no but look at how young and precious

Poor young trolls; how horryfing! I agree, Toby. It’s devastating. Precious lil baby ARRRGH and other kidnapped trolls like him, separated from their families, used against their will, irreversibly harmed forever!

Oh my word, that is equally horrifying! Why, it’s just as traumatic as what happened to ARRRGH, perhaps even more so. Poor changelings, kidnapped and separated from their families, used against their will, irreversibly-

*looks into the camera like I’m in The Office*

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Alright I'm not sure what characters you're looking for for these, so if these don't work let me know and I'll send different ones :) A1 - Reaper76, C3 - Boombox, and B2- Emidot!

these work great, thank you! <3

(young versions because i felt like it)


local 👽 lesbians’ hair so big because it contains all their love for each other <3

25 problems fangirls at their early 20s understand: based on personal experience

“please let them be older than 18 please let them be older that 18″

*always falls for the maknae line*

“sTAY in YOUR LANEs you pieces of shit!”

*has earned a “full benefits” spot at a psychiatric clinic or jail*

*will probably die screaming*

“look at how beautiful and perfect he is…he’s such an ass, I hate him”

*melts into jelly with high notes*

*bias hipthrusts* ,me: *pterodactyl shrieks*


*is younger that bias* my sweet baby too precious for this world, protect him

“what am I doing with my life”

*has a crush on every girl group out there*

“i need to stop stanning more groups”

new groups: *coughs* ,me: *has an aneurysm*



“he is prettier than me and im weirdly ok with that”

*cries daily*

“i need more holy water”

*feeling the urge to dance to a choreo you just saw and failing epicly*

*realizing your neighbors saw you a little too late*

*knows bios better than her parents’ names*

“I will go to Korea! There are so many things i want to do!”

*is broke af*


Sebastian has been obsessed with Ciel’s body in dresses ever since the Jack the Ripper case, and he can’t get the image of how precious his young master looked out of his head. Instead of keeping all of his feline friends in the closet, he instead replaced them with dresses he’d like to see Ciel in at some point. ( there may or may not be a wedding dress or two in there, too. )

I’m actually making myself cry imagining young Hanzo with underdeveloped legs.

Papa Shimada holding baby Hanzo for the first time, seeing how tiny he is and thinking, “This is my son. He’s so precious and I’m going to spoil him.”

Baby Hanzo crawling around, the guards checking both ways, looking out for Papa Shimada, before crouching down and cooing him. Trying to see who could get Hanzo’s attention first.

Months pass and Hanzo has yet to take his first steps. Has yet to even stand up, and Papa Shimada is starting to worry. Mama Shimada reassures him that Hanzo will start to walk soon. He just needs patience and encouragement.

Papa Shimada takes to spending all of his free time helping Hanzo start to walk, propping Hanzo up onto his tiny feet, but the second any of his baby weight is put onto his little legs he lets out this heartbreaking cry of pain. Papa Shimada immediately lifts him up into his arms, frantic with worry. 

Mama and Papa Shimada keeps taking Baby Hanzo to a doctor, the entire clan aching for the little master, but the doctor keeps telling them that there’s nothing wrong and to be patient.

 Mama Shimada is the first to notice just how slim Hanzo’s legs are when he’s around one and a half years old, still unable to walk. She knows that if she takes him to the doctors, they’ll just say some bullshit about feeding him more, so she takes matters into her own hands. She spends weeks looking up different diseases that target muscle development, she chats with resident parents who have disabled children about what’s happening with her son, and she’s sorting through a huge stack of her family’s medical history. 

She finally gets to Papa Shimada’s family documents, and not even five pages through she finds a lead. His great-great-great grandmother had a genetic disorder that caused both of her arms and one of her legs to be extremely thin and underdeveloped. 

Mama Shimada showing the paper to Papa Shimada, and Papa Shimada is filled with so much grief and guilt, because what’s happening to his son comes from his family. Mama Shimada knocks some sense into him and tells him that he should be grateful to have Hanzo at all, and that the disorder is only affecting his legs.

Mama and Papa Shimada frying all the doctors who should have known better over a firepit, and hiring one who actually knew what they were doing to help their son.

