no but look at his giggle

teasing imagine

here’s an unrealistic smut-ish teasing imagine by your fave rat

☁︎ Dan giggled softly to himself when he saw the look on Phil’s face.

☁︎ A few minutes ago, Dan had “dropped” his pencil during an important Radio 1 meeting, but as he bent over he moaned.

☁︎ After that, he set his hand dangerously close to Phil’s crotch.

☁︎ Phil just stared at Dan, with a look on his face asking what the hell Dan was up too. 

☁︎ Dan smiled innocently and let his hand crawl closer to Phil’s cock.

☁︎ After the meeting, everyone headed home.

☁︎ Phil had to use all of his will power to not spank Dan in the cab on their way home.

☁︎ When they got to their flat, Phil slammed the door closed.

☁︎ “Daniel James Howell, do you know how much trouble you’re in?” He said in a low, dominating voice.

☁︎ “Yes daddy.” Dan responded, biting his lip to hold back a smirk.

☁︎ “Go upstairs right now. I want you bent over the bed, fully unclothed in two minutes.” Phil instructed.

☁︎ “Y-Yes sir.” Dan said and quickly dashed up the stairs

Man in the Mirror

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

 Genre: Fluff/Angst

 Word Count: 1.6k


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It all began when she was young. She looked at herself daintily in the mirror. The rosy painted dress enveloped her figure and fell to her knees. She spun around with a giggle, letting the dress flow with her movements. In her peripheral vision she saw movement in the mirror, that wasn’t her. Her eyes met the mirror to see a young boy about her age. He sat atop her bed, calmly looking at her with a warm smile on his face. She gasped and whipped her head towards her bed. But… it was void of another person. She quickly looked around the room, but there was no boy.

 She looked back at the mirror and he was still there, on her bed, watching her intently. “Umm.. H-Hello?” She stuttered, her voice small. He simply smiled brightly, his eyes disappearing as they turned into little crescents. “What is your name?” She asked him. He looked at her confused. “Do you… not have one?” She asked. “What is a name?” He questioned. “Um, it’s a thing people refer to you as…” She looked around her room trying to figure out how to explain it better. “See! Like! My name is (Y/n)! So another person call me like, ”(Y/n)! Time to get ready for the ball!“ and I would say, “Ok! I’ll be there in a minute!” Do you understand?“ She explained comically. He nodded.

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Hiii CS + 17 i need some fluff :( pleaseee

Hope this is fluffy enough for you!!

It was a lazy day. Emma and Killian decided to lock their doors, shut off their phones, and lay in bed the entire day.

Well, mostly.

Emma was trying not to nod off, her brain in a bliss fog from hours of incredible sex. She thought that Killian had already fallen asleep, but obviously not, since he was currently shifting so that his face was buried in the crook of her neck, his breath coming out in little puffs.

After a few moments, Emma began giggling, unable to take it anymore. “Killian that tickles! Stop it!” Killian lifted his head slightly, looking up at her from under his eyebrows. “What’s that, darling?” Emma was about to repeat what she said, when suddenly she yelped as Killian began tickling her stomach in earnest, a mischievous glint in his eye.

They wrestled and tickled one another for several minutes before they both laid back, their breaths heavy, their cheeks and stomachs hurting from laughter. Looking over at her, Killian raised his eyebrow, the glint in his eyes still shining. “You said something about wanting me to stop doing something, Swan?”

Emma mocked glared at him, smacking him in the chest.

“You’re lucky I love you, pirate.”

Killian rolled so he was on top of her, kissing her soundly, her annoyance at him instantly melting away as he broke the kiss, whispering,

“And I you, my princess.”

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Deadly Chaser and Freyja showing their gun skills (?) in a friendly match while rest of the Elgang watches them.

Chung and Rose ran around the sparring arena, always dodging from each other bullets. There are points that their bullets came into contact with one another, but it never hits the person shooting.

When they shout out their skills, everyone else sat back to enjoy their sparring session.

“Wooow…They’re really enjoying this, aren’t they?” Elsword remarks.

Aisha yawns as she looks up from her book and Rena giggles. “Of course they are~!” The Elf giggles. “Chung looked really excited when Rose asked him!”

Raven smiles as he polishes his sword. “He probably wants to polish his skills…since Rose is more experienced with using guns.”

The rest (the ones who stayed to watch) murmurs in agreement.

“Well! It’s fun to watch other people with different weapons!” Elsword exclaims. “Maybe we can learn their tactics.”

“A meathead like you can learn?” Aisha scoffs at the idea and this ticks Elsword off, leading the two to bicker again.

