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I have this singing competition thing that I had to pick a song for and I seriously considered "O Mio Babbino Caro" because of of how much I've grown to love it from your fic. I eventually chose a different song because my voice isn't old and mature enough for that aria *sobs* but still, I would totally sing it if I could.

Ahhhh, I’m so honoured that you thought of my fic and I hope you did well at your competition! 

Wait hold up, stop. The things that alison teased the girls about in the beginning: Emily’s sexuality, arias dads affair, Spencer kissing Ian, Hanna’s weight. Guys, guys! Alison wasn’t evil! Even in the beginning!

Emily’s sexuality: she was pushing her to figure it out and the “maybe a little too much em.” Could be taken as “bitch don’t look at pretty women, I am the only woman in your life”.

Arias dads affair: she was pushing Aria to tell her mom! To be open and honest, and fair to her mom!

Spencer kissing Ian: same thing as arias dad! She was trying to keep Spencer close with her sister!

Hannas weight: she knew that Hanna wouldn’t be bullied if she lost weight, and would be happier in her body.

Listen, I’m not saying Alison went about any of these things in the right way, she manipulated, lied, threatened, and blackmailed her best friends. But shit guys. She was trying to help them! And maybe she didn’t quite understand any love other than tough love cause that’s all she’d ever been shown!

“God ali, why do we keep having to prove that we love you!” As shown in this statement Emily said, she doesn’t know what soft love is.

Do you know what all this reminds me of?

ADs board game…

Alison not knowing how to talk to her friends is giving them some tough love. What has she done wrong? She took Emily’s exam for her, she gave Spencer a letter (she could’ve stolen that from her mom) and pushed her to talk to Toby, she gave Emily the blackmail she needed, GUYS SERIOUSLY WHAT HAS AD DONE WRONG SOMEONE TELL ME

Once all the dust settles Hanna and Caleb will be together, Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby, and Emily and Alison. Even is she does get revealed it’ll be sorta a Much Ado About Nothing situation.

(I mean Paige might die but I don’t give two fucks)


Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?

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What's your favorite dessert? Add a pic please? 😋

How could I pick one, they are like my babies!! hahah

But, since you ask and due to your request for pics, I took the liberty to add my own, because I also bake and I love it really!

Ok, so… of course Lemon Meringue Pie!

And Black Forest cake…

And cheesecakes (any kind!)

And Brownie Cake…

And Chocotorta! (or chococake. This is a cake, typical here, made with cookies and it’s super easy to make and so delicious!)

And I could keep adding more cakes and desserts but this post would be endless!

Thank you sweetie for asking!

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To all the wonderful Aria is A theorists that I spent years following with fascination, you guys came up with some amazing theories that no matter what happens in this shitty finale, you guys will always be my favourite. <3 I think if you had written the show, I am sure Aria is A could have been the most amazing reveal EVER. I am heart broken after Marlene’s interview where she said Aria does not have an MPD. Why would they have put so many clues about that in her scenes for it to mean nothing?  I am just so upset… and I know they are just theories and PLL is just a show, but I spent an emberassing amount of time obsessing over Aria is A theorists and waited anxiously for my favourite bloggers to post new things.  I am saying goodbye because I lost complete faith. But I also want to awknowledge everyone who ever did theories on all the characters, you were all seriously soooo convincing.  I am amazed by the level of intelligence I was reading, it’s too bad the actual writers clearly never had a master piece ending in mind.  I love you pll community! I will miss you all.

harry hook x reader

as requested, here is the part 2 to harry cheating on you with Uma. (i rlly need to start naming my imagines omg)

warning: angst lots of angst and i lowkey channelled my inner klaus mikealson for the last lil bit lmao.

Six months into being on Aurodon and you were loving it here. You had made friends, doing well in school and had moved on from Harry and started dating Jay. It’s not like happened straight away, more like 4 months after. Thought it was clear Jay liked you and he didn’t shy away from it.

Though when you looked out too the Isle, you heart still wrenched for Harry even though he hurt you you still cared for him.

“Y/N?” You heard Mal call out to which you replied with a ‘yeah.’

“Ben’s bringing more kids over from the Isle. Including Harry.” She told you.

You swallowed your feelings, “Well thats good. I’m happy for him.” You faked and Mal could see right through it.

“Y/N, it’s okay if you don’t want him here. I get it and we’ll help you avoid him?” She suggested.

You shook your head, “No it’s not that. I’m scared I have still feelings for him. And I love Jay so much, he’s amazing. It’s just-”

“Harry was your first love. But don’t worry, when he gets here you’ll see how much of a dick he was and you’ll be so happy you got out of that and got with Jay.” She remined you and you smiled and hugged her.

She was right, Harry was a dick and he’ll prove it and I’ll move on, for real.


You walked through the hallways, your hands in Jays.

“Well what do we have here?” The familiar accent rang through your ears.

You slowly turned around and saw Harry standing their with the same stupid smirk.

“How’s life without the hook?” Jay laughed. Harry was forced to surrender it upon entering Aurodon.

“Shut up, I thought I told you stay from Y/N.” Harry recounted and you eyes widen.

“You did what?!” You exlamined.

“Yeah before we left he tackled me and shit, and threatening me. But like I’d ever listen to you.” He said to Harry whom just rolled his eyes.

“Can we talk in private, love?” He asked you, his voice much softer now.

You nodded and turned to Jay, “I’ll see you later.” And you kissed his cheek and walked off with Harry.

“What do you want Harry?” You asked as soon as you two were in a empty class room.

“I miss you Y/N. So much. I want you back.” He confessed and you hate that your heart warmed at his words.

“Harry we can’t. I’m with Jay and you cheated on me.” You reminded him.

“Why? Why Jay? I thought if anything you date one of the princes here.” He said.

“Jay was there for me when I needed him. And I-”

“Don’t say it. Don’t say you love him when I know you still love me.” Harry pleaded.

“Harry I will always love you but it’s over for us. I’m with Jay and you don’t need to pine over me, you could have any girl at this school.” You told him.

“But the only girl I want is dating some low-life.” He said.

“Harry! At least he didn’t cheat on me!”

“Stop using that as an excuse! Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me and you don’t want to be with me and I’ll leave you alone.” He said, his eyes boring into yours.

“I have to go to class. Bye Harry.” You said to him, avoiding the question which just made him smirk.

Now you avoided Harry at all costs but he made it very difficult as he transferred to all your classes and his locker is three down from yours.

