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I’ll Be Here When You Wake - Auston Matthews Imagine

Hi could you please do an imagine where you’re Auston’s best friend and he helps you through a sleepless night?

Okay I loved this one because dang last night I didn’t sleep until 5 and I had to be up at 9 rip me. Anyway I hope you all like it as much as I do, thanks for reading!! -Accius

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Blue Lion Log: Entry 26

Alright, now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep and have processed everything that’s happened recently, I think it’s time to update you on what we found yesterday. And, as with… well… pretty much everything else that has happened since landing on Hoth, there’s some good news and some bad news about this whole situation.

On the bright side, we’ve managed to find the Castle through sheer luck, and it seems to be more or less in one piece.

That “less” part is what I’m worried about though. Because, while the Castle is still definitely in one piece at the moment, there’s still a lot of damage. It almost looks like the Castle crash landed here. There’s a worrying crack running down one side of it. And the problem is, we’re not really sure how far that crack extends just yet. The storm kept us from seeing the whole of it, and we didn’t have enough time to actually follow and assess it.

This could be really bad for us, depending on the crack’s length and width. If we aren’t able to fix it, the Castle won’t be able to go back into space. That’s, of course, assuming its systems haven’t been compromised in the crash as well. Which, if they are, means we’re pretty much screwed. Most of what the castle runs on is old, Altean tech that can’t be found anywhere anymore. If any of it’s broken… I’m not sure we can replace it or find a workable substitute.

All in all, the Castle could be completely dead. We might not be able to salvage it.

At least we still have Blue, who definitely can get us off this planet. If the Castle turns out to be dead, we could probably also manage to get Red out from where Allura locked her, and then we’d have two lions to work with instead of just the one. Not gonna lie, having Red available would make breaking Pidge and the other lions out of Galra’s control so much easier. Especially with how well Blue and Red work together.

I mean, in terms of abilities, the two lions are on completely different ends of the spectrum. They have that kind of fire versus water thing going on, which you would think would mean they wouldn’t be compatible at all. But actually, their differences mean that Red and Blue cover each other’s weaknesses, and can usually fix whatever the other lion happens to mess up.

That’s partially why Keith and I were such a great team together, even before we got over all the rivalry stuff. We’re different, but complementary. We just naturally fit together that way.

But anyways, having both Red and Blue at our disposal would seriously help, regardless of whether the Castle works or not.

Of course, having the Castle up and running would help even more, which is why Hunk and I are going to do everything we can in order to fix it. Starting with making sure the life-support systems are still ok and that the cryo-replenishers haven’t malfunctioned or anything. We kind of need Coran and Allura in order for any of this to work. If we can’t wake them up, we’re seriously screwed.

So life support and the cryo-replenishers are our top priority. Then the Castle system itself. And then any actual, physical damage we come across. Hunk will be able to tell which parts are most important to fix, so I’m just going to leave those decisions to him and let him boss me around until it’s fixed. We can figure all the rest out later.

We’re going to need to move Blue as close to the Castle as possible though, so we aren’t constantly having to make the long trek from here to there and back again. It’ll just be easier to have Blue nearby. And we’ll need her scanners to keep watch over the planet and the star system for anything unusual, at least until we can get the Castle systems up and running again. We don’t want to be surprised by the Galra, after all. That would be bad.

I got a feel for the terrain yesterday while we were walking to the Castle, so hopefully this won’t turn out too badly. I’ll just have to fly really, really slowly and try not to crash into any rock walls. Which sounds easier than it probably is, since this storm still hasn’t let up at all and I can barely see anything in all the dirt flying around, but hey. Might as well try. I’m nothing if not optimistic.

So. Move Blue, fix the Castle, leave this planet and save the universe.

Seems like a solid plan to me.

I always thought that when people said “everything is not as it seems” it was always a bad thing. Until I met her. She was beautiful from the start, hair soft and eyes bright. She was shy at first, looking at the ground smiling lightly whenever offered a compliment or a dance. She had the attention of many despite finding comfort in the shadows of the bar. There was an aura about her. The way her dress rippled over her every time she laughed. The way her shoes bumped against the side of the chair as she swung her legs back and forth. The way her piercing caught the light every time she wrinkled her nose. I couldn’t look away, but I couldn’t look either. She was enticing but dangerous and I brushed it off as the alcohol.