Rena breaks up their fight for the 100th time that day.

highlights of today

-meeting @rask-me-anything40
-meeting backes and carlo and nash and schaller and pastrnak and moore and cmiller and mcquaid and chara and marchand
-me being on the bruins twitter!!
-jimmy hayes’ dab
-nasher throwing shade at carolina (looking at the crowd of a few hundred: “yeah we used to get crowds almost this big at games”)
-pasta refusing to shave his head
-dobby giggling at timmy’s terrible shaved head
-brandon smirking and waving when they said “the ladies love brandon carlo”
-everyone making fun of frankie’s “joggers” aka ugly pants
-quaider trying and failing to land a bottle flip and brad landing it on the first try
-when frankie, noel, and cmiller were walking by us outside and they were all giggling about something and mills just goes “oh shut UP”
-telling schalls about the group chat we named after him and him loving it

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A jealous Nico, please? ^.^ (I love your blog by the way!)

-becomes a lil baby worry wart because he thinks his s/o is w a y out of his league (spoiler his s/o thinks nico is out of their league)
-he just kind of. awkwardly watches. kind of clings to his s/os arm while theyre being flirted with. the person flirting probably has no idea that theyre flirting with this guys s/o because his expression is just. calm. kind of confused. he looks like a lost kid.
-absolutely CLINGS to his s/o later he needs a lot of smooches
-“i loooove you.” x10
-please tell him u love him sm hell be very excited and hqppy and blushy just like the first time you told that to eachother
-from now on whenever he gets jealous he just puffs out his chest a little and blushes rly hard and makes a proud smile. hes so cute i
-his s/o giggles and smooches him and the flirter kind of backs off bc they know theyre taken now and Respect

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Could you do some hcs for big bro Jerome meeting cp's boyfriend for the first time?

As Joker is sitting down with the boy talking to him for the first time (interrogating) Jerome saunters around the back going ‘yeah’ to everything Joker says thats threatening and giving the boy the evil eye.

Jerome finally sits down after Harley gives him ‘the look’ and Jerome takes the opportunity to sit right next to the kid and occasionally whisper violent things in his ear so he knows that he would die if he messes with the sister.

Jerome is constantly pushing the kid and knocking into him on purpose and when they sit down to have a family dinner Jerome throws a glass at his head and says it was an accident when Harley yell at him with Joker giggling.


Wren couldn’t sleep after Saxxen left, not wanting to bother Rae, she made her way to the city. Bringing her guitar along for the ride it turned out useful. The cash slowly trickled in. 

Once she’d made a decent amount she began walking the streets, looking for a way to spend it. Wren saw this weird lady in a cat onesie and decided to sat hi.

“I like your onesie!” The girl giggled as the boy made an exasperated noise.

“I told her not to wear that, it’s not something you wear to a tattoo parlor.” Cat girl shook her head.

“I wear what I want on Sundays remember? We agreed I could have one day a week to wear something weird.”

“You guys are getting tattoos?” Wren wanted a tattoo, the girl answered with a nod.

“You want to come? I want to get little dots on my fingers but Londen wants to get matching ones.” She gave him a strange look. “We’ve been dating for two years, but matching tattoos? Not my thing, sorry hun.” 

“Well are you coming with us or not?” Londen asked, as he began to leave.

“Sure, why not.”

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#88 and #81 for JB please? 🌸💕

((lowkey been having JB feels all day so here we go))

#88 & #81: “Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.” “Excuse me for falling in love with you.” 

When Jaebum wanted to cuddle, he wanted to cuddle. So when you were trying to study and get some work done, he would just pull up a chair and hang on your every last word until you were annoyed with him. “Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.” You said, trying not to giggle at the puppy dog eyes he was pulling. He ignored your words and this time hung his arms around your shoulders, trying to get you to come to bed and cuddle. “Stop, JB!” You yelped suddenly. He withdrew, away looking slightly upset. “Well, excuse me for falling in love with you and wanting to cuddle, princess,” your boyfriend said, standing up to exit the room. You sighed. “Jaebum. Wait.”
And the Birds sing no more by AzraelGFG | Chapter 61: Sansa
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“Tell Gendry I visit him later,” Arya told Lyanna.

“I am sure you will,” she answered laughing, closing the door behind her.

Arya turned to Sansa and the others, who looked at her, smirking.

“What?” she asked. “I like to watch him swing his hammer.”

“I am sure you do,” Sansa said as innocent as she could, but she couldn’t keep herself from smirking as did Alys, while Shireen and Jeyne only giggled.