Harry saw you at your locker all by yourself and was going to go talk to you when Jay showed up, kissed you, took your hand and you walked off with him, smiling.

“Let it goooo.” Gil sang laughing, “but seriously dude. She’s moved on. So should you. I heard Aria has a crush on you.”

“I don’t want to be with some mermaid, I want to be with Y/N. And she still wants to be with me, I know it.” He stated.

Gil rolled his eyes, “Then why isn’t she with you?”

Harry just slammed his locker shut and walked away.

Jay was in the lockeroom changing after a game when Harry walked in.

“Hey Jay.” Harry spoke though Jay could see right through the niceties.

“What’s up?” He asked packing up his bag.

“So you know, Y/N still loves me right?” Harry asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I know.” Jay replied and didn’t seem to phased about it, “She told me and she also told me that she will always love you but that she loves me more and that she’ll keep choosing me. I’m just the better choice for her, Harry. You need to move on, man.” Jay gave Harry a pat on the back before walking out of the lockeroom.

Within the next few days, Harry switched lockers with Gil and moved away from your seat in class and didn’t approach you.

You knew it was for the best he wasn’t in your life anymore but you were selfish and wanted him in your life, even as a friend.

After class you went to your locker to empty your books and pick up your homework when you saw a note fall out,

To my dearest, Y/N.

It seems despite all my efforts to to make you mine once again, your heart belongs to another now.

So I will move on and let you live your life without me as I will you.

Though you will forever live in my heart.

⁃ Harry

Holding back your tears, you put the note back into your locker and made your way to where you and Jay were supposed to meet after school.

Little did you know, Harry had watched you read the letter and put it away. He also had to hold back his tears.

“Harry! There you are! Are you ready?” Smiled Aria.

“Yes, my dear. Let’s head off.” Harry smiled back at her and took her hand as they went on their date.

a list of unanswered questions off the top of my head

seriously, this is just what i can remember at the moment. reblog with everything i miss because i know good and well i’ll miss plenty. i’m amazed i haven’t fallen into a plothole and ceased to exist.

  1. let’s start with the obvious: who is AD? why did they chose the alias AD? 
  2. who really killed bethany and why? i think it was melissa, or mona? or melissa killed her and mona buried her? or backwards? idk?
  3. who is archer dunhill and what does he have to do with all this? we know he loved charlotte and he knew mary, but what’s his reason for getting so involved?
  4. was ezra really just writing a book? or is there a lot we don’t know that he lied his way out of?
  5. did noel really kill shower harvey? idk, i don’t buy it.
  6. what’s jenna’s role in all of this? is she still mad about them blinding her (understandably if so) or is there more to her?
  7. is mona really good or is she faking her breakdown to get them to not suspect her?
  8. wren????? is he involved?? is he not??
  9. has anyone checked on veronica hastings? is she ok?
  10. how did the moms get out of the basement?
  11. what happened to pepe?
  12. what did maya know? has this been answered?
  13. seriously, everything we know about bethany young is speculation. what’s the truth about bethany?
  14. is charlotte really charles? or was cece lying?
  15. why did ravenswood even happen?
  16. have we seen the last of the following: mrs. grunwald, dr. therapist who i loved and can’t remember her name, holden, pepe, eddie lamb, aria’s creepy dad, paige (pls yes)?
  17. how many girlfriends has emily had? answer: too damn many, she may wanna get tested
  18. what’s melissa’s deal?
  19. where is jason?
  20. did ian really commit suicide? i just don’t buy it
  21. how did cece (i’m using that name because this is when she was cece) have a college roommate, attend classes, get kicked out for some reason due to alison, own and operate a boutique, go to rosewood high school enough for people to think she was a student and be prom queen, date jason, and be friends with melissa without even melissa noticing something was off? how did cece completely transition in enough time to look completely female when taking that yearbook photo? transitioning fully takes at least a year and that’s with the top notch treatment which costs a lot of money, surely kenneth would’ve noticed jessica spending a shit ton of money on medical procedures? 
  22. why did cece have to DATE jason instead of just becoming really good friends with him? like, it’s ok to just be friends with a guy, you can still get close to his family that way. i know i had guy friends whose families loved me and guy friends my family loved.
  23. again, due to reasons above, WAS CECE LYING ABOUT BEING CHARLES/CHARLOTTE???
  24. why did lucas not want the girls to know he used to know charles? if it’s all in the past anyway, why be so shady about it?
  25. who put the blood in spencer’s purse in london?
  26. does byron’s brother really have any relevancy or is that just a tidbit that aria is A theorists have clung to?
  27. seriously, how could anyone think aria was A?
  28. is there any possible motive that will actually be satisfying at this point? honestly, no.
  29. is ella montgomery doing okay?
  30. when did hanna become the most annoying character ever?
  31. can ashley marin please calm down?
  32. has anyone seen emily’s mom in like 4 years?
  33. why did wayne fields have to be killed off? of all the shitty dads, wayne was the best, and you kill him?
  34. has anyone thought about how jason’s high school best friends, ian and garrett, both DIED and he had to go years thinking his little sister was dead, all the while realizing that the brother you thought you imagined was not only real but ended up being your girlfriend and tortured your sister and her friends, all the while knowing that your dad is not your real dad and your mom had a secret evil twin, and the girl you had a thing for (aria) left you for her pedophile boyfriend, and now your ex girlfriend/sister is dead, and your sister was married to a psychopath, and then he skipped town with all her money, and now she’s pregnant? like? can someone just give jason dilaurentis a motherfucking break?
Baby Names and Impulsive Decisions

A/N: Based off Emily’s dream sequence she was thinking about Alison being a Dilaurentis-Fields, and Alison was wearing a wedding ring. This was inspired by the numerous baby name debates I’ve seen on tumblr, I didn’t think this take had been done yet, and it ended up becoming something more. (Will be posted as Together ch 6) Anyway, I’m excited to see the finale, pissed I have to work and therefore wait an extra 3 hours before I can see it. I hope you enjoy this mess of a mashup!

“Ok this is getting nowhere.” Emily huffed, leaning over the kitchen island she had been siiting at for the past 2 hours. After getting home from a trip to the grocery store, Alison began preparing dinner, not allowing Emily, with her poor cooking skills, to help. As the blonde was working, Emily brought up the topic of baby names, while it was still early in Alison’s pregnancy, the topic excited Emily. However, after 2 hours of deliberating and not coming up with anything solid, Emily was feeling exhausted. She offered to table the discussion for perhaps a more feasible one, “What about the last name?”

