no but imagine being that baby

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I've got a question: we all know that theres au's of Clarks ship landing somewhere not by the Kents, but whats your opinion on an au where it landed on Themyscira?


I can’t get the image of a baby Clark training in ill-fitting armour with a group of warrior women out of my mind!! Just!

  • Lil tiny Clark all frustrated because he keeps getting his butt handed to him in sparring
  • I honestly don’t think it’s possible for Clark to love and respect women more than he already does in comic books, but oh boy, imagine what he’d be like if he was completely raised in isolation by them
  • also Clark eventually becoming a massive badass because despite still being one of the worst fighters on the island, he’s still now 1000 times better at combat than regular clark is + he has powers on top of it all
    • ARMOUR! THE RED CAPE! A FUCKIGN SWORD!! Does he even need the sword? No! But you bet your ass he’s still gonna slay with it! It’s as much his heritage now as Krypton’s is
  • Clark and Diana doing cutesy brother/sister/amazonian things together once he meets her in America. Movie nights, popping up to cheer each other on (and only occasionally help out) when they’re fighting their enemies, attending women’s rights marches in their cities together
  • Clark being an even worse fish-out-of-water than he already is in existing canon. I know, right.
  • I also get the feeling that Clark wouldn’t bother with a secret identity because he didn’t have the same experiences growing up in Smallville, but nonetheless he still shows up at The Daily Planet trying to get a job, and eventually Perry White gives up trying to explain to him what “conflict of interest” is because Clark is so confused about the idea of not being honest and unbiased when you report on events, so eventually he just gives him the job with the condition that he doesn’t write about himself, and that’s the end of it
  • The fact that despite Clark being a known superhero and alien warrior, whenever Lois and him go around grilling criminals as a part of their job as reporters, everyone’s still more scared of Lois.

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Baby - Johnny Dogs

Hi, I’m watching peaky blinders S4 atm and have fallen in love with Johnny dogs again, so can I ask for an image where the readers his wife, whatever scenario you think would be best. Thank you!! ❤️ @hlightxo

This isn’t a holiday specific request but I’ve been craving this so I hope you don’t mind. Would you be interested in doing a Johnny dogs imagine where the reader is pregnant so is hormonal and a bit unreasonable/snappy and him just being his usual helpful adorable self? He’s just so cute!!

Baby - Johnny Dogs

“Johnny!” You whined. You knew you were being difficult but you couldn’t help it. No matter which way you adjusted yourself on the sofa you couldn’t seem to be comfortable. When there wasn’t an immediate answer you called him again, voice sounding a little shriller than before. You cringed when at the tone of it.  

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I know all of you are sad about super ending ( I haven’t seen it) but I am excited about the new movie. I totally hope that we get to see the Queen! Vegeta’s mom! We know about Gine for minus but if the movie is about the saiyans history I hope we got to see her. And baby vegeta can u imagine 😍?


I’m still sad about Super ending, but it’s true what you said, at least we have a movie to look forward to…

It would be absolutely AMAZING to get to see/learn more about Vegeta’s family, especially his mom, but I don’t want to get too excited though, I just don’t want to end up being disappointed. I have no idea what the film will be about, only that it will be about Saiyans.

Seeing baby Veggie would be everything! I agree!

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Hey Angel Chapter 89

“Mommy!” Ella smiled waving into the camera.

“Hi, baby,” you smiled waving back to her.

“Mummy! Hi!” Jackson giggled. “Where’s Daddy?”

“Right here,” Harry laughed peeking over your shoulder.

“Yay!” He smiled. “I miss ya.”

“I miss you too, buddy, but we’ll be home in a few days,” Harry said putting his chin on your shoulder. “Are you being good for Hunter and your Mum?”

“Duh,” Jackson smirked. “I a perfect angel.”

You and Harry both laughed. “I bet you are,” he smiled.

“Ella, what about you?” You asked.

“I awesome! I make Unca Hunta pway wif me,” she smirked.

“Yeah, she put makeup on him, it was funny,” Jackson said.

“I’ve been there,” Harry mumbled.

You elbowed him in the side.

