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Still super bummed out I couldn’t make it to the BMC revival this weekend but I’m sure it was amazing and Matt and Ryan are awesomely adorable as Mike and Jer and I’m just hoping everybody had fun!! Also someone said Michael has a snapback in the show so I needed to deliver since I’ve seen NOTHING.

Btw I can’t get over their BMC Live video which is where the leap frog thing came from haha

notable quotes from the first couple hours of extra life
  • caiti quoting a tweet: no more bald boys. suptic was enough.
  • : :
  • : :
  • jack[?]: matt bragg is wearing the rimmy tim mask.
  • matt bragg: hey, i cant see.
  • : :
  • : :
  • geoff: Millicent you're a monster
  • millie: thank you.
  • : :
  • : :
  • Jeremy: if i make out with larry I'm going to end up fucking him.
  • : :
  • : :
  • jack: ryan do you have a knife on you?
  • ryan[begrudgingly]: yeah...
  • : :
  • : :
  • trevor: where are you going to punch me?
  • millie, getting ready to punch trevor: yeah.
  • : :
  • : :
  • ryan: I've added trevor gets fucked to the wheel. i don't know what that means.
  • Michael[in the background]: trevor. gets. FUCKED.

RT Extra Life 2017 doodles!

  1. Alfredo and Larry kiss (shifty kiss)
  2. Alfreyco shirt 
  3. Gavin and Michael Pocky kiss
  4. Headgemite (Vegemite on Jeremy’s head. Bread was added)
  5. Interpretive dance during Whose Spot is it Anyway (ft. Miles, Cole and Jeremy)
  6. Also during Whose Spot is it Anyway, Jeremy took Jon’s glasses
  7. My Bob Ross painting! Done in Photoshop  
  8. Chad James of Screw Attack kissed Jack
  9. Chad again but with Ryan this time lmao
  10. Collection of RTExtra Life kisses through the years

If you missed out any parts of the stream you can check it out here