no but seriously can we talk about this show for a second

Okay, so everyone always gushes about Legolas and Gimli’s friendship, and rightly so, because, I mean…

They are hilarious.

But can we just talk about Legolas and Aragorn’s friendship for a second?

Everyone thought Aragorn was dead.

The dude fell off a cliff.

His necklace was all that was left.

And what is the first thing Legolas says to him when he shows up alive, but seriously beat up?

And Aragorn just freaking smiles.

This is the level of friendship to aspire to, people.

The kind of friendship where near-death experiences are met with sass and stupid grins.

Mats Hummels chatting about Kuba [translated from Jakub Błaszczykowski’s biography]

Kuba is a fantastic guy. He is one of the teammates who I get along best with. He is not arrogant, nor does he behave so towards anyone. The first thing that comes to my mind is that Kuba is totally a normal bloke. We’ve played football together more than 7 years therefore I can say that with certainty. He does not have airs and graces at all.

I find that Kuba, Łukasz and Robert do very good jobs in Germany and show us Germans what great guys the Polish people are. One of my friends is Polish as well and I can actually say a little broken Polish: ja umiem po polsku (“I can speak Polish”) , rusz dupę (“Move your arse”) and so on :)

At the very beginning Kuba was very quiet and taciturn. Now he can’t stop talking sometimes and you can hardly imagine how different he was once before. When he is late for training, he directly pays the fine. He likes a joke, which he has told for twenty times. [I can confirm this. - Malgorzata Domagalik] Nobody digests criticism easily. But Kuba just accepts them, if I make any comments to the match. He knows that it is not meant to be personal, but purely professional. He is a player who works a lot on attacking and also has plenty of defensive qualities. You can imagine how important that is for a team like us. He is very fast and I hope he will be so again after his injury. He is an outstanding fighter and can score goals as well. Of course we teased him for weeks after his miss in front of the empty goal when playing against Freiburg. For me it is no wonder that the German rapper M.I.K.I.wrote a song about him. Kuba is here for almost eight years and for the German fans he belongs here. This is fantastic for a player. Bayern fans don’t like me, Schalke fans hate Kevin Großkreutz, but everyone loves Kuba.

Sometimes we play basketball and if I lose he always reminds me of that all day long. We gladly compete with each other. We both find it very hard to lose.[I was with him in the training hall in Brackel and Kuba wanted to show me that with one hand he could score in the basket at the other end of the hall. Although he tried many times before he finally made it, I was still impressed. - Malgorzata Domagalik] Once I wanted to have a wrestling with Kuba, just for fun, but he was so strong that after forty seconds I shouted: Okay, never mind! Stop, you won! He knows how to fight. That is true. :D

He makes a strong impression to us when he lifts his arms after he scores a goal. To his mother. Sometimes when I watch him in such situations I wish I could have such strong feelings as he does. That is certainly not a show. The two seconds after a goal are only for him. I see how he speaks to himself. We have respect for this.

ideas to continue the HP craze without compromising its original story and characters
  • A history channel style documentary where each episode talks about a different subject and each season is a different wizarding culture. Season 1. Japan. Episode 1. The Founding of Mahoutokoro. Episode 2. Their magical robes and why the rest of the world didn’t incorporate a similar system. ETC.
  • History of Magic online classroom/videos ; Professor Binns Or maybe a Bagshot can tell us all about the Goblin Rebellion and what happened at the International Warlock Convention of 1289.
  • A political drama series set in the Ministry of Magic, preferably not during LVs second rise to power but maybe his first, with only small cameos from the likes of the Order Members that we know. Like, give me Dorcas Meadows and the Prewett brothers instead, maybe touch on Crouch’s frustrations that eventually lead to him allowing unforgivables to be used. Maybe just not during LV or the Trios time at all.
  • MoM/MACUSA Elite Force action type show (seriously why didn’t they actually make this a thing)
  • Netflix Dramedy about Wendelin the Weird and the Salem Trials and how continuously getting caught probably kept the hunt going for longer than it would’ve otherwise so she inadvertently caused a lot of muggles to die and how will she handle that?
  • Plz Add. but nothing about the marauders. or any original characters from the story because that can compromise them
Magic Kaito Omake

Can we just talk about the make at the end of magic Kaito volume 1 for a second because it was seriously the cutest thing.

