no but look at his giggle

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can you do one where harry comes home from an exhausting and stressed day, to find you in one of his hoodies curled up on the sofa. 💖 he’d just get so happy looking at you, then joins you to cuddle

You didn’t even heard him, sneaking into the living room. You were so concentrated over “Stranger things” that when he giggled at you from a few meters away, you screamed.

“You scared me!”

“Sorry, baby” he smiled widely and his dimples showed. “I just saw yeh with m’ sweatshirt and y'know, you’re so cute snuggled up like this.”

“So you had to scare the living shit out of me?” You said accusingly, but started laughing in the same time.

“Shht…” He came to you, climbing on the couch and hugging you from behind. “Just cuddle with me and watch how they find the missing kid.”

“He has a name, you know?”

His hand wrapped around your waist and his lips pressed to your neck.

“Yes, i think it was Will or something like that. But what is more important in the moment is why you stole my sweatshirt.”

“It was cold” you shrugged and turned to him so you could kiss him. “And I just borrowed it for a few hours, I didn’t steal it. Chill, Har.”

He giggled again, spooning next to you and pulled you even closer to his chest.

“Had a really tiring day in the studio today and when I came home I expected you to be still at work so the fact that u just saw you like that on the couch… There’s jus’ something so comforting ‘bout it, y'know?”

You nodded, knowing way too well what amont of happines he gave you just by staying at home for a day so he could spend more time with you.

“Yeh look almost lost in it, it’s s’ big fo’ yeh. Always stealin’ m’ hoodies an’ sweatshirts’.”

His lips brushed against the skin of your neck once again and he started petting your hair. “When are they going to find the boy? I already got bored and wan’ to just take your clothes off. Well, mine clothes if we have to be clear.”

“Shht, Harry” you shushed him, “Just five more episodes, have a little patience.”

“Why are yeh watching this when yeh know what is gon’ happen. I swear, we watched the same damn episode just three days ago.”

“Okay, but just a quickie. And you’re on top.”

“Don’ worry, pet, I’ll make yeh come within a second.”

Chalet Hook Up 2

This new story involves Colin and Angel from the previous story, Chalet Hook Up.


Angel and Colin arrived downstairs after their quickie and re-joined their cliques. 

Angel went back to Nadia, her BFF that came together with her and Colin continued preparing food for his classmates. The night progressed, and the rest of their classmates left to catch the last bus home at 11.30 p.m. Only Colin’s project mates, John and Ted stayed behind with Angel and Nadia. They continued playing drinking games and the girls were losing quite badly. Nadia was giggling, whispering to Angel and the boys wondered what they were so secretive about. Every occasionally, Nadia would look at Colin and blushed.

They were dry, and Colin went over to the bar to make more drinks. Nadia left the group to accompany him. Nadia had wavy voluptuous hair and wore a floral headband tonight. Her skin was a kiss of light golden brown and she had a great pair of tits. She wore an off-shoulder white top, booty shorts and a pair of Off the Wall Vans. She was really one of the fittest Melayu chicks on campus.

“So, what were you two girls giggling about?” I asked making conversation while preparing a new batch of drinks. “Are you sure you wanna know?” She smiled back at me. I nodded and gestured no drinks for her otherwise in a joking manner. “Well, Angel told me about your little adventure earlier and asked if I might join both of you later tonight.” Nadia winked at me seductively. “I didn’t know this was planned. Er… but I think we need to get rid of the guys first.” Colin plotted in his head and proceeded to make extra strong drinks for John and Ted.

“Let’s play Black Jack!” Colin declared as he returned with drinks. He sat in the middle of Angel and Nadia across John and Ted. Colin dealt the cards and luck were on the side of the girls for the first three rounds. Nadia got Blackjack twice and the boys had no choice (the two weakest cards) but drink twice the amount. While they were trying their best to down their extra strong vodka orange, both Nadia and Angel were discreetly running their hands all over Colin’s crotch area through the fabric of his berms. Angel circled her fingers over his cock while Nadia squeezed his balls. They giggled at each other while they felt his cock grow large. Colin tried his best to keep a straight face as these two gorgeous babes were teasing him in front of his mates.

