no but look on the bright side


older Miles is a bit of an ass, complete with snide remarks, a perpetual bad mood, and of course, more lying. he almost reminds me of Felix but more obnoxious. he still has a huge crush on Adrienne though that has only gotten worse over the years. only her bright sunshine behavior seems to bring out the softer side of him

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Is it true that the other side by ruelle was written for Malec??? I saw it in one of the blogs? Does anyone know

As far as I know (so correct me if I am wrong), Ruelle wrote the song “for a special show” but never stated that she wrote it for Malec. It’s just that the Malec fandom claimed that song from the very first second because it screamed Malec. 

Personally, my first impression was that it probably would be used in the C/limon/C/lace break up scene and I guess I was right since the song will apparently be played on the next ep on Monday.

work sucked. I was mentally tired, sore, drained, exhausted, pissy, cranky, frustrated and just annoyed after work I never want to go back to that hell hole of a crapshack ever again. so after I got home and had shower one I jumped straight under the covers of my bed to just chill and message some friends and just was pathetically mopey coz I had no new messages from my crush :(

Usually I can cope at work today, but it felt like every second customer who came in today smelt like they binged hard on numerous substances and came in without showering or anything, and then just not having many customers in the first place. 

And then to top it off I slept like garbage and had this super weird dream that my cousins boyfriend cheated on her with me, but my cousin as far as I know has never had a boyfriend and holy crap what is going on.

on the bright side my hair is amazing, like seriously look at that gingerness does it make you jealous as fuck?

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Aww, well Lucas look on the bright side. Whenever someone messes with you. You can take their thing and lift it high in the air while they struggle to get it.

Lucas: that is so mean !
Lucas: claus struggles enough without me antagonizing him. plus, even if i were that sadistic, he is in a wheel chair. even ness could pull that kind of fast one on him.
Claus: Told you guys: my little brother is an angel- hey, what are you doing with my cellphone?!
Lucas: i am going to text ninten your entire google search history.
Claus: What?! No! Give that back, you little shit! 
Lucas: i take back what i said previously. this is fun !

[Lucas is answering questions!]

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With the whole Yixing thing, it's really sad that they won't all be together for this cb. And being sad an upset is given, because like you said the family won't be complete, but we have to look on the bright side though it seems it's hardly there, I believe he will still be in the mv (correct me if I'm wrong), the song is gonna be amazing, and we're still going to see amazing stage performances by Exo even though he won't be there and it won't fill fully complete.

^^ you’ve spoken my words. Thank you anonie ❤️

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Look on the bright side atleast they didn't bring up there three fold rule.

They did just as good. 
My god, I wish people would accept that not everyone’s opinion on cursing is the same. And that you cannot judge the world on a black and white notion of right and wrong. It doesn’t exist. 

Entering the touken tag...

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I Miss You (One Shot)

I Miss You: After weeks of being apart from your boyfriend, Bucky, the distance become a bit too much for you to handle.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex. Dirty talk. Mentions of past injuries. Graphic details of sex. Porn gifs are used. Super NSFW. (If you’re not comfy with phone sex or anything else listed, keep scrolling.)

A/N: I have no idea where this idea came from, but just know that it’s for a good cause! ;)

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-the moment you sleepily purred out his petname, his eyes would go wide with shock as the other stared at him; “Daddy?” - 

“That’s what she calls me, it’s cute.” 
*cuddles you, and sweetly kisses your forehead* 
“Don’t listen to them babygirl, just sleep- Daddy’s got you.” 

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-he’d have a huge dorky smile on his face as your sleepiness brought out your littleness; not giving a shit about his Hyung’s teasing him- 

“Oh my sweet little babygirl.” 
*protectively holds you in his arms, kissing you all over your face*  
“Let’s get you to bed, hm?”

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-his cheeks would go bright red as his Hyung’s curiously stared at the two of you- 

*commences his shy boxy grin as he walks you to bed* 
“Jagi, you’re so silly- the others heard” 
“They’re gonna tease us about it, you know that right?”

