no but rly that is perf

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OMG can you believe when he is in this beautiful shark tunnel instead of take a picture of shark he take a picture of Dan ?? And that photo?? It is not a easy angle to shoot and he had to wait this perfect moment to achieve this??? (Sorry about my horrible english)

ok but srsly. that photo. holy fuck. dan was gazing at the fish but phil was just gazing at dan and wanted to capture him in as beautiful a way as he could and then literally contorted his whole body to get the shot bc he’s just that committed and then felt the need to share his work with us and even respond (albeit a bit jokingly) to a tweet that acknowledged how especially good that photo is bc he is proud of it but mostly he is proud of being the one who gets to share his life with dan and he’s just basking in sharing dans beauty with the world and it’s still sort of subtle since it’s in a larger set of photos but the significance is not diminished bc phil so rarely shares pics like that of dan, it’s mostly just silly candids, and if he takes rly beautiful ones like that one on isle of man when dans in his fuzzy hat w his hands under his chin and the sun is setting behind him, then he lets dan share the photo himself, but this time phil decided to post it and it genuinely feels like he is basically saying look how pretty this boy is look at this sublime experience we had together and wow my heart is shattering

top 10 best sunmi moments
  1. iconic bass playing 
  2. that time she got really drunk singing why so lonely
  3. when in a fansign the fans teased her for being That wasted kdj rip 
  4. when on weekly idol she couldnt dance any random song…. nothing… she just kept messing up and laughing about it… she was in a dancing group for 10 yrs… 
  5. 140403 mcountdown perf. of full moon it was literally perfect 
  6. this balloon game where no one trusted if she could make it bc she’s rly clumsy but she aced it in seconds… queen 
  7. this fancam
  8. not a morning person… 
  9. playing videogames w this dude nd giggling and even winning the game :’)

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okay honestly I didn't like the new easter baking vid that much? the humor felt very forced and it seems like they were trying too hard to replicate the style of their previous baking videos (especially the halloween one). it just seemed a bit off to me.

Ahh I always get irrationally frustrated when I don’t love a Dan and Phil video, I don’t know why. I just felt like it was a repeat of previous videos. And the baking itself was terrible omg I was cringing so hard at the close ups 😅. Though I’m happy to see that a lot of people really enjoyed it! I hope you are well

i actually very much agree with this! i mean i’ll never actually dislike something dnp make especially when it involves them mostly dicking around and messing with each other but i definitely found this to be less enjoyable than past bakes and i think both of you perfectly identified one of the central reasons why. dnp definitely seem to have settled on a certain set of jokes and humor for these videos that they default to (e.g. throwing the ingredients when they introduce them and assigning questionable sourcing to the ingredients [like right from a fairy’s teat or whatever], hitting each other with things, feeding each other, dan calling phil dad/daddy, both of them making fun of their own baking ability, etc.) and even if many of those things are natural or things that they would do anyway if they were baking and there wasn’t a camera on them, the fact that they seem to rely on those forms of humor in increasingly exaggerated ways with each new baking vid generally make them less entertaining as jokes, and also suggests a degree of self-awareness that detracts from the enjoyability of the vid. what i mean is that it feels a lot less like dnp are deliriously cooking in their kitchen in the middle of the night and having lots of fun as they laugh and giggle together, and much more like dnp knew they had to get this video done and wanted to make sure it was entertaining so they included some of the same types of jokes and noteworthy moments that they know people have focused on and loved in the past. i do think they warmed up as the video went on but man the first few mins when they’re introducing the vid and transforming into their pastel personas were not even just overly performance-y but honestly very nearly painful to watch–-for me, both their humor and their rhythm and maybe even their chemistry kind of felt forced, like they’d lost the footing of how to open a video and actually sound excited about it. and in general, i didn’t really laugh aloud during this vid, or feel warm inside as i watched them have fun, but mostly felt very aware that i was watching dnp film a video rather than dnp bake in their kitchen. 

