear her singing all kinds of music to broaden her horizons and strengthen her talent
  • G R O U P  T E X T between all the kids old enough to have phones
  • there are lots of memes. lots. of memes.
  • they take candid shitty photos of each other all the time and send them in the chat, and particularly amusing ones end up reused as reaction photos
  • lucien: [sends photo of ernest having just spilled cereal on himself with duchess in the background making off with a piece of pizza]
    ernest: fuck u
    carmensita: mood
    daisy: why are you having pizza and cereal for breakfast?
    ernest: dont tell me how to live my life
    amanda: lol tag urself i’m duchess
  • this is just something i like to do w/ my friends but they’d probs also stealthily take pictures  of each other when theyre out and about and send them to each other in secret like
    amanda’s out with her dad at the grocery store and spots lucien and damien in the dairy isle and is like FUCK,, she hides behind a stand of donuts or w/e and takes a pic of them and sends it to lucien w/ no context or like “lol hey” 
  • it becomes a war of sending pics of each other to each other/the group without getting caught. lucien and ernest probably act like they think it’s stupid but get so competitive about it
  • they all keep score and it probably also would extend to taking stealthy pics of cul de sac dads too Just Because
  • the dads find out about the competition somehow and like,,, secretly are so into who’s winning. especially brian and dadsona. sometimes they’ll try and serve as a distraction for their child to get a sneaky pic so they can win, but usually the kids prefer the solo missions
  • val comes and visits sometimes with cool stories. sometimes she brings her girlfriend, and amanda especially looks up to them like two cool older sisters [i dont remember if it was jacket pins or photography that val said her gf is into, but whatever it is i’m sure amanda would geek out about it with her]
  • christie and christian eventually grow out of their “creepy twin” thing but still have a more unique brand of humor/personality. the cul de sac kids are used to them by then, and will THROW DOWN with anyone that bullies them/ calls them freaks or anything like that, or anyone that picks on chis [and eventually crish] by association or for any other reason
  • i could go on forever making up headcanons or scenarios for these kids bc i love them and constantly crave more content about them but imma stop here bc it’s been over an hour and this is Long but anyway plz talk to me about these kids + the cul de sac as a whole. share ur headcanons,,,,, i l o v e the m ,,

there’s  a  lot  of  ugliness  going  on  in  this  community  the  past  few  months   .       people  have  been  exposed   ,   vauges  have  been  made    &    shit’s  been  dealt  with   .     we’ve  seen  racists    &    all  sorts  of  shit   ,   but  idk   .     i  wanna  talk  about  people  who  i  love    &    admire   ,   even  though  i  do  that  a  lot   .       this  isn’t  in  any  particular  order   ,   it’s  just  people  how  they  came  up  in  my  head  first   .

@spylot       .       i  think  there’s  a  reason  why  i  put  you  first    &    that’s  because  you’ve  done  so  much  for  us   .       you’re  the  literal  meaning  of  a  sunflower   ,   the  literal  incarnation  of  the  sun   .       you’re  a  shining  light  in  this  community    &    i’d  hate  to  lose  you   .       you’ve  been  through  so  much  shit    &    you  don’t  deserve  anything  negative  or  bad  that    ANYONE   has  ever  said  to  you   .       you’re  beautiful   ,   wonderful   ,   talented    &    amazing  to  speak  to   .       i  love    &    admire  you  so  much   .

@strlings       .       i  love  you  gracie   .       i  told  you  that  i’d  write  a  poem  for  you    &    i  truly   ,   truly  will   .       you’re  such  a  sweetheart    &    you’ve  introduced  me  to  archer   .       thank  you  so  so  much  for  being  around  when  i  need  you  most   ,   for  always  putting  a  smile  on  my  face    &    making  me  cry  over  two  fictional  characters   .       you’re  such  a  lovely  person  ilu   .

@runrisk     .       icb  the  way  we  started  talking  was  that  i  asked  if  i  could  pray  for  you   .       anyways   ,   i  love  you  tiger   .       you’re  amazing   ,   you’re  adorable   ,   you’re  a  huge  ass  meme    &    your  love  for  planes  is  so  admirable   .       i’ve  told  you  i’d  buy  five  boats    &    sail  to  cali  if  i  could    &    that  still  holds  true   .       you’re  such  a  beautiful  human  being   ,   your  personality  is  so  cheerful    &    you’re  such  a  sunshine  in  this  dark  spot   .

@tsunamial   .       allison       !       you’re  such  a  meme   ,   such  a  beautiful  human  being   .       i  love  you  mi  buttercup    &    you’re  just   … you’ve done so much for me, you’re always there when i need to talk to someone, always there to snap me in the mornings and tell me about your day!! i love you for that!!! you’re such a talented and creative person and your characer ideas always astoudn me. PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING OK I LOVE YOU

@agntsolo     .       wes  i  talk  to  you  so  much    &    you  get a special mention here because you deserve it. you’ve been through so much & you’re so strong. you’re so  strong    &    you’re  so  amazing   ,   your  bones  are  literally  made  of  steel   ,   i  swear   .       i’m  always  in  awe  of  you   ,   because  you  blow  me  away  constantly   .       i  love  seeing  you  on  my  dash    &    i  love  having  conversations  with  you    !

@ensavaged     .       dove   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  literally  the  creator  of  the  serial  killer  oc   ,   i’m  sure   .     the  fucking  amount  of  dedication  you’ve  put  into  adelyn  literally  blows  me  the  fuck  away  constantly   .       you’ve  built  her  from  the  ground  up    &    it’s  something  i  admire  so  much???   like  pls  scalp  me  every  day  with  your  beautiful  writing    &    wonderful  character  development   .

@alleyspat   .       elijah  i  love  you  a  lot   .       we’ve  not  spoken  a  whole  lot   ,   but  you’re  such  an  angel   .       i  love  knox   ,   i  love  the  effort    &    work  you’ve  put  into  him   .       you’re  such  a  wonderful  person  to  talk  to   ,   always  with  a  sweet  thing  to  say   .       you’re  so  sweet    &    a  literal  fucking  angel  i  love  you  so  much   .