What? Did I miss something? IDK what they mean…

*blushes innocently*

Viktor getting on Yuuri's nerves on purpose
  • Viktor: *Instagram video taping Yuuri making breakfast* You guys, we decided on a lazy day, he's making me breakfast.
  • Yuuri: Stop taping everything I do, your fans will unfollow you.
  • Viktor: *offended* well if they are really my fans they'll love seeing your ass while you make breakfast as much as I do.
  • Yuuri: *Turns around facing camera with wide eyes, before letting out an exasperated sigh*
  • Viktor: Alright guys, he just got out of the shower, look at that glistening body!
  • Yuuri: *Wide eyed towel around his waist* *while grabbing nearest thing, which is a pillow* Viktor, I fucking swear to god!
  • *Video ends with pillow knocking the phone down and Viktor laughing hysterically*
  • Viktor: *giggling like a school girl, video taping their walk in closet*
  • Yuuri: *exasperated from inside closet* where are all of my shirts, Viktor?
  • Viktor: I don't know they aren't my shirts.
  • Yuuri: *walking out of closet, fresh sweat pants on, no shirt* I know you took them, where did you put them? *Is annoyed at himself for chuckling*
  • Viktor: We aren't going anywhere, you don't need a shirt.
  • *Video ends*
  • *Now on couch, each on opposite ends, watching TV*
  • Yuuri: *Wearing a shirt that's obviously too big for him*
  • Yuuri: *rolls his eyes at the camera* stop taping me!
  • Viktor: THE CUTEST
  • Yuuri: *is on other couch now, away from Viktor, focused on TV*
  • Viktor: Babe, please come back.
  • Yuuri: *looks at camera before rolling his eyes* Not until you put your phone away.
  • Viktor: *pout in his voice* I need to document how much I love you for the world to see ~~~
  • Yuuri: *presses lips into sharp line while looking at him*
  • *Yuuri now being cuddled by Viktor on the same couch*
  • Viktor: He came back!
  • Yuuri: *laughing*
  • Viktor: Gimme a kiss.
  • Yuuri: Not on camera.
  • Viktor:
  • Viktor: We kissed at a competition on the ice.
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: *Gives him a kiss*

okay but i love that lance’s flirting is never seen as harmful or “gross” to the girls he’s flirting with???? like in most cartoons the flirty character is always shot down or given a look of disgust when they try to sweet talk someone but in voltron the girls lance flirts with just kinda giggle and look back at him in a way that’s just kinda like “haha you’re cute lol” and what makes it BETTER is that lance’s flirting is never like cat-calling or something else gross, like the most the boy does is fire some finger guns and try to talk himself up???? anyways i love lance and i love how his flirting is portrayed okay bye

Lance is attractive

Fucking fight me on this Barbara ok hERE WE GO

- being a girl, who talks to girls, I know that girls don’t giggle unless they like it and are more likely to shoot poisonous glares at strangers who flirt with them
- if a girl giggles at a stranger who flirts with them she’s likely interested
- if she’s interested in a stranger it’s probably because he’s good looking

- the fandom had a fucking carnival with this fact okay there is a scene both in season one and in season two where Lance is wearing a facemask so we all know he’s got flawless skin

- he just does
- everyone knows this
- even 80’s Lance dresses the best

- I don’t remember where I heard this, but apparently some social study drew the conclusion that when men wear blue they are generally received as more good looking

- um she knew him for like a day or two
- made some battle plans with him and then suddenly decided smooching him up was the best course of action
- listen man,, people don’t go kissing other strangers just so show their appreciation, she was definitely at least SOMEWHAT attracted to him

- yeah okay this is probably a stylistic thing but um
- I have more than one screenshot of Lance with a small sparkle on his teeth, usually when he smirks
- those things are pearly white and pretty af

- did you see him in the cryo pod
- muscles are portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- also portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- guys I only fall in love with attractive people, trust me,,


• bonus Keith is also in love with him so I mean how many people falling in love with him does it take for someone to realize that he is a good looking motherfucker

So this magnificent person brought this picture to HousCon for j2 to sign: 

and shares the story of getting it signed here

‘…the volunteer called Clif…over to check it out. He said Jensen wishes he looked like that. I gave it to the handler and she starts giggling. Clif is waiting for Jensen to see it. She hands it to Jensen and he starts laughing. He says I wish I had guys who looked like that to wash my car. He signs it but keeps staring at it for like a minute and finally gives it back. 

I get in line for Jared….Jared’s handler who seems like a tough chick said ‘what the fuck!’ and then apologised and said Jared still kind of looks like that. She hands it to Jared and he’s like ‘oh my God’. Then he takes out his phone, scrolls through something and looks at the art again….Jared is comparing himself in a shirtless picture on his phone to a shirtless drawing of himself!!! He’s wondering why Jensen has the better abs. He signs it and tells me to draw him with more abs next time. I’m thinking ‘I didn’t draw it!’ but say ok I will!’

