no but imagine being that baby

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Dating Montgomery Includes:

  • Changing him as a person
  • “What did you just say to Hannah?”
  • “Something Courtney told me”
  • “Not cool Montgomery”
  • “I-I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry”
  • Monty making you wear his jacket to his baseball games to show you off to everyone, making you secretly happy
  • Going to his baseball games. Being the loudest one screaming and flicking someone off who told you to shut up.
  • Monty flicking someone off for you as well
  • “Sit down and shut up!”
  • “Don’t scream at my girlfriend up there!”
  • “Yeah don’t scream at me!”
  • Sleeping over his house after his games to give him a celebration
  • heated make-out sessions
  • Him always giving you hickies in the most obvious areas so boys know that your his
  • Him stealing you makeup so you can’t cover them up
  • “Damn y/n that one is huge!”
  • Monty getting jealous when he sees a boy talking to you
  • Jumping in front of the boy just to roughly kiss you
  • You giving him hell for getting suspended
  • “Babe come on, we haven’t had sex in a week!”
  • “Oh well, you shouldn’t have punched Alex”
  • Passionate first time
  • Him being nervous to take your virginity at first
  • “Are you sure about this baby?”
  • “Yes Cruz”
  • Rough and hard sex afterwards
  • Monty being into daddy kink
  • Him being into bondage
  • “Y/n why are your wrist red”
  • “Don’t ask.”
  • Monty being the first one to say ‘I love you’ and not realizing it
  • “Gosh y/n your lucky that I love you”
  • “W-what did you just say?”
  • “I love you, holy shit I love you”
  • Both of you being inseparable
  • Him ditching his friends just to be with you
  • “Bro are you coming over”
  • “Nah I’ll pass, I’m with y/n”

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imagine harry holding his baby girl for the first time and being really uneasy about it not wanting to hurt her . . .

“She’s so small”

“Harry you won’t hurt her”

And he’s poking his tongue out arranging her in his arms, finally settling on a cozy spot for both of them, her cries subsided.

“There’s my girl” he hushes and finally smiles at her, “my beautiful girl…”

Dating Justin Foley Includes

a/n: i’m so sorry this probably sucks

requested by: @zachandreggie

• wearing his letterman every chance you get

• going to all of his basketball games and being the loudest one in the stands

• “that’s my baby!!!”

• skipping the occasional class for secret make out sessions

• lots and lots of neck bites (!!!!!!!)

• he stays the night often after getting kicked out of his house

• “i’m so fucking grateful for you.”

• getting drunk in your bedroom

• slow dancing and tripping on each other’s feet

• lots of giggles

• he gets really clingy when he’s drunk

• you’re usually the big spoon because he acts like a little kid

• “baby give me kisses”

• constantly hanging out after school if he doesn’t have practice

• him watching you do homework and wondering how he got so lucky

• you tutoring him in english so he doesn’t get kicked off the team

• him being so completely and utterly in love with you

• you make him want to be a better person

Being Luke’s wife would include...

  • Lukeyy
  • cute nicknames like baby girl, sweetheart, etc.
  • “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”          
    • “Why did I agree to date you?”
  • “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”           
    • “Luke. We’ve been married for over a year now.”
  • constantly buying him new underwear so he doesn’t steal Ashton’s lmaoo
  • sassy Luke
  • going to the zoo for a date just so Luke can see the penguins
  • “Do we really want another dog?”
    • “Is that even a question? OF COURSE WE DO???”
  • “Sing Death of a Bachelor one more time.”
    • “I’ve already sang it 12 times for you.”
      • “Just one more time.”
        • “Fine.”
  • always making you take pics of him and Petunia for Insta
  • random presents from Luke just so he can remind you how much he loves you
    • NO IT DOESN’T”
Norman Reedus x Reader Smut Masterlist:

As of: 4/23/2017

I’m Home, Baby

Norman Reedus x Reader | Smut Warning | NSFW |18+ Only

Summary: So I’ve had this thing kicking around in my head for a while, needed to write it. Norman wakes the reader up in the middle of the night, for some loving smut, after being gone for weeks filming a movie. (My first Norman smut, let me know if you like it, constructive feedback welcome!) P.S. Pretty sure I could imagine Norman smut all day long every day… The man is pure love. This was super fun to write and I was nervous to write a Norman smut haha expect way more! ;) Enjoy!