Suddenly, Ted stood up and rushed towards the toilet. “I’m going to merlion! Fuck.” He cursed. “Don’t worry, buddy. I’ll help you.” John said as he helped him.

Angel, Nadia and Colin were alone now. “Hmm, good idea, LOL, Ted is so drunk!” Nadia said. Angel unzipped Colin’s berms and pulled his cock out. Nadia saw his cock and placed her hand on his shaft as well. They started to stroke his cock and he let out a soft moan. “Oooh ladies, this feels so good. Never in my dreams, I would expect to find myself in this position.” Nadia spat some saliva on his cock and both ladies increased the speed of their strokes. They smiled at him and then, proceeded to kiss each other. Their tongues met with gentle flicks at first that developed into a sensual exploration into each other’s mouths.

“Let’s go upstairs where it’s more private. I’ll go check on the boys and let them know that Nadia’s not feeling well. You obviously can’t go and check on them. I’ll come up in a bit.” Angel said pointing towards Colin’s erected cock. Colin and Nadia held hands as they went up into the room and Angel walked over to the toilet. It was really a funny sight. Ted was hugging the toilet bowl with puke running down his mouth and John was next to him snoring away. They were both passed out. She neared them and called out to confirm their state of consciousness. No answer. Yay.

Angel left the toilet and re-joined Nadia and Colin. Even before she walked into the room, she could hear gagging sounds as she walked up the stairs. When she opened the door, she found Nadia on her knees with Colin’s cock in her mouth. He held her head in his hands and deepthroated her. Nadia was stripped to her lingerie and wore matching light pink bra and panties that could be untied at the sides. “What a beautiful sight! May I join you?” Angel asked as she took off her clothes leaving her black thong on. She walked over, unfastened Nadia’s bra and knelt next to her. Colin continued face fucking her as Angel fondled Nadia’s 34C boobs. She had large brown nipples and she was more than a handful.

Colin took his cock out of Nadia’s mouth and she gasped for air. Her eyes were tearing, and her mascara, smudged. Saliva dripped out of her mouth hole as she coughed. It was Angel’s turn. She took his cock in her mouth that gleamed with Nadia’s saliva. She swallowed his cock whole and Colin could feel his cock go all the way to the back of her throat. He let her pace herself and the gagging sounds filled the room once more. Nadia cupped Colin’ balls gently, and every once a while, gave him light airy licks that made him shudder. Colin was in ecstasy. He looked around and saw their ménage à trois in the full-length wardrobe mirror at the corner of his eye. One pink-nipple Chinese nymph and one brown-skinned sex goddess were pleasuring him. Fuck! What a sight.

Colin pulled both girls up and they took off all their remaining clothes. He told Angel to lie down with her head on a pillow facing the bed edge and Nadia to get on all fours in 69 position. Unlike Angel’s baldness, Nadia had a neatly trimmed bush that led downward to her pussy lips. She arched her back, pointed her ass up in the air and waited for Colin to ride her. “Fuck my pussy, sayang. Fuck me, gila.” Colin obliged her and spread her ass cheeks apart. All that cock sucking made her wet and he glided his engorged member into her wet pink hole effortlessly. He held her hips as he pumped his cock in and out of her slowly feeling her entire love centre. Nadia was a screamer. “Ah… Ah… Ah… You feel so good inside me! Ah… Ah… Ah… Fuck me harder!”