@viduamor   .       i  admire  you  so  much   .       jean   ,   you’ve  brought  one  of  my  favorite  comic  characters    &    fleshed  her  out  to  the  point  where  i’m  certain  that  you’ve  created  her   .       you’re  wonderful   ,   you’re  magnificent       !       seriously   ,   your  character  development    &    headcanons  astound  me    &    leave  me  thirsty  for  more   .       (     i’ve  reread  a  few  of  them  a  few  times   ,   tbh   ,   they  were  so  interesting  to  me     !     )       you’re  such  a  beautiful  person   ,   on  the  outside    &    inside          you’re  quick  to  stand  up  for  your  friends    &    you  take  no  shit   .       i  admire    &    look  up  to  you  very  much   .

@valorslain   .       LIA  I  LOVE  YOU  SO  MUCH   .       you’re  so  lovely   ,   so  beautiful   ,   so  talented   .       you’ve  stripped  dean  winchester  of  what  we    think    of  him    &    made  him  into  what  he    should    be   .       you’ve  created  him  into  your  own    &    that’s  so  admirable     ——-     you’re  such  a  beautiful  friend   ,   such  a  lovely  person  to  speak  to   .       you  make  me  cry  regularly  with  your  dedication  to  your  muses    &    your  skill  with  photoshop  makes  me  weep  even  harder   .      you’re  sweet    &    uplifting    &    i  wouldn’t  trade  you  out  for  anyone   .

@inheriteds   .       jannah   ,   i’ve  just  met  you  like       .  .  .      a  few  weeks  or  months  ago   .       i  love  you   .       you’re  amazing   ,   you’re  hilarious   ,   you’re  so  beautiful   .       your  blogs  leave  me  bald    &    honestly  my  dash  isn’t  complete  without  you  on  it     ?       like  wow  i  love  how  much  dedication  you  have  for  your  muses   ,   how  much  fucking  effort  you  put  into  everything   ,   how  fucking  into  your  characters  you  get     ?       your  fucking  dedication     &    admiration  of  your  characters  is  so  amazing  and  honestly  i  live  for  it   .       also  your  ooc  posts  make  me  laugh  every  time  i  see  them  so  that’s  definitely  something  to  look  forwards  to   .       i  love  you  so  much   .

@webfluid   .       honestly  i’ve  made  fun  of  your  name  so  many  times    &    i’m  not  stopping  now   .       levi   ,   leviathan   ,   lee  eye   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  such  a  good  man    &    i’m  glad  to  have  met  you   .       you’re  into  spider   -   man   ,   which  i  admire  so  much   .       you’ve  taken  such  an  iconic  superhero    &    created  him  into  your  own   ,   complete  with  fucking  mythology  symbolism     &    motifs   .       it  blows  my  mind   ,   really   .       it’s  amazing  and  i  love  it   .       idk  you’re  such  a  wonderful  human  being  i  love  you

@kidowatt   /   @techpaired   .       i  added  you  on  this  bc  i  thought  you  were  cool    &    i  was  just  gonna  shit  on  you   ,   but  nah   .       you’re  amazing   .       you’re  so  fucking  amazing    &    honestly  it  leaves  me  without  speech   .       your  love    &    dedication  to  your  muses  gives  me  so  much  joy   .      literally  just  talking  to  you  about  your  muses  makes  me  happy   .       even  though  you  tell  me  to  relax  whenever  i  get  overwhelmed       —-     often      —-       and  you  bully  me  constantly   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .      you’re  such  a  sweet    &    kind  person   .

@pyrrhist   /   @fentons   .       mason   ,   i  love  you  to  death   .       you’re  such  a  bright  spot  in  my  life  like  gee  whiz  lemme  tell  you    !       you’re  such  an  angel   ,   such  a  good  person   ,   such  an  amazing  friend  to  have  around   .       i’d  literally  follow  you  to  the  ends  of  the  earth  if  i  had  to   ,   because  my  dash  is  never  complete  without  you  on  it   .

@jakelongs   .       twigs  i  love  you  so  much   .      i  love  your  presence  on  my  dash   ,   i  love  seeing  you  around    ,   i  love  fucking  ???   talking  to  you   ,   which  is  something  we  gotta  do  more   .       I  HAVE  SO  MUCH  TO  SAY  BUT  IT’S  SO  LATE    &    I  DON’T  KNOW  HOW  TO  PUT  IT  IN  WORDS     idk  i  love  you  so  much  ok  you’re  such  a  wonderful  human  being   ,   so  kind    &    sweet    &    friendly  ok  i lu

@flychild   .       bico  i  reblogged  ur  sp    &    you  immediately  came  4  me  so     :  //       but  honestly  you’re  amazing   .     i  love  you   .    i  love  ur  portrayals  of  dick    &    kory    &    they  make  me  extremely  happy  to  see  on  my  dash   .       you’re  such  a  wonderful  soul   ,   please  never  change  ok  i  love  you  i  love  talking  to  you   .

@bowstruck   .       jenny  i  love  you   .       you  fucking  talk  to  me  all  the  time   ,   send  me  meme   ,   pointedly  want  to  fucking  anger  me      ???       you  make  fun  of  my  discord  name    &    that  hurts   ,   though  y’know   ,   it’s  fine   .       i  love  you  so  much   ,   you’re  such  an  angel   .     i  consider  you  to  be  a  sister   ,   that’s  how  much  i  love  you   .      i  want  you  to  tell  your  mama  that  i  love  her    &    that  one  day  i’m  gonna  visit    &    it’ll  be  great   .

@glasye   .       javi  i’ve  just  met  you    &    already  i  love  you   .       hell   ,   we  don’t  even  talk  much    &    i  love  you  so  much   .     you’re  so  sweet   ,   from  what  i’ve  gotten  FROM  OUR  CONVERSATION  ABOUT  A FUCKING  IGUANA    &    you’re  the  most  fucking  dedicated  to  things    ??       idk  you’re  such  a  sweet  person  and  such  a  gift  to  this  hellsite   ilu

@nfears   .       magpie  ur  blog  is  literally  sinful    &    i’ve  never seen  the  word    daddy    be  written  more  times   .       but  i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  an  angel   ,   you’re  a  sweetheart   ,   i  love  talking  to  you   ,   i  love  your  writing  and  ur  religious  motifs g ET  ME  MOIST  every  time  i  see  them   .       i  love  them  so  much    &    i  love  you  so  much   .

@icheros   .       heneen  you  bully  me  too  much   .       you’re  so  fucking  mean  to  me   ,   why  am  i  adding  you  to  this    ?       nah  but  real  talk   ,   i  love  you  so  much   ,   even  though  you  make  many  remarks  and  send  me  snaps  that  i  just  kinda       .   .   .      don’t  respond  to   .     I  WILL RESPOND  TO  THEM  I  SHOULD       .      but  honessli  you’re  so  wonderful   .       your  writing  makes  me  smile  so  hard  bc  it’s  so  lovely   ,   you’re  such  a  lovely  person  to  talk  to  i  love  you  so  much   .

