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kc au week | day 2 · Adversaries

Caroline tilts her head up to glimpse the devil in question. his perm emirk (that really highlights the dimples, damn him) and stubble are in place. Jeans, Henley, necklaces? Check. His hair’s a bit longer than it had been the last time she’d seen him. She really hates he’s so freaking attractive.

Wthout a Map by @lalainajanes

So I’ve finally finished my arcana mc hopefully for good this time ᕦ( ᐕ )ᕡ

I like it much better than my previous designs, unfortunately the names didn’t fit anymore either (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻ But they’re a combination of my other (now dead) mcs

There are a lot of times when I just want to post something outrageous and obviously made in jest like, “Light is a more interesting character than L and ya’ll are just in denial” but then I catch myself muttering under my breath like, but I’m actually not kidding. 

Life is hard, lmao. 

I figured it out, guys. Why Harry wears such hideous patterned trousers with his nice suit tops:

Clearly, he’s a Sixth Doctor fan.

Merlin, who prefers the Ninth Doctor himself, teases him relentlessly for his penchant for picking trousers that Six would wear, but Harry staunchly defends his choices and his Doctor.

Eggsy, who enjoys Twelve and who is super excited for the new Lady Doctor, likes to fuel the flames between them, egg them both on to see how far they’ll go in defence of their chosen Doctor.

I’m debating about asking for a beta reader… I have a lot of insecurities (said everyone on tumblr ever) about opening up my writing process and accepting criticism, no matter how constructive. Plus, I’m a really, REALLY slow writer. It takes a long time to make any progress on a fic, and part of me is hoping maybe a beta reader will help, or having someone to bouce ideas off of.

I have this horrible mentality that if I don’t get it right the first time, then I’m not good enough to get it the second. It’s stupid, and I know I do it, and I try to nip it in the bud when I can, but sometimes it just kills whatever I’m working on.

It goes hand in hand with my mentality that I shouldn’t need to ask for help for anything, that I should be good enough to do it myself. It can be a rather vicious cycle.

Anyway, all that aside, I have no idea what the expectations are, who to ask, or anything. 

So, I guess I’m asking for a beta reader?

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;

There was an…incident…involving the cat jumping onto my desk straight into my mixing palette of liquid ink, and me dropping my brush right into the middle of this…

[I’ve decided not to kill myself trying to keep up with inktober - I just have too much going on right now <3]

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theo helping liam + my favorite scenes 

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