i want to be very clear that that isn’t even really a bad thing. i actually think we’ve been super spoiled by videos in the last few months on dapg that have ushered in a really lovely norm for them regarding their performance styles. they’ve become super relaxed in a number of ways, their humor is very organic and unforced, they complement each other more than ever and bounce off each other in an uplifting way rather than relying on old shticks of dan making fun of phil to drive the “comedic” nature of their content. i honestly think the reason this vid feels so weird is bc it’s a bit of a step back from that recent norm. i also don’t want anyone to misinterpret any part of this as an argument for dnp manufacturing content that they think people want to see bc of any malicious ulterior motive. if i get a single message about fan service i will scream. there’s a difference, as i’ve written eight million times before, between lying and manipulating an audience in order to make a profit and exaggerating jokes/humor in order to provide entertainment. dnp definitely do the latter bc that’s their job. they’re entertainers, and some vids will necessarily involve more acting/exaggeration than others depending on any number of factors (their energy levels, their stress or exhaustion due to pre-filming a bunch of videos in a row, anything else happening in their lives that we don’t know about, etc.) 

it also doesn’t mean there weren’t great and funny things about this vid!!! there were many moments that i did enjoy and that stood out to me. i might do another post about those moments after i rewatch it, but a couple that i’m thinking about right now are both of them voice acting the bunnies on the wall with thick northern accents, dan asking phil to come back into the kitchen and scaring him with the bunny costume, just all of the set decor in general bc it’s v pastel and cute, phil demonstrating how big dan’s overalls are and then making that mpreg fic comment bc it felt like it was just genuinely what his mind went to and that is .. .interesting tbh, and dan whining phil’s name in that high pitched way every time phil spilled something or messed up bc every single one felt like a perf example of that special sort of fond exasperation he saves for phil alone. 

overall, an alright vid, nothing rly bad but also nothing all that exciting to me, and i think that’s okay!!!!!! 

(easter baking: pastel lemon meringues

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THIS IS SO NICE IM CRYING AHHH. IM P SURE I LOVE IT LIKE ACTUALLY MY HEAD FEELS SO LIBERATED AND MY FACE LOOKS SO DIFF IN A GOOD WAY??? also just learned a lot about myself bc apparently my hair isnt even curly at all when it’s short? wtf??? it’s like close to pin straight???? and i have cowlicks at the back? cute???? hahaha its not like the PERF pixie cut and the stylist was sort of rushing and probs was like ugh why am i the person who is landed w completely transforming this girl’s look, but i feel like it’s a rly good first step into the land of short hair and i think i look rly hot n interestingly masc or androgynous a bit which makes me so happy wow (i’ll upload a pic when i’m home if i can!!!!!!) 


“It’s not useless, stupid. Everyone believes you’ll come back. Don’t give up this time. While you’re sitting out, I’ll show him. There’s no such thing as useless effort.”

happy birthday, tabby!! the thirstiest ho i know

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Omg yas EXO! So can i have an Akashi scenario + "Am I being selfish? Your eyes, your nose, your lips. I wanna be the only one who looks at you, am I being too greedy?" (Unfair-EXO) basically it's like a lyric request?? Is that allowed? :(

(yup it’s allowed! and also kai and sehun were SO cute in this song thanks for gracing my life with this request, anon) 

Your eyes, your nose, your lips, 
I wanna be the only one who looks at you,
Am I being too greedy?

A gentle clink on the coffee table in front you startled you out of your reverie. Akashi smiles at you, and walks around the coffee table to join you on the couch. He settles down next to you, and you can smell the cinnamon and cologne on him because of how close he is. 

He’s still in his dress shirt, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You’ve long since changed out of your work clothes. Resting your head on his shoulder, you hum to the sounds of the music he has playing on the stereo system. Akashi sips his spiced wine, stroking your hand with his thumb. 

“I love moments like these,” he says. You turn to peck him, grateful that the two of you were able to carve time out of your busy schedules to spend with each other. Akashi smiles when you shower him with affection, placing his mug down on the coffee table. 

He shifts a little to face you, cupping your cheeks, pressing a kiss to your eyelids, your nose and finally on your eager lips. He loves you, you’re well aware, but he’s hardly ever romantic like this. Your skin flushes under his touch and Akashi laughs quietly. 

