no but look at his giggle

Imagine accidentally punching Tom in the face being Zendaya’s favorite moment while shooting Spiderman Homecoming.

“What was my favorite moment while shooting Spiderman? Hm.” Zendaya thought for a moment before she excitedly started to squeal. “Oh! I know, I know.” Looking over at Tom, she giggled. “My all time favorite moment is when [Y/N] accidentally punched Tom in the face during one of their fight scenes. It was hilarious and he deserved it.” 

Tom scrunched up his face and glanced over at Zendaya, “What?” 

Laughing, she nodded. “Yup, that was a great day. She nailed him too.” Winking into the camera, she pointed, “It made it on the blooper reel, so watch for it.” 

Reaction To Themselves Finding Their Friend ‘Hot’

NCT Hyung-Line

Suggested: ‘Hyung line reaction where you’re their best friend but you wear a short dress amd they find you very hot?’

A/N: So, here’s this
- Admin Finn has nothing better to do tonite


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Ignore Mark
Taeil wouldn’t be able to conceal his slight grin, indiscreetly letting his gaze trail over you. He wouldn’t directly compliment you because he felt you already knew you were sexy.
“What’s with that look?”

“Nothing,” he’d assure, his grin growing.


Originally posted by cihttaphon

He’d initially be taken aback, quickly hiding his bewilderment.
He’s very teasing, so he would definitely crack a joke.
“Come on, you aren’t allowed to look hotter than me-”
he’d complain making you giggle as he totally confessed his thoughts.


Originally posted by nctaezen

He’d be giddy, channeling his astonishment into praise quickly, gushing over you. He’d probably embarrass you a bit, your modest self unable to accept his gushes.
“Ah! You look like a model!”


Originally posted by softlyqentle

Honestly, he only befriends hot people anyway. He’d just give you a smirk, definitely checking you out.
“You should dress like that more often.”
“It’s a bit tight for me…”
“Yeah, but you said you want a boyfriend, don’t you?”


Originally posted by jaedoworld

For once in his goddamn life, he’d be dumbfounded, just dumbly staring at you. He’d wonder when his best friend grew up so fast, turning into….dare he say it, a woman.
He’d feel a little awkward too, he isn’t used to wanting to be a gentleman for you.


Originally posted by jehyoon

Highkey, impressed.
He’d want to flaunt you around, giving you a thumbs up on your style.
It’d be weird for you because you would feel he was nicer/more gentlemanly than usual, holding doors open for you and shit.


Originally posted by nctjay

Is a little by shy by his sudden thoughts.
He’d feel weird, a bit embarrassed by how much his mind was fawning over your stupid dress.
“You have a nice figure,” he’d compliment.
“Uh, thanks.”
He’d try not to be awkward, but he’d never really get over it/the surprise of it.


Originally posted by taeblush

Contradictory to popular opinion, Sicheng would not be awkward, you’re his best friend.
His brows would raise initially, but he’d give you a solid thumbs up, impressed.
“Oooooh, this is new-”

7 Years: Part 5

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Belle was excited about her tournament today. She was ready to “kick some butt” as she liked to say. 

Bucky actually surprised you and showed up at your house in the morning, “How-”

“Steve.” Bucky said with a smile.

You rolled your eyes, “Remember to kick his a-”

“Daddy!” Belle came running into Bucky’s arms wearing her all black gi and a white belt.

“There’s my lil fighter! Look at you! You ready to win the gold today?”

“Yeah! I’m gonna kick their butts!” The little 7 year old exclaimed as Bucky set her back on the floor.

You giggled, “Alright my little butt kicker. Go finish your breakfast.” Belle ran back into the kitchen and you looked at Bucky, “You wanna eat? I made pancakes?”

“Your chocolate chip and strawberry ones?”

“Of course.” You said smiling.

“How can I say no to that?” He walked into the house and closed the door. “Oh,” he picked out a rose from the back of his pocket and held it out to you, “This is for you,” You took it and he gave you a kiss on the cheek. You couldn’t help but smell the rose and blush. 

