no but seriously all of them were so perfect


Ever since I was a kid it had been a dream of mine to go to Disney World some day. I remember though we were going to when I was about 12, and my dad lost his job and we had to move across the country and that got put on hold permanently. This last year has been incredible and I’m so grateful to say one of my biggest bucket list items has been completed; I’ve finally gone! @whatwouldwaltdo is the best friend ever and was such a gracious host. I seriously cannot thank her enough. I feel so blessed to be at a stage in my life where the things I want I just go out and get them.I got to live out my dream and see everything Lion King related and meet every “Princess”. I have looked up to these female characters my whole life and their cast members were perfect. I want to thank them all for putting up with my selfie-galore. My personal favorites? Rapunzel (psh, duh), Merida, Tiana, Moana, and Pocahontas.

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I don't know if you answered this already, but what is your favorite TVXQ comeback?

Hi Anonnie~~

my fave TVXQ comeback? 

the one we will get this year ;;;;;;

ok, but seriously now XP so far my fave are two comebacks, first

the 2011 KYHD comeback, because it not only was epic and asskicking when it comes to concept and the song and MV, choreography, costumes and just…EVERYTHING❤️  but it was also them jusy SMASHING all their haters and backstabbers and leaving them squealing. 

Just beautiful

and the second fave is 2014 ‘Something’ comeback

also because it was perfect when it comes to the concept and the song, MV, costumes, ohhh and the choreo!! was so on point!

but my fave part of it was how HAPPY they both were during this whole promotions. They were so relaxed, so playful, they simply had so much fun performing and interacting with fans, it was so sooo precious to watch and witness ;; ❤️

ugh, i can’t wait to see them like this again ;;❤️;;

and what’s yours fave comeback, Anonnie?

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Jessica Tate for the character meme if you're still doing it :) (totally in a soap mood now lol)


My NOTP for them- I really want to say Peter.  Like yeah, he was giving her the intimacy (and hopefully orgasms….) that she so needed but it caused a huge rift between her and her daughter and she ended up feeling really bad about it and I think it was just bad for her all around.
My BROTP for them- Benson!!!!  they were perfect together.  And when they pretended to be married to throw off the cops?  that was fantastic.  it seriously warmed my heart (I know, I know…).
My OTP for them- Mary Campbell.  Yes, they’re sisters but they’re soulmates.  They were perfect for each other and I loved that their relationship was, in theory, the focus of the show.
My second choice pairing for them- Benson (it totally counts for both).  He loved and respected and cared for her.  And he was obviously more than just a servant to her.   She cared about his well being, too.   ugh!  and she even appeared to HIM (of all people) after she was shot!  meant. to. be.
My fluffy pairing for them- Billy (it’s not gross because it’s her son, right? I was just going for how much they love and care about each other). She’s sheltered and ditzy and Billy gets that but still tries to make his mom happy.  (DAMN this one was hard!!)  Ack! But I also want to say Mary because they’re soulmates (yes I said that already) and they’re just so damn good for each other.
My angsty pairing for them- Corinne.  They deserved to have a happy relationship but it just didn’t come to be that way.  But their interactions were always good for angst (I feel gross pairing them this way but it works.)
My favorite poly ship for them- I kind of think Benson and Chester could have been a VERY interesting pairing.  Like Benson would be all about taking care of and pleasing her but Chester would have to work harder because that’s just who he is and he realizes that Jessica deserves better.  but still, I would have liked to have seen this?
My weirdest pairing for them- E. Ronald Mallu.  I just didn’t like the guy and thought Jessica deserved way better than him.
BTS The Red Bullet 150731 - São Paulo/Brazil Concert Fan account

Okay, starting from the beginning, I won’t even waste my time talking about lines, and lack of organization and all the unnecessary pushing that happened during the ENTIRE concert (the boys asked us to stop pushing and during Just One Day Namjoon STOPPED singing just to tell us “please guys, don’t push people who are in the front cause it might hurt them”). I was the third row so I was REALLY REALLY close to the stage.

So during the concert, due to 5000 people there a lot of people were feeling sick because of the heat so they had to be taken to the nursery and everytime the firemen took a girl out, Jungkook made this very sad face??? and very concerned also.

the boys are unbelieably handsome. Seriously. All of them look like they were freaking dolls and when they got on stage Taehyung was very serious and he is ????????? perfect ???????????

And there were LOTS of skinship going on, during Miss Right Jungkook ran his hands from Taehyung’s shoulder to his ANKLE and i’m not joking. There were lots of vhope moments too and JIMIN CARRIED JIN ON HIS SHOULDERS AND JIN WAS ACTUALLY TERRIFIED (because once Jimin put him down he looked back and he laughed and he couldn’t sing for like a minute??? he was very afraid)

Hoseok noticed a friend of mine because she showed a gif of him dancing to Ice Cream Cake and he pointed at her and started dancing it while the guys were talking to us and stuff (she died btw), and he is so sweet, you have no idea.

All the boys are VERY VERY GOOD and they didn’t lip sync at all. Jungkook was very serious at first but then he started feeling more comfortable I guess and he started laughing and making jokes.


But he was ok, he actually slipped because Jungkook tried to knock him down and he kept laughing a lot.

During the show there was a aegyo contest, and they wanted to know who’d have to do it while they were singing I Like It and everybody was calling for Suga but he was hell nah and at the end Jungkook lost and he SKEPT LIKE A BUNNY FROM ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER AND IT WAS VERY CUTE. But at the end we convinced Suga to do aegyo and he did aegyo while rapping???? and it was amazing and he did it twice.

During cypher I literally prayed. They were very energetic and we rapped with Namjoon and he got so freaking happy he started jumping and we rapped with Hoseok too!! And Yoongi blessed us with holy water that he threw at us mortals. Also, once Cypher 3 was finished, they started Cypher 2 and the blessing kept on going.