“Ow,” he groaned rubbing his side.

“Mummy,” Jackson said.

“Yeah, buddy?” You smiled.

“What that on your shoulda,” Jackson asked.

You looked at him confused and looked down, realizing he was referring to the discoloration of a spot on your shoulder, which was a hickey, but you weren’t about to tell the five-year-old that.

“Oh, um, its a bruise,” you said. “I uh… I ran into a door.”

Harry smirked and tried to hide his snicker in the background, which caused you to hit him in the stomach yet again.

“Fucking…” he mumbled.

“Anyway, baby we loved talking to you and Ella, but we better go,” you sighed.

“Aww,” they pouted.

“I know,” you whispered. “But we’ll be home soon.”

“We love you,” Harry smiled.

“Love ya, too,” they both said before you all waved bye hung up the face time.

Harry sighed and laid back on the bed. “I miss them,” he said.

“I miss them too,” you sighed laying back next to him.

“So, that door you ran into… was it a big one?” He smirked.

“Oh shut up,” you said hitting him again. “I was trying not to scar our son and here you are laughing and smirking like a fifteen-year-old you gave a girl a hickey for the first time.”

“Ow! Stop being so violent,” he groaned. “Your elbow hurts.”

“Aww, you poor thing,” you laughed.


Later that day, you were getting dressed for dinner with Harry. Even though it was just right outside near the pool, you wanted to look nice, especially since you haven’t really been dressed much since you arrived in Hawaii. You had just finished doing your makeup when you got a notification on your phone.

It was an email from Macy, your old boss back at The Late Late Show.


     I’ve missed you! How are you doing? How are those precious babies and that drop-dead, handsome husband of yours? Anyway, besides for catching up, I wanted to email you about an amazing opportunity coming up.

   As you know, the fashion weeks are coming up and I’d love for you join us in helping to style some of the shows. I know you’re busy being a super mom, but I also know that you dreamed of working a fashion week and when I was offered this job, I knew I had to notify you about it. 

  I hope you can come and you can bring the littles, if you want and that husband of yours as well. I just need to know if you’re in or out by the end of the week. I’ve attached the dates and cities we’d be working if that helps in your decision. 

Talk to you soon, 


You stared at your phone for ages and reread the email so many times. You couldn’t believe that this was happening. You were offered a job at Fashion Week, multiple Fashion Weeks. Macy was right and that you had wanted to do this forever. 

However, she was also right about the fact that you were a mom. A Mom to four kids, two of which were still babies, two breastfed babies at that. It was already hard enough to be away from them for the three days of this trip, so going by yourself was definitely not an option. 

But was taking the kids and Harry all the way to Milan, Paris, London, and NYC really an option either? The way was to find out and talk it over with Harry. 


The sun began to set as you and Harry sat down for dinner outside near the pool of your beach house. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore was something you’d never get bored of you. Harry poured you some wine into your glass and you took a sip. 

“When we get home, we’re going to have a date night at least once a week if not ever two weeks,” he smiled. “This trip has made me realize how we haven’t had time to ourselves and I miss that.” 

“Hmm, I believe I said that not too long ago,” you said. 

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “I’m sorry,” 

You laughed putting your glass down on the table. “So, I have some news to share with you.” 

“You’re not uh… pregnant are you?” He asked. 

“No, not at all,” you laughed shaking your head. 

“Okay, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love our kids, but I don’t think we can handle anymore until after the twins are two or older,” he laughed. 

“I agree with you on that one,” you laughed. “But uh… Macy emailed me today.” 

“Macy… your old boss?” He asked. 

You nodded. “She has a job opportunity for me.”

“Oh, at James’ show?” He asked. 

“No,” you said. “At Fashion Week in Milan, Paris, and New York.” 

“Really?” He asked. 

You nodded. “She got hired to work and she thought of me and sent me the job offer.” 

“Oh, wow, he said. “That’s nice of her.” 

“I know. When I worked for her, I would talk about how I’d want to go to Fashion Week all the time and that I’d love to work at one, so she’s giving me this chance,” you said. “But she also understands I’m a Mom.” 