“You better not finish all of the pancakes!” You hollered at him.

“No promises!” Bucky yelled back.

Keep reading

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Also did anyone realize that they were video skyping in mini's last CAH video? Like how Craig turned around to look at something every time someone said something incredibly stupid. Just imagine, they could see Ohm sitting there giggling (cause Ohm said he has shown them his face) aw.

You have no right to make me squeal that loud in a library. :)


Originally posted by dovounq

Ok first time doing one of these, its crap but try to enjoy xp

  • Mmmmok
  • So Haechan seems very playful
  • sO I in vision a lot of play fighting
  • and a lot of roast battles
  • “you look like a potato”
  • you cant come up with a comeback because your just staring at his soft features
  • “What? do I have something on my face?”
  • Attacking him probably
  • like I mean running to where he is and hopping on him or something
  • idk XD
  • him laughing at you when you trip
  • “oW h Alp”
  • *CACKLE*
  • I feel like he would get jealous easily
  • like mark is playing with your hair or smth and your both giggling at how bad he is
  • and hyuck’s just sitting there narrowing his eyes on you two, scowling
  • and after he would give you the silent treatment
  • BUT wouldn’t do it for long bcause he cant stand to be away from you
  • Like a minute after you stop trying to make him feel better, because he’s stubborn, he pouts and whines for you to give him attention
  • “Y/NNNNNNN~~~”
  • oh
  • when your in school
  • oh gosh it gets worse
  • “Y/N!! come on~ Pay attention To meeee~”
  • “Hyuck let me finish-”
  • Takes your face in his hands and kisses you
  • eventually convinces you to have a break
  • IN ALL
  • He would be a precious boyfriend who wants attention and love from you.

THIS WAS LONGER THAN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! Sorry! its terrible XD But it was fun to write so *Shrug*

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Number 17 of the Drabble challenge

#17: “Stop! It tickles!”

Dinner plates had been stacked in the sink and you were sat on top of Harry’s legs on the couch, your bum resting comfortably on his thighs while you faced him. The TV played softly in the background, but neither of you paid attention to what was on that evening.

You’d been staring at Harry for quite some time, a wide grin on his face, as neither of you wanted to be the first one to give in to laughter. But the thing about this was, during these kinds of competitions, neither one of you went down without a fight. The smile never wavered from his face, as he bit down on his lip to keep from giggling.

You poked his side, a loud cackle escaping Harry as he looked upwards and flinched from your touch. But you were less concerned about winning your little competition, and more focused on the peculiar sound he’d just made.

“What was that?” You laughed, watching his cheeks turn pink as he giggled and looked away from you. It suddenly hit you, that you’d found the spot. During all your time together, Harry had been good at concealing the spots where he was ticklish, because he knew you’d only use them to your advantage. Just like you were about to now.

You smiled before your hands shot forwards, latching onto the skin just below his ribcage as he thrashed his legs around and you struggled to stay balanced on top of him. His mouth was open as he laughed loudly, his eyes scrunched shut as you practically tortured him. He wriggled around, trying to escape your grasp, but it was no luck as he ended up laying with his back against the seats of the couch with you still pinning him down. He could definitely throw you off him, if he could just stop laughing so hard.

“Stop! It tickles!”

Tears seeped out the corner of his eyes, as his laughter left him gasping for air and trying desperately to push your hands off him.

“No way!” You giggled, continuing to move your fingers rhythmically against his sides and keep him laughing.

Finally, he mustered the strength to shove your hands aside and sit up, gently pushing you down so he was the one hovering on top of you now. He wasted no time in reaching his hands for the spots he knew would make you laugh, and soon you were in the same position he was just a few seconds ago.

“Harry! No!” You kicked your legs, your feet making contact with his torso, but his strength overpowered yours and you remained trapped in the same spot.

“Two can play at this game.” He chuckled, an evil grin on his face as he denied you relief.

He continued until you were out of breath from laughing so hard, your hands grabbing tightly to his arms and trying to push him off you, to no avail until he decided he’d let you off the hook. He finally stopped, sitting up straight and letting you regain the air in your lungs.