“Ah, I love you.” He whispers into your ear, cupping it. He rarely ever loosens up so Akashi being so comfortable and open with his affection and love is more than welcome. “I want to be the only one who looks at you, am I being too greedy?” He asks. Pulling back to meet your stunned expression, Akashi bursts into laughter, eyes alight with mirth. 

a list of all the ways i can smish charlie, by anon

1. pinch his lil chipmunk cheeks omfg they’re sO SOFT there’s a lot of cheek to pinch ok

2. just straight up hug him, he’d give good hugs

3. grab his ass bc i have to it’s a hockey ass ok

4. maybe kinda gently grab his junk when nobody’s looking bc privacy is important

5. i’d rly like to kinda touch his lil thighs when we’re just chillin that’d be gr9 ok

6. his lil tummy tho and his soft lil sides are just perf ok i wanna touch em

7. can i take a nap on him pls he’d be a great pillow

8. i also wanna kiss him he’s so pretty and has soft lips

9. i also wanna hold his hand and have him do the thumb rub thing

10. i kind of wanna sit on his lap but idk if that’ll work bc i’m not exactly a tiny person but he’s a big boy so i think we can make it work

11. maybe have him lay his head in my lap so i can give him a head rub

12. maybe kinda casually play footsie when we’re at the table or something idk does anyone even do that anymore

13. can i also kinda put my head on his shoulder?

14. i know when you hug ppl taller than you they sometimes kinda tuck your head under their chin that’d be p great

15. spooning is gr9 and also i’d be willing to be the little spoon w him bc he’s a special boy and i can make exceptions for special boys

16. if i’m the big spoon tho that’d be gr8 bc he wouldn’t be poking me in the ass with the awkward boner that sometimes happens

17. altho lbr i’m kind of a sadist so if he does get an awkward accidental boner i will just REVEL in it son

18. being the big spoon also means i get to squeeze him which is good

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@the vocal thing.. Jungkook does have the best tecnicue tho, and can carry out good notes even with a lot of dancing. When they make the songs, they need tl concider the live perfs too, and if Jin had the most lines in a song with an intense coreo, it would get hard on him. Just a thing to think about! They're all rly good vocally and at dancing, i'm not putting anyone down! maintaining goos vocals all thru the coreo gets hard for everyone but some people can pull thru slightly better.

True,  that should be taken into consideration too. Like I said previously, there is a reason why the line distribution is like that, it’s based on something.

Day 07 -- Extra-Super-Grande-Hella Cute [JongKey, PG, 1522w]

Getting this in just before midnight!! >:D

Drabble a Day | Prompt Me!

The university library closes early before holiday weekends, which is kind of not awesome. Jonghyun’s got a stack of midterm papers to write. He also has a bottle of painkillers, twelve encouraging texts from Minho laden with emoji, and two extra-super-grande-whatever sized coffees. He can do this. Maybe.

Anatomy is not his strong suit, even with the handful of practice he’s had on underclassmen this year – though that was mostly in the dark, so it probably doesn’t count, he thinks with a frown. He’s got his shoes off, hair mussed, and he’s seriously considering unbuttoning his jeans. Hell, give it another hour and he’ll be adjusting his unseemly bits. No one’s in his corner of the library anyway. The empty table he’s got to himself is proof enough of that. He can hear the aircon whistle through the shelves and he’s pretty sure he saw a giant crumpled-paper tumbleweed roll through twenty minutes ago.

He’s looking out the huge window behind his chair, watching a duck waddle around the “Pond for Peace” (whatever that means), somewhere in the range of two hours and forty-seven minutes into his cram session. Maybe Jinki wouldn’t mind coming down to help him. Jinki finished his papers early, because he’s a smug honors student and he doesn’t have the amazing commitment Jonghyun does to pizza or 90s television reruns. Anyway, he’s distracting himself pretty well when he hears a throat clear in front of him – behind him? He is looking over his shoulder – followed by a weak half-cough.

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dacre rly out here tryna make houses pretty or some shit what a perf bae

I’d hire him. We keep finding things out about him that make him even more perfect and like?? Is he even real??