I Need You, Now

Norman Reedus x Reader | Smut Warning | NSFW |18+ Only

Summary: I will say it again this man makes me trash. This is just a little fantasy I had that I needed to write out. Norman and his girlfriend (the reader) reunite at a con, after being apart for weeks. Norman has to have her now, so they race off to the basement to find a place where they can be alone. Smutty Smut ensues. Enjoy!

Sorry. He’s Busy Right Now

Norman Reedus x Reader | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Summary: Reader meets Norman at a con and things get heated. The reader comes face to face with someone who has been seen with, who the reader thinks is a horrible person, after their encounter. Norman calls her into the shower. ((Part 2 Coming Soon…)) I just, I had to. ;)

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What do you think yata was like as a baby? Or as a toddler?

I imagine baby!Yata as just being the cutest happiest sunshine child, like he was probably so chubby and smiling all the time (except that when he gets upset and cries he really cries, like his mom is already dreading the two year old tantrums this kid is going to have once he’s a little older). He was probably a really active baby too, like I could see Yata as one of those babies that as soon as he can crawl he’s scooting his little butt everywhere and checking out everything. His mom had to super babyproof the house because little Misaki was so curious and always trying to touch things or put things in his mouth or pull things out of the wall. Also I kinda imagine Yata’s mom had trouble getting him to fall asleep a lot, like it’s ten at night and baby Yata still wants to play, she has to sit in a rocking chair with him and hold him until he finally tires out and sleeps.

Toddler Yata was probably similar, like I’m sure he was always running around and climbing on things and just a big fan of exploring everything. That little bit we see of tiny Yata in his all characters story makes me think too that he probably had all these favorite toys that he loved to chat about to everyone he met, like look these are all my cars I have a red one and a blue one and this one with the flames is the best one. He would still have had his short temper though, I can see toddler Yata getting frustrated easily when things don’t go his way or when he feels he’s being ignored and he probably gets all red in the face. At first he maybe tends to break things too, like he gets angry at something and breaks one of his toys and then that makes him even more upset, which is when his mom takes him aside and teaches him that he shouldn’t break things or hit people because he’s mad. She can’t quite get his temper entirely under control though so there’s still a lot of crying and stomping of feet when Yata gets upset, but his mom also knows how to cheer him back up and then he’s all smiling and giggling and probably lots of hugs are involved.

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imagine Harry not being able to sleep but not wanting to wake the misses so he just lays there thinking about how lucky he is, not mad one bit when he hears the sharp cries of his baby boy from the other room, going to go check in his little buddy with the biggest grin on his face . . .

It’s 2.30am, and Harry is wide awake. His body is hot, and the thick covers are not helping him. His skin is rosy and he’s rolling around in the bed, trying to get a good position, but for nothing. Harry’s curls are sticking to his forehead and he’s breathing heavily, as you are fully asleep, your face nuzzled against the pillow, a smile on your face.

Harry’s lips curve up as he looks at you, stroking his finger down your arm to your hand, and he plays with your wedding ring. “How was I so lucky?” Harry thinks to himself and he turns over, starting to play with his own wedding ring, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. You truly were the woman of his dreams. You were absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, and the most loving wife and mother there ever has been. Harry is grateful to have you in his life, he wouldn’t change you for anything or anyone, no matter who comes in his life, you’ll always be his number one.

As soon as he hears that cry coming from his baby boy’s room, his eyes shoot open and he gets up and goes into his room. “Wha’s wrong?” he asks quietly, and lifts his son up into his warm arms. “Hey, gorgeous. Shh shh, we don’t wanna wake mummy up, she’s really tired” Harry coos and his son just looks up to him with his big green eyes, pouting his lips. Harry kisses his face all over, making him giggle, and it was the most beautiful thing ever, hearing your own child laugh.