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-gives his friends this ‘yeah that’s right she calls me Daddy’ look before they can even say anything as he pulls you down onto the couch beside him- 

*kissing the nape of your neck, he tenderly massaged your side*
“If you’re sleepy then just take a nap, okay little one?”
“Do you want Daddy to sing to you?” 

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-he’d automatically hid his face in the crook of your neck as you cuddled against him; his friends just jokingly calling him the petname- 

*you’d sleepily pout as you tried apologising* 
“Sh, sh- it’s okay you didn’t do anything wrong, princess” 
“Don’t listen to them they’re stupid, just rest my love.”

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-as soon as you’d tell him you’re sleepy, he’d pay no mind to the maknaes poking fun at him and his nickname; he’d just want to make sure you were comfortable- 

*as you crawl into his lap, he’d gently rock you* 
“My little princess is so sleepy..” “Do you need Daddy to get you anything?” 

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-the others would try to pick on him but he’d just shrug it off as he gently laid your head on his lap- 

“Princess, you can’t sleep yet, you know that.” 
*you’d sleepily huff in protest as he played with your hair* 
“No, no don’t give me attitude, you still have to take a bath.” “You know what, come on- Daddy will get you ready for bed.” 

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  • Sonny, after 96,000: That's it! I'm gonna do everything I can to make the barrio and the world a better place! Then we'll see who's cute! *sneezes*
  • Pete: Awww! You sneeze like a kitten!

Here’s the bright side – look at some of Louis’ new label mates at RCA (currently listed on their artist roster)!

Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kygo, Kings of Leon, Kodaline, Martin Garrix, Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix, Shakira, Usher, Tinashe and Zayn!

I’m glad one of the major labels at Sony signed him and he’s just not with SYCO. Again, looking at the bright side here. 

p.s. That’s a pretty incredible roster. I’d love for him to work with Martin Garrix and Mark Ronson, for example!

the mercury signs

 Aries mercury: subjective, hypothetical, intuitive, creative, rapid, motivating, obstinate, direct, impulsive, honest // impatient, not detail oriented enough, too impulsive, too honest, opinionated

‘The burning flames of their thoughts heated up the air surrounding them. It had to happen. Now. These words had power in the way they put them, in the way they spoke them with this strong certainty, even though you knew their decision was paired with a hint of light shallowness. Still, the flames grew with every piece of their mind that came to life.’ 

Taurus mercury: realistic, practical, consequent, slow and steady, deliberate, experience through senses // not adaptive, stubborn, not taking opportunities/ not risking to think about other possibilities 

‘The most soothing voice is comforting you, a voice like the humming of Lorelei, the highest and purest form of sensation at the tip of her tounge and you listen to her for hours. She is true and real, she is slow but thinking through, you can see the glistening in her eyes as she laughs - remarking your great taste in music again.’

Gemini mercury: curious, flexible, unbiased, analytical, systematic, versaitile, quick witted, rather logical, impressionable // easily bored, playing mind games at times, really gossipy

‘Is this mind a blessing or a curse? All these worlds that are kept in their heads, all this information and lightning strikes connect them, sometimes shining bright when one thought travels to another country to visit the other side of the universe. They look up in the air and start brooding but laugh sooner or later afterwards - in the huge repertoir they found the clearest answer to the solution. Really, this mind is fascinating.’

Cancer mercury: nostalgic, subjective, emotional and empathetic, imaginative, intuitive, listeners, easily reads between the lines, helping/caring // too subjective, moody, avoid arguments to the point where it’s unhealthy

‘Hearing her speak is like reading an old novel, an old novel in an open bookshelf that you found near the street. You find old post carts and photos inside of it, people with painfully content faces, now vanished in the worn out process of floating time. Dreams that never got true, the laughing of a family sitting at the dining table, screaming at the moon and every other tear that was drowned in silence.

Leo mercury: loud, dramatic, positiv, intuitive, clever, creativ, prideful, warm //stubborn, too prideful, intolerant to other ideas/believes, exaggerating

‘He does not plainly speak, he announces, every word is saturated with gold and preach his wisdom, for that he is sharing it with you out of a greater purpose. You will hear him sing and scream and they will laugh and eagerly listen to his stories, for he is known that he has the most exciting stories to tell. If he always sticks to the truth while telling you his glorious tales? Well, he has an creative mind, for sure.’