“I hate you.” You joked, sitting back up and lightly hitting his bicep.

He feigned offense, his mouth falling open as he clamped his hand to his heart.

“You started it.” He fought back.

You raised your eyebrows, looking at him with a seemingly serious expression, and he was the first one to break out into laughter again.

“Now before you mess with me, remember I know where you’re ticklish.”

And that shut him up for quite a while.

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"May I just say you're one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen." Felix purrs and pulls a rose out of his bag. "For you my dear~." (( @that-wonderful-cat ))


Thiccy looked at the rose with starry eyes,thinking it looked beautifull.He smiled,carefully accepting the gift giggling to himself. “Thank you hun,You’re so sweet. ♡” Thiccy gently patted Felix’s head,smiling while holding the rose.

Ok since I posted that one Washington dream I’m gonna post this old one too just for the giggles

Ok so Wash, Church, Grif, Simmons, Sarge, and the Meta? Were all looking for Epsilon. And Wash was in his jerk phase where he tried to kill some friends and stuff. But also he wanted that Epsilon and the Meta was even MORE of a jerk so he like went to search for it on his own?
And then he was like trying to go into a house and the Meta was like STOP RIGHT THERE (silently) and aimed a gun at him
And Wash dropped his guns like “Ok, I’m unarmed….except for this banana between my teeth….it’s just a snack not a bomb…” and he just. had a banana pinched between his teeth and would not let it drop with his guns. and the Meta was like THAT’S SO A BOMB and fired at Wash who like shrunk down like ‘eep!’ AND THE BANANA DROPPED but then Sarge appeared and shot the Meta’s head off and Wash was like ‘friendship emotions…’
And then they all went inside but Grif was hysterical about the bomb? And like, shaking Simmons, who was like “I got the bomb man jeez of course I got the bomb’ and Grif was like ‘oh thank god’ and then they hugged and I actually gotta remember their design cause it was cool (I did not remember the designs)

And then Wash was like “ahem….thanks…..friends for life now” 

So, essentially, the whole Sidewinder fight except with a banana involved

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Please please write more Jamie stuff! I love it!

Yeah, sure if you want to see it!

“Oi, your step dad is not a climbing frame,” Aaron grumbled loudly as Jamie clambered all over him. The words were empty though, because Aaron stayed perfectly still on the sofa, letting Jamie do what he wanted to, giggling all the while. Aaron had his feet on the coffee table, Jamie clinging onto his legs and Aaron had a warning hand carefully on his back in case he fell.

Rebecca and Robert were in the kitchen, discussing weekend arrangements, civilly, which was the most important thing. Rebecca was being taken away for a weekend by her new bloke, Chris or Carl or something. Aaron didn’t care. Didn’t want to care either, but he was looking forward to a full weekend with Jamie and Robert, all of them together. It was Friday evening, which meant they had plenty of time together, and Aaron couldn’t wait. He loved it when they had Jamie overnight.

Jamie, already in his pyjamas, kept climbing up his body, and when he got to his chest, he looked up at Aaron almost hesitantly, eyes wide. “Now, what exactly do you think you’re doing?” Aaron asked in a stern voice that had never once worked on this little boy. Jamie giggled easily, his face so full of innocent joy it made Aaron’s heart stop. Jamie kept laughing as Aaron tickled him briefly, rolling onto the sofa in hysterical laughter. Aaron smiled at him, he couldn’t not as Rebecca came back into the room, smiling.

“You’re going to be a good boy for these two?” Rebecca asked. Jamie blinked and nodded which fooled precisely none of them. “See you in a few days sweetheart,” Rebecca said, giving Jamie a hug and kissing the top of his head. Both men nodded at her as she left the house, hostilities having ceased a long time ago.

“Right, come here,” Robert said, picking Jamie up. “Now, I think it’s time for teeth and bed.”

“No!” Jamie said loudly.

“It’s already past your bed time,” Robert said firmly.

“No,” Jamie said, shaking his head. His arms went towards Aaron. “I want step daddy!”

