no but look at how gorgeous they are

reputation theory

honestly I think the album being called reputation is more significant than we think, these songs aren’t straightforward stories from Taylor’s perspective, they blur the lines between fact and fiction - or between the real Taylor and her false reputation. its just a theory but i think shes doing something similar to  ‘blank space’ with this whole album ie writing about real life experiences from her reputation’s perspective. 

take ‘ready for it?’ for example, she’s talking about her real life relationship but describes herself as the media would describe her (’i was a robber first time that he saw me / stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry’) and in ‘gorgeous’ she talks about meeting Joe and falling for him but paints herself as a cheater because that is what the media made her out to be (’i have a boyfriend, he’s older than us / he’s in the club doing i don’t know what’) even the most iconic line in ‘LWYMMD’ uses this rhetoric (’the old taylor cant come to the phone right now. why? oh cause shes dead’) its clear to us that tay is the same girl as before but shes mocking how the media and the haters said that she was ‘over’ and ‘dead’ by pretending that she is

taylor is once again taking what the media have said about her and using it to write incredible music, she’s mocking them and creating songs for her fans to enjoy - it just goes to show that if you hate on @taylorswift she’ll use it as inspiration and come back better than ever 

Roman: I love you so damn much. It’s amazing how your eyes sparkle and your hair is flawless. I’m in love with everything about you.

Virgil: *blushes* Thanks.

Roman: Hm? I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the mirror. Look at that gorgeous hunk! *blows kiss toward mirror*


I GIVE YA~~ MAMA EVIE! :D <3  @xxmileikaivanaxx

Now hehe lemme in tell ya somethin’, from the beautiful messages of this , I did stream with her showed her how with my art skills as best as I could x3 Talked about literally everything and all dem complements war we gave each other x’D (I had a freakin good time <3), eventually, we came to the idea for it to be an art trade! :D <# 

She is amazing, wonderful, LOVING, BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS person I ever had the pleasure meeting <3

This took maybe two-three days to do, I HOPE YA LIKE IIIIT! :3 <3 

Art /c/ meh fluffy me xP 

A LITTLE KAISOO ANALYSIS FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. I posted this picture with a series of other pictures on that wonderful (Korean Valentine’s) day that we got the gorgeous Kaisoo selfie.  I talked about how smitten Kai looked during the encore performance of “Power."  Shortly after that I was looking through my photos and I noticed that the look in that boy’s eyes has an additional element that I have not seen in other pics of Kai gazing lovingly at Kyungsoo.

The look on Kai’s face at this moment says this to me: ” I can’t believe he…“  He is looking lovingly at Soo but I also see a look of happy disbelief and admiration in his eyes.  It is as if Kyungsoo has done something meaningful to or for Kai. Whatever Soo did, Kai looks to me like he adores him all the more at this moment because of it.  

So, assuming that I am not crazy and seeing things, what did Kyungsoo do?  Was it one thing like the selfie that just happened to be Valentine’s Day?  I could easily see Kai asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?"  Was it Soo being so attentive and cute towards Jongin all day during the Chinese live stream and interviews? These happenings were live, recorded and televised and there could be repercussions.  Did Soo decide within himself to care a little less about the appearance of it and just decide to be more openly caring towards Kai? Was there some private declaration by Kyungsoo that he was going to act more how he wanted, to be less guarded?  Because we have surely seen this of late.

In my opinion, whatever it was, it took Kai by surprise, It’s also my opinion that it was risky and I can see loving admiration for Soo in Kai’s eyes because of it.  Well, that’s what I see anyway and just wanted to share my thoughts.

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Yu Shan Feng, Shanghai

We have a list a mile long of restaurants here in Shanghai that people have recommended to us, but it was gorgeous out on Saturday, so we just decided to simply walk around the city and find a place we thought looked good. Which is how we found Yu Shan Feng…

We’ve taken a shine to the old school Chinese diners that litter this city, so this place looked right up our alley. The fact they had a poster outside with English translations sealed the deal…

And I must say, their English translations are near perfect, probably the best I’ve seen in China. I’m fairly certain that they had the help of an actual native speaker with culinary knowledge, rather than just rely on Google Translate.

Yu Shan Feng’s a pretty big place, maybe seating up to about 100 people at any given time, so there’s not much waiting. We arrived around noon, the peak of the weekend lunch time rusg, and were seated right away. In traditional SH diner style, they give you a Chinese paper menu & pencil and you check off what you want. You have to ask for the English menu, and when you’ve decided on your dishes, the waitresses will help you match the English menu to the order form.

