no but just how much he's like yes i am trying to impress you why else would i be turning down a drink right now

Mister Hockey and the boy crying in the kitchen

(complete version)

Alternate Universe where Bitty is a figure skater at Samwell. He and Jack meet for the first time at #Epikegster 2014.

warning labels: Alcohol, mentioned homophobia, Parse. 

 Jack went down the stairs with a huff of annoyance. The first floor of the Haus was packed from wall to wall. Loup thumping music, laughter and yells that were barely tolerable from his room now seemed almost tangible, crushing him from all sides. He could already feel the beginnings of a headache.

 He pushed his way through and managed to reach the kitchen unscated. Only three guys were sitting at the table, loudly debating Plato’s cavern versus the Matrix, and another was leaning on the counter near the stove, muttering to himself.

Jack opened a cupboard, swore under his breath when he saw that it was empty of their usual mugs, glasses and bottles. He took a new red solo cup from the enormous pack available to all, and filled it with tap water, trying to ignore the guys at the table.

 ‘…aren’t you the most precious thing, baby…’

 Jack turned around. The guy next to the oven was muttering endearments with a southern drawl- but there was no one next to him. He wasn’t even holding a phone.

 Jack had a doubt. Was the guy talking to him?

 ‘Yes, you are lovely, a bit old, but I would love you, and take care of you, and create glorious things with you, oh sweetheart, if only…’

 The guy was not talking to Jack. He was talking to the oven.

 He was also, apparently, completely drunk.

 ‘… better things than pizza rolls, you can be sure of that, you sexy thing…’

 Jack was a moment away from heading back to his room when he heard a sob.

 ‘… but it’s not to be, pretty thing, you and I will have to go our own separate ways and- sniffle- get with our own lonely lives and - oh lord, I’m being ridiculous-’

 ‘Huh-’ started Jack. ‘Are you okay?’

 The guy turned around. He looked older than Jack expected. At least, he seemed to be over eighteen. Jack only had an impression of eyes and blond before he got the drunkest and fakest smile he ever saw in his life.

 ‘HI!’ said the boy. ‘Gosh, you’re big.’

‘… are you okay?’ repeated Jack.

 ‘Why, yes, of course! I’m peachy!’

 ‘You’re crying.’

 The guy seemed surprised by this fact. He dried his tears with the sleeve of his hoodie and made a dismissive gesture with his other hand.

 ‘Don’t mind me, sweetheart, I’m being silly.’

 ‘…You were crying,’ insisted Jack. ‘And talking to the oven.’

 ‘Well, no one else seemed to give her love, so I figured-’

 He stopped himself and looked at Jack.

 ‘You’re the Captain of the hockey team,’ he realised. ‘This is your house. This is your oven.’

 ‘…Yes? In a manner of speaking?’

 ‘What’s her name?’

 ‘Whose name?’

 ‘The OVEN,’ insisted the guy.

 ‘She- it doesn’t have a name?’

 ‘Blasphemy. If I had the chance to own such a lovely baby, I would name her something adorable! Like Daisy, or Betsy, and I would bake everyday, I would make pies and cookies and biscuits and-’

 He burst into tears.

 Jack threw a look around. The guys at the table were staring at them.

 ‘Dude, what’d you do to him?’


 ‘D’you break up with him or something?’

 ‘No! We just met! He was talking about the oven- and then- and then-’

 He made a helpless motion towards the crying boy.

 ‘Maybe you should do something about it?’ suggested one of them.

 ‘Like what?’

 ‘Dunno. Something. To make him stop crying.’

 Jack hesitated. He thought about retreating to the safety of his room, where the music didn’t hurt his ears and blonde strangers didn’t burst into tears at the sight of a kitchen appliance.

 Awkwardly, he lifted a hand and patted the guy’s shoulder.

 ‘…there, there,’ he muttered, feeling like the most ridiculous man on Earth.

 He got several thumbs ups from the table residents. Which didn’t help his predicament at all. The boy was still crying.

 ‘Hey, hey, shh, don’t cry, everything is going to be okay…’

 ‘You don’t know that!’ wailed the blonde boy.

 ‘Okay, you’re right. Maybe, huh, what could make it right?’

 ‘I want to BAAAAAAAAAKE!’

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I’m Not a Kid

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 4.2k

Genre: smut

Parts: one | two

“Y/N” you heard Jungkook sing song. He had been bothering you for the past three weeks. Jungkook was your boss’s son and he had been trying to get you to go out with him since day one.

You had given the papers to your secretary and turned to face him. “Jungkook,” you sighed and walked back over to your office. You walked inside your office and turned to close your door but Jungkook stopped it and walked in. You sighed again and went to sit at your desk. You got on your computer, not looking at him, “Yes, Jungkook.”

“Oh, Y/N” he laughed. “I love when you call me that.”

You looked over at him, “It is your name.”

He just stood there and smiled with a wink. You rolled your eyes, “What did you need?”

He walked over and sat at the on the edge of your desk. “Well, I need a date to dinner tonight?”

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You know what’s great about fairy tales that haven’t been made into Disney movies?  How completely bullshit they are.  Like, if it’s a popular enough fairy tale that it’s gotten its own movie, a lot of the completely random-seeming shit has probably been excised from that version.  If it’s just been left to molder since people stopped drinking beer for breakfast, started being able to read on a massive scale, and learned how not to give themselves ergot poisoning every winter…well, it might just sound like something a sleep-deprived kindergartener made up.

“Here, dearest sister, take this vial of water.  If it turns cloudy, you’ll know I’m sick.  If it turns red as blood, you’ll know I’m dead.”

“This is a very useful thing, dearest brother, as reliable post hasn’t been invented yet, and you’re going to just wander around until you make your fortune.  I have only one question.”


“Where the hell did you get this?”


“Where did you get a vial of water that magically knows if you’re sick or dead?  Like, did you just pick it up at the market?  Did you have to go see a witch?  How much did you pay for this?  The whole reason you’re leaving is that we’re fucking broke.”

“I just…it was just lying around.”

“What, in the attic?”

“I guess?”

“Why would we have a vial of water that can tell if you’re sick or dead just lying around in the attic?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe we can ask those animals that tricked the robbers out of their cabin in the woods.  They seem to know what they’re doing.”

“The animals…that tricked the robbers…out of their cabin.”


“I hate this town.”

“Young man, if you let me sit by your fire, I’ll give you a sack of gold that can never be emptied.”

“Why would you be just wandering around alone dressed like a beggar if you have a sack of gold that can never be emptied?”

“I just…am.  Fuck you.  You want the sack or not?  Because I am dog tired, and freezing cold, and offering you a magic money-sack if I can just take a load off.”

“This is the sort of magic sack that’s going to make me really happy for like six weeks and then I’m going to get murdered in my sleep by trolls, isn’t it?”

“…yes.  Do you want it or not?”

“What the hell, with plague going around again, I’m probably not going to live more than another few months, anyway.”

“That’s the sort of can-do spirit murder-trolls love to see!”



“Young lady, I’m very hungry, won’t you please share your bread with me?”

“Shit.  Are you the sort of stray dwarf I’m supposed to help, or are you going to murder me unless I start hitting you with a stick right now?”


“Those are my two options, right?  I mean, I can’t just say nah, I only have enough for me, and keep on walking.  I have to either feed you or beat the hell out of you.  So which is it?  I don’t want to get magic-murdered for picking wrong.  The last person you turned into a stone or a goat or whatever, what’d they do?”

Why is every traveler on this road so fucking weird?  I just want a hunk of bread, lady.“

“So you’re not magic?”

“Oh, well.  Yeah, of course I’m magic.”

“But you’re not going to do anything magic right now.”

“Are you on some bizarre quest to marry a prince even though you have absolutely no idea how to run a kingdom?”

“No, of course not.  Jesus.”


“I’m trying to figure out how to turn my seven brothers from dead swans back into humans permanently.”

“Your brothers were turned into dead swans.”

“I mean, I don’t really mind, because they transform back into men at night, but my fiance won’t get married until the mill’s courtyard isn’t full of dead swans all day.  He thinks it’s gruesome.”

“Why would anyone turn your brothers into dead swans?”

“We think the local witch was just trying to turn them into swans.  Or maybe kill them.  She was on a bender, so she can’t really remember.”

“Okay, but why?”

“My brothers were kind of dicks, before they got stuck as dead swans all day.“

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you give me half your bread, I’ll tell you how to turn them back into people full-time.”

“Why are you being so nice all the sudden?”

“Because I now really need a beer, and I hate drinking on an empty stomach.”

“Young woman, who is coincidentally very beautiful and very virtuous even though you grew up very poor in a time when that very well may have meant chronic malnutrition and seeing family members literally die of hunger, you may have the hand of the prince in marriage if you can lift his curse.”

“Okay, yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do that.  I’ve got some good fairies backing me up, and also half the animal kingdom.”

“That’s very impressive.”

“Yeah, I did a lot of really random stuff and went vegan for a while, and now apparently everything under the sun owes me.“

“Well, you’ll enjoy your time as a princess, then!”

“Well, before we do that, I thought maybe we should talk about why the curse was put on him in the first place.  Maybe you could tell me who did it, and why, and if we know where they are now.  Maybe we could sort of come up with a plan for dealing with them.  You know, after I break the curse.”

“Why would we do that?”

“Well, somebody sort of turned the prince into a giant fish and made it so fishermen can’t stop trying to catch him, so it seems like they might just try something else if we undo that.  I want to be ready.”

“Nonsense.  This curse was a one-time thing.”

“The witch still lives like right next door, yes?”

“Yes, but she’s calmed down a lot since she did this.”

“She just turned a guy into a newt last week.”

“But she likes us now.”

“Not enough to undo the curse, though.”

“Well, no.”

“So, we should probably have a plan, right?”