“Yeah?” Aaron said, smiling at him, trying not to feel too pleased at being the favourite. “Come on then trouble.” Aaron took Jamie from Robert and looked at his husband.

“Don’t be smug,” Robert said.

“What, that I’m the favourite?” Aaron said. “Why would that make me smug?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Robert agreed, kissing Aaron before he took Jamie upstairs. “If he goes to sleep quickly, we could have a night in of our own,” he added in an undertone.

“Love you,” Aaron said warmly, eyes glowing, before being distracted by Jamie kicking his legs, wanting to get down. “Alright, I’m coming.”

Alec had disappeared again, Maryse wasn’t too worried because she knew that her little boy was somewhere in the Institute. The question was where? She searched all the rooms. As she was walking by the main office she heard quiet giggling. She opens the door to see her five year old son, writing on a piece of paper with a red crayon in his hand. He was scribbling away. Maryse walked up to him and looked at the paper, it was mostly scribbles. “What’s this?” she asked him. “I’m practicing to be the Head of the Institute,” he said proudly. Maryse smiled at this, “You’re going to be a great leader one day, Alec.” The little boy beamed, “You think so?” She nodded, “I know so.”

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For the drabbles: Cain with "why did I let you pick our vacation spot again?" Please???

Originally posted by crocain

You couldn’t hold back the giggle that escaped you when Cain gave you that look. Your husband didn’t look at all pleased, but you knew that by the end of it all, he’d be relaxed, and happy.

Sighing, he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why did I let you pick our vacation spot again?” He asked, wanting to honestly know.

“Truthfully?” You asked, earning a nod. “Because you love me.”

“It shall be my downfall.” He smirked at you before kissing you. “Alright, let’s get checked in to this damn thing.”

You slapped his chest playfully. “Oh, come on. It’s a damn convention, not your execution.” You teased.

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3 for Alistair please. (He's my favorite)

Okay, time for another fic that is sorta moving the plot ahead. Alistair goes back home with Julius as a boyfriend for the first time! And he’s sick, of course. I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Warning: graphic descriptions of vomit below

“You ready? I don’t know why you look so nervous. You’ve met my mum lots of times,” Julius said cheerily. He was beaming brightly, so happy to be holding Alistair’s hand and taking him home as a boyfriend. He was a complete contrast to Alistair himself, who was pale and frowning, biting his nails.

“That’s why I’m nervous. You know what your mother is like. She’ll probably be waiting to assault me with the kitchen knife for taking her little Julius away,” Alistair muttered, only half joking. Julius giggled.

“Oh, mum likes you well enough. She just thinks it’s funny to tease you. Come on, you’ll be fine,” Julius said, grabbing Alistair’s hand and pulling him in through the door, breathing in the familiar smells of cooking and detergent and vanilla candles.

Poppy was the first to greet them. She came running, her eyes gleaming, her blond hair streaming behind her like a flag. She stopped in front of Alistair and grinned mischievously.

“Mum says Juli’s your boyfriend!” she declared, giggling. Alistair frowned at her.

“Yeah… So what?”

“You love each other!” she squealed, and started the old playground chant: “Alistair and Julius sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

“Are you done?” Alistair asked her irritably, blushing, and Poppy giggled and tried to pull the two boys into the living room.

Blaise and Carol were sitting on the sofa, Carol watching the tv, Blaise hunched over a book. His sharp eyes caught the movement of his sister dashing across the room, and he flicked his chin length black hair out of his eyes and nodded at Alistair and Julius. Alistair nodded back awkwardly as Julius gave his brother a warm greeting, alternating between signing and talking.

Alistair liked Blaise, but it was difficult to build a true rapport with someone when you didn’t have a clue what they were saying. So until Alistair learned sign language he had to use Julius as a translator, and frequently felt out of the loop when even ten year old Poppy could sign at an extraordinary pace. Alistair was just relieved Blaise could read lips, otherwise they’d be forced to communicate through text messages or something.