Until she was in the internet cafe downtown and I felt my palms clench so tightly my nails almost drew blood. She was typing quickly so I told myself she was doing something important. A weak excuse to leave without approaching. But not without noticing the way she bit her lip as she concentrated. Or the way her jeans frayed at the ends and hovered just above the floor. Or the way she drank her coffee with no hesitation.

It was when we sat next to each other on the bus that I decided I had to take a chance and say hello. Fate was only giving me one last chance I came to think as my heart pounded so hard inside my chest I thought I might collapse. As I stumbled over my words she let her eyes slide to the floor and laughed quietly. As I told her stories of my childhood she pressed her chin into her palm and listened as if I was sharing the best secret she’d ever heard. As I typed my number into her phone she sat on both her hands and smiled. As I got off the stop before her, she pressed her nose against the window and waved goodbye like a little kid. And as I walked home I realised she was far more dangerous than I had ever imagined.

I found myself sat across from her a few days later in her favourite burger joint, oil dripping down both of our cheeks. When we laughed in unison it felt timeless. When we linked fingers on the table it felt like magic. When we kissed on her doorstep at the end of the night it felt like home.

I got used to her head on my shoulder as we watched a movie, stealing my popcorn after she finished her own during the trailers. I got used to the way her music was always way too loud when we shared headphones. I got used to the way she smelled after a hot shower before work. I got used to the way it felt to have her trace ‘I love you’ on my back as we fell asleep on the couch. I never got used to her saying it out loud.

She was the first leaf to fall in autumn. She was the smell of grass after it rains. She was the spark against the matchbox that lights the flame. She was not the calm but the storm itself. She was the crunch of footsteps on the first layer of snow. She was the wind that blows through your hair. She was not the warm sand on the beach, rather the cool water that makes you scream then sigh in relief.

She was a firework waiting to explode. You know that when it does it will be spectacular, but you don’t know what it will look like until it happens. I knew she would take my breath away as soon as I saw her, but I didn’t know just how breathless I would feel. She is more than you could expect and nothing you thought you ever needed.

So when someone says to me that everything is not as it seems, I would have to agree. She is far more than a label of a relationship or a partner. She is the warmth that some crave their entire life but never find. Her soul is the missing puzzle piece in my mind. She is danger. She is beauty. And she is home.

—  gentle-falling 
Be My Boyfriend


“Dean, be my boyfriend!” Castiel hissed.

Dean’s attention was pulled away from Charlie (who snorted into her drink) when Castiel grabbed his arm.

“Uh,” Dean said, feeling like he was missing out on some vital information. Castiel’s wide eyes were a little too bright and his cheeks were flushed with pink, indicating that he was probably a little bit drunk, though that still didn’t help clear up the situation.

“Come here!” Castiel dragged Dean by the arm across the crowded room until they stood in front of a short brunette who Dean thought was named Meg. Castiel wrapped his arm around Dean’s waist and squeezed him to his side.

“I told you!” he told Meg triumphantly. “I have a boyfriend!”

Meg looked Dean up and down incredulously. “You’re dating Dean Winchester?”

Starting to catch on, Dean put a possessive arm around Castiel’s shoulders. “Yeah, he is. Got a problem with that?”

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“you need to lie down, yura,” otabek says.

“i don’t want to,” comes the waspish retort.

yuri can be grumpy, as a general rule, but he’s exceedingly so when he’s ill. yuri is a hurricane-large personality, squeezed into human form, and he doesn’t have time to be sick; he has so much to offer the world and in a limited time. so when he comes down with sickness, he’s almost overbearingly petulant, and his mood is never any flavour but sour. 

otabek sighs lightly. “well, you certainly can’t get up and make it worse for yourself.”