Oh, and be prepared, there are over 200 dishes on the menu!

We went with four. Here’s a look…

Sweet potato leaves stir-fried in garlic, one of the best vegetable dishes I’ve had in China! I literally drank the sauce out the bottom of the bowl…

Another amazing find, tender beef brisket with cucumber wedges wrapped in pancakes…

I was skeptical of the cold cucumber center at first, but it added a much needed crunch to each bite…

There was a tart “barbecue sauce” inside the roll already, but Yu Shan Feng’s house hot sauce added a nice kick!

You need to ask for the hot sauce separately as we discovered by watching a couple at the table next to us…

Pork xiao long bao hit the table next, and while not the best in city, they were still quite good. Would definitely rank in my Shanghai top ten…

Finished up with a plate of salt & pepper pork trotters…

Covered in garlic, ginger, onions and chiles, the flavorful fall-off-the-bone chunks of meat and fat were wonderful with a bowl of white rice…

All this food and a big bottle of Tsingtao for 129rmb, which is about $20.00 US!

One other thing I want to add… I don’t think we’ve every been to a friendlier restaurant in Shanghai. Even though they were quite busy, every staffer was kind, polite and extremely helpful. And EVERYONE smiled constantly. They made you feel comfortable here.

We’ll definitely be going back to explore so much more of Yu Shan Feng’s extensive menu… and definitely getting those sweet potato leaves again!


15 Baoqing Lu

On the corner of Fuxing Lu

Shanghai, China

Josh Ho Sang - First Dance

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In the back of the old vintage car the two of you rented for the special day your hand was laced tightly with your new husband’s. Looking over to him you couldn’t help but smile at how handsome he looked in the perfectly tailored grey suit he wore, the light lavender accents highlighting his brown skin. He winked at you before leaning over and giving you a quick kiss, “Mrs. Ho Sang.”

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Arguing (Theo Raeken prompt)

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Request: Prompts 5 & 12 for Theo please 💙

5) “oh god, please don’t cry, I’m not good in these types of situations”
12) “you always look gorgeous”

Warning(s): fluff and curse words

(Y/N) and Theo had just gotten away from the hunter who had zip-tied them along with two other werewolves and interrogated them while he electrocuted them.

Theo was arguing with (Y/N).

“Theo, leave me alone you asshole” (Y/N) glared at the boy.

“No, I’ll leave you alone when you know how to actually listen. If you had listened to me earlier when we were in the truck and drove off, then we wouldn’t have had to deal with this” Theo rambled.

(Y/N) scoffed, “Oh, so it’s my fault we got caught by a hunter when we were in your truck and I told you something felt off and to drive away? Don’t blame this on me, because I do remember telling you not to stick around and wait”.

“Okay, maybe it was. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow me and stay in the truck with me. I could take care of myself! I didn’t ask for you to be here with me and I definitely don’t want you here either! I don’t need your help, now leave me alone.” Theo shouted.

Soon (Y/N)’s eyes started to flood with tears, “I just wanted to help you and make sure you were okay you dickhead” She croaked and ran off.

“Fuck!” Theo whispered to himself when he realized he made her cry. It wasn’t like he purposely mean’t to make her cry, he didn’t intend to do so.

Theo ran towards the direction (Y/N) had and listened for her faint crying and had finally found her sitting down.

He cautiously walked towards her, “(Y/N)” Theo spoke.

(Y/N) looked up at Theo, “What do you want?” She sniffled.

“Oh god, please don’t cry, I’m not good in these types of situations” Theo joked lightly and (Y/N) snorted while mumbling “You’re not funny asshole”. 

Theo sat down next to her and looked her in the eyes, “Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry and I didn’t mean all those things. I was just frustrated and I should appreciate the fact that you care and want to help. Can you forgive me?”.

(Y/N) sighed, “I forgive you, it happens to the best of us to get frustrated and get mad”.

(Y/N) punched Theo in the arm, “I’m mad because my makeup is ruined and now I look like one of those girls in the movies who went through a break up and I look terrifying” she joked.

“You look gorgeous, in fact, you always look gorgeous” Theo smiled at the girl.

“Thank you, ass kisser” (Y/N) commented and the two got up to go find Scott and the others.