Carol had stood up, stout and formidable, her shoulders as strong and broad as a man’s. She clasped Julius tight and kissed his flushed cheeks, but then she turned her firm gaze to Alistair.

“Well well well, Alistair Renfrew! You certainly kept my poor Juli waiting a long time. Six years! I used to see the way you looked at him and I knew your feelings went further than friendship, anyone with eyes could see that. Anyone but you. Sometimes I just wanted to shake you - but I knew it was something you had to work out for yourself. No matter how long it took,” Carol said grimly.

Blaise had been watching her lips, and he smirked now. He knew Alistair couldn’t sign, so he made a love heart with his thumbs and index fingers and pulled a face, all big eyes and pouting, trying to look lovestruck. Alistair scowled at him, flushing red. He waited until Carol had turned away and nudged Blaise.

“Hey Blaise, here’s a sign I do recognise,” he muttered, sticking up his middle finger. Blaise grinned and went back to his book, tapping his black painted nails on the pages.

Alistair found the entire evening was like that - cosy and domestic and fond. Nobody hit each other, nobody threw any tantrums, and there was only one small argument between Blaise and Poppy over the tv remote.

Alistair had spent time with Julius’s family before - hell, he’d gone so far as to holiday with them - but it still seemed strange to him. He’d grown up in such a volatile household, where his parents had daily arguments and he could be hit for something tiny like sneezing at the dinner table or not taking off his shoes. Julius’s house seemed like a different world entirely.

Alistair would have been perfectly happy if he wasn’t starting to feel a little strange. He’d been feeling a little off since that morning, but he’d chalked it down to nerves - he usually got a mild headache and a stomach ache when he was anxious. But now the headache was intensifying, leaving him frowning against the pain, and the nausea increased until he could barely choke down the dinner Carol made.

Alistair’s head was spinning by the time the evening rolled around, and all he wanted to do was crawl into bed - but Poppy started clamouring for Alistair to come into her bedroom and play hairdressers (which was just an excuse to tie Alistair’s hair in bunches or braids and call him her big sister to annoy him). Alistair followed her meekly without his usual arguing, blinking black spots out of his vision.

Julius and Carol were chatting in the kitchen, making up for all those long weeks apart, when they both heard Poppy give a high-pitched squeal.


Both Carol and Julius ran to her, looking frantic. Poppy was stood in the hall, staring with wide, frightened eyes at Alistair. The red-head was sprawled across the carpet, his face white, though there was a deep red fever flush across his cheeks. Julius cried out and knelt beside his boyfriend, cupping his forehead.

“Oh, he’s burning hot! I didn’t even notice!” he wailed, feeling horribly guilty. He brushed Alistair’s hair off his forehead gently, and the contact made Alistair’s eyes flutter open, though he seemed dazed.

“J-Jules..?” he muttered, and then shakily propped himself up on one elbow. Julius blinked.

“No, Star, don’t get up y-”

He was cut off when Alistair made a choked gurgling sound and suddenly vomited violently all over the carpet. Julius gasped and tried to snatch Alistair’s red hair back, but some of the ends were coated in sick. Poppy pulled a disgusted face.

“Ewww, yuck!” she squealed, and Julius glared at her with surprising malice as he held Alistair upright. Carol caught the look and jerked her head at Poppy.

“You, out of here,” she ordered, and Poppy dashed off obediently. Carol moved closer to the two boys, putting a hand on Alistair’s heaving back.

“Come on now, try to breathe. You’re okay,” she said, her voice surprisingly soft. Alistair coughed up another mouthful of puke onto the floor, groaning.

“H-hurts - urrrgh!”

Carol nodded. “I know, I know. We’ll get you in bed soon. Why didn’t you say you felt ill? You never did have any sense, Alistair Renfrew,” she scolded, though there was a warm, fond note in her voice.

When Alistair had finally finished throwing up, he was white and shaking and whimpering, leaning against Julius heavily. He kept glancing fearfully at the mess he’d made in the floor, his eyes filling with tears - and when Carol raised a hand to check his temperature herself, he flinched away, clinging to Julius.