Hanzo on his second birthday getting a small pair of strange looking “socks” from his parents. Mama Shimada helping Hanzo put them on before going to sit on the opposite side of the room. Papa Shimada gently pulls Hanzo up onto his feet and lets out a deep sigh of relief when Hanzo doesn’t immediately scream at the pain of his weight. Papa Shimada helps him through the first few tentative steps before carefully letting him go. Happy to see Hanzo standing balanced on his own two feet, Papa Shimada goes to sit next to his wife. 

Together they start to coo and call to little Hanzo, encouraging him to walk over to them. Hanzo’s a bit wobbly at first and manages to make it all the way to them before falling into his Mama’s arms. 

Mama and Papa Shimada are so happy. They’re crying, the elders rejoice and start to cry, the guards start crying, everyone’s crying.

Little Hanzo looks up at his parents and say, “Socks itchy.”


We want to wish a happy birthday to our Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook. Our precious boy was brought into this world to shine with his talent. We’ve watched him grow up so much and to an amazing young man. From the stages to the race track jungkook gives his full effort. We want to take this time to let him know how much we appreciate him. From his weird dubsmash videos to his beautiful covers. Jungkook is always looking to improve even though he’s perfect to us. The amount of success this boy has achieved and talent he possess is so amazing its almost unbelievably, no doubt he’s worked so hard for it all to become one hell of an idol he is today so let’s all continue to support and love our not so little maknae anymore *cries* and watch over him along with his hyungs ♡♡♡♡ 

Happy 20th Birthday Jeon Jungkook

-With an immense amount of love Ellie & Kitty♡♡


forever a kiddo with the same childish grin♥



But seriously, ugh at how precious this! Booth and Christine exchanging ILYs <3 I’m also always struck by how much Sunnie really does look like and act like Booth & Brennan’s daughter, I will forever be amazed at the excellent casting. And not only in the appearance department, she’s always so perfect with either Emily or David. Often, family scenes on tv with young children seem awkward because it can understandably be difficult to click with child actors but that’s never been a problem with B&B family scenes! On the contrary, they feel so real!

(Also, I wish Bones would get more credit for how well they incorporated kids into the show. Babies are supposedly a huge NO-NO on tv but Bones has handled it beautifully. B&B’s kids haven’t taken over the show but neither are you left wondering if they exist, the balance is perfect. And the emphasis has always been first on B&B as a couple (their love for each other) and then their parenting- this distinction is important. But anyway, I know expecting Bones to get any credit for anything in today’s tv landscape is a hopeless pipe dream…)

@littlecoffeetree and I made a collab and LOOK AT OUR PRECIOUS ART BABY. 

A little context here ? Biker Morty probably has Rick’s name tatooed on his neck. (PROOF HERE). So we thought : HOW ABOUT RICK TATOOTING YOUNG BIKER MORTY HIMSELF AND UUGHHHHH.

We had to do something. The need for sin was too strong.

When you bring a monk into a club just to flirt with them at the bar.

Like in a human au, genji would probably get zenyatta to a club to drink, which zenyatta accepted only to bond with genji, and his main goal was to flirt with him but ended up just staring at zenyatta lovingly because of how pure and precious zenyatta is.

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Thank you for your beautiful response to my 2 part comment. When you lose the love of your life at a young age, it changes the way you look at things forever. Sam loves Cait and vice versa. Whether they have acted on their feelings is another matter. I hope they have as the universe has given them an extraordinary gift.

I suspect that they have, maybe against their better judgement in the beginning, and maybe with guards down from a shot or two of whisky.  But it’s been three and a half years, long enough to mature and develop into what we see today.  I think they know how precious it is too.  Your comments hit shippers right in the heart this morning.  The comments on your post are heart warming and so refreshing.   Blessings to you.  Come back any time.



Mint Green (M)

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Member: Min Yoongi

Words: 4224 Probably the longest smut I have ever written tho omfg

Anonymous requested:  Do you accept smut ?if you do could you do a yoongi smut ? Anything smutty would be nice * i’m a sinner*

(Request here or here (if anonymously)  for a scenario)

On a certain day at the coffee shop, you met a young, special fellow who had your favorite color as his haircolor. What you didn’t know, is that this guy’s only wish was to become YOUR special fellow.