Angel had the best view in the house. She cupped and played with Colin’s balls as he banged Nadia to oblivion. She could smell Nadia’s sex and the pheromones electrified the air. She laid her tongue out to catch their rhythmic pounding and tasted Nadia’s golden-brown honeypot. Angel had never gone down on another girl before and she was glad to perform cunninglingus on her BFF. Nadia screamed louder now as she reached her climax. “My pussy is on fire! Ahhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh…. I’m cumminnnnggg!” Nadia’s body went limp and Colin took his cock out of her and pointed it towards Angel’s mouth. He rammed his cock in and out of her, as she eagerly sucked Nadia’s cum off his rock-hard erection. “Ooh… Ooh…. Your cock tas… Ooh…te sooo… Ohh… fucking good. Pleass… Ooh… Ooh… sse fuck me.” Angel tried to articulate herself while being fucked in the mouth.

Nadia moved aside, and Colin laid on the bed. “Sit on top of my cock.” Colin directed Angel. She got up in reverse cowgirl position and slid his cock into her pussy. “Ah…Ah…Hmm…Ah…Ah…Ooooh…yes, right at that spot.” Angel moaned as Colin fucked her hard and fast with her hands balanced on his chest. Nadia repositioned herself and laid flat on the bed with her mouth within a hare’s breath of Colin’s cock and Angel’s pussy. She licked Colin’s balls greedily as he continued to fuck Angel senseless. “Slur…rrp… Slur…rrp. Mmm, your balls taste nice and salty.” Nadia said as she moved her tongue lower. She spread Colin’s ass cheeks apart and proceeded to lick his perineum. “Fuck, that feels so fucking shiok! Oh… Don’t stop, yesss…” Colin felt his climax build up as these two sexy girls were pleasuring him at the same time. He gave one last final thrust. “Ahhhhhh!!! I’m going to explode!” Colin moaned as he shot his warm sticky sperm into Angel’s pussy. He came bucket loads and his cum filled her up completely.

“Oh woah, I came in you.” Colin blushed.

“It’s okay. I’m on the pill.” Angel replied exhausted from his pounding. He took out his cock from her cum-drenched hole and his sperm flowed out. Not wanting to waste a single drop, Nadia placed her tongue on Angel’s pussy and lapped up Colin’s cum juice. She spread her nether lips apart and made sure she licked up everything.

All three of them, all naked now laid in bed with their limbs intertwined with one another. “Thank you, girls.” Colin laid wasted.

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#6 - Jake and Amy for the kiss meme!

6. lazy morning kisses before they’ve even opened their eyes, still mumbling half-incoherently, not wanting to wake up

She feels it first, before any of her other senses awaken. It’s somewhere in her heart, she thinks, radiating slowly through her and warming her more than her daily dose of coffee ever could. Then it’s the ring on her finger, most likely indenting on her finger from where it’s trapped under Jake’s shoulder. She’s shifting before she processes it, her elbow bracing against his stomach, and her eyes blink open briefly to look at it and smile. But then she’s drifting under again in the soft morning light, falling a bit haphazardly over her fiancé.

His lips twitch under the sudden attack of her hair, and he brushes it away in one or two attempts with the arm Amy hasn’t taken hostage. She giggles softly when his fingers remain on her face, trailing lazy lines on her forehead before she tucks her head further into him, denying him access. When he mutters an indignant complaint, she ghosts kisses to his chest and turns her head slightly to the side.

At best, they’ve gotten nearly two hours of sleep (it was a long night of drinks and phone calls and congratulations and holding each other close, closer.) And while the sheets cocooned around her are warm and intoxicating, the lulls of sleep aren’t what has her longing to stay in just a little bit longer. His skin is warm against hers, and she knows that she’ll have the rest of her life to wake up next to him (and share coffee mugs and car rides and walks to the bodega and late nights on the couch and talking late into the night until their voices fade and fall over and over again.) But she wants this morning, right now, with her head still floating—I love you I love how smart you are I love how beautiful you are—and her smile from last night still shining.