“Don’t! I’ll clean it up, I swear!” he cried, shaking. Julius looked shocked, then terribly sad. He hugged Alistair close, tears in his own eyes.

Carol was too stunned to move for a moment. The poor kid thought she was going to hit him! It nearly broke her heart to think that those dreadful parents of Alistair’s had beaten him so often that he’d come to expect it, even for something as insignificant as making a mess on the carpet.

“Hey now… Don’t you worry, nobody gets hit in my house - unless Blaise and Poppy decide to play up and bash each other around, but that doesn’t happen too often now. And I’d never hit anybody, and I certainly wouldn’t hit you for being sick, it’s not as if you can help it,” Carol said, looking right into Alistair’s feverish eyes. She lifted his chin with her fingertips.

“You’re not well. Juli, take him to bed. You’ll have to bunk in your old bedroom like you did as teenagers. I’ll be right in after I clean this up,” she finished, ruffling Julius’s curls as if he was still a little boy - which, of course, he was to her. Julius smiled at her gratefully and hauled Alistair upright, pulling him into his bedroom.

Julius’s bedroom hadn’t changed from when the boy was a teenager - it made Alistair and Julius catch their breath to see the familiar mapped constellations stuck up on the wall, the line of moth eaten stuffed animals on the windowsill, the little model of the solar system dangling from the ceiling. Alistair stumbled up to this and flicked it, making the planets sway and spin.

“Remember how you wouldn’t get one of these models that didn’t have a Pluto? Because you felt bad that it wasn’t a planet anymore,” he whispered. Julius smiled.

“Yeah. It can’t help being small, can it?” he said.

Julius paused, looking around. The bedroom was so familiar, yet he didn’t feel like he belonged there anymore. He was out of place here. He knew who did fit - it was a fourteen year old Alistair and Julius, huddled up together on the carpet. Back then all their problems had disappeared when they had come into this room - it was their sanctuary, and Alistair’s bruises, the boys who yelled horrible insults after Julius at school, they were insignificant.

“We had some good times in here, didn’t we?” Julius said, leading Alistair over to the bed. He was whispering too, though he wasn’t exactly sure why. Alistair nodded, climbing into bed and trying to pull Julius in after him.

“Only good times of my whole childhood.”

Julius smiled weakly, getting into bed and pulling Alistair’s poor hot head onto his chest, stroking his hair. Alistair wrinkled his nose as his bangs fell in his eyes, pulling them back in disgust.

“Yuck, it’s in my hair…”

Julius chuckled softly. “Thanks for putting your head on me then!” he joked. “I’ll tell mum to get a cloth to clean it out when she comes back.”

Alistair nodded, clutching onto Julius tightly, as if he thought someone might try to pry them apart.

“You won’t leave me, will you?” Alistair suddenly asked, making Julius blink in surprise.

“Why would I?”

Alistair shrugged. “Because I’m a fucking mess.”

“I love you,” Julius said, as if it was that simple. “All the messy parts of you. And all the good stuff too. There’s so much more good in you than you see.”

Alistair paused. He didn’t usually say that he loved Julius aloud - he’d write him a note or send him a text, where Julius couldn’t see him blushing. If he did say it, it was usually in a whisper, right in Julius’s ear before they went to sleep. But now Alistair, in his feverish state, nuzzled into Julius and spoke out proudly.

“I really do love you more than anyone else in the world.”

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can I request #183 with kenny

Originally posted by frentique

183: “ Car sex looks so much easier in the movies. ”

Kenny was excited, she could tell. He was like a kid in a candy store and by the look in his face it looked like all his dreams had come true at once. Everything about his current demeanour buzzed in anticipation, the thrill of what she had agreed to was almost enough to get him off. Climbing over the centre console they both ended up in the back seat of the rental, giggling as their lips crashed together and heat rose between her thighs.

Kenny pulled her onto his lap, lifting up her flimsy sundress, gathering it behind her back. His lips found her’s, letting out a throaty groan into her mouth as she ran her hand over the thick stiff member that was barely concealed by his shorts.