(Listen to this while reading)

You absolutely had no doubts about it. Mint green was officially your favorite color.


Just because of several reasons.

You liked how the color mint green looked so refreshing. The color literally gave life to your life. Currently, mint green was the color of your nailpolish, the color of your phonecase (which was already getting damaged because the case was protecting your precious phone every single day) and ofcourse the color of the walls in your lovely, cozy apartment.

But that was not the main reason you liked mint green.

It was because of a certain young fellow, who happened to have the color of, surprise, surprise, mint green hair.

The name of this young fellow was Min Yoongi. Being the teasing brat you were, you sometimes even called him Mint Yoongi, finding the nickname quite hilarious. However Yoongi thought the opposite of it, so everytime you’d call him Mint Yoongi, he’d scoff at the nickname and stare at you in disbelief.

Being a coffee barista in a small coffee shop was not that exciting. Most of the time, you were just standing behind the cash register, taking orders of customers who desperately wanted their morning coffee so that they could survive their morning without being tired and sleepy.  

Every customer was the same, or so you thought it was. It would be mostly around 10 AM, when the first grumpy customer would enter the coffee shop and order a strong cup of cappuccino. Sometimes customers would be even making fun of your mint green nail polish, saying that the color was too bright to fit the color of your skin. Or that the color was too bright for your deadpanned face.

But when Min Yoongi entered the small coffee shop for the first time in his life, ordering a frappuccino as he looked at you with those lovely small brown orbs and complimented the color of your nail polish, you were fully convinced that not all the customers were the same as you thought.

Amongst all those flowers that looked exactly the same, there would be always that special flower that would stand out.

Min Yoongi was that special flower.

After your first encounter with the mint green haired boy, you found him regularly visiting the coffee shop, ordering his Frappuccino as usually. You learned that he moved into town to finish his Arts major at the Seoul National University, specializing in photography. He simply admired you when you told him that you were majoring in Law, specializing to be an advocate, also at the same university as Yoongi’s.

You soon became friends with Yoongi, to the point that he would visit your apartment often. When he made his first visit, he was really amazed at the color of your walls (which was mint green ofcourse). When Yoongi was looking at your family pictures that were hanging on the mint green walls of your living room, you couldn’t help but find yourself staring at the mint green haired boy, amazed by his facial features. You adored his jawline, which was not too sharp but also not too squishy. That small pout on his lips and the little frown he had when he was looking at the 9-years old you on the family photo that was the most precious to you. And not to forget, his mint green hair that was sparkling the grey surroundings of Seoul whenever he’d walk on the streets. You loved his mint green hair the most.

There was a moment when you wondered why he died his hair mint green. Although mint green was your favorite color, you would never die your hair in that color. When you finally asked Yoongi why he died his hair mint green, he just chuckled and looked at you with his gummy smile, while saying,

“Just because. I like to stand out in a simple way”.

After that, you adored him even more.

Soon, you found yourself falling for him. Slowly, but deeply. However, you did not want to sacrifice your friendship just because of your silly crush, so you decided to keep quiet. Besides, Yoongi did not even like you back, so what is the point of telling him?

That’s what you thought, ofcourse.

“So, what do you want to do on your rare free day off?”, Yoongi asked you, absentmindedly stroking your soft hair while you were laying down on his lap. It was an early Saturday evening and you guys were just being lazy in your living room, watching this variety show called ‘We Got Married’, and sometimes you couldn’t help but cringe at the clingy celebrities.

“I don’t know. Doing this is just fine actually”, you answered Yoongi as you looked up to him, your heart skipping a beat as you saw his beautiful orbs looking down on you. Honestly for you, it did not really matter. As long as Yoongi was by your side, you were fine. Even if that meant watching We Got Married together. Yay.

“Are you sure? Because you’re cringing every two seconds watching this show”, Yoongi laughed, revealing his gummy smile that you really loved seeing. You just shrugged your shoulders.

“I have to admit that I’m not really fond of this show. But you apparently love watching it so it’s fine to me”, you said, giving him a soft smile.