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The whole puny thing makes me think of cock worshiping Noctis. He's shy about his less than average size and looks away when you pull down his boxers to reveal his erection. But you deepthroat him with ease, moan around his length and tell him how delicious he is and how gorgeous he looks. Leave no inch unkissed, unlicked and without praise. Convenient length for g-spot ramming too. Cum loudly and claw at his back screaming "oooohh your cock's amazing Noct!!!". That outta get his spirits back.

Aww Noctis… ;3; 💕Honestly a big dick is nice but it comes with a lot of challenges, I’d worship a 4-inch Noctis cock easily lol. As long as he made me feel good I’d sing its praises to the six. Size ain’t the only factor in makin’ you feel good, just like all those lovely examples you gave here. C’mere Noct boo, lemme worship your royal boner no matter what size it is, ahahaha.

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i feel like a really cute concept is if your relationship is really new and fresh and he’s nervous for sex because usually it’s a one night stand and he doesn’t really have to worry about how good it is, rather both of them just getting off. so he’s really flustered and your guiding him through it, him being worried if he was good enough or if the speed was right.

And you’re kissing his flushed cheeks, pressing his sweaty forehead against yours and looking down at where you two are joined, breathing heavily as his hips sink into yours in a steady pace.

“Just like that, gorgeous.”

Your nails travel down his back to his ass and dig into the soft flesh. His eyes are clamped shut, and he is whimpering at the good feeling of your wet cunt squeezing his throbbing cock, feeling so warm and wet.

“A little faster for me, please?”

I recently started watching The Expanse and, OMG, the show is so good. I don’t even know where to start, really. The story is amazing, the characters are amazing (seriously, there’s hardly a show where I love 90% of all characters), the scenes (especially the space shots) are so visually beautiful that I had to pause and rewind a few times because I was so distracted by how gorgeous it looks that I didn’t pay attention to what anyone was saying.

Has anyone read the books and are they worth the read when you already watched the show? 

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Haha it was for the last thing you reblog! 🙈

Ah, ok ;D Fave hitman, Hit.

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Looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | STUD | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY


Can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

(Antisocial much, Hit? same)

Would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | I don’t know

(How does Hit friend :v He’s taken anyways by a certain blue pirate lizard so that deal is off)

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I hadn't thought about it that way before, but your anon is right, it doesn't have to be romantic. It doesn't have to be about Gorgeous either, it could be the boyfriend in the club. The ocean blue eyes could be referring to CH (or even Joe), and how she feels like she could sink/drown/die by looking into them. But not in a positive, 'drowning into you' way as most people were assuming, but actually drowning.

I think that was probably a last minute lyric swap, to try and throw fans off the scent. “Ocean blue” subs in pretty neatly for “sea green”, which may have been the original line.

But you bring up a good point : people are assuming the “sink and drown and die” line is connected to the line about “ocean blue eyes”, but this may not actually be the case. There’s nothing explicitly linking the two - it’s only pacing and narrative convention that makes us assume they’re connected. Song lyrics don’t typically have much punctuation, so we don’t know if the feeling is actually supposed to follow on from the description of Gorgeous’s eyes. It’s all open to interpretation.


“ A series of photographs by Piotr Sikora, created in collaboration with Piotr Bondarczyk, depicting Polish folk costumes in the context of contemporary multi-ethnicity. The project deals with the recent changes taking place in Polish society, which became almost entirely homogeneous after the Second World War when communism took the country in control and which is today experiencing a groundbreaking openness towards other cultures. . “

Rana, USA, Kurpie costume  and Maya, Algeria, Nowy Sącz costume

Nutsuko, Japan,  Lublin costume and Thesus, Puerto Rico,  Kraków costume

Folake, Nigeria,  Opoczno costume and Umi, South korea, East  Kraków costume

Leandro, Italy, Nowy Sącz costume and Maya, India, in Kaszuby costume

Jevone, Jamaica,  Highland costume and Miu, Japan,  Łowicz costume

Carmen, Dominican Republic, Lublin costume

Chris, Saint Lucia, Opoczno costume

Christian, Thailand,  Rzeszów costume

Farhana, Bangladesh,  Rzeszów costume

Verneille, Trinidad, Silesia costume

Rich, USA,  Łowicz costume

Peju, Nigeria,  Kraków costume

Jonathan, Mexico, Kaszuby costume