“Okay, I’m going to keep walking until I find an enchanted prince with more sensible parents.  Peace out, your majesties.”

okay, you know what i wanna talk about next? drunk jack zimmermann

3k, M, fluff!, alcohol use, basically happy fun sexy times with zimbits, fits in the dan erikson universe (but you don’t have to have read it to get it)

So, Drunk Jack Zimmermann:

I’m thinking that after Jack and Bitty come out, Jack is finally, finally able to take Bitty to a team fundraising event and they both dress up in nice suits and are more nervous than they are willing to admit because… it’s a hockey event for very wealthy people and, well, Bitty listens to his pre-game playlist and Jack goes in with a bit of a game face (and personally vows that he will cause a fucking scene if anyone says one wrong word to Bitty because he is done with being quiet. Bitty should not have to deal with anymore silence in his life.)

Of course, no one is more aware of Jack’s ‘ready to fucking throw down’ face then Eric R. Bittle because they’ve been dating for four years at this point and the last time he’s seen that face, Jack had gently but firmly taken the phone from Bitty’s hands and informed Mrs. Bittle that she was not to call again unless she planned on doing something other than crying.

So Bitty puts on his (slightly more mild) version of a ‘here to fight’ face and they head out.

And then it is very, very awkward because here they are, two gays boys ready to take on the establishment, and it seems no one even wants to fight them. Jack gets swarmed when he arrives (obviously, he is the Captain who led the Falconers to a Stanley Cup Victory in his third year in the league) but no one tries to separate them and no one rudely ignores Bitty in favor of talking to Jack and, really, many people seemed absolutely thrilled that Bitty is there.

So, when a server comes around and offers the group drinks, Jack feels confident enough to release his hold on Bitty and actually take one.

And it just keeps getting better and better. After the first hour or so, Jack has put in enough face time to keep the high-ups happy and they are free to hang out with his team and their wives and more servers come around and Bitty has switched to his left side so he can drink and let his arm dangle off his boyfriend and then when he sees one of his teammates sneak a quick kiss from his girlfriend, Jack realizes that he can do that too and does and–

This is fun.

They are out and no one is being a jerk and Bitty looks fantastic and Jack is allowed to put his hand on Bitty’s shoulders and his lower back and–

“Jack!” Bitty hisses, laughing and pushing at him. “We are at a formal event!”

Okay. Not there. He can’t quite put his hand there.

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Mister Hockey and the boy crying in the kitchen

Here’s the first part of a fic- AU where Bitty and Jack meet for the first time at the EpicKegster. 

Note that the second part of this is not written yet, and I’m crushed under my to-do list, so don’t expect it soon and please don’t ask when the next part will come, I don’t know. But I wanted to share this with y’all, so I hope you enjoy. 

I apologise for errors, typos or weird sentence structure, all my editing power is and will be concentrated on my own novel, so ha. 

pairings and warnings: pretty much what you get from the canon

Jack went down the stairs with a huff of annoyance. The first floor of the Haus was packed from wall to wall. Loud thumping music, laughter and yells that were barely tolerable from his room now seemed almost tangible, crushing him from all sides. He could already feel the beginnings of a headache.

He pushed his way through and managed to reach the kitchen unscathed. Only three guys were sitting at the table, loudly debating Plato’s cavern versus the Matrix, and another was leaning on the counter near the stove, muttering to himself.

Jack opened a cupboard, swore under his breath when he saw that it was empty of their usual mugs, glasses and bottles. He took a new red solo cup from the enormous pack available to all, and filled it with tap water, trying to ignore the guys at the table.

‘…aren’t you the most precious thing, baby…’

Jack turned around. The guy next to the oven was muttering endearments with a southern drawl- but there was no one next to him. He wasn’t even holding his phone.

Jack had a doubt. Was the guy talking to him?

‘Yes, you are lovely, a bit old, but I would love you, and take care of you, and create glorious things with you, oh sweetheart, if only…’

The guy was not talking to Jack. He was talking to the oven.

He was also, apparently, completely drunk.

‘… better things than pizza rolls, you can be sure of that, you sexy thing…’

Jack was a moment away from heading back to his room when he heard a sob.

‘… but it’s not to be, pretty thing, you and I will have to go our own separate ways and- sniffle- get with our own lonely lives and - oh lord, I’m being ridiculous-’

‘Huh-’ started Jack. ‘Are you okay?’

The guy turned around. He looked older than Jack expected. At least, he seemed to be over eighteen. Jack only had an impression of eyes and blond before he got the drunkest and fakest smile he ever saw in his life.

‘HI!’ said the boy. ‘Gosh, you’re big.’

‘… are you okay?’ repeated Jack.

‘Why, yes, of course! I’m peachy!’

‘You’re crying.’

The guy seemed surprised by this fact. He dried his tears with the sleeve of his hoodie and made a dismissive gesture with his other hand.

‘Don’t mind me, sweetheart, I’m being silly.’

‘…You were crying,’ insisted Jack. ‘And talking to the oven.’

‘Well, no one else seemed to give her love, so I figured-’

He stopped himself and looked at Jack.

‘You’re the Captain of the hockey team,’ he realised. ‘This is your house. This is your oven.’

‘…Yes? In a manner of speaking?’

‘What’s her name?’

‘Whose name?’

‘The OVEN,’ insisted the guy.

‘She- it doesn’t have a name?’

‘Blasphemy. If I had the chance to own such a lovely baby, I would name her something adorable! Like Daisy, or Betsy, and I would bake everyday, I would make pies and cookies and biscuits and-’

He burst into tears.

Jack threw a look around. The guys at the table were staring at them.

‘Dude, what’d’you do to him?’


‘D’you break up with him or something?’

‘No! We just met! He was talking about the oven- and then- and then-’

He made a helpless motion towards the crying boy.

‘Maybe you should do something about it?’ suggested one of them.

‘Like what?’

‘Dunno. Something. To make him stop crying.’

Jack hesitated. He thought about retreating to the safety of his room, where the music didn’t hurt his ears and blonde strangers didn’t burst into tears at the sight of a kitchen appliance.

Awkwardly, he lifted a hand and patted the guy’s shoulder.

‘…there, there,’ he muttered, feeling like the most ridiculous man on Earth.

He got several thumbs ups from the table residents. Which didn’t help his predicament at all. The boy was still crying.

‘Hey, hey, shh, don’t cry, everything is going to be okay…’

‘You don’t know that!’ wailed the blonde boy.

‘Okay, you’re right. Maybe, huh, what could make it right?’


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Feel Me: short story

Pairings: Bucky x (enhanced) reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, anxiety, fluff

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy and timid, and waited with patience until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut.

‘Good Morning’ you said with a smile, as you noticed that he still wouldn’t look at you as you spoke. It wasn’t that he was trying to be rude, he was nervous.

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Together Forever

Fandom: The Originals 
Request: “Can you do a Elijah x reader where the reader is the first vampire that Elijah turned and they fell in love and spent a few hundred years together but Elijah does something bad and the reader leaves him. fast forward to the present and they meet again and fall in love with each other all over again”
Word Count: 1798

The sun was setting in the sky along with a drizzle of rain. You happily sipped away at your coffee while siting at your favourite spot in the cafe by the window.  It was the perfect match of the smell, light and the comfy couch chair you sat in. While taking a sip of your coffee you almost spat it out in disbelief. In the corner of your eye you spotted a familiar face. You wanted to be somewhere that you recognised anyone and vice versa.

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Just Friends (part eleven) - Stiles Stilinski

You bit your lip, staring intensely at your reflection in the mirror.  You’d tried on the dress you’d gotten for Prom, which was in six hours, and you were suddenly re thinking everything.  So you did the only thing you thought you could do when you were contemplating your look.

“Hey it’s Lydia Martin!” A happy voice said through the receiver.  “Is this y/n?”

“Yeah, it’s me” You said shakily, fingers brushing over the fabric of your dress.  “Lydia I don’t know about this dress I need help-”

“You still at Stiles’ place?” She asked, you nodded, then remembered you were only on the phone.

“Yeah” You said aloud.

“I’m on my way.  Stay where you are.  Don’t let him see it okay!?” She scolded.

“Alright, I’m in the upstairs bathroom” You huffed.

“Already in my car.  See you soon” She said, and hung up.  You set your phone on the counter, which was covered with eyeliner pencils, shadow palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses, everything under the sun of makeup.  You had one eye done with a pretty cat eye look, but you were unsure about it so you didn’t do the other.

“Hey y/n?” There were knocks on the door as Stiles tried to open it.  “I need the bathroom”

“Liar” You called back.  He’d been trying to see your dress all day, and every time was a new lame excuse.

“Am not, I need to pee!” He exclaimed.

“Well luck you, you have a bathroom downstairs, now I’m having a crisis so if you could go do your business somewhere else that’d be great” You said.

“Crisis? Need help-”


“Alright alright!” You could tell that he’d thrown his hands in the air.  “Hope you don’t burn your air with the curly stick or anything”

“Curly stick?” You repeated in a mumble.  You figured he meant the curling iron.  “I’m fine Stiles” You said, and heard him walk down the stairs.  Again, your attention was brought to the mirror.  What if he thought you looked ugly? There was a knot tied in your stomach at the thought, because what if he did.  What if he thought-

The doorbell rang.

“ANSWER IT!” You screamed, and Stiles yelped a little, falling off the couch before rushing to open the door.


“I’m here on a fashion crisis” She pushed past him, walking up the steps without another word.  Stiles shook his head, going back to the couch.

As soon as you heard Lydia’s heels clicking in the hall outside the bathroom, you opened the door for her.  Revealing her with her giant bag of makeup and hair supplies.

“You look gorgeous what seems to be the issue?” You smiled for a brief moment, but frowned shortly after.

