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it’s a Depression Day so you’re getting fic snippets in a vague attempt to boost my self esteem through notes and interaction

Kree child-slaves, as a rule, weren’t expected to live through puberty. Their collars came one-size-fit-all. Over the years, Yondu’s had strangled him slowly, cutting into his larynx until his voice was a half-high, half-growled husk. Hearing himself speak on recordings still grated, but by now, he was used to the sleazy huffer-addict’s croak. Plus, it acted as a fabulous deterrent for karaoke nights – always a threat with Peter on your crew. He couldn’t complain.

Moxiety: We’ll Physically Fight You!

Hey guys! This was a fic that my friend, @cefstickles, who kindly requested this fic when I asked them to! I really hope you like this! And to everyone else who read this fic, I really hope you love it too! So, please enjoy!

“P-Patton! This is r-ridiculous! N-nohooho! N-not there! Patton!” Hearing the screaming all the way from his room, Virgil quickly sat up in his bed, and threw his headphones off. The scream sounded like Logan’s…but what did Patton have to do with it. Swallowing the nervous lump in his throat, Virgil played with the strings of his patchwork hoodie sleeves anxiously, before making his way towards his room’s door. Opening it slowly, the Anxious side listened as the desperate and hysterical screaming got worse as it had nothing to block it from his ears. Glancing around as he stepped out, Virgil peered at Roman’s door, and noticed it was closed. He had to be on one of his adventures or something, so he couldn’t help this time. Jumping in fright as yet another hysterical scream echoed around the mindscape, Virgil moved towards the stairs, and slowly walked down to see a sight he never thought he would see before. “Nohohoho! P-pleheheease! Patton! I-I’ll get you b-back! S-stop!”

           Sliding down more to get a better look, Virgil watched in shock as Patton had Logan pinned on his back while the Moral side sat on the Logical side’s thighs, and was squeezing his hips while scribbling his fingers over Logan’s stomach. Blinking, Virgil honed in on Logan, and noticed how his glasses were askew, and his shirt was pulled out of his pants as Patton scratched at his navel. Hearing the stairs creak, Patton glanced up with that bright smile of his as Logan reached out for Virgil now that he noticed him. Staring at Logan in the eyes apologetically, Virgil gazed at Patton as the Moral side scratched at the other’s open armpits, making Logan lower his arms, squeezing them to his sides as more scratchy, and unused laughter left his unfamiliar smiling mouth.

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misha collins?

oh you mean that guy with the dark hair and gorgeous smile and blue eyes that the ocean is jealous of who plays an angel on the show supernatural and is the reason behind GISHWHES and is a poet, and a light, and smart as fuck and who always looks on the bright side and has a phenomenal sense of humour and who’s wife’s a kickass lady and has adorable children and the guy who is most definitely a real life superhero and is the most incredible person in the universe? yah….don’t know him. 

Promo - “The pain you feel (it’s just loss)“

Written for the Philinda Big Bang 2k17. This is the first paragraph of my story, hope you enjoy it!

The coffin was closed. His body was to damaged after a failed operation, a last desperate try to save his life. Fury said something about him wanting to be burned after death, but the Avengers and his colleagues still felt the urge to give him the last honor, so they buried his ash in that coffin. It was a nice day, sunny, no clouds disturbing the bright blue sky. A little podium stood next to the coffin with a picture of Phil, an official Shield one, and then Fury was speaking.

Tony sat in the second row, Pepper by his side, who was crying silently. He gave the crowd around him a short look, to see whom he recognized. Romanov, Barton, Rogers and Banner were sitting in line beside himself; a few Agents, maybe eight, in front of them, only Sitwell he knew. One woman caught his attention. She was beautiful, small, but seemed fierce in her features, nearly cold, Asian, with a blank expression on her face. She looked like it was just another funeral, just another dead Agent. But her eyes and hands said something different. Her dark eyes were red and a little bit swollen from crying so much, her hand balled into fists, perhaps to bury her anger and grief. Tony´s attention was swept away as Fury began to speak:

“Before we begin, I want to thank you for attending this interment. It is not every day that I have to bury one of my Agents. It hurts, every time I have to, and I say to myself that everyone under me has the same value. But you all know, how it works. Some people are closer to you.” He glanced at the notes in his hands, sighing, then putting them away in his black coat.