Harry smiles, stroking the small and soft double chin. His son grabs his finger and squeezes, bringing it to his mouth. “Oh, strong one aren’t yeh?”

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Imagine being so intimidated by a baby that your only recourse is to demand an Oscar award winning producer ask someone about their preferred microwaved processed meat patties.


You Big Baby

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Anon: can you write a dpr live scenario where you’re playing games together and he keep on losing so he stay bitter about it for sometimes thank you love your writings 💚

Dabin it’s JUST a game! smh! anyways… enjoy xo

Dabin x Reader - fluff

“YES I WIN AGAIN!!!!!” you jumped up and down as you cheered for yourself, you and Dabin had been playing video games all day, this one being your favourite and one you had played often you had, of course, won - for the 7th time now.

Dabin wasn’t happy, it hurt his pride he played video games whenever he had the time, poor little one thought he was a gaming pro! but here he was sulking as you had proved him wrong! You sat on the couch with a content smile on your face not noticing the irritated look on your boyfriend's  “Dabin lets play again!” but before you could press start Dabin had turned off the console leaving you confused. 

You turned to look at Dabin now noticing the bitter look on his face “Dabin don’t be such a sore loser!” Dabin gave you a glare before grabbing his phone from beside him “Dabin!” he was ignoring you, you rolled our eyes and moved a little closer to him “Dabin!” again no answer you sighed

He can be such a big baby at times thinking about it a little smile grew on your lips, you made yourself comfortable snuggling into Dabin as you watched him scroll through Instagram he didn’t say anything at your sudden skin-ship, he just continued ignoring you, you rolled you eyes again and moved away from him starting to get annoyed you huffed and crossed your arms, if he was ignoring you, you’d ignore him too.

What you didn’t know was that Dabin liked having you snuggle into his side so when you pulled away he knew he shouldn’t have ignored you - he knew you were mad at him for being immature. Dabin put his phone away and turned his body so he was facing you “Y/n” of course you didn’t answer him “Y/n I’m sorry” he had a small pout sitting on his lips, you turned to look him, finding him completely adorable, you gave him a cute smile and kissed his pout away, he smiled as he pulled you into a hug and peppered your face with kisses, you laughed as you pulled away from him.

“You big baby!”

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their reaction to you saying the wrong name during sex? SHHOOOOOKKK

😱😨😱😨SHOOOOK INDEED! Wow…Lol why do I imagine some of them just being so disappointed or something and stopping midway to lay next to you and just rethink about it, comparing themselves to whoever you named…poor babies 😟lol sure!

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Please publish this so other gifmakers can be aware as their gifs are being used too! This blog is a reposter but claims the gifs tagged with a star as their own, yours included kim! starryoongs*tumblr*com/post/159867564441/nochu-baby-ft-jiminie-and-tae

thank you for letting me know :-( pls report them!

Have you ever heard of the group History? So there’s a song by them called Queen and there’s this dance they do in the beginning that reminds me of Jungkook!! Check it out and let me know if you agree!! And just imagine if BTS ever did a cover of that!! My heart!!

i know of them but i just checked it out!! the one move at the very beginning of the mv does remind me of jeongguk cause of the style HAHA :’)

you made me ship taekook

/sweats can’t tell if this is a good thing or bad HAHA

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This may be kind of random, but if you imagine the main characters of the 100 in the universe of the Flash, all of them being meta-humans, what powers do you think they would have??

Bellamy Blake: Probably Be a speedster (B/c that way he’d be fast enough to save everyone sorry) 

Clarke Griffin: Telekinesis

Octavia Blake: Ability to change into anyone

John Murphy: Fire (pyro baby) 