Alison turned her attention away from the pot on the stove to question Emily’s query, “What do you mean?”

“What will the baby’s last name be?” Emily hesitates a moment before adding her suggestion, “I’m thinking hyphenated. Dilaurentis-Fields.”

“Em, don’t be silly. It should be Fields. It’s your kid.” The blasé way Alison spoke all while turning back to face the stove, made Emily wary.  

“Biologically sure, but this is your baby too.” Her eyes bore into the back of her girlfriend’s head, silently willing her to turn around, this was not a conversation Emily wanted to have to her back.

Alison must have sensed the serious tone in Emily’s voice because she made her way over to the kitchen island, stood across from the brunette and rebutted, “I know. I just mean you have more of the connection. It’s important kids feel connected to their parents, and something like a shared last name will do that.” She vaguely remembered reading an article or something about this debate.

“All the more reason we should hyphenate. Plus no one knows they are my eggs. It would be weird for them to take only my name.” Emily started to feel uneasy, how could Alison not care about this. It was kind of a big deal.

Alison checked the stove again, not wanting to burn their almost finished meal. “They’ll know eventually, when this AD mess comes out, or when the baby comes out looking exactly like you.” She looked at her girlfriend as she said this, reminding her that this situation wasn’t as simple as Emily may think.

“Ok so when that roadblock comes, we tell people we decided to have a baby, used my eggs, let you carry, same sex couples do that all the time.” She was reaching for any explanation to convince Alison that it wasn’t as complicated as she thought it was.

“Sure, and we’re gonna tell them we decided to have a baby together before we were ever romantically involved…” Alison implored, raising her brow with a questioning smirk.

Emily became flustered, her girlfriend had a point, “I wouldn’t say ever; besides we can figure all that out later. I’m more concerned about what our child’s name will be.”

The extra emphasis on ‘our’ did not get lost on Alison who simply nodded in response before rebutting, “And I told you, it should be Fields.”

Exacerbated, Emily threw her hands up, “Why are you so against the hyphen?”

“Em, I’m not. I just prefer Fields.” Alison’s tone was soft and assuring. She did not want to start a fight over something so silly, especially when dinner was almost ready. She was eating for two these days, although sometimes it felt like three.

Her girlfriend still wasn’t having it, “Why?”

Alison sighed before turning the burner off, it’s obvious Emily wasn’t going to let this go anytime soon, and she didn’t want to burn the house down. She made her way around the island so she could be closer to the brunette, “Dilaurentis used to mean something, but now it’s just a reminder of that ‘bratty girl who faked her death’ and got her friends tortured for years.” Her air quotes lacking in enthusiasm, as was her voice.

“Ali,” Emily reached out to place a hand on Alison’s arm.

Quickly, Alison cut her off, “No Em, look, I know how this town works, I’ve heard the things people have said about me. When people found out I would be teaching their kids, oh man the gossip, the slander.” Her exaggeration was meant to imply the vast volume of instances where she heard the people of Rosewood destroy her, albeit already shameful character.

She continued her speech, to which Emily was intently listening, never breaking eye contact, “Now, I can take it, hell I deserve it because most of what they say is true.” Emily silently took one of Alison’s hands in her own, happy the blonde didn’t pull it away like before. “I don’t want that negative stigma to follow my child.”

Emily finally looked away, finding a spot on the counter that seemed suddenly very interesting, “I guess I never thought of it like that.”

“I have, a lot,” Alison pulled her hand away, gently wrapping her arms around Emily’s neck, “in fact, I was hoping that one day,” she tightened her hold, bring Emily as close to her face as possible, “when we get married,” her hands tangled in the brunette’s hair, gently scraping her scalp, “you’d let me become a Fields…then we’d all be on the same page.” She alludes to their unborn child at the end. The Field’s family, the image in Alison’s mind.

“You want to marry me?” Emily’s voice was barely above a whisper, laced with an air or disbelief.

“I’d like to.” Alison simply states, staring intently into Emily’s eyes. She shies away, before timidly adding, “If you’ll have me?.”

A huge grin overcame Emily’s face, heat radiating off her face from the intense blush. “Are you kidding? Of course!” Emily pulled Alison in for a long, hunger-filled kiss, all the while internally chastising herself for her schoolgirl-esque giddiness. She breaks away in a laugh, oh the things Alison makes her feel.

“Did we just get engaged?” The question was asked in a light hearted, loving tone, but the pause, and the look on Alison’s face after it hung in the air, took on an unexpected seriousness, neither girl saw coming.

“I mean…consider it a pre-engagement?” Emily’s hands snaked their way around Alison’s back, “I don’t think we really have time to plan a wedding with a baby on the way.”

Alison’s signature smirk grew in response, “I don’t know,” she played with a lock of Emily’s hair, her arms still around the girl’s neck. “Aria terrorized us as AD’s minion and planed her wedding. Hanna and Caleb got married at city hall. I think we could pull it off.” Her tone was flirty and playful.

“Are you being serious?” The brunette couldn’t tell.

A shrug of shoulders with an accompanying, “Why not,” came from the blonde, before continuing on a more serious note, “it’s not like we have to get married tomorrow, or even a year from now. But I know I want to be your wife, let’s just call it what it is, fiancée.” Her playful tone from before returned with the use of the French word. A soft smile graced her lips as she thought, what was it with them and the country of France?

“We don’t have rings.” Still in disbelief, Emily could only lightly laugh continuing the ‘joke.’

“So we’ll go shopping tomorrow.” Alison pleaded, “Em, I love you. Like you said the other day, we’ve waited so long to get to this place together, why wait any longer?” There was no flirtly, playful, joking sense in her voice. She was dead serious, she wanted to marry Emily Fields.

It took a moment for it to truly sink in for the brunette, her girlfriend, the girl she’s loved forever, the girl she once thought she’d never have a future with, Alison Dilaurentis, was asking her, no pleading with her to marry her. The amount of times Emily has dreamed of this moment, it was actually happening, and everything felt so organic. How a conversation about baby names led them to getting engaged, sounds so crazy, and yet it felt perfect. Like they’ve both said, they took so long to come together, officially, when in actuality they had always been committed to one another. Alison said all her past relationships failed because she was in love with Emily, and Emily felt she could never fully love someone as long as Alison had a hold of her heart. Why not go ahead and give in to the inevitable?