“i know that,” yuri snaps, fever-bright eyes narrowed with irritation. he’s not making eye contact.

otabek sighs again. “want me to put on a movie for you?” he bends down, squatting at the side of the bed. “work with me, yura,” he says softly,  searching the stubborn face before him with patient eyes.

yuri looks at him for a second or two, his lip trembling. a brief moment of vulnerability, before his eyebrows furrow, and his expression shutters. his gaze flits off to the side again, but the edges of his scowl are softer, somehow. in a grudging tone, he mutters, “fine.” yuri tucks the blankets around himself a little more securely. “but i get to choose the movie, and you have to watch it with me, and - and you can’t complain.”

otabek smiles, then, a proper smile, and brushes his fingers lightly through yuri’s sweat-damp hair. “not a word,” he promises.

if yuri’s cheeks, flushed from illness, burn a little warmer at his touch, neither of them comment on it.

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I miss harry's looooooong hair. 😢

i’ve sat on replying to this until i could form a coherent thought about his hair, and as much as I agree with you, because we get looks like this

and look at those curls

my god his hair is beautiful

and his long hair with a beanie killed me

the beauty of his hair



The Optimist’s Creed

1. To be so strong and resilient that nothing will destroy your peace of mind.

2. To offer love, hope and acceptance to every person you meet.

3. To make all your friends feel they are special and valuable.

4. To always look on the bright side of life, and to always believe that you will get there in the end!

5. To always think the best, hope for the best, and believe the best.

6. To be happy when things go well for others.

7. To forgive both yourself and others, to put the past behind you, to welcome each new day as a fresh opportunity.

8. To greet the world with a smile, and to choose to look for the positives.

9. To focus on your growth and self-development development, instead of criticising others and looking for their flaws.

10. To be committed to living a rich, full and meaningful life.

Newt Scamander Headcanons

After seeing the movie, I decided that I simply must do some Newt headcanons! He’s so adorable!

• Newt quickly becomes flustered whenever you call him. He’d reply with a choppy “yes” before hurrying over to your side.

• He also gets rather embarrassed when you compliment him. When you first met him you mentioned that you liked his coat…his cheeks flushed a bright red for a solid two minutes.

• When he give you a compliment, he becomes equally as flustered. His compliments usually turn out to be a string of stutters and falters, but you still find that adorable. “You look very…love–er–nice.”

• He’s very excitable. Once you bring up his creatures, he gets this goofy grin on his face as he dives into facts and stories of his creatures.

• He also gets very excited when he’s made a discovery. His face lights up as he cautiously creeps towards the creature. “Y/N, come look at this….it–it’s marvelous.”

• You are quick to notice the many faint scars that adorn his body, and you’re rather curious as to the story behind them. Newt absolutely loves telling you stories about his creatures, so he feels comfortable explaining the marks.       "T-they’re just scared sometimes. They’d never hurt anyone….they’re not dangerous.“ He’s fumbling through his words nervously. All he ever wanted to do was protect his creatures. “People get scared of…of what they don’t know. They’re just trying to protect themselves.”

• Imagine him reading you his incomplete book or telling you stories when you’re tired. You’re leaning on Newt and he’s completely over-analyzing your every movement. Your close proximity causes him to falter on more than a few words. You eventually fall asleep to the sound of his soothing voice; your head slides down to his shoulder causing Newt to become flustered even though you’re asleep. Newt, in a very cautious fashion, leans down and presses a light kiss to your forehead. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

• Imagine mentioning that you’re cold during one of your many adventures with Newt. Instantly, Newt begins fumbling with his scarf in order to take it off. You notice his actions and are quick to object. However, with a shaky “I-I insist,” you allow him to carefully drape his warm scarf around your neck. You can’t help but notice that it smells like him.

• Oddly enough, you think he always smells good. He smells faintly of cinnamon and vanilla and you always wonder why…

• Newt’s always extremely warm. It might be because of the many layers he wears on a daily basis. But even when he isn’t wearing his coat and scarf, he’s still unnaturally warm.

Let me know if you want more!!

  • MC: No more sleeping in the same bed.
  • Saeyoung: But I LOVE sleeping next to you!!!
  • MC: I understand but sleeping with you is like sleeping with an Anaconda!