“Phil was more than just an Agent for me. He was a good friend, someone I trusted blindly, since the day I got to know him. He was just nine that day and even then I saw his potential, to become a part of something bigger. I watched him grow up, guided him and was sometimes more strict to him than I had to, probably even mean. I wanted to help build his strengths and become the man he was until now.” Tony never saw Fury smile or grin before, not wholeheartedly, but in this moment Fury let out a silent huff, smiling at the ground. “In all these years I knew him, he never disappointed me. He had a hell of a thick skull sometimes and made the worst puns and jokes you heard your entire life.” Small laughter filled the air around him, the Agents seemed to know exactly what Fury meant. Tony glanced again at the woman, a smile formed on her face, eyes closing as a few tears descended over her cheeks. Something inside him ached as he watched the women and her grief. He teared his stare away from her and back on Fury.

When you listen to basically anything and then you play “my mix” on youtube and its all fun like Always look on the bright side of life by Eric Idle but suddenly after that comes Requiem by Mozart and you almost die and ascend at the same time…Youtube mix  is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.


2nd week // october (ft. the flower i picked right outside our door)

aka my stress week. let’s look on the bright side tho. it was a productive one. want to see how i made this spread?? check out my journal with me video!

song of the week // monday loop - tomppabeats

okay hear me out – 

lup got a day from barry, because she loved him, and of course she either gave him a day as well, or that day was theirs to share. and then she goes to taako, and she says she needed a day from him, too, because he’s her heart and this is all very, very beautiful and painful and poignant – but i’d like to postulate that barry needed another day as well, something i keep him anchored, because even though he loves lup with his whole being, he knows this is dangerous – 

so barry goes to team human for another day. he goes to magnus and lucretia and explains the process to them. magnus is confused – he’s not dumb, but magic is just an entire realm of stuff that he doesn’t always have the patience for, but if barry, who is much older than him and very smart, says it’ll be okay, then magnus trusts him. lucretia, meanwhile, is terrified much the way taako was, because she knows what this means and she’ll explain it to magnus later, but maybe not because the moment barry says, “I need you to give me the most fun day ever” he’s out of his chair and just says, “I need forty-eight hours to prepare” and he grabs lucretia’s hand and pulled her to his room and they start planning.

(and he’s so excited, he’s so completely stoked to do all this stuff for barry that she just keeps her fears to herself and rolls up her sleeves and gets into the thick of planning barry’s big day – and after a certain point, she’s so excited about what it’ll be like she’s not even worried. not as much. 

well, maybe a little.)

so they wake barry up with breakfast in bed, similar to taako – except it’s like cheeseburgers and french fries and the lumpiest, shittiest looking, most delicious chocolate cake barry’s ever had in his life, and this big ass glass of lemonade with four umbrellas sticking out and a bright pink curly straw – and he’s already laughing, he’s already having the best day ever.

and after that it’s this beautiful hike where they map the ridges of a canyon, and they find this village dug into the side that magnus found weeks ago, but he was using it as a place to get some peace and quiet, saving it for barry’s birthday, but today is basically barry’s birthday, so they hike down and barry goes nuts over all this really cool artwork and pottery and inventions he’s never seen before. they go fishing along the river and make s’mores by a campfire. they get out of the canyon and they go to a clearing where magnus and lucretia have made these really shoddy, homemade fireworks and barry gets to let them all off and they lay in the grass and stare up at the sky as these perpetually moving showers of sparks and lights fall down around them – and they have one last slice of cake before bed, and barry hugs them each, holds them both so tight – 

his weird, weird little brother and sister.

and he knows that memory of his day with lup is strong, but that moment when he and lup start the spell, he can taste chocolate cake and marshmallows, and he can hear magnus laughing and see lucretia smiling and it’s not the same feeling, but gods, it’s something. it’s really something.

The Moon Signs and The Mother

The sign your moon is in is said to distinguish the relationship you have with your mother. You can experience both positive and negative traits of the relationship. Not everyone will experience the negative traits, so if you don’t, just look to the positives.

Aries: Your mother taught you to be courageous and to do anything you set your mind to. You saw your mother as strong and brave. You could have competed for your mother’s attention, she could have been too aggressive, pushy, and impulsive to you, making your self-esteem suffer.