Emily pulled her girlfriend, or now fiancée, in for another kiss, “Okay, future Mrs. Fields, whatever you say.” The look on Alison’s face was enough to kill any doubt she may have had about this rather impulsive decision. The blonde had never stared at her with more love and desire than right at this moment.

Alison pulled Emily in for a crazed filled kiss that lasted for what felt like forever, and yet neither girl wanted it to end. When they broke apart, Alison smiled widely, and earnestly asked, “So we’re going with Fields?”

“If that’s what you really want, yes.” Alison eagerly nodded in confirmation, “I love you no matter who you are.” Emily pulled Alison into her arms as tightly as she could, relishing in the feeling. If you had told Emily seven years ago, 5 years ago, hell even one year ago that she would end up engaged to her ‘straight’ best friend she fell for all those years ago, she would’ve laughed in your face. Even now it still felt like a dream, and if it was, she hoped she’d never wake up.

Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Two

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!

                  ***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others..

Rating: Mature

Originally posted by onlylostmemoriesx

Chapter Two

Aria closed the restaurant but stayed to plan the new spring menu. Every season she rotated out specific meals for seasonally available produce and proteins. It was something she felt strongly about and one of the biggest draws to her dining room. 

Using the largest table, Aria spread out all her concept platting drawings as well as recipes and item descriptions. She even produced a few of the experimental dishes to taste as she worked. The restaurant’s lights were all dimmed and she turned the radio on low over the speakers. She was moving a few ideas from the maybe pile to the definite pile when a knock rattled the front door. Squinting, Aria could see someone in the large glass pane but not who. Pursing her lips, she weighed her options, the restaurant wasn’t in a bad area of town but psychos lived in every zip code. 

Another knock came spurring her into action. Holding her cellphone just in case, Aria approached the door to finally see who was pounding. 

Jeffrey stood there with an apologetic expression and slightly embarrassed smile.

Smirking inwardly, Aria deadpanned, “Sorry we’re closed.”

Watching him pout obnoxiously and fold his hands in prayer had Aria laughing loudly and unlocking the door. “Okay what’d you forget a wallet or cellphone? Because if it’s either, they’re long fucking gone.”

Snorting, Jeffrey shook his head and replied, “My hat. Black with white logo?”

“Fuck if I know. Come with me.” She answered, locking the door behind them and leading them to the office. Aria could feel him following her, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. She bit her lip to keep from blurting out something inappropriate about the amazing fucking scent coming off of him. A mix of expensive cologne, leather and smoke. The man looked like sex on a stick in his worn t-shirt and low riding jeans. 

“What’re you doing here so late?” his voice rough and low behind her made Aria swallow thickly. 

“I’m the lost and found guard.” She quipped, pulling out the box used as the catch all of forgotten items. Smirking at her with sparkling eyes Jeffrey drawled, “Don’t guards usually wear uniforms?”

“It’s under my clothes, like a super hero.”

“Oh yeah?” He rasped, his hooded eyes trailing down her body and back to her face. “I’d uh… like to see that.”

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A theory has been brewing in my head the past few days that I’m going to do my best to put out there, even though my thoughts are kind of jumbled now lol. I just can’t shake the shadiness of Ezra and Aria’s relationship and now the mysteriousness behind Arias file. As we all know the story began with the Montgomery family in the pilot. The story has always seemed to revolve around them for some unknown reason. We even know now that immediately after Alison’s disappearance the Montgomery family moved to Iceland for a year. We also know that Alison was seen talking to Byron the night of her disappearance and was blackmailing him. We also know Aria has, multiple times throughout the show, acted strangely or appeared to have some sort of A involvement. We also know that Aria and Ezra’s relationship began in the pilot but we don’t know much more of what went on previous to that. We do know now that he has been writing a true crime novel on Alison’s disappearance. I have all this time been rooting for him to actually be a private investigator because of his spy equipment however I firmly believe now that he really is just writing a book. With all of this said, I will get to my point.

The true crime novel “In Cold Blood” was written by Truman Capote. While not credited for her portion of the research, author Harper Lee assisted Truman in all of his research and some of his writing for this novel. If you don’t know who Truman Capote and Harper Lee are or what the book “In Cold Blood” is about, you might want to read into it a little bit further. In short, the book in Cold Blood was about a true crime that happened on a farm in Kansas. Truman, also being famous as the author of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, went down to the crime scene and interviewed multiple people and did his own research to create this nonfiction crime novel. Harper Lee, also famous for her book “To Kill a Mockingbird” was best friends with Capote and, as stated before, helped him write this novel.

If you don’t see where I’m starting to get out with this, I am associating Aria with Harper Lee and Ezra with Truman Capote. Both are authors and have assisted each other in writing a book. And as previously stated, Ezra was working on a novel for the true crime of Alison’s disappearance/murder. There have been numerous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” innuendos throughout the show. It was even stated that Alison reminded Ezra of Holly Golightly and she used it as an alias on one of her IDs. Now, in regards to the “To Kill a Mockingbird” references, this is where it starts to get very twisted and you almost have to read between the lines. It starts with Ezra teaching the class about the book To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve always realized there was some sort of hidden meaning behind all of this but I’m just starting to put it into perspective. If you go back to episode 3 season 1 “To Kill a Mocking Girl”, listen to the conversation between Byron, Aria and Ella very carefully. Byron is asking her a lot of questions about whether or not she likes her new English teacher. He goes on to tell her to read Harper Lee’s biography if she likes the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” so much. He says reading the biography might inspire her to write a book (wow if that’s not foreshadowing). Ella even chimes in a comment at one point about “it will make the father worship a little more clear”. Did Aria idolize Byron until she found out about the affair with Meredith? We all know the affair was hard on her but maybe there’s even more to it than we realized? Anywho back to the point. In the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” Boo Radley kills the man that is after the kids but Jem, being the lawyer’s son, ends up taking the blame as his father would probably be able to get him off the charge easier than Boo, who has appeared to have some problems. Now this brings up the next piece of information I thought of. On Detective Wilden’s board, a note was written in regards to the fact that Spencer would do anything to protect Aria. Now who do we know has a lawyer for a father? That’s right, Spencer. Who also was once accused of Alison’s murder and keeps having reoccuring dreams or hallucinations of blood splatters and holding a shovel? That’s right, Spencer again! Now this might be far-fetched but based on the book references and clues that I am seeing I’m coming to the conclusion that there is a very good possibility that Aria is actually the one who killed the person in that grave that night and that Spencer is just protecting her but has repressed memories. Sound crazy? I kind of wondered too but who was seen talking to Byron that night? Alison right? Now with all of this, if Aria was already bothered by the fact of the affair and then overheard Alison blackmailing her father for money over it, what are the chances that Aria was completely enraged? Not only that but Aria also was holding a pink cup in the barn that night that was later found outside of the house that Jason picks up and drinks out of. This leads me to believe that Aria had left the barn whether it was shown or not. We already know Spencer had left the barn, but was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Maybe Aria saw this conversation between Alison and Byron go down and then tried to chase Alison down and ended up getting the wrong girl? Maybe Spencer was there and that’s why Melissa was confused and assumed Spencer did it and buried the body?