Jake rolls over suddenly, pressing her into the mattress, and mumbles something along the lines of stop thinking so loudly. She presses her lips against his cheek, eyelashes fluttering against his skin as she tries to fight the morning drowsiness long enough to see his face, but he brushes a hand over her ribs in that way that he knows makes her squeal. And she does, trying to turn away from him, but he’s annoyingly blocked her in.

“Shhh,” he whispers against her skin, getting his revenge against her earlier onslaught of kisses. “’M trying to sleep.”

“We’re gonna be late for work,” she whispers back, aware of his lips drifting slowly closer to hers.

He closes the gap, mostly just resting his lips over hers than a proper kiss as he smiles. “I got us the day off weeks ago.”

And then he’s shifting to lie more comfortably beside her, his lips finding a new home against her neck. She frowns, but burrows closer to him with her hands tucked between their chests for warmth. She can feel the sliver of cold where her ring interrupts the contact, and she experimentally runs it over his skin, the feel of it in the soft embrace of morning different than the rush of emotions from the previous night. He falters against her touch.

She stills, though, his warmth and heartbeat under her palm luring her back to sleep. Her thoughts are swimming to her, something about love and home and how adorable her fiancé is for requesting the day off after his proposal, and one final, goofy smile graces her cheeks.

“Love you,” she manages, and her head falls just a bit more into the grasps of sleep.


Imagine Seokjin: Vacation

(This is the following part to the BTS scenario: Getting ready for vacation.)

Genre: fluff

Warnings: light smut

“That was so much fun!” you laughed as you entered the wooden house were you two were spending your ski holiday. You started undressing from your ski pants as your smiling boyfriend entered the house and threw his jacket into the corner. Jin started to brush the snow off his hair, his face red because of the cold air outside. He looked at you with sparkling eyes and you started laughing at the sight of his nose that was as bright red as Rudolph’s. “Ya”, he looked at you pouting while struggling to take off his ski pants, “don’t you think you look better, you evil little yeti!” You threw your jacket and gloves into the corner to your ski pants and walked over to him, giggling. You gave him a quick peck onto his lips and were about to walk off as Jin suddenly pulled you back, pressing his cold lips onto yours and moving them slowly. You wrapped your arms around his warm neck and pulled him closer, running your cold fingers through his hair. Jin started to slightly nibble on your lower lip and a light moan escaped your lips as you arched your body into his. You two parted and you breathed heavily. Your boyfriend looked at you, his chocolate brown eyes now as dark as the night outside the window. Then he unwrapped the grey scarf from his neck without a word and threw it on top of all the other winter clothing. After he had pushed his lips against yours again and you had successfully undressed him from his shirt, your top followed shortly after and a surprised yelp left your mouth as the sudden cold hit your bare tummy, spreading goosebump all over it. You could feel Seokjins dick harden and pressed your core against his, causing him to growl. You had no time to react as he picked you up only a second later, wrapping your legs around his hips and pressing his warm upper body against yours.

-Seagull 1

A Siren’s Song

Summary: A surprised giggle made its way out of the siren’s mouth, and Arin tilted his head to look at him. He looked…oddly pleased. “Okay. Call me Dan, then.”

“My name’s Arin,” he offered. “Thanks for, y’know…saving my life and shit.”

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Egobang, Fluff, mild Hurt/Comfort

Warnings: mild descriptions of blood, brief mentions of death 

A/N: Dedicated to @artistnotsogrump, who requested a story of siren!dan and merman!arin. I’m still not sure how I feel about this piece, but it turned out much longer than I thought it would and I can definitely say it stretched my limits as an author. This concept was interesting, so thank you. I really hope you enjoy it.

It was common knowledge not to go near the sirens’ den.