“I don’t know what I’m doing, I tried makeup but I’ve got no idea what I’m doing, no idea Lydia, I’m losing my mind, do I do my hair? What if I over do it-”

“Wow you need stress relief first” Lydia chuckled.  She put her hands on your shoulders, sitting you down onto the closed toilet.  “Be right back” She left the room, and came back in quickly, rolling Stiles’ desk chair into the bathroom in front of her.

“Lydia what’s wrong with me” You sighed with a bitter chuckle.

“Nothing.  You just want to impress someone that get’s their breath taken away by the mere mention of your name, has a mini heart attack” You giggled a little bit as she gathered some makeup supplies.  “Mind if I do your other eye?” You shook your head, and shut your eyes so Lydia could do her thing.  “You did very well on this one” Lydia said, and you just nodded.  Your hands were twisting together in your lap as you grew more and more nervous.



“I’m kind of scared”

“Scared? Why scared?” She asked in concern, focused on your sharp wing as she dragged the brush along your eyelid.

“I’ve never… I haven’t really..” You searched for the right words.  “I’ve never really liked a boy this much before” You told her.  “Like, a lot” Lydia smiled, though you couldn’t see it.

“Want to know something that will make you feel better?” You nodded slightly.

“Yes please”

“God Stiles is freaking out too” Lydia giggled.

“SCOTT YOU’RE SO INCREDIBLY UNHELPFUL!” Stiles yelled in the McCall living room.  “All I need to do is learn how to slow dance.  How can I go to Prom with her if I can’t even dance with her?” He asked, and his friend chuckled.

“Yikes, you don’t know how to dance?”

“No- well not like that” Stiles said, and Scott laughed again.

“Alright, I’ll teach you but only because if you’re dancing at Prom, then you aren’t bothering Kira and I” Scott said, standing from the couch.  Stiles sprung up immediately.  “I’ll be y/n, you be you, got it?” Stiles nodded his head rapidly.

“What do I do”

“Hands on my waist” Scott said, wrapping his own hands around Stiles’ neck.  Stiles held Scott, and he began giggling.

“What?” Stiles asked.

“It tickles” Scott said, still grinning crookedly.  Stiles rolled his eyes.

“You’re unbelievable-”

“Hey, eyes on mine.  Eye contact is romantic” Scott instructed, holding Stiles’ jaw and turning his face to his.  “Then all you have to do is sorta sway around” Scott demonstrated, twirling them in slow circles.  This continued for a minute, when Melissa walked in.

“Boys are you getting ready for Pro-” She stopped in her tracks when she saw her son dancing with Stiles, making very romantic eye contact might she add.  At least before the realized her presence, and snapped their heads to Scott’s mom.

“I can expl-”

“Don’t wanna know” The woman said, putting her hands up and walking out before Stiles could explain to her what was going on.  He sighed, pulling away from Scott.

“Time to get changed?” Scott asked.  Stiles looked at his phone.  There was an hour until they had to go get the girls, who were all at Lydia’s house at the moment.

“Yeah, yeah that’s a good idea” Stiles said, taking in a deep breath.

“Nervous?” Scott asked.

“Nervous is an understatement” Stiles replied.

“Well would you like a piece of advice?” Scott asked.

“Is it legitimate help-”

“She’s probably a thousand times more nervous than you” Scott chuckled.  “Kira texted me, said she was worried about tonight”

“Worried in what way?” Stiles asked, and Scott shrugged.

“Kye said she didn’t trust me to keep my mouth shut.  That’s all I got for ya” Scott said.

“So we’re back to you being incredibly unhelpful” Stiles groaned.

You sat on Lydia’s bed, all ready and done up.  Your makeup was finished, your cat eyes showing off your stunning y/e/c eyes, and your hair was done.  Lydia had straightened it, then curled the ends into beautiful ringlets.  You wore white pumps with your dress, which were tapping on the floor nervously.

“Would you stop that? It’s making me anxious” Kira said as Lydia was putting on a clear protective coat of paint on her electric blue painted nails.

“Yeah, and a nervous Kira shakes, and I’m trying to make these look pretty” Lydia said, not looking away from her work on Kira’s finger nails.

“Sorry” You said.  “I’m gonna go get a drink of water” You said, and quickly excused yourself from the room.

Sneakily taking your phone out of Lydia’s purse, where she’d confiscated all of your phones.  Just to make sure it was solid girl time.

You went down the steps quickly, pressing the phone to your ear as you’d already clicked on the first contact in your recent calls section.

“y/n?” Stiles picked up on the first ring.

“Hey” You breathed, instantly feeling a little relief.

“Hey, everything going good with the girls?” He asked you.

“Yeah yeah fine just… just tired honestly.  I’ve never dressed up this much” You said with a nervous laugh.  Stiles reciprocated the sound.

“Yeah I don’t think that I have either to be honest with you” He said, and you smiled a little bit.  “But I’m excited to see you” He said, and your smile grew big, a warmth settling in your chest.

“Yeah, I’m excited to see you too” You responded.  You turned to check the time on the oven.  “Ten minutes right?” You asked.

“Yep” He responded.  Then you heard foot steps.

“I’m not supposed to have my phone I gotta go” You rushed.

“Okay bye-”

You hung up, shoving your phone into your bra as Lydia and Kira entered the kitchen.

“Drinks anybody?” Lydia asked.

“Nah, the punch is probably spiked” Kira said.  “I’ll just ask Scott to sniff it out.  He probably do that, right?” You laughed a little.

The three of you stood in the kitchen for a little bit, mostly talking about the Prom theme, which was A Night Under the Stars.  Cheesy, yes.  But you all had wondered if the decorations were as beautiful as they potentially could be.

“I’m gonna go get our phones and check our hair, they’ll be here soon” You said, excusing yourself up the steps.  You pulled your phone out, and grabbed Kira and Lydia’s as well.  Then went into the bathroom to check on your hair.  Your fingers messing with it.  Tucking strands behind your ear, then pushing them back forward unsure on which looked better.

The doorbell rang.

You heard the girls rush to the door, opening it with excited squeals. 

 “Scott! Stiles!” Lydia said excitedly. 

 “Kira, you look absolutely stunning” You heard Scott say, and figured she’d kissed him in response. 

 “Okay guys break it up” Stiles said, and your heart skipped a beat. You stood by the staircase, but out of view of the others. “Hey, where y-” You walked out, taking a big deep breath and walking down the steps. Your pace slowed when you saw him, dressed in a tux with a black tie, deciding to somewhat match you, in a more classic way. You licked your lips, and Lydia mentally scolded you. You could tell through her eyes that she didn’t want you messing up your lipstick. 

Time seemed to stop for Stiles the moment he saw you. The room was silenced, except for your heels clicking down the steps. Your long legs shown off, soft hair cascading over your shoulders in waves of y/h/c. When you reached the end of the steps, you stared up at him, a nervous glint in your eyes.

“Pictures!” Kira yelled before either of you could say anything to each other. “Okay, but just a few” Lydia said. “I want most of em to be taken at the school” The next three minutes were all of you taking selfies and pictures of each other. Lydia took a picture of you and Stiles, his arm comfortably around your waist. It lingered there a few seconds after you finished. 

 “Hey um" You turned, blinking as you looked up at him again. Stiles released your arm. 

 "Hi" You said back with a sweet smile. “Exciting, isn’t it?” Stiles nodded, looking up at the ceiling as he searched for words. 

 "Yeah, look um I think tonight you look-“ Stiles looked back to you, seeing you walking out to Rasco. 

 "Coming?” You called with a slight smirk. 

 "-really beautiful" Stiles sighed, but smiled as he ran up to you and the others.

Stiles got in the driver’s seat, you already were in the passenger’s seat.  Kira Scott and Lydia sat in the back, with Kira in the middle.  Soft music played, and everyone chattered about how excited they were.

“Oh my God Scott our Prom pictures are going to be so cute I can just see it now” Kira said, eyes wide with awe and giddiness.

“I’m not doing Prom pictures, I’m flying steady” Lydia said, moving her hand in the air like it were a wave.

“And how bold of you to do so.  The Lydia Martin, without a date to the Prom”

“It’s overrated anyways”

“Is that why you turned down the hundred boys that asked you?” Kira asked, and you giggled, watching their encounter through the rear view mirror.

“First of all, it was six.  Not a hundred” Lydia said, checking her lipstick in her phone camera.  “Second of all, there will be a line of boys begging to dance with us.  And I’ll be the only one who can say yes” Lydia grinned at her reflection.  “You and y/n will be a little busy with your dates, don’t you think?” You blushed, but looked over at Stiles as he was sneaking a glance to you.  He was smiling.

When you parked at the school, Stiles practically ran around the car to open the door for you.  You giggled as you unbuckled your seat belt, taking the hand he offered you and stepping out.

Kira squealed, excitedly grabbing Scott’s arm and tugging him towards the squeal in such a fast pace, that they were practically running.

“Come on you losers lets go to Prom” Lydia said, following after her friend to the school.  Stiles looked t you, hooking his arm out.

“Shall we?” Your eyes were torn from the mass amount of students going inside, looking over at him with a gentle smile.

“We shall” You said, slipping your hand into his arm.  You walked with him like this, holding onto him for dear life until you reached the entrance.  Stiles opened the door for you, and you paused, staring inside.  The halls were decorated with streamers, leading to the gym, where the dance itself was held.

“You okay? He asked upon seeing your hesitation.  You swallowed before licking your lips, eyes on all the couples, holding hands and kissing sweetly before going into the gymnasium.  

“Can I have your hand?” You asked, and he nodded, holding the door open with his opposite hand, and taking yours with the one closest.  You intertwined your fingers with Stiles’ easily, squeezing onto his hand, and he squeezed back.

“Ready?” You nodded, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.

“I’m ready” You affirmed.“Come on y/n, please? One dance.  Just one that’s all please?” Kira begged in front of you, holding both of your hands as you sat at a table.  Your eyes scanned the crowd with an unsure feeling.