@prodigicals   .       honestly   ,   ronnie   ,   you’re  someone  so  amazing   .       you  fucking  leave  me  scalped  every  single  day    &    i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  such  an  angel   ,   the  true  meaning  of  glitter    &    stardust    !       i  love  talking  to  you    .       i’ve  told  you  this  so  many  times  but  i  love  talking  to  you   ,   i  love  having  you  as  a  friend   .      you’re  so  inspiring   ,   so   damn  motivational    &    i  wouldn’t  trade  that  out  for  anyone   .      i  love  your  disney    -    loving  ass  so  much    !

@sunwilt   .       jo  you’re  the  only  person  who  knew  what  this  was  gonna  be   ,   so  that’s  good   .      idk  you’re  amazing   .      you’re  so  encouraging    &    amazing  to  talk  to    ,   your  fucking  entire  being  is  like  made  out  of  fireflies    &    warm  stuff  that  draws  people  to  you   ,   i  think   .

@astralord   .       jean  you’ve  done  so  much  shit    &    you  really  bell  my  tacos   .       every  time  we  talk   ,   you’re   a  fucking  meme    &    i  love  you  for  it   .      you’re  so  wonderful   ,   so  amazing   ,   so  fucking  goddamn  awesome    &    i  love  you   .      i  love  ur  peter    &    i  love  your  writing   ,   i  love  talking  to  you  so  much  fuck  i  love  you  a  lot   .

@stardour   .       NIHI   ,   i  love  talking  to  you     .     about  your  projects   ,  about  your  oc  ideas     ???     i  love  them  all  so  much   .     you’re  so  creative   ,   so  fucking  innovative    &    i  love  it  so  much   .     i  love  your  writing   ,   which  is  literal  gold  spun  between  your  fingertips   .     i  just  love  you  so  much  it’s  so  amazing  ok  i  think  you’re  amazing  ok

@stargifts   .       dev  i  love  you   .       you’ve  made  me  laugh  too  many  times   ,   you’ve  made  me  smile  more  times  than  i  can  count   .       you’re   such  a  sunspot  in  my  life   ,   a  pocket  of  light  in  a  dark  world   .       you  never  fail  to  astound  me  with  your  writing   ,   with  your  portrayals       ?????       you  spin  pure  poetry  onto  tumblr    &    it  makes  me  so  fucking  happy  to  see  you  around    &    talk  to  you  .

@nexusbeing   .       i’ve  admired  you  from  the  first  time  i’d  met  you   .       you’re  a  beautiful  human  being   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .       you’ve  gone  through  so  much    &    you’re  so  fucking  strong   .     you’re  so  fucking  strong    &    i  aspire  to  be  as  strong  as  you   .     you’ve  literally  created  wanda  maximoff   ,   can  you  believe    ?       you’ve  brought  her  to  life   ,   tore  her  down  from  what  tonglr  has  made  her  to  be    &    made  her  genuine   ,   realistic   .       your  writing  brings  tears  to  my  eyes   ,   it’s  so  beautiful   .       please   ,   continue  to  be  so  beautiful    &    majestic    !

@gingertar   .       baecon   ,   i  love  you   .       you  love  so  many  things  as  i do    &    you’re  such  a  fucking  nerd    ??      idk  i’ve  not  followed  you  for  very  long  but  i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  such  an  amazing  person   ,  such  a  lovely  human  being  i  love  you  so  much   .

@quinn   .       vic   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .      you’re  such  an  inspiration  to  me   ,  s uch   a  beautiful  soul  in  this  terrible  site   .       you’ve  explored  harley’s  character  so  much  that  i’m  convinced  that  she’s  your  own  creation   ,   honestly  you  introduced  me  to  her  character   .     i  love  you  so  much   .      you’re  such  an  amazing  person   ,   such  an  amazing  human  being  in  general   .

@rosesreds   .      you’re  definitely  gonna  have  a  lil  space  on  this  bc  i  love  you  so  much   .      i’ve  just  met  you  but  i  love  you  so  much    ?       you’re  such  a  beautiful  human  being   ,   such  a  lovely  sun  spot  on  the  dash   .     you’re  so  positive    &    sweet  in  our  conversations  i  love  you  so  much  ok  omg  i  lovee

@cnslt   .       ashley  i  love  you  so  much   .      i  tell  you  this  all  the  time   ,   but  i  love  you  so  much  .    to  infinity    &    beyond   .     you’re  always  there  to  talk   to  me  when  i  need  it   ,   always  there  to  fucking  start  a  conversation  or  let  me  yell  at  you  about  something  fluffy  that  i’d  just  thought  of   .    thank  you  for  being  such  a  beautiful  human  being    &    letting  me  keep  that  screenshot  of  ur  daddy  snap    ;   )))

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I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before??? On Bucky or on any of my other blogs, so I figured it was about time. I want to share with everyone some of the people who are my most favorite writers on Tumblr. Each and every one of you is so talented, accomplished and awesome, and I look forward to continuing to drool over all of the content you guys bring to the dash every single day. These are the people that make Tumblr such a fun experience for me and everybody else, and I obviously recommend that you check them all out and give them the love, attention, hugs and kisses that they deserve!!! I tried not to tag any person more than once, but just because I tagged one of your blogs over the other doesn’t mean I don’t love your other blog(s) too!!! I love seeing every muse that all of you have to offer. 

Now let’s get this party started!!!


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Under the cut there are a TON of sappy and embarrassing things about a few people that I care about very much. It’s a mess of memes and words that probably don’t make a lick of sense, but overall, the message I’m trying to get across is: thank you, to all of you. 

You guys are the best.