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Sexy Time W/ Jackson

Originally posted by jackseunie

Woah talk about the duality of a man

First this man is a pleaser okay, he gets off by knowing he gets you off

Don’t let that fool you he still likes to be in control most of the time

Sex isn’t just about fun, it is a way for mutual connection. so mutual satisfaction is important to him. 

dirty talk is a rarity, he is going to compliment the hell out of you and himself to get you in the mood

hands, hands, handsy okay he wants to look, see, feel, and touch everything

your cute giggles are a turn on, like when your voice gets cute and girly or soft sensuous and sexy, his mind has already gone there

Don’t expect a tremendous amount of foreplay, he would rather get to the point

Also he likes variety so a change of scenery would be a regular thing

that means, shower,sofa, kitchen, bedroom, pool, balcony, his studio, his private cars, your house, his house, outdoor, indoor, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s private and secluded, nowhere is off limits.

Honestly I see him as having a bit of a hair kink, he will pull yours but he definitely loves for you to pull his when he does something right

Sex is a bit of a competition, every time is a conquest for him

that means prepare for a chase he likes to be chased and he likes to be the chaser

toys aren’t a major thing unless he feels very very very adventurous or you insist on it.

as far as positions he likes when he can display his strength

so restraining you, lifting you up, or wall sex is a must

also any positions that allows him to be as physically close to you as possible is a go to for him, he wants to feel every part of you

everybody and their mom knows that this man loves thighs so he would literally go into a high when you wrap your thighs around him and give him a squeeze  

oral for him is 50/50 you give what you get, only time you get extra is on your birthday or special occasions 

he has three basic rhythms slow and steady, fast and hard,or deep and agonizingly slow (of course he has variations)

he isn’t super vocal deep groans and grunts are about as extensive as it gets, but he can make more noise if he knows you like it.

all in all this man knows how to please and it doesn’t take him long to be attuned to your body

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Inspired by Jonathan in soft yellow sweaters. Imagine that Steve begins to compliment Jonathan when he wears these soft sweaters or when his hair looks good. Jonathan is flustered at first but soon begins to choose his wardrobe based on what he thinks Steve might like and notice. Steve loves complimenting Jonathan and seeing his confidence go up. and he loves the little blush he gets as a bonus.

Jonathan wearing brightly colored sweaters and brushing his hair and primping for Steve. He always wears his nice sweaters, the ones with less threads and holes, the pretty ones. Will always watches him and giggles as he fixes himself in the mirror before Steve comes over, but Jonathan knows if he attacks him there’s a chance he’ll mess up a good hair day so he just scowls at Will.

Steve comes over and routinely praises him for wearing sweaters and doing his hair, but honestly he could have thrown something on and Steve would have complimented him honestly. The few times they hug, Steve always reminds Jonathan that  his sweaters are super soft and “totally cool dude” and sometimes  he’ll grab Jonathan’s cheek teasingly when he blushes.

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"I like the way your hand fits in mine" and "You look really cute in that sweater" with Ambrose? I really need some holiday fluff.

Originally posted by toosweetme

Hey anon I hope you liked it. Thanks for the request!

“Oh shit!”

You had just sat down on the couch drinking some hot chocolate when you heard a faint yell from the bathroom. You shook your head before yelling at your lovely boyfriend, “Dean, are you okay?” Instead of an answer you heard something crash to the floor, making you get up and rush into the bathroom.

 “Why won’t this work?” Dean was sitting on the bathroom floor with Christmas wrapping paper laid out in front of him.

 You giggled at the reindeer paper but quickly covered your eyes, “Wait should I not be seeing this?”

 Dean chuckled at you and dropped his scissors, “You know when you lift your arms, that long sweater doesn’t leave much for the imagination. You look really cute in it.

 You blushed as you remembered that you only had fluffy socks and a sweater on, “So can I uncover my eyes or should I leave?” You asked as you peaked through your fingers.

 “Oh no darlin you can see. Could you possibly help me?” Dean was obviously frustrated at the wrapping paper so how could say no.

 “Well of course I can help.” You went to sit down when Dean offered you a hand to help. You took it without thinking and smiled, “Babe, this might be cheesy but, I like the way your hand fits in mine.”