The Omake was basically about the manga being a show and the characters were actors.

The ‘actors’ acting like the ‘characters’ they ‘play’ is the cutest thing. And Akako’s ‘actor’ being the opposite of her ‘character’ is the cutest thing.

It goes over all the chapters in the volume and its so cool.

Just look at this.

^This page was my favourite (I’ll always love shy actress Akako)

And then it ends by saying that it was just for fun.

Seriously the Magic Kaito omake was the best.

Ok I really need to talk about this.  Look at what is used for her backgrounds: the Kindergarten and the wrestling ring from “Tiger Millionaire.”

Let’s start with the first. We learned from “On the Run” that Amethyst struggles with deep self-loathing. She hates the fact that only exists because of Homeworld’s scheming.  For her, the Kindergarten is “everything I hate about myself!”

But look at what she does, she jumps out of it.  The transition is showing us her literally moving past it. And where does she jump to?  The ring.  The place where she is most free to express herself.  Where people enjoy watching her express herself.  An experience she got to share with Steven.  And where we saw the first major change in her relationship with Garnet and Pearl.

And just look at her shine.

Seriously, these few seconds of animation do wonders to capture her character arc.

Ok so can we talk about this scene for a minute? Like seriously this really shows how Jaune developed into a leader. In the span of about maybe ten seconds came up with a genius plan, communicated what to do, and executed it nearly flawlessly. I should also mention that the reason why I think Jaune came up with this plan is because his weapon case opened first followed by the people who got the order next, i.e. Nora and Ren.

Can we talk about how important it is that we see Matt using devices built for non-superheroes with his disability? Like his phone that announces who’s calling him, or the cane (that he keeps throwing aside when he needs to move fast, seriously, how many does he have), or, in a slightly different vein, that scene in the pilot with Karen where he has to think for a second about where the light switch is because he never uses it. The show treats these things as completely normal, which they are, but I’ve seen so many TV shows and movies do a bad job with disability that I’m pleasantly surprised by how Daredevil talks about Matt’s blindness. (Looking at you, days of future past. Looking and glaring.)

Normalizing these parts of Matt’s life–putting them into his routine without spending time over-explaining it or making him angst over it–tips this show over the line from “great” to “excellent” imo.

so this is the saddest character in all of Code Geass

I don’t think this gets talked about much, but can we talk about how Shirley’s mom got like the shortest end of the stick in all of Code Geass?

First her husband is killed pretty much randomly in the mudslide (caused by Lelouch)

And then Shirley commits suicide is actually murdered by Rolo (who is trying to protect Lelouch).

So she is left all alone in the world for the rest of her life thanks to Lelouch’s collateral damage

It’s just an awful, depressing story anyway you slice it – so I think it isn’t surprising the show literally dwells on it for all of 5 seconds before moving onto the next thing

I like to imagine that Shirley’s mom becomes friends with Kallen’s mom and they bond over their shared traumas

That or Nunnally gets wind of what happened and gives Shirley’s mom a shit ton of money and the ability to retire anywhere in the world she chooses

Because seriously

Can we talk about Daisy Ridley and John Boyega for a second? I feel like sometimes people make them seem less important or less amazing than they actually are. Daisy received a SCHOLARSHIP to a performing arts school which she attended for EIGHT YEARS. She is already nominated for many awards for her work on Star Wars including Best a Female Action Star. John was invited to a theatre school at age nine and attended there for 5 years of his life. He is also nominated for many awards because of Star Wars. I think what is actually most important about these two people is that they are 23 years old and seriously changing the world. Daisy has become a female icon to so many people including me across the world and John has become a person of color known by so many. They are showing the world that anyone can do anything. Being so young, I know they will both do amazing things. They are talented, hilarious, and bring light into this world. I am so thankful for these two and I hope the rest of the world can also see how absolutely amazing they are.