“And a wife,” Harry added. 

You laughed. “Of course, how could I forget that,” you giggled. 

“So, are you thinking about taking the job?” Harry asked taking a bite of his bread. 

You bit your lip and moved your food around your plate with your fork. “I really want to take it. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I became a stylist, but I don’t know if this is the right time for me to do it. We have four kids under the age of six, two of which are still babies and being breastfed, so leaving them and going by myself isn’t an option. I mean it’s technically an option, but not one that I’d be willing to take. But the only other option would be to have them and you come along and I don’t know if that’s really a good option either,” you sighed. 

“The babies are six months old, can they travel that far on a plane? And there are germs, etc,” you sighed. 

“Which are fair points,” he nodded. “But let’s look at this way if you didn’t have to worry about leaving the kids or traveling with the kids, would you take the job?” 

“In a heartbeat,” you said softly. 

“Then it’s settled,” he said. “Tell Macy you’ll take the job and we’ll figure everything else out.” 

“Are you sure?” you sighed. “We’d be flying out next week.” 

“Plenty of time, love,” he smiled. “I promise we’ll figure something out. You’ve been through a lot and that’s kept you from working, but now that you have this opportunity its time for you to take it.”

A smile came over your lips and you leaned over to kiss Harry. “I love you,” you smiled. “So fucking much.” 

“I love you too,” he smiled. 

You giggled and went back to eating your dinner and enjoying the rest of your time with Harry. 

Short Imagines- Archie Andrews (Riverdale) 1

Imagine being bestfriends with Archie ever since you both were toddlers, and whenever he got in trouble you’d be there to get him out of trouble and after that you’d lecture him, ever since you both were young you’ve been treating him like a baby, well now Archies Just about had enough of that.

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“Y/N hey what are you doing here?”, “dont ‘hey y/n’ me I know what you did”, “Okay what would that be”, “Dont play games with me Archie Gosh your such a child and go put on a shirt”

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“Okay first he deserved it, second im not a child, third *flexs* see?*, "You’re a baby, now go and put on a shirt dont make me tell you again”

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You guys are now in Archie’s Room and You Throw Him a shirt “Put it on”, “….No”, “Excuse me?”, “Im gonna show you im not the same little boy you grew up with” Archie leans down and whispers in your ear “I’m gonna show you how Much of a Man I am”

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Lets Just Say That Was A Looooong Night For Both Of Yous, Poor Mr Andrews.

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Poor Baby Boi Tired After a Rough Night xD



Hope Y'all Enjoyed I Apologize If It Wasn’t Exactly 'Short’ x


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Hey! Love your writing ♡ Can I have some headcanons on how Kakashi would be like with a daughter? Like a cute smol version of himself ♡ thank you !!


ok pls excuse that outburst i love kakashi and i can imagine him being a dad like yes id love to witness that

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- When you first told Kakashi you were pregnant, he had no clue how to react. He was ecstatic, he was really going to be a dad! But what if something happens to him? Or you? He had so many doubts but he put on a smile for you and assured you he was very happy, which he was!

- He had a hard time coming up with name ideas, so for a while, he just referred to the child as ‘Baby Hatake’.

- Kashi was a bit more overprotective of you and made sure he was by your side whenever he possibly could! He didn’t want something to go wrong and he not be there, or something like feeling the baby kick for the first time.

- At the beginning of your pregnancy, he was assigned for a long mission but Tsunade promised she’d do her best to refrain from anymore until Baby Hatake arrived!

- As soon as he reported to Tsunade he quickly made his way back to you and Baby Hatake! His eyebrows raised and he smiled underneath his mask when he saw you passed out on the bed with your shirt risen up a little. He pulled his kunai out of his pockets and set them down on his nightstand. Kashi crawled into bed and raised your shirt up over your growing baby bump and pulled down his mask before kissing your stomach. 

- Kakashi nearly lost it when you went into labor like you were both in the kitchen preparing dinner and all the sudden you were like, “KAKASHI!” and he thought you pissed yourself but your water actually broke.