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klavierkakyoin  asked:

yo dude for the ship ask meme- diego/johnny or koichi/yukako

ima do koichu/yukako bc i know them just a lil better ^^

who is more likely to hurt the other?
yukako lmfao but after aya it would be more of an accident than on purpose (girl forgets her strength sometimes)

who is emotionally stronger?
dude……. definitely not yukako 

who is physically stronger?
absolutely yukako dude her hair is stronger than koichi (no offense dude but she’s a beast)

who is more likely to break a bone?
koichi but that’s because he spends time with josuke and okuyasu who are actual human disasters
who knows best what to say to upset the other?
koichi has the power but is it really worth it??
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
yukako because she’s probably the one who started it, and while she does have a major temper she does have the capability to see when she’s fucked up and needs to apologise
who treats who’s wounds more often?
once again koichi is more likely to get wounded considering his weird friends, but on the bright side yukako is very good at taking care of him ;3

who is in constant need of comfort?
yukako used to always need assurance that koichi really did like her but with time she grew more confident in his affection. koichi is just happy to be there

who gets more jealous?
UM YUKAKO ALL THE TIME SHE AND ROHAN WOULD TRY AND KILL EACH OTHER IF THEY THOUGHT THE OTHER WAS SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME WITH KOICHI so they have a little schedule set out of “designated koichi time” koichi knows nothing of this and just thinks it’s strange that his friend and his girlfriend are finally weirdly getting along 

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
you don’t walk out on yukako lmfao koichi’s in it for life dude

who will propose?
honestly i think it would be so cute it yukako proposed but she’d want koichi to do it. “koichi when are you going to propose to me??? you know i’ll say yes so just do it already”

who has the most difficult parents?
i feel like neither of them? yukako gets away with a whole bunch of weird shit, either her parents love her too much to see her flaws or they’re also straight up terrified of her. koichi’s parents are perfect end of discussion

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
their hands are suction cupped together at all times in public neither one “initiates” it it just is a fact of life

who comes up for the other all the time?
i still don’t know what this means but koichi is my sweet little boy 

who hogs the blankets?
a different scenario: movie night at rohan’s. it’s cold outside. koichi expresses he’s a little chilly. yukako wraps koichi up in a burrito and uses up all the blankets on her masterpiece. koichi is trapped but he’s in love so it’s fine. josuke and rohan laugh at them and the movie is forgotten and they’re all friends when rohan and yukako aren’t actively trying to kill each other

who gets more sad?
yukako feels things deeply on a level i never thought humanly possible so, her. definitely her

who is better at cheering the other up?
yukako is also really good at cheering koichi up though? not to say koichi’s bad at cheering her up (seriously one look at his face and she feels happy again) but yukako knows what koichi likes and she excels at making him happy. 

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
koichi would try once and then be terrified she’d try playfully slapping him back and knocking his head off of his shoulders, so it gets a little awkward there for a moment, and then he never does it again 

who is more streetwise?
koichi because he hangs out with Actual Team Skull Members josuke and okuyasu

who is more wise?
also koichi. have you met koichi? he’s very smart and i love him

who’s the shyest?
ding ding ding koichi once again!! once yukako knew her feelings were reciprocated she stopped giving ANY FUCKS as to what other people thought of them together. koichi on the other hand is happy she’s happy but really wishes she wouldn’t make out with him in public

who boasts about the other more?

who sits on who’s lap? 
they switch. as long as they’re together it doesn’t matter who’s where :3

Dangan's and their tumblr blogs

Naegi: really standard theme. totally in darker pastels and uses cute userboxes. tags everything. friends page, exasperated story posts about his class, memes. description is like three feet long. average following, like 200-300 followers.

Maizono: def has a pink/blue aesthetic and blogs all day about her concerts. tags her friends in everything she loves and thinks they’ll love it too. changes icon like every few days but it’s always just a different selfie. instagram and like 600 heart emojis. description is minimalistic: “Sayaka/17/Idol/🎤❤💙❤💙🎤/(inspirational quote here). Huge follower count, still makes a big deal about gaining 100 followers. Does a lot of giveaways.

Ikusaba: uses her name meaning as a url so it’s like “xxcorpse-warbladexx”. colors are the generic black bg and white text. pretty much part educating people on weapons, part vague-ing about her crush (i.e. reblogging affectionate posts and tagging as “crush”), and mostly talking about her sister. description is just “ikusaba mukuro|soldier|female” and a link to her sister’s blog. Doesn’t talk much about herself or her friends. Hasn’t touched the thing in 5 years. Still has a decent 400 followers

Kuwata: BOLD ASS COLORS AND EYE STRAIN OUT THE WAZOO. seriously, this kid has the most extreme, saturated colors of anyone else. he sees no issue with it. triggered jokes probably, only ‘cause he doesn’t understand what it even means. he posts about his wins in baseball and vagues about his cousin in a bad and really obviously-about-her way. Everyone that tags him calls him Kuweenie. He constantly sends his friends memes in their ask. Shitpost bots. Like 800 followers. Desc. is just “Yo, I’m Leon Kuwata!” and then just his fucking life story honestly. Rants about baseball 24/7, no one knows why he still plays tbh. Selfie game strong.

Fujisaki: best theme of them all, made it themself. Green colors, always posts things like “if i ever reblog something offensive please tell me I promise I’ll delete it!!” like 4 times a week just in case. The most unproblematic. Gets really excited when they get a new piece of tech and blogs about it all day. “I’m Chihiro, a professional programmer in Japan. I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog! 💚💚”. Is science side of tumblr occasionally. Uses the “dark side of ___ show me the illegal ____” meme too much. Friend page, about page, page after page after page holy shit my dude chill out. Not one to show their face but reblogs pictures of them their friends post.

Oowada: Biker aesthetic. Black and gold colors, bold text, “no spellcheck we die like mne”. If he does something that he blogs multiple posts in a row about, he tags it as an “adventure”. Blogged till post limit when he tried getting Ishimaru to learn how to ride his motorcycle. 50000 pictures of him and his gang. Desc. is literally just a quote from a movie and title is the name of his gang. Reblogs anime characters with pompadours, namely Knuckle (hxh) and Josuke (jjba) because he loves comparing his fucking monstrosity hair to theirs. Tags posts about friendship as “bro” so Ishimaru sees. 200 followers.

Ishimaru: study blog. Barebones theme, only just changed the default icon last week. Posts a lot about his class and study notes, answers asks from people about tips on doing work and finding motivation. Tags everything because he loves being orderly. Has a reminder on his phone to check Oowada’s bro tag and makes his own, but it’s just tagged as his name. Low-key conspiracy theorist and nobody knows what he looks like until the motorcycle post stuff happens. Gets anons calling him a cinnamon roll and responds “THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED AN “INTERNET MEME”, YES? HAHA, EXCELLENT! BUT, WHY A CINNAMON ROLL?“. always talks in capslock. Every post feels more intense than an action movie. No description, but the title is "ISHIMARU’S STUDY BLOG”. No emojis ever. Those are illegal on his blog.

