no but look at how gorgeous they are

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hi! first off i love your stuff, it's absolutely gorgeous. i was just wondering how you got your linen cabinets in the hampton's getaway bathroom set to look as though they're built into the wall? thank you!

It is quite simple actually. I made the cabinets in such a way that they are the exact height of either the medium or short wall heights. To make them look built in simply make an area of 1x1 with walls on 3 sides then place the cabinet ½ tile in. They voila! It looks built in. You can see how i did it here:

Can u do like a honeymoon smutty blurb with either Jared or Sam (doesn’t matter as long as it’s sweet and smutty lol!)

I went with Sam. Gif submitted by @sgarrett49

Wedding night

“How was that for a first time?” He turns this head to look at you, his long index finger tracing the unexistent outiline of your nipple causing a whimper from your open panting mouth.

“First time?” Your nostrils flare as you speak and your brow furrows in confusion. 

Sam bites his lips, propping up in one elbow, changing his attentions on your breast from hand to hand. You roll to your side to look directly into his gorgeous kaleidoscope eyes. 

With forefinger and thumb he pinches and pulls at your hard pebble, earning a gasp from you. He smirks and presses his lips to yours. Your mouth opens for him and his other hand slipd under your body, pulling you closer to him. His half hard and wet cock poking your thigh. 

“Mmhmm.” He humms against your lips, hauling you on top of him. 

You accomodate your legs to his sides, both hands on his chest, carding through the soft hair. His big hands take yours, interlacing your fingers together, helping you steady so you can sit up. 

Sam brings your left hand closer to his face. “As a married woman.” and palces a tender kiss on your knuckles before dragging himself with you on him, untill his back is flushed against the pillows. 

Your hands let go of his and you push your hips up, holding your weight on his shoulders. A breathless moan leaves your open mouth as you lower yourself to him. His fingers digging on the soft flesh of your hip. 

“I-” You have to stop talking right before you start, to regain your composture. Chest heaving, his mouth attending to the tender globs of your breasts. 

“I may need another go…” You chuckle still unable to respire normally. “You know… to settle my mind.”

Next up, one of my favorite pairs! My sai.

These ones are very, very dear to me, since I had to use them a lot. I mostly practiced Okinawan Karate (Shotokan, specifically, and not the Ryuken Hadouken fictional kind, the actual, IRL Shotokan HMPH), and Okinawan Karate has a lot of Sai teachings. I was absolutely not gonna pass up on the chance to learn me some cool ass sai techs so I went and BLEW my savings on these beauties, bwahahaha.

Look at that gorgeous gold weaving on black leather grip wrapped on black metal GOD WHAT A LUXURY I COULD KISS THEM (I KISS THEM DAILY). Gorgeous gorgeous weapons. One is used for defense and one is used for attack in the neutral position, but the beauty of sai is that you can shift their purposes at any time you want.

This is how you grip a sai, btw (also seen in the first pic, but with the thumb in; I left it out so you coudl see the sai properly)

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Hello! I played Heart Rocket recently (LOVED it!!) and I just want to say how much I loved the art and the story! Just so gorgeous! The NPCs (non-Muse) were really well-thought out and the interactions were just so cute! There was one minor issue I kept running into where Nico would freeze in place and she couldn't move or interact, so I'd have to restart the game. I had to run back and forth saving every few seconds! I otherwise really enjoyed it and I think you did an amazing job! Thank you!

omg thanks q-q …. did the npcs rly seem well thought out to you ??? LOL i thought it looked p lazy how i had them (and ppl said it was awkward how you can’t talk to the ones in the classrooms and they don’t move and stuff lol …)

uM about the glitch you got where nico would freeze in place, no one else has reported that to me so if you can could you email me at about it??
with what kind of OS you have (windows 10 is like hr’s worst enemy fsr)
and like where she would freeze (in between maps or in the middle of a map, also was it a specific map she’d freeze on or just … ANY OF THEM …)
and were you playing with mouse or keyboard?? bc i know the controls were fricked with the mouse which is why i only gave keyboard instructions at the beginning of the game lol q-q

(also i am sry about kotori being the only save point OTL i took the save function out of nico’s menu bc i noticed if you saved at some places it’d make characters disappear and stuff ……. RLY TRICKY STUFF LOL)

I want to earn a Capricorn’s love.

Capricorn…translucent skin regardless of its shade…bones everywhere, gorgeous bone structure especially in the face…you wonder how can they look so drained when they’re all bone…what about all the calcium they must supplement themselves with? Shouldn’t that provide them with Cancer’s milky glow? There’s the eyes…serious, deeply emotional, with something musky, jade green, long-forgotten in them…if you take a butter knife and slice Capricorn open, and he really would come apart so easily, you see time-worn yellowed manuscripts, cogs with Hebrew etched into them, ice caps dating back thousands of years that small arctic organisms survive and thrive in. Their hands are cold, long-fingered, and looking to stand you up straight and push you toward a goal. If they put pressure on your lower back and send you flying, there will be a moment when time slows down and something primal enters their expression as they watch and wait for you to stop flailing and find your balance again.

They can worship so reverently. On a practical level, their commitment to authority, their loyalty to anything that makes them feel stable, drives me batty…but in concept, Capricorn folded on to their knees, palms flat on the ground, nose skimming the ground, as well…it’s as if they contort into a diamond, some sort of prism, for they turn multi-dimensional and reflect the rainbow in all of its infinite endlessness through them…this is Capricorn realized, finally seeing a star to aspire to, a figure at the top of a snowy mountain that they can believe in.

We underestimate the tremendous growth Capricorn must endure to feel like he can not just worship that figure, but also become her. Capricorn underdeveloped clings to authority, whereas Capricorn all emotionally grown up realizes that she already is authority.