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Someone else was at autos and witnessed this

‘I had seen [Jared] exclaiming over a girl’s art…From what I could see, I think there was a shirtless Dean. She left and we stepped forward. I was watching Jared, but somehow I looked up when all of a sudden here comes Jensen sauntering up to Jared’s table. Watching that man walk is a religious experience. Anyway, he came right up behind Jared and grabbed him in what looked like it was going to be a headlock, but turned into a really sweet hug with Jensen’s arm around his neck and his chin on his shoulder. Jared was in the middle of signing and didn’t really react, just smiled softly….Jared then said, ‘Hey! I just saw a picture of you with abs!’ Jensen…said ‘I haven’t had abs since 1992!’ and walked out the door. Jared said ‘yeah more like 19….30′ while looking at me since Jensen was already gone.’ 

THIS IS ALL PURE GOLD but that last bit in particular slakes my constant thirst for Jared calling Jensen an old man (’while looking at me’ etc I DIE). 

  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* I have to tell you something.
  • Rosamund: *sitting in her dad's old chair; eating a cookie* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Um, well, for a while, I've been...on my own here.
  • Rosamund: *nods* I know. That's okay, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I know. It's okay if that changes, too *pauses* would you be okay if that changes?
  • Rosamund: *confused* Changes how?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I've asked someone to live with me. Someone very special, very close to me *affectionate* someone I love *smiles* and they've accepted.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Is it Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* How do you know that?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Oh, Uncle didn't think that was a SECRET, did you?
  • Sherlock: ...

The funniest moment in Victor and Yuuri’s relationship was probably just after Yuuri got his wisdom teeth removed. During that time, Yuuri couldn’t believe that someone as beautiful as Victor was actually his boyfriend (he didn’t recognize Victor at first and was very pleasantly surprised to find out they were lovers), he thought he’d lost his nose (and actually went looking for it while Victor giggled behind his cellphone camera), and then he was absolutely, completely convinced that Victor had gotten him pregnant… And he was VERY happy about it… To the point of tears. Yuuri even thought up names: Eiji, Katya, Tsukimi, or Pasha just in case it was a dog (yeah, Yuuri thought he could give birth to a dog…). That video got millions of hits once Victor uploaded it to Youtube.

a wholesome thought: phil out of the blue holding dans face real gentle in his hands and making dan look into his eyes and dan’s giggling and trying to move away and pushing at his chest playfully and phils laughing but keeps trying to stop and pull a serious face and he’s just like “hey dan… no dan dan listen to me…. hey dan i love you !!! dan listen to me i love you!!!” and dans like bfkhj i know let me goo and theyre just giggling and in love 

Tents and Cuddly Cats

Here’s the @mlsecretsanta for @raysdrawlings! Like usual, I couldn’t write anything short, so expect more parts to it in the week to come ;D HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Summary: When Marinette and her friends go on a camping trip together, Alya hatches a plan to get her and Adrien to share the same tent. The idea of sleeping beside her crush has Marinette beyond anxious, but even her nerves can’t predict the secrets intent on unravelling in the late hours of the night.  

Part 1

“Are we almost there?” Nino griped, huffing and puffing as he followed Alya up over a hill. He resituated his bag on his shoulders for the millionth time, sighing when his girlfriend glared back at him.

“Just a little further,” she replied—the same response she’d been giving for the last twenty minutes.

Nino groaned.

Smiling, Marinette giggled before shyly turning her head over her shoulder to look at Adrien. He was the last of their group and holding up the rear—mostly because he kept getting distracted and wandering off into the woods before having to run to catch up. Nino joked that it was like watching a cat let out of the house for the first time, which Adrien had rolled his eyes at. But Marinette couldn’t completely disagree. It was cute, actually, seeing him get distracted by small things like cool looking boulders and oddly shaped trees.

Were they being honest, both Alya and Marinette were surprised Adrien had even been allowed to go. Or so they had been until Nino and Adrien had revealed the truth of the situation. As far as Adrien’s father knew, he was simply spending a long weekend at Nino’s house, a situation that had nearly fallen through on its own. Turned out no one at the Agreste house even knew Adrien was out in the “wilderness,” that he’d lied (by omission or not irrelevant) shocking Marinette.

She never would have expected it of him, only to then hear him defend his actions by saying that “what his father didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.” Granted, she didn’t fault him for trying to escape the clutches of his constrained lifestyle, but that didn’t make his attitude any less surprising.

No matter, though. He was there with them—with her—and that was all that mattered.

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