no but really less than a week this isnt the time to have breakdowns

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so in the human au, what do you think exactly are MTT's intentions with Pap? Like how exactly does he feel about him? (basically i guess im just asking about your papyton hcs in general, but more specifically with the human au)

sit down children its time for me to tell you the tale of a lovestruck idiot and his skeleton

i’m gonna explain it all under the readmore by just telling you how they met [esp. since ive been getting messages asking about that as well]. i recommend you read this if you already haven’t before reading this, since it all happened after mettaton left the hospital and is supposedly doing better.

so. mettaton recovers [mostly], and is checked out. he’s a bit unstable but, for the time being, mostly back to normal. he’s forced to move in with his cousins after his dad disappears. He’s still in contact with Alphys, who’s his best friend.
since Mettaton was mostly disliked by his highschool classmates, the only ‘friend’ he’s got after graduating is Burgerpants, who he lost contact with, so Alphys offers to introduce him to her friend, Undyne, at an upcoming get-together at Sans’ house [about 12 people were invited].
This is after Mettaton and Sans had a fling, and Mettaton is still slightly enamored with him and wants to avoid him at all costs. He turns the invitation down and decides he’ll just make new friends at college.

a week before the get-together, he overworks himself and has a serious breakdown [eventually hurting himself in the middle of it], scaring the hell out of blooky, who had no idea what to do about it. the only thing they could do was to call alphys and tell her about it, since she’s still mettaton’s emotional pillar and helps him recover faster. she comes over and calms him down, and eventually convinces him he should go to the get together to relax and have a well deserved good time. she sleeps over and misses classes the following day to spend time with mettaton. she visits him everyday until they have to go to the get together.

mettaton is still on breakdown autopilot, anxious, wary, and silent. he doesn’t really wants to go but he promised alphys he would. so when they arrive, he tries his best not to be absolutely out of character, though he’s still visibly nervous and uncomfortable being around people. alphys introduces him to undyne, who’s her usual intense self and tries not to point out how weird the he’s acting [nothing like what alphys described him as]. eventually mettaton escapes the social interactions and sits on the couch, pretending to eat some of the stuff alphys offered him, just to avoid worrying her too much.
sans was nowhere to be found, which was fucking excellent because mettaton literally cant handle that shit right now, and sitting besides metta was papyrus. he didn’t know him yet, so to mettaton he was just a quiet, nervous boy who seemed unable to stop fidgeting. paps greeted him [and said something about being a master at partying or something, even though that get together was probably the closest thing to a party he’s ever been to], and mettaton really didnt want to talk to anyone at the moment but replied anyway, just glad there was something distracting him from his own self destructive thoughts.

they kept talking about silly things [papyrus was doing most of the talking, but mettaton was surprisingly enjoying it, entertained by how pure this boy seems], and papyrus was just really sweet and nice to mettaton. they talked the whole night through [at first mettaton didnt want to leave because he didnt want to accidentally bump into sans, but at this point he’s having a great time listening to papyrus’ monologues], and eventually got into emotional territory, and mettaton felt so comfortable with papyrus he told him some stuff about himself he doesn’t tell anyone when he’s his normal self and interacting with random people [e.g. some of his insecurities]. of course papyrus was extremely understanding and cheered him up almost instantly by complimenting him and making mettaton laugh by complimenting himself, too.
[alphys couldn’t fucking believe she was hearing mettaton laugh just a day after having a breakdown, since he usually takes weeks to return to his natural self after a slip]
eventually mettaton got hungry and had to leave the couch to get something to eat. he only realized he was allowing himself to eat something for the first time in weeks after he had already taken a bite of whatever candy he found. he also noticed he wasn’t wary or anxious anymore, and was instead feeling very confident and enjoying himself. he immediately connected that to Papyrus, and just decided that paps was someone he wanted in his life, someone he needed to have around, because not even alphys could make him feel so confident and safe, even though he barely knew him.

so that’s how it started. mettaton bumped into sans during the party, eventually [and found out papyrus was his brother, too, since sans nervously commented “my bro’s the coolest isnt he haha” after a terribly awkward conversation], but he didn’t really care.

the following months, he and papyrus started hanging out more. mettaton was developing a pretty intense crush on paps, since paps made him feel so much better about himself and so safe, but nobody really noticed since he acted so cool about it and flirted with everyone equally. as the months went by though, both sans and alphys noticed mettaton was giving papyrus wayyy more attention than anyone else in the group.

mettaton kissed him one day, when they were lying on pap’s stupid bed, talking about old music. papyrus was like ’?????????’ and mettaton was trying to play it off as ‘its cool its just a kiss it just means i like you and you’re a good friend’, super relaxed, but he was actually fucking exploding inside, sure he had made papyrus uncomfortable and just gave away how fucking head over heels he is over him, fucking up their friendship. paps enjoyed it, though, so they kept doing simple couple things like cuddling and kissing and sometimes making out, in the pretense that “we’re just good pals who trust eachother and want to be close”.

they’re still at it. but really? mettaton is fucking in love with papyrus. like, really in love with him and wants to have him by his side because none of his other partners ever treated him like paps did, so genuinely loving without shady intentions. and he’s nervous because he’s not sure if papyrus would date him, he’s not even sure if papyrus is alloromantic at all.
in the current timeline, they haven’t made it official, nor have they done the nasties yet [only some frustrated grinding one time, of which mettaton can’t really stop thinking about], because mettaton is scared shitless of ruining what they have right now and papyrus really doesnt knows exactly how this whole dating thing works, because according to his guide, they skipped step 1 to 7 entirely, and now he’s lost and confused.

they’re a mess, which freaks mettaton out, since every single other relationship he’s ever had was way less complex [he could tell exactly what they were, and where it was going, most of the time]. he’ll figure it out, though. he’s a smart boy, and romance isn’t that scary.