“I don’t know Kira…” You said quietly.  “There’s a lot of people out there-”“They won’t be watching” She promised.  

“No one watches, they’re too busy enjoying themselves” Again you looked at the crowd.  Scott, Lydia, and Stiles dancing around and jumping to the music.  A certain caramel eyed boy with freckles and moles scattered on his cheeks caught your eye.  He grinned widely, and waved you over.  You crinkled your nose and shook your head.  “Come on, even Stiles wants you to dance with him” You tucked your bottom lip between your teeth to keep from smiling.

“Kira-” You stopped when Stiles looked over his shoulder again, and began walking over to you.  “Shit” You mumbled, and Kira giggled, nd released your hands.

“Come on, come dance with me” Stiles said, holding his own hand out to you.

“Stiles I can’t-”

“Neither can anybody. but does it look like anyone cares? No, they don’t” Your brow furrowed a little.

“Whatever happened to me making my own decisions?” You asked, and Stiles chuckled, taking both of your hands now and pulling you up to stand.

“Too bad” He said, and your feet ended up following him to the dance floor.

“y/n you came!” Scott cheered, spinning Kira around in a circle to the beat of the fast song playing.  You wrung your hands together, looking around quickly in the big crowd of students.  Your eyes landed on Stiles, who was swaying around aimlessly.

“Yeah” He replied, holding onto your hands again.  “But who cares” Stiles added.

“I do… it’s like… three hundred people watching me” You said uneasily, your gaze darting around the room again,

“Hey” Stiles said softly, and you looked to him.  “It’s just me” He told you.  “Breathe y/n, it’s just me, I’m the only one looking at you” He said.  You nodded shakily, and taking a few breaths like he told you.  When you felt more relaxed, you smiled up at him.  “There she is!” Stiles said ecstatically, and he spun your around my your hand.

You and the others danced around to the upbeat songs, feeling a lot more carefree and happy.  Jumping here and there with Kira, joking around with Lydia as pretended to ball room dance to a rap songs that you’d never heard of.  But your favorite thing was when Stiles would twirl you around, your dress flying out a little bit, swaying around your legs when he’d pull you back into his chest for a short moment, both of you bearing big smiles.  Everyone had big smiles actually.

But eventually you all grew tired, and Kira and Scott took the opportunity to get their Prom pictures taken.  You watched them walk off, and met eyes with Stiles.

“Do you want to go do that? Or-or not it doesn’t make a difference to me” You said, shrugging like it didn’t.  But you really wanted him to say yes.

“Yeah sure, why not” Stiles smiled sheepishly, and you followed after Kira and Scott.

“Thanks!” The girl was saying to the photographer, ogling over the photos that he’d given her and Scott.  “These are so good!” She said happily.

“Let me see” You said, looking at the romantic photos of the couple.  “You two better win King and Queen” You said with a sweet smile.

“Undoubtedly” Scott said with his own big smile that made you laugh.

“Next” The photographer said.

“That’s us” Stiles told you, and you walked with him to the little area with a pink backdrop.

“Alright, here’s the poses.  Pick one” He handed you a card stock printout of different poses the two of you could choose.  One where you were kissing, one where he sat on the stool, and you sat on his leg, and the last one was him standing behind you, arms wrapped around your front, and your hands intertwined.  You both agreed on the last option.

“Alright, I’m gonna count own from three, and do it twice so you’ll each have a copy” The woman said, and you pulled on Stiles’ arms.  Your eyes on your feet to make sure they were placed properly, while you wrapped Stiles’ arms around your torso.

“You good?” He asked, and you smiled with a nod.

“Perfect” You replied.

“Three… two….one” Flash.  Picture one printed off at the table to the side.  “Second picture” She announced, and you smiled big again.  “Three… two… one” Flash.  Picture two printed over top of the other one.

“Thank you so much” You said to the woman, releasing Stiles’ hands to go look at the pictures.

“My pleasure. you’re the cutest couple I’ve photographed today” She replied with a smile.  Neither of you bothered to correct her, just smiled back as you both inspecting the pictures.  You and Stiles headed to the table to leave them there for safe keeping.

“She’s not wrong” You jumped when you heard Lydia, not knowing that she’d been with you.  “You guys are an adorable duo” The strawberry blonde winked, and you blushed, looking down at your feet.  Before anything else could be said, a slow song began to play, and Lydia lit up.  “Excuse me lovebirds, but I need to go find myself a cute boy” She said, and strutted off in search of an unsuspecting prey.  You giggled, laying your photo sheet down on the table, still standing with Stiles and pretending to be interested in the tablecloth.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asked unsurely, and your head snapped up.  “Or not, that’s okay-”

“No no I’d love to it’s just.. I have no idea how” You said with embarrassment in your tone.

“Well lucky you, Scott just taught me” Stiles said.  And again this night, he held his hand out to you, awaiting your answer.  You bit on your lip.  “Trust me, if either of us is going to be humiliated tonight, it’s going to be me.  I guarantee you I will run into a table and get food all over this suit” You giggled, and slipped your hand into his.

“You make a convincing argument Stilinski” You said softly, and he walked backwards, pulling you with him to the dance floor.  You kept your eyes on his, wide and full of curiosity for this boy.  Even when his hand wrapped around your waist, holding your one tightly by your shoulders, it was difficult for you to process what was happening.

And suddenly, it really was just him.  It was just him.  Staring at you, and dancing with you, and holding you like you were the most fragile thing in the world.  And you smiled.

“This is real” You whispered, your free hand laying up on his shoulder.

“Mhm” Stiles hummed, smiling down at you.

“We’re at Prom” You added, smiling a little brighter, and Stiles chuckled.

“We are indeed” He said.  A hook came in the song, and he spun you around.  But it wasn’t as quick and playful, it was slow and elegant.  He pulled you back, both of his hands on your waist now, and your arms wrapped around his neck.  You were much closer, chest to chest.  You took a few moments to just look up at him again, but long enough to have him question you through a raised brow.

“Nothing” You said softly.  “I’m just really glad I came here” You told him, and laid your head against his collarbone, still swaying to the music.  “With you” You added, and Stiles smiled, rubbing a hand up and down your back.

“Yeah well I’m really glad I came here with you too sunshine” He murmured into your hair, and in a bold move, kissed your cheek.  A long kiss, not just a peck this time.  He felt you smile before he pulled away, leaning his head against yours.  “I didn’t get the chance to tell you” He said quietly.  “But you look really beautiful tonight” You giggled silently into his shoulder.  “I mean- you look beautiful every day- not that beautiful is a strong enough word really more like stunning, or gorgeous but-”

“Thanks Stiles” You said, pulling back from him to look him in the eye, your eyes crinkled by your smile.  “I guess I did end up impressing you” You whispered, and Stiles smiled despite himself.

“You impress me every day y/n, you don’t have to dress up.  You could literally be in pajamas and drooling on my blankets like you do in the mornings, and I swear, you’ll still take my breath away” You cheeks grew hot in a blush, and your heart rate sped up.

“Really?” You whispered, the word barely audible, he only knew you said it because he was so focused on your lips.  He brought a hand up to brush along your jaw.

“Yeah, yeah really” Stiles murmured back, and your eyes grew wet, as you just stared at this boy in front of you.  Something you’ve been doing a lot of lately.  “I did ask you to Prom, didn’t I?”

“Well your friends did pressure you into it”

“No” He shook his head.  “They helped me when I thought they were throwing me under the bus.  I wanted to ask you, but I didn’t know how” You smiled a small little smile.

“Really?” You asked again, and he nodded.  “Why?”

“Why?” He repeated, brows drawn together at the question, and you nodded.  “Because y/n, if I didn’t, a million other guys would’ve and-” He stopped when you started laughing.  “What’s so funny?” You shook your head.

“Sorry it’s just- no one else was going to ask me” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be like that y/n”

“Like what?”

“Like you don’t know how fucking perfect you are” Your eyes widened at his sudden profanity.  “Because you have to know” You opened your mouth to say something, but no words came out.  “How many times am I going to have to tell you how amazing you are? You’re hilarious, you’rs brilliant, you’re sweet, even if you don’t want people to know it, and you’re beautiful, y/n you’re so beautiful-”

“Stop” You said quietly.  “Stop you’re going to make me cry and then Lydia will strangle both of us” His thumb brushed along your jaw, hand still laying there.

“y/n” Stiles said softly, and you blinked your watery eyes dry.  You barely realized he’d leaned forward, looking from your eyes to your lips, then back to your eyes, as though unsure if you were okay with it.

You answered by leaning up on the tips of your toes and capturing his lips with yours in a searing kiss.  Both of your eyes were shut tightly, scared that when you opened them, you’d wake up, and it will all have been a dream.  When you parted, Stiles quickly opened them to look at you, though you kept yours shut.

“Tell me that was real” You whispered, and he breathed out a laugh.

“It was real” Stiles said, and leaned down to kiss you again, arms tightening around your waist, you grinned against his lips, and he did too, until you couldn’t kiss anymore.  Your fingers played with the ends of his hair, and you were blushing hard.  “Definitely real” Stiles breathed, and your smile softened.

“Stiles” You whispered.  “I don’t do… I don’t do the boyfriend thing-” Stiles’ face immediately fell, and it broke your heart.

“I know I’m sor-”

“Because I don’t know how it…works” You said nervously.  “I’m not good with talking, it takes a lot and relationships are based on trust and how could you trust me if I take forever to-”

Stiles cut you off, cupping your cheeks and pulling you in for a long kiss.  His lips lingered against yours, brushing them softly as he spoke.

“y/n I trust you, one hundred percent.  With.  My.  Life” Your lips quivered against his.