“Miss Aria you’re a killer not Ezra’s wife”… Guys, there has got to be more to this than just the Shana Fring murder. Mona said this in Radley before Aria killed Shana. While I know Mona is one amazing bitch, I really doubt that she was premeditating this. I firmly believe that she knew something about Aria that had already happened. Like I said in my previous theory about Aria’s file, I really do believe that Aria murdered the person in the grave, but Ezra doesn’t know yet. Seriously, if you think about it, what better twist to the story than Ezra writing a true crime novel (with Aria’s help even), just like Truman Capote (and Harper Lee), only to find out the cold-blooded murderer was his fiancee, true love and wife-to-be….Aria.

Spencer Hastings is A.D

First in order to prove that Spencer Hastings is A.D I must state she is extremely smart. The only person other then Mona who would be smart enough to make the electronic game board. Whenever someone is working on something, such as Caleb working on computers Spencer always asks questions. It looks like she’s doing it cause she’s curious however maybe she was asking so she could learn more to use it against others.

Also Spencer really likes old things. Old books or plays. AD always plays old music. Plus Spencer loves to read. AD uses a lot of poems as references.

I also want to look at the time jump.

When Spencer left rosewood in the five year jump she was the only one that really held on to the past. All the other girls went their own ways. All the girls had broken up with their boyfriends/girlfriends, and although Spencer did break up with Toby she hadn’t moved on with someone random and new, such as Hanna or Aria. Instead Spencer randomly bumps into Caleb (Hannas ex!) and starts dating him? Maybe she set it up on purpose. She could either have wanted to keep the people of Rosewood close to her or she have kept him around because he’s very techy. He could’ve been unknowingly helping her the whole time. She could’ve been watching what and how he does his computer work, which allows her to learn more.

Once she does return to Rosewood she’s the only one who didn’t try to leave. Hanna returned to New York to try working again. Aria left in the middle of the investigation to go to work. Emily was only a bartender so whatever. But spencer worked for like a law firm. Big job guys. But she never once tried to return to work. Yes I understand she had to be there for her mom, but she was still employed in Washington. When the other girls were worried about returning to work Spencer didn’t seem to care at all. She was content with staying in town as long as possible. Staying in town, and keeping the girls in town will allow the game to continue. Maybe she wanted to stay so she could continue the game.

I also want to point out Spencer is never shy of doing anything, especially if it’s illegal. However in the recent episodes the police were looking to her as being the killer but they needed the bar receipt to prove it. Usually in the past this wouldn’t stop Spencer, she would’ve broken into the hotel herself and destroyed the receipt herself. Instead Hanna and Caleb do it. That’s not like Spencer. She and Aria (team Sparia!) would have gotten it done with no hesitation.

So I think this goes one of two ways. Spencer either has split personality or she has a twin. Now everyone has been one the twin train for a long time. So I thought I might add that in as maybe a possibility.

If we are talking about the possibility of twins then I think Bethany young could be Spencer’s twin. The doctor who delivered Mary Drakes (who we all know now is Spencer’s birth mom) baby he said “I dealt with two of her babies”. Not pregnancies. Babies! Yes he could’ve delivered Cece, but if he did why did he say babies instead of pregnancies. The two babies could have been spencer and Bethany. Furthermore Jessica, Marys sister, used to visit Bethany in the insane asylum. She’s demanded in the past that Bethany call her aunt Jessie. Aunt! If Bethany was Mary’s daughter then Jessica really would be her aunt! Plus Bethany got pissed at Jessica cause she found out she was dating her dad. We alllll know Jessica had an affair with Spencer’s father. If Spencer’s dad was really Bethany’s dad then that would explain both the aunt and the affair.

On a side note I truly do believe Spencer’s father is her birth dad. When she was born it was truly easy for the Hastings to adopt her. Usually the court try’s to place babies with family but for whatever reason Jessica was unable to adopt Spencer like she did Cece. If the courts did decide to place the baby with family who better then the aunt but the actual father?

Anyways back to the Bethany Young being the twin. If we really want to follow how things went in the books Bethany and Spencer could’ve switched places at some point. The real Spencer, who befriended the girls when they were young could’ve been shoved into the hole and killed by Bethany, then she happily took Spencer’s place. I think this is a bit of a stretch but some people may really see some truth in this

Also in the episode when Hanna got kidnapped she had a dream of seeing Spencer. And at first I would say maybe it is Spencer, however if you look closely her hair was cut differently, she didn’t have bangs yet. Back when Allison was believed to be dead Hanna often “dreamed” of seeing her. But as it turned out she really was seeing Allison. Considering Hanna tends to dream about people who are really there maybe this “dream” she was actually seeing Spencer’s twin. And I want to point out in the scene Spencer sang Hanna to sleep, it’s the same song that Mary sings when she believes Spencer is dying. But Spencer wasn’t raised by Mary, so why sing that song? Maybe the twin was, so she sang the song she grew up hearing.

To top the twin thing off Ezra goes to the airport, in about two episodes ago and he sees Spencer there with Wren. However she’s suddenly no longer wearing the coat she was in earlier and when she sees Ezra she starts talking really fast almost nervously. She even goes as far to ask Ezra not to say anything to anyone. Maybe because if he did someone will realize Spencer was in two places at once?! Spencer’s twin was with Wren!

I think this can also go with the split personality. Maybe the reasons she’s surprised and nervous is because it isn’t the true Spencer out but only her other personality.

Now I want us to talk about Wren for a moment.