I’m going to be 100% honest here

Why do people think that Pearl is so thirsty?

I understand the fact that Pearl has some gem desires that she’s still not over with Rose.

But why use Garnet to feel loved or feel stronger?

Amethyst may have the same feeling of wanting to be stronger and having her weak spots taken away and filled with power. But Rebecca doesn’t really mention that often as she does with Pearl now in the story.

I mean Pearl had way too much love for Rose that this show could handle. She put her own life on the line to protect Rose. I get the fact that she can be “thirsty” but let’s think about this for a second.

Pearl didn’t care about anyone, not even herself to until she met Rose. Rose drove her to fight. Rose made her feel as if she were invincible. Pearl had a very deep love for Rose. Either Pearl never admit her feelings or Rose never caught onto them because Pearl was kind of like a best friend or a little sister to Rose. 

I get the fact that Pearl was a bit jealous because of the relationship between Greg and Rose. But think about what was going across Pearl’s mind. Maybe something like “How can she even stand this human?” or “What does she see in him?” Pearl feels upset because of the fact that she put her life on the line for Rose many times but yet, Greg has never risked his life for Rose. Pearl is confused of how Rose can love someone who she’d have to protect instead of loving someone who will protect her.

Pearl doesn’t understand how Rose can love a human who doesn’t understand what Rose truly is. What Pearl and Rose have been through. Pearl doesn’t understand how a relationship with a gem and a human would even work. She thinks they’re too different beings. But Rose is a very loving gem. Rose took the time to understand the human race and live with them. Rose wanted the humans and gems to feel as equals. With the same emotions, and feelings.

Once Pearl had heard about Connie wanting to learn how to sword fight in order to protect Steven, she saw herself in Connie. She saw the strength that driven her to fight for Rose. So Pearl decided to teach her everything she knew and how she worked in a fight.

When Pearl realized that Steven decided to help Connie fight off the holograms and fight by her side. She was upset. Pearl didn’t realize in a fight, you don’t have to fight alone and that you can always depend on those you know you can trust. 

Pearl felt as if she’d have to protect Rose. As if Rose was the only reason for living. Pearl wanted to be Rose’s knight in shining armor and wanted to earn the princess. But Rose felt otherwise.

But Pearl has improved overtime.

But yet, she does need to improve more.


Okay -
First, don’t shoot me. I’m just speculating.
Second, what if they really are trying to make a genuine relationship between Clarke and Lexa…
I see a lot of bashing about Clarke being bisexual or gay.. And it seems like a lot of writers/JR are receiving way to much hate on this pairing.

But stop the hate for a moment. Can we talk about the fact that maybe–just MAYBE– they’re trying to show us a genuine relationship where both people FALL for each other - not because it’s a boy loving a girl or whatever but because it’s TWO PEOPLE who genuinely have a connection with each other that share real legitimate feelings of love.

I think that when they say watch it in context it is because- what if Kim seriously tried all she could to give us a love and ship that could be easily understood and accepted. An episode where someone homophobic could say, “WOW These two are like mind blowing and I don’t even give a fuck what gender they are because holy shit a thing like that is beautiful because how can I, homophobic viewer, hate something that is so tuned to love and understanding?” Or have people say “wow I totally get it - I totally see that they feel for each other more so then with anyone else- and that’s okay because it’s what makes them happy - the characters happy.” Or “wow i never thought of it that way.”

