no but im done

like if youre a man and ypu get mad at women on here for disliking men and saying mean things about men in general, you are Not one of the good ones. its that simple.

if you were REALLY striving to improve yourself, unlearn your misogyny, support women, you would understand Why people distrust men and Why it isnt actually hurting you in any real way. like i hate to break it to you but you ‘dont say mean things about men uwu’ people are just coddled, spineless misogynists disguising your 'misandry is real’ beliefs with a shield of vaguely SJ based justifications. if you want some 'male positive’ spaces go the fuck outside

I still can’t draw anime but that won’t stop me from drawing comedy (get it because my art is a joke)

I swear as soon as hixtape drops and bangtan’s gonna make their comeback I’m gonna throw myself into void, have a heart attack and end up in the hospital eventually dying over these 7 gods y'all are welcome to my funeral and sing me their newest album because I’m already done af.

a bunch of people who share a similar experience that can be (and mostly is) traumatizing: laugh at this funny meme lol

some asshole: ummmmm since i cant relate y’all are a bunch of egoistical assholes grow the fuck up :)