 Dean smirked at you as he leaned over and gently kissed your forehead, “Good because I always want you to hold it.”

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57 Gulak

57: “ Is that my shirt? ”

Shirtless and sleepy, Drew wandered into the kitchen, Greeted with the sight of you perched on the top of the counter, pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

“Coffee, Gulak?” You ask playfully, offering up a cup for him.

“Is that my shirt?” Drew inquired sternly, raising an eyebrow in your direction and tutting. 

“Yeah, Looks good huh?” Winking at him as he narrowed his eyes, You took an obnoxious slurp your coffee and flashed him a wicked smile. “I couldn’t find my clothes after last night.” Giggling at him while you bit down on your bottom lip, swinging your legs carelessly.

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BTS reaction to you drooling

Request:  Can i req bts and got7 reaction to their s/o have weird habit, drooling while daydreaming or spacing out also reaction to their s/o talks gibberish and walk like a drunk woman after waking up from sleep thx 😂😂😂



He would get grosed out seeing you drooling. After he realised you were spacing out he would laugh with his iconic laugh. He would imitate you afterwards.


He would get grosed out but he wouldn’t show it. I think he would act the most mature out of all the boys. He would just giggle at how cute you look and continue what he was doing.


He would act like he is grosed out about your habit but in reality he would kinda love it. He would just stare at you until you wake up and say something like “at least close your mouth”.


Opposite from Yoongi he wouldn’t act like he was grosed out because he really was. He thought it was a little cute but mostly grose. But he liked it too because it’s the way you are.


He would understand you because he often space out. When he saw you drooling he would just giggle and if there were some napkins he would clean your face up along with something like “aigoo my little baby daydreamed again”


He would be a mix of Namjoon and Taehyung. He would think it’s kinda cute. He wouldn’t probably wipe your face because it grosed him out a little bit but he would say something similar to Taehyung’s lines


He would tease you a lot and always whenever he was bored or felt like he wants to tease you a little.

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Whenever I see the "making of a song" videos I can't help but imagine Joe randomly walking in or something. And her looking into the camera saying "say hi." and he'd just raise his hand, wave into the camera weirdly "hi." which would make her giggle. Or the camera being placed somewhere and her recording something, walking out of the sound booth and Joe casually opening her arms, Taylor letting him hug her and Joe mumbling "m so proud" which she comments with "oh thanks for saying that." 💕

Shutter Speed Ch. 12

Well I got this out super quick! I don’t mean to spoil you guys, because who knows if this will ever happen again, but I just got so excited and have so much time on my hands. So here you go! 

I appreciate the lovely comments on the last chapter, they all meant so much.

Much love,

xx Dana

Ch 11 | AO3

“Honey, I’m home!” Jughead calls out as soon as he and Betty step over the threshold of his apartment. He’s met with silence, however, and a completely empty apartment.

“Maybe they’re at my place?” Betty suggests, setting her bag down. As soon as she says it, a loud thump is heard from Archie’s bedroom, followed by a holler and a giggle. Jughead freezes as the bedroom door opens to show an almost naked Archie, clad in only boxers and looking a bit frazzled.

“Oh, hey guys. Didn’t think you’d be back so soon,” he says, and Jughead could not be more horrified. That is, until Veronica pops up behind him with only a sheet wrapped around her.

“Oh my gosh, how was your trip? I need to see all of the photos, asap!” Veronica says, a wide grin on her face.

“Yeah, sure. But maybe after you’re, uh…decent,” Jughead mutters, motioning towards their appearances. Neither of them seem to mind, simply shrugging in sync much to Jughead’s disgust. “Right, you two finish what you were doing. We will, uh, be in my room.”

With that, Jughead grabs Betty’s hand and makes a beeline for his bedroom, shutting the door behind him. He drops her hand and immediately plops facedown on the bed with a loud groan. He feels the bed shift and turns over to find Betty sitting crossed leg beside him, smiling widely.