- He let you squeeze his hand while you pushed and he thought you were gonna break it! Kashi felt so bad because you were in so much pain but he knew, in the end, it would be worth it because Baby Hatake was finally gonna be here!

- He cried when he saw her, he really cried. Kakashi saw little silver hair on top of their head and he lost it. His baby, his daughter, was really here! And she had his hair color!

- During your pregnancy, he bet that Baby Hatake would look more like him than you, and you disagreed. 

- When he held her for the first time you had never seen Kakashi look at something with so much love. He really fell in love with you and his daughter, he was so thankful he made it this far in his difficult life.

- Before she went to sleep every night Kakashi would sit down in her rocking chair and just rock her back and forth, not being able to keep the smile off of his face whenever her tiny hand gripped his finger. Her curious dark brown eyes staring up at her father with matching silver hair.

- As she grows up Kakashi makes sure he’s around as much as he possibly can because he wants to be as good a father as his dad was! 

- “Stay away from boys,” he constantly reminds her. Though he’s not the type to say ‘you can’t date’, he’ll definitely be protective of her because he doesn’t want his baby girl to get hurt!

- One day when she waves and runs over to her friends and starts walking to school Kakashi gives you a back hug and kisses your neck, “I think it’s about time to have another Baby Hatake, don’t you think?”

- He picks her up from school a lot and god he always has a smile underneath his mask when he sees her. She’ll be playing on the playground with her friends and he’ll watch patiently until she notices him and runs over to him squealing ‘daddy’! Kashi picks her up and holds her against his hip while he walks home, listening to her talk about what she learned that day. She’ll play with his hair and giggle and say, “Daddy we match!”

- Kakashi just loves her so damn much he talks about her to everyone all the fucking time. 

- He carries a picture of the three of you around all the time! ‘My happy little family,’ he thinks to himself.

- You constantly come home to her asleep on his chest while they have their daily nap. She’s literally the spitting image of her father, matching hair and eye color. But she did end up with your nose!

- She will always be a daddy’s girl, but when your son comes into the picture, he’ll definitely be a mommy’s boy.

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imagine bill being like can you please help me pluck between my brows I cant get it, so you do and you’re trying to hold him down and he’s being a huge baby and you’re trying not to laugh

this would actually happen 

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Regarding one of your last asks. Holy lord can you imagine Max and Madzie as emotionally unstable teenagers together whilst being PUMPED full of magical energy like omfg. the things they would do while brooding or defiant or going through some kind of phase.... you'd think a warlock baby having a tantrum would be bad? hoo boy... stressed out dads for sure. Alec frantically trying to handle things, Magnus trying to undo disaster faster than max can cause it.

bahahaha YES.

it’s revenge, because you can bet that magnus was a little shit from his true teenage years up until he was 50 (and potentially even up until… now :P). so for all the people that took care of magnus, that taught him magic and reigned him in when he was being an upstart, now magnus has to pay it back by taking care of some kids with magic in their veins and angst in their heads bc being a teenage downworlder is hard, and if they want to brood in antarctica in the dead of winter, they’re gonna do it, or if they only want to eat pizza instead of the healthy stuff you know alec would try to feed them, you bet they’d conjure it up in bulk from the local joint. and there’s the hormonal part of it too where their magic just acts out involuntarily, so they’ll accidentally move the loft to sri lanka in their sleep, or turn summer breezes into winter blizzards when they get in bad moods.

in conclusion, if it weren’t for the fact that magnus has probably turned alec immortal already at this point, alec would have a head full of gray hair. and while magnus and alec love their godkids and their own kids and every kid that comes their way, you bet they’re stressed af bc babies are tough and children are tough but holy cow warlock teenagers are literal nightmares that nobody deserves unless you’re magnus and alec and so determined to raise these children right that they’d do anything in their power to help them.

I fucking hate atheists and this blog is a shining example of why.

Imagine being so far up your own ass that you think you’re entitled to a relationship and the entire world catering to your secular views.

As someone who is in a minority religion and lives in the heavily Christian south, atheists need to suck it up and stop being a bunch of babies.

Anonymous requested

me, a very atheist person:


BTS members being submissive.