Taurus: You find comfort in your mother who made you feel safe, secure, and loved. You learned from her to be steady, patient, and confident in yourself. But your mother could have neglected you in some way that made you feel vulnerable and unsafe. 

Gemini: Your mother praised your intellect and your self-expression. Your mother nurtured you by stimulating your mind, having frequent discussions with you and allowing your mental energy to thrive. But, your mother could be distant emotionally, could rarely be home and always busy, could have raised you up in an unstable, unpredictable environment, or mother could be moody, nervous, and irritable.

Cancer: Your mother has always been nurturing, loving, and supportive of you in every way possible. She offers you guidance and understanding. But, your mother can be overbearing, especially if you move away or start a family of your own, etc. She can also be extremely emotional, moody, and over protective.

Leo: Your mother feels great pride in your beauty, accomplishments, and your dreams. She nurtures your need for attention and supports your talents and self-expression and offers generosity and a loving heart. But, your mother could force you to live out her own dreams, making you do things you don’t want to just for her sake. 

Virgo: Your mother takes great care of you and is very helpful when it comes to any problems you may have, especially when it comes to work and education. She has high expectations of you and encourages you to do your best. But, she could be so much of a perfectionist that if you do not meet her standards, she can become obsessive and overbearing. She may often resort to criticizing you and nagging at you in such a way that it makes you feel like a failure or like you are doing something wrong.

Libra: Your mother is loving and kind, always making sure you have a balanced and peaceful life. She may have taught you to be well-mannered and fair. She pampers you and offers you emotional support. But, she could be so afraid of conflict and judgment from others, that she can be easily walked over by others or avoid confrontations and this can leave you feeling vulnerable if you or her are being hurt or threatened by others. She often overlooks remarks made by others about her and this can influence you to be pushed around just like she is.

Scorpio: From your mother, you gained emotional strength, intensity, and a mysterious persona. But your mother could have neglected or abandoned you in some way which left you feeling unwanted. Her influence on you makes you feel very paranoid of others and even yourself, making you have to be in control of your environment to feel secure. If your mother was in your life or reenters your life, you can experience manipulation from her.

Sagittarius: You have a fun-loving mother who taught you to believe in yourself and to always look on the bright side of life no matter what. You may have experienced traveling and frequent trips to stimulating places that allowed you to feel independent and free. But, your mother could be detached on an emotional level and may be quite distant. She is searching for answers she will never find.

Capricorn: Your mother is serious, conservative, and hard-working. Your mother taught you to become responsible for yourself and taught you the importance of maturity and self-sufficiency. But your mother could have restricted your time to be a child, putting overbearing worries and responsibilities on you at a young age. Your mother may have suffered from events that hindered her and made her depressed and irritable. You never truly had a childhood. 

Aquarius: Your mother taught you the importance of being original, intelligent, and independent. She respected and supported your thinking and your intellect and was a friend to all of your friends and to the community. But, she could not connect with you on an emotional level most of the time and may have been considered as weird or unusual. She could have also been rebellious in a way that affected you negatively.

Pisces: Your mother is sensitive to you and your feelings, seemingly always feeling exactly as you are. She offers you compassion, care, and nurtured your brilliant imagination and creativity. But she may depend on you in an unhealthy way, have a mental illness, or may have addictive habits she must overcome. 

  • Namjoon: I've had a really bad day.
  • Seokjin: Hey, now, look on the bright side.
  • Namjoon:
  • Seokjin: No, literally, look towards your left, Hoseok's sitting right there.
September 2017 Was 🔥 on the Sun

The Sun started September 2017 with flair, emitting 31 sizable solar flares and releasing several powerful coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, between Sept. 6-10.

Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however — when intense enough — they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel. 

CMEs are massive clouds of solar material and magnetic fields that erupt from the Sun at incredible speeds. Depending on the direction they’re traveling in, CMEs can spark powerful geomagnetic storms in Earth’s magnetic field.

As always, we and our partners had many missions observing the Sun from both Earth and space, enabling scientists to study these events from multiple perspectives. With this integrated picture of solar activity, scientists can better track the evolution of solar eruptions and work toward improving our understanding of space weather.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-16, or GOES-16, watches the Sun’s upper atmosphere — called the corona — at six different wavelengths, allowing it to observe a wide range of solar phenomena. GOES-16 caught this footage of an X9.3 flare on Sept. 6, 2017. 