They didn’t do anything different from the other concerts except for: WE NAILED MISS RIGHT’S LYRICS. Hoseok said he was very proud of us that he didn’t have to go through the lyrics again, and they went right away to the thing.

During the times they were talking I screamed Jungkook’s name very very loud and he looked at me very seriously and I made half a heart with my hands and he looked down smiling lmao goOD B YE. Also Taehyung waved at my overall direction and he is so so so so sweet. A friend of mine wrote a sign that said “Jin, me, you, two dogs and a house” and Jin read it and he said yes!!

We did a special chant for Jimin also, and he was so so so happy!! Also for Jin and for Hoseok and they felt very loved and this concert was amazing and I’m very very tired

  • Person making the History exam paper: Okay, so basically we're going to do away with all the patterns we have created over these past 14 years.
  • Me: Bu-
  • Them: Any questions?
  • Me: Yeah. You can't jus-
  • Them: Perfect.
  • Me: No!
  • Them: Off we go. Bye now.

So what even is the ship name for Clint and Pietro? Hawksilver? Clintro? I don’t actually know.

Also please don’t tell me I’m the only one who started shipping them after AOU. Their dynamic was so heartbreakingly perfect. Before I saw the film those two were the last people I ever thought I’d be shipping, but 30 minutes later I was so invested in all of their interactions with eachother. And don’t even get me started on the end of our little Sokovian, I’m in so much pain over that.

Seriously though, I’ve gotten so strangely obsessed with a ship that I never even considered before.

No but seriously, do you remember when chapter 685 was released?

We agreed, as a fandom, that something was up and we were being trolled because the chapter felt so strange. What with Toushiro saying “everything has been peaceful these past ten years” or the Soukyoku being restored, or that “End of perfection” title on a bright blue sky? Fandom classified them as obvious red herrings.
Or even better, since the main character wasn’t there and the black goo started sizzling suspiciously during Rukia’s ceremony, we all shrugged and said “well, Ichigo is gonna show up soon and kick Ywach’s ass again”. Because that’s what happens in normal stories.
Ichigo’s kid blowing the final villain up? Pfff, we waved our hands. Silly shippers. Ichigo was supposed to cannonball from the sky and save the day and be a hero, as usual.
Let me reiterate that: the WHOLE fandom, from Reddit to youtubers (tekking101, for example) to Tumblr itself thought that the chapter was one giant red herring. Hell, some even thought it was just a *possible* future, not a real one. Because a changed SS wouldn’t have built an even bigger execution stand, what was the point of the manga otherwise? Man, we thought we *at least* would know who the new Soul King is.
How naive of us.
In the end, do you know who won? Those fans who read it for shit and giggles. Aware it was crap, they had a good, howling laugh out of it and then moved on.

I never wore jeans because I thought my legs were too fat, because on tumblr all you see is very slim legs in jeans and people commenting ‘perfect’
So everytime I tried jeans on I always thought they just didn’t suit my body type and they were too fat.
Until, I started seeing girls with ‘thick thighs’ like me all over my dashboard and a few days later I got the cutest pair of jeans and I’m ready to rock them tomorrow
Seriously average sized girls need to be more promoted more because it’s so rare to see girls like me on my dash being appreciated


His final name is River Nolan. He’s twenty, loves going to theaters (wants to be an actor), has all the silly tees in the world, is an adoptive only child, loooves surfing and will cover up every wall with pictures and posters. No one takes him seriously, either.

Was anybody else super disappointed by this season of Downton Abbey and the way they ended the series?



  • Probably the most forced romantic relationship I have ever seen on TV between Mary and attractive-but-personalityless-race-car-driver-who-is-literally-just-there-as-a-love-interest-not-a-character
  • like seriously this is what disappointed me the most and kind of left a bad taste in my mouth about the series as a whole
  • because like Mary was one of my faves and her relationship with Matthew was such a natural gradual thing and they were both strong well developed characters in their own right who just happened to be well suited for each other instead of slapped together by the nauseating, in some cases out of character insistence of everyone around them (like seriously if that isn’t Fellowes jumping in and punching us all in the face with ‘THEY’RE SO PERFECT TOGETHER EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NO CHEMISTRY LOOK EVERYONE’S SAYING SO SO IT MUST BE TRUE’ like way to tell when you should be showing)
  • Mr. Carson went from stodgy and traditional to downright cruel, especially with Thomas
  • Tom being reduced to Mary’s Jiminy Cricket
  • Edith quickly forgiving Mary for LITERALLY RUINING HER LIFE without so much as an apology because someday everyone’s gonna die ?????
  • There was such a brouhaha about Robert being sick all season and they kept building it up only for it to be taken care of in one episode
  • Same thing with the whole hospital drama like that was a HUGE plot point for ¾ of the season and then other than Violet being pissed it was just dropped with no impact on anything
  •  Edith is unhappy again (I mean they’ll probably remedy this in the Christmas special but still)
  • One of the biggest overarching themes of the whole series has been about preserving the Abbey itself and its connection to the family but they barely touched on that all season aside from a few one-off comments about how grand houses were no longer a thing
  • So many plot points were dropped like Carson catching Thomas leaving Andy’s room after trying to teach him to read and thinking the worst like nothing came of that at all, and same with the budding romance between Mrs. Patmore and William’s dad
  • rushed wedding ahoy
  • I just feel like a lot of the stuff they introduced this season had no bigger purpose beyond some conflict for like half a second which sucks when continuity is usually so on point in Downton
  • The dynamic between Carson and Mrs. Hughes didn’t change at all after they got married 
  • seriously I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the show for what they did to Mary’s romantic life