(Doesn’t everyone love Namjoon;)


Aw man you thought, Namjoon was on top of you again you always tried being top, but sometimes Namjoon would overpower you, but not this time you used all your strength to pin him down this time he was finally bottom he looked at you suprised.

Not this time baby it’s my turn to have some fun with you.”


You frowned at Suga as he pinned you up against the wall, you wanted to be dominant this time it wasn’t fair that he was always dominant you growled and managed to pin Suga up against the wall.

Well daddy it’s my turn to be top, and you WILL obey me.”


You felt Jin nibble and lick your neck, you moaned out you’ve always imagined being the dominant one, this time it was the perfect opportunity you managed to switch positions with Jin, you were on top of him smirking with lust you attacked his neck leaving love bites.

Sorry baby but I’m eager to be dominant this time.”


Jhope was grinding against you while leaving marks on your pale skin, you moaned wanting more, but you had a bright idea you grabbed Jhope and pinned him down he looked at you suprised as you grabbed handcuffs and put it on him.

Sorry honey, but I think I’ll make you beg for it.”


You were giving jimin a blowjob you’ve always let him cum since you were always the submissive one but finally today was the day that you’d be dominant when jimin was about to cum you stopped he looked at you with lustful eyes.

How about I don’t let you cum Jimin?


Whenever tae would do oral on you he wouldn’t stop he’d overstimulate you so much that you’d would be on the verge of tears of pleasure, finally you decided to get back at him while giving him a blowjob he came once but you still continued to suck him and man was he senstive after he would cum.

Taehyung I could continue for hours and that’s what I’ll do.”


Jungkook would always strip tease you at times he’d cuff you so you wouldn’t be able to touch yourself, finally you decided to be the dominant one while he was asleep you handcuffed both of his hands to the bed and when he woke up he was confused as to why he was cuffed but when he realized what you were doing he’d beg for you to pleasure him.

Oh I’m sorry? I don’t think your the one who’s in charge baby.”


You guys . . .

As I’m sitting here writing part 10 to Poisonous Soul, I’m realizing that this is nearing the end to the first half of this series and I’m actually kind of sad. Of course, it’s only the first half, but this is my first series and kind of my baby in a way. I don’t know, I guess I’m getting nostalgic and seeing that it’s actually getting finished is crazy! I mean, I didn’t even think I would ever share my writing with anyone, let alone all 1,000 something of you all. 

I guess I just wanted to let you all know that I love you and couldn’t do this without all of your love and support. You guys mean the absolute world to me and I can’t imagine not being apart of this family.

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BAKUSQUAAAAAAAD TICKLE STUFF: Imagine Bakugou being all over protective over Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Mina (Not as a wholepoly relationship but as Bakugou protecting his babies) and not letting anyone tickle them part from himself and each other. I also imagine the five of them having huge tickle fights, they'd get into doggy piles and dig their fingers into whoever they- (1/2)

Anonymous said: MORE BAKUSQUAD They’d dig their fingers into whoever they could reach and the five of them would be laughing their hearts out. Not only that but they would also try get Bakugou and after Kiri, Kaminari, Sero and Mina tickled Bakugou, he’d tie them up and get revenge

omg “ bakugou protecting his babies’ that’s cute. bakugou is super protective of his squad but he’ll deny it until the day he dies ok. 

and yES omg bakugou getting jealous when other ppl tickle his friends?? im so here for that. deku and kiri teasingly poke eachother sometimes and bakugou gets super possessive, and later when the squad’s all hangin out, bakugou will low-key initiate a tickle war just so he can show his friends that he’s the only one allowed to rek them

uhg and squad tickle fights…….. they all love to gang up on bakugou because he has the most fun reactions even tho they know they’re signing their death wish because bakugou ALWAYS gets his revenge