“I trust you too” You said, hands splaying on his cheeks, fingers brushing over his skin as they curled and stretched.  “A lot, it’s just… I don’t know what if something happens?”

“Well then I won’t let anything happen” Stiles whispered, placing a light kiss on your lips.

“You can’t promise that” You said as he kissed you again.

“Yes I can” Stiles replied, giving you another kiss.  “I can” Kiss.

No you can’t” Kiss.

Can too”


Can not”


I love you”

No kiss.

You stared up at him with awestruck eyes.

“I love you” He said again, the same genuine look on his face.


“y/n come on! They’re announcing king and queen!” Kira grabbed your arm, already pulling you out of Stiles’ grasp, but you tugged away.

“No!” You yelled.  “No! I’m so done with not being able to finish for myself, I always get cut off and I’m tired of it happening” You said, standing your ground.  Kira looked at you shocked, having had no idea what was happening before she’d tugged on your arm.  You took in a deep breath, regaining your stability again.  By now Scott and Lydia were around you guys too, and you turned back to look at Stiles, who hadn’t moved a muscle.

He looked like a mixture of emotions.  Sad, scared, hopeful.. you could go on.

But you turned completely, facing him and breathing in again, hoping to steady your voice.

I didn’t say it back” You said, and you both seemed to move at the same time, colliding in an earth shattering kiss.  Sure, your first one was passionate, but this, this was ground breaking.  Stiles lifted you up around the waist, spinning you around for a second.  When you were set back down, you stood on the tips of your toes.

You didn’t have to” He responded in the brief moment you parted, and in seconds your lips found each other again, in a much more soft kiss, yet long and meaningful.

You wished you could take a picture of the feeling you had.  He was warm, and tasted like the vanilla cupcakes at the snack table.  His arms were protective, chest a firm pillow to lean against.  Kissing him was better than any high, any drug, better than any sweet treat.  It gave you butterflies that fluttered relentlessly in your stomach.

“Scott McCall, and Kira Yukimura!” 

You and Stiles pulled away wen your friends were announced.

“Good for them” You hummed, watching for a short moment as a crown was placed on each of their heads.

“Yeah mhm” Stiles hummed mindlessly, hooking a finger under your chin, and turning you back to bring your lips to his.  You hummed a quiet sigh of content, wrapping your arms loosely around his neck.

You could do this forever.

“Alright, thanks for the ride guys I had a great time” Lydia grinned, and squeezed your shoulder before getting out of the jeep.

“Bye Lydia” You called collectively with the group, then drove off.

“So” Scott smirked into the rear view mirror, his eyes then landing on yours and Stiles’ intertwined hands resting on your leg.  “Are ya a thing now?”

“Define thing” Stiles said, shooting you a secret wink that made you smile.

“Ya know are you guys like-”

“Are you boyfriend and girlfriend or not.  We can’t wait forever” Kira spoke up, and you giggled.

“I’d say so, yes” You answered, unable to help a smile to yourself.

Kira was gushing and squealing all the way to Scott’s house.

Even as they both got out and walked to his door, (neither of you questioned them staying together.  Too afraid of the honest answer) you could hear her going on about how cute double dates and babies would be.  

You and Stiles drove back to your house, you having decided it was time to be back in your own bed.  Even if his arms were much more cozier.  Besides, you had to gush to someone that wasn’t Kira, and your mom seemed like a good bet.  Maybe it’d begin to stitch up and wounds left in your relationship with her.

He parked the jeep in your drive, and you looked over at him, watching as he leaned over the console, placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

“I might take advantage of getting to do that” He told you, and you smiled softly.

“I think you are already Stilinski” You hummed back.  “Walk me to my door?” He nodded, and as expecting, jumped out of the jeep to run around, and get the door for you.  “You’re hopeless” You said, and he lifted you up, setting you down dramatically.  You giggled nonetheless, loving this randomly romantic side of him.  Stiles’ hand was clasped around yours as you walked together to your doorstep.

“Well, I had a lovely night with you y/n” He said, turning to face you, and you smiled with a nod.

“I had a lovely night with you too Stiles” You said, leaning up on the tips of your toes, the briefest moment of hesitation before you pressed your lips against his in one more sweet kiss.

“Goodnight” He whispered, nose brushing yours as you parted.

“Goodnight Stiles” You murmured back, and opened the door.  He squeezed your hand before letting go, and walking a few steps to his car.  “Stiles?” He looked back at you, and you smiled.  A beautiful, soft, angelic smile.


“I love you too”


ok but i’m legitimately emotional bc i gained so many followers and friends and i feel like people really liked this story, but i hope that i can improve from here, so thank you to EVERYONE for support and love and notes and ah i’m just so happy to have you guys.  i also hope i borke your hearts at some points, and that this chapter made it better lol i’m a monster

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Everything Backwards  (Chapter 4/12)

Summary:When you make-out with a ‘James’ on a night out, you don’t expect to see him again, so imagine your surprise the next day when it turns out he’ll be your new sort-off-flat-mate. As Nanny for Peggy & Steve’s three children, you’ve lucked out, but now the guy across the corridor is threatening to ruin it.

 This is the story of how it all works out.

Chapter 4 summary: Two week in, things go a little wrong…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral) Slow Burn

Word count: 2003

Warnings: Bucky’s a bit awful, but only because Y/N is! Mention of illness?? People being rude to each other.

Previous: Chapter 3 

Everything Backwards Masterlist


With the horrendous aftermath of the last time you drank very fresh in your mind, you decide that this time when you meet your friends a late lunch is probably safer than anything involving alcohol. Yesterday was the last day of term for the children so their parent have taken them out to the cinema as a treat, giving you a free afternoon to do as you please with, and when you leave the house the sun is shining brightly. 

Today marks two weeks since you first met Bucky. Things have improved a little since that short exchange of words in the car after swimming; you two haven’t actually talked yet, mainly because he stays in his room most of the time, but he doesn’t look at you with so much contempt any more, and there was that incidence earlier in the week when he held the door for you as you struggled with shopping bags.

 A small start but one nonetheless. 

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Pairings: Dean x Reader + (kind of) Chuck Bass
Words: 1,897
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Some swearing but I think that’s it.
Summary: It’s Deans second day in the Upper East Side and needs a friendly face to show him around town and maybe even escort him to dinner.
A/N: This is such a late update to this series, I’ve been super busy lately and had a bunch of writers block so I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for the second part, but here it is! This one is mostly dialogue, I’ve already started the 3rd part and I’m super excited for you to read that one as well. Feedback is always much appreciated. Enjoy!
Tags: @nachoaveragejoe


You sat beside Dean in his father’s Impala watching the twinkling stars above. Dean’s hand was wrapped around yours, his thumb stroked circles on your delicate knuckles. He had something on his mind, you knew by his inability to look at you. “Y/N?” is voice creaks in a meek whisper.

“Dean?” you lock eyes with his own. Dean was never a boy to get nervous, not ever. His hand shook as he pulled away from your touch and reached for his pocket.

“I’d like to give you something,” he pulled out a tiny, silver band; the ring glistens in the moonlight. “I know it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but that ring will come later,” he paused trying to gather his thoughts, “Y/N, I love you. You’re my first love and I want you to be my last, my forever and always.” it was a rare occasion that Dean would open up to you, usually he never spoke about his feelings. Of course, you always knew how he felt towards you, he didn’t need to say them aloud for you to know that he was madly in love with you. “Y/N, I promise that one day, I’ll give you the life you deserve. We’ll get out of this crap town and never look back. You’ll finish college and all of your dreams will come true,” He paused while slipping the ring onto your middle finger. “Any dream of mine will always be true as long as you’re by my side. I love you, I promise that I always will.” His shaking hands bring your fingers to his lips, he presses a single kiss to your ring finger and you knew that it was his promise to marry you someday.

It’s been five years since that night in John’s car, you’ve never had the heart to throw it out. You stand peering into your sock drawer at the box, you tried to gather your things for the flight and for your vacation but procrastination was getting the best of you. You pluck random garments off hangers and fold them neatly into your suitcase. You don’t want to take much, living on the Upper East Side has spoiled you with expensive clothes you didn’t need. You forgot long ago what it felt like to dress in simple jeans and a hoodie.

From across the room your phone buzzes. Dean’s name flashes on the screen in bright letters, unconsciously your lips curl into a smile at just the thought of him. “Hello?” your body sinks into your shared bed to listen to the man on the phone.

“Hey, change in plans,” New York streets come alive behind Dean’s voice, you can tell by the shortness in his breath he’s walking through the city. “I have to stay in New York a little longer to finish my case, it doesn’t look like we’ll make it to Lawrence after all.” a knot drops in your stomach, you slowly rise and peer into the city around your apartment.

“Oh, that’s okay,” you force a chuckle, “Guess it was pretty crazy to plan a vacation with someone I haven’t seen in years anyway.” Dean laughs at your comment.

“Yeah, probably. It’s only for the next three days, I’m sure New York is more exciting than Kansas ever will be,” laughter fills the silence between you, “I’ll need a tour guide to show me where the hell I am, interested?”

“Sure,” you catch yourself smiling.

When you reach the lobby, Dean is already waiting for your arrival.“I see you haven’t grown out of your plaid.” You eye the handsome man dressed in an old flannel.

“What can I say?” you flash him a smile before leading him out of your apartment building and into the city. The two of you roam through the streets, deep in conversation. You pass snobby strangers, businessmen in freshly ironed suits, and flirty teenagers during your stroll.

The wide diversity of people is what drawn you into New York in the first place. You weren’t one to need extravagant clothing or a luxury home– somehow that managed to fall into your lap. All you needed was inspiration. You studied the people you came across, homes, locations, all in the efforts to enhance your writing. New York gave you just that, it’s no wonder why you climbed to the top of your career so quickly.

“Care to join me for dinner?” you propose stopping in front of a restaurant, your feet aching for a rest from all the walking they’ve endured throughout the day.