“Aren’t they so cute?” she asks, bouncing slightly on the bed. Jughead rolls his eyes and props himself up on one elbow, looking up at her.

“If by cute you mean disgusting and annoying, then yes, you are correct,” he says with a straight face, causing Betty to pout out her bottom lip.

“Oh come on, Jug, why do you have to be so negative. Who hurt you?” she asks teasingly, tugging on his hat. On instinct he reaches up and holds his hat down, Betty’s hand dropping down to the bed. He looks up at her, their eyes connecting, and Jughead feels compelled to be honest with her.

“My mom left us,” he blurts out. She looks taken aback, hand lifting up slightly as if to reach out to him, but thinks twice and sets it back down, letting him continue. “She left when I was young, because she couldn’t handle my dad anymore. She left and took my sister, but didn’t take me because she thought I’d end up just like him and didn’t want to deal with that.”

“Oh, Juggie,” Betty whispers, reaching out to take the hand that’s toying with a loose thread on the blanket. He looks away from her, can’t bear to see that sad look on her face.

“It’s been years since I’ve even heard from her. Sometimes we’d call, but that stopped a few years back. Was too much for her, I guess,” he mutters. Betty’s hand tightens around his, bringing it up to her chest to envelope with her free hand.

“Do you not believe in love, because of her?” she asks quietly, her thumb rubbing along his in a comforting way. Jughead stops for a second to think, do I really believe in love?

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This is the one who requested for Toshinori and a s/o with a baby that swears as their first word. I’m sorry for not reading all the rules because I asked for the reader to be a lady. You can go ahead and make the reader gender neutral, I apologize for that.

Hi lovely and no worries, though I fear I already deleted your previous ask (as I do with all that don’t stick to the rules). Though I remember it and I hope I remembered enough of it to write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!

When he hears the swear word, Toshinori and his partner just stop and stare at their child in surprise and shock at the unexpectedness of it all. Then they glance at each other, both of them looking wide-eyed.

“How…” His love asks, before their face twitches and they snort and begin to giggle.

“I don’t know if that’s a laughing matter.” Toshinori says, though he finds himself giving them a lopsided smile that carries a hint of worry and uncertainty.

His partner walks closer to him and the crib where their kid is currently watching them curiously and attentively. His love drops a gentle kiss against his cheek and then takes the hand the child stretches out towards them.

“They don’t know what it means.” His partner says softly, lightly tickling the tiny palm. Their kid starts to grin and grabs their finger, holding on. “We’re just going to be responsible and teach them other words. And when they get old enough and start picking up swear words from classmates or strangers on the street, we’ll explain what they mean and that it’s not nice to call people things.”

Toshinori gives a soft sigh, the worry around his heart easing. He wraps an arm around his love’s lower back and drops a kiss against the top of their head, smiling softly, his shoulders relaxing.

“Yeah, we’ll do that.”

Fantastic Headcanons: X

Tina’s stories of the Second Salmers’ orphans broke Queenie’s heart; therefore, she was sure it must’ve been Fate that brought one of them across her path. He stumbled into Jacob’s bakery, tears streaming down his face, a scrawny boy, no older than ten, with what looked like a black smudge across his right cheek. Without hesitation, she knelt before him, a cream-filled Niffler pastry in hand.

An hour later, he was giggling with her over a tray of jelly-filled doughnuts. Two hours later, they hid behind the counter stifling more laughter until Jacob walked by, calling out for them. Three hours later, Jacob, Queenie, and the boy were covered in flour and icing, newly made Demiguise pastries arranged before them like toy soldiers.

Queenie heard the boy’s fears as night drew closer - no place to rest his head and shame for the mark he bore - ‘The Witch’s Mark.’ She scoffed at the name and told him ‘beautiful’ was far more accurate a term. Jacob smiled, took the boy’s hand, and offered him a bed and a hearth behind the bakery. All he needed in return was help tasting new recipes. Neither the baker nor the witch had ever seen one so small laugh and cry in turn so much.