Yamada: Anime. Manga. Probably gets deep into the discourse for his favorite things. Elitist attitude on different anime/manga. Posts updates on his doujins constantly, and everyone reblogs it with yelling. Posts a selfie every few months. Gets a lot of anon hate but he shuts them tf up quick. Separate blog for nsfw things. 1k followers and it goes down and up drastically at random. “Yamada/The Alpha and The Omega|Doujin artist|17 years young”

Celeste: Red and black aesthetic. Definitely the most edgy blog aside from Enoshima. No memes, but she reblogs a ton of those vampire aesthetic things and probably follows komaedalovemail to reblog the weird audio and video posts. It’s literally just an aesthetic blog of her in Lolita outfits, vampires, Victorian era dresses, and haunted castles. Her description is just her name and age. Like 20 followers and a cornchip.

Oogami: Flower cursor that Fujisaki helped install. Pretty much just an instructional blog she uses to teach people things like self-defense and a little offense. Half that and half talking about her friends and posts Asahina tags her in, even if she’s not particularly interested. Good following, like 600.

Kirigiri: “Blood splatter analysis” and other things like that. Actively looks for misinformation to correct it. Receipts on literally everyone, has no receipts of herself because there’s nothing you can get that she regrets. Dark purple/burgundy aesthetic. “Kyouko/Japan/Kuwata stop tagging me in those stupid memes”. Gets tagged by Maizono in a lot of pictures of her and others. Occasional gore from horror movies and she adds how it’s unrealistic looking and rates it. 400 followers.

Fukawa: book reviews everywhere. Disses Yamada’s doujins so much that he made a.doujin about her novel. She blocked him. Tags Togami in everything, but he won’t reblog it if she tagged him, even if he likes the content. Everyone gets so confused on why most of her posts go from reserved and kinda salty to ALL CAPS NO PUNCTUATION WE DIE LIKE MEN WOOOOO bc no one knows about Syo and Fukawa just deletes the posts when she switches back. Talks about Komaru and Togami a lot.

Hagakure: so many links to things it looks like a scam blog at first. Gif of a smoky crystal ball as his header. “9/11 was an inside job, click here for more”. Clickbait and unsourced info. Does post some neat videos and facts about things like tarot cards. Memes with Kuwata and tags them all in stupid shitposts. Probably taped 43 pictures of Nicholas Cage in Naegi’s dorm, posted about it, and reblogged Naegi’s frantic posts about it.

Asahina: ocean aesthetic. Takes like 40 selfies a day and blogs about her at the olympics and any of her fellow students she might see there. Stresses the importance of taking care of yourself and kinda doubles as a cute blog and a self help blog. Tags Oogami in animal memes and vines, which she always reblogs. Takes pictures and blogs about everything she’s doing atm, even if it’s just taking a walk.

Togami: Secretly a memester too. Pretends he doesn’t like memes and denies reblogging(then deleting) them. Kirigiri has all the receipts on that. Hagakure finds posts about the Illuminati and tags him with “look your family”. Generally doesn’t use his blog much except to boost his ego. Usually posts about how annoying his classmates are. Unironically says “plebs”.

Enoshima: Cutesy and mostly her modeling pictures along with her around her classmates. Has an overall tone of a generic cute, smart, popular high schooler. Has like 6k followers and gets the Gross Anons. The worst shitposter of them all, but also insensitive and posts memes reflecting that. Autoplay music player at full volume.

anonymous asked:

Because there's too much (unwarranted, IMO) hatred against Moffat in recent years, I wanted to ask you what your favourite things he's done is. Such as structure, themes, characters, stories, whatever. One of mine is how he's embraced the more irrational aspects of storytelling. It's not about how it would play in real life, but about the characters. If we can believe them, we can believe the story. I'd elaborate more, but tumblr asks only allow so many characters haha.


seriously this is the kind of ask I was born to answer I’m so ready and by that I mean I’m going to actually get changed out of my work clothes and make a hot chocolate cos I have So Many Thoughts

*34 minutes later bc I started dancing to Hayley Kiyoko’s new EP in the kitchen*

I’m back and ready, and I’m even bringing proper punctuation to the table. Buckle in, kiddos.

Disclaimer: these are my (well informed) opinions, not blanket statements. Doctor Who is an incredibly subjective show, and in the face of the opposite, I try to avoid making objective comments because almost nothing about this show is inarguably anything.

I’m going to start with saying that my favourite thing he’s done is actually his own personal growth as a writer and person over the last decade. He’s actually taken on what people have said to him, and gone from someone who did maybe have some sexism issues in the past to someone pushing the blatant feminist agenda on Doctor Who that has so many whiny nerdboys complaining. He’s actively worked to increase diversity in the show since he realised that he was wrong in his naive assumption that open casting would do the trick. Like Peter, he’s just a nerd living his dream job except he likes being in the background and actually gives himself a lot less credit than is due. 

If more showrunners could actively listen and grow and work to better themselves the way Moffat has, we would see so much improvement in television and the industry itself. 

Now. Onto his actual work. In this particular case only talking about Doctor Who, a show that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the fact that Moffat doesn’t take himself too seriously is why it works. 

I can’t just pick one thing he’s done when it comes to this show, but I think I’ll focus on plot, themes, and characters. 

(Small note, as I nip back up here from further down: you’ll notice how this post has a kind of defensive undertone? That’s subconscious and automatic as I’m writing. Thank you, negativity spreaders, for ingraining the need to have to justify my love for the thing that got me through high school and is probably the only reason I’m mentally healthy.) 

Moffat’s themes:

To start with, I just want to mention the whole “fairytale” thing. I’m not really sure I’d call it a theme (actually, it is, for Amy’s character, but I’m talking more for his era in general), but his whole era has this kind of fairytale quality to it. Which is strangely uncommon for sci-fi, I think, given that wondrous new things is such a staple part of most works within the genre. But it just…fits Doctor Who so well. Because DW is a bit fanciful, and wondrous, and I love the awesome combination of fairytale/sci-fi that we think shouldn’t work but does. 

I’ve picked my three favourite themes of Moffat’s to talk about. (I would also like to say that I personally think he does the best thematic writing in DW so far.) 

Stories: This theme works so well because of the links to the three main ladies of his era, with Amy’s fairytale narrative, River’s diary in which she writes down her life with the Doctor, and Clara’s love for books and being an English teacher. Plus it’s always cool for the show to be able to comment on itself, especially with the main character being being a figure who comes with a story, the two most common being the unsung hero or the infamous renegade.