Wren suddenly appears at the airport out of no where? No one truly meets getting off the plane for drinks. Realistically what would’ve happened is Spencer come pick him up then take him somewhere else. They could’ve gone to a bar or restaurant. Instead they stay at the airport. You only stay to have drinks at the airport if you’re waiting for your flight to be called for boarding. The plane hadn’t just landed. It was going to take off!

Plus Wren is a doctor. It’s been admitted Alison is pregnant through an operation. Dr Rollins was revealed to not be a doctor at all. He couldn’t have done the operation. However Dr. Wren could. And who would he come back to do the operation if someone asked? Spencer!

Now I want to take a look back at the possibility of a split personality.

Back in season 1 Wren and Spencer kiss out of no where. Maybe Wren kisses her because either A. He mixed her up with her twin or B. Her other personality flirted with him and maybe kisses him in the past. So now he thinks it’s okay.

She spent time in Radley. Her mental instabilities got to the point where she needed meds. However eventually she got addicted and had to be taken off. Maybe the pills were for her split personality. In that case if she was taken of the pills due to addictions then her split personality could have got out of control.

Then also whenever Spencer does planning and uncovering stuff one song plays in the background. It’s called sail and one lyric goes “blame it on my A.D.D.” Like seriously?! A.D?! And it goes “this is how I show my love. I made it in my mind because”. Made it in her mind? The split personality is all in her mind, which would explain the lyric. And the personality does all this stuff maybe because she truly thinks she’s doing something out of love.

The spilt personality also would explain why Spencer acts so surprised. Whenever something goes on she is shocked. Even though it’s her doing it she doesn’t remember cause it’s another personality.

I also want to point out A.D seems to have a soft spot for Aria, at least that’s what everybody says. I have just one word to say to that… Sparia. Out of the four girls. The one who is the closest to Aria is Spencer. This could explain why there’s the soft spot for Aria.

I know there’s a lot of suspects and a lot of possibilities but I truly am leaning towards Spencer. For whatever reasons I think it’s her. I’m also positive it was Wren who did the operation on Alison.

What do you guys think? Do you believe Spencer is A.D?

Weights and Lasagna - Mike Montgomery

Requested by lukeybabe26

You pulled into Aria’s driveway, ready to spend the night like you did every Friday. You rotated who’s house each week, and talked about your weeks. This had started right after Alison went missing, and the usual group fell apart. You had always felt a special closeness with Aria, but after everything that happened, you knew that she was your best friend.

You grabbed your bag out of the back seat, and began walking up the driveway when you noticed her car wasn’t there. You pulled your phone out of your purse and saw a text from Aria that she was gonna be a little bit late but that someone would let you in. You shrugged and walked up to the door and rang the bell.

“Y/N.” You looked up from your phone and saw Mike standing in the doorway. Shirtless. You found yourself staring at his chest, and forced yourself to look away.

“Uh, hey, Mike,” you said when you composed yourself and looked him in the eye. “Aria said she wouldn’t be home for a while, but that you could let me in.“

"Yeah, no problem. Come on in,” he said as he stepped back, allowing you to enter.

“Thanks, Mike,” you said as you sat on the couch.

"Can I get you anything to eat or drink?” he asked a little nervously.

“Oh no, Mike, that’s fine. You can go back to whatever you were doing,” you said, motioning to his sweaty, muscular chest that you were once again distracted by. Mike seemed to take notice, and enjoy it because he flexed a bit to show them off some more. “I-I didn’t know you worked out much,” you said as casually as possible.

“Uh, yeah, I started doing it for lacrosse and stuff,” he said as he sat on the chair across from you.

“Cool. I don’t think I could lift any weight.”

“Oh, I doubt that. Why don’t you come try?” he asked, holding out his hand. You took it reluctantly and let him lead you up the stairs, his hand in yours the entire time. When you reached his room you let go of it. That was Aria’s brother. What were you doing? You saw his bench press and saw how much weight was on it.

“Geez, Mike, what do you bench, like 3,000?”

“No,” he laughed. “Not that much. But I’ll take some off so you can try.” Once there was only about 30 pounds on it, he sat you down and showed you how to lay. “Okay, you’re completely safe. I’m spotting you so nothing will happen, okay?”

“Okay, I think I’m ready,” you said as you started to push the weight above you. It was surprisingly easier than you thought, but you were relieved when your ten reps were done.

“You wanna try some more weight?” he asked.

“God, no. But thanks for showing me,” you said. Mike sat down next to you as your phone buzzed. You looked at him sympathetically before seeing a text from his sister. She said she had to deal with some stuff with Ezra and wouldn’t be back until late. You told Mike. “I guess I’ll just be going then,” you said as you started to stand. He placed a hand in your knee and made you sit down.

“No. Stay. I can make us some food, while we wait for Aria.”

“Okay. Thanks, Mike.”

“No problem. Just let me shower real quick. You can go down and see what we have to eat. Or you can come with me if you want,” he joked.

“I’ll go see what’s down there,” you said with a laugh. You were downstairs for only ten minutes before Mike came downstairs, running a towel through his wet hair.

“What did you find?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“I think we have everything to make some lasagna. Except garlic bread. I looked all around the freezer but I didn’t see any.”

“That’s because we don’t eat garlic bread. At least not like that. Here, I’ll show you how to make it.” You got the lasagna set and put it in the oven when Mike flopped down a hunk of dough. “Okay, now knead it,” he said.

“Okay,” you said as you started moving the dough around in your hands.

“Not like that,” he laughed. He came up behind you and placed his hands on yours. “Is this okay? If I help you like this?” he asked, inches from your neck.

“Yes,” you said breathlessly. He continued moving your hands around in the dough, whispering small things in your ear like good and there you go. When he pulled away you felt a bit of disappointment at the missing warmth.

The two of you sat down in the living room as you waited for your food. You let Mike pick what to watch, but you weren’t even paying attention. You were focused on his face. You had never noticed how handsome he was.

“Thank you, for today,” you said. Mike smiled and placed his hand on your knee and rubbed it gently.

“It’s no problem, I’ve been wanting to spend more time with you,” he said as he blushed.

“Really?” you asked. “How come?”

“Seriously? You don’t know?”

“Don’t know what?” you asked dumbfounded.

“I’m surprised Aria hasn’t told you,” he said, looking down.

“What hasn’t she told me, Mike,” you asked, taking his hand in yours and scooting closer to him. He looked at you and sighed.

“I’m in love with you, Y/N. I have been for a while,” he said nervously. You stood up and stepped a few feet away.