“Ow, fuck.” He mumbled as he attempted to lift up his hips to pull down his shorts. “It’s much smaller back here than I thought!”

With a bit of manoeuvring, eventually, she was all to tug down them far enough to reveal himself. His cock sprung forward and hitting his stomach with a dull thud as a hiss left his lips. Pulling her panties to the side, He slid his fingers through her folds, placing a few heavy circles on her clit. Her hands snuck down over his cock, giving him a few lazy strokes before lifting herself up and sinking down onto him.

“Spead your legs a little bit!” She whispered, trying to get him to slump back more in the backseat so she could straddle him. “I can’t get you inside me from this angle!” 

“You never have any trouble normally!” He smirked, kisses trailing up and down her collarbone.

Sinking down on him she rocked herself on his member she began to move her hips and down, grinding herself down on onto him. Their tongues fought for dominance in each others mouth, fiery passionate kisses that bruised her lips and made the swell.

Losing control, he dug his fingers into her hips, holding on for dear life. Kenny began to pick up the pace, tilting his hips so he could thrust into her, meeting her bounces, each thrust harder and faster than the last. Words of praise tumbled out of his mouth between breathy groans and pants.


“Ow! Kenny!”


Her head bashed against the metal roof. “OW!”


“Kenny stop!” She cried, pushing him back into the seat, tugging on his curls to get his attention.

“Car sex looks so much  easier in the movies.” He chuckled.

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Mccree and his Fem S/O 71. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.” Please 🙂

My heart oml

71. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Jesse.” You breathed, looking over at the cowboy in question.

He was brought out of his trance, looking over at you.

“Yes, sweetpea?” He asked, standing up and walking towards you, noticing that you looked troubled.

“Are you okay?” He sat down beside you, taking your hand into his, pressing your fingers gently against his lips, kissing each individual one, his mustache tickling you a bit.

You giggled, then smiled.

“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just-” You paused.

“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I hope I don’t ever lose you.”

This made McCree feel warm.

“Same to you, darlin’. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Honeymoon Avenue - Derek Hale

Characters: Derek Hale, Reader.

No Smut, just suuuuper fluffy


“After you.” Derek smiles as he opens the door of your cab.

“Thank you.” You smile as you slide in.

“Hey, baby.” Derek looks at you as he buckles his seat belt.


“We’re married.” He grins.

“Finally.” You lean over and kiss his cheek.

The drive from the airport to the hotel consisted of you climbing all over him and telling him how much you loved him and him having a heart attack because you kept taking your seat belt off.

He carried bags in while you checked in. You carried the room key up, excitedly bouncing around.

“You’re the cutest thing ever.” He watches you, smiling wide.

You giggle softly, your husband still how manages you make you feel like you just met. “You’re the cutest thing ever. Maybe that’s why we’re married.”

He laughs, “Everyone is going to get tired of us saying we’re married.”

“We better get it all out of our system on the honeymoon then.”

“We better get a lot of things out of our system on the honeymoon.” He smirks and you laugh, running out of the elevator doors as they open. You unlock the door and flop onto the bed when you find it.He jumps on the bed beside you. “What do you want to go do?” He looks over at you.

“I’m jet lagged. Let’s just cuddle.” You smile.

“Oh, you get me.” He wraps his arms around you and pulls you to his chest, kissing your lips gently.

“I can’t believe we actually got out of Beacon Hills.”

“What do you mean?” Derek asks.

“I probably just jinxed us, but we haven’t received a phone call from anyone asking for us to rescue them from a supernatural danger.”

“Oh my God, you’re right.” He laughs. “Let’s stay on this honeymoon forever, that we everyone will leave us alone. Deal?”

“Deal.” You giggle and kiss his nose.

“Let’s go on an adventure.” You smile.

“I thought you were jet lagged.” Derek raises an eyebrow.

“Oh I am. But the thought of doing anything with you makes me feel better.”

He chuckles, “Let’s take a nap and go an adventure tomorrow. When we wake up we can order pizza.”

“Good God, this is why I married you.”