As a writer for a tv show YOU ARE SO BLESSED ENOUGH to be able to “manipulate” how the audience feels - to do things/write things a certain way to make the audience see and feel without really understanding until after that movie or after that show. When it’s imprinted in your mind and it was so good, so emotional, and so empowering you can’t stop thinking about it until you break yourself down and build yourself back up. (A good tv show is supposed to make you question yourself/morals/values). With that power imagine how many people can come together for Clarke and Lexa - imagine how many more people can look at a good story line and be like “oh you know what that’s totally cool - I don’t see why or how I could hate two people for loving each other.” - “love is love”

I think if they fully fledge posted up and stood alongside this with a solid ground and buckled down against the hate and oppression then imagine what a POWERFUL message this could be. Imagine how many people could start changing the way they think, the way they view love. The way that we see LGBT+ people. It is SO important that they’re receiving hate (yes I did say it’s important) Why? - because as an individual you will get to fully embark on the reasons why someone hates a relationship like this. And it shows - it really shows just how much further we still have to push as an LGBT+ community to receive equality for it to be okay and normal and not seen like a plague.

If they battle through this tooth and nail to make a beautiful bisexual/lesbian power couple. Imagine what that means - it means that these writers have made a big FUCK YOU to the heteronormatives - it means that FINALLY someone with a lot of power in changing minds is FIGHTING for us. We have someone to relate to someone on our side - this show is huge! And it has a crazy opportunity to make a dramatic change in tv history and human rights.

There is so much hate about being them being gay - that it proves this is still a serious issue. That we are still NOT equal.

Can we just talk about Rose and her treatment in Agent Carter for a second? Like, seriously.

Here is a female character who does not fit the usual casting norms of Hollywood, who kicks some major ass, and who’s competence was never questioned because of her size. Sure Sousa didn’t want her coming at first, but it was simply because of her lack of field experience, not for any other reason. Her skills were demonstrated in such a way to show that she has done this before and will probably do it again (that right cross, though, amiright?). Her size was never used as a punchline or even considered a hindrance. She doesn’t let anyone stand in her way, kicks ass, and does it all in a dress, heels, and even a witty one liner. I am am beyond thrilled that a show like this is acknowledging the fact that people of all shapes and sizes can be bad asses in their own right, and they don’t need to be made into a joke to do it.

about “we need to talk”

i feel like, when steven and connie fuse in “we need to talk”, greg reacts the way he does at first because steven just achieved something with connie that he was never able to with rose. his face just screams utter disbelief, almost with a touch of horror. for a split second, maybe even jealousy.

the video greg shows to them implies that he and rose weren’t really that close, in the human sense. rose doesn’t seem to know anything about human emotions, and she has a lot of trouble understanding greg or taking him seriously. and after that day, greg is fully convinced that gems and humans can’t fuse, that they’re inherently and biologically incompatible for the purposes of fusion.

“So it’s true… I really can’t do it! I’m kidding myself with this. I’m never gonna be a gem.”

years later, he gets to see steven, who is only half-gem, fuse with connie, an ordinary human (as far as we know). we already know that steven hasn’t been able to fuse with the other crystal gems, despite how close they all are (and I bet pearl would love to fuse with steven and see if becoming rainbow quartz would bring her closer to rose again). and greg probably found out the intricacies of fusion from garnet, like how your fusion looks more and more human as the gems involved are more strongly connected. so when he meets stevonnie, who looks completely human aside from steven’s gem, he knows that steven has managed to form a deeper bond with connie in the span of a few months than greg was able to form with rose at all, or that any of the crystal gems had with each other after thousands of years.

considering the way that garnet explained fusion to him in this episode, greg was probably satisfied when he was able to open up to rose about his feelings, and the way their relationship was working. that became “fusion” for him - “you have to fuse your way. get open, get honest. invent yourselves together.” but years later, steven accidentally ruins this for him. he shows greg that a human can fuse, and that probably hurts him a lot.

This is not a nomination

this is not a nomination because the person who has had the greatest impact on my life is no longer with me, so I can’t tag them. I’m only sharing to spread the love.

We met online, two young kids obsessed with Inuyasha. We first started corresponding through email, and boy, where they long emails. I told her about my personal life, she told me about hers, and finally (because I’m a paranoid little bean who doesn’t like to post pictures of herself online) we sent each other our skype usernames. 

We started video chatting all the time, talking about tv shows, discovering our sexualities together and being the support that neither of us would have received from our families. 