Names: The way the name theme in the Moffat era of Who (and actually Sherlock as well) is done would be fantastic in any show, but has so much more depth for a show whose main character is famous for going only by a singular title he chose himself. 

Hybrid: In addition to spawning a great meme, when viewed more seriously this theme is just so clever. It’s so relevant because of the duality in the Doctor’s life, especially in Series 9. Missy is enemy and friend. Clara was the Doctor’s salvation after losing the Ponds and River, but by the end of Series 9 has become a kind of destruction. The Doctor was also Gallifrey’s greatest embarrassment, destroyer, and saviour all at once.  

Moffat’s plots:  

Although I won’t go so far as to say that he does it the best (there’s probably a BF story that would prove me wrong even if I weren’t against the idea of “best” anything in a show this subjective), Moffat is one of the only writers who truly has the capacity to play with this show’s huge scope and pull it off as well as he does. He really has the “timey-wimey” knack that a lot of writers could only dream of possessing.

He plays a long game, and I think some of the reason that people take issue with his plot is that they don’t realise it’s not a plot hole if it just hasn’t been explained yet? 

Example: the fact that Eleven’s era never actually completely made sense until his very last episode. It made enough sense as it went for us to enjoy and move through it, but things like why the TARDIS exploded in the first place were big ??? until Time of the Doctor. 

His parallels are on a level of fantastic I don’t know I’ve seen anywhere else. See this post and the tags for a great example of this. 

And to anyone who tries to say that his plots are overcomplicated, I’m sorry but…they’re not, really? They’re as complicated as time travel should be, but not actually massively difficult to understand if you stop and think about it. I personally don’t need plots that join up every single dot for me, part of the fun is working out some of it for yourself and that’s always been something DW expects of us. Moffat’s adamant about not simplifying things for children because he knows that children are more onto it than a lot of adults. (I can’t stand people who act like children don’t understand shit, they understand almost everything and Moff knows this and writes accordingly.)

Another great Moffat thing is all the Classic Who references etc that he uses. Bringing back the Lethbridge-Stewart run UNIT and the Zygons and the Time Lords, it just makes it so enjoyable. 

A lot of hatred for him comes from a viewpoint where what RTD did is what DW is at a fundamental level. Which is just simply not true. For example, Torchwood’s cool and all, but UNIT is the crucial alien fighting force in this universe and it’s nice to see that very much the case again. 

(Pause to say that I am not in any way criticising RTD’s work or trying to make this a RTD vs Moffat thing. RTD did a lot of great stuff and I love his era. Like every other DW writer, he’s not perfect, but I’m a big fan. My issue is with people taking some of the things he did as law when it wasn’t and then having issue with Moffat deviating, when it was often a deviation back to something in the classic series.) 

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anonymous asked:

Seriously tho, being severely obese is not something to be proud of. It's not discrimination to say it's unhealthy, it's a fact. Oh btw, smokers have higher healthcare costs too bc people who abuse their bodies are more likely to have health issues and have to use insurance benefits. It's statistics and facts, and they don't care about your feelings.

“Fat isn’t healthy.” 

Sweetheart, that’s just not true. Those naughty little facts you mentioned proved you wrong. 

Copied from another post of ours:

Obesity is largely genetic, rather than caused by willpower or a lack of exercise.  Obesity has many different factors, not all of which are related to lifestyle.

Health is complicated, and in fact, a lot of healthy fat people do in fact exist.

Losing weight isn’t as easy as just “exercise and eat right.”

A lot of health problems people associate with being fat are caused by other things.

We have a whole list of resources on why the idea that fat is unhealthy is bullshit, if you care:

Mod G totally destroyed someone for making these kinds of “fat people are unhealthy” comments not long ago.

So basically, our comments on this aren’t made up. Got it?

I think you need to read this:

I am also going to add this:

“It’s not discrimination to say fat is unhealthy”

Except, when we talk about discrimination against fat people… That’s not what we are talking about.

Copied from that same post:

Fat people are, in fact, discriminated against.

For example, people stereotype us as bullies, as lazy, as ugly, as unathletic (yes, fat people can, in fact, be athletic), as incapable of having sex, as a fetish object, as nothing but fat friend material (and no more important than that), etc. I mean, I could go on for a while.

When we are represented on TV, which is very rarely, our character’s lives revolve around their weight. All the time. It’s really amazing how badly we are represented. Hell, this whole page is full of evidence that fat people are badly represented in media! (It’s even worse if you’re a fat black woman.)

Oh, and people use weight as a reason to not vote for certain political candidates!

Fat people also get worse medical care than thin people, simply because doctors don’t want to treat us. Fat trans people find the poor medical care thing to be especially difficult. This also happens to fat people with mental illness.

Doctors are definitely some of the worst fat shamers. Need proof? Try this:

All of that is just fat shaming caused by doctors. Seriously.

And who could forget these fat shaming, ableist memes:

It’s harder for fat people to find clothes. And we are limited in what we are allowed to wear. And stores like getting rid of whatever clothes would fit us.

And there was this whole mess:

I mean, fat people are constantly discriminated against everywhere, as I have explained plenty of times. How anyone could not see that is beyond me.

Here’s a whole fact sheet on ways fat people are discriminated against:

And here are some more resources that prove fatphobia is real:

You can read the rest of that post here:

“Oh btw, smokers have higher healthcare costs too bc people who abuse their bodies are more likely to have health issues and have to use insurance benefits.”

First of all, don’t compare fat people and smokers. Okay? 

Second, @ok2befat has debunked the idea that fat people cost people more money multiple times. 

Third…. What does this have to do with anything?

Anon, you’re fatphobic. Shut up and go away. -V

clairestokes252  asked:

Can you do Seventeen's reaction them realising that they are in love with their best friend please

OMG YAY MY FIRST REQUEST FOR A REACTION POST!!!! I didn’t really know if you meant like, how the would act towards you, or how their immediate “OMG I LIKE HER” reaction would be so I did a how they would act towards you type of scenario, I also added a ‘how they would confess’ in there as well because idk, these boys would all be so cute and cheesy while confessing. (Sorry I didn’t really know how they would act differently towards a regular friend and a best friend so it might seem like they’re just normal friends)

When they figure out that they’re in love with their best friend:


He’d be totally cool with it. Probably would be the least awkward. He’d try to get a lot closer (bc this boy is all about skin-ship). His aegyo will appear so much, because when he’s flustered I imagine that he resorts to aegyo. I think rather than worrying about ruining a friendship he’d be super happy, he would already know all there is to know about you, and he’d know how to handle you and what you like. Dating you in his mind would just add to the fun you guys would be able to have. Seungcheol, I think, is the type to ask you out after taking you to a bbq restaurant and enjoying a really good meal with you. When you’re both stuffed and feeling kinda warm and fuzzy (that feeling after eating a good big meal), he’ll feel so right and happy that it’ll just naturally come out.


