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Sister Signs

Aries/Libra: Aries is the aggressive, go-getter side of competition… Libra is the friendly, behind-the-scenes aspect of it. Everybody wants these two on their team when it’s time to wage war for different reasons.

Taurus/Scorpio: Taurus is the warm, comforting side of existence… Scorpio is the dark, intense aspect of it. Everybody opens their ears to these two for introspection for different reasons.

Gemini/Sagittarius: Gemini is the rambly, detailed side of discussion… Sagittarius is the blunt, big-picture aspect of it. Everybody turns to these two for conversation and advice for different reasons.

Cancer/Capricorn: Cancer is the sweet, thoughtful side of support… Capricorn is the brusque, serious aspect of it. Everybody looks to these two for encouragement for different reasons.

Leo/Aquarius: Leo is the warm, enthusiastic side of charm… Aquarius is that collected, cool aspect of it. Everybody wants these two to like them for different reasons.

Virgo/Pisces: Virgo is the doting, thoughtful side of healing… Pisces is the soft, sappy aspect of it. Everybody turns to these two for help for different reasons.

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a brief description of the ascendants

(your ascendant sign, also known as your rising sign, represents the way other people see you and their impression of you)

capricorn rising often have a negative, cynical mind-set and will expect the worst no matter what. they’re naturally private and practical, yet still manage to be friendly and inviting. the complainers of the signs, capricorn risings are very hardworking individuals who don’t let a failure or set back knock them down and because of that come across very determined.

keywords: practical, serious, stern, success-orientated

aquarius rising have often been seen as unusual and unique because of their wild personalities. although outsiders would view them to be this way, aquarius rising have the willpower and motivation to get a lot more accomplished than many might suspect.

keywords: abrupt, erratic, difficult, boldly romantic

pisces rising love to dream, create and express their personalities through art. with feelings as deep and intense as pisces rising, they often appear to be fall in love too quick and too often. pisces rising also has a tendency to absorb and become a part of their environment.

keywords: dreamy, deeply romantic, morbid, unreliable

aries rising are very ambitious and confident in their opinions. very passionate and loving, they think tough love is the best way forward and at times can come across as blunt or rude.

keywords: energetic, impatient, sensual, aggressive

taurus rising appear to be very level-headed and practical, but internally can struggle with situations they don’t understand. their determined nature can also come as stubborn.

keywords: affectionate, vulgar, vain, social

gemini rising enjoy expanding their knowledge and making sure they’re well informed. although social butterflies, they can be known to talk over others or gossip in their effort to seem knowledgable or relatable.

keywords: talkative, forgetful, conceited, sarcastic

cancer rising lead with their heart and use their emotions as a compass. their nature is to adapt to their surroundings by reflecting whoever they interact with, sometimes coming across as a “social sponge”.

keywords: devoted, caring, vanity, restlessness

leo rising have a creative streak. they enjoy having their own style and attitude, they create trends rather than follow them. leo rising can also find it difficult to find the line between arrogance and confidence.

keywords: arrogant, gullible, idealism, creative

virgo rising are incredibly hardworking, motivated and often perfectionists. they can miss out on having fun with friends because they fail to see there’s more to life than hard work, almost making them seem closed off when in reality they enjoy expressing their naturally great communication skills.

keywords: youthful, thoughtful, aloof, discrete

libra rising are social butterflies. they rather spend a day with friends or family than alone. very talented, libra rising may struggle to find one thing they enjoy and often maintain many hobbies instead of focusing on one.

keywords: thoughtful, fair, modest, vain

scorpio rising have very deep and intense emotions, but rarely open up about this to anyone. whilst they try to conceal and bury their confusing feelings, they appear as friendly and hard-working.

keywords: mysterious, obscure, stubborn, bitter

sagittarius rising are out-going, confident yet blunt and brutally honest. their bright personality often comes from their humour, they make even the hardest of situations into something positive with a joke.

keywords: joyful, kindhearted, extravagant, loud


Aries: No. Listen you’ve got enough floss. You have enough to complete more projects than you actually have time to in your life and then some. What are you, a fucking floss dragon?

Taurus: The smol demon demands cuddles. Get to it.

Gemini: All that glass scattered about came from your eyes. You should get that checked.

Cancer: Even the most foolish of creatures can accidentally spout wisdom.

Leo: You know it isn’t normal to bleed silver and mercury, right?

Virgo: What the fuck even is that?

Libra: A hundred mason jars filled with the fragments of rose-hip hulls and bat wings. What a lovely collection.

Scorpio: The playing cards keep trying to tell you something important during every game of solitaire you play.

Sagittarius: The whatcha-ma-call-its are displeased with your lack of attention.

Capricorn: Tall people in tiny hats.

Aquarius: Well ain’t you just the prettiest princess around.

Pisces: Sigils made to ward off ancient beings made of smoke and sulfur are ideal to place over your door. Just because they are ancient does not mean they are gone.

giving a little love and some hate...

Aries, I like how hard working and good hearted you are. Pretty generous and make me laugh! Fun af too. But shy? You know what you want and how to get it. Good job. 

Ok Taurus you make me laugh because damn are you hard headed and sometimes just to be annoying and pick at people. I definitely get that humor and highly encourage it! Seriously though, you are adorably sensual. 

Um Gemini doesn’t get a description because it would be a roast.

Cancer reminds me of the child in the zodiac. Up for anything and innocent. There’s this friendly glow about them, don’t have to say or do much and entertain the hell out of me! Psycho but the kind of psycho that is acceptable and gets things done. 

Oh boy, much experience with Leos. Extremely sensitive and ready to fight back yet believe they deserve the world. Sometimes you do. Pretty irresistible. I get you man. Somewhat. Honestly there is this hypnotic way about your eyes too. #sistersign

Alright Virgos I don’t know how you do it but it’s almost like you can read into my entire being just by looking at me. For real. I love your point of views and the way you speak. Surprisingly emotional but only if pushed. 

Don’t know much about you Libras except the fact of having this outer shell to impress. Pretty dangerous to get close. Real confusing. 

Damn Scorpios could calm down a lot. I mean even if you don’t speak, it’s your stare or that energy. And guess what? People are going to know your motives at one point or another so no point in trying to be secretive. Narcissists.  

Aye Sagittarius! I admire you in so many ways. First off, that energy. Crack me up and make me wonder. Adventures, funny stories and obnoxious laughs is what I think of. The blunt nature is top notch. 

Capricorn you remind me of a father figure who works his ass off yet makes sarcastic jokes to get through the day and expect it to be taken the wrong way but it makes everyone laugh hard as hell. That’s basically your being. 

Hey there alien Aquarius, my family! (cheesy I know, just one way to describe us). I mean I love how original and deep we are. Well according to others we don’t have souls which is ok with me. Outcasts with a cause. Dark humor. Want to please yet say screw off. Just a huge contradiction. 

There is a huge misunderstanding of Pisces in my mind. I want to sometimes like you but don’t think it’s going to happen. The trippy thing is annoying and not much about you interests me. I guess you’re sweet. A bit funny. All I got. 

Inktober 18 - These Two

Warning!  Should be considered armed and dangerous. Call themselves ‘ninjas.’ Known infactions include: Giving good advice, being friendly, offering hugs when needed, fighting for good and occasionally helping a vision impaired old lady across the street. Purple individual also known to indulge in coffee and blue one terrorizes toasters. Proceed with caution.