“I couldn’t turn down that offer” his arm extends towards you to take just before you make your way into the dimly lit building. A young waitress seats the two of you to a secluded table in the back.

“I’ll be right with you,” she purrs at Dean completely ignoring your presence. Dean pays her no attention, he pulls your seat out for you and gently pushes you towards the table.

“You’ve kept your mannerisms. Brownie points for you,” you giggle as he takes his seat across from you.

“Only for you, you’re the only woman worth impressing.” Dean grins opening his menu, “I have an idea.”

“Oh? What might this idea be?” you cock your eyebrow to the man across from you.

“We’ll order for each other, I’ll find something I think you’ll like and you’ll do the same for me. Deal?” Dean smirks towards you.

“I’m intrigued, you’re on Mr. Winchester.” moments after the waitress returns, ready to take your order.

“What can I get for you, handsome?” she bites her lip looking over Dean as he reads her the order.

“I’d like to have the pasta special of the day, with white sauce, and a water to drink. Thanks.” he closes and hands the menu to the blonde beside without a glance in her direction. Her eyes flair at the lack of attention she receives from him.

“And you?” her eyes don’t leave Dean as you hand her the menu.

“I’d like the House Burger, cooked medium, side of seasoned fries, and a beer in a frosted mug.” you don’t even thank her, the way she eyes Dean causes jealousy to flourish inside you. She scribbles down your orders and hurries away. “Looks like you have an admirer.” You grumble, eyeing the woman as she walks to tend another table.

“I knew you’ve been flirting with me all day,” you playfully roll your eyes at his comment, “You got my order perfect, how’d you remember after all these years?” Dean asks, his fingers intertwine together on the table.

“You’re pretty hard to forget.” your voice is soft, anyone in the room could tell that there was still something between Dean and yourself, even if you’re not quite sure what that ‘something’ is anymore.

“So are you,” he admits, his eyes fall from yours unaware of where to look. Dean quickly clears his throat and tries to change the subject.

“Alrighty, here’s your water, sugar.” you didn’t know it was even possible for someone to set down a glass of water sexually, but right before your eyes, this woman proves you wrong. You scuff at her efforts to gain his attention. “And your beer.” She slides the mug toward you, “Anything else I could get you, dear?”

“No,” Dean says sternly, picking up on her purposeful acts, she lingers around your table a little longer before turning away in defeat. He offers a warm smile avoiding the topic of the amorous server. When she returns again, it’s to deliver steaming plates of food. You twirl your fork in the pasta and shovel a mouthful into your mouth, instantly you’re overwhelmed by impeccable flavors.

“I must say, you did an amazing job choosing my order.” you meet eyes with Dean who already has his mouth full of fries, “I’m guessing I did a pretty good job myself.” you smile as he gives you an enthusiastic nod.

Throughout the meal, the waitress checks on your table way more than necessary, whether it was to refill Dean’s beer, clear a single plate, or just to ask how the food is. You try your hardest to ignore her and to just focus on your night with Dean, you weren’t sure how many nights with him you have left.

“How is everything?” her question is directed towards Dean.

“Delicious,” he says through a mouthful of his burger.

“May I get you anything else?” she smiles.

“Some privacy would be lovely, thanks for asking.” you snap. Her eyes travel to you for the first time all night.

“Excuse me? Who do you think you are?” her face is appalled at your request.

“I know exactly who I am. I’m Y/N Y/L/N, a well-respected author that’s been mentioned in The New York Times Book Review more than once,” her face falls as you continue your speech, “Not to mention I’m Chuck Bass’ fiance.” all color drains from her face as she takes in the words you just spat.

“The Chuck Bass?” her mouth gapes at her sudden realization.

“The Chuck Bass, now if you excuse us,” you gesture towards Dean, “Privacy would be much appreciated until we ask for the bill.” you seethe through a clenched jaw, she scurries away without another word.

“Your fiance is Charles Bass? As in Bart Bass’ son?” he asks, his face full of concern.

“Yes, why?” You ask taking a sip of your water to cool down.

“My dad did some business with him this past year…” he trails off looking over you, “Small world.” he mumbles, “I didn’t know you became such a badass.” he chuckles completely changing the subject.

“What can I say?” you shrug with a smile.

You stroll the busy streets side by side yet again after your eventful dinner. The two of you walk closer than before, your hands brushing against each other’s every now and then, it took all of your power to resist the urge to hold his hand. “I wanted to say something back at the restaurant, it just didn’t seem like a good time for you,” Dean admits as you near your apartment building.

“I’m all ears.”

“Chuck Bass doesn’t define who you are,” he sighs, you look at him in confusion not following his statement. “At dinner– when you were talking to the waitress, you added that he is your fiance. I get that he’s powerful and well respected, but so are you. You’ve been mentioned in The New York Times Book Review multiple times and that’s pretty damn impressive. You don’t need him to let people know you have power or to demand their respect. You’re Y/N Y/L/N, you can demand respect with or without Chuck.” you’re taken back by his speech at first, tears threaten to form but you hold them back, not wanting to cry in front of Dean.

“I-” you search his face unsure of what to say, “Thank you, I needed that reminder,” you admit. You look ahead at your apartment, “Um,” you clear the knot in your throat away, “This is me” you sigh not wanting the night to end just yet. “Thanks again, Dean. Goodnight.” you lean up to kiss his cheek softly, before returning back to your home, repeating Dean’s words until you believed them.

tinder's a shit show (trixya) (1/?) - ornacia

(A/N: hey all. this little thing is the product of exam stress, boredom, and my inevitable relapse into full-on rpdr fanfiction addiction. i’ve never written anything for this fandom before so apologies if it’s not the best. i might continue it if the response is good but if not, it was a lot of fun either way!)

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Obi-Wan Kenobi - Smile

When you discover growing feelings for the Jedi master, you’re horrified - are you really going to get kicked out of the Order because of pretty blue eyes and nice hair? No. You won’t let it happen, so you avoid Obi-Wan as much as humanly possible. Until he gets fed up with it and corners you in the library, that is…

Words: 2126

Warnings: none (except a possibly lackluster ending, it was late and I wanted this done)

Notes: This was not the next one on the list. Oh well. It was short and fun and easy to write and it’s been done like a million times. Oh well. It got me writing again, right?

Oh no.
Oh, no, no, Force no.
You lean back against the wall in this corridor of the Jedi temple, chewing on your lip. No. No. This can’t be happening. You - you’re a Jedi and Jedi don’t feel these things. Not even for a such a funny, charming, handsome, sweet….
You risk a glance down the hall after him. Oh god. Why the kriff does his hair have to be so stupidly perfect? Why?
You groan out loud. 

“This can not be happening to me,” you grumble. You close your eyes and massage your temples. Maybe some meditation will get your mind off things…

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{I'll figure out a title later}

AN: normally I would never write a cheating fic, but I had this one idea and it caught on fire.


Sasuke had grabbed his backpack and was about to head out the door when he heard his boss’s wife raising her voice over the phone. He shouldn’t have stopped, but an odd curiosity about the woman…

“I’ve been planning this dinner for two weeks,” she held the old-school phone to her ear, she was twisting the cord. “I - I don’t want excuses…”

He stepped in the doorway to see her trying to fan tears away. “No, but…fine. Yes, it’s fine. I haven’t even started.”

It was a lie, the table in the dining room was set and the other house cleaners were waiting. He had only taken a job as a Cleaner to make some extra money–it was his second year of college with no car. His big brother got him the job through a partner.

She hung up the phone. “Geez,” she covered her face and turned around. The older woman was clearly startled by his presence. “Sasuke!” She placed a hand on her chest. “You…scared me. How…how long have you been standing there?”

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Swim Down - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: hello, my beautiful dearies! I got yet another request for you! this one was really fun to write! I hope you guys like it :)

Anonymous said: Heya friend! Could you maybe do an Oliver one shot based on ‘Swim Down’ by Moose Blood? Where they’re best friends and they’ve always been flirty and joke-y with eachother and they’d had a short relationship the year before but had decided to just stay friends, one night they sneak out with a bunch of their friends and y/n gets really drunk and blurts out how she’s feeling after a disagreement, but she’s in a really weird mood cause she’s drunk so she just carries on like she’d never said it joking and shouting and stuff, and Oliver tries to make sure she gets to her dorm okay. But the next morning she feels like crap and then remembers what she said so she tries to avoid him bc she thinks she’s just ruined their friendship? And a fluffy ending? Sorry I wrote this badly, you can alter it if you want and interpret the lyrics whatever way you like haha! Also can they both be in Gryffindor? 💖😁 sorry again 

here it is, dearie I really hope you like it! sorry for the long wait! :) hope it was worth it though ;)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Swim Down

Fred Weasley sneaked his head through the portrait and looked both ways to make sure the coast was clear.

“Alright, Percy’s gone” he whispered before walking out of the portrait followed by George, Lee, Angelina, Katie, Alicia, Oliver and (Y/N).

“How do you guys know where Percy went?” Katie asked him.

“We don’t” Fred and George replied.

“Well, then how do you know when he’ll be back?” Alicia asked a bit nervous.

“We don’t” they said at the same time.

“Being bad feels pretty good, huh?” George asked smirking.

“Shh! Guys, shut up, somebody is going to hear us” Angelina whispered as the group of friends walked through one of the secret passages the twins had shown them.

“Nobody comes through here, we’re fine” George assured her.

“I don’t really know how settling that is since you guys get caught continuously” (Y/N) said walking a little behind of the group with Oliver by her side.

“Don’t you trust us, (Y/N), dear?” Fred said placing his hand on her shoulders; both of them not noticing a certain brown-haired wizard glaring a little at them.

“Why of course I do, Freddie” she said mockingly as she wrapped her arm around his waist.

