no but really is there a definite way of spelling her name

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So I know you like trans Adrien, any thoughts about the other way, coming out as Adrienne? Idk. I also headcanon Adrien as aroace bc i'm aroace and I see a lot of myself in him. Especially the over the top flirting which is not to be taken seriously.

yeah i like trans girl adrien too! personally im not a huge fan of people using adrienne for her name just because its so close to adrien in both spelling and pronunciation? and yeah ofc some people do choose names that are really close to their deadnames but idk thats just a thing that makes me a tiny bit cautious. esp since adrienne is the popular name for genderbent adrien and i think most people know where i stand on that

tl;dr: trans girl adrien is g r e a t 

hey thats super cool!!! i can totally see that, i mean, adrien is definitely one who plays the roles that are expected of him, so i can see him doing that!