“It’s interesting to see how idols are behaving when they are in a married relationship…”, Yoongi mumbled to himself, but it was loud enough for you to hear. You raised both your brows, and you suddenly had this urge to ask him about it.

And so you did.

“When the time comes, do you want to marry that special someone you’ll love?”, you asked him with a soft voice, making him look down on you again, but this time he was the one with his brows raised.

Yoongi then furrowed his brows a little, which he always did when he was thinking seriously about something. Before you could stop yourself, you were already observing his facial features again. You found him strangely hot whenever he would think about something seriously, with his brows raised and his nose cringed up.

“I think I would… Yes.”, Yoongi finally said after a few seconds of good thinking, and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of having Yoongi as  your husband, and perhaps, the father of your children. Although being sassy and grumpy was his favorite hobby, you also knew that he had a very caring heart. And that he had this strange love for Kumamon deep inside of him.

“Why are you smiling like that?”, the mint green haired boy suddenly asked, and you could feel your cheeks slowly getting hot all of a sudden. Crap.

“O-oh. It’s nothing!”, you answered him, a little bit too fast you assumed, by seeing the way he was looking at you. “I was just thinking about you being a husband and a father”, you said as you could feel yourself smile again. “You’d be a nice husband and a father, Yoongi”.

Yoongi looked at you in awe. He wasn’t expecting those words coming out of your mouth, considering the fact that you were a teasing bitch 90% of the time he spent with you.

“You’d think so?”, Yoongi asked you, still surprised by those words you said a few seconds ago. You nodded with a wide grin as you sat up, eying him as you settled yourself next to him.

“Ofcourse! Why are you so surprised?”, you scoffed as you hit him lightly on his arm. Yoongi chuckled softly, rubbing the spot where you hit him as he looked down with a smile.

“It’s just because you always tease me and never give me compliments like that. I have to get used to that.”

Your smile faded as you heard him saying those words, realizing that you have been hiding your affection and adoration for him all along. Or well, teasing him was your way of showing that you liked him. Not only as a friend, it was so much more than that. You liked him so much, it was hurting you in all places.

No. You didn’t like Yoongi. You loved him. You loved him so much.

You suddenly cupped both of his cheeks in your palms, lifting his head so he was looking at you straight in the eyes. You then caressed his cheeks, and you couldn’t help but enjoy feeling the soft skin of his pale cheeks against your palms.

“Yoongi, please don’t misunderstand. You are the greatest person I have ever met on this damn planet. From the day you stepped into that coffee shop, you’re fascinating me in many ways a person can be fascinated. You’re literally the only person of which I actually enjoy being with. And you know how I normally don’t like the presence of people.

You are the first one who complimented my mint green colored nail polish. Fuck, you are the first one who adores my love for the color mint green, while before people used to laugh at me for loving that color.

You are the first one who actually complimented the 9 years old me on that family picture, while my other friends, can I even call them my friends, laughed at me because I looked silly in that mint green bathing suit on the beach. Not to mention that my fore teeth were missing”.

You didn’t notice the tears streaming down your cheeks until Yoongi brushed them away with this thumbs. However, that did not stop you from talking further.

“When I literally lost hope in humanity, you came in my life by walking through the front door of the coffee shop. You’re so special you know that? When I saw your beautiful photographs for the first time in your apartment, I adored you for having such a passion like that. Like, I can’t imagine myself having such a passion about something so beautiful and special like that.

You’re so damn special Yoongi. I love you so much.

But, you probably don’t feel the same about me, so I-“

“Idiot. You fucking idiot”, Yoongi interrupted you, caressing your cheek with one hand as he placed the other at the back of your neck, bringing you closer to him, the gap between you and him closing.

“How long I waited for you to say those three damn words, fuck Y/N…”, he whispered against your lips, before fully planting his on yours.

You widened your eyes as you felt his lips moving against yours, your heart beating like crazy while your mind was in a complete chaos. Your lips were frozen against his for a few seconds, but soon afterwards you found yourself closing your eyes, automatically putting your arms around his neck, your hands slightly brushing his mint green hair. Feeling Yoongi’s lips melting against yours like this, it felt like you were on cloud 9, and you wanted to make this blissful feeling last forever.