“We’re here” George said standing in front of the Hufflepuff Common Room. The four girls looked at them confused.

Why are we here?” Alicia asked.

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Do you believe in magic?

Request from anon: Could you please do one where the reader crosses paths with Gideon from OUAT somehow (maybe he takes her as a hostage or she just already knows who he is) and he just keeps wanting to see her and he doesn’t know why. They have a sarcastic, “I don’t like you” kind of friendship (even though he’s still “bad”) and one day he realizes he likes her? You can decide how it ends :)

Note: Apologies for the delay in getting this written up. I went a little crazy haha! I think this strayed a little (only a little) but hoping the person who requested it still enjoys it :)

Gideon x Reader

Words: 2,119

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You were lost. Completely and utterly so. Turns out map reading really wasn’t a talent of yours at all. Something which you probably should have considered before heading out on a hike in a state you had never even stepped foot in before. Nothing about your current surroundings even indicated to you whether you were going around in a circle or not because each and every tree looked identical, even the branches and the leaves that had fallen to the ground seemed to have fallen in the exact same way around every tree.

In a fit of rage you let out a frustrated growl before ripping the map up into segments as though it was completely to blame for your lack of skill in the navigation department.

“Now what did that map ever do to you?”

The disembodied voice caused you to swiftly turn on the balls of your feet, your centre of gravity threatening to disappear completely, but you managed to quickly balance yourself as you came face to face with a dark figure leaning up against a nearby tree. Dark wasn’t even an over exaggeration either as he was actually stood there in a black cloak with the hood casting a dark ominous shadow over his face.

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So, uh. I might have done a thing. @noquirkyurl I will let you take almost full responsibility. Some of it also belongs to @amusewithaview and @jadziabear for reminding me how much I wanted this. Also, @thestanceyg and @nourgelitnius, I believe you expressed some interest. 

Without further ado, a work I decided to call Coquettish Ingenue

How do you tell someone that you have been and may still be extremely emotionally invested in their well-being and life? Especially when you have never actually met said person. Mindy had debated this question for weeks; ever since they brought Mark Watney home.

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His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 18

“Because of us”

Warning;sexual content…

Luke’s Pov

i stood in the background of the party just watching.

Mikey was grinding against a girl i’ve seen him with before, i think her name is crystal she’s older than us.

i lost Cal 5 minutes in till the party when i arrived.

he’s either fucking some girl or laying sleeping somewhere drunk.

Ashton is somewhere around here.

he usually doesn’t get drunk at theses party but he is the sociable one, we can always count on him being the one who gets us home.

i know i brought my bike but i can just collect it tomorrow before school, this party isn’t far from where i live.

i’ve just finished my 5th drink and i’m starting to feel it.

i walked back into the kitchen for a refill when i felt someone touch my arm.

“Hey Luke” the girl said

oh i know who that is..

“Ashleigh what are you doing here?” i asked her as i refilled my drink

i didn’t need to turn around to talk to her, she is probably wearing a really short dress.

“i got an invite just like everyone else.. why don’t you come dance with me?” she said trying to pull me around

i pushed her hand of me and turned around and said “ no, go dance with someone else”

i turned back around and took a sip of my drink then she spoke again

“what’s going on with you lately? you never turn down a dance and i know your not sober” she said

i rolled my eyes as i turned around and yes i was correct she is wearing a very short dress, i’m not impressed.

“nothing is wrong with me, i just don’t feel like dancing right now” i said then i walked past her and outside the back

i found Ashton so i walked over to him and to who ever he was talking to.

i don’t think i’m going to stay here much longer.

“Hey Luke” Ashton said as i approached him

whoever he was talking to walked away and it was just me and him now

“Hey bro” i said

he looked at me weirdly and then asked “What’s wrong?”

“nothing” i said to him trying to play it cool but it’s hard to do that because Ashton knows when i’m talking crap.

“somethings up, it’s not hard to tell your not you’re self” he said

maybe telling someone will help and he doesn’t go to our school so he won’t know who she is.

but what the fuck do i say? how do i explain what’s going on..

“it’s nothing man” i said

he will never understand, i don’t even fucking understand.

“are you sure?” he said

ugh okay i’ll tell him.

“okay but you can’t mention this to Mikey or Cal alright” i said to him

he nodded his head so i began to tell him all what’s going on..

“your not serious?” he said

i thought he was going to be on my side..

“This is why i didn’t want to tell you, you wouldn’t understand” i said to him

i threw my red plastic cup on the ground and went to walk away but Ashton stopped me

“it’s not that i don’t understand man, i just can’t get over you telling her that you used her when you clearly like her, fuck what other people think if you like this girl who for it” he said

i was going to speak but he continued talking

“to be honest i’m surprised you like a girl at all”

the fuck?

“what’s that suppose to mean?” i said to him

he looked like he was going to laugh which was starting to piss me off then he started speaking

“i know i haven’t known you that long but even i know you have a problem with emotions, i mean when we met you had already fucked 3 girls before you came to practice” Ashton said

i rolled my eyes at him and said “well i hate to admit it i’ve changed, before tonight i hadn’t had sex or fucked a girl in weeks”

he smiled at me making me feel uncomfortable then he spoke

“i’m proud of you man, i really want to meet this girl who has got Luke hemmings wrapped around her little finger” he said smirking

he’s right Hailey really has me wrapped around her little finger and i’ve fucked everything up.

i said bye to Ashton and i left the party sober.

i had enough of that party.


thank god i don’t have a hangover because my bike wouldn’t fucking start this morning and if i had a hangover i think i would have broke it.

i had to walk to school but luckily i got there before 9 o'clock.

of course my mum did offer to help but i was in to much of a bad mood that’s why i decided to walk to school.

i really wanted to go over to Hailey’s and offer to walk her to school but after last night i thought that would be a bad idea.

after that talk with Ashton i have decided i’m just going to try to distract myself with girls today to take my mind away from her.

maybe give her some space for a while even though i don’t want to.

she probably won’t show up because of me, because i am such a dickhead and lied to her.

ugh why did i have to lie to her.

“i thought you would have dying this morning” Cal said as i stood beside him and the others outside of school,we were all having a smoke before the bell rang and i was just standing out here to see if Hailey was coming to school.

i’ve smoked 2 cigarettes and she still hasn’t showed up..fuck!

“Looking for someone Luke?”


Hailey’s Pov

“As a date…” i stuttered

i couldn’t believe he’s asking me out.

this has never happened before, yeah a month ago i would have been going crazy but everything with Luke

do i even want to go out with Neil?

but then i remembered exactly what Luke told me last night

“yeah would you like to go on a date with me?” Neil asked

i could tell he was nervous and i knew the whole class was listening

i think i’m going to cry.

i turned to see that yes everyone was watching including Luke, he looked like he could murder someone

he isn’t jealous is he?

i turned back to Neil and said “i would love to”

i walked into Art class with every eye on me, this is so awkward!

i sat down in my seat i sat in earlier, i wasn’t going to sit near Luke or Calum at all.

i thought that maybe they wouldn’t say anything but of course 15 minutes into class the teacher said that she was just popping out for a minute and of course Calum spoke

“So little virgin has a date” he said as he walked over to where i was sitting

ugh why now!

i turned around to see Luke behind him and he didn’t look happy but right now i didn’t care.

“So what?” i said to Calum

he smirked and then he leaned against my desk as if he can just do whatever he wants

is he forgetting what happened in the bathroom?

Luke doesn’t know about that still.

“i’m surprised Neil wants to date someone who is so fridget” he said

oh now i’m pissed

“oh so is that why you kissed me 2 days ago because i’m so fridget?” i said back to him

his eyes widened but Luke looked even more pissed


“WHAT?” Luke said loudly he was looking at Calum who for one had nothing to say

“Mr Hemmings and Mr Hood sit back in your seats” the teacher said as she came back into the room

i smirked at both Luke and Calum as they sat back down.

that felt so good.

Luke’s Pov

she can’t be foreal!!

she can’t seriously want to go on a date with him.

she’s mine.

fuck! Luke no she isn’t!

she will be mine.

i shouldn’t have lied to her last night, maybe i will try to talk to her later at Lunch and get her back..

what the hell am i saying??

oh fuck it!

she walked in and sat in the seat from earlier, why the hell is she sitting away over there.

she’s too far away.

i know i hurt her but really? does she need to stay away from me this much.

i rolled my eyes as Cal got up i knew where he was going, ugh why did the teacher have to leave?

“So little virgin has a date” Cal said loudly making everyone stop what they were doing including Hailey.

i followed Cal over to her and she turned to look at us, she could see i didn’t look happy because she gave me a weird look and i’m not happy.

she shouldn’t have agreed to go on a date with him.

she’s mine.

“So what?” she said to Cal

he leaned against her desk and i just stood beside him staring at her, she hasn’t looked at me she’s only focusing on him.

“i’m surprised Neil wants to date someone who is so fridget” Cal said

i wanted to laugh but i didn’t.

i really wanted to say she wasn’t a fridget at all especially after last night.

fuck i can feel my jeans tighten at the thought of her moaning my name again.

“oh so is that why you kissed me 2 days ago because i’m so fridget?” Hailey said

what the hell?

what is she talking about??

“WHAT?"i said out loudly, i couldn’t help it i was confused as fuck and Calum stood there saying fuck all

so is it true?

did he really kiss her?

fuck! why am i only finding out now?

"Mr Hemmings and Mr Hood sit back in your seats” the teacher said

fuck i didn’t even hear her come in.

me and Cal turned and walked back to our seats but i wasn’t going to let this go.

the bell rang meaning Art was over, Hailey rushed out of class i bet so i wouldn’t talk to her but i was going to leave that to later i want to find out from Cal what happened.

we walked out of class and off to our next class which was History and he’s awful quiet.

does he like her?

i hope to fuck not.

she’s mine.

