no but really that's what the fan asked him

you know what’s kinda freaky? i’ll be reading stuff written by fans of the outsiders and i’ll see fanart and i’ll see the movie and up until i reread the book, i forgot that dally is only 17. he died before he even turned 18. the fandom tends to portray him as this dashing young man with not a care in the world and a malicious streak, but really, he’s a kid hardened by circumstance; he pulled himself into a hard shell to protect himself from everything, at a young age. he might pretend to be cold and unfeeling, but he’s just trying to keep himself safe. and it makes me so sad that people forget that. ponyboy realizing that is some serious character developement for both of them.

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How did the first meeting between Alistair and Tabris go?

Not particularly well, actually. Tiny elf crammed with rage and ready to kill any and all humans, not a solid foundation for interpersonal relationships.

I really love how comfortable Jeonghan is with his looks. He knows that his long hair makes him look more feminine and pretty but he owns that. He doesn’t get defensive when fans or other people make comments about how he’s pretty like a girl; he doesn’t compensate through more masculine actions (a fan asked if they could call him mom and he said yes). And I’m sure he probably gets teased about it from time to time because even in kpop men shouldn’t look that girly which he doesn’t really at all but he owns his looks and that’s honestly such a beautiful thing.

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So me and some other fans are very, VERY confused by Joker's tattoo- god's only child, with the 'only' marked. Joker isn't religious, so its weird. Got any theory what can it mean? Maybe someone else did it to him (the tattoo looks like he was made really quickly, comparing to the other tattoos) just something. It can really help! When i saw the word 'child' i thought about the batfamily for some reason, but thats just me

I’ve actually been thinking about this myself as of late, so I’m glad you asked. Ever since I saw the release photos of our beloved Suicide Squad Joker statue, shirtless in his glory, the God’s Only Child tattoo made its debut to not only me, but fans globally.

Personally, I take a very dark, potentially controversial, philosophical approach to the tattoo.

One of the greatest quotes I ever studied in philosophy through university was by Epicurus, and it goes as follows,
“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? [. . .] Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” For clarification, omnipotence refers to God being all powerful, and malevolence refers to a desire to inflict evil upon others.

Now, as the DC universe has never revealed the Joker to be a religious character, I continue to believe that he is not. Perhaps he does believe in something, but it certainly does not involve a fear of Hell. Nevertheless, I believe this tattoo to be a reminder of the Problem of Evil surrounding the idea of the universe’s creator. Should there be an all-loving, all-powerful God as many religious scriptures, prophets and groups alike claim there to be, then this God not only supports the sanity of the average man, but the insanity of sociopaths, murderers, etc. If there was a God capable of possessing such extreme levels of benevolence, that is– incomparable, otherworldly compassion and kindness, then the Joker should not exist. Yet he does.

To be God’s Only Child I feel he is stating that he must be God’s favorite, falling into the favoritism between children in families, a reality found significantly in today’s society. If we are all “God’s Children,” then for evil such as himself to exist, God must personally favor the deviance of his ways over all else to have evaded a wrathful end until this point; this reality hereby making the Joker God’s Only Child. Whether or not he’s right, I see it as an insult to all those religious and who continue to believe a God must exist, yet is not responsible for those are reputable as the Joker. Addressing others’ naivety and faults has always been a talent of Joker’s.

Ultimately, a perfect addition to the Joker’s arguably twisted narcissism. I couldn’t be more pleased with the approach they have taken with his tattoos. This is just my opinion, and it could very well be wrong should these Gelos, God of Laughter rumors of his identity surface as the truth.

  • Ares: Hey Hephaestus! Hold up a second.
  • Hephaestus: huh, Ares, I thought you left....I was so happy.
  • Ares: You dont like me, nobody likes me.You know why? Im a "screw up" and always have been...heh...I remember when Eros was a kid Aphrodite always asked me to bring him to Olympus but I always walked him to the wrong mount, haha.
  • Hephaestus: ....boy...thats a great story,really, and im sure you are just a horrible father but im afraid you have me confused with somebody who gives a crap, but dont feel ashamed my mother did the same thing when she thought she was going to die.
  • Ares: Hey listen Hephaestus, no offense actually im a big fan of the tough guy act but let me tell you what I really think, I think you love the fact that Eros looks up to you, cause you know he was sensitive and smart so when he became a love god nobody was surprised, that was ALL he wanted but yet somehow you managed to beat that out of him havent you? Know he despises love and everything he does.....Hephaestus, Eros will never look up to me....never....but he will always look up to him so please stop being such a hard ass on him....and if you dont will hear from me...
  • Hephaestus: ......
  • Ares: nice seeing you brother.{offers him a handshake}
  • Hephaestus: ....nice seeing you too brother (gives him a handshake)

what the fuck people!  just listen to zayn singing and calm down.  who the fuck cares about naughty boy anyway?  Are any of you really checking for him anyway?  No!  Do any of you stop in the middle of the day and ask yourself “i wonder what naughty boy is doing?” NO!  Let NB stay there and be weird as hell! THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT ZAYN.

Its like some fans are fully trolling NB just to start shit AND twist shit to cause drama.  Zayn has been friends with him for a while and I have yet to go to NB’s Twitter.  I don’t care about NB.  I care about Zayn, that’s all.  And some of you hoping that Zayn had no part in this.  Are you serious???  Have several seats.

Of course NB is promoting himself.  But something GOOD is coming out of it!   This isn’t like Zerrie fuckery where Little Mix and Perrie reaps all the rewards and Zayn gets shit on.  He is also promoting our Baby Boi Zayn.  wHAT THE FUCK Y’ALL!