“You love me? That’s why you did all of this today?”

“Y/N, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you. I don’t know what I expected you t-” he was cut off by you kissing him lightly.

“Thank you.”

“No problem,” he said with a smile as he ran a hand on the back of his head. Just then, the kitchen timer went off. Mike went in and got everything out of the oven. He brought you a plate and sat down next to you.

He tried to begin eating but you put his plate on the coffee table. He looked confused but you only smiled and wrapped your arms around his next. He smiled back and closed the gap between the two of you. He kissed you softly, yet full of passion, as if he had been wanting to do this for a while. He eventually laid down on the couch with you on top of him. He ran his hands through your hair as yours explored his muscular body.

“Hey, Y/N. I’m home,” Aria called as she came in through the garage. You got off of Mike and grabbed your plate. When Aria came in you both pretended to eat.

“Hey,” you said.

“Hey, Mike what are you doing?”

“Oh, he was just hanging out with me. He helped make dinner and taught me some things I never knew,” you said with a slight smirk at Mike who blushed.

“Okay, he didn’t do anything weird did he?” she asked.

“Sitting right here.”

“No, of course not. He didn’t do anything I didn’t want him to,” you said, once again making eye contact with Mike.

“Alright, well Mike you can go. Thanks, I guess,” Aria said.

“See ya later, Y/N,” he said with a wink.

“Yeah definitely,” you said with a smile.


Not a bad episode, since Caleb wasn’t there my main reason to watch kind of disappeared. I feel like 7x14 was a fan theory I read somewhere lol. So here are my thoughts on the episode, spoilers ahead.

1. Ill start with something that really shocked me (no not Lucas yet…) but the fact they made Emily and Paige kiss. I get they want to satisfy all shippers but honestly how many people like them.

2. The baby is Emily’s, SHOCKER, Said no one on Tumblr ever. There are a million different ways to bring a ship together, THIS isn’t one.

3. Now its making me second guess Emison because its seems like Emily would only be staying with Ali because of the baby. Kind of sucks they need to bring in this kind of drama instead of just letting ships be together.

4. I feel terrible for Emily and Alison what a sick way to be brought together…

5. Have I mentioned yet that I miss Caleb, hope he having a nice recovery wherever he is.

6. I’m not even going to talk about Ezra because he should have been in jail like 7 seasons ago. BOTH Aria and Nicole deserve better then him.

7. If Ezra isn’t AD, in jail, or dead by the end of the show I’m gonna be mad. NOW I’m done talking about Ezra.

8. I KNEW Mary killed Jessica. They couldn’t reveal Mary as the killer at the time because we didn’t know about her. BUT YOU KNOW WHO DID KNOW ABOUT MARY?

9. Ted

10. Oh how I missed Hanna’s dad, oh wait he isn’t Hanna’s dad, even though PLL’s twitter account thinks he is.

11. Ashley and Ted aren’t together anymore? JUST LET THE MARIN GIRLS BE HAPPY!

12. NOOOOO Ashley slept with Jason (EWWW but hey, not incest) that’s why they broke up? OR was it because Hanna was in jail at the time… Okay Ted, I get it, I would leave that mess too.

13. I knew the second they walked up to that house it was going to be Ted and Mary was with him. OH AND Ted is Charlottes Dad, I mean why not at this point just make it Peter. No one would question it because he cant keep it in his pants.

14. No Ted, Hanna is no longer engaged but will be again very soon…


16. Friends with Charlotte for awhile and went to a camp for troubled boys? AD is avenging Charlotte’s death AND WHO WAS FRIENDS WITH CHARLOTTE? LUCAS.

17. I feel so bad for Hanna though, another friend she trusted is AD, working for AD or hiding something from her and having different motives.

18. Can Caleb come back next episode to hug her at least?

19. Maybe Lucas liked Hanna because she reminded him of Charlotte? It will forever bug me that Alison was compared to Cece and Hanna was compared to Alison, yet no one compared Hanna and Charlotte. God I hope they aren’t related besides being almost step sisters.

20. Lucas’s girlfriend in season 5 is Charlotte IM CALLING IT!

21. AD FaceTiming, trying to be all modern and shit.

22. Namaste bitch girl is back for the most anticlimactic reveal yet

23. “Im AD” Yeah and Im AD too. Seriously WHO IS DRIVING THE CAR?

24. Aria is going dark behind the girls back. HEY at least she is making progress on an episode that includes Ezra. Imagine that, Aria can still do stuff when he is around.

25. But now because Aria is playing “on the winning team” Hanna has to go play again. Poor girl cant catch a break.

26. OH and have I mentioned Hanna should leave Lucas apartment because he is creepy and probably watches her sleep…

27. Cute Spencer and Hanna scenes glad they didn’t let the worst written love triangle get between them.

28. And Spencer slept with Marco because she felt bad for Toby? Okay. Why not.



30. Mona is way too excited about the game,at least someone will be there for Hanna during her second turn. Since someone, not saying names (Caleb), wont be there AGAIN.

31. Maybe Caleb isn’t in the next episode because he is planning his proposal.

32. And someone is going to jail *crosses fingers its not Hanna. I would prefer a non jail themed wedding. BUT ILL TAKE ANYTHING.

33. And Marco is just now thinking the girls are involved. Rosewood only hires the best police.


Lucas- no point in hiding it anymore, you’re involved. BUT JUST HOW MUCH?

Ezra- Honestly did nothing this episode, I just hate him.

Alison- Had some weird moments tonight. Not saying she is AD, just acting funny. Ill let her off because of the whole baby thing.

See you guys in two weeks (boo)

Namaste bitch.

Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Twenty Three

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW **dirty dirty**

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Aria and Jeffrey pulled up to the large colonial era house with it white pillars and deep green shutters. The hedges were immaculate and the fountains lit perfectly. Aria hated it.
“I hate this place.” She stated as he  shifted into park and looked at her in confusion. “It’s so fake.”
“You didn’t tell me that?”
Shrugging, she tapped her fingers on the door handle and explained, “Don’t get me wrong, Megan’s family is… fine. They’ve helped me out before. It’s just, everything has strings. There’s always a catch, we’ll help if…” pursing her lips she added, “I love them, I really do. Megan’s father is brilliant and taught me quite a lot about running a business. Her mom is suffocating and domineering but she always has my best interest in mind.”
“Well doll, you won’t be by yourself this time.” He assured, leaning forward to pull her lips to his. Kissing him softly, she hummed deeply as his fingers curled into her hair and his tongue delved into mouth.
A loud rap on the window had Aria yelping in fear, to find Megan laughing hysterically outside the car.
“That little fucker.” She growled, yanking the door open to greet her best friend. “You little fucker.”
Megan grinned widely and attacked her with tight arms. Aria felt her eyes burn with tears as they rocked back and forth.
“Missed you.”
“Me too babycakes.” Megan croaked, clearing her throat and pulling back to smile at her. Her fiery red hair was curled and twisted into a braid, her pale skin and freckles glowing under the street lights. “So introduce me to your boytoy or I’m gonna die.”