Somehow the kiss became more heated now, as you felt Yoongi’s hands moving up and down your waist, and you strangely found yourself enjoying the feeling of his hands on you. Yoongi suddenly let go of your lips, and you whined against the loss of his lips, making him chuckle softly as he pinched the side of your waist, making you shriek.

“That was for keeping your feelings a secret, baby”, Yoongi whispered in your ear, before moving his lips from your earlobe to your jawline, and then to your neck, peppering it with little butterfly kisses.  Your eyes immediately closed as you felt his soft lips pressing on the sweet spots of your neck, and you couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as he sucked on that particular spot.

Your hands unconsciously moved to his soft hair, grabbing it as you still felt his lips peppering your neck with deep kisses. You made a mental note to yourself that you had to wear a turtleneck to work the next morning, because you were sure that those hickeys won’t be disappearing tomorrow.

“This… thing. It’s in the way”, Yoongi mumbled in your neck as he tucked on your white plain t-shirt. You giggled at his eagerness, letting him go out of your embrace as you grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head, dropping it to the floor afterwards.

The next thing you saw was Yoongi literally scanning the naked upper half of your body with predator-like eyes, and you assumed he was probably surprised of the fact that you weren’t wearing a bra underneath your shirt.

“Are you serious, Y/N? No bra?”

“I never wear bras when I’m home. They’re a little bit uncomfortable if I wear them too long”, you simply answered as you shrugged. Yoongi gave you a small smirk, scooting closer to you while licking his pink lips.

“Good. As from now, you won’t need them anyways”, he winked at you, before putting his arms underneath your waist and legs, picking you up in bride style, taking you by surprise.

As Yoongi carried you to your bedroom in bridal style, you found yourself looking at his facial features again. However this time, your eyes were filled with only lust, and you couldn’t wait to have Yoongi hovering over your body, making you scream his name like a mantra over and over again.

Hell yeah, you were definitely ready for it.

He softly put you on the bed, treating you like a porcelain doll that could break any moment. Seeing him looking down at you with loving eyes, you couldn’t help but smile at him, your adoration for him growing even more. And here you thought your adoration for Yoongi couldn’t get bigger. Guess you were wrong.

However, before you could get to the ‘real deal’ with Yoongi now (which basically was getting laid by him), you needed to know something. Just to be sure. So before he could go down on you again, you asked the question that was burning on your tongue ever since he kissed you on the couch.

“How long, Yoongi? How long have you been liking me?”

Yoongi pouted his lips and furrowed his brows, and you knew that he was thinking of an answer to your question.

“Hmm, who knows? I’m not entirely sure…”, Yoongi softly whispered as he bumped his nose against yours, which made you giggle cutely.

“But the thing that I definitely know for sure is that when I stepped into that coffee shop for the first time, you were the most beautiful coffee barista that I had ever seen”.

Okay, that was it. You decided that his answer was fair enough, so you eagerly put your arms around his neck and pulled him down, his lips dangerously close to yours. However, you decided not to kiss him fully on his pink lips, but you kissed the corner of his mouth, moving your lips to his earlobe, giving it a soft bite before whispering a little “show me how much you love me” in his ear. As you felt him shudder at your whispering voice against his ear shelf, you smirked out of victory.

Sadly, that smirk of victory soon disappeared as he ground his hips against yours, feeling his hardened member in his pants touching your semi-dripped clothed core. Getting rid of those damn clothes was your next mission, you decided.

You eagerly moved your hands to the hem of his shirt, tugging at it with a little whine. He immediately understood your signal, so he pulled his shirt over his head in a swift motion and threw it on the floor when it was completely off. You were totally in awe, your mouth hanging slightly agape as you saw his slightly toned abs and his smooth, flawless pale skin on his naked upper half.

Yoongi gave you an evil smirk as he saw you observing the naked upper half of his body. “Like what you see, babe?”, he winked at you, and you couldn’t help but scoff at his cockiness, before actually pulling him back down again and rolling over so that you were on top of him now. You straddled his lap as you slowly touched the soft skin on his chest, drawing invisible circles on it and bringing your lips to it. You then kissed and sucked the fuck out of his chest, making dark purple and red hickeys on his snow white skin.