Junghan would be a little awkward after realizing. He’d try to act casual and normal, but you’ll do something every once in a while, like jokingly holding his hand or lightly slapping his arm and he’ll freeze up. But nothing much would change because he’s worried that you might not like him back. You’d probably have to be more straight forward about your own emotions if you want him to ask you out. His urge to take care of you and baby you would also raise a lot, he’d blow on your food, and hug you more often, and buy you little toys. Basically a very lovable older brother type of guy. He’d probably ask you out after taking you to an arcade and winning you a big stuffed animal (aw).


Oh boy, this poor child would be so awkward every time he sees you. He’d try not to make it obvious, but that would make it more obvious. Like I swear, he’d avoid you at some point because at least that way he wouldn’t be embarrassing himself. All the other members are gonna realize it too because he’s so damn obvious. I picture this guy to be a lot more calm over texts though, so when you need someone to talk to late at night, he’s your guy. He’ll be a lot more chill and not as anxious over text. So get ready for a butt load of messages from this sweetheart. He’s always gonna be checking in, sending you pictures to make you laugh, and talking to you about all your favorite subjects to make up for the time he missed not being able to talk to you face to face. He’ll probably ask you out over text, after not being able to keep his feelings from you anymore (plus he was sick of having to communicate without seeing your face). He’d probably be the most extra about liking you though, just not to you, to everyone else, the members would hate him. (Josh is my #1 bias so I think I might just be super biased towards him)


Jun is a literal grease ball, he don’t care whether you’re best friends, he’s gonna get all up in that. Seriously, he’s gonna be so flirty it hurts. He’ll touch you more; small things like tickling your stomach, holding your hand while you guys talk (bc that’s not a big deal), or like putting his arm around your shoulder when you’re walking together. Anything he can do to give you the feel that he likes you. You’re not gonna be able to tell if it’s just a joke when he says he loves you because he’s flirty by nature. He’ll make his confession short and to the point, although you won’t believe it at first. The awkwardness that’ll linger after the silence of his confession will tell you that this is in fact not a joke and he’s being serious.


Hoshi is so lovable and cute. He’s a little squish. You guys hang out all the time, and he’s pretty much gonna act the same. But you know that face he makes on stage sometimes, that super cool, sexy face that he makes when he’s serious? Yeah, sometimes when you aren’t looking he’ll look at you like that. Or he’ll look at you with this soft, warm, sweet expression because he’s so happy that you guys get to hang out like this. He couldn’t ask for more really. He won’t want to confess to you because what if it ruins the moments you guys have? Although he’ll pretty much be the same sweet and funny Hoshi, he’ll be much more romantic. He’ll sing for you more often, dance with you, lay in your lap; all things that are still okay for a close friend to do, but he’s afraid to go beyond that. I think for Hoshi, you’d have to be the first to make a move, because he’d be too scared. when you guys do start going out it’ll be so much fun.


You guys are best friends that don’t need much words to fill your time together. Just looks and chuckles, slight grins or upward glances at each other are enough to enjoy silence together. When he realizes his feelings, he’s probably the one will change outwardly the most. He’ll smile bigger, laugh louder, talk more. Basically everything he usually does times 10. He’ll always be excited when you guys make plans, and try to keep his schedule open whenever he can. He’ll joke more with you, and the time that was usually so quiet and unfilled will now be filled with his corny jokes and your uncontrollable laughter. You both will see new sides to each other that you didn’t know existed, and it’s not a bad thing.He’ll want to confess to you in a very cheesy way, but also make it heartfelt, and unforgettable. I think he’ll do something like give you a book on your birthday and the book mark will be a little note with the question will you go out with me.


Okay, he’s probably super inexperienced with love so let me just say, he’ll be so flustered all the f**king time. I’m all for red faced Woozi choking up whenever you say his name or graze his hand. He’ll put his fluster and angst into his work so he’ll probably be too overworked to see you. He’ll try his best to stay collected but we all know that doesn’t last long, after a couple minutes of hanging out with you he’ll burn up and become a mess of hand cringing and flushed cheeks. I’d expect his Busan accent to come out every once in a while when he speaks to you. He’ll spend more time writing songs for you, and playing guitar for you, and basically just being a genuine sweet heart. I think he’d confess through song too, like probably write you a really cheesy love song and then at the end ask you out.


Okay this boy is the most bright ball of sunshine I’ve ever seen. He’s so sweet and caring, but i bet when he realizes he likes you he’s just gonna become even brighter. Like, he’s already super bright and happy, but whenever you come around it’s gonna be just, blinding, y’all have to wear sunglasses bc this boy is gonna be smily so wide. I s2g. He’s just. This really, sweet, lovable dork. He’s gonna do whatever it takes at any time anywhere to make you happy. That’s just how he is. He’ll love hearing you laugh, now it’ll be like the most beautiful music to his ears, and every time you smile puts a smile on his face. He’ll probably confess in a body gag kinda way, because even when confessing he just wants to make you smile.


Mingyu would become way too touchy with you once he realizes his feelings, like I don’t think this boy would get the line between best friends and being a couple. “What do you mean I shouldn’t be cuddling with y/n?” He’s a giant puppy, so every moment he spends with you will probably make him super hyper/excited. He’ll be smiling nonstop and be super sweet. Also the most loyal “friend” you could ever have. He’ll also try to show you how great a boyfriend he’d be, he’d cook for you, and help you reach high things, and piggy back you, and carry you and hug you and just- idk man. He’d confess after watching you eat one of the meals he cooked you, firstly joking that he’d make a great boyfriend, and when you agree he’d be like, then you should go out with me ;)  (im sorry he’s also one of my biases)


Minghao, would all of a sudden, act super strong and manly. I mean I know he already is #thughao for life, but like. He’d try to be super tough in situations where it’s not needed. Like, “Minghao, come watch this with me” “Sorry y/n, I don’t care for cute things like that” “TF u talking bout you loser you were crying over a puppy just yesterday.” Like seriously, he’d try so hard to show you how manly he can be and it’d just backfire on him constantly. After a while you’d ask him what’s up because “why do you keep denying to watch zootopia with me you ass I’ve bought the DVD bc you wanted to watch this.” And he’d tell you that he just wants you to see his manly side because he likes you and you’d just be like, aw. Because you know he’s manly and cool already, there’s no need for him to over exert his manliness. He still gonna tho.