Happy feasting, everyone! ♥  

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Prompt: Newt gets sick to the point where he's confined to a bed. Credence has to care for both the creatures and Newt!

“And then, guess wh—, and then Dougal said to me, “Newt, mate, you’ve got to invest in galleons!” Isn’t that just the best advi—achoo!”

Credence tried not to look too worried as he stuck a thermometer under Newt’s tongue again. His fever was rising and it showed. Newt had dark circles under his eyes from a restless, fever-dream filled state all last night. His face was flushed red and his jewel green eyes were glazed over, unseeing. His nightshirt was soaked with sweat–Credence would have to change it soon. He sighed as he looked at the thermometer: 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Oh Newt,” he lamented, and bent down to kiss his forehead. His skin was burning up under Credence’s lips. The other wizard giggled.

“You kissed me, Credence!”

Credence smiled sadly and took out a clean handkerchief to wipe Newt’s nose. “I did,” he said quietly before casting Scourgify on the piece of cloth. He cast a cooling spell on the bucket of water next to him before dipping in the cloth, wringing it out, and folding it to lay across the other man’s forehead. Newt shivered despite being covered in three separate blankets and Dougal chittered in worry next to him.

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musicdork  asked:

Dancing, fluff, laughter?? For Izuku (sorry if this doesn't make sense, lol)

“I’m bored.”

This wasn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence, but Izuku laughed a little anyway. You’d never been one to sit in front of a television for long, and to be fair it had been several hours since either of you had moved. 

You stood and stretched, pulling your arms over your head. Izuku poked your side lightly and you shrieked with laughter. “Unfair!”

“You’re just too cute,” he said, giggling. “I had to, I don’t make the rules.”

You rolled your eyes and ran a hand though his hair, fluffing it up a bit so it stuck out in weird directions. Then you grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. 

“Dance with me!” 

“There’s no music!” he protested halfheartedly, looking at the TV, which was playing some action movie you couldn’t remember the name of.

You listened to it for a moment. “There’s the sound of explosions, and that’s enough.”

He laughed, but went along with it as the two of you danced to the sound of bad acting and great pyrotechnic effects.

GOT7 reaction when their crush looks so done with school.

Request:  Got7 reaction when their crush looks so done with school. please



After he saw you he would smile and hug you. He would watch a movie with you or just lay and talk about what’s bothering you.


He would hold back his laugh and make a pout face and hug you. He would slowly start to swing side to side and rub your back. Later you would just cuddle and watch a movie or whatever.


The look on your face would warm his heart. You looked so freaking cute. He would giggle to himself and hug you. Later you would talk about your school and things that are bothering you.


He would be like Jinyoung but he would probably take you to out to eat something and not think about school


He would laugh and hug you. While cuddling he would tickle you to make you laugh but if you weren’t in the mood he would just stay quiet.


He would probably take you out for a little shopping to free your mind and to buy you something good and expensive.


He would be like Jackson and Youngjae. He would take you out for food or arcade but if you stayed home he would try to make you laugh.

anonymous asked:

Swan Queen + pillows?

I cheated a little in this one and is more SwanMills-family than anything else but since I’ve had a bunch of those prompts lately my mind went there before anything else… Thanks for the prompt 😉

“Watch out!” The scream arrived far too late and Regina found herself hit by one of Henry’s pillows; the laughter that had brought her to the teen’s room all but stopping as the pillow fell to her feet. Glancing at the now frozen occupants of the room, she rose both of her brows as Emma began to stammer a quick series of “I’m sorry” while Henry hid his own face behind his arms, shoulders shaking in silent chortles. She, contrary to the blonde, didn’t scream a warning as she flicked her wrist, sending the pillow flying straight into Emma’s face causing an “oof” from her which was quickly followed by a giggle from a very satisfied-looking Regina.