We started watching Supernatural together when I recommended it. We’d both watch on our tv’s while the video chat gave us a few seconds delay from each other’s reactions, and it was seriously the most fun. 

She started getting a bit distant. Replies to our ridiculously long emails stopped happing so quickly. And then, about a year and a half ago, I received an email from her that she was in the hospital. 

She withdrew a lot, her relationship with her family was strained because she identified as bisexual, and when I finally managed to get her back on video chat, she honestly looked like she had resigned herself to the worst. I wanted to talk to her, tell her how much she’d meant to me, what her unending support and unconditional love had meant to me in the wake of my own personal issues, because looking at her, I knew that she would not make it. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her before she went. But I didn’t. I could see that she didn’t want to talk about depressing things, she didn’t want to hear goodbyes. So I did the first thing that came to mind, and I suggested we watch Supernatural episodes together. 

So that’s what we did. Until she passed, I would call her every available moment I had, and she always picked up. We watched our favorite episodes, the new ones as they aired, the ones that made us laugh the most. Not just supernatural, but that was what she mostly picked. And she smiled, and she laughed. But she was fading. 

When she died, I got the news through email, she had written me an email that her dad sent to me after she passed. 

She wrote me a letter filled with so much love. She was there for me when I struggled with the hardest moments of my life. She loved me even as I was confused/closeted on my sexuality when I struggled with it. She didn’t shame me for not bringing it up to my parents ever, nor for being unable to confront those who were hurting me at the time. She just offered me support, and taught me how to keep going until the end. Her last act towards me was to give me the most encouraging, inspiring, and heartfelt letter, to ensure that I would feel her love when she was no longer there to give it to me. 

She deserves recognition, her memory deserves to live on. So thats why I’ve shared this story in this tag, at least the parts that I can share with strangers on the internet. She was the most amazing person, and I’ll love her forever. 

MVP for this episode is far too close to call between these two: Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. First of all, what a powerhouse duo, let me tell you. Stephen has this amazing ability to lower his voice to a near-whisper (like he does when Team Arrow tries to convince him to not leave for Nanda Parbat) and make everything that comes next feel so heavy and full of pain and emotion. I love Stephen Amell’s performance on this show. I think his acting is some of the most consistently underrated on television, period. He can switch from rage to quiet desperation to an emotional breakdown in a few seconds in a scene. We got the chance to see every part of Stephen’s range in this episode – from the beautiful, poignant nuances in his scenes with Emily Bett Rickards, to his pain upon joining the League to his grief over Oliver losing Thea. Seriously, I can’t ever talk enough about how all it takes from Stephen is one whispered line and I immediately feel emotionally invested in his pain. Bravo.
—  Just About Write review

Okay, continuing the Laine has too many feelings series of text posts, can we talk about trust for a second?

Caroline in 4x18: “Friendship stage one: show me that I can trust you.”

And Klaus does it. Again and again and again.

In 4x23 she’s anxious. Klaus isn’t picking up her calls, and she needs him. Is he over her? Did he only care about her because he wanted something? No. Klaus shows up, Klaus comes through.

And then he lets Tyler go. For Caroline. He hunted Katherine for centuries for a similar crime. But he knows that Tyler is what Caroline wants in the moment. Knows she needs to realize he’s not what she wants forever.

5x11. She’s skeptical, presses, makes conditions. Demands his word. “I’ll walk away, and I’ll never come back.” Klaus promises. And then he does so, keeps his word, lets Caroline live her life without hie interferance.

And now, in this new scene. He will ensure Stefan will be fine. And he clearly does so, since Stefan is alive and well in the flash forwards.

Klaus comes through for Caroline. Is it any wonder she runs to him in the future when she needs a safe haven?

And is it too much that I’m hoping that Caroline returns the favor? That she realizes that something’s very wrong, that Klaus wouldn’t just leave quietly, that HE needs HER this time? That she comes through for him? And how big that will be for a man like Klaus, who time has taught that he can only rely on himself?

I want it so bad guys.