THiS DivA. I swear. He’d be all up in your face. I think he’s the type, that when he likes someone, he’ll act more hostile towards them, just to hide the fact that he likes them. He’ll start bickering with you for the smallest things, and just overall be dramatic when you do ANYTHING. But when it really matters he will definitely melt into the sweet jeju boy his mother raised him to be. He’ll also get noticeably louder every time you pass by. He’ll hide his crush only to have vernon “accidentally” spill the beans. 


How will this poor meme be able to function. He’ll probably take all the quizzes on the internet on “how to tell if your best friend likes you” and will probably search on wikihow how to flirt. He’s just gonna be a mess. When you try talk to him he’ll break into a sweat and get really flustered. When you offer to eat out with him he’s gonna get ahead of himself and dress in a suit or something only to find out you meant Mcdonalds. Like someone help this boy. Anyways he’ll be awkward, and always red, he’ll try to be sweggy and show off how cool he can be but at the end of the day embarrass himself somehow. I think he’ll send you like a snapchat of himself with a heart, asking you to go out with him at the end of it all. He’ll think he’s being cute and unique but you’ll have to ask him to resend the photo because you accidentally double tapped and the picture disappeared lol.


He’s a baby. First thing he’s gonna do is go to his hyungs and ask for advice, then immediately regret doing that because they’re gonna tease him about it. “OMG YOU LIKE Y/N????” like please let him live. He’ll try to figure it out on his own, and will probably be the best at hiding his crush. He’ll act pretty normal around you, but you’ll notice the way he looks at you is different. It’s more serious, and strangely attractive. You won’t tell him that though. He’ll worry about how to confess for a while, but in the end come up with something sweet. He’ll get you something you said you wanted a week ago, write a card or a stickie, and then wait at your doorstep. He’s that kind of sweet and innocent boy.

Thank you for asking for this!! It was my first reaction post so I hope i did well!! (although in my opinion its not one of my best)


Hey boos;)! Okay, so since people are curious, I’m going to quickly sum up what happened to me during KCON NY 2016 in order! Get ready because holy lort this was a wild, yet the most amazing thing that has happened in my life so far. If you want to know more let me know! Ight I'ma start now;) :

Day 1:

-Saw Vernon, Jeonghan, and Seungkwan in the lobby

-Had Ailee by my side without realizing it until the last minute while waiting for the elevator

-After Ailee went on the elevator, took the next one and it stopped a few floors down… Elevators open….ALL OF SEVENTEEN WERE STANDING THERE. Us staring and them, them staring at us. Yeah I was shaking omg. And DK went “hi!” And I was like “h h HII” *voice cracks as I’m hitting the close button bc I’m shaking so much from their beauty*

-After we got to the lobby, we waited and saw them (Seventeen) come out. I kid you not when I say Mingyu was eyeing tf out of me? I have pics/video and dudes. I #Rip-ed bc dear lord he’s my bias. Like seriously he did a DOUBLE TAKE. I KEEP LOOKING AT THE FOOTAGE I HAD. I DIE. So they all come out and wow. Just wow. All so fkcifkckkng gorgeous.. like true TRUE ANGELSSS.

-Then Hi Touch with Seventeen, dear lort. I’ll go into that if you want me to because so much happened #dead.. My friend and I were also noticed a lot since we were upfront and center as tall girls. I felt so blessed and loved they’re such sweethearts I cry foreVER

-Then seeing Seventeen in Concert, my friend and I got some HELLA GOOD FANSERVICE. We were p1 and right at the barricade in the center so it’s so hard to miss us since we’re, once again, so damn tall (I’m 5'10, my friend is 6'1) and ofc, once again.. Sooo much footage (still gotta watermark my stuff it’s taking a while haha and I have work every day so rip)

-Also, BTOB’s Hyunsik kept smirking my way (have video) I was not okay he is my BTOB bias can he stay in his lane pls bc child pls i died 3.6 times that day settle down i beg of u

-After the concert, saw Ailee aGAIN chillin outside the hotel. She lit was just standing there without a care in the world. So, I took a lowkey vid of that, too (all my vids and pics are lowkey so they didn’t/barely notice)

-Then my other friend who was with me, we were trying to look for water on each floor bc the water downstairs were $6 like sh!t gurl y is it so exp to hydrate myself YYY, but the vending machines were $2.50… But every floor we checked it was broken and on our journey… We saw Seungkwan come out of his room and we kinda just stared at each other LOL and I was like oshitola I hope he doesn’t think we’re following him because we’re not about that life. But he’s so cute LOL even when he looked at me he had his meme face like “oooo” 😗

-We also believe (while on our water vending machine adventure) that Crush ordered room service and when we passed by we thought we heard him, BUT IT COULDVE BEEN SOMEONE ELSE I’M NOT SURE TBH.

**We just so happened to keep running into Kidols, and sure we caught a few vids/pics bc dear Jesus it was them forreal, but it was harmless and we weren’t chasing them, we just randomly walked into each other. We did it from a distance :3 so dw we weren’t trying to follow idols because we respect space.**

Day 2:

-Not AS much happened on day 2 like on day 1, but still everything was lit, BUT… My other friend and I.. Ran into V and Jungkook.. I was like ofckofck CALM RELAXXXX CALMMMM. This was after the concert.. I couldn’t believe how they were just chillen in broad sight like sONS. But goddamn what a view :’) they were beautiful.. Then they went inside and I was like noooooooooooo come back here :’)

BUT YEAH SO..This was my whole experience at KCON NY. (SORRY FOR ANY TYPOS I WROTE THIS SO QUICKLY) I was so blessed guys. Like really absolutely lucky and it’s something I’ll never forget. My life is realLYyYyY good, and I appreciate being able to see my fave artist up close and personal. It was really amazing. I still can’t believe it.. I’m still absorbing it all OTL.

ANYWAYS THOUGHHH If you guys want to here full on, in-depth details of the things that happened, please ask anything! Questions or comments! Or if you wanna see pics/vids of the concert/my fancams, all are accepted and I will upload them;) And if you actually read all of this. You da real mvp and I love you :***