Virgo mercury: analytical, methodical, realistic and critical, objective, logical, detail oriented, foresighted, organizing/systematical, picky, adaptable // intolerant, to detail oriented, too critical and/or whiny/pessimistic

‘There was a hint of amusement in the eyes of the leutnant. He thought about all the ways he and his soldiers could go, all the failures that lay ahead and all the victories that were made for them. Nobody doubted his cool and clear way of thinking, everybody knew that deep inside of him, there was a complexity of thoughts, like a spider web made out of ice - careful, do not touch it, it’ll easily break if shaken too much, when the wind is blowing at night. But of course, the spider is clever enough to build a better, much stronger web each day.’

Libra: objective, fair, diplomatic,imaginative, indecisive, pleasing, easy going/charming, connective, creative/deep interest in culture // do not adapt very fast, too pleasing/ indecisive, lazy, need to learn how to disagree

‘People want to call them rather superficial, but I laugh at the thought, that people think badly about such a talent. The smoothest, finest words come out of their mouths, answers that combine the most complex and different opinions from both sides of the crowd. Their mind is a bridge, a gateway to another room, where mentally your senses are touched gently and comforting.’

Scorpio: secretive, sharp minded, investigative, deep, nag for superiority, analytical, instinctive, uncompromising and enigmatic, say what they think // the need to be always better, too secretive, interpreting wrong theories, skeptive and negative/pessimistic, say what they think

‘When he speaks it is like the venom of the snake, every little word he shares and scatters makes you eager for more, but still left with nothing relevant as he knows how to play with words. Strong words, the words of a wounded man who knows that there is more to the world as the facade it puts on every day. He knows where your dead bodies are burried.’

Sagittarius: humorous, subjective, open minded, far-sighted, considerate, positiv, honest, look at the bigger picture, philosphical // brutally honest/ rudeness, not detail oriented enough, judgemental, taking things not seriously, impatient 

‘She is laying on an evergreen field in the prairie, with waterfalls that can be heard in the distance. A buzzard draws his circles up there in the sky and not a single cloud can be seen. She inhales and exhales the fresh, clean air. Thinking is freedom. And freedom is to think without limitations, in the most beautiful places that you can imagine.’

Capricorn: clever, clear, realistic, crytical/skeptical, practical, foresighted, sharp, concentrated, reasonable, methodical, cautious and carefully choosing words // pessimistic, too considerate about how they appear to others, moody, judgemental, at times impatient when people do not get their way of thinking

‘Sitting at the desk he releases his last words and formes them to letters that were written on the paper in front of him. Overthinking he scratches his head and bites his nails nervously. Usually his mind flows like a river but now a rainy day surprised him and he can’t see straight. As the clock strikes twelve, he stands up and opens the door behind him. A thousand eyes look up to him, eager to listen. He swallows and crumples the piece of paper into a ball. Now it’s his time to speak.’

Aquarius: analytical, impersonal, rapid, clear, objective, imaginative/visionary, open minded, quirky,  far-sighted and observant //thinks they are superior to others/intimidating, stubborn, love stirring up a conversation to make it more interesting

‘At the highest form it is like a god-like creature speaks to you through his body. His ideas so revolutional, so dynamic, so clear, how couldn’t you see the solution before? It was right in front of your eyes. People will call him crazy, or they will call him a genius. Sadly, it’s not for him to decide.’

Pisces: poetic, empathetic, creative, romantic, sensitive, utopic, trusting, indirect and soft // too indirect, naive, moody, impractical/disorganized, lazy

‘The eyes mirror the words she says, like an elfen creature, she imagines her dreams of a rosy colored glass house, with the finest art in it: her ideal kind of living. Like a sponge she soakes up the vibes in the room, suddenly feeling so highly saddened as she realizes that he thinks, he will never reach his dreams. “But he is a work of the highest form of art himself, how can he not see the beauty I am allowed to see every day in front of my eyes?” - Oh, she will probably keep these words to herself.