When you do capture his love, some of that bone shell softens, and you get moments of sweetness in between all of the bizarre, buried humor and quiet intensity…he slips a Saturn ring on to your finger, and puts silk sheets over his antique grandfather clock when you’ve had a stressful day and just need someone to bring you back to earth…

I once described loving a Cancer like this:
“To be alone with a Cancer is to let the current carry you away. You’re in their home, now…their world is rich and makes total sense to only them, so the idea of sacrificing yourself to it will put some anxiety in your bones if you’ve any sense at all. The longer you play in their waves, the less you remember your life before them. You don’t mind.”

Capricorn can get you just as serene and lost, though, I think…only they pull you into the forest, on to the rocks, to soak in the warmth of the sun-bathed boulders through your feet and finger the soft fur of passing rabbits and mountain goats…there’s this ancient forest nymph inside of her that will nurture and develop you like a gardener watering and speaking softly to a green baby plant.

I think there’s no higher honor than gaining the admiration and respect of such snow angels, and nothing more fulfilling than getting to feed that love back to them.

Capricorn is beige Saturn cooked in the exalted fire of Mars…his heart, then, is a glimmering gold, made from the same stuff that his precious career compensations are.


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why can't i be skinny and pretty?

1) you do not need to be skinny to be pretty (look at Ashley Graham she is gorgeous and not skinny)
2) you don’t need to be pretty and skinny because society dictates enough things in our lives why would you let them dictate how you feel about yourself? Why would you give patriarchal asses such power?
3) Your body Your choice. You choose what you look like, you choose whether you like that or not. If YOU don’t like it you work until you like yourself. If the decision comes from some ingrained thought process do not change.
4) change because you want to change not because you need to fit into the pattern that society wants you to fit in.
5) YOU ARE GORGEOUS THE WAY YOU ARE LOVE. TRUST ME. AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO WILL RECOGNIZE YOUR BEAUTY. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO CAN SEE BEAUTY THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL SEE YOUR BEAUTY. Every single person is beautiful in her own way. That’s the beauty of humans. We are so different and all of us are so fricking gorgeous. The tragedy is that we don’t recognise it!
6) What you consider ugly might be someone else beauty ideal! Everybody perceives beauty differently! There is not one Beauty Mold in which everybody has to fit.

I hope you can love yourself and your body the way you deserve it.

Love, m

very important

my best friend in the whole world, @deathshands (dahlia obvs) turns twenty today. TWENTY??? jeezus how did we get this old and also ur age is in my url. i remem(e)ber when you were sixteen and someone i looked up to (well i still look up to you lmao). not only were you rocking the cool black + red emo hair and piercings (YEAH I CALLED U EMO U BURNT BROCCOLI WATCHA GON DO?), you were the nicest person on this website, in fact the nicest person i had ever come across, ever. and will ever. you put so much of your energy into helping people, even when you yourself were struggling. i went on your page and thought to myself, and i remember my exact thoughts; “what thE HELL man hOW IS THIS GIRL SO FRICKIN KIND AND GORGEOUS AND FUNNY AND TALENTED ????? IS SHE REAL ???? THIS MAKES ME MAD ITS NOT FAIR SHE GETS TO BE SO PERFECT” unfortunately, i learned early in our friendship, you will never, ever, ever quite comprehend how beautiful and amazing and kind and intelligent and funny and just in general perfect you are because you’re too rough on yourself. anyways, back to when i first went to ur page, i thought; “OK OK IM RLY FRICKIN SCARED BUT I KINDA RLY WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER” so i sent some nice anon mssgs bc if anyone deserves those it’s you. then i think one day i sent you a message about how i liked your hair off anon and you followed me and of c i freaked out. but then one day i remember i sent you a fanmail (which was the private message back in our day lmao) and we got talking and you were so so nice and we got along so nicely and “SWAGGOTSHIRE” and “#INTERNATIONALPENIS” happened and then we kik’d for a good while and then imessage and I DONT KNOW WHY IM TELLING THE HISTORY OF OUR FRIENDSHIP BC U ALREADY KNOW IT BUT I GUESS ITS BC ITS SO VERY IMPORTANT TEO ME (YES THAT WAS INTENTIONAL) AND I LOVE HOW WE TALK IN ALL CAPS 80% OF THE TIME BC WE’RE “INTENSE PPL” AND THEN we can still be super serious and support each other. i value our friendship and all our little inside jokes and everything so much but most of all i value YOU and everything you say and all your little quirks and how you can always cheer me up 100% of the time but you trust me enough to tell me your struggles when you need to and i really really value that friend i really really do ok ok and you are honestly THE strongest person i know i mean really you’ve been through sooo much and the fact you can just bounce back like you do is inconceivable and i know you still struggle yet you still help so many others including me it’s just wow man idk what to say!! and i just love how funny and honest and kind and you are and how you always stick to your values and it makes me so sad that you’ll never know how amazing and beautiful you are you are the most beautiful person ever friend ok ok and btw sidenote im listening to shake it by metro station rn and im telling u that just so you’ll go “dammit mg” somewhere across the globe and idk man i just love you so so much i love ALL of you and i love us and our friendship and our FIRE EMOJIS (dammit fuck u apple for ruining them) and how you still stuck by my side during both all of my and your hospitalizations. you’re so incredible it BLOWS MY MIND that we’re best friends and honestly that you’re a real person. i love you dahlia, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and one last thing,


Top 10 Hottest Disney Character (Girl Edition)

Because Disney makes cute girls ok.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t expect a list of just princesses. Only about 3-4 are technically princesses (one being kind of honorary.) Also this is just an opinion. My word is my own, don’t listen to me. I’m a terrible influence.

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