You took your nap, when you woke you changed into one of Derek’s shirts and ordered the pizza. He was still in bed when the delivery guy came.

“Babe! Baby!” You ran into the room.

He bolted up, “What? Who died?”

“No one. The pizza guy is here and I don’t have any pants on.”

“Oh.” He laughs and rubs his eyes. “Okay.” He stands and grabs some cash before heading for the door. He returns with a beer for the both of you and the pizza.

“Where in the hell did you get beer?” You grin as he hands you yours.

“Mini-fridge, my dear.”

“We have to pay extra for these, y'know.” You look at him as he grabs a slice.

“Fifteen bucks extra for a cold beer or free warm tap water. Your choice.”

You shrug, “Fair enough. You convinced me.” You grab a slice and lay against the headboard. “This is exactly what I looked forward to.”

“What?” Derek glances over at you.

“This. You and I. We aren’t out saving the world, we aren’t taking care of teenagers, we’re just us. In bed with pizza and beer, and I love it.”

He laughs, “You want a mundane life, don’t you?”

“I do. I want it so badly.”

“Too bad we’re werewolves. The closest thing to mundane we’ll get is changing on the full moon.”

You sigh. “We could have kids. That’s pretty normal.”

“When do you want to have kids? Immediately?”

You shrug, “When I get pregnant, I get pregnant.”

Derek thinks about what you said. “Good policy.”

“We won’t try, but we won’t not try.” You look at your husband.

“Maybe you’ll come home pregnant.”

“Maybe in nine months we could have a little Hale.” You grin.

“Well, that sounds adorable.”

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Otayuri (dance, hold)

Yuri has never liked to dance. Not like this. Not the way Victor dips Katsudon and giggles so close up into his personal space. He doesn’t like the way everybody looks closely and studies the dancers’ moves (he’d feel so embarrassed and awkward all way through further on if his foot slipped the way Victor’s just did.- though Victor is just laughing and dances on).  

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Raven!!!! In Markiplier's livestream last night there was this thing that they were doing as a milestone and it was called "dick or gel" and Bob or Mark had to choose dick or gel so Mark chose dick and Bob said okay look up and then Bob took a marker and started to draw slowly, gently on Mark's neck and mark was trying SO hard not to laugh and he was like "I hate this already! hehe grrr". Mark's neck is literally so ticklish ! Amy even said he hates his neck touched.

For those wanting to see it it’s here at 7:51:41

I wish he actually giggled or something but he didn’t but hey hc that he’s got a ticklish neck is confirmed!!

 - mod raVEN

  • *the bunker is dark.and quite at 3am. You and Dean both are drunk off your asses. Sammy lays asleep in his bed*
  • Dean *said in a drunk loud tone he thinks is Whispering* : shh now w Wee gotta be quite or we'll wake up my little bro SAMMY
  • You *giggling also loud and annoying tone* : Yes I know your brother Sammy needs his beauty sleep
  • *both of you laugh loudly and hiccup*
  • *Sam jolts awake and storms in to were you are. Starts throwing pillows at you two.*
  • Sammy: Dam you two are always at this. LET ME SLEEP!
  • Both *looking sadish *: sorry Sammy

i feel like im so deeply affected by hob in that commentary broadcast bcs it is really hob in all his natural beauty glory fucjcjffjfjcjkf like the snapback, nd his cute lil folded ears are doing The Thing, his forehead, his brows nd his full round cheeks hes giggling nd laughing so much his face is all cutely scrunched up hes barefaced nd his skin is glowing nd his face turned tomato red when he laugh nd giggles akdjjs nd u could see his neck veins nd adam’s apple when he turned away nd talked how he keeps touching nd pinching his neck hes wearing his favourite kaws snoopy shirt hes wearing a ring nd keep playing w it, how he was wearing casual nd yet looked so fcking godly, how hes chill nd comfortable but also still his loud bubbly self the way he sits nd just cant stay still hmhmphphmhmh i could literally say 28373883388383888 reasons more but they all come down to i love him hes so deeply enchanting nd beautiful to me