When you heard Yoongi’s soft moans, you decided that those moans were the most beautiful sound you had ever heard in your whole damn life.

After peppering his chest and stomach with little butterfly kisses, you lowered your lips to that specific area, hearing Yoongi’s breath becoming more uneven as you became dangerously close to the area where he wanted you the most. You looked up at him and give him a little wink before unbuckling the belt of his pants and opening the zipper. Within a few seconds, his pants were completely off, leaving the mint green haired guy only in his black boxers. You licked your lips at the sight of him, laying down vulnerable with just one little piece of clothing on.

You suddenly felt the urge to be the dominant one in this game. But little did you know, that Yoongi had other plans with you.

So before you could even realize it, Yoongi already had you pinned down on the mattress, so that you were now underneath him. It was now his time to wink at you, before kissing his way down to your dropping core, which was actually still clothed because you still had your pants on. You moved your hands to the zipper of your jeans, wanting to take the piece of clothing off as soon as possible. However, before you could lower down your zipper, Yoongi grabbed your hand as he shook his head softly with a smirk plastered on his face.

“No no no. Don’t be so eager. We’re going slowly. Just the way you like”.

What? How does he know that-

Oh. You remember.

Like, how could you forget the fact that Yoongi once barged into your house with his mint green head all drunk of the soju, wanting to do you right there on the spot. And ofcourse, the only words you were able to let out were,

No Yoongi. Not like this. I like to take things slow”.

Well, right now, you started to slowly regret saying those words. Seeing Yoongi pulling down your pants in the slowest way possible was really torturous. Especially if you were literally leaking right there on the spot.

You sighed out of relief when those damn pants were finally off of you, enjoying the feeling of the cold surface of your sheets against your hot skin. However, you couldn’t enjoy it for a long time, as you could feel Yoongi opening both of your legs, sneaking between them as he reached for the spot where you needed him the most.

He touched your clothed core with his pale fingers, snickering as he heard you let out a breathy moan at his touch, proving how sensitive you were right now.

“Wow baby, you’re already dripping wet and I haven’t even touched you properly yet”, Yoongi remarked as he looked up to you, that damn smirk still plastered on his face.

You literally groaned as you grabbed his mint green hair and pushed his head towards your aching core. You were so done with his teasing attitude.

“Then make work of it. Like, right now Yoongi”, you groaned, not giving a damn anymore about how desperate you were being right now. Right now, the only thing you wanted was Yoongi making you feel good. Nothing more, nothing less.

And you thanked the heavens when he finally obliged, feeling Yoongi pulling your panties down as he softly kissed the insides of your thighs. He also took his own boxers off while he was at it, sighing as he felt the cold air of your bedroom against his sensitive hardened member.

As you looked at his member, with half-lidded eyes, you had to admit that he was actually bigger than you originally thought.

The mint green haired guy then hovered over your tiny body, spreading your legs so that he could have better access to your dripping core. You put your arm around his half-sweaty neck, softly moaning in his ear as you grinded your hips against his, teasing yourself with the feeling of his member grinding against your wet lips.

“Yoongi, please. I need you. Right now.”

As you said those words, you could hear Yoongi let out a soft groan, softly feeling up down there to check if you were wet enough. But you were so worked up that you did not even need the foreplay anymore. And seeing how hard Yoongi was right now, he probably did not need it either.

So the moment was now right here. The mint green haired boy, on whom you had a crush for 4 months long, was now hovering over your naked, sweaty body in your bedroom, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the actual irony.

“Why the fuck are you laughing when I’m about to slam my dick in you now?”, Yoongi asked with a hoarse voice, and you swore that you could feel yourself even getting wetter after hearing his voice in that tone.

“I’ll tell you later. Now slam it into me, Yoongi”, you whispered seductively in his ear.

Who was Yoongi to reject such a beautiful request?

So he did. He finally thrusted his member into your core, and you both moaned at the overwhelming feeling of this connection. You realized that this was the closest to Yoongi that you could ever get. Him hovering over you with his member in you, his fingers intertwining with yours as he was looking at you with half-lidded eyes that were nonetheless still filled with love, and you still could feel your heart skip a beat while looking at his beautiful eyes. Even in a situation like this.