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hey so in the 'whats in their bag' for dino it said a polaroid of his dick bc hes proud? is that an inside joke or smthn? sorry! im really new into getting to know the group so i dont know much yet lol

that’s actually pretty random - something that popped into my head

it’s a huge, weird metaphor

with everyone I went with the stereotype (almost?) like Mingyu being gross and Seungkwan being a diva, but with him, on this blog, I always try to steer away from the stereotype that he’s just the baby of Seventeen and that’s it

it’s really easy to make that joke, but people thinking of him as a baby does get under my skin

so I decided on that to make a joke about his ‘glow up’ into a young, hot man who acts a lot more sexual on stage

and I sort of imagined it like: he is proud, so he took that picture and carries it around (almost like some people carry around pictures of their children or pets??) and he shows anyone whenever he can, and the boys are like “Dino, no!!” like dammit son. tryna show people your dick again

(especially cause it is a very young boy thing to wanna show anyone your dick whenever possible)

maybe it’s a joke that’s only funny to me???

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Imagine having control of more money than you could ever spend in your lifetime, and then going out of your way to try and bleed even more money out of people who can barely make ends meet. Imagine being the kind of person who could literally just spend all your days painting or writing or playing with dogs or helping to nurse orphan baby sloths, with no worry that you will ever lack the funds for housing, entertainment, health care, vacations, etc, imagine reaching that point, and then deciding you are going to work your ass off to screw everyone else over instead. You are going to spend your days bribing politicians so that you can charge some minimum wage single working mother an extra $40 a month for her ability to use Facebook. So that you can charge some uninsured kid so much for his insulin that he can’t afford it and ends up dying while he begs strangers on the internet for help. That’s what you want to do with your life.

I do not understand billionaires.


have some sibling bonding between Hela and Loki

BTS Music Videos: A Summary

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No more dreams :  

We are young souls who want to live their dreams but reality always hits us back in the face, so we keep on asking ourselves ‘ what is your dream’

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Bulletproof pt.2 :

We worked our asses off to get this spot, so stfu , take a seat and and watch how hard we rock. We have no fear.

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N.O : 

We feel pressured because society expects way too f*cking much from us and we shall start a rebellion by saying N.O to everyone!

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Boy in luv : 

Girl, quit trying to f*ck around with my heart and let me be manly to you. I feel so vulnerable around you but that’s because I fell in love with you.

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Just One Day : 

I love you so much, I wish I had the chance to spend a day with you, where we could hold hands, cuddle and show you how much i love you.

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Danger : 

Girl, do I look like a game to you? Quit playing with my feelings. I’m not your f*cking toy…but still, sometimes I feel like going crazy whenever you’re not there with me.

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War of hormones :

Holy shit, our hormones started working and our bodies suddenly understood that women were a gift of god and we shall worship them in this song.

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I need u :

I’m feeling hurt and depressed because you’re not there with me and you did so many wrong things to me. Please, lets stop hurting each other… I’m at my limit. I just need u, girl.

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Dope : 

I’ll show  you with style how dope I am in this video. Sit down and watch us rejecting your rejections, while we show you what being ‘dope’ means.

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Run : 

Just  keep on running , it’s okay if we get hurt along the way, that’s just how life is. You’re bound to fall, but you need to get up again and run.

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Young forever : 

Youth is a beautiful thing that should be treasured and enjoyed. Don’t beat yourself too much because there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Fire : 

Live your life how you want and fire it up all you want, because you deserve to act crazy once in a while!

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Save me :  

I can’t live without you. My life is like a dark night when you’re not there. Save me pls, I need your love before I fall.

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Blood sweat and tears : 

Girl, you’re like the poison of the devil because I’m addicted to you. I wouldn’t mind giving everything away if it meant I had the chance to be yours .

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Spring Day : 

I miss you so much and I’m waiting for you like I’m waiting for spring , in this endless snow. I just want to meet you so bad :(

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Not Today : 

Bitch , you can’t f*ck with us today. We are prepared. Sit back down and watch the show * point, aim, shoot!*

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DNA : 

Destiny brought us together so don’t worry baby, we were made for each other. Our DNA is just a concrete proof of us being soulmates.

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Mic drop :

 Now sit down bitch, because we’re done trying to write cyphers to please your thirsty hater ass, therefore we decided to drop the mic on you. Have fun hating on your own. We’re out. 


Was this accurate ;) Tell me in the comments &reblogs