no but rachel i expected more from you

Klaine Advent Day

D: Dare

Everyone vetoed Rachel’s shouts of Spin the Bottle. It was Santana, taking a momentary pause from her drunken hysteria, to recommend Truth or Dare. Kurt didn’t care for that idea much either, but everyone besides himself and Finn were past the point of no return on having violent, puking hangovers the next morning.

Santana went first, picking Rachel, who burped and picked dare.

“I dare you to… suck Artie’s toes.”

Rachel did hers and Kurt had to look away. Blaine cheered and laughed beside him, his curls a floppy mess. From Rachel it passed to Tina, then Mike, Sam, and back to Rachel. Every turn grew more depraved and sexual.

She stared around at them, swaying even though she was sitting. Then her eyes fell on Blaine and Kurt, still mercifully left out of the fiasco unfolding.

“Blaine Warbler, truth or dare.”

Blaine laughed. “Uh dare.”

Kurt gave him an appraising look. He’d expected dare, but that wasn’t accounting for the alcohol.

“I dare you to kiss…” Rachel’s eyes landed on Kurt and she gave a sloppy, lazy version of a wink. “Kiss your favorite person in this room.”

Everyone catcalled. Kurt shifted away from Finn on his right, but Blaine’s hand caught his shoulder.

Puck gave a roar of approval when Blaine kissed him. Sharp, bitter alcohol and peppermint. Kurt tasted all of it for a fleeting second as their lips met.

Blaine pulled back as quickly as he’d leaned in. “Mmm, your lips are soft.”

“Get it, Hummel!”

Fic: Learning Who You Are

Boy band member!Blaine/not famous!Kurt. When Kurt meets a cute guy in a coffee shop, the outcome is a little more than he was expecting. Mentions of Finchel, slight age difference (20/18).

~2600 words, PG-13ish, fluff.

Kurt was so excited he was legitimately worried he was going to explode.

“It’s tomorrow!”

“Oh my God, I know!” Rachel replied, actually jumping up and down beside him in line at the Lima Bean. “We’re twenty-eight hours away from seeing New Directions live and in person!”

They both squealed, earning a couple of judgmental glances from the other customers. Kurt just scowled back, unwilling to let them ruin his mood.

“And we’ve got floor seats, too,” Kurt said, sighing dreamily. “Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for your near-encyclopedic knowledge of pop music history?”

“Only about fifty times since I won the tickets,” Rachel said with a smirk. “Funny how you never appreciated it while I was talking about the musicality of our set lists in Glee before.”

“To be fair, it was also ninety degrees that day,” Kurt said. “I didn’t plan on falling asleep.”

“I know, I know,” Rachel said, patting his arm. “Now order your drink before this barista hates us forever.”

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