He slowly thrusted his member in and out of you, and you moaned at this amazing feeling that you felt in the pit of your stomach. It has been a while since your last time having sex, so this feeling of ecstasy had you feeling like you were on cloud 9. As the seconds went by, Yoongi’s thrust became more irregular, and you knew that he was closer to his orgasm right now by the way he groaned, gripping your hips so tightly that you already knew that those bruises would stay there for a good three days.

Seeing him thrusting in and out of you like that, sensually moving his hips back and forth while those tiny, little drops of sweat fell down from his slightly dampened mint green hair was enough to get you very close to your high. So when he moved his fingers to your swollen clit, rubbing circles on it as inside of you, he hit your special spot with his member, you couldn’t take it anymore. By then, you literally screamed out his name, scratching his perfectly pale back, which was now not so perfectly pale anymore because of your sharp scratches.

After a few more thrusts, you finally reached your high, and it was the best orgasm you ever had in your whole life. You screamed out his name in full bliss, closing your eyes tightly with your toes all curled up as you let the feeling of ecstasy overwhelm you.

A few seconds later, you felt Yoongi spurting his substance in you with one last thrust, groaning loudly with your name coming out of his lips, riding his orgasm out before finally collapsing on you with all of his weight, his member still in you. He was a little bit heavy, but you were too tired to nudge him away.

After two minutes of regaining your breaths, Yoongi pulled out of you and rolled off of you, laying down on his back as he eyed the white ceiling of your bedroom with a sheepish smile. And ofcourse, seeing him smiling sheepishly like that, you couldn’t help but smile too. His smiles always worked contagious, no matter in what situation.

“So, Y/N…”, Yoongi murmured as he grabbed your waist with his arm, scooting you closer to him, and you happily nuzzled your face in his chest that was now covered in small, but dark hickeys. “Tell me now, why were you laughing just now?”, he whispered in your ear before planting a soft kiss on the top of your head, and you could feel your smile getting bigger.

“Just because… A few hours ago, I didn’t even dare to think of you being in my bed like this”. You could hear Yoongi chuckle at your answer as he tugged you even closer in his arms.

“Well, I surely didn’t dare to think of it either…”, he laughed tiredly as he stroked your hair lazily, and you slightly enjoyed the feeling.

The four words Yoongi then said afterwards were probably the cause that made you fall asleep with a huge smile plastered on your face.

I love you too, Y/N”.

Even lipstick is a little bit like a striptease—nobody ever sees me without red lipstick except for a few people, and they appreciate it. It’s almost like what you hold back from the world becomes kind of precious. When people see me without any makeup, for whatever reason, they’re like, “Wow, you look so young without all the makeup.” And I say, “I know, but I’m not trying to look younger. I just love how my makeup makes me feel, and I like the power I get from it, the power I feel from beauty.
—  Dita Von Teese

Lets talk about how Danielle had nothing but nice things to say in her ET interview.

She could’ve been like “Louis did a great job raising Freddie”, but she literally just started off with “Louis and Briana did a great job raising Freddie”. She constantly gave her credit in the involvement with her son, which some girls wouldn’t do if it was their boyfriend’s baby with another girl.

Then, she continued to say how Freddie is beautiful because of BOTH of his parents. Once again, she could’ve been like “he is so precious, he looks just like Louis”. Once again, she mentioned Briana.


Call me extra or whatever but Danielle Campbell is literally the most angelic and genuine person in this world wtf

I’m insanely proud of Zelo. Just… his rap slayed. He’s a painfully underrated rap artist. You know how artists like Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Mozart had that special something at a young age – that special something they gained through hard work when they’d barely become adults? 

That’s what he got. No wonder Yongguk looks at him with so much love. He’s a precious person and a sensitive rapper. He taps into his emotions when he raps and spills the words with an eloquent flow that only incredibly intelligent rappers possess. Yongguk saw a rap artist in the making when he was just a kid. And he has always pushed Zelo to nurture his skills.

I dunno where this is coming from. I just saw a bunch of fancams of his rap solo performance and it just occurred to me that the music industry don’t know what kind of sick talent they have amongst them.


*breathes* I think I managed to sort out my emotions now.