This was the most intense flare recorded during the current 11-year solar cycle. X-class denotes the most intense flares, while the number provides more information about its strength. An X2 is twice as intense as an X1, an X3 is three times as intense, and so on. GOES also detected solar energetic particles associated with this activity.

Our Solar Dynamics Observatory captured these images of X2.2 and X9.3 flares on Sept. 6, 2017, in a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light that shows solar material heated to over one million degrees Fahrenheit.

JAXA/NASA’s Hinode caught this video of an X8.2 flare on Sept. 10, 2017, the second largest flare of this solar cycle, with its X-ray Telescope. The instrument captures X-ray images of the corona to help scientists link changes in the Sun’s magnetic field to explosive solar events like this flare.

Key instruments aboard our Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, include a pair of coronagraphs — instruments that use a metal disk called an occulting disk to study the corona. The occulting disk blocks the Sun’s bright light, making it possible to discern the detailed features of the Sun’s outer atmosphere and track coronal mass ejections as they erupt from the Sun.

On Sept. 9, 2017, STEREO watched a CME erupt from the Sun. The next day, STEREO observed an even bigger CME. The Sept. 10 CME traveled away from the Sun at calculated speeds as high as 7 million mph, and was one of the fastest CMEs ever recorded. The CME was not Earth-directed: It side-swiped Earth’s magnetic field, and therefore did not cause significant geomagnetic activity. Mercury is in view as the bright white dot moving leftwards in the frame.

Like STEREO, ESA/NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, uses a coronagraph to track solar storms. SOHO also observed the CMEs that occurred during Sept. 9-10, 2017; multiple views provide more information for space weather models. As the CME expands beyond SOHO’s field of view, a flurry of what looks like snow floods the frame. These are high-energy particles flung out ahead of the CME at near-light speeds that struck SOHO’s imager.

Our Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer, or IRIS, captured this video on Sept. 10, 2017, showing jets of solar material swimming down toward the Sun’s surface. These structures are sometimes observed in the corona during solar flares, and this particular set was associated with the X8.2 flare of the same day.  

Our Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment, or SORCE, collected the above data on total solar irradiance, the total amount of the Sun’s radiant energy, throughout Sept. 2017. While the Sun produced high levels of extreme ultraviolet light, SORCE actually detected a dip in total irradiance during the month’s intense solar activity. 

A possible explanation for this observation is that over the active regions — where solar flares originate — the darkening effect of sunspots is greater than the brightening effect of the flare’s extreme ultraviolet emissions. As a result, the total solar irradiance suddenly dropped during the flare events. 

Scientists gather long-term solar irradiance data in order to understand not only our dynamic star, but also its relationship to Earth’s environment and climate. We are ready to launch the Total Spectral solar Irradiance Sensor-1, or TSIS-1, this December to continue making total solar irradiance measurements.

The intense solar activity also sparked global aurora on Mars more than 25 times brighter than any previously seen by NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN, mission. MAVEN studies the Martian atmosphere’s interaction with the solar wind, the constant flow of charged particles from the Sun. These images from MAVEN’s Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph show the appearance of bright aurora on Mars during the September solar storm. The purple-white colors show the intensity of ultraviolet light on Mars’ night side before (left) and during (right) the event.

For all the latest on solar and space weather research, follow us on Twitter @NASASun or Facebook.

GOES images are courtesy of NOAA. Hinode images are courtesy of JAXA and NASA. SOHO images are courtesy of ESA and NASA. 

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Comet PanSTARRS, Moon, and Venus : It is the object to the left of the big tree thats generating much recent excitement. If you look closely, there you can see Comet PanSTARRS, complete with two tails. During July, this comet has increased markedly in brightness and has just passed its closest approach to Earth. The statuesque tree in the center is a Norfolk Island Pine, and to either side of this tree are New Zealand Pohutukaw trees. Over the trees, far in the distance, are bright Venus and an even brighter crescent Moon. If you look even more closely, you can find Jupiter hidden in the branches of the pine. The featured image was taken a few days ago in Fergusson Park, New Zealand, looking over Tauranga Harbour Inlet. In the coming days and weeks, Comet C/2014 Q1 will slowly move away from the Sun and the Earth, drift deep into southern skies, and fade. via NASA