“so Cal did you kiss her?” i asked him as we walked to history class

he looked around to see if anyone was listening, what the hell?

“i regret it okay it was a spare of the moment thing” he said

i still need more.

“when was this?” i asked casually trying not to seem bothered by it because i really was.

i wanted to hit him.

“Just leave it man,why do you care if i kissed her anyway?” Cal said as he got to class

he walked into class annoyed,i can’t tell him why i care so i just shook my head and walked in and sat down.

it’s going to be a long day.

i need to talk to Hailey badly.

Hailey’s pov

Finally it was lunch time and i could finally eat.

although i know Lauren and Sophie are going to grill me for answers about last night so i took my time walking to the canteen.

i made my way to the bathroom first and i just walked in when someone else came in behind me, i thought nothing of it until i heard the door lock

i turned around quickly to see Luke standing by the door.

ugh i thought he would leave me alone from now on since he just “used” me.

“ come to use me some more?” i said to him as i looked at him

he didn’t say anything for a minute and then he moved towards me but i didn’t move back because i wasn’t going to show him i’m scared.

i’m done playing this game with him.


“when did Cal kiss you?” he asked as he stood in front me of

i couldn’t help but smirk, i knew he would be bothered by that.

but why didn’t he ask Calum himself?

“why do you care?” i asked him

he moved closer making me strain my neck to look at him

“tell me Hailey” he said sternly

okay well he asked.

“it was right here, he came into the girls toilets after me and he pushed me up against this sink and kissed me..hard!” i said slowly and smirking

Luke looked disgusted, i don’t know why though he used me so..

he backed away from me finally and then he spoke

“I’m going to kill him”

i screwed my face up at him, i don’t understand why he’s reacting like this..

“What for? he used me just like you have” i said then i turned and went to walk into a stall and i just made it and managed to lock the stall before Luke could stop me

“open the door Hailey” he said

i made no such movement.

“Let me explain okay” he continued


“explain what? you told me all what you needed to say last night,just leave me alone” i said

he banged on the door making me jump fuck!

“i lied” he said

i stopped breathing.. what did he say?

he lied?

i don’t believe him

“Lied about what?” i said quietly

i heard him sigh and then he spoke “ okay yes at the start my intentions were to use you but things changed”

i don’t believe him

“how do things just change?” i asked him

i feel like crying right now

“because i got to know you” he said

i unlocked the door and pushed it open to find Luke staring at me then things just happened so fast.

Luke grabbed my face and pushed me against the wall and kissed me but he pulled away too quick

“do you regret last night?” he asked

i just shook my head because i didn’t trust my voice right now

he leaned his head against mine and then he kissed me again hard

“you drive me crazy, you are mine and no one else’s got it” he said

All I could do was nod.

his hands gripped my hips and my breath got quicker as we kissed then his hands moved up more then soon he gripped my top and pulled it over my head resulting in us breaking away from one another.

we locked eyes but I couldn’t take it no more when I looked in his eyes I saw how much he wanted me and that was enough for me to grab his neck and bring his lips down to mine again.

I loved kissing him.

I loved the feel of his hands on me, I wanted no one else but him.

I was going to make sure he knew I wanted him and only him.

He pinned me up against the wall more and licked my bottom lip begging for an entrance which i granted.

“ i need you so bad” He said

I wanted to fuck him really badly,Luke detached his lips from me which I was sad about because I didn’t want to stop kissing him.

He smirked at me and I said “ What are you going to do about it Hemmings?”

I moved my hand down his body until I got to his pants and I grabbed his growing bulge.

“ I want to fuck you right here so bad” Luke moaned while I massaged his bulge.

I leaned in and our lips almost touched and then I said

“ Then fuck me” and then I leaned back.

He smirked and said “ Oh dont worry baby I plan too” he went to unbutton his jeans and then I stopped him and then I bent down and said

“ Let me help with that”

I pulled down his jeans along with his underwear making his erect cock spring out of his boxers.

FUCK! I never wanted him more.

I loved seeing Luke like this.

I wanted to see him like this everyday.

I massaged his cock while I stood up.

“Hailey what if someone catches us?” Luke breathed

I couldn’t care less if someone saw I wanted him now.

"You locked the door remember but we need to make this quick” i said

he smirked at me and he grabbed both my boobs over my material of my bra in his hands hard, it didn’t hurt it just turned me on so much so i tighten my grip on his erection

“ I am going to make you feel so fucking good baby” Luke moaned.

He stopped touching my boobs and then he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my pants but not off, this needs to be quick.

A cold breeze hit my legs but I didn’t care I knew I was going to get warmed up soon.

Luke bent down and he started licking my Vagina.

Fuck me.

My hands went in his hair, gripping and pulling because FUCK ME this felt good.

Luke took more one lick before he stood up.

“ Jump" he said.

I jumped on him wrapping my legs around his waist.

His hands went to my ass, he grabbed my ass and spanked me.

I could feel how wet I was.

” Hurry up and fuck me hemmings" I moaned.

He positioned his dick and at my entrance and we locked eyes.

He pushed in while staring at me, I couldn’t help but moan his name.. “ Luke…Shit…”

Once he was in me, he began to thrust into me.

I bit my lip because fuck me it felt like fireworks were going off inside of me. It felt better than the first time. I never wanted this to end.

“ Harder” I moaned

Luke ran his tongue down my neck and started to suck making goosebumps appear.

“ Fuck me harder Hemmings” i moaned again

i needed more. I needed more. I wanted more.

He started speeding up thrusting harder “ Fuck” he moaned as he kept going.

“ Fuck Hailey ” Luke moaned while I was digging my nails into his back.

“ I’m gonna cum” I said

“ Shit me too” Luke said

He thrusted harder and harder and then I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“ I’m cumming” I yelled


“ Fuck Hailey I’m gonna cum” Luke said while I was coming down from my high

I kissed him and said “ Cum for me Luke” he came when I finished saying that.

“FUCKKK”! He moaned….

We were both breathing heavily trying to calm down. I was still wrapped around Luke, his arms were around my neck and my arms were clinging onto him while he was still inside me.

the bell rang meaning lunch was over.

fuck sake!

i know my friends are going to kill me and i’m sure people have been wondering why the girls toilets are locked, i’m surprised we haven’t heard any knocking.

Luke let me down and it suddenly got awkward, we started putting our clothes back on and i didn’t know what to say until Luke spoke which i was happy about.

“your not actually going on this date with Neil are you?” he said

i wasn’t expecting him to say that

i turned around as i put my top on then i spoke

“why wouldn’t i be?” i asked

he screwed his face up and i almost laughed i love seeing him jealous.

“because of us?” he said as if we are together which we aren’t

“we aren’t together Luke, if your aloud to do what you want then so am i” i said then i turned around and unlocked the toilet stall door and walked out over to the sinks and started washing my hands.

i looked up after i finished to see Luke standing behind me through the mirror,we locked eyes and then he spoke

“please don’t go on this date” he said

So guys what did you think of this chapter??

i saw your comments so that’s why i tried to get this done as fast as i could for yous!

i hope you liked it!

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Our Brooklyn Promenades (Part 13)

Summary: Time to meet the parents. They’re cringeworthy. Yay. Fun stuff. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 3400

Warnings: 18+ stuff. Be warned. 

A/N: Can you tell? I’ve had way too much wine to drink tonight. My summary was that good. I’ve got nothing else to add… that is relevant. How am I even creating this post right now?! Beyond me. Read Part 12 or check out the Masterlist for more.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Chapter 13: New Rochelle

Convincing Steve to meet [Y/N]’s parents had been a bigger challenge than she had first anticipated. He repeated that he wasn’t good at the whole-dating-thing, and certainly not at the parents thing. He had never met Peggy’s parents, and he had avoided Sharon’s, but he was not about to get away with that behavior with [Y/N]. She insisted he’d join her the following weekend.  Her parents were eager to meet the man she had been talking about for almost seven months now. When he said he already had plans, she became a bit annoyed and he saw a new side of her. A side he was more than willing to appease, so he canceled his plans

“You know, I’ve never been to New Rochelle… or any other place in upstate New York.” Steve said as he removed the keys from his motorcycle.

[Y/N] put her hair back in place after removing the helmet, “No? How come?”

“I wasn’t exactly rich when I was still growing up, and traveling cost a lot of money. The most I saw of New York City was Brooklyn. Sometimes I crossed the bridge into Manhattan, but Manhattan was really different in my day.”

“In your day.” She elongated the word.

“Yes, alright. Today is still my day.” He ruffled up her hair teasingly, and she pushed his arm away, but he pulled her into a kiss quickly.

Keep reading

Something Beautiful-Part 01-The Beginning

Summary: This is loosely based off of a dream I had the other day. Eventual StevexReader but it’s gonna be a slow burn guys! College!AU Where Reader is looking for a place to live off campus and when she is advised to check out an apartment of a friend of a friend who turns out to be Steve, it leads to a beautiful friendship and so much more.

Please guys, if you haven’t figured this out by now, I am terrible at summaries.  This part is super cute J

Words: 1706

No Warnings, save maybe a curse word or two

Originally posted by luvinchris

When your friend handed you the ad for ‘roommate wanted’, you’d felt like it was divine intervention. All summer you had been searching for an apartment off campus, but hadn’t had any luck finding a suitable place yet.  You were just about to start your last year as an undergrad and had decided it was time to move off campus.

The dorms were always full of rowdy freshman, yelling and drinking and passing out in the hallways, which made walking through the hallways without being flashed or slipping in vomit nearly impossible.  You were 21 years old, held a pretty steady job as a waitress at an upscale restaurant 4 evenings a week making a livable wage off tips alone so you decided to move off campus; start integrating into the real world.

“You sure this guy’s not a creep?” You’d asked as you took the slip from Nat as you walked away from the computer lab.

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