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Pretty Little Liars is back...

Seriously? That was the tenth last episode EVER of Pretty Little Liars? Nothing important happened. Nothing was answered. These final episodes should be about answering unanswered questions and fixing up plot holes. But instead we got this boring ass episode.

What was with making us believe Toby was dead after the last episode? He was alive and well literally 5 minutes into the episode. And Spencer as well. She was shot and almost died on the last episode and all she has is a sling on her arm.

I’m sorry but I cannot support Haleb anymore. Not after Spaleb happened. What was the fucking point of Spencer and Caleb being together if Hanna and Caleb are just going to end up together? Haleb are so disrespectful. They’re just acting as if nothing happened and that disgusts me.

What was the point of Holden coming back? We haven’t seen him for 5 seasons(I think the last time we saw him was in S2? It’s been so long I barely remember him). And why was he seemingly okay with Ezra and Aria getting married?? He was her high school teacher. I’m not even going to go into how wrong their relationship is.

I could not care less about the whole Nicole storyline. I tune out every time they mention her. It’s such a waste of screen time when they could be actually showing something relevant to the main plot.

So Spencer’s dad got pretty much everyone in Rosewood pregnant. He’s the ultimate fuckboy.

Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother. Which we already found out last episode. They just confirmed it this episode. We didn’t really learn anything new. Apart from I guess what Mrs Hastings told Spencer. But that wasn’t very earth shattering. I pretty much guessed that was the case.

What the fuck is that game?? I just can’t take this show seriously anymore. Are there cameras or something on the models/board?? Like, how the fuck does it even work? I guess technically the show is now set a few years in the future so a game like this might be possible then. But seriously??

I am so sick of the Emily, Ali and Paige love triangle. Just, no.

I’ve been watching this show for so long and may as well keep watching until the end. But I’ve been disappointed time and time again. I keep giving it more chances but am always lets down.

9 more episodes. I can’t wait to finally be free from this train wreck of a show.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a prompt of the girls playing the game and AD threatens their baby boy if one of the liars doesn't turn in their SO? Plz?

Now, this is my first Emison prompt here on tumblr so bear with me…


Ever since he was born the six week old had his mothers wrapped around his little finger, and to be honest they weren’t the only ones he had wrapped around his finger - Hanna, Spencer and Aria were too completely in love with their best friends’ son. That was why they were all pacing around Alison’s living room after they received a text earlier today. A text that explicitly stated that if the game wasn’t taken seriously the one paying the price would be the baby.

“Hanna you have to do it” Alison urged from her place near the window.

“Ali I can’t”

“Hanna it’s my son this freak is threatening now” The blonde screamed, “The sleeping six week old upstairs!”

“Ali… I know but if I do this Caleb could go to jail” Hanna argued looking down at the hardwood floor not being able to look into her friend’s eyes.

“And if you don’t this idiot is going to hurt him” Emily snapped this time making Spencer and Aria turn around to face her “Hanna just do this, it’s not fair that my son goes down because of some shit Caleb actually did”

“Don’t you dare talk about Caleb li-” Hanna began only to be interrupted by Spencer “Guys! Stop that! Fighting isn’t going to help”

“Then what will Spencer?” Alison snapped her eyes swimming in tears.

“I don’t know Ali” The brunette sighed “But this is what the game wants us to do, it wants us to turn against each other”

“Han… please” The blonde pleaded as a tear ran down her cheek “Please I’m begging you”

“Ali you know how much I love him, but this is Caleb we’re talking about. I can’t be the reason he goes to jail” Hanna walked over to the other blonde placing her hand on Alison’s arm “I hope you understand”

“I don´t” Alison sighed “I just…I-I can’t let anything happen to him” she added as a few tears ran down her cheeks, and in a second Emily was by her girlfriend’s side.

“I think you should all just go” Emily stated as Alison tried her best to keep more tears from cascading down her cheeks.

“Em..” Hanna began

“Han come on, let’s go” Aria commented “They need some time”. With that Spencer, Aria and Hanna headed for the door, not before they turned around to see Emily’s arms wrapped around Alison as she finally broke down in her arms.

PLL 7x11 Thoughts

 - Am I the only one who hated the way they dealt with Spencer’s shooting? Like not only was it lazily cut to ~one week later ~, but also the girls showed more emotion when Shana was shot lol

 -Speaking of which wtf happened to that story line? Did people just forget that Aria is still technically guilty of murder?

 - Dude  this showdown between Alison and Paige is funny and all but seriously both of them are toxic af and do not deserve Emily

 -That being said Paige and Alison’s interaction was awesome and highlighted how much Alison hasn’t changed. Loved  the whole “Ali always playing the victim” point bc FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT

-Hanna getting mad at Spencer for playing the game without asking them smh girl didn’t you do the same thing when you decided to kidnap Noel?


 -This whole Ezria wedding thing seems super out of place and rushed? Like let’s be real they’re not ready 

 - Hanna giving advice on engagement ok fine cool cool cool who’s bitter about the whole cheating thing not me.

 - Apparently AD moonlights as a board game developer.

 - I know this suspenseful music is supposed to enhance the mood or whatever, but I literally cannot stop laughing at how ratchet this game looks.

 - I can’t take anything seriously when AD is using font that I would’ve used in my 4th grade posters bc I thought it looked ~fancy ~

 - Funny enough, I don’t mind the whole Spencer Drake story line. I think it’s a good opportunity to explore Spencer as a character beyond “not so perfect after all”.

 - That being said, I hope they don’t have some cheesy mother-daughter reunion bc Mary Drake is creepy and I love Veronica Hastings.

 - Sara Harvey? Bethany Young? Charlotte DiLaurentis? Yvonne?This show has so many loose ends to tie up lol.