Raven Reyes: Metal Benders

Monty Green:Healing powers

Jasper Jordan: Energy Manipulation

nearly 200 writing prompts // feel free to reblog


1: “ Give me a chance. ”
2: “ Not you again.. ”
3: “ Leave me alone. ”
4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”
5: “ Why do you hate me? ”
6: “ I lost the baby. ”
7: “ I thought you loved me. ”
8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”
9:“ I can’t believe you! ”
10: “ We cant keep this up forever. ”
11: “ You’re a monster. ”
12: “ I hate you. ”
13: “ Don’t leave me… ”
14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”
15: “ Don’t die on me– Please. ”
16: “ I never meant to hurt you. ”
17: “ Are you upset with me? ”
18: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
19: “ I’m going to kill you! ”
20: “ Please don’t hurt me like this. ”
21: “ Thanks for nothing. ”
22: “ Dont call this number again. “
23: “ Why did you spare me? ”
24: “ You need to leave. ”
25: “ I’m sick. ”
26: “ I’m dying. ”
27: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
28: “ I thought we were family!”
29: “ There was never an us. ”
30: “ So that’s it? It’s over? ”
31: “ I fucked up. ”
32: “ I came to say goodbye. ”
33:“ He’s dead because of you. ”
34: “ I don’t deserve to be loved. ”
35: “ About the baby… Its yours. ”


36: “ I’m so in love with you. ”
37: “ Dance with me! ”
38: “ Isn’t this amazing? ”
39: “ I wish we could stay like this forever. ”
40: “ Will you marry me? ”
41: “ I’m pregnant. ”
42: “ I need a hug. ”
43: “ You’re special to me. ”
44: “ I’m going to keep you safe. ”
45: “ Do you trust me? ”
46: “ Can I kiss you right now? ”
47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”
48: “ I’ve liked you for awhile now. ”
49: “ Lets have a baby. ”
50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
51: “ I want to take care of you. ”
52: “ Can we cuddle? ”
53: “ It’s lonely here without you. ”
54: “ I can’t stand the thought of loosing you. ”
55: “ Shut up and kiss me already. ”
56: “ Are you flirting with me? ”
57: “ Is that my shirt? ”
58: “ How did we get here? ”
59: “ You own my heart. ”
60: “ You’d be a great dad. ”
61: “ You’d be a great mom. ”
62: “ I want to protect you. ”
63: “ Whats the matter? ”
64: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
65: “ Did you do something different with your hair? ”
66: “ Is that a new perfume? ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”
69: “ You’re teasing me again… ”
70: “ This is why I fell in love with you. ”
71: “ You’re the best! ”
72: “ They’re going to love you, don’t worry! ”
73: “ Oh, Are you ticklish? ”
74: “ Of course I remembered! ”
75: “ You’re one hell of a girl. ”
76: “ You’re one hell of a guy. ”
77: “ Are you jealous? ”
78: “ Hold me and never let me go. ”
79: “ Stop hogging all the blankets! ”
80: “ Lets run away together. ”


90: “ Catch me if you can! ”
91: “ I’m fine. ”
92: “ Are you drunk? ”
93: “ Are you high? ”
94: “ We cant go in there… ”
95: “ Give it back! ”
96: “ Well this is just great. ”
97: “ Don’t touch me. ”
98: “ Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person. ”
99: “ This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!”
100: “ I didn’t do it! ”
101: “ I did it… ”
102: “ I don’t remember that! ”
103: “ Well that’s pretty rude of you to say. ”
104: “ Get that thing away from me! ”
105: “ You owe me. ”
106: “ Do you believe in aliens? ”
107: “ Do you believe in ghosts? ”
108: “ Are you hitting on me? ”
109: “ Why are you naked? ”
110: “ You did what?! ”
111: “ You have… Superpowers? ”
112: “ Why are you bleeding? ”
113: “ Where did all these puppies come from?”
114: “ Don’t make me come over there myself! ”
115: “ That wasn’t funny. ”
116: “ This tastes horrible. ”
117: “ This is delicious! ”
118: “ Are you mad at me? ”
119: “ Stop ignoring me… ”
120: “ I love that show too! ”
121: “ Can I borrow that book of yours?”
122: “ Lets blow this joint. ”
123: “ Let me help you with that. ”
124: “ Take that back! ”
125: “ Wanna go see a movie with me? ”
126: “ No way, that’s so lame. ”
127: “ What are you listening to? ”
128: “ I brought you your coffee. ”
129: “ Don’t fuck this up. ”
130: “ Run! ”
131: “ Lets run away together. ”
132: “ I haven’t slept in four days… ”
133: “ Your turn to do the dishes. ”
134: “ Was I really that drunk? ”
135: “ Was I really that stoned? ”
136: “Give me back my phone! ”
137: “ You’re an asshole. ”
138: “ Are you cold? ”
139: “ This place gives me the creeps. ”
140: “ I swear my house is haunted. ”
141: “ Did you hear that? ”
142: “ It’s just your imagination. ”
143: “ Just how stupid do you think I am? ”
144: “ Stop being such a baby. ”
145: “ Go back to bed. ”
146: “ Are you okay? ”
147: “ I can take care of myself just fine.”
148: “ Thanks for helping me back there. ”
149: “ Since when have we ever been friends? ”
150: “ What on earth are you wearing? ”
151: “ I can’t feel my legs! ”
152: “ Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. ”
153: “ Put me down! ”
154: “ There’s only one bed… ”
155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”
156: “ How did I loose it? ”
157: “ I read your diary. ”
158: “ This is awkward. ”
159: “ Didn’t you read the sign? ”
160: “ Do you think you can teach me that? ”

Below is NSFW prompts.
Please if you’re rebloggling tell your followers if you’re interested or not in taking these sorts of requests.


161: “ Bite me. ”
162: “ Make me. ”
163: “ Fuck me. ”
164: “ Stop teasing me so much… ”
165: “ Do you like it when I touch you like that?”
166: “ Okay.. This is new. ”
167: “ Want to head back to my place and have a little fun? ”
168: “ You’re in trouble now. ”
169: “ What a pretty sight. ”
170: “ Bend over. ”
171: “ On your knees. ”
172: “ The food looks great but.. There’s something much more delicious i’d like to eat right now. ”
173: “ Lay back. ”
174: “ Take off your clothes. ”
175: “ Well, fine; just this once. ”
176: “ I’m waiting. ”
177: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
178:“ As you wish. ”
179: “ First one to make a noise looses.”
180: “ You have no idea what you do to me. ”
181: “ If you’re bored; Wanna have sex? ”
182: “ Ive wanted this for so long. ”
183: “ Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies. ”
184: “ Can I touch you? ”
185: “ Open up. ”
186: “ No strings attached. ”
187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you? ”
188: “ Mine. ”
189: “ The nights still young. ”
190: “ We cant do that here! ”
191: “ Behave. ”
192:“ What did you just say? ”
193: “ Good girl. ”
194: “ Good boy. ”
195: “ Come here. ”

Got7: Early Mornings

• He’s probably big spoon
• Holds you close his chest
• Most likely spent in silence with another hug and a hum every now and them
• Sleepy, sleepy smiles
• Kisses in your hair
• Him rubbing your sides
• Being all the way under the covers.

• You guys sleep facing each other
• Waking up to him holding your hand
• Smiling and forehead kisses
• Kissing him on the nose
• Gentle touches and poking each other’s faces
• Messing morning hair
• Jaebum being soft in general because he melts for you

• Waking you up w/ kisses
• His morning voice tbh
• Probably a lot of butt grabbing
• Laughing at each other bc of said butt grabbing
• “I love you.” “Jackson, that’s the ninth time you’ve said that.” “But it’s still true so…”
• Being nose to nose
• “Go brush your teeth, nasty.”

• His cute sleepy eye smiles
• Jinyoung totally steals all the covers so the first twenty minutes of the morning are spent fighting over it
• Hand holding
• Neck kisses
• Things almost getting too heated ;)))
• Planning outfits for the day out loud bc why not
• “We have to get up, Y/n.” “Yes, Mother.”

• His loud yawns
• Him too sleepy to open his eyes
• Small pecks on the lips and nose and forehead and face in general
• Him laughing at your sleepy voice
• “You’re a ray of sunshine.” “Y/n….” “My beautiful ray of sunshine.”
• Holding you close and never letting go
• Him playing with your hair

• Him sticking his cold hands up your shirt
• You yelling at him and hitting him in the chest
• “It’s that time again.” “Bammie…” BamBam: *dabs*
• Holding each other for body heat
• Bareface beauty
• Tangling your legs together
• “Morning, Beautiful.” “Morning, Handsome.”

• Moving his bangs away from his eyes and laughing
• Him nuzzling into his forehead into your shoulder
• Cute sleepy baby Yugyeom
• Being obnoxiously loud to annoy you
• You shoving him to shut up
• Curling up while he holds you
• Hair Petting™

so i’ve been thinking a lot about lance and his siblings

  • lance would drive his lil sister to and from school when their mama had to work. he’d wait outside the gates for her and they’d hold hands or he’d give her a piggy back to the car as he asked about her day
      •  sometimes she even made drawings for him to look at as they walked
  • the two (lance and his younger sis) go to the beach together A LOT
      • lance was actually the one who taught her to surf
      • they spend time building sandcastles, surfing and looking for shells they can take home
  • lance and his older sister are actually the ones who bicker the most, all of it playful teasing until lance gets too big for his boots and things get… interesting.
      • it normally ends with his sister getting him in a headlock and him tapping out though
  • lance is the only one his lil sister likes to comb her hair. she’s got real big curls and lance is the only one soft enough to be able to battle them. he’ll braid back her hair before they go swimming and it’s a job trying to get her to sit still
      • lance always has to guide her back down and he’s laughing as he’s all “woah, hey, you’re gonna mess up all my hard work!”
      • to which she giggles and settles for at least a minute
  • their whole family has movie nights where they just all pile in the living room and watch a couple movies. lance’s older siblings are all spread across the couch with his parents, while he and his younger sister are piled on the floor with pillows and blankets
      • it’s not too long before his older siblings get into an argument about the movie choice, to which lance and his lil sister just both respond “SHUT UPPPPPP” because they’re both so invested in the movie
      • lance gets a pillow thrown at the back of his head for that
  • lance is always trying to prove himself to his older siblings and that often leads to him getting himself into very sticky situations
      • he once got his head stuck in a metal fence because his brother dared him
      • one time he needed to go to the emergency room because he bet his siblings he could chug a bottle of hot sauce (he could not)
      • he tried backflipping off the trampoline once and ended up fracturing his ankles
      • he once got way too cocky while trying to get rid of a spider in the house and just straight up grabbed it in his hand. as you can imagine, his face was instant regret and he fainted
  • he and his older brother wrestle a lot too
      • they both commentate the fight as it’s happening
      • “and firstborn mcclain lands a fatal blow!! baby mcclain is down!! i don’t think he’s gonna get back up!!”
      • yes. lance is baby mcclain.
  • his siblings all tease lance for being a mamas boy, but it’s funny because they all love their mama so damn much. 
      • lance welcomes this title honestly
      • he stands there with a wide smile as he replies all “yeah. and what?”
      • mama is smiling in the background while his siblings smirk and mumble something along the lines of “kissass”

lost-teens  asked:

Hi Cassie! I really love your books and I can't wait for LOS to come out. I was wondering if we are ever gonna know/see more about Tessa and Jem's married life. Are we going to see them interact more with Emma? Are they able to have babies? If so, will they be warlocks or shadowhunters? Or both? Or maybe Tessa doesn't want children because she can't bear watching her children dying again?

If Jem and Tessa had babies they would be, just like Will and Tessa’s babies, Shadowhunters (with maybe something a little extra in the power department.)

I know Jem and Tess are very loved and we do see them in glimpses in TDA but the story isn’t about them (and I’m very wary of them swooping in and fixing everything, especially when Magnus is around off and on, that’s a lot of warlock firepower!) 

I don’t think Tessa would hesitate to have children again if the time was right. She’s enjoying just being with Jem – it’s only been five years since the Dark War – but she loved being a mom. Imagine if we chose never to love anyone because we feared they might one day die? Tessa isn’t bitter, or angry, about the mortals she has known who have died after long and happy lives. She is